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									       Things to do and Places to go

          England has many great sites and places
                                                                About England                             U.K. England.

to visit, from buildings and historic monuments
to its beautiful country side. England is also one
of the most visited countries in the world for
tourism because of these amazing sites and
tourism attractions. There are many sports to
enjoy year-round and something for practically
everyone to do and enjoy when visiting this
                                                              England is located in the continent of
magnificent country.
                                                     Europe and is part of the U.K. of Great Britain
                                                     and Northern Ireland. It is located to the north
                                                     of France, West from Denmark and South of
                                                     Scotland and is on the North-West coast of
                                                     Europe. The Capital of England is London and
                                                     the population of country of England is
                                                     approximately 62,698,362 people as of July
                                                     2011. The Five major cities in England based
                                                     upon population are London with 8.615 million,
                                                     Birmingham with 2.296 million, Manchester
                                                     with 2.247 million, West Yorkshire with 1.541
                                                     million, and finally Glasgow with 1.166 million
                                                     people. The official language of England is
                                                     English, but other common languages are Scots,
                                                                                                         The British Empire!
                                                     Welsh, Irish, and Cornish. The Major religions
                                                     are Christian (Anglican, Roman Catholic,
                                                     Presbyterian, Methodist), with 71.6%, Muslim
                                                     with 2.7%, Hindu with 1%, and 27.6% with other
                                                     or none. The U.K. does not celebrate one                By: Felipe Rivadeneira
                                                     specific national holiday, only the International
                                                     holidays, such as Christmas, according to the              August 28, 2011
                                                     CIA WORLD factbook.
                                                     (                   Period 1.
                                                     world-factbook/geos/uk.html )
        Fly in from MIA, FL to London through a luxurious Virgin Airlines Jet and straight to your FIVE STAR-Rated,
WorldHotels! Member, Royal Garden Hotel in London. Then continue your relaxing vacation by visiting the famous
Thames River via the Thames River Boat Cruise, at comfortable price of 13.50 Euros per adult and 6.50 Euros per
kids. While on this beautiful cruiser, you while see famous landmarks and ride through the heart of the city of
London. You will see Cutty Sark, Canary Wharf, the Tower of London, Tower Bridge, retired Battle Cruiser-HMS
Belfast, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Tate Modern, and Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. Then you
would continue onto the London Bridge Experience! For 23 Euros per adult and 16.98 per child, you would get quite
a scare, positioned in the arches on the London Bridge and has won the “Best Year Round Scare Attraction” award at
the Screamie awards! And then from there you can travel straight to the finals of The Championships at Wimbledon,
or just Wimbledon! Wimbledon is a prestigious tennis tournament, a Grand Slam, and has been played for 126
years! It is managed by the all England Lawn Tennis and Croquet club. It is known as the most famous of all the four
grand Tslams tournament, because of it classic style of play, using the original tennis court surface, grass, being the
oldest tournament in tennis history, the original uniform of tennis, ONLY white may be worn, any other colors the
players will be kicked out of the tournament, and is one of the only two grand slams that are still played in the same
arena that they were made in.

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