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					Unit News
                                                                                                                                                   FORT BLISS MONITOR • NOVEMBER 4, 2010 •                         1B

                                                                                                    2nd BCT enforces                            Air Force Thunderbirds
                                                                                                   Class A uniform inspections • p.5B              recognize accomplishments • p.9B
 Strength of our Army - Pride of the Southwest

       Unit briefs ...
       I Soldiers, vets eat free: Applebee’s
       Neighborhood Grill and Bar thanks veterans
       and active-duty military personnel with a free
       meal Veterans Day, Nov. 11. Veterans and
       active-duty military must provide proof of serv-
       ice, which includes U.S. Uniform Services
       Identification Card, U.S. Uniform Services
       Retired Identification Card, current leave and
       earnings statement, veterans organization card,
       photograph in uniform or wearing uniform,
       DD214 or Citation of Commendation. For more
       information, visit

       I St. Barbara’s Day Ball: All mem-
       bers of the Order of Saint Barbara, the Order of
       Molly Pitcher and the air defense community
       are invited to attend a St. Barbara’s Day Ball at
       6 p.m. Nov. 19 at the Centennial Banquet and
       Conference Center. Cost is $35 per person.
       Tickets are available through 32nd Army Air
       and Missile Defense Command. For more infor-
       mation, call Capt. Patricia Quigley at 568-0921.

       I Thanksgiving assistance: Army
       Community Service is sponsoring the
       Thanksgiving Assistance Program to help eligi-
       ble Soldiers and family members with purchas-
       ing food items for a Thanksgiving meal. Food
       vouchers issued by the program are $20 with                                                                                                     PHOTOS BY 1ST LT. NICHOLAS GILEWITCH / 2nd Sqdn., 13th Cav. Regt.

       checks payable to the Commissary.                              Pvt. David Love of B Troop loads the TOW during the Bradley Gunnery Skills Testing while Sgt. Matthew Goldsmith watch-
       Nominations for the program will be taken                      es during the Oct. 21 testing at the squadron motorpool.
       through Friday. Download the information
       packet from www.blissmwr. com/frp, complete

                                                                      2-13 Cav. Regt.
       and return to ACS, Bldg. 2494 on Ricker Road.
       Soldiers must have memorandum signed by
       their first sergeant or commander. Family
       members of deployed servicemembers must
       have a signature by rear detachment, family
       readiness group or a family readiness support                  conducts Bradley Gunnery Skills Testing
       assistant. Notification of selection will be via e-
       mail to recipients’ first sergeant or commander.               1ST LT. NICHOLAS GILEWITCH                 ing immediate action on the M240C
       For more information, call 568-7088.                           2nd Sqdn., 13th Cav. Regt.                 machine gun, loading and unloading
                                                                         The 2nd Squadron, 13th Cavalry          armor-piercing and high-explosive
                                                                      Regiment, conducted Bradley                ready box, loading, applying imme-
                                                                      Gunnery Skills Testing at the              diate action and unloading the feed-
                                                                      squadron motor pool Oct.18 through         er on the M242 25 mm machine
                                                                      21.                                        gun, crew fire evacuation drills,
  Fiscal 2011 drugs by brigade/unit                                      Working together, each Bradley          crew rollover drills, misfire proce-
Unit            Unit % of Bliss % of total Drug Drug Drug Total       crew tested on the proper utilization      dures on the 25 mm main gun, mis-
              Strength Pop.      Drugs (UA) Poss. Distro. Drug        of their equipment and knowledge           fire procedures on a TOW missile,
                                                                      of troubleshooting the weapons plat-       removing a misfired TOW, and
32nd AAMDC       212      1%       0.00%    0     0      0        0   form.                                      removing and installing the M242
1/1 AD          3879     19%       0.00%    0     0      0        0      Each crew rotated through sever-                                                    Sgt. William Dayhoff, one of the pri-
                                                                                                                 25 mm main gun.
2/1 AD          2724     13%       0.00%    0     0      0        0                                                                                          mary evaluators for the Bradley
                                                                      al stations to pass tests on different        “The GST allows us to evaluate a
3/1 AD          3180     15%      40.00%    0     2      0        2                                                                                          Gunnery Skills Testing from A Troop,
4/1 AD          3337     16%       0.00%    0     0      0        0   skills. The stations included threat       Soldier’s ability to troubleshoot           observes Pvt. Jim Perez of B Troop as
5/1 AD          1107      5%      20.00%    1     0      0        1   vehicle identification, ammunition         problems quickly and efficiently,”          he disassembles the M240C during
FFID              88      0%       0.00%    0     0      0        0   identification,       disassembling,       said Sgt. William Dayhoff, one of           the testing Oct. 21 at the squadron
Garrison         106      1%       0.00%    0     0      0        0   assembling and performing a func-          the primary evaluators from A
11th ADA Bde.   2912     14%      40.00%    0     2      0        2
                                                                                                                                                             motor pool.
                                                                      tions check, loading, and perform-         Troop. “This is extremely important
31st CSH         284      1%       0.00%    0     0      0        0
                                                                                                                                                             when your battle buddy’s life is in
402D FA Bde.     211      1%       0.00%    0     0      0        0
USASMA           223      1%       0.00%    0     0      0        0
                                                                                                                                                             your hands.”
WBAMC           1045      5%       0.00%    0     0      0        0                                                                                             Pvt. Jim Perez, a Soldier from B
93D MP          739       4%       0.00%    0     0      0        0                                                                                          Troop, concurred with Dayhoff.
142D CSSB        810      4%       0.00%    0     0      0        0                                                                                             “The GST is proficient hands-on
TOTALS        20857                         1     4      0        5                                                                                          training. The more practice we get,
                                                                                                                                                             the better we are at troubleshooting
                                                                                                                                                             the equipment,” said Perez. “The
  Fiscal 2011 DWIs by brigade/unit                                                                                                                           test puts more pressure on us to sim-
                                                                                                                                                             ulate having the stresses of a combat
Unit               Unit        % of Bliss   % of total   DWIs                                                                                                environment.”
                 Strength      Population     DWI                                                                                                               “GST allows the squadron com-
1/1 AD            3879           19%         16.67%          2                                                                                               mander and other senior leaders of
2/1 AD            2724           13%         16.67%          2                                                                                               the squadron to evaluate the
3/1 AD            3180           15%          0.00%          0                                                                                               progress and knowledge of the
4/1 AD            3337           16%         16.67%          2
5/1 AD            1107            5%         33.33%          4
                                                                                                                                                             Soldiers on their equipment. To me
32nd AAMDC         212            1%          0.00%          0                                                                                               there is nothing better than knowing
11th ADA Bde.     2912           14%          0.00%          0                                                                                               your wingman is capable of proper-
31st CSH           284            1%          0.00%          0                                                                                               ly utilizing his weapons systems
93rd MP            739            4%          8.33%          1                                                                                               when needed,” said Sgt. 1st Class
142nd CSSB         810           4%          8.33%           1
                                                                                                                                                             Alex Richardson, the squadron mas-
402nd FA Bde.      211            1%          0.00%          0
FFID                88            0%          0.00%          0
                                                                                                                                                             ter gunner.
Garrison           106            1%          0.00%          0                                                                                                  The squadron is wrapping up the
USASMA             223            1%          0.00%          0        Sgt. William Dayhoff, one of the primary evaluators for the Bradley Gunnery Skills     GST in order to go to the field in the
WBAMC             1045            5%          0.00%          0        Testing from A Troop, looks on as Pvt. Scott Gordon of B Troop disassembles all        next couple of weeks to participate
TOTALS           20857                                       12       the pieces of the M242 25 mm main gun during the Oct. 21 testing at the                in different live-fire exercises to
                                                                      squadron motor pool.                                                                   qualify the Bradley crews.
                                                                                                                                       FORT BLISS MONITOR • NOVEMBER 4, 2010 •                            3B


    FIRE                                                                                                          UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters insert the COLT team onto
                                                                                                                  Centennial Range Oct. 13.

                                                                                                                                      PHOTOS BY SPC. MARCOS DEL VALLE / 4th BCT, 1st Armored Div. Public Affairs

COLT team trains with aviation support
SPC. MARCOS DEL VALLE                                        The standard COLT consists of a driver, a gun-
4th BCT, 1st Armored Div. Public Affairs                 ner/observer and a team chief, the vehicle com-

           oldiers of 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st       mander who oversees the operation and approves
           Armored Division, assigned to 2nd             fire missions.
           Battalion, 29th Field Artillery Regiment’s        While other military occupational specialties may
           Combat Observation and Lasing Team            work in conjunction with the COLT (such as a sniper
Platoon, conducted a “call for fire” training exercise   team), fire support team personnel remain its core
Oct. 13 with the 159th Combat Aviation Brigade of        element.
the 101st Airborne Division.                                 Starting at McGregor Range, N.M., the COLT
   The type of platoon, known as a “COLT,” is a          platoon participated in a variety of classes involving
high-technology, deeply inserted, spotting/recon-        their military occupational specialty to call for fire
naissance team often called on to maximize the use       support from various weapons platforms. The main
of Global Positioning System-guided munitions like       two focuses were the specs on the Air Force’s Reaper
the EXCALIBUR series weaponry/155 mm shell.              drone and two of the Apache pilots they would later
                                                         work with that day.
                                                             After the classes, the team loaded into UH-60        Staff Sgt. Jeremy Saulnier, COLT platoon leader, pulls security after
                                                         Black Hawk helicopters and flew 30 kilometers            dismounting from a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter Oct. 13.
                                                         north to Centennial Range, a live-fire range used by
                                                         Apache targets to hone their skills with target acqui-   (Above middle) The COLT team moves to occupy a position at the
                                                         sition. After a 15-minute flight, the Black Hawks        training site.
                                                         touched down on their landing zones as the COLT
                                                         team dismounted and took up security positions
                                                         around the insertion area.
                                                             Once the Black Hawks took off and left the train-
                                                         ing zone, the team moved toward the makeshift city
                                                         to secure the area and take up a position with which
                                                         to guide the two AH-64 Apache helicopters overhead
                                                         to ground targets.
                                                             “Calling for fire isn’t only necessary; it’s awe-
                                                         some. I love my job,” said Spc. Christopher Ingram.
                                                             The COLT team took up position in one of the
                                                         makeshift buildings and began lasing targets for the
                                                         pilots overhead in a simulated barrage of hellfire
                                                         missiles onto their targets.
                                                             “It’s great that the brigade got this training for
                                                         us,” said Staff Sgt. Jeremy Saulnier, the COLT
                                                         team’s platoon sergeant. “The 101st really is the best
Spc. Christopher Ingram, a fire support specialist,      in the air assault business. I’m really proud of my
uses a Vector 21 laser/optical device to designate a     guys for impressing the 101st with guiding the
target during a close-combat aviation training exer-     Apaches onto targets.”                                   The COLT team dismounts from a Black Hawk helicopter onto
cise.                                                                                                             Centennial Range.
                                                                                                             FORT BLISS MONITOR • NOVEMBER 4, 2010 •                        5B


                                                                                                                       PHOTOS BY LT. COL. DEANNA BAGUE / Fort Bliss Public Affairs
            A line of Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles stand ready at McGregor Range, N.M., to head down a 12-mile convoy live-fire range mount-
            ed with Soldiers from 563rd Aviation Support Battalion. (Top right) A convoy travels down the convoy live-fire range mounted with Soldiers from
            the battalion.

            Fort Bliss ranges help train for the unexpected
                                                             LT. COL. DEANNA BAGUE                           reacted to unexpected situations and threats
                                                             Fort Bliss Public Affairs                       that were inserted to help prepare them for
                                                                MCGREGOR RANGE, N.M. – Soldiers              combat.
                                                             from the 563rd Aviation Support Battalion,         “We want Soldiers to practice what
                                                             159th Combat Aviation Brigade, 101st            would happen in the event that we would
                                                             Airborne Division (Air Assault) – the           have enemy contact downrange,” said 2nd
                                                             “Screaming Eagles” – took a 12-mile drive       Lt. Michelle Kimbrough, the convoy com-
                                                             inside Mine Resistant Ambush Protected          mander for the 563rd ASB’s convoy live-
                                                             vehicles during a convoy live-fire exercise.    fire exercise.
                                                                Unit officials said during their training         Kimbrough said the 563rd ASB has
                                                             here they have run multiple ranges, includ-     encountered gusts and high winds during
                                                             ing crew-served weapons and convoy live-        their training, which suit them well because
                                                             fire exercises. Their training is in prepara-   they expect more severe weather conditions
                                                             tion for an upcoming deployment to              in theater.
                                                             Afghanistan.                                       “This dust storm is actually perfect so
                                                                “As we came here we drew over 80             we can practice what would happen in a
                                                             vehicles from just here at Fort Bliss – and     dust storm downrange in Afghanistan,”
                                                             that includes 39 MRAPs,” said Maj. Hank         said Kimbrough. “It’s actually a pretty
                                                             Perry, the operations officer for the 159th     good training tool so we can practice driv-
                                                             CAB. “We’ve had over 70 Soldiers train on       ing in dust-out situations [and] firing in
                                                             MRAPs, and that facilitated and replicated      dust-out situations.”
                                                             our mission downrange.”                            Other Soldiers from the unit said they
                                                                Perry said threat scenarios were injected    also welcome the harsh weather conditions
            Soldiers from 563rd Aviation Support             in the convoy live-fire and in other com-       and other stressors placed on them in
            Battalion carry ammunition to prepare for a      bined arms and some of the joint missions       preparation for deployment.
            convoy live-fire exercise at McGregor Range,     the 159th CAB is executing here. They are          “I believe this type of training brings
            N.M.                                             conducting air assault exercises with a         everybody together, including NCOs, offi-
                                                             number of tenant units and each scenario        cers and junior enlisted,” said Spc. Noe
                                                             has contingencies based on the mission and      Juarez of A Company, 563rd ASB. ”It gives
                                                             based on the threat, he added.                  everybody the idea of what strengths every-
                                                                During the convoy live-fire, Soldiers        body has – and weaknesses – and what we
                                                             from the 563rd ASB engaged targets and          can improve on.”

                                                                                                              (Far left) Soldiers from 563rd Aviation Support
                                                                                                              Battalion receive a safety brief from 2nd Lt.
                                                                                                              Michelle Kimbrough, their convoy command-
                                                                                                              er, before participating in a convoy live-fire at
                                                                                                              McGregor Range, N.M.

                                                                                                              (Left) Soldiers from 563rd Aviation Support
                                                                                                              Battalion participate in a convoy live-fire
                                                                                                              exercise at McGregor Range, N.M.

2nd BCT enforces Class
A uniform inspections
SGT. R.J. GILBERT                                             “I, of course, was in
2nd BCT, 1st Armored Div.                                     my full regalia,
Public Affairs                                                which was what I
    Soldiers of the                                           expected them to do.
1st Armored Divi-                                             I should be the one
sion’s 2nd Brigade                                            setting the standard
Combat Team par-                                              as the battalion com-
ticipated in the long-                                        mander and making
held tradition of                                             sure we have every-
Class A uniform                                               one else up to that
inspections Oct. 28                                           standard. That is just
and 29 at East Fort                                           what being a leader
Bliss.                                                        is all about. You set
    Those assigned                                            the standard as a
to 1st Battalion, 6th                                         leader.”
Infantry Regiment,                                               One of the na-
opened ranks on the                                           tion’s most celebrat-
first day, while the                                          ed generals, Gen.
uniforms of Soldiers                                          George S. Patton,
from the brigade’s                                            once commented on
Headquarters and                                              setting and enforc-
Headquarters                                                  ing standards.
Company, Special                                                 “It is absurd to
Troops Battalion,                                             believe that Soldiers
were scrutinized the                                          who cannot be made
next.                                                         to wear the proper
    Leaders led from Lt. Col. Robert J. Purvis, commander of uniform can be
the front as they 1st Battalion, 6th Infantry Regiment, induced to move
inspected       every joins other battalion leaders as they forward in battle,”
Soldier, dressed in walk between ranks, inspecting he said. “Officers
their own Class A’s. Soldiers’ Class A uniforms during an who fail to perform
    “The way I see it, Oct. 28 inspection at East Fort Bliss. their duty by cor-                                                    PHOTOS BY SGT. R.J. GILBERT / 2nd BCT, 1st Armored Div. Public Affairs
is I won’t ask my                                             recting small viola-     Staff Sgt. Kershunda L. Nedd, personnel noncommissioned officer assigned to
Soldiers to do anything that I wouldn’t tions and in enforcing proper conduct          Headquarters and Headquarters Company, Special Troops Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat
do,” said Lt. Col. Robert J. Purvis, are incapable of leading.”                        Team, 1st Armored Division, examines a Soldier’s coat collar to ensure each accoutrement
commander of 1st Bn., 6th Inf. Regt.                                                   of the Soldier’s Class A uniform adheres to Army regulations.
                                                                                                                                                     FORT BLISS MONITOR • NOVEMBER 4, 2010 •   7B

Soldier receives special, expedited U.S. citizenship
STAFF SGT. APRIL MELTON                                                                                                                                 included Supervisory Adjudication
5th Armored Bde., First Army Div. West                                                                                                                  Officers Carlos Cornett and James
    A Cambodian refugee and Soldier of                                                                                                                  Spurling.
3rd Battalion, 356th Logistics Support                                                                                                                      This is a unique expedited benefit for
Regiment, 402nd Field Artillery                                                                                                                         members of the U.S. military and an
Brigade, stood next to the U.S. flag on                                                                                                                 incentive for U.S. legal permanent resi-
the second floor of the U.S. Department                                                                                                                 dents considering joining the U.S. mili-
of Homeland Security Customs and                                                                                                                        tary.
Immigration Service field office in El                                                                                                                      “The biggest challenge is to identify
Paso Oct. 15.                                                                                                                                           Soldiers who are deploying in time to
    With his right hand raised, he recited,                                                                                                             complete the (expedited, yet thorough)
“I take this obligation freely. So help                                                                                                                 immigration process prior to their
me, God.”                                                                                                                                               departure,” said Kirchberg.
    As he said these final words of the                                                                                                                     Although servicemembers can, at no
Oath of Allegiance, he became an                                                                                                                        cost, begin the naturalization process in
American citizen.                                                                                                                                       basic training, the best time for them to
    Now as a U.S. citizen, doors of                                                                                                                     apply for citizenship is once they arrive
opportunity have opened up for Spc. Ny                                                                                                                  at their permanent duty station.
K. Sok.                                                                                                                                                     “It is difficult for the original
    “After 9/11, he couldn’t do much, but                                                                                                               [USCIS] field offices to track where a
now he can, like getting a security clear-                                                                                                              Soldier is assigned after basic training,”
ance,” said his wife, Megan. [And now,                                                                                                                  said Kirchberg. “It then becomes the
without restriction], we can travel out-                                                                                                                Soldier’s responsibility to stay in
side the United States.”                                                                                                                                touch.”
    As a refugee, Sok became a perma-                                                                                                                       The no-cost citizenship route for
nent resident of the United States while                                                                                                                U.S. servicemembers also contrasts dra-
still a child. Now a Soldier in the Army                                                                STAFF SGT. MICHAEL CHAPMAN / 402nd FA Bde.      matically with the thousands of dollars
Reserve, he began his naturalization          Spc. Ny K. Sok of 3rd Battalion, 356th Logistics Support Regiment, 402nd Field Artillery                  the average nonmilitary immigrant will
process shortly after arriving in El Paso,    Brigade, raises his right hand during his Oath of Allegiance ceremony at the Department                   spend in application and procedural fees
but wanted to complete the Oath of            of Homeland Security building in El Paso, Oct. 15.                                                        with the USCIS to gain citizenship. The
Allegiance before moving to Virginia.                                                                                                                   message this sends is clear – the U.S.
    For most, the path to U.S. citizenship    officer. Depending on where the appli-       some areas of the country, it can take as                    values those willing to serve and defend
can often be a lengthy, confusing and         cation is filed, it can take between five    long as two years based on the number                        this nation.
costly process with no guarantees of          months and two years to receive an           of applications and resources.                                   “It took me 33 years to get here,”
becoming a citizen, depending on the          interview.                                      In contrast, with the assistance of                       said Sok. “If it wasn’t for the military
applicant’s eligibility.                         Qualified applicants are then sched-      Sgt. 1st Class Michael Kirchberg of the                      and the few I had direct contact with
    According to the U.S. Department of       uled for a swearing-in ceremony before       402nd FA Bde., a USCIS and U.S. State                        that helped me from the beginning to
Homeland Security Citizenship and             a judge or an officer delegated the          Department visa liaison, and the El Paso                     the end, I wouldn’t be where I am. … I
Immigration Services’ website, each           authority by the director of USCIS to        Field Office DHS-USICS staff, Sok was                        had a great support network. The
person filing an application for natural-     administer the Oath of Allegiance. The       able to complete his interview and recite                    process was very simple thanks to those
ization with all the required documents       ceremony can be scheduled between            the Oath of Allegiance on the same day.                      few.”
is interviewed by a USCIS adjudication        one and 180 days after the interview. In     The dedicated El Paso Field Office staff

‘Starfish’ students visit Future Force Integration Directorate
ANNIE GAMMELL                                                                                                                            According to Rotkoff, TRADOC Commander Gen.
FFID                                                                                                                                  Martin E. Dempsey read Brafman’s book and liked the
    Leaders from the Future Force Integration Directorate                                                                             concept of decentralization, so the Starfish courses are a
hosted the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command’s                                                                                  result of his desire to learn how the Army can apply the
second “Starfish” class during a visit to the organization                                                                            principles mentioned in the book. This time the teaching is
Oct. 18.                                                                                                                              more focused on leader development and creating a “trust-
    They gave the students an overview of how FFID                                                                                    based” leadership platform, Rotkoff said.
employs “Starfish” principles in carrying out its mission                                                                                The first Starfish course was based in Augusta, Ga., in
of modernization for the Army.                                                                                                        February and March of this year and consisted of three
    FFID Director Maj. Gen. Keith Walker first welcomed                                                                               phases – an academic phase consisting of reading, an
the group before FFID Chief of Staff Douglas Fletcher                                                                                 application phase when students visit organizations that
gave them a briefing.                                                                                                                 are already applying Starfish principles, and a third phase
    “When you put new equipment in the hands of                                                                                       where students learn to build a circle of trust or a network.
Soldiers, they will determine the kind of value it has,” he                                                                           The second class is being conducted in Watsonville, Calif.,
said, explaining how FFID is making incremental changes                                                        ANNIE GAMMELL / FFID
                                                                                                                                      Brafman said, and it has been shortened from eight to five
every two years, a quicker turnaround than the Army’ pre-       Spc. Joshua Gabbard, B Co., 2nd Combined Arms Bn., 5th                weeks. Braufman said FFID and the AETF were selected
vious five-year cycle. Fletcher explained the cycle of test-    Bde., 1st Armored Div., Army Evaluation Task Force, right,            for site visits because they are already embracing Starfish
ing the FFID’s Army Evaluation Task Force goes through          discusses the features of the Small, Unmanned Ground                  principles.
and how Soldiers are providing honest feedback on how           Vehicle with Starfish class members, from right, Charles                 The stated purpose of the visit was to “establish an
well the equipment works and its value in a combat envi-        Guyette, U.S. Army Sergeants Major Academy; Dale                      extended network across Army domains, which, in turn,
ronment.                                                        Waldon, Training and Doctrine Command Initial Military                allows Starfish-empowered leaders to create and exploit
    “Our goal is to build a versatile mix of tailorable capa-   Training office; and Wes Headman, Aviation Center of                  opportunity and distribute the power to act to the level of
bilities packages,” he said, which he explained would be        Excellence at Fort Rucker, Ala.                                       greatest understanding” by exposing students to a “variety
accelerated to the brigade combat teams in the field. In                                                                              of organizations that have embraced the Starfish approach
addition, he noted, “FFID is preparing to become the            Rotkoff, deputy director of the University of Foreign                 to problem solving.”
Army’s centerpiece for network integration and evalua-          Military and Cultural Studies, Red Team University, at                   AETF Soldiers from the 2nd Combined Arms Battalion
tion.”                                                          Fort Leavenworth, Kan.                                                were on hand to show the class members features of the
    Next, Mike McCarthy addressed the group before tak-             Brafman’s book examines some similarities and differ-             equipment they have been testing, such as the Small,
ing them on a tour to see virtual training in the Mission       ences between a starfish and a spider. Although they both             Unattended Ground Vehicle. Asked what he thought of the
Command Complex firsthand and later some new equip-             have multiple appendages, he explained, if a spider loses             robot, Spc. Joshua Gabbard of B Company said, “It’s a
ment the AETF Soldiers are testing and evaluating.              a leg, it must survive with fewer legs, and the leg that was          great idea, but it needs a greater range.”
McCarthy is the deputy director of the MCC, where the           cut off will die.                                                        Privates Kenneth Adam and Julio Espinoza of D
group had assembled. He explained the “Connecting                   Because the spider has a central brain in its head, it will       Company showed the Starfish class features of the
Soldiers to Digital Applications” program, which involves       die if its head is cut off. A starfish, on the other hand, can        Tactical and Urban Unattended Ground Sensors.
issuing smart phones to Soldiers, who are testing military      survive if any of its arms are cut off, because it has no head        Explaining the display of the Network Integration Kit
applications on various models using various service            or central brain; its major organs are replicated in each of          mounted in a Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected All-
providers.                                                      its arms. If separated from the whole, each arm can even-             Terrain Vehicle were Sgt. Wilson Lopez and Spc. Thomas
    What “Starfish” and FFID have in common is best             tually grow into another starfish, which is an advantage of           Manderle of B Company and Sgt. William Heuisler of
explained with an overview of a book entitled “The              being decentralized. In the book, Brafman discusses                   Headquarters Company. Other 2nd CAB Soldiers also
Starfish and the Spider: The Unstoppable Power of               organizations that operate in a decentralized manner, like            explained the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Class I, Block 0,
Leaderless Organizations,” written by Ori Brafman and           starfish, and gives examples of some that are currently               which can hover over an area and send video to the NIK.
Rod Beckstrom.                                                  functioning and thriving in business, institutions and gov-           All participating Soldiers answered questions about the
    Brafman was part of the group, which included a class       ernments. Each Starfish class visits several organizations            equipment from the group and pointed out the changes
of 15 students, mostly civilians assigned to various            that operate more like the starfish than the spider, and              and improvements that their feedback has already
TRADOC organizations, and their class leader Steve              FFID was on the list for the second time.                             inspired.
                                                                                                                                                            FORT BLISS MONITOR • NOVEMBER 4, 2010 •               9B

Air Force Thunderbirds recognize accomplishments of ‘Ready First’ Soldier
KOSTANDINA MAXWELL                                        visor was not the one who recommend-                       Undernehr said he strives to set an
Special to The Monitor                                    ed his recognition – it was his first ser-              example for new Soldiers and those
   A 1st Brigade Combat Team Soldier                      geant – Staff Sgt. Nicholas Brzeski said                with whom he works; conversely, he
was one of five recognized Oct. 24 dur-                   he “fully agreed” with the first sergeant               said he’s always open to learn what his
ing the Amigo Airsho for accomplish-                      in doing so.                                            NCOs and officers have to teach him.
ments in their units.                                        Undernehr was chosen because of his                     “Outside of work, it’s the same
   Members of the Air Force’s                             stellar work ethic, said Brzeski, who                   thing,” Brzeski said of Undernehr’s
Thunderbirds demonstration team rec-                      added that Undernehr was new to the                     good attitude. “He is a hard worker, a
ognized Spc. Elijah W. Undernehr, B                       company’s Headquarters Platoon but                      good guy, willing to help anybody, and
Company, 1st Battalion, 37th Armor                        had excelled in the line platoon he was                 he is real reliable. Both sides, on and off
Regiment.                                                 serving with before.                                    duty, Spc. Undernehr is a real stand-up
   Undernehr said it was an honor to be                      “I didn’t really know Spc. Undernehr                 guy.”
recognized and that a lot of good                         before deployment but during the
Soldiers in the battalion do a lot of good                deployment I was really impressed with
work. Being recognized among them,                        his ability to adapt to all different jobs,”            Spc. Elijah W. Undernehr of B Company,
he said, was a particular honor.                          said Brzeski. “Coming from a line pla-                  1st Battalion, 37th Armor Regiment, 1st
   The entire Thunderbird cadre was                       toon and being a rifleman, I believe he                 BCT, 1st Armored Division, shows off the
there to recognize the Soldiers, from the                 spent some time with a [M249] Squad                     coin he received from 2nd Bn., 3rd Field
Thunderbirds’ lieutenant colonel all the                  Automatic Weapon – the diversity at the                 Artillery Regt., for becoming the brigade
way through their noncommissioned                         platoon level down on the line and then                 Soldier of the Quarter during his recent
officer support channel.                                  coming up to a headquarters element                     deployment to Forward Operating Base
   Though Undernehr’s first-line super-                   and being successful.”                                  Warrior in Kirkuk, Iraq, earlier this year.
                                                                                                                                                                            KOSTANDINA MAXWELL / Special to The Monitor

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    *Convenient, Central City Location - by Robert E Lee gate; surrounded by restaurants & entertainment within
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Face of defense: couple deploys, re-enlists together
STAFF SGT. BRANDON MORENO                                                                                                                                 Ashleigh and Matthew said not much
U.S. Division Center                                                                                                                                  has changed between their first deploy-
   BAGHDAD – “Go big or go home”                                                                                                                      ment to Iraq together and their current
is what Sgt. Ashleigh Berg told her hus-                                                                                                              one, but it is not always easy, it’s the lit-
band, Sgt. Matthew Berg, when they                                                                                                                    tle things that count.
decided to re-enlist here for four more                                                                                                                   “From the last deployment to this
years Oct. 21.                                                                                                                                        one, we never really worked too far
   Ashleigh, noncommissioned officer                                                                                                                  from each other,” Ashleigh said.
in charge of the secretary of general                                                                                                                     Matthew said Ashleigh can some-
staff for 1st Armored Division, U.S.                                                                                                                  times work very late, and while she is
Division Center, and Matthew, a vehicle                                                                                                               nearby, he may go the whole day with-
maintenance noncommissioned officer                                                                                                                   out seeing her. However, he is glad to
with the headquarters motor pool with                                                                                                                 see her at the end of the day, as opposed
1st Armored Div., have been married for                                                                                                               to being separated by thousands of
more than five years and have many                                                                                                                    miles.
experiences most civilian couples do                                                                                                                      “Coming out here today was awe-
not share.                                                                                                                                            some,” Ashleigh said about the opportu-
   “We met at Camp Red Cloud [in                                                                                                                      nity to re-enlist in front of the crossed
South Korea] while doing gate guard                                                                                                                   sabers that mark the ends of what used
duty,” Matthew said. “During our duty,                                                                                                                to be Saddam Hussein’s military parade
                                                                                                   STAFF SGT. BRANDON MORENO / U.S. Division Center
we had a good chat, and after that I                                                                                                                  grounds. “I had the chance today to get
started showing her around Korea.”         Sgt. Matthew Berg and his wife, Sgt. Ashleigh Berg, re-enlist Oct. 21, in Baghdad.
                                                                                                                                                      out and see a real part of Iraq.”
   “In a way, he almost became my                                                                                                                         Matthew said the day was exciting –
sponsor, as he showed me around the        their terms of service, they decided to       had both purchased webcams and had                           his second time in a helicopter – and
different parts of Seoul,” Ashleigh said   re-enlist for the first time, and were sta-   Skype downloaded onto our comput-                            that he felt fortunate to see a little bit of
while looking over at her husband with     tioned in Germany.                            ers,” Ashleigh said. “We also kept open                      what Baghdad actually looks like, while
a smile.                                      “Germany was great,” Matthew said.         lines of communication between each                          some people go a whole deployment
   After spending time with each other     “We kept traveling and got to see most        other leading up to the deployment so,                       seeing nothing but dirt and concrete
and traveling together, the Bergs’ rela-   of the country, and even some other           in a way, we had both mentally prepared                      blast walls.
tionship developed and they eventually     countries like Austria. We even took          ourselves for this.”                                             Deployments are not easy, and the
became engaged to be married. The          advantage of the [Edelweiss Lodge and            However, the couple was apart for                         added stressors of a relationship can be
couple took advantage of the unique        Resort in Garmisch, Germany], which           only months before Matthew was                               an extra challenge to manage, but
opportunity to get married in the South    was a lot of fun.”                            informed he would be joining his wife                        Ashleigh and Matthew agree that
Korean capital of Seoul.                      In their third year of marriage,           in Iraq with 1st Armored Division.                           whether pulling guard duty, traveling or
   “I think it’s pretty cool,” Ashleigh    Ashleigh found herself packing her bags          “The transition of having him come                        re-enlisting, they are truly in step with
said. “I mean, there are not many people   and kissing her husband goodbye for a         in was actually an easy one,” Ashleigh                       each other. And on a deployment, they
I know who have a wedding certificate      deployment to Iraq, but the two set up        said with a small laugh. “About two                          said, that can make all the difference in
in Hangul,” the alphabet of the Korean     solutions to keep communication flow-         days before he came to join me, my                           the world.
language.                                  ing while she was away.                       roommate at the time had moved out, so
   As both Soldiers neared the ends of        “Before I left Iraq, we made sure we       he was able to literally just move right in.”

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                                                                                                    Session                                                   Exam
                                                                                                    For Prospective                                   Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010
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                                                                                              Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010                                  Saturday, Jan. 8, 2010
                                                                                               Saturday, Jan. 8, 2010                                    Check-in: 8:00 a.m.
                                                                                                                                                          Exam: 9:00 a.m.
                                                                                                            9:00 a.m.                                       Cost: $30.00
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                                                                                                Questions and Answers
                                                                                                 Tour of the Academy

                                                                                                                                                A TRADITION OF

                                                                                                   For more information or to register for exam
                                                                                                            Call 566-8400 ext. 1109
                                                                                                        1300 Hardaway - El Paso, TX 79903
                    FORT BLISS MONITOR • NOVEMBER 4, 2010 •          11B

                                Best Warrior Competition:
                                Sgt. Larry J. Isbell of Oklahoma
                                City, Okla., representing the
                                National Guard, watches his firing
                                lane for targets during the M4
                                range qualification event during
                                the Department of the Army’s
                                10th annual Best Warrior Compe-
                                tition held at Fort Lee, Va., Oct. 21.

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