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					Dial-in Conferencing – How to Join
Join using Lync
Using Lync to join dial-in conferences is the preferred option if you are in the office or somewhere
with a reliable internet connection. It’s a free call, you’re automatically authenticated, and you can
see who else is in the meeting.

Open up your calendar in Outlook or Webmail and find the meeting invitation. Immediately above
the Join by Phone section there will be a “Join online meeting” link.

Click the Join link and your web browser will open up a page specific to the meeting. The page will
attempt to detect whether you have Lync or Communicator installed. If you don’t, it will give you the
options to install the Lync Attendee software or join in a web browser and have the meeting call you
for audio.

Assuming you’re on a work computer Lync will be installed and will open up automatically. If you
haven’t used Lync for conference calls on this PC it will prompt you for the audio device to use.

If you have a headset connected and you are on a reliable internet connection you can choose the
Use Lync option. If you’re on a 3G wireless connection or don’t have a headset you can use the “Call
me at” dropdown to have the meeting call your mobile.

Once in the meeting you will be able to see who else is connected. If they have authenticated you
will see full names, otherwise you will just see the phone number they have used to call in.

To leave the meeting, close this call window or click the hang up button       in the top right
corner. If you accidentally close the window, you can re-join the meeting using the “Join” link in your

To pull other people in to the meeting, click the People button in the call window and click “Invite by
Name or Phone Number”

If you want to dial in ACA staff you can search for them by name and select whether to call them on
Lync or on their mobile phone. You can also type any other number into the search box to call that

Join from a normal telephone
There are two possible security levels that the meeting organiser might have chosen when setting up
the meeting. In an Open meeting, anyone who knows the Conference ID can dial in and join the
meeting. In a Restricted meeting only ACA staff can join and you will need to authenticate with your
extension number and PIN when you call in on a phone.

Please note: At least one person in an Open meeting must be authenticated. This is to prevent
non-ACA people who have been invited to one meeting from reusing that Conference ID for their
own conference calls. Usually the leader will authenticate, but it can be anyone in the meeting. If
you are the one who called the meeting (even if you asked one of the Admin staff to send out the
invites) we recommend that you authenticate when you dial in to get the meeting started. If no-one
authenticates then everyone will sit in the lobby listening to hold music.

Dialling in
The phone numbers to dial in on and the Conference ID are all listed in the meeting invitation.

If there’s not a number in your region shown on the invite you can click the “Find a local number”
link for a list of all available dial-in numbers.

From here, it’s just like any other conferencing service.

       Because I’m in Canberra right now, I’d dial in on 02 6140 1042.
       Robot lady welcomes me to the conference and asks for a Conference ID.
       I type in 55699# on the phone keypad.
       Robot lady will ask me to hit * if I’m the leader.

From here, two things can happen. If the meeting has been set up as Open and you’re not the
leader, it’s only one more step.

       I’ll be prompted to record my name and press #. This is for meeting join/leave
       I’ll then be joined to the meeting.

If the conference leader hasn’t yet dialled in, I’ll get dropped into a waiting room where hold music
will be played at me.

If at any time you drop out of the meeting, you can dial back in using the same process.

If the meeting has been set up as Restricted, you will need to authenticate yourself with the
conference server before it will let you into the meeting. If the meeting has been set up as Open, but
you are the meeting leader, you will also need to authenticate. There are two ways of proving who
you are to the conference server.

    1. Using your normal ACA username and password to log in to Lync, then using Lync to join the
       meeting, or
    2. Using your personal extension number and PIN. This is the equivalent of your username and
       password, but in a form that can be typed on a telephone keypad.

You will need to set your PIN before you can join a Restricted meeting from a phone (see Setting
your PIN, below).

From here, it’s much like any other conferencing service, with a few extra steps.

       Because I’m in Canberra right now, I’d dial in on 02 6140 1042.
       Robot lady welcomes me to the conference and asks for a Conference ID.
       I type in 55699# on the phone keypad.
       Robot lady will ask me to hit * if I’m the leader.
       I’m told that I need to sign in, and asked for my extension number.
       I type in 1175#
       I’m prompted to enter my PIN
       I type in 123456#
        (not my actual PIN)
       I’m joined to the conference.

If at any time you drop out of the meeting, you can dial back in using the same process.

Setting your PIN
Your extension number and PIN are the phone conferencing equivalent of your username and
password. They’re what you use to prove your identity to the conferencing server so that it trusts
you and lets you into secured meetings. As with your normal password, no-one else should ever
know your PIN – it’s yours and yours alone. You only need to set your PIN once a year, not every

To set your PIN, you need to go to . This doesn’t have to
be done from inside the office, it can be done from any computer with internet access.

Click the blue Sign In link near the top of the page.

On the Sign In page, you’ll need to enter your normal username and password, the same ones you
use to sign into your computer each morning, or to access Webmail. The trick on this particular page
is that you need to enter ACCESS\ in front of your username, so that you get

After clicking Sign In, you should be prompted to update your PIN.

Your PIN needs to be between 4 and 8 digits and can contain only numbers – it needs to be
something you can enter on a normal phone. You can’t use repeating sequences, like 5555.

Once you have set your PIN, you should be taken to a page showing your extension number and how
long your PIN has to expire, as well as giving you the option of changing the PIN again.

Phone Extension is the number you’ll need to use along with your PIN to join meetings. It’s the same
as the extension number of your desk phone, so you hopefully know it already, but if you don’t have
it memorised, please write it down. The Phone Number field should show your full Direct phone
number, including country code. You can also use the last four digits of that when prompted for your
extension number, but your actual desk extension is probably easier for you to remember.

Further down the page is an Assigned Conference Information section, which also includes a
Conference ID. Ignore this Conference ID – we’re not using this feature yet. Never use this
Conference ID when joining meetings or you’ll end up in the wrong meeting. Always use the
Conference ID from the meeting invitation in your email or calendar.

Join from a web browser
If you’re somewhere that you have internet access and a computer, but don’t have Lync installed or
don’t trust the internet connection to last the duration of the call, you can still sign in to Lync using a
web interface and have the meeting call you on your phone.

Open up webmail or Outlook and click the Join link as usual. If Lync isn’t installed on the computer
you will get a page that looks like this:

If you click to join in a web browser, a second browser window will open, asking you if you want to
join as a guest or using your corporate credentials. Choose the corporate credentials option.

Enter your username either as ACCESS\firstname.lastname or as your full email address and click Join Meeting.

Click the Phone button at the top of the meeting window.

Enter the phone number you’d like the meeting to call you on and click Call Me.