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									                 PARENTS AND TEENS: BEHIND THE WHEEL

Statistics show that motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among teenagers.

PARENTS AND TEENS: BEHIND THE WHEEL (April 1, 2009; APT Exchange) is a one-hour documentary
that examines where teen driving habits are formed and explores how parent behavior behind the wheel
can influence the conduct of newly licensed teens.

“The early months of teen driving can be filled with tension and tears as parents and teens spend hours
together on the road practicing their new roles,” said Creator and Co-producer Jennifer Boyd. “Suddenly
the parent is the passenger, and the teen is in control behind the wheel. We have a very insightful scene
where we used independently controlled cameras to show just how nerve racking the experience can be
for families.”

The documentary follows five families over the course of six months, documenting the real-life issues
they face during the first few months of driving and offers the opinions of industry experts
on the reality of teenage brain development, and teens’ ability to anticipate events that might be
hazardous on the road. Meet three mothers who lost teenagers to car crashes, and whose organization
IMPACT, the Mourning Parents Act, seeks to educate not only parents and teens, but also government
officials, about the number one cause of death for teenagers in America.

PARENTS AND TEENS: BEHIND THE WHEEL follows in the footsteps of the Emmy Award-winning,
nationally recognized documentary TEENS BEHIND THE WHEEL. For the initial TEENS documentary, co-
producer/writer/director Jennifer Boyd placed palm-sized video cameras in newly licensed teens’ cars for
six months. The cameras didn’t turn off when parents drove the vehicle. Some of this footage is used in
the new documentary. From these brief glimpses into parental driving, experts were able to identify
connections between driving styles.

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One expert was even able to accurately identify which parent belonged to which child, simply by looking
at turning techniques and following patterns (distance between the driver and the car in front). This
phenomenon raised some curious questions. Do teens brake harder if they’ve grown up with parents who
brake hard? Do teens drive faster if their parents tend to push the speed limit?

PARENTS AND TEENS: BEHIND THE WHEEL is a useful tool in opening the dialogue between parents and
teens, as well as a reminder that parental actions have a tremendous impact on those we love.

The families featured in the documentary are:

The Coleman Family
This family takes teen driving seriously. David Coleman, Jonah and Amanda's dad, is an active member
of a local organization called Community of Concern. Working through Community of Concern, David
has pushed hard for stickers to be placed on cars driven by newly licensed drivers, alerting police that
teen passengers should not be on board. Not only do the Coleman's take graduated driving seriously, but
16-year-old Jonah will sign an agreement with his parents about his responsibilities as a driver and the
consequences of breaking his side of the agreement.

The Moltz Family
Dillon Moltz is an accomplished 16-year-old race car driver, and his dad is his crew chief. Dillon has
been racing cars for years without being a licensed on-the-road driver. David and Dillon have an unusual
relationship; they spend large amounts of time together on the racing circuit. David taught Dillon to drive
when he was nine, so unlike many kids, Dillon has had years and years of driving experience before
getting his license. What advantage, if any, does Dillon have over most 16-year-olds?

The Esty Family
This family did everything right in terms of trying to keep their son Frasier safe on the road. They obeyed
graduated driving restrictions, enrolled Frasier in drivers' education, and gave him extensive experience
behind the wheel. But Frasier still had a horrendous crash shortly after he got his license. He totaled his
car on the highway during the middle of the day. What did the family learn from this experience and what
does it tells us about the frightening hazards of teen driving?

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The Brown Family
Adrienne Brown has two teenagers living at home. One is driving, and the other is about to get his
learner's permit. But unlike many parents, Adrienne made both of them wait until they were 18 to start
driving. Adrienne felt they weren't mature enough to handle the responsibility of driving, and withstood
the pressure to put her kids behind the wheel at 16.

The Cusick Family
David Cusick has seen it all in terms of teen driving. For many years, he worked as a paramedic. He is
now an emergency room nurse and sees daily what happens when teens get into trouble
with cars. Although David is torn about his 16-year-old daughter Erin getting her license, Erin now has
her learner's permit. The stress over this conflict is affecting the whole family. David knows all too well
what can happen and is doing everything he can to teach Erin to drive safely. Erin, like every 16-year-
old, just wants her freedom.

PARENTS AND TEENS: BEHIND THE WHEEL is made possible by the presenting sponsor, Travelers, with
additional support from The CarMax Foundation and the Law Firm Stratton Faxon.

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Executive Producers: Jay Whitsett & Larry Rifkin
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