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8 月 21 日 08 年

Brett Jackson
Brett Jackson 8 月 2 日 2008 年 Honors English I Mrs. Patrick

About me

About me

Hello, my name is Brett Jackson. As a student I like school, I behave well but am often quite talkative. I would describe my personality as very easy going and relaxed, although I believe I am a perfectionist and prefer to have everything perfect. I am very interested in computers and science, specifically physics. Outside of school I have many activities, these include: swimming, programming, scholar bowl, and I plan on joining the math team. I like to be treated with respect and I treat others with respect even if they do not show respect to me. I am very easy to get along with, as I said I am very laid-back and take a laissez faire approach to most tasks. I believe that I am a fine writer. I don’t like to write about personal experiences I prefer to write non-fictional essays. I extremely dislike the mechanics of grammar I find it very repetitive. I really don’t care for literature; it’s not my favorite subject. The last book I read was I Can Read That!, A Traveler’s Introduction to Chinese Characters, by Julie Mazel Sussman
Brett Jackson
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