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NUUC Rental Policies by yaofenji




                                        THE BUILDING
SANCTUARY – Seating for 225 guests. There are 180 cushioned chairs and 55 folding chairs. This
area is easily transformed for a large or small group of people. It can host a wedding, then be changed for a
reception or dance very quickly. The stage has two steps leading up to the main staging area. The
background area is in a concave shape and is excellent for sound transmission. The Sanctuary aisle is 50
feet long. Chairs can be arranged to suit your purpose.

FOYER – Includes a coat rack, 2 large bathrooms and a conversation area appropriate for a receiving
line or buffet tables. The foyer adjoins the kitchenette and sanctuary.

ENTRY – Partially covered and can be used for photographs and the receiving line in good weather. It
is wheel chair accessible.

LOFT – Has an excellent view of the Sanctuary. Its use is restricted to photographers and musicians.
During events, it should be blocked off from public access.

KITCHENETTE – Located in the foyer, near the sanctuary and entry. It is furnished with a small
serving window, refrigerator, microwave, sink and dishwasher. It has very little counter space.

BRIDAL ROOM – Located on the first floor and is beautifully furnished with comfortable chairs, a
conference table, full-length mirror and excellent lighting. It is near a large bathroom and, for weddings,
this room is included in the Sanctuary rental.

MAIN HALL – First floor (ground floor, with vehicular access from State Street and interior stairs
from foyer) is about 820 square feet. It can serve as a dining area for up to 44 guests.

KITCHEN – Adjoins the large hall and includes a microwave oven, a range/oven, a refrigerator,
industrial sink and dishwasher. If catering services are used, they may use this area for setting up their
equipment. The kitchen needs to be completely cleaned by caterer or food service provider.

CLASSROOMS – Located on the first floor can be used for a variety of purposes, including classes,
conferences and staging or set-up areas. They vary in size, appearance and availability.

PARKING – Private parking lot is located east of the church, just beyond the small beige house on 4th
St. S. Parking is also available on the street outside the church. On weekends, guests can park across the
street at the two medical clinics.

                                                       1                                     NUUC Rental Policies

Rehearsal time for weddings will be set for the mutual convenience of the minister or officiant, the
wedding party, wedding facilitator and other church users. (On some evenings another congregation uses
the church.) Promptness for rehearsals is essential. Maximum rehearsal time is one hour.

Throwing of rice, birdseed, fresh flower petals, or the use of sparklers, is prohibited. Artificial flower petals
are acceptable. Soap bubble favors are for outside use only.

SERVICE – We have several people licensed to officiate at weddings. Please ask for names and phone
numbers, or you may invite your own minister or licensed official to conduct the marriage ceremony.

LICENSE, LEGAL/RELIGIOUS – The client is responsible for arranging all legal contracts and
obligations, as well as the services of an appropriate celebrant (priest, minister, Justice of the Peace), as
required by Washington State civil law and religious regulations.

MUSIC – Can be provided by outside musicians. The church provides a beautiful grand piano (extra fee
to use) and the wedding party must hire the musician to play. Renters must provide their own recording

SANCTUARY FEES – First 3 hours: $800, $200 for each additional hour. Time charges start when
the wedding is scheduled to begin. There is no extra charge for up to two hours of rehearsal and decorating
time on the day of the event, or $100 for the day before.

NO SMOKING – is permitted anywhere in the church. Ashtrays are available for the outside area.

DANCING – The Sanctuary is easily converted for a reception and dance. We do not use pews. Our
sanctuary is furnished with plush cushioned chairs that can hook together in rows, semi circles or individual

DIRECTIONS – Take exit number 18 off of I-405 to Kirkland, turn left at the third light (3rd Street),
follow the road as it curves for 1/3 mile, Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church is on the NE corner of 4 th
Avenue South.

DECORATING – Northlake U.U. Church is beautiful in its own right and needs little decoration.
With the use of variable lighting, most environments can be achieved. A total of 2 hours is allowed for
decorating time, including rehearsal. It will be scheduled around other church use. Decorations cannot be
attached with any type of material that could mar the church walls, wood trim, doors or floors. Hooks are
located in strategic places to hang decor items. You may choose to rent or purchase an aisle runner for $20.

                                                        2                                     NUUC Rental Policies
DECOR ITEMS AVAILABLE: The following extra decor items can be rented, or you may provide your
own decor, after consultation with the Wedding Hostess. Care must be taken at all times to refrain from
using tacks, nails etc. on walls and woodwork.

Aisle runner ............................................................................... $20
White flower stands — 3 ft, high............................................... $10 each (2 available)
White plastic columns, 40” ........................................................ $10 each
White gothic columns, 72” ........................................................ $15 each
Gold candle holders ................................................................... $ 5 each, candles not included.
Brass candelabra, adjustable up to 7 candles each side ............. $15 each ($20 with candles)
Black iron candelabra with candles ........................................... $25 each (10 available)

ALCOHOL – If alcohol is to be served, a liquor license is needed. The Wedding Hostess (if requested
to do so) can provide a letter on NUUC stationery, which can be taken to a State Liquor Store to obtain a
permit. Please apply for a liquor license at least a month in advance to allow the state to process the form.
The cost of the permit is $15 and this permit MUST BE posted during the event. We allow beer (bottles or
cans, no kegs), wine and champagne, but not hard liquor or mixed drinks. Be prepared to remove alcohol
containers and boxes from the premises, as our church dumpster is small.

SET-UP – Two hours are allowed for decorating and rehearsal. There are often several events at the
church on the same day. Set-up and decorating times need to be pre-arranged with our Wedding Hostess.

CLEANING AND CUSTODIAL – The Wedding Hostess (on site for the duration of the event)
will verify that all rooms have been straightened up and returned to the usual condition after your event. All
items not belonging to the church will need to be removed to facilitate clean up. All event organizers must
also make a check of the outside grounds and sidewalk areas to remove cigarettes, paper, bottles etc.
before the deposit can be returned. Floor cleaning, mopping and setup for church is included in the fee.
Renter is responsible for folding of all tables used and placing them in assigned storage areas.

DEPOSIT – To reserve the church for a specific date a $200 down payment is required. The total fee
must be paid 30 days prior to the event. A refundable damage deposit of $200 will be added to the rental
price. It will be held until after the event and then returned in the form of a check, if appropriate. If on the
day following your event, during our clean/reset period, or soonest daylight hours, we note any additional
damage or expense incurred, it will be deducted from the damage deposit.

We reserve the right to use photographs of your event on our web site and brochures.

Northlake Unitarian Universalist Church
308 4th Ave S.
Kirkland, WA 98033
Wedding Hostess: Joie Goodwin,
Phone: 425-827-7720 Cell: 425-829-7720

                                                                   3                                             NUUC Rental Policies

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