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									                                         Rules and Regulations
                                     Department of Microbiology

Organization of classes
1. The classes are to be held according to the schedule.
2. Students are not to be late for classes.
3. The presence at the classes is mandatory. Two absences during one semester may be the reason of not
giving a credit. The absence on laboratory classes does not excuse the student from possessing the
4. The students have to come for laboratory classes prepared.
5. The tutor may check if students are prepared for laboratory classes. The form of checking (written or
oral) is up to the tutor.
6. Not passing each laboratory classes have to be passed again. Each student can pass each class only
twice. Students which won’t have all classes passed will not be able to write test, and it is equivalent with
getting an unsatisfactory mark.
7. The students may pass again each test only once. Not passing the first test in the semester until the
second test is to be held will not be allowed to write it.

Safety instructions
1. Students must not bring with them any coats, umbrellas, bags, hats, etc. for the laboratory classes.
2. Students should avoid any situations which may cause danger: long hairs should be braced, too long
nails should be cut and there should be no jewelery on hands etc.
3. During the classes the students must wear lab coats which can be found in the classroom. The coats
must be buttoned up.
4. During the classes the students must stay calm, use all the equipment carefully in order not to damage
anything and should always listen to the tutor.
5. Each student is responsible for his lab place.
6. The tutor should be informed by the students on every case of damaging anything or injury during the
7. The students must not take anything with them from the classes (the cultures, slides, coats etc.).

The terms of crediting classes in case of excused absence
1. Crediting classes in case of excused absence is possible only theoretically, not more than two classes
in each semester, the tutor may ask student to perform also some practical skills which were thought
during the laboratory classes.
Terms and forms of the tests
1. The writing tests are performed according to the schedule.

Form and conditions of crediting the subject
1. Students will get a credit on the basis of: presence on the classes, positive mark from the tutor (the
average counted from lab classes and tests) and lack of offence against safety instructions.
2. Not getting a credit from laboratory classes requires passing an additional test. Students may take up
this test only once.
3. In case of any problems the decision will be made individually by the head of the Department of
4. The credit is given by the head of the unit.

Final exam
1. After getting the credit students pass final exam (summer semester). The final exam consists of
practical and written part.
2. For the practical exam students must be prepared from all subjects from laboratory classes and know
some practical skills required for understanding the principles of microbiological investigations.
3. During the practical exam, students obtain notes, which point value is added to the total points
obtained during the theoretical exam. The point values are: 3,0 – 0 pkt.
           3,5 – 0 pts
           4,0 – 1 pts
           4,5 – 2 pts
           5,0 – 3 pts
4. The theoretical part of the final exam is a written test.
5. The final test consists of 60 questions. For each correct answer, students obtain one point.
6. The students must get 36 points (60%) from practical and theoretical part.
7. The marks will be given according to the ranges.
9. Students which achieve the average mark from all laboratory classes and tests at least 4,5 won’t have
to pass the final exam. In case of the average at least 4,0 students won’t have to pass the practical exam
and will obtain 5 extra points during the final test.
10. Failing the theoretical or practical part of the final exam is equivalent with getting an unsatisfactory
11. Failing the theoretical part of the exam requires passing only this part during the repeat exam.
12. The absence during the exam (practical or/and theoretical) is equivalent with obtaining unsatisfactory
note, if the student will not deliver the medical certificate during three working days after the exam.
In other cases, not mentioned above all regulations are made on the basis of Rules of Studies of the
Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun.

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