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									APO1A_PONAB   DR   GO   GO:0005576
APO1A_PONAB   DR   GO   GO:0006869
APO1A_PONAB   DR   GO   GO:0042157
HEM0_PONAB    DR   GO   GO:0005743
HEM0_PONAB    DR   GO   GO:0005759
HEM0_PONAB    DR   GO   GO:0003870
HEM0_PONAB    DR   GO   GO:0030170
HEM0_PONAB    DR   GO   GO:0016769
HEM0_PONAB    DR   GO   GO:0006783
HEM0_PONAB    DR   GO   GO:0001666
LG3BP_PONAB   DR   GO   GO:0016020
LG3BP_PONAB   DR   GO   GO:0005578
LG3BP_PONAB   DR   GO   GO:0005044
LG3BP_PONAB   DR   GO   GO:0007155
MYG_PONPY     DR   GO   GO:0020037
MYG_PONPY     DR   GO   GO:0019825
MYG_PONPY     DR   GO   GO:0005344
OSTCN_PONPY   DR   GO   GO:0005576
OSTCN_PONPY   DR   GO   GO:0005509
OSTCN_PONPY   DR   GO   GO:0031214
OSTCN_PONPY   DR   GO   GO:0030500
PPAC_PONAB    DR   GO   GO:0005737
PPAC_PONAB    DR   GO   GO:0003993
PPAC_PONAB    DR   GO   GO:0004726
PPAC_PONAB    DR   GO   GO:0006470
RNAS2_PONPY   DR   GO   GO:0005764
RNAS2_PONPY   DR   GO   GO:0003676
RNAS2_PONPY   DR   GO   GO:0004522
RNAS2_PONPY   DR   GO   GO:0009405
SNX14_PONAB   DR   GO   GO:0035091
SNX14_PONAB   DR   GO   GO:0004871
SNX14_PONAB   DR   GO   GO:0007154
SNX14_PONAB   DR   GO   GO:0015031
SPOP_PONAB    DR   GO   GO:0005634
STK38_PONAB   DR   GO   GO:0005737
STK38_PONAB   DR   GO   GO:0005524
STK38_PONAB   DR   GO   GO:0004674
STK38_PONAB   DR   GO   GO:0043407
C   extracellular region                    IEA         UniProtKB-SubCell.   EXP:
P   lipid transport                         IEA         UniProtKB-KW.        IDA:
P   lipoprotein metabolic process           IEA         InterPro.            IPI:
C   mitochondrial inner membrane            ISS         UniProtKB.           IMP:
C   mitochondrial matrix                    IEA         UniProtKB-SubCell.   IGI:
F   5-aminolevulinate synthase activity ISS             UniProtKB.           IEP:
F   pyridoxal phosphate binding             IEA         InterPro.
F                                           IEA         InterPro.
    transferase activity, transferring nitrogenous groups
P   heme biosynthetic process               IEA         UniProtKB-KW.
P   response to hypoxia                     ISS         UniProtKB.
C   membrane                                IEA         InterPro.
C   proteinaceous extracellular matrix IEA              UniProtKB-SubCell.
F   scavenger receptor activity             IEA         InterPro.
P   cell adhesion                           IEA         UniProtKB-KW.
F   heme binding                            IEA         InterPro.
F   oxygen binding                          IEA         InterPro.
F   oxygen transporter activity             IEA         UniProtKB-KW.
C   extracellular region                    IEA         UniProtKB-SubCell.
F   calcium ion binding                     IEA         InterPro.
P   biomineral tissue development           IEA         UniProtKB-KW.
P   regulation of bone mineralization IEA               InterPro.
C   cytoplasm                               IEA         UniProtKB-SubCell.
F   acid phosphatase activity               IEA         EC.
F                                           IEA         InterPro.
    non-membrane spanning protein tyrosine phosphatase activity
P   protein dephosphorylation               IEA         InterPro.
C   lysosome                                IEA         UniProtKB-SubCell.
F   nucleic acid binding                    IEA         InterPro.
F   pancreatic ribonuclease activity        IEA         EC.
P   pathogenesis                            IEA         UniProtKB-KW.
F   phosphatidylinositol binding            IEA         InterPro.
F   signal transducer activity              IEA         InterPro.
P   cell communication                      IEA         InterPro.
P   protein transport                       IEA         UniProtKB-KW.
C   nucleus                                 IEA         UniProtKB-SubCell.
C   cytoplasm                               ISS         UniProtKB.
F   ATP binding                             IEA         UniProtKB-KW.
F   protein serine/threonine kinase activityIEA         UniProtKB-KW.
P                                           ISS
    negative regulation of MAP kinase activity          UniProtKB.

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