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					                                           Picture Dictionary Rubric

                            6                       4                        3                       2
 Definitions       All words have a        Words have a           Not all words have     Few words have a
                    complete                 complete                complete                complete definition.
                    definition in            definition,             definitions, few
                    student’s own            usually in              definitions in
                    words                    student’s own           student’s own
                                             words                   words
Part of Speech     All words are           Most words are         Some words are         Few words are
                    labeled with the         labeled with the        labeled with the        labeled with the
                    correct part of          correct part of         correct part of         correct part of
                    speech.                  speech.                 speech.                 speech.
                   Parts of speech
                    match word usage
                    in sentences for
                    those words with
                    multiple parts of
Capitalization/    There are no            There are less         There are less than    There are more
 Punctuation/       convention errors.       than 5 convention       10 convention           than 10 convention
   Spelling                                  errors.                 errors.                 errors.
  Sentences        Sentences are           Sentence are           Some sentences         Sentences
                    written with detail      complete and            incomplete / do         incomplete / do not
                    and demonstrate          demonstrate a           not clearly             reflect student’s
                    student’s                basic                   demonstrate the         understanding of
                    understanding of         understanding of        student’s               the vocabulary
                    the word                 the vocabulary          understanding of        word
                                                                     the vocabulary
 Illustrations     All pictures reflect    Pictures illustrate    Some pictures          Pictures do not
                    solid                    the meaning of          illustrate the          clearly illustrate the
                    understanding of         the word clearly.       meaning of the          meaning of the
                    vocabulary and                                   word clearly.           vocabulary
                    clearly illustrate
                    the meaning of the
Organization/      All of the pictures     Pictures and           Some of the            Pictures and
 Creativity         and writing reflect      writing are neat        pictures and            writing do not
                    close attention to       and organized           writing are neat,       reflect careful
                    detail                                           reflecting some         planning and
                                                                     effort                  construction
Responsibility     All project                                     Most project           Project expectations
                    components              All project             components              were not met
                    completed                components              completed
                    thoroughly               completed
                   Dedication to
                    reflected in final

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