Verslagje van Hilde_ Savannah_ Romy en Denise Slowakije 2011

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					My S.E.R.P.E.N.T. Slovak Experience

Last week I went to Slovakia with the S.E.R.P.E.N.T. Project. It was an exchange so I
was going to live with a host family. At first I was excited but also nervous to meet them.
We arrived at the village where they lived and I met Magdalena. She seemed very nice. I
was in a host family with Romy. We went to Magdalenas house it was in a very nice
village. The house was pink from the outside en from the inside is was very cosy. I didn't
really expect the house to be this big. Romy and I had our own room. Magdalena has one
sister and her parents are very nice there was a lot of hospitality. In the beginning we
already struggled with the languages because they didn't really speak english but we
understood each other with body language and google translate.

The first evening the mother had prepared a very nice dinner for us it was typical
Slovakian food and I really liked it. The things that are different in Slovakian is that we
had to get up at 5:45 and we had to sit 1,5 hour in the bus. In Holland I usually get up
at 7:50 and I just walk 5 minutes to school.
I thought it was strange that when you wanted to cross the streets you had to run
because no one stops for you. The people in Slovakian are also very religious. In the
house we saw a lot of sculptures from jesus and other things like that. The houses were
very nice because they are very different than in Holland. In holland they are all grey
with bricks, but in Slovakia they are all very colourful. What I also noticed is that they
eat very little at breakfast and don't really take lunch as well. The diner is very late, this
is also very different in Holland.

On Tuesday we met the people from the other countries. The Turkish, Italian, Spanish,
people from Norway and the other Slovakian. They were all very nice people. At first
most people just stayed with their own team, but it was nice to see that at the end of the
week there were no more groups and everyone just talked to everbody. I liked everyone,
but we mostly hung out with the people from Norway because they can also speak
English very well and it was easy to understand each other. I also spoke a lot with the
spanish boys so that I could practice my spanish and the Turkish boys were also good at

We did a lot of fun stuff in Slovakia with the group like swimming, having lunch together
bowling, shopping, going to the bar with everyone and a lot more. We also went to a
cave and climbed the high Tatra's is was a long walk but it was nice. There were a lot of
group things to do so that we could bond. Especially the last day. First we went
swimming with everyone, then we had lunch in a very nice restaurant and in the evening
we had a grill party where everybody came, except the Turkish, because they had
already left. We did a few ballgames, we danced, talked, laughed and took pictures and
Tom gave a very nice speech about the project. It was a perfect way to end the project. I
didn't want to say goodbye but unfortunately we had to. I am going to miss everyone
and I had the time of my life in Slovakian. I would do it all over again if I had the chance

From Hilde.

Hello, I am Savannah. This was the first time I joined the SERPENT project. The journey
was a little long, but it was worth it. The host family I stayed with was very nice and
kind, they taked care of me very well. Tuesday we saw the whole group for the first time.
We did some things for the project in the nursery school, but we also went to the city
and other nice things.
Sometimes the English language was a problem, but the Dutch team could speak very
well with the team from Norway. I could also speak Spanish with the Spanish team, that
was great. I think everyone learned very much from this project, because you can learn
from the other cultures, habits and you meet so much new people.

How I think about Slovakia, there’s a lot of nature everywhere and the houses are very
colorful. The food was pretty good, because sometimes when you’re in another country
the food is very different. That wasn’t the case in Slovakia. But it was a shame that the
weather wasn’t very good.

I want to say that I enjoyed this project so much and I hated to say goodbye, after those
good days with making a lot of new friends. Thank you for everything!

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