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					                  Kathie's Kreations Free Quilt Pattern
                         Star Baby Quilt- Quick and Easy
                                Kits Available- $ 20.00
                     7/8 yard of blue print for blocks and binding
                                2/3 yard of cream print
                      ½ yard of gold print for stars and borders
           1 ½ yard for backing and batting (muslin backing provided in kit)

              Beige Print                  Blue Print                    Gold
              18- 6 ½” sq.                 18- 6 ½”                      4- 2 ½” x WOF
                                           4- 2 ¼” x WOF
  Sew the blue print and cream print 6 ½” squares together in pairs. Press to the blue print. Take
three of these units for each row. Sew the rows together to complete the quilt.
  Trace different size stars to fusible web, press to wrong side of fabric, cut out each star and
place randomly over the quilt. Put as many stars as you want. Machine stitch around each star,
use the blanket stitch setting on your machine.
  Layer the patchwork with batting and backing pin generously with safety pins to prepare for
machine quilting. Stitch in the ditch across the main seam lines. Add free motion quilting to the
open areas or however you wish.
Machine Binding
  Miter the strips cut for the binding into one long strip. Fold over the beginning of the binding to
form a triangle, press, trim to ¼”. Press in half. Place the start of the binding well below the
corner along one side, but not in the middle. Pin the binding for about six inches. Start stitching
below the pinned area. Miter each corner as you stitch. When the last miter corner is finished
and you are approaching the beginning of the binding in the pinned area. Measure the distance
left with the binding tail, leave a ½” extend below the point of the angle fold at the start. Trim the
binding at the same angle. Reposition the pins to include the trimmed tail tucked under the
binding starting point. Finish sewing the binding. Press the binding away from quilt on the right
side. Turn quilt over and apply ¼” steam a seam tape over the binding seam allowance. Bring the
binding over to the back and press in place. Carefully miter each corner as you go. Stitch in the
ditch from the right side along the binding edge.
   Kathie's Kreations Free Quilt Pattern

Kit for this quilt sold through @ $20.00
                     Order today, quantities are limited!
   Kathie's Kreations Free Quilt Pattern

   This baby quilt is a great beginner’s project, Enjoy!!


Kit for this quilt sold through @ $20.00
                     Order today, quantities are limited!

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