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VOL. XXXV No. 2                                                                                                  MAY 2011

With Eighth Keeneland Graded Stakes Win… Aikenite – The Hero
Dogwood Stable’s
  Stakes Wins
            Mrs. Cornwallis

                Luge II

              Blue Grass           Keeneland awards a gold                                 Luge II, Summer Squall (2),
            Summer Squall      tray when a stable has won                                  British Banker. Golden Gale,
                               eight graded stakes (and eight                             and Vicarage.
                               gold julep cups) at that race track.                         It is a heady experience when
                               Dogwood joined that exclusive fra-                     you look at the list of stables that
              Fayette H.       ternity on April 16 when Aikenite                   have won the gold tray… and the
            Summer Squall      won the Grade 2, $175,000 Commonwealth stables that have not won the gold tray!
                               Stakes at Keeneland, now in its 75th year       It was momentous for us in a variety of
                               of operation.                                ways. Significant because it represented the
                                   Aikenite struck a mighty blow for first stakes victory for a horse who has faced
                Phoenix        himself, and for Dogwood, when he reeled the very best in Breeders’ Cup and Classics
             Breeders’ Cup     in the leader in                                                     competition, and has
             British Banker    deep stretch and romped       NEWS FLASH! Aikenite Wins been graded stakes
                               to a two and a half Grade 2 Churchill Downs Stakes placed four times.
                               length victory in the                On Derby Day!                       It seemed particu-
                               seven-furlong stakes.                                                larly appropriate that
               Beaumont            We have been seek-                                               the horse named for our
              Golden Gale      ing that elusive num-                                                hometown of Aiken,
                               ber eight for a while                                                South Carolina, should
                               now, and are honored                                                 ring the bell in this sig-
                               to have attained a rari-                                             nificant manner.
                  Perryville   fied status with a hand-                                                 And then, Dogwood
                  Vicarage     ful of renowned outfits.                                             has bought, sold,
                               In fact, we thought we                                               raced, won, and lost at
                               were “home and dry”                                                  Keeneland for many,
                               when Aikenite, as a                                                  many years. It is the
                               two-year-old in 2009, came within a neck of epitome of class in the world of Thoroughbred
            Commonwealth       winning the Breeders’ Futurity at Keeneland. horse racing, and it is very special to us.
               Aikenite            Other Dogwood heroes and heroines gar-      With his great follow-up win in the Grade
                               nering the preceding seven graded stakes 2 Churchill Downs Stakes on Derby Day,
                               (and Gold Julep Cups) were Mrs. Cornwallis, Aikenite’s earnings now stand at $688,635.
•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •   OLDER HORSES   •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • •  •  •  •
                   AIKENITE                                      BROTHER BIRD                                      SNAP HAPPY
    Graded Stakes Winner, Grade 1 Stakes-Placed                         Winner                                          Winner
          (c. 4 Yes It’s True – Silverlado)               (c. 4 Yonaguska – Mining My Own)              (f. 4 Lion Heart – Snappy Little Tune)
                     ATONED                                        MINE TRAIN                                         TRIPPO
               Graded Stakes Winner                                     Winner                                          Winner
               (h. 6 Repent – Amidst)                     (c. 4 Mineshaft – Taste the Passion)                (c. 4 Trippi – Reely Risky)
                     BLIMEY                                         SLAMBINO                                     WINGED HERO
                       Winner                                   Stakes-Placed, Winner                                    Winner
              (c. 4 Limehouse – Scorch)                      (h. 6 Grand Slam – Bloomy)                  (g. 5 Fusaichi Pegasus – Queen (ire))

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 3-YEAR-OLDS •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • •  •  •  •
                BLUE RIGHT BY                                   GINGER SNAPIT                                        PUNSTER
                        Winner                                           Winner                                         Winner
         (g. Bluegrass Cat – Shades of Grace)                   (f. Tapit – Clever Turk)                (c. Distorted Humor – Victory U.S.A.)
           CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN                                       GLACKETY                                          RISKER
                        Winner                                          Winner                                (g. Forest Wildcat – Risk)
            (g. Officer – Purer Than Pure)               (f. Smoke Glacken – Shawnee Legend)                       SKY MUSIC
              CHARLESTONIAN                                        LOU BRISSIE                                      Stakes Winner
             (c. Broken Vow – For Dixie)                         Graded Stakes Winner                       (c. Sky Mesa – Silence Please)
                   DRUMETTE                                (c. Limehouse – Fearless Wildcat)                   STORMY THE CAT
         (f. Henny Hughes – Endless Parade)                    MALIBU RHYTHM                                     Stakes-Placed, Winner
                     FORUM                                  (g. Malibu Moon – Menifeeque)                    (c. Storm Cat – Unrestrained)
                      Winner                                PAZITIVELY PERFECT                                     TOREADOR
          (c. Roman Ruler – Winner’s High)                  (c. Pleasantly Perfect – La Paz)               (c. Grand Slam – Scarlet Tango)

•  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 2-YEAR-OLDS •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • •  •  •  •
                  BEHEMOTH                                        GLORYLAND                                       RACONTEUR
        (c. Giant’s Causeway – Quiet Reward)                 (c. Pulpit – Netherland (arg))                   (c. A.P. Indy – Miss Kate)
                  BIG SCREEN                                         INGENUE                                    SMOKE IT OVER
          (c. Speightstown – Scene Maker)                                Winner                            (c. Cherokee Run – Clary Sage)
                    CAT GIRL                               (f. Mr. Greeley – Meadow Breeze)                      STREET FIGHT
           (f. Discreet Cat – Famous Story)                    JACK SEABROOK                                (c. Street Sense – Reportedly)
                  CERTAINTY                                  (c. Hard Spun – Fontal (arg))                      THESSALONIAN
           (f. Lawyer Ron – I Don’t Know)                       LIBERTY BOUND                               (c. Corinthian – Clear Destiny)
               FURMAN BISHER                                (c. Mr. Greeley – Hello Liberty)                     WAGON TRAIN
             (c. Langfuhr – Millashand)                             LOVE MAN                                 (c. Gone West – Mossflower)
                                                           (c. Scat Daddy – Russian Broad)

                                                                             Caption Contest Results
    S Calling                                        This zany photo elicited                                        “Cot later decided on

             All Writers!
                                                  the most responses of any                                          horses” – Larry Gleason
                                                  contest in recent memory                                           “And down the stretch
        Here’s our Dogwood Stable ros-            when we put out the call for                                       they come! It’s history in
    ter, and the person who can come up           your captions! More than 100                                       the making… as the oldest
    with the most unique story using the          entries were sent to our office                                    offspring of Birdstone…
    names will be the winner of our latest        and the Dogwood staff has                                          with the oldest female
    contest. It may be difficult to use all       never laughed so much!                                             jockey aboard… wins
    the names, but try your best! The win-           Here is the win-                                                it… by a neck!”
    ner will receive signed copies of Cot         ning caption – penned by                                                     – Dave Johnson
    Campbell’s three books… and we will           Sherri Renzi of Louisville,                                        “Grandma lost her
    publish the story in our next Dogwood         Kentucky: “If my bridge                                            glasses, but no one had
    newsletter. The deadline for this “liter-     club gets wind of this, I’ll                                       the heart to tell her she
    ary” contest is August 8.                     be ostrichcized.” Sherri will                                      wasn’t on her horse!”
        When we ran a similar contest in          receive a Dogwood gift bag                                                 – Warren Navarre
    2007, Dogwood partner Dean DeLuke             for her hard work!                                                 “Lady Godiva’s first
    was our winner – and he has gone on to           But, because there were                                         run!” – Mark Shevick
    publish his first novel, Shedrow. Who         so many fabulous respons-                                          “Getting ‘legged up’”
    knows what creative juices may be             es, we thought we’d share “If my bridge club gets wind of this,             – Reg Lansberry
                                                                                         I’ll be ostrichcized.”
    unleashed this year!                          some of our favorites:                                             “If you plan to race this
        So, Smoke It Over and channel the         “I said I wanted to ride                                           bird, you will need a
    writing prowess of Furman Bisher and          Mine That Bird, not That Bird is Mine” shadow roll and a martingale!” – Sonny Via
    jump on the Wagon Train to fame (if           – Libbie Johnson                                   “I believe the genie misunderstood my
    not fortune)!                                 “Never mind the bird, how do they expect me to wish – I asked for a chick with long legs!”
                                                  ride at 115 in this getup?” – Will Springstead                               – Ronald Cohen

                                            Aiken Trials: 0 for 4!
                                                  This year marked the 69th running of the         down the backstretch before Captain came to
                                               Aiken Trials, a local event that we adore and       a stop, but when the pair reloaded, Captain
                                               have supported for more than two decades.           reared at the break as well. It was amazing that
                                               We ran four horses – and, we didn’t win a           he came in third!
                                               race! There have been years when we have                Our two-year-old filly Ingenue was our
                                               won with every horse, but at the very least we      best runner of the day, finishing second in her
                                               win one race. In 2011 it was embarrassing.          race. The start of the baby races looks very
                                                  Several of our horses had gate issues,           much like a pinball game – with horses head-
                                               never a good thing when the races are either        ing off in every direction. By the time they get
                                               a quarter mile (two-year-olds) or four and a        straightened out there’s not much running time
                                               half furlongs (older horses). It was actually our   before the wire – but Ingenue was coming
                                               older horses who acted up the most: Drumette        down the stretch like a freight train, second by
                                               reared at the break and lost all chance, while      only a head at the wire.
                                               Captain My Captain broke through the gate               Smoke It Over, our other two-year-old
                                               before the bell rang, unseated his rider –          entry, was never in the running after taking a
                                               Salvador Torres – who miraculously held             sharp right out of the gate.
 Ingenue driving (She was second. Went to
          Keeneland and won).                  on to the reins. Sal was dragged halfway                But there was a silver lining to the day.
                                                                                                   Three of the four horses shipped to Keeneland

The Dominion Award Comes to an End
                                                                                                   soon after the Trials and acquitted themselves
                                                                                                   well at that Kentucky track. Ingenue broke her
                                                                                                   maiden on April 9, becoming Dogwood’s first
   H. W. “Salty”                                                     “Industry Award”              two-year-old winner of the year; Captain My
Roberts and Barbi                                                    in his honor. When            Captain won on April 13 in his first start; and
Moline have not only                                                 Dominion        died,         Smoke It Over was second on April 27. All
been winners of the                                                  Dogwood        Stable         broke well from the gate!
Dogwood Dominion                                                     established a similar             It is interesting to note that the horses we
Award, they are also                                                 award in this country.        have run in the Aiken Trials since 1987 have
the bookends to our                                                  We never dreamed              gone on to win $8,748,517 at the races (this
wonderful        award                                               we would be doing it          number is good through May 1).
that has spanned 18                                                  for 18 years. It has              All of our horses here in Aiken are trained
years. Designed to                                                   been an honor, and            by the team of Ron Stevens and Brad Stauffer.
honor an “unsung                                                     has done a lot of             Exercise rider Salvador Torres does a superb
hero in racing,” the                                                 good, but now we’ll           job riding for us in the mornings, and was in
award began in 1993                                                  close it down,”               the saddle for our four Trials (although per-
and was given for the                                                Campbell said.                haps he wished he hadn’t been).
final time in 2010.                                                     Each year rough-
   “There’s no complicated reason for          ly 45 nominations have been sent to
why we ended it,” explained Dogwood            Mary Jane Howell, the Dogwood Public
President Cot Campbell. “It’s just that        Relations Director, and these have been
we’ve done it for almost two decades. It       judged by a panel of three judges: Anne
has made a fine contribution to racing,        Campbell, Todd Pletcher and Jay Hovdey.
encouraging an outgrowth of other awards       Through the years Mack Miller, Pat Day,
of a humanitarian nature, and now we           Penny Chenery, and Jerry Bailey have also         GRAND SIERRA 04/22/11 19:55:51
think it’s alright to quit doing it.”          served as Dominion Award judges.                  STRAIGHT
   Each year since 1993 Dogwood has               The Dominion Award winner was hon-             DOGWOOD WIN BC RACE '11
awarded $5,000, along with a bronze of         ored annually at a luncheon at the Saratoga       4981 YES
                                                                                                       EVENT DATE; 11/07/11
                                                                                                                                     MLB +1000
Dogwood’s 1970’s campaigner Dominion,          Reading Rooms, an event that became               TAKE: $5,000.00 TO WIN: $50000.00
to a man or woman who has worked behind        part of the racing season’s social tapestry.     -------------------------------------------------
the scenes to create a positive influence on   Invitees included industry leaders, friends       BK 0026-C49A-BDC1 T:107 W:1311
the Thoroughbred racing/breeding environ-      of Dogwood and of the recipient. The New                    6 0026–C49A-BDC1
ment in which they work. Eight women,          York Racing Association would name a race
nine men and one couple – from eight states    for the award winner that same afternoon.
– have been honored. Some have striven            H.W. “Salty” Roberts was the inaugural
for the horses, some for the people of the     winner of the Dogwood Dominion Award in
backstretch and the farms.                     1993. He was followed by Howard “Gelo”
   “The Dominion Award had its birth in        Hall, Peggy Sprinkles, Grace Belcuore,
England. When our fine old campaigner,         Nick Caras, Donald “Peanut Butter” Brown,           At 10-1 odds, Cot Campbell has
Dominion, went to England for stud duty        Danny Perlsweig, Katherine Todd Smith,           made a $5,000 bet that a Dogwood
he was noted for siring a steady stream        Julian “Buck” Wheat, Shirley Edwards 10-1 Stable horse will win aaBreeders’that a Dogwood
                                                                                         At     odds, Cot Campbell has made $5,000 bet Cup
of genuine, hard-knocking, blue collar         and Jim Greene, Neftali Gutierrez, Pam horse will November 4 –Cup2011. November 4 – 5,
                                                                                         Stable race on win a Breeders’ 5, race on
racehorses. So noteworthy were his prog-       Berg, Jo Anne Normile, Pete Lizarzaburu,  2011.
                                                                                                   Dogwood Stable currently has
eny that Great Britain’s Thoroughbred          Phyllis Shetron, Vincent Garibaldi, Mary         39 horses.
Breeders’ Association established an           Lee-Butte, and Barbi Moline.              Dogwood Stable currently has 42 horses.

1                                                2                                              3

4                                                5                                              6

7                                                    8                                               9

10                                                11                                   12

Aiken… 1. Bath time. 2. There are really 300 nearby listening to Ron Stevens, Aiken Training Track President, at the annual “Breakfast at
the Gallops.” 3. Pre-Trials party. Sharon Brown, her escort, Angie Ellis, and John Adger. 4. Ron Hall, the host and Dean DeLuke. 5. Mary
Jo and Jerry Walker and party “cut-up.” 6. Sharon Brown, Ian and Margaret Smith. 7. Mariachi band at Ron Stevens/Brad Stauffer barn
picnic. 8. Hayes and Clem Clement with equine “Furman Bisher.” 9. Michael and Jamie McWilliams. 10. An enthralled Clem Clement and
Dean DeLuke. 11. Ron Stevens and Pam Johnston. 12. Some adorable offspring of the barn force… slightly restless and ready for barbeque.

13                            14                            15                                                                    16

17                                  18                                       19

20                                           21                                             22

23                         24                                               25                             26

13. Avid Dogwood supporter. 14. Brad Shuler and Dogwood Trials rider Sal Torres. 15. Sal, Kim Baker (longtime Dogwood rider)
and longtime Dogwood president. 16. Unfurling Summer Squall’s saddle cloth is Robin, daughter of Braxton and Damien Lynch.
17. Diane and Chris Baker, manager of the vast racing/breeding operation of the late Edward Evans. 18. At the Track Kitchen. John Poe,
Phyllis Parrish, Dogwood’s invaluable Missy Poe, and Tom Parrish. 19. Aiken visitor Pierre “Peb” Bellocq being shown Hitchcock
Woods by Dione Appleton. Other places… 20. Augusta National’s Rob Johnston and Lynn Swann (football immortal) flank Cot.
21. Keeneland paddock. Neil Howard and Paul Oreffice. 22. Can you identify this dapper race fan of yesteryear? After Aikenite’s
win in the Commonwealth Stakes… 23. The plate being photographed. 24. Here’s to Aikenite! Jack Sadler, Paul and Jo Ann Oreffice
and Carl Myers. 25. The plate! Paul Oreffice. 26. Aikenite.

Cot’s View:                                                      The McKinsey Study Podcast
Editor’s Note: Cot Campbell’s                                     The sport and industry is con-        tracks are the toilet bowls of the world of
54th podcast on the Cot’s View                                    founded with numerous “catch          sports). I lamented that absence of racing
page of our website deals with                                    22’s” and blind alleys and we         news in the print and electronic press. “Why
an in-depth study (commis-                                        need a Moses to lead us out of        is that?” the men asked. “Because editors
sioned by the Jockey Club) of                                     the wilderness.                       say that the readers are more interested in
the Thoroughbred industry by                                         The nature of Dogwood would        table tennis, or curling or bowling than in
the renowned consulting firm                                      make it logical that I would be       horse racing,” I told them. Though that is
McKinsey & Company. The                                           interviewed by McKinsey rep-          certainly not true in Lexington, or Saratoga
findings of this study – and the                                  resentatives a few days ago. I’m      or Louisville or Hot Springs.
firm’s recommendations – will                                     sure I am one of many branches           Clearly, when the legislature of the state
be presented at Saratoga this                                     of knowledge in our industry that     of Kentucky does not understand the value
August at the Jockey Club Round Table. Cot          will be sought out. Presumably, around July,        of horse racing in their state, it points to their
was just one of many industry insiders who          the organization will have digested all the per-    collective moronic nature and to the fact that
were questioned, and he shares his views in         tinent data collected by scores of interviewers,    racing has not done a good job of lobbying
the podcast, which we have reprinted here.          and they will begin to winnow out the wheat         with state and national legislatures. Often this
                                                    from the chaff, and create their report.            translates to payola.
   As you may have read, the Jockey Club                The two guys I talked to were predictably          But it all boils down to the weary old fact
has engaged the services of McKinsey &              bright, and already well founded in the woes        that we have no central point of governance,
Company, the world renowned management              of Thoroughbred racing. They asked good             and I doubt that even McKinsey & Company
consultants – efficiency experts, as they were      questions and clearly absorbed the answers.         can tell us how to do that.
known in older times. The Jockey Club is pay-       They asked me to name my areas of concern.             Though I was not asked during this phone
ing for this fine organization of highly intelli-   Good Lord, where to start?                          conference call to venture an answer to the
gent people to find out where in hell racing is         I’ve always said I was the luckiest guy         dilemma, I did offer that racing must shrink.
heading, and what its future should be.             in the world to be in the business of racing        Hardly a brilliant revelation, but I stated that
   A similar study was made in 1975, but            Thoroughbred racehorses. I still am, but at         there should be less racing days, less sorry,
the picture was rosy in those days, and God         the moment I’m not exactly brimming with            down-at-the-heels race tracks. Less horses
knows it is not now. It is a wonderful idea         pride over the game’s national image.               being bred and racing. In other words more
to launch such a project. In August, at the             I plowed into my areas of concern. The          quality and less quantity.
Jockey Club Round Table in Saratoga their           first is the fierce competition for the gam-           This is a move that is slowly but surely
findings will be disclosed, and never in the        bling dollar, which is one way of saying the        taking care of itself.
history of that important event will there          takeout is too strong, and the legislatures are        But in the meantime, it will be fascinating
have been a more momentous disclosure.              not being stroked enough.                           and exceedingly valuable to learn what the
   We are all sick to death of hearing how              I cited the absence of a universal medica-      efficiency experts come up with. There has
fragmented racing is. But never has it been         tion rule; the lack of class and glamour and        never been a time when horse racing needed
so fragmented and, in general, screwed up.          pageantry that once existed in the presenta-        a breakthrough more, nor is more anxious to
Thoroughbred racing is presently being bat-         tion of the sport (which is another way of          have one.
tered by the most violent of “perfect storms.”      saying that some of the modern day race-               This is Cot Campbell and this is my view.

                               History of the “All Horse Memo”
    We pride ourselves at Dogwood with our              Following are some samplings from vari-         him to nurse him through to soundness,
constant communication with our partners.           ous All Horse Memos throughout the years:           race him if indicated, and then find a good
Something that we’ve done on a regular basis            Slambino (April 2011) – We love                 home for a valiant campaigner. Has eleven
since 1977 is the All Horse Memo, although          Slambino! This six-year-old has earned              starts, four wins, three seconds and a third.
it used to be called Where the Horses Are:          $265,962 in his career. His come-from-              Tries like hell.
Racing Roundup when it was published in             behind style has provided many thrills for              Aikenite (July 2010) – Damned good
the Dogwood Stable newsletter.                      his large fan club. Prefers grass, but can get it   horse, and we are dying to prove it. He’s won
    Whatever its name, this multi-paged             done when weather demands a switch to the           $332,606, has been placed in two Grade 1
memo gives our partners a quick glimpse             main track. Eligible now for starter allow-         stakes and in a Grade 2. Just won his last start
into the status of each horse in the stable – if    ance races. Anyone would love to have a             after “failing to show up” in the Preakness.
they have run. There is also an introduction        barn full of Slambinos.                             Classy-looking, big dude is not one to “vol-
that deals with the state of racing in the coun-        Toreador (April 2011) – Fine pedigree,          unteer” anything, so he does just what he
try at the particular time the memo is written,     but doesn’t seem to know it. Ran three times        must in the mornings. Stretch runner, he likes
and Dogwood’s immediate racing plans are            on dirt in New Orleans, and was nowhere.            the overland route and thus has to give away
also outlined. Every partner is kept in the         We hope and pray that grass or Polytrack            a lot of ground sometimes, but always makes
loop on every horse.                                is his “hole card.” On his way to Keeneland         a dramatic move.
    Honesty and brutal frankness are the            where we will find out. Looks the part, is in           Zenfully (November 2007) – We plan
cornerstones of the All Horse Memo. We              good hands but has delivered nothing yet.           to run him where surely someone will claim
talk about every horse very bluntly – and               Cleric (July 2010) – Limited, but as            him: $7,500 claimer at Turfway on November
if an individual doesn’t have a bright future       “game as Dick Tracy.” On the shelf now              28. He is one we’ve been trying to cull for
we come out and say it. We believe that our         with a serious problem, but he wants to             some time. He doesn’t have much ability, I
partners appreciate our honesty.                    be a racehorse, and can be. We owe it to            fear, nor does the game intrigue him.

                                                   Farm. My family had draft horses and a thor-       Who are your favorite writers? Financial

Q&                                                 oughbred that I was forbidden to ride. My
                                                   father’s cousin was a jockey. Our neighbor
                                                   was a stock dealer (horses and cattle) who
                                                   worked as a starter at Pimlico. His son and I
                                                                                                      market blogs on the internet or forgettable
                                                                                                      thrillers on airplanes comprise most of
                                                                                                      my reading now. In fiction, Robert Ruark.
                                                                                                      Long ago, I read Something of Value,

 A                                with
                                RON HALL
                                                   had access to an ever-changing herd of ponies
                                                   and horses. Unbeknownst to my parents, we
                                                                           rode all that we could
                                                                           stay on top of.
                                                                               Decades later I
                                                                           started my daughter
                                                                           riding in Mexico and
                                                                                                      Uhuru, Horn of the Hunter, The Honey
                                                                                                      Badger and many of his short hunting
                                                                                                      stories. They made a huge impression on
                                                                                                      me at the time. I don’t know if I would
                                                                                                      enjoy them as much now and I fear find-
                                                                                                      ing out. In non-fiction, the books that
                                                                                                      I have recommended to friends recently
Editor’s Note: Ron Hall grew up on a farm          renewed my relationship with horses. The           include Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist
in Maryland, but has called Miami home             relationship lasted about another decade until     Explores the Hidden Side of Everything by
since 1991. Horses have always been a              back injuries decreed that I no longer sit on a    Levitt and Dubner; Endgame: The End of
part of his life – whether it was riding a         horse’s back. So I became a spectator.             the Debt SuperCycle and How It Changes
neighbor’s horse on
                                                                           Your favorite place        Everything by John Mauldin; Gringos in
the sly in his younger
                                                                           to live/favorite place     Paradise by Barry Golson and On Mexican
days, having his own                                                       to vacation? I like the    Time by Tony Cohan.
riding horse when he                                                                                  If you could be an actor in any film –
                                                                           vitality and comfort of
lived and worked in                                                                                   name the actor and movie. I would never
                                                                           living in a community
Mexico City, or now,                                                                                  want to be an actor. Real life works for me
                                                                           within a major metro-
cheering on his six                                                                                   and is easier.
                                                                           politan area. Sallie and
Dogwood runners.                                                                                      What do you most value in your friends?
                                                                           I consider “jungly”
Ron is the director                                                                                   Being able to totally relax with them. No hid-
                                                                           Coconut Grove our
of Capital Markets                                                                                    den agendas, competition or jealousies. Good
                                                                           home, but also greatly
Financial Services,                                                                                   conversations about topics other than restau-
                                                                           enjoy the sense of
Inc., a company that                                                                                  rants, vacations, and medical conditions.
                                                                           feeling at home in
deals with emerging
                                                                           New York City by           Who are your heroes in real life? I don’t
market investments.
                                                                           having an apartment        have “heroes,” but value highly competent
This business special-
                                                                           in Greenwich Village.      people who base their relationships on hon-
ty has taken Ron all
                                                                           Two very different         esty, dependability and respect for others.
over the world since
                                                                           environments: aes-         If you could have dinner with any living
1971 – he has lived
                                                                           thetically, culturally     person, who would it be? Hank Paulson.
in Spain, Poland,                 Ron and Sallie Hall at Saratoga.
                                                                           and weather-wise.          Favorite food? Crab cakes made with
England, and Mexico!
                                                                           Among its prima-           Old Bay seasoning and almost any meal
Ron and his wife Sallie have one daughter,
                                                  ry attractions, New York City is where our          at Pascal’s in Coral Gables or cooked by
Andrea Elish, and two grandchildren. He has
                                                  daughter’s family lives.                            my wife.
been a Dogwood partner since 2009.
                                                       As far as vacations go – Ravello on the
How did your relationship begin with Amalfi Coast and anywhere with my family.                        If one of my horses could win one race,
Dogwood Stable? I ran across a web-                                                                   which race would it be? The Kentucky
link to Dogwood, read Cot’s books, and What is your greatest extravagance? The                        Derby, of course.
decided to get involved. The Dogwood Dogwood partnerships. Cot has clearly advised                    Favorite race track? Saratoga is a gem and
partnerships permit me to share the excite- me that the outcome of these investments may              one of the few that I have visited.
ment of racing without requiring of me the be financially disappointing. But so far, my               The motto you live by? “Do no harm” is a
skills and time that I lack.                      return on investment has been entirely satisfy-
                                                                                                      good motto.
    I saw Sagamore Farm’s great Native ing in terms of hopeful anticipation and par-                  One word that describes you? Thinker.
Dancer lose to Dark Star at the 1953 Kentucky ticipation in a sport where I have found great
                                                                                                      Best advice you were ever given? “Go for
Derby, and some of his wins. I grew up on a possibilities, beautiful horses, decent people
                                                                                                      it!”… it’s applicable to almost any situation.
farm in Maryland not far from Sagamore and a colorful character or two.

                     The Evolution of Trippi
   Though he carried our colors in the 2000            record of seven wins in 14 starts, with a sec-
Kentucky Derby, sprinting was his game and             ond and two thirds.
he was “faster than the word of God.” To                  Trippi began his stallion career at Ocala
top it off, he has gone on to be a world-class         Stud in 2002. In 2008 he was purchased by
sire. His name is Trippi and he was one of             South African interests and he currently stands
Dogwood’s favorite sons.                               at Drakenstein Stud Farm. Trippi’s stallion
   Cot Campbell purchased Trippi as a two-             career has never wavered and his daughter
year-old for $65,000 and he went on to win             R Heat Lightning is his leading earner, with
five graded stakes, including the Grade 1              $952,800 in purses. The filly was the favorite
Vosburgh Stakes. He retired at age four with           for this year’s Kentucky Oaks before being
$666,220 in purse earnings and an overall              withdrawn from the race.

                                                  Editor’s Notebook
   Here at Dogwood we start our day with a                                                             “My mare was fitter than I and she gave
morning meeting – going over the horses and                                                        a great account of herself,” laughed Charlie
generally keeping each other “in the loop.”                                                        after returning home. “We were head and
In such a meeting on May 2, Bill Victor,                                                           head for the lead with three furlongs to go,
Dogwood’s treasurer, quietly announced                                                             but I weakened in the stretch. I am not sure
that the day marked his 20th anniversary of                                                        there was a horse in the British Isles that
working for Dogwood. That made some                                                                could have carried me to victory! Having
of the staff start thinking about how long                                                         said all that, it was a lifetime experience
they had worked for Dogwood Stable: Jack                                                           in front of 70,000 people… and could not
Sadler – 35 years; Mary Jane Howell – 13                                                           have been more exciting.”
years; and Missy Poe – 8 years. Total num-                                                                           * * *
ber of years – 76!                                                                                     This spring Cot Campbell was a guest
                  * * *                                                                            speaker for two dramatically different audi-
                                                                                                   ences – a distinguished group of diplomats
                                                                                                   who were visiting Aiken in March and a
                                                                                                   group of young Thoroughbred industry
                                                                                                   insiders known as Vision 20/20, who asked
                                                                                                   him to recount his time as the chairman of
                                                    Charlie Fenwick on his way to winning the      the Sales Integrity Task Force.
                                                        1980 Grand National on Ben Nevis.              The diplomats, representing all corners
                                                                                                   of the globe, were visiting Aiken as part
                                                      Charlie Fenwick, winner of the 1980          of a travel initiative which allows them to
                                                  Grand National aboard Ben Nevis, returned        see various parts of the country – not just
                                                  to the hallowed turf of Aintree 21 years later   Washington, DC. They were in Aiken over
                                                  to ride once more. No – not in the National,     Trials Weekend, and one of their stops was
 A poignant moment at horsewoman Sally
                                                  but in the Aintree Legends Charity Race          at the Dogwood barn. Cot enthralled them
 Cluff’s memorial service at the Aiken Training   on April 9. Twelve jockeys of varying vin-       with stories about our various horses, the
 Track – her daughter Lei Cluff Ryan spreads      tage rode in the fundraising                                       beginnings of Dogwood
        her mother’s ashes on the track.          event to support the Bob                                           and how he once passed
                                                  Champion Cancer Trust,                                             up buying Derby winner
     Sally Cluff, a Thoroughbred trainer          many of them former win-                                           Canonero II.
 and lifelong horsewoman with deep                ners of the Grand National.                                                * * *
 roots in our hometown of Aiken,                      The brainchild of                                                 Love Man is one of
 passed away in early April. In keep-             retired jockey – and cancer                                        our new colts purchased
 ing with Sally’s love of the track and           survivor – Bob Champion,                                           from the Keeneland Two-
 all things equine, there was a celebra-          the Aintree Legends race                                           Year-Olds in Training
 tion of her life at the Aiken Training           marked the 30th anniver-                                           Sale in April. A son
 Track’s clocker’s stand on April 16,             sary of Champion’s amaz-                                           of Scat Daddy out of
 which culminated with her daughter               ing Grand National win                                             Russian Broad, the colt
 Lei Cluff Ryan scattering Sally’s ashes          with Aldaniti – a fairytale                                        somewhat coincidental-
 around the sandy oval. And if the                story if there ever was                                            ly shares a name with
 crowd of at least 200 needed a further           one. Bob was recovering                                            one of the most color-
 reason to shed a tear, Lei was riding            from cancer, while his                                             ful jock’s agents in the
 Sally’s stable pony Chengas.                     mount had almost been The original “Love Man” – jock’s business – Ronnie “Love
     “Sally was the last vestige of the           destroyed after breaking             agent Ronnie Ebanks.          Man” Ebanks. Ronnie
 old school trainers that were in Aiken           down a year previously.                                            represents Joel Rosario, a
 when Dogwood moved its operation                 Against all odds, the pair                       California-based rider who currently sits
 from Georgia 25 years ago,” said Cot             won the world’s greatest steeplechase            atop the jockey standings in earnings.
 Campbell. “Trainers like Mack Miller,            race in 1981.                                        “Wayne Lukas named a Quarter Horse
 Mike Freeman, Bobby Dotter, Frank                    And how did America’s Charlie                for me… but then he gelded him!” said
 Wright, Steve Penrod, Al Darlington,             Fenwick do at Aintree in 2011? Well, he          Ronnie. “Promise me you guys will at
 and Buddy Raines were all here, and              was ninth of 12, but he signed hundreds of       least give Love Man a chance.”
 Sally was right in the middle of the mix.        autographs and had a great time!
 She trained for Mrs. Henry D. Paxson,
 and the pair had an association that
 lasted 27 years.”                                                                  W. Cothran Campbell, President
     Sally broke and trained Candy                                                  Mary Jane Howell, Newsletter Editor
 Éclair, 1978 Eclipse Award-winning
                                                                                    Address: Post Office Box 1549
 juvenile filly. Later in her career she
 also conditioned horses for Fox Ridge                                                         Aiken, South Carolina 29802
 Farm and several of those individuals                                              Tel: (803) 642-2972 Fax: (803) 642-2747
 went on to become major stakes win-                       DOGWOOD                  E-mail:
 ners on the New York circuit.                            STABLE, INC.              Internet address:

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