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                                                                Emma Morley
                                                                Birthday: January 1976
                                                                Sex:        female
                                                                Hometown:        Edinburgh Scotland
                                                                Hair Color:      Brown
                                                                Eye Color:       Brown

Personal Information
Activities: Reading, traveling, writing to dex, bike riding, Working

Interests:   Traveling, bike riding, writing, artistic, Reading, teaching

Favorite     Indie, reggae, john Mayer, Michael buble, jack Johnson
             I like this music because it’s easy going and makes me feel good.

Favorite     Midnight summers dream, Romeo and Juliet, Levi Johnson, Secret Garden, teaching for dummies
Books:       I like educational books, books that challenge you!
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Personal Information
Favorite      “Life is too short to dilly dally, have a purpose with your life”

About         My name is Emma Morley, I love to travel. One of my best friends is Dexter Mayhew. I work
Me:           extremely hard for my position. I work 24/7 all the time, I don’t have a lot of time for me but that’s
              just fine. I don’t need a lot just a little money to keep me going.

Mexican Restaurants Unite, book club, traveling digest, Teachers club, Workaholics

            Tilly Killick- let’s get together soon. I miss my flat mate!

            Dexter Mayhew- I miss you Em.

            Sydney smith- I saw Dexter on TV the other day, it reminded of you guys. I hope you’re doing well.
            You better not be working your butt off! See you soon.

            Mrs. Mayhew- it was lovely meeting you today. Hopefully we can have tea again sometime soon.

            Kelly Armstrong- congratulations on our big promotion! Keep up your hard work.
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Sent from           Dexter Mayhew- Emma, Emma, Emma, Emma. How are you Emma? And what are you
                    doing right this second? We’re six hours ahead here in Bombay, so hopefully you are still in
                    bed with a Sunday morning hangover in which case WAKE UP! ITS DEXTER!

                    This letter comes to you from a downtown Bombay hostel with scary matresses and hot
                    and cold running Australians. Ive seen some amazing things and while its not always fun its
                    an experience and Ive taken thousands of photographs which I will show very, very slowly
                    when I get back. Pretend to be interested, wont you? After all I pretended to be interested
                    when you banged on about the Poll tax riots. I showed this t.v producer my photographs
                    and she says I could be a professional. Are you doing another play? Are you still in that box
                    room? Does the flat still smell like fried onions? Is Tilly Killick still soaking her big gray bras
                    in the washing bowl. Your last letter made me laugh so much, Em, but you should still get
                    out of there, while its good for gags its defenitly bad for your soul. You can’t throw years of
                    your life away because it makes a funny anecdote.




 Emma Morley- Must go now bottom of the page looms, and in the other room I can hear the thrilling murmur
 of our audience as they throw chairs at eachother. I will

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