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					                                                A newsletter about Territory
                                                Aboriginal child and family wellbeing services

Co-op Winners                                                                     Issue 1 November 2004

M apur u Homelands
This August the Mapuru Food Co-operative                   The Co-op won for initiating a healthy food supply
won the Heart Foundation Kellogg Local                     for Mapuru Home-Land residents. They are a good
Government Award, in the Category of Small                 pick for the National Winners in their category. Or
Rural and Remote Community Project NT.                     will they win the National Best Overall Winner
                                                           announced 9th November?
                                                           Mapuru is on the mainland south of Elcho Island, eight
                                                           minutes by charter. The 120 Mapuru people live
                                                           traditionally, hunting every day.
                                                           “My brother is the Mapuru Assistant Teacher Jackie
                                                           Nguluwidi,” said Roslyn Malngumba. “He has worked
                                                           for twenty years as the teacher. He runs the non-profit,
                                                           self-help Mapuru Co-op, selling only to our family.
                                                           “He orders and sells all the food, and teaches the school
                                                           kids how to order it. He does the book-keeping and
                                                           banking on the internet. The Co-op opens when people
                                                           need it, often late at night, and it’s often Jackie that opens
                                                           up. He’s very busy.
                                                           “They won because the Co-op sells healthy foods low in
                                                           sugar and fat and with high fibre” she said.
                                                           Jackie and others order stores from Darwin, by barge to
Rosaline Biritjala - Mapuru student                        Elcho, by truck to the airport, then by charter plane to
                                                           Mapuru, and finally by wheel barrow. Continued page 4

Kids spoilt                                                  Inside this Issue
in Gur ungu!                                                      Tennant                 Creek &
“The kids in Gurungu are really spoilt and they are
benefiting a lot,” said the Elliott Senior Aboriginal
                                                                   Bar kl y
                                                                   Barkl                  special
Health Worker Lynette Bathern.
“Before the youth centre and women’s centre and                Plus stories from Aboriginal child and
library there were gang fights and stealing, a lot of
fights. It’s settled now, there’s no break and entering,
                                                              family wellbeing services across the NT.
no trouble with police, and kids are going to school               Deadline next issue 7th March 2005
more now because of the breakfast program, and                           Contributions welcome.
because they aren’t so bored anymore,” she said.
See page 18-21 for more stories from Elliott.                         Kids Tracks Rules see page 15.
                                               Storytelling and networking
                                               by NT Aboriginal Children
                                               and Family Support Services

                                               Message from Marion Scrymgour MLA
                                               Minister for Family and Children’s Services NT

I am very pleased to invite all services to                                  35% of NT Aboriginal people being under15 years
participate in a new, informal network of                                    compared to 21% of our non Aboriginal population.
service providers in Aboriginal child, youth
and family well-being.                                                       But Kids Tracks will not be about the problems.
                                                                             Instead it will focus on what is working. I hope
This network is called Kids Tracks. It aims to                               this newsletter can even in part reflect the energy,
cover the Territory and beyond, developing a                                 vision and commitment of the many service
‘community of interest’ between our service                                  providers in our communities. With three
providers.                                                                   newsletter issues a year, every community initiative
                                                                             can take its turn to shine.
This first issue of the Kids Tracks network
newsletter is being launched following our                                   Kids Tracks is being produced by my Department
Children’s Week celebrations.                                                for both government and non-government service
                                                                             providers. All stakeholders are asked to contribute
It is indeed something to celebrate, because our                             their stories and views. I hope over time a
community services sector needs a way to talk                                dynamic network will grow and strengthen.
with each other, a place where people can tell
their stories of good things they are doing,                                 We hope to shortly develop a web site based
                                                                             around this newsletter network, linking both NT
Kids Tracks will be a space for service providers                            and national service providers. And later on?
to share good practice stories, to learn from                                Who knows what will grow?
failures, to inform policy makers and researchers,
a place to say hellos and goodbyes, speak about                              I would like to congratulate the Department of
heroes and special moments, quotes and gossip,                               Health and Community Services and Office Of
upcoming events and new ideas. In short,                                     Children and Families for developing this excellent
whatever stories you would like to have told about                           initiative and look forward to future editions of
Aboriginal child, youth and family well-being                                Kids Tracks and sharing the information with my
community services.                                                          new Family and Community Services Ministerial
                                                                             Advisory Council.
We all know the challenges. The NT Aboriginal
population has a greater percentage of young                                 May our Kids Tracks network live long and
people than anywhere else in Australia – with                                prosper and all readers enjoy sharing our stories.

    Kids Tracks
    Editor:                   Anthony Burton Director Policy and Partnership Branch, Community Services
    Content Manager &         Rosie Elliott, Community Services Policy Unit
    Desk Top Publisher:
    Support staff:            Office of Children and Families, Policy and Partnership Branch
    Artwork:                  Logo by Lindy Brodie (Julalikari Arts & Crafts). Characters by Mikey Campbell
    Address                   NT Department of Health and Community Services, PO Box 40596, Casuarina NT 0811
                              Ph (08) 8999 2702 Fax (08) 8999 2833 Email:
    Electronic version available in pdf format on
    Contributions to Kids Tracks do not necessarily reflect the views of the Editor / DHCS.
    See Kids Tracks editorial policy and procedures on page 15 inside.

2          Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
Letter to the                                                                      Nyirranggulung
Kids Tracks                                                                             Ngadberre
Editor                                                                                   Regional
Hi Kids Tracks
I am the Women’s Issues Officer for                   Phillippa Liddy has recently started full time
NMNRC, the Nyirranggulang Mardrulk                    work as receptionist with the new NMN
Ngadberre Regional Council.                           Regional Council in the Katherine region.
We represent seven communities on the                 “It’s good – I enjoy the interaction with our
eastern side of Katherine (Jodetluk,
                                                      communities and meeting all the new people” she
Werenbun, Manyallaluk, Barunga, Wugularr,
Mardrulk and Gulin Gulin). The Council was            said.
set up under the local government act in July         “Our CEO is Rod Walsh. We operate the business
2003 after many years of negotiation through
                                                      side of things for our communities under the Local
the Jawoyn Association.
                                                      Government system, and are a major CD&EP
We are looking for affordable ‘reward’ options        employer , with around 280 participants.
for our hardworking CD&EP participants to
exchange information and look into ways we            “We work with organisations such as Jawoyn
can share experiences across communities.             Association, Sunrise Health Service, Fred Hollows
                                                      Foundation, Dept of Family & Community Services.
I would like to find out about Kids Tracks -          We are also working with Jawoyn and Department of
who you are working with and who is on your
                                                      Chief Minister on the establishing the Banatjarl
distribution list?
                                                      Resource Centre (King Valley about 50K south of
Cheers                                                Katherine).
Pauline Manifold
Ph: (08) 8971 2427   “We provide CD&EP employees working as Family
                                                      Violence Officers on our communities, and key
                                                      personnel at Banatjarl to assist in the establishment
                                                      and operation of the Centre.

Editor’s reply                                        “We have also been working with FACs to start up a
                                                      crèche in Wugularr. It’s is looking really good, and we
Our first letter to the Editor! First letter          are starting a pre-school and crèche at Manyallaluk
gets first story!                                     (working with DEET and FAC’s).
Kids Tracks will work with all NT service             “Before I worked here I was out on a community
providers in Aboriginal child and family well-
                                                      doing basic admin work on CDEP. Now they have
being who wish to participate.
                                                      given me the opportunity to study and work on good
You can find the Kids Tracks Editorial Rules          wages, actually helping people. People treat me with
and distribution on page 15 of this edition.          respect now.”
You ask about CDEP rewards? This issue                “We were living at
talks about some communities use of CDEP              Wulgularr, where my
rewards to add community value, like in the           mother was running the
story about Julalikari Arts.
                                                      art centre, and she’s
We will investigate this topic further next           now the NMNRC
issue, and will try to follow up/network all          President. She is really
such requests.                                        enjoying the challenge”
                                                                                                                NT News

                                                      she said.
Any readers are welcome to contribute their
ideas on the question and we will provide
contact details for all our stories, so               Contact:
networks can grow.                                    Ph: (08) 8971 2427
                                                      Phillippa Liddy

                                                          T he winner s!
Front page story continued

                                                          Mapur u Home-Lands
                                                          Story continued from front page

                                                          Jackie said “Almost               learning English through the Internet too, but there
                                                          four years ago my                 is nothing available for us. Nearly all children
                                                          mother, Linda                     attend more than 85% percent of the time and their
                                                          Marathuwarr, decided              money maths is really good,” said Jackie.
                                                          to order food for our
                                                          Home-Land-Centre so               After nineteen years of teaching, Jackie is planning
                                                          that we could continue            a year of study leave next year, but there is no
                                                          to live on our ancestral          replacement teacher. “We want a qualified
                                                          lands where we can                teacher working here full-time, with good power,
                                                          care more closely for             fax, computers, classroom supplies - just like
                                                          our children.                     Balanda schools,” he said.

                                                          “We wanted to avoid               “We also ask the government to let us continue
                                                          the $300+ return                  repairing the abandoned school building with our
                                                          airfare to Elcho to buy           own money for a community resource centre.
                              Linda Marathuwarr           food. So we talked                “This Co-op has increased our literacy, numeracy
                                                          about it and my mother            and enterprise learning skills and is bringing people
                             said we will set up a cooperative. She gave us                 back to live on their own country, where they feel
                             $400 to use, we set up a banking account and                   happier and healthier,” he said.
                             ordered the food, sold it and banked the money.
                             Three months later we got an EFTPOS machine.                   Mapuru have more plans in the pipeline, including
                             We kept on selling and buying.                                 a web site to sell their beautiful woven baskets.

                             “The rules are for all our family are: No money, no            This award recognizes the power of a community
                             goods. No book-ups. You can self serve. It                     development model of health improvement, rather
                             works on trust.                                                than a medical model. John Greatorex, former
                                                                                            Assistant Principal, Shepherdson College,
                             “As I learnt more English we ordered the food for              facilitated the project.
                             ourselves, all nutritious, low fat, low sugar. After
                             two years the Learning Centre got a Telstra two                “I simply set up systems
                             way satellite link and Visa Card. We could then                for them to succeed,” he
                             pay accounts without sending cheques, because                  said. “They have done all
                             our local post office is 600km away.                           the work.

                             “When we started this co-op it was difficult for me            “Through Home-Land
                             to read the stock list and talk English on the phone.          communties, Aboriginal
                             We have now got a voice, we are now somebody.                  people can continue to take
                             We can see opportunities for our children and                  responsibility for their lives
                             economic independence. We have done it all                     if given half a chance.
                             ourselves, independent of Balanda. We can only
                             do this because we are living on our Home-Lands,               “This model of community
                             we couldn’t do this on Elcho Island” he said.                  development contrasts with
                                                                                            the dysfunction resulting
                             There are 45 school students in the Homelands                  from forcing people to
                             Learning Centre which operates in normal school                remain in centralised
                             times. Shepherdson College provides teachers for               townships away from their
                             half the week. The students buy and sell products              ancestral homes,” he said.
                             as part of their schooling, using EFTPOS and
                                                                                            This story has been told by Jackie    Jackie Nguluwidi &
                             electronic banking.                                                                                 student repair school
                                                                                            Nguluwidi and John Greatorex
                                                                                            Contact (08) 89466983                      building
                             “The students and parents would love to access

                             4      Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
                                                                                                                 Barkly Feature
     Julalikari Arts & Crafts: The Pink Palace

The Pink Palace is the local name for an old          Kaylene has been working at the Centre for nearly
building housing the Julalikari Council               three years now. “I’ve worked in a lot of places, but
women’s arts and craft centre, a little               here you just feel so comfortable,” she said.
powerhouse for the strong women of Tennant.
                                                      “Getting involved with the community work - that’s
The Pink Palace is one of Julalikari CDEP’s           what I like. Trying to make things better for
most successful ventures and the art work sold        everyone, getting along and respecting others.
contributes substantially to running costs of
the centre.                                           “We work as a team and the coordinator is always
                                                      helpful. It’s a friendly place to work, we have
Around seventeen CDEP women work here,                training options and we are learning more about
painting and making craft four mornings a week.       how to do art and lots of other things. It’s lifting our
Most are strongly interrelated. Three women have      self esteem.
been coming since the centre began, every
morning at 8am for ten years. Another eight or        “Before I worked here I thought it was just ladies
nine have been coming nearly that long. The office    sitting around. But we are doing a lot of things.
trainee, two supervisors and two painters are on      Like screen printing a Hepatitis C health message
CDEP top up and work afternoons as well.              in English and Waramungu on T-shirts and
                                                      shoulder bags and doing screen printing for the
Sales are strong – especially given the five          football team.
exhibitions at the new Tennant Creek Nyinnka
Nyunyu art and culture centre - with three solo       “We have a CDEP creche just around the corner.
exhibitions and two group. The Trains Through Our     We pay $5 a week for the kids’ breakfast and
Country exhibition was highly successful. Lindy       lunch. This way the mothers can stay working.
Brodie, Flora Holt and Peggy Jones all exhibit        “It’s more than just work. There’s no argument or
interstate, and Peggy Jones also exhibits             disagreement, we use polite words rather than be
internationally. Then there’s Ruth Dawson, whose      angry. It’s about being friendly, we are not alone,
work is on view for all to enjoy on the side of our   we are one mob. It’s about listening, treating
new freight train.                                    people equally and being friendly,” she said.
Senior Warumungu women, Nicky Morrison and            “It’s not a factory, it’s really relaxing,” said
Jessica Jones do the day to day running of the        Coordinator Alan Murn. “It’s a time for the women
centre, whilst Coordinator Alan Murn does art         themselves, to be creative, to use the phones and
training and administration, with the help of Admin   do community business. The women are really
Trainee Kaylene Kenny.                                strong, highly organised, aware of what is needed,
                                                      and engaged in many community processes.
 Lindy Brodie works on the
 Kids Tracks logo                                     “Tennant is pretty exciting - there’s a real regional
                                                      art style starting to attract attention. Tennant was
                                                      once a wealthy place - it now realises it has to do
                                                      something to stop tourists driving straight through,
                                                      so Aboriginal culture is emerging as a strong force -
                                                      its big asset rather than something that was

                                                      “Tennant’s isolation was once a weakness, it was
                                                      ignored for many funding and development
                                                      purposes, but it is becoming a strength. Tennant
                                                      people have learnt to stand on their own feet a lot,
                                                      and there is a lot of pride here,” he said.

                                                      Contact: Ph (08) 8962 2163

Barkly Feature

                                                                       Anyiningyi Health
                                                                       Whole of family,
                                                                       Whole of community

                 Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation              Staff from the Stronger Families program are
                 (previously known as Anyinginyi Congress)             working closely with communities around
                 is an Aboriginal Primary Health Care                  Tennant Creek to develop culturally responsive
                 Service based in Tennant Creek.                       programs.
                 Anyinginyi’s Primary Health Service delivery          Governments and Non-Indigenous agencies
                 model is based on the Whole of Family, Whole          discuss collaboration but nothing real happens in
                 of Community Approach to how we do                    developing specific health care programs that are
                 business.                                             community driven.
                 We have recently combined the Alcohol- After          Anyinginyi Health is doing this!
                 Care & Social Emotional Wellbeing programs and
                 call the program Stronger Families Piliyinta-ki.      By: Barbara Shaw Ph (08) 8962 2633

                 Are we having an impact?
                 “There are many good things, but there is             “The rate of psychosis has shot up, the unreported
                 still the dark side of Tennant,” said Patrick         rapes, the number of beggars, the crime rate.
                 Ah Kit, Anyinginyi Education Program
                 Officer.                                              “Are we having any impact? The fact is the real
                                                                       issues around social employment are not being
                 “It’s distressing to see what is happening. We        addressed. We really need to say why are we
                 have a lot of role models here, but they get burnt    doing all this? There’s lots of training and cultural
                 out. Who will be the next generation of leaders?      entertainment provided, but where are the jobs?
                                                                       There aren’t many full time Aboriginal positions in
                 “The women hold their culture better than the
                                                                       town because most Aboriginal employment here is
                 men, but the old women are not grandmothers
                                                                       through CDEP.
                 any more, they have become the front line
                 mothers! Our youth are being fast tracked into        “We need to do quality research in the region and
                 adults and missing out on being kids. A lot of the    provide sustainable programs. We need an
                 girls having babies too early and that was even       employment strategy, directed to full time
                 before there was this extra baby money.               Aboriginal staff and helping individuals develop
                 “There’s a huge drug and alcohol problem. We
                 need to recognise the drugs are changing for the      “For now, most folk just sit around and watch
                 younger men – they use speed and smoke dope a         Austar. If we don’t watch it, it will all snowball,”
                 lot rather than booze.                                he said.

                 Things are on the move?
                 Michael Dougall wears many hats. He is the            “We will have employment opportunities
                 Chair of the Barkly Regional Coordination             with the two new mines opening, new
                 Committee under the Department of Chief               directions to increase tourism, we want to
                 Minister. He is also the Regional Director of         involve community councils in government contracts,
                 DCM, DCDSCA, DIPE and much more.                      and there should be training opportunities in the new
                 Michael agrees employment is an issue, but is         housing developments. And next year families will
                 hopeful things may change. “The town has worked       be able to return back to Tennant in the near future
                 well together and things are on the move,” he said.   with the opening of the renal dialysis clinic,” he said.

                 6    Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
                                                                                                                                 Barkly Feature
                                                                                                    Left to Right:
                                                                                                    Lea Fry, Kim Bracken,
                                                                                                    Burri Butler, Nick Foster

                                                                                                   “We have a
                                                                                                   whole corridor
                                                                                                   of photos of
                                                                                                   all our teams
                                                                                                   and kids and
                                                                                                   our Australian
                                                                                                   reps. It’s
                                                                                                   great,” said

Anyiningyi Sports Centre & Burri Butler
The Anyiningyi Congress Sports Centre                    some Olympic swimmers,” he said.
opened in the mid 1990’s. One of the centre’s
secret weapons is manager George ‘Burri’                 The Sport Trust has recently supplied the new
Butler.                                                  Canteen Creek Recreation Centre with equipment
                                                         and are working on the Alekerenge Men’s Centre
Burri represented the NT in AFL, cricket, hockey,        gym. Burri plans to bring training to the
played Sydney Rugby League with Western                  communities in how to use the new equipment.
suburbs, West Perth AFL, the Darwin Buffaloes,
coached NSW All Blacks teams and more.                   “Lots of people leave their kids here when they
                                                         come into town and a lot of the town kids use it as
Not surprisingly, this ATSIC & NT Sport and Rec          a drop in centre, especially as the TC Raiders
Sports Centre is one of the best things in town.         closed few months back.
It employs one woman and three men. Two are              “The Tennant Creek Council ran the after school
part time CDEP and all are Aboriginal. “Our jobs         care Raiders for years, but they weren’t getting
are seven days a week, all hours,” said Burri.           enough support and other kids don’t go to the
                                                         Raiders any more ” he said.
“We provide around 11,000 people services a year.
We would like to employ another woman and                Hopefully the TC Raiders will be up and happening
employ properly - take them off CDEP, pay a              again soon, plus a school next to the Raiders for
proper wage, but our funding has not improved over       bush kids who come in for longer stays.
the years.
                                                         Sport and Rec officer Nick Foster is really proud of
“The Barkly and Borroloola always miss out, but          his workplace. “We have the only gym program in
it’s got a bit better the last couple of years.          Tennant,” he said. “It's for everyone, we have all
                                                         new gear, the centre is open for kids anytime, it's
“The best thing we have done is our mentor               all free, except the gym, and kids can use the
program for kids from low self esteem families. It’s     tramps, new soccer tables, table tennis and TV
ATSIC funded through the Indigenous Barkly Sport         room.
Trust for mentoring individuals and supporting
sporting groups.                                         “We run school training in basketball and AusKick
                                                         and maybe croquet and skate boarding.
“In the school holidays last year we sent three kids
off for two weeks to Timmy Duggan’s basketball           “Remote schools use our facilities for shelter and
Hoops Mentor Program in Cairns. Timmy is from            we provide a venue for accredited training courses
an old Darwin sports family - he uses sport to           like Certificate 3 in Fitness and the Bronze
teach young kids about healthier lifestyle - it builds   Certificate,” he said
up their self esteem,” he said.
                                                         As we said, everyone we spoke to in town says
Burri hopes to do it again and start a swimming          this Sport Centre is one of the best things going.
mentorship with Warrego School. “Maybe we’ll             Anyinginyi Health Aboriginal Corporation Administration Ph: (08) 8962
send them to Sydney this year - line them up with        2633 Sports Centre Ph: (08) 8962 1959

Barkly Feature

                 The Nyinnka Nyunyu lizard

                 Nyinnka Nyunyu Cultural Centre Youth
                 Performance and Production Program
                 The Tennant Creek Nyinnka Nyunyu Youth                the only youth performance programs running in
                 Performance and Production program seeks              the NT for kids to learn dance, music and drama,"
                 to engage youth in education and employment           said Nyinnka Nyunyu Manager Georgina Bracken.
                 through the arts and it’s operating out of the
                 beautiful new Nyinnka Nyunyu Art and                  "Everyone will come together around kids and it
                 Cultural Centre, a Julikari enterprise                involves partnerships throughout the Barkly youth
                 development project.                                  sector, targeting both high school children and non-
                                                                       attenders," she said.
                 This year the program will run four full-time two
                 week workshop blocks, with each group of kids         The program is also developing partnerships with
                 having one or two hours a day over the period - a     dance and theatre groups in the NT and nationally,
                 total of six hours of dance, six hours of drama and   including ARTS NT, Ausdance NT, Music NT,
                 six hours of music.                                   NAISDA, Australian Theatre for Young People,
                                                                       NT Writers Centre, NIDA, Red Dust Theatre,
                 Each workshop culminates in a community               Corrugated Iron Youth Arts. Next March a
                 performance at Nyinkka Nyunyu Art and Culture         Redfern group is coming over to Tennant.
                                                                       Patrick McClosky has lived in Tennant about four
                 There were 160 kids at the first program this         years now. “Patrick gets the kids so motivated.
                 March, with over 80 performing in the                 It’s just the way he is!” said one project admirer.
                 contemporary performances community show.
                 “The performances have been absolutely                “He is driving the program with his enthusiasm and
                 wonderful!” said one of many admirers.                skills, with the approval of Julalikari Council and
                                                                       with the involvement of as many Wunpurani people
                 "Nyinnka Nyunyu is a fantastic venue to be            as possible,” said Georgina Bracken.
                 working from," said program manager Patrick
                 McCloskey. “The kids are loving it. They keep         Rose Graham, Warramunga Visitor Information
                 screaming for more," he said.                         Officer for the Cultural Centre said “The whole
                                                                       town comes to this Centre, it’s really brought
                 “This is a groundbreaking program, being one of       everyone together, Indigenous and non Indigenous

                 8      Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
                                                                                                                     Barkly Feature
                                                              Tennant Creek
                                                              Child Care Centre
                                                              The Tennant Creek Child Care Centre is next to
                                                              the Pre School.

                                                              This lovely new 50 place centre opened in 2003.
                                                              It cost $1.25M, paid by NTG, and replaced the
                                                              previous centre located in the old Peko Rd Com-
                                                              munity Health Centre.

                                                              It is parent managed service, about half the chil-
                                                              dren are Aboriginal and it is accredited - a good
                                                              achievement given the high staff turnover and re-
students working together. Before the Culture                 cruitment issues!
Centre there was nothing like this. Even the                  The Director is the only fully qualified staff mem-
communities from out of town benefit. And Patrick             ber, and the service has had to pay her housing
works with the traditional perfomers too, they                rental to make the salary package more attrac-
always open the youth programs. He’s working                  tive.
with everyone,” she said.
                                                              Tennant Creek lacks sufficient outside school
The program is funded under the Australian                    hours care (OSHC). The Childcare Centre reserves
Government Local Community Partnerships                       eight of their fifty places for OSHC.
program administered by the Department of
                                                              The school and the child care service are cur-
Education, Science and Training.                              rently negotiating to set up an alternative location
                                                              for the OSHC service.
They have no funding guarantees after May, but
are hopeful. Patrick McClosky suggested NT                    “It’s a small community, everyone knows each
government could think about funding some part of             other,” said Acting Assitant Director Ros
this project....                                              Vandenhoek. “So we are very family orientated
                                                              and very multi-cultural. We don’t just care for our
“Maybe extending the cross cultural education                 children, we love them!”
program to bring in kids from other regions to
Tennant and take Tennant Creek kids there, all                Contact: Ph (08) 8962 1128
based around performing arts,” he said.
“The arts ties in all the major social issues. Our            Barkly Population 2003
kids are getting outcomes in relation to social and           (DH&CS ERP Time series)
emotional well-being and numeracy and literacy. It
                                                              Age           Total Aboriginal Non-Aboriginal
is planting the seeds and they are presenting more            0-4            603 444 12%      159 7%
to youth programs and schools to be a part of the             5-9            579 455 13%      124 6%
projects,” he said.                                           10-14          552 435 12% 117 5%
                                                              15-19          553 368 10%      165 7%
Contact: Ph (08) 8962 2221                                    0-19          2267 1702 47% 565 25%   All ages      5881 3640 62% 2241 38%

                                                                           Nyinnka Nyunyu Cultural Centre

Barkly Feature

                                                                 Blue Bush Bore Station stockyard with YDU participant

                 The YDUs                                             The Tennant Creek
                 The Commonwealth has provided $15.6M over            Youth Development
                 four years (2000-2004) to NT Police, Fire and
                 Emergency Services for a Juvenile Pre-Court          Unit: best practice
                 Diversion Scheme (JDS). A minimum of $1.3M
                 each year of this is allocated to the development    The Tennant YDU had a good start. It
                 of community-based programs and program              evolved from the Community Development
                 services for juveniles.                              Unit (CDU) established in 1999 by Anyiningyi
                 This year around $3M extra was provided to extend    Congress. The CDU was identified by NT
                 the program to June 2005. Details have yet to be     Police as a best practice youth alcohol and
                 resolved regarding funding beyond next year.         health education program and became a
                                                                      model for YDUs across the Territory.
                 Community Youth Development/Support Units
                 (YDUs) were established in response to remote        When the new youth diversionary funding became
                 community needs.                                     available in July 2001, the CDU was re-badged to
                 The units plan to provide a range of programs
                                                                      the YDU, under the guidance of the Barkly
                 and an opportunity for community consultation        Regional Safer Communities Strategy steering
                 about holistic juvenile interventions and provide    committee (see over page).
                 a structure for the implementation and
                 coordination of youth development initiatives
                                                                      The Tennant Creek YDU is now administered by
                 funded by government. This is a flexible model       the Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation,
                 that can be adapted according to local community     funded at $435,000 over two years until December
                 needs                                                2005 through the Juvenile Diversionary Scheme
                                                                      under a joint Commonwealth FACS, NT Police
                      The Tennant Creek YDU is one of                 and NT Department of Health and Community
                        the shining stars under this                  Services arrangement.
                                 program.                             It’s still a best practice service, providing a holistic

                 10     Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
                                                                                                               Barkly Feature
youth program with a greater diversity of services      There are twelve regulars attending, and lots of the
plus a diversionary component. With three youth         others are currently out at Blue Bush Station.
workers (three males, one female), two CDEP
plus top up trainees, one team leader and one           Run a Blue Bush Station and Kalalumpa
manager, this unit has added significant resources      residential program. This porgram began this
to the region.                                          July, based on Cert 1 in Agriculture (beef cattle
                                                        management). It is also a residential for those with
“This community has shown how all the players           alcohol and offending issues.
can engage to make holistic programs,” said
previous Manager Patrick McClosky. “This youth          “Bluebush is isolated - 100k NW of town,” said
program links to everything a kid would usually get     Stewart. “It’s run by a family - Norman and Bunny
at school - music art, bush trips, sport, cultural      Hooker, and the Blue Bush elders. There are about
education, and whilst the kids are on it, they do not   nine young men there now and six more waiting to
re-offend. These kids don’t get into trouble in         go and the young women will start going out soon.
order to get rewards. They get into trouble
                                                        “When the people are with us they are not
because of all the other events in their lives.”
                                                        offending or having such alcohol problems. There
“We work with young people at risk,” said               are so many people are behind Bluebush - the
Manager Stewart Wiley. “With kids twelve to             magistrates have been talking it up and we have a
twenty-one years old, with those facing challenges      close relationship with police,” said Stewart.

with education, training, alcohol, homelessness, we     Visit communities twice a month across the
provide advocacy and run diversion programs             Barkly –providing craft and recreational programs,
from courts, including undertaking case                 whatever the community asks for. “Discos are
management. We also do a lot on the out of              main thing – all the latest stuff, D12 Eminem, but
school care programs. We also:                          have to worry about the swearing a bit. We have
                                                        been given the police equipment and the young
Provide access to training for remote youth
                                                        people do all the DJ’ing,” he said.
(Cert 1 Building and Maintenance, Cert 1 in
Agriculture, Certificate 1 for the women accessing      Work with the Nyinnka Nyunyu performance
employment and Certificate 2 in computers.)             programs.
Have an alternative education program for               Have a junior football team with Barkly AFL
those who do not fit in with schools, teaching          which plays on Saturdays. “It’s not doing too well
numeracy and literacy in the morning then other         yet. I’m one of the coaches and we don’t practice,
approaches in the afternoon (alcohol and other          but things may change,” said Stewart.
drugs, computers, cultural, young mums, life skills,
bush trips, health, nutrition, domestic violence,       The YDU wants to a supported accommodation
sport and rec.)                                         program for those at risk of being homeless and
                                                        seeking some education, or doing community work
We have thirty-five young people on the books,          orders through Department of Corrections. But
twelve to fourteen years old and the training is        getting the funding is not proving easy….
done with the Department of Education and we
have an AIEW and teacher from the high school.          Contact: 0409459380

                            Indigenous Governance Awards
                            For Incorporated Australian Indigenous organisations
                            Nominate now.
                   Phone: (08) 9791-3529
                            Nominations close 30 November 2004
                            The winner will receive $10,000 and the two runners up $5,000 each.

Barkly Feature

                                                  Barkly Region Safer Communities Committee

                                                                            The BRSCC
                                            All collaborating to achieve decent programs for kids

                 The Barkly has about the youngest population                former Chair Michael Dougall (working with
                 in Australia and youth issues are one of the                DCDSCA).
                 key focus areas for a new, twenty-eight
                 agency committee.                                           Other names to mention are Patrick McClosky,
                                                                             Bonny Kappler Thomson (regional Director DIPE),
                 It’s called the BRSCC and Collaboration is The              Anyiningyi Congress SEWB program under Barbara
                 Word.                                                       Shaw, Stewart Wiley at Julalikari Council Aboriginal
                                                                             Corporations Youth Development Unit and Julalikari
                 Last year the Tennant Creek Youth Initiative                Council Night Patrol.
                 Committee (funded by the NTG Office of Crime
                 Prevention), directed an eight month consultation           The Town Council is also rewriting their policies and
                 leading to the development of the Barkly Region             developing a strong youth policy.
                 Safer Communities Committee (BRSCC).
                                                                             "Getting the public services working together is a
                 The BRSCC project is auspiced by Tennant Creek              major achievement," said Rob Trenery.
                 Town Council and funded for two years, largely by
                 by Commonwealth FACS, plus the NTG Office of                 "The process is also being supported at the NTG
                 Crime Prevention.                                           political level. All the groups are now working
                                                                             together co-ordinating youth activities. This in-
                 The BRSCC committee includes Julalikari,                    cludes involving kids in the decision making.
                 Anyinginyi, NT and Commonwealth departments,
                 NT Police, Town Council, the Crime Prevention               As a separate process, but hopefully related, the
                 Committee, BRADAAG, the Chamber of                          CDSCA Community Harmony Project is developing
                 Commerce and more. In December 2003 the                     a process for elders and traditional owners to
                 BRSCC endorsed the Barkly RegionCommunity                   participate and help negotiate some community
                 Safety Strategy and Action Plan and Rob Trenery             protocols with outstation groups.
                 was recruited as BRSCC Coordinator.
                                                                             Are Tennant crime stats improving?
                 Coordinator Rob Trenery is also obviously a good
                 talent, having lived seven years in Tennant co-             "One of our minor successes is to get an increase
                 ordinating Julalikari and Buramana Outstation               in crime reporting,” said Rob. “There has also been
                 Resource Centre projects.                                   an increase in the crime clean up rate, so the crime
                                                                             statistics need to be approached carefully.
                 "The BRSCC holds monthly meetings - they are
                 usually pretty interesting discussions," said Rob.          “We are all a bit careful about what to say because
                                                                             it is such an early phase in implementation, but we
                 "With twenty-eight players you don't always agree           are all optimistic and we hope to do an initial
                 on everything, and the committee is yet to reach a          evaluation of the project by looking at residents'
                 definitive position on the direction of their input into    attitudes.”
                 the NT Alcohol Framework.
                                                                             Rob is concerned that the key Tennant Creek
                 “But by and large meetings are harmonious as                projects such as the YDU and the Nyinnka Nyunyu
                 people realise the importance of what we are trying         performance project only have short term funding.
                 to achieve and put their difference aside. Tennant          "All we can do is lobby," he said.
                 Creek may be small, but people are committed to
                 this place," he said.                                       Have any other regions across remote Australia
                                                                             twigged onto this good networking thing happening
                 Talking around Tennant services people seem to              in Tennant Creek yet?
                 have a lot of good will for the committee process to
                 date. In part this is due to good Chairpersonship           "No, but they will," said Rob.
                 under Kent Peak (recently retired after eleven
                 years as Deputy Manager of Julalikari Council) and          Contact: (08) 8962 0000

                 12    Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
                                                                                                               Barkly Feature
Combined crisis                                       The Tennant Creek
& family support                                      Graffiti Project
service in the                                        The Office of Crime Prevention has recently funded
                                                      an artist for a short term town based project to
Barkly                                                engage the town's graffitists. Artist John Turpie is
                                                      auspiced by the Tennant Creek Town Council.

                                                      John has worked with youth painting up a number of
The Building Healthier                                primed and sealed plywood boards placed in some
Communities Central                                   of the alleged graffiti hot spots. The boards went up
Australian Regional Plan                              in mid September. They are very beautiful.
2004 2009 notes that:                                 Julalikari Council has now placed a request for
                                                      painting up the town camp telephone booths. The
‘DH&CS will support the establishment of a            idea is that people won’t paint over their friends' or
combined crisis and family support service in         their own beautiful work.
the Barkly region.’
Alice Springs based Lyn Buckley is the NT
FACS officer undertaking consultations to de-         Portable Skate Park
velop this proposal.
                                                      The Council has also got up a portable Skate Park
“The BRSCC has already done a lot around the          project. It hasn't left town yet, as the Town Council
Barkly Region Community Safety Strategy and           is recruiting a new Sport & Rec officer. But the plan
Action Plan,” said Lyn.                               is to tour from Alpurrurulam to Alekerenge - wherever
                                                      there is a basketball court to set it up.
“The BRSCC action plan links in with our sup-
                                                      There is a stock pile of roller blades and skate
port service proposal, which in turn feeds into the
                                                      boards which travel with the ramps. Sport and
Barkly Regional Development Plan 2005-
                                                      Recreation are happy to share equipment if required.
2010,” she said.
                                                      Contact: (08) 8962 0000
“The people I spoke to last month were all part
of the BRSCC, and I will be addressing BRSCC
this November.
                                                       Australia’s Mother of the
“The Tennant Creek Community seem to be                Year Awards
working as a cohesive group looking for solutions
to issues in their community,” she said.               02 9281 7933
Contact: (08) 8951 5132           Nominations open 1st November 2004

  Inaugural Tennant Creek Skate Park opening celebration face plant

Barkly Feature

                 Barkly Regional Alcohol Drug Abuse Advisory Group

                 Tennant Creek has a Residential Alcohol and               clients to break their cycle of alcohol and sub-
                 Drug Treatment Centre. They also operate the              stance abuse.
                 Sobering Up Shelter and the Domestic Vio-
                 lence Counselling Service.                                “We practice a harm minimisation model and
                                                                           promote self responsibility. People stay here for
                 BRADAAG provides a range of services for both             three months generally, however there are occa-
                 residential and non-residential clientele. Their staff    sions where people are required to stay for up to
                 comprise a Director, two fulltime counsellors/            two years and beyond.
                 community development officers/educators, a
                                                                           “There has been some positive changes over the
                 supervisor and other support staff – a total of
                                                                           time I have been here, but we have a long way to
                 twelve altogether.
                                                                           go. We need to have family support in the town, a
                 “We have a lot of recruitment problems so I work          unit that will assist women and children.
                 sixteen hours a day, with no weekends,” said
                                                                           “We can’t just work with primary person that is
                 Director Sharon Kinraid. “I can’t just walk away
                                                                           experiencing substance abuse, we need to be
                 and there’s never a day when I dread going to
                                                                           working cohesively with families. Children are
                 work, every day is different.”
                                                                           exposed to violence, substance abuse, parents
                 Over the years Sharon has been a key mover and            drunk, no food.
                 shaker in Barkly regional youth and alcohol issues.
                                                                           “We need to be working with young mothers,
                 “This year we celebrate twenty years of service by
                                                                           supporting grandmothers, starting at grassroots.
                 the Sobering Up Shelter and ten years for the
                                                                           We need programs like Holyoake for the young
                 Staunton Street Residential Centre,” she said.
                                                                           people. We need aftercare for individuals who have
                 “Our residential care is primarily for residents of the   been through programs after their release from
                 Barkly region, but also for Central Australians. We       prison or treatment programs.
                 can accommodate twenty people at a time.                  “Tennant Creek has the fastest rate of growth of
                                                                           young population in Australia and lump sum pay-
                 “Earlier in our program we felt that partners and
                                                                           ments do not do anything to discourage teenage
                 children should be included in our program, not just
                                                                           pregnancies. We need to prepare young men and
                 the primary user. At the time, we addressed such
                                                                           women for parenthood, to educate at an early age.
                 issues as health and education for the family and
                                                                           This is where we should be starting. How else can
                 children whilst working with the person who was
                                                                           we care for our own children if we’re not taught in
                 suffering from substance abuse.
                                                                           our own childhood?” she said.
                 “We no longer provide that service because the
                                                                           BRADAAG is funded by the Dept of Health &
                 demand for beds has increased. We offer an
                                                                           Community Services, Alcohol & Other Drugs and
                 alternative to prison for the judicial system - for
                                                                           part SAAP funding. They also receive fee for
                 those on bail conditions, early releases, parole and
                                                                           service from residential clients. BRADAAG has an
                 home detainees. We also cater for referrals from
                                                                           AGM elected management committee.
                 self and other agencies.
                 “Our aim is to provide an opportunity for individual      Contact: Sharon Kinraid Ph (08) 8962 1912

                                                                                                    Portable skate board ramps

                 14     Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
                                                                                                           Barkly Feature
Tennant Creek
Women’s Refuge

The Tennant Creek Women's Refuge has
                                                       Kids Tracks is for all NT service providers in
been operating since 1987. They have eight             Aboriginal child and family wellbeing to
SAAP funded beds for domestic/family vio-              network and share their stories.
lence victims. The service runs from two
separate ground level housing commission               Emphasis will be on community level initia-
style houses owned by Territory Housing.               tives directed to giving kids a good start in
                                                       life, strengthening families and communities
Around 90% of the refuge clients are Aboriginal        and creating better ways of working with each
who come through self referral, Julalikari Night       other.
Patrol, Police, or hospital.                           Kids Tracks is a friendly newsletter, for all the
"It’s a community effort in Tennant Creek - there      service news and views you choose to offer.
has to be co-operation across sectors otherwise        Kids Tracks will be published three times a
the women and children suffer," said Linda             year (March, July and November.)
Rendell, locum coordinator.
                                                       2,000 copies will be distributed free to NT
"We offer a short term service for women where         service provider organisations and policy
they can be safe, sit back and think about what        makers. Indivduals seeking copies should
they want to do. When the women leave we offer         email
follow-up support until they get settled,” she said.   Interested people are encouraged to
                                                       contribute, either on behalf of organisations
"There is never enough accommodation or exit           or as individuals.
points for the women who don't want to go home.
But the good thing about Tennant Creek is that the     You can ask us to write up your stories or
agencies work together. Nobody "owns" a client.        suggest stories to us.
This pulling together that is unique to Tennant Ck.    All stories will be approved by the informants
                                                       and their organisations.
"The Refuge runs exceptionally well and the town
really supports us. Our Council of Management is       Standard journalistic protocols apply.
made of community women".                              Articles to be easy to read and not too boring.
The Refuge has two full time staff (coordinator        Debate is encouraged when offered in a spirit
plus CDEP top-up support worker), plus casual          of partnership.
relief. All but one are Aboriginal.                    Stories that criticise other organisations will
"We are an ordinary refuge, culturally appropriate     offer those organisations involved right of
to our client group, with ordinary people doing a      reply.
job that’s necessary," said Linda.                     Major community service providers will be
                                                       contacted regularly for input and feedback.
Contact: (08) 8962 1940
                                                       Photos and art works are very welcome but
                                                       will require signed talent release forms
                                                       (available from
  Family and Community                                 All copy approved for release in this newletter
                                                       may also be used for a Kids Tracks website.
                                                       Copy will be edited at the Editor’s discretion.
  If you know of a child who is not being looked       All formal complaints to be addressed to the
  after or is being harmed call our 24 hour service.   Editor.

  Free Call Ph: 1800 700 250                           All informal dialogue to be addressed to the
  After Hours: (08) 8951 7777                          Content Manager.

Barkly Feature


                                                                              Tennant Creek is the outback town famous for its min-
                                                                              eral treasures. However the town’s real treasures are
                                                                              its people and what they do to support and encourage
                                                                              each other when and where needed.

                                                                              The Tennant Creek Primary School has 335 students and
                                                                              34 staff. Innovative programs are a reflection of its dedi-
                                                                              cated staff, supportive parent group and students.
                                                                              Over the years projects such as the Mayor’s Morning Tea,
                                                                              Rock and Water, Student Representative Council and First
                                                                              Steps have been recognised for their value in putting stu-
                                                                              dents on the path to success.

                                                                              Recent and more enduring programs that continue this cause
                                                                              are its commendable Breakfast With The Stars, Student
                                                                              Led Conferences and the nationally acclaimed Nutrition

                                                                              School nutrition program                 This year the
                                                                              school has received national recognition for their recent
                                                                              Nutrition Program. This program shifts from the traditional
                                                                              school canteen to a school kitchen where for a minimal
                                                                              $3.00 per day students receive a breakfast of juice and
                                                                              toast, morning tea of sandwich and yoghurt and a hot
                                                                              meal and fruit for lunch.

                                                                              Parents can opt to have Centrelink deduct the payments
                                                                              from family allowance payments. The major benefit of this
                                                Flora Counter and             is in the noticeable improvements in concentration in the
                                                Colin O'Donnell
                                                                              classroom leading to positive learning outcomes.

                 Breakfast with the stars is now an annual school event for NT Education Week. Every
                 student in the school reflects on their successes and what makes them special and then scribes their
                 thoughts on to large individually decorated cardboard stars. These are then displayed in the school’s GP
                 room to be proudly shown to parents when they are invited to join their children for a scrumptious hot
                 breakfast cooked by the staff.

                 Student led conferences are part of the school’s reporting to parents agenda.                Students lead
                 a conference with their parents, showing them their achievements for the year, setting goals together and
                 mapping a way to reaching those goals. The Conferences are an opportunity for the students to sense
                 pride and reflect on themselves in a positive way and promote purposeful parent child interaction.

                 These Tennant Creek Primary School initiatives are not the only aspects of this gem in the desert. Other
                 effective ventures have been launched at the school in years gone by and others just as worthwhile are yet
                 to come. The message is that Tennant Creek and especially Tennant Creek Primary School are places
                 that contribute in many ways and the town and its people are willing, capable and have more than it takes
                 to build a healthier community.

                 By: Neil Williams DLO Barkly region DHCS (08) 8962 4260 Email:

                 16      Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
                                                                                                               Barkly Feature
                     TC Raiders                          New Anglicare Youth
                     Youth                               Services in Tennant
                     Services &

For ten years the TC Raiders provided youth              Anglicare is new in town - it's been setting up
activities including Thursday night basketball           since July and has now completed
and Friday night discos. The Raiders were                recruitment.
largely run by a single worker, who resigned
                                                         Anglicare will be running three programs from
this year.
                                                         their Paterson Street office - a
TC Raiders then closed. Its loss is keenly felt.         Commonwealth FACS funded
                                                         personal support program,
The TC Raiders closure is attributed variously to        which includes a Indigenous
being too much work for one person, a failure to get     youth pilot and an emergency
enough family support and an increasing separation       financial relief program.
between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal youth.
                                                         Caroline Bossenberry is the Tennant
The Commonwealth FACS Youth Activity Council
                                                         Office Manager. Caroline has lived in
funding plus Family Liaison Worker Funding were
                                                         Tennant for the last eighteen months.
then put to tender and Christ the King Catholic Parish
Pastoral Council was successful.                         Caroline runs the Personal Support
Centacare NT is auspicing the funding and providing      Program in partnership with
infrastructure and management support.                   Centrelink to help clients overcome the barriers to
                                                         employment. Client participation can last up to two
The funding of $80,000 will cover staff and admin        years. The end pathway is focussed on
costs but not materials or activities. The scope of      employment, but also community participation gains
the service has expanded from the previous youth         will be measured.
activities only service.
                                                         Geoffrey Shannon and Rhonda Plummer (both
Youth Activities & Family Liaison
                                                         Waramunga people), have been recently recruited
Centacare have located a main street premises to         to run the Indigenous youth pilot personal support
run the Family Liaison Worker Program. This space        program.
will hopefully be vacated by the time this newsletter
goes to print and the Tennant Creek Town Council         Lisa Robinson will undertake the program’s action
has agreed to lease the former TC Raiders area to        research component.
                                                         Anglicare is one of several Tennant agencies to
Claire Dreaver of King Catholic Parish Parish            allocate Commonwealth FACS emergency relief
Council is the new Coordinator. Claire has been a        funding - the Women’s Shelter and BRADAAG
key driver of this proposal. The Parish Council will     have a small amount of relief funding and one other
continue to act as Steering Committee.                   Tennant agency has recently given up this function.
A meeting has been called for youth to discuss a         “In opening an office in Tennant Creek, we are
       new name for the TC Raiders area and              keen to find areas where we can fill service gaps,”
        discuss activities.                              said Anglicare NT CEO Liz Forsythe.
           After school activities are being planned      “The PSP program was an opportunity to
            to commence soon.                            contribute to the region.”

               Contact: (08) 8924 3200.                  Contact: (08) 8962 3899
                Jayne Lloyd Director Centacare NT

Barkly Feature

                      Kids get spoilt in Elliott/Gurungu!

                 The Gurungu community of about 44 houses and 460 people is split in two parts, with the Elliott
                 township sandwiched in between. The Gurungu Community Council and the Elliott Community
                 Government Council split administrative responsibilities between them.

                 Kids Tracks talked to some of the people working to make a difference for the kids in Elliott/
                 Gurungu. Just about everyone agreed things seem to be getting a little better. Elliott also has a new
                 country rock band called the Storm Riders. Will they be picking up some of that old Marlinja Magic
                 from the old Kulumindini Band? Here are some Gurungu stories.

                 A women, babies & kids place                           “I can’t believe how they all so proud in that town
                                                                        - they just keep pushing on ahead.” said Veronica
                 Many years ago Elliott had a woman’s centre.           Johns, field officer with the Remote Aboriginal
                 That was before the 1996-97 ATSIC funding cuts.        Children’s Services Support Unit.
                 Two and a half years ago a new centre opened,
                 located back at the camp, close to the children.
                                                                           “Caroline gets the women together so well.
                 The Naayakuku, Wawala and Amamjamanja
                                                                           They all believe in the kids and where the
                 Centre place for women, babies and children is            community is going.
                 staffed by full time supervisor Caroline Jackson
                 (originally from Barunga), plus five or six CDEP          “When people come from Alice she gets the
                 women workers.                                            women together, and get out in the
                                                                           community. The women march at the head
                 The Centre is for all women in the community to           of the line and the children fall in behind.
                 join in. The children’s programs are funded
                                                                           “They are out there moving in the
                 through Commonwealth / FACS and the Women’s
                                                                           community all the time. Caroline is at the
                 programs by ATSIS.                                        head, but doing it to represent all Gurungu
                 “We’ve got a big building, a big yard for kids to         women.
                 play, we also have a nursery and trees all around,        “She doesn’t use an email or fax - she just
                 food trees, lots of indoor and outdoor equipment,         moves, just marches on,” said Veronica
                 lots of kids,” said Caroline.                             Johns.

                 “Our childcare program runs four mornings a
                 week for little kids and our Outside School Hours      Whilst the Women’s Centre’s childcare service has
                 care runs four afternoons a week.                      recently lost their JET funding, the Commonwealth
                                                                        says this funding can be reviewed once reporting
                 “Some kids get bored at home. This is a safe place
                                                                        requirements are fulfilled.
                 with lots of activities and the kids really like it.
                 When we go to The Lake for fun days, we get a lot      This matter remains a little vexatious for some:
                 of parents coming too. We provide breakfast,           “Funding bodies need to broaden their view of
                 smoko, afternoon tea and lots of parents think their   child care to include what the women and
                 kids are happier and healthier now. We encourage       community decides needs doing,” said one
                 the children to go to school, and the Youth Centre     observer. “Fluctuations in utilisation of services
                 bus comes to pick them up,” she said.                  should not result in removal of funding.”

                 18    Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
                                                                                                                               Barkly Feature
But creche services are just a part of the Women’s            parents to get it stopped,” he said.
Centre program. Their holiday care program is
really big, with kids five days a week – from sixty           The Gurungu Council has been working with the
to eighty kids. “The older students coming home               Community Participation Agreements programs for
from college come along too and help out with their           the last five months. These programs are for
brothers and sisters,” said Caroline.                         people on pensions or the dole - not CDEP.

“We have held Health Weeks which get lots of                  “We have managed to fund a boat, disco
families involved, like by getting the nutritionist to        equipment, band equipment and cooking equipment
talk about healthy food. When the community                   for the school and four laundromats,” said Edward.
sees something different they get excited.                    “We are renovating a safe house for women and
                                                              kids suffering from domestic violence, and for the
“We have discos and best dressed competition by               whole family, including the men, to get help with
age groups and the parents really get behind that             their problem. This is part ATSIS funded and part
dressing the kids nicely,” she said.                          self funded from Gurungu owned Ampol servo.
                                                              “We are undertaking the Healthier Life Style
                                                              program, where everyone has been issued with
                                                              house cleaning equipment. All the gear went out
                                                              and people are coming back for more. So it must
                                                              have been used,” he said.

                                                              Gurungu Council Ph: (08) 8969 2127

                                                              Youth Centre & S&R Officer
                                                              For the last ten years Elliott has had a Youth
                                                              Centre, a fully equipped gym and a sport and rec
                                                              officer . The officer organises programs for the
                                                              whole community for all age groups. The most
                                                              recent S&R officer didn’t stay long and the position
                                                              has been advertised. But when it’s working well,
                                                              the officer supervises the kids (pool, TV, basketball,
                                                              music) 3pm to 10pm, including weekends. The
                                                              officer picks and drops off the kids in the 18 seater
                                                              bus provided by Elliott Council, who also provide a
Contact: Caroline Jackson: Gurungu Women’s Centre. Ph: (08)   house for the officer.
8969 2175 Wall mural by Agnes Palmer
                                                              Elliott Library
Gurungu Council
                                                              Gwen Squires retired to Elliott in 1985, and started
“My enthusiasm for my work today is the same as               working again in 1993 as part-time librarian. “I
it was when I arrived three years ago,” said                  hate to see kids on the street,” she said. “Not so
Edward Winter, Gurungu Council Aboriginal Corp.               many kids come to the library now, but before the
CEO.                                                          Women’s Centre and Youth Centre opened I used
                                                              to have forty kids coming in on the afternoons we
“We have a good staff here, and they have been
                                                              were open, reading, playing games, on the
here the whole time I’ve been here. We can all
                                                              computers, drawing, watching videos.
see the place getting better and we enjoy the job.
                                                              “Things are definitely better in Elliott for the kids
“We had one night of petrol sniffing. We got all
                                                              now. What they are doing I don’t know! The kids
the kids together and bought them to a meeting
                                                              are looking healthier, less snotty noses, no skinny
with all the parents and had a really tough talk with
                                                              kids, they’re better dressed and there’s less break
them. That was the end of it.
                                                              and entering,” she said.
“We have a young, strong council that is prepared
to say how it is and put enough pressure on the               Gwen Squires Elliott Library (08) 8969 2073

Barkly Feature


                 With the Elliott S&R position vacant
                 recently, the Elliott Community Education
                 Centre Headmaster, Afshin Park, has taken
                 on the after school activities. During the
                 coming holidays, Afshin is taking the kids to
                 Borroloola for a soccer competition and
                 Afshin immigrated to Australia in 1974. Over the
                 years he has worked three years in Elliott, two
                 years in Lake Nash and twenty years in Darwin.       Front: (L-R) Afshin Park (Head), Mona Rennie (TA)
                                                                      Middle: Heather Wilson (Teacher), Caroline Jackson (Chair), Sharon
                 A great nutrition program                            Bill (TA) Back: Spencer Campbell (TA), Trevor Kosh (relief)

                 “Our students are fed well,” said Afshin. “We        “There are lots of good things are happening
                 have a special menu we devised with Alison           around the Territory, some are mentioned some are
                 Lorraine, the Barkly nutritionist. Different days,   not,” said Afshin.
                 different feeds - bacon and eggs on toast,
                 scrambled eggs on toast, baked beans on toast,       “Parents support their children, they do whatever
                 orange juice. For recess we have sandwiches and      they need to do, like today, when one kid didn’t
                 Milo, a cooked meal at lunch and we have banned      want to come, the mum came and stayed until
                 soft drinks.”                                        recess when the child settled down.

                 It’s all funded through ATSIC funding plus $10 per   “But I would like to make a special mention of one
                 week the parents pay for the lunches, plus some      of my assistant teachers who runs the pre school, a
                 CDEP effort. “Everyone pays - we have no             Jingili woman Mona Rennie. She is so caring, she
                 problems collecting money for our kids,” he said.    gets them ready for transition, she’s as good as any
                                                                      teacher I have seen and she has been here over 23
                 “The kids are happier and every morning they look    years,” he said.
                 forward to coming to school and they are
                 beautifully behaved. They have a much better         Afshin ParkElliott Community Education Centre (08) 8969 2050
                 concentration span, our recent MAP Tests scores
                 confirm their improvement and we have a post
                                                                         Do the kids get spoilt in Gurungu?
                 primary class with about 90% attendance out of
                 our fourteen enrolments.                               “I think the kids are really spoilt and they are
                 “They do their normal class until big lunch and        benefiting a lot,” said Aboriginal Health
                 after lunch we have two film makers with them          Worker Lynette Bathern.
                 making a documentary. We are going to produce a        “Before the youth centre and women’s
                 DVD by the end of this term and send copies to all     centre and library there were gang fights
                 the schools,” he said.                                 and stealing, a lot of fights.
                 “The filmmakers were touring Australia and             “It’s settled now, there’s no break and
                 offered      to work with us for a few weeks           entering, no trouble with police, and kids
                              paid within our SAISO and CAP             are going to school more now because of
                              Commonwealth grants,” he said.            the breakfast program, and because they
                               So is Elliott School special?            aren’t so bored anymore,” she said.

                 20    Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
                                                                                                                  Barkly Feature
Stories from Owairtilla Canteen Creek
Owairtilla, often called Canteen Creek, is a grog free community of around 200 people, 320k SE of Tennant.
They have made many years of small consistent gains. The community has taken time to adjust after the
death of the community founder, but is stabilizing.

"It's a really good community," said Graham Clegg, Owairtilla Association Vice Chair. "We have new houses,
bitumen, it’s running smooth, no grog or petrol sniffing, the people here are great, kind and happy," he said.
They do have a donkey problem though. A fence is being built around the community to stop those Jesus
Donkeys knocking off the taps to get at the water. The kids are riding the young ones and having a ball.

New sports and recreation centre                        because the donkeys will just love the vegies. “I
                                                        hope it will work,” said the new Canteen Creek
The big news is the opening of a sports and             Chair Priscilla Mick.
recreation centre on the 15th October, dedicated to
the Canteen Creek founder.                              “David Clegg will be looking after it with help from
                                                        seven or eight other CDEP workers,” she said.
“A plate has been cemented at the front doorway
in dedication to our loved one, Raymond Mick,”          A secondary school teacher?
said Janet Mick
                                                        The community hopes to get a high school teacher
The large shed was originally built as a garage, but    next year. "Kids leave primary school, some go to
was too near the bores. It was sitting out there for    Darwin or Tennant, but most don't want to move,
five years, empty, empty..... But this year the         so they are in limbo as they can't get CDEP for a
ATSIC funded Barkly Indigenous Sport Trust has          couple of years after primary school," said RN
donated over $5000 worth of weights, a tramp,           Kerry Austin.
soccer games, table tennis, basketball. The shed
has had a make-over.                                    "You need to keep them motivated, something for
                                                        the boredom. We need some training schemes
The school put on a performance to celebrate the        going - even if it's just watching a mechanic
opening, there was a BBQ and disco run by the           working," she said.
Tennant Creek YDU and battle of the bands.                                             Story continued overpage

Then the footy and softball carnival games began -
so many teams! Canteen Creek, Yuendumu, Ti
Tree, Epenarra, Harts Range, Plenty Highway,
New Store, and half the Alekerenge team who
split up with the other teams. Each of the teams
had a scratch band too, it was good music, using
equipment supplied by Joe Daby of Barkly Arts.
Too many people to count. It was packed. All
weekend until Monday. Just makes you smile all
over to imagine it.

Fresh food dreams
Janet Mick, a pioneer of the community, now runs
the store. The store supplied the Sports Centre
opening visitors with a mobile store service for the
The store truck sometimes comes in only once a
month, so fresh produce isn't that fresh. They are
trying to repair their truck so they can get in
fortnightly fresher food. It's a tough job so the
Council is trying to get a market garden                Linden Clegg, Tyron Mick, Andrew Bob & friend
happening. That's going to have a fence as well –

                                                                Bouncing around
Barkly Feature

                                                                The Barkly
                                                                 After two and a half years as the Barkly District
                                                                 Nutritionist, Alison Lorraine, has changed positions.

                                                                 As former nutitionist with the Department of Health and
                                                                 Community Services based in Tennant Creek, Alison
                                                                 has really enjoyed the joys and challenges of working
                                                                 as a sole practitioner in a small town. This is a
                                                                 summary of her progress to date.
                 Nutritionist Alison Lorraine on Goanna Day

                 With so many different communities to visit and         “Elliott Health Week was a great chance for the
                 activities to support Alison says she was never         community to really enjoy physical activity and
                 bored. With over ten remote stores, many market         have a fun” said Alison. “I worked on this
                 basket surveys to complete and feedback to              community development program with Jennifer
                 communities she was always assisting store              Kitching the Aboriginal Health Promotions Officer,
                 managers to come up with new healthy ideas for          and Rhonda Plummer the Community Child Health
                 their customers and passing on ideas from the           Worker,” she said.
                 community cooking classes.
                                                                         Alison has now accepted a position with Central
                 “One of my favourite parts of the job was delivering    Australian Aboriginal Congress as the Grow Well
                 nutrition education to all the remote primary schools   Project Coordinator.
                 and the Food Hopscotch Game certainly came in
                                                                         She will still be based in Tennant but will support
                 handy”, said Alison. She also supported the remote
                                                                         Epenarra, Canteen Creek, Murray Downs and Ali-
                 area nurses to help families prevent growth failure
                                                                         Curung with community development projects
                 and anaemia in children.
                                                                         aiming to prevent failure to thrive and anaemia.
                 Many smaller health promotion and community
                                                                         “With such a friendly supportive town, great friends
                 development activities were also enjoyed with the
                                                                         and opportunity to meet interesting people, beautiful
                 other health development team members.
                                                                         scenery and weather, a great national park nearby
                 The child health nurse and Alison held playgroups at    and with Nynikka Nynuyu making the best coffee in
                 the Epenarra Women’s Centre and Alison and              the NT, I couldn’t think of a better place to live,
                 Richard Elder, the Environmental Health Officer         (though a cinema and a surf beach would make it
                 supported the Alekarenge school implement their         even better,)” she said.
                 school breakfast program.
                                                                         Contact: (08) 8962 2862

                                                                         "There are no community police at Canteen Creek,"
                 Canteen Creek                                           said Kerry. "The leaders are pretty strong with their
                  Continued from previous page                           kids, there is no grog and not much domestic violence.
                                                                         There is occasional ganja, but it is strongly frowned
                                                                         on," she said.
                 Little kids’ services and the clinic
                                                                         AHW Tony Duggie recently got a good deal on a
                 The Women's Centre Strong Women Strong                  really good second hand 1984 LWB Landcruiser.
                 Babies program is run by Tibby Bob and Jedda            He’s happy about that! Tony says the children are
                 Philomac. They are smoking the babies, talking          fairly healthy apart from the three or four skiny
                 with the young girls and getting a program for low      kids in the community at the moment.
                 weight kids with the Council providing a hot
                 midday meal if the women clean up afterwards.           Despite its history of good AHW service, this is
                                                                         yet another community where there are no AHW
                 At the same time, the new headmaster and his            students enrolled.
                 wife has just started up a pre-school for kids three
                 and a half to five, three mornings per week.            But problems and all, Canteen Creek just shines in
                 Around seven kids attend.                               the hearts of all those who visit this quiet and
                                                                         remote Alyawarre community.
                 The clinic has been long staffed by AHW Tony
                 Duggie and currently has RN Kerry Austin too.           Contact: (08) 8964 1515

                 22       Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
                                                                                                                          Central Australia
                             L to R: Renata Harris, Kathleen Hayes, Nungarrayi Dixon, Melissa Edwards

                  New child care centre in Inkuntji
The beautiful new Ikuntji Child Care Centre                “They are going fantastically - working really hard
opening was held on the 30th September.                    to set up the new centre” she said.
People came to celebrate from all over, including          “We have three shades in the front and planted
Titjikala Child Care staff who will open their own         some trees around,” said Co-director Rebecca
new centre next month, and staff from Mt Liebig            Hayes, one of the main drivers of this project.
Child Care centre, which opened last year.
                                                           “The staff come to work every morning and finish
Yamba also came and rode the kids tricycles and            at 3pm. Three staff members are on CDEP and
fell off, of course. The kids loved it. It was a           two on part-time wages and we have 10 to 18 kids
great day, and included speeches and a big BBQ at          coming most days.
the Station House.
                                                           “Thankyou to Donna Bradley from DHCS, Melissa
In 2002 FACS Innovative Child Care funding was             Edwards, Tangentyere Landscaping, John Gaynor
directed to seven Central Australian communities           from Commonwealth FACS, Renata Harris, Ikuntji
some years ago - Ikuntji, Titjikala, Laramba,              Council, especially Johnny Jugadai and Scott
Mutitjulu, Mt Liebig, Kintore, Yuendumu.                   McConnell. And the design of the centre was by
                                                           senior women lead by Alison Multa, Haasts Bluff
Some communities were funded for service
                                                           Teachers Aid talking with the architects,” she said.
expansion, others for new services. These centres
are now coming on line.                                    “The new centre replaces the community house
                                                           that has been used the last two years,” said Lyn
Melissa Edwards has been the centre’s mentor but
                                                           Fasoli, Ass. Prof. Research Indigenous Early
has just left Ikuntji for eight months. Co-directors
                                                           Childhood Batchelor. “It is very well organised
Rebecca Hayes and Kathleen Nungarrayi Dixon
                                                           with all the new toys and equipment. It’s a
are looking forward to running the centre by
                                                           beautiful, brightly painted building with a well
                                                           established play ground. It will be much easier to
“Six staff from Ikuntji are studying Certificate 2&3       run than the old child care house as it’s bigger,
in Children’s Services” said Renata Harris from            easy to clean and the dogs can’t get in,” she said.
Batchelor Institute.
                                                           Contact: (08)8956 8533

     Opportunity to study overseas
                                                                                                                                        Central Australia

    2005 Churchill Fellowships
    The Churchill Trust awards Fellowships to
  Australians with worthwhile overseas projects.
 Merit of your project and its value to Australia is the                                                     L-R
      primary selection criteria. No prescribed                                                              Rebecca
             qualifications are required.                                                                    Nungarrayi
                      For details
                                                                                                             Dixon & 1800 777 231
        Apply 1 January to 28 February 2005                                                                  Hayes

Central Australia

                    Central Australian
                    Aboriginal Congress                                                                      NPY
                    Home visits in the Early Childhood                                                       Women’s
                    Development Programme                                                                    Council
                    Congress recognises that infant mortality has
                    decreased and indigenous birth weight is on a par
                    with non Indigenous. However some Indigenous
                    infants are still not growing well.
                    The Congress Early Childhood Development
                    Programme aims to reduce the number of                      NPY Women’s Council is funded through a
                    Indigenous children who are failing to thrive,              combination of OATSIH (DoHA), DoHA and
                                                                                Telstra Foundation funding to provide a
                    enhance family and social function and protective
                                                                                child nutrition program.
                    factors including good communication and problem
                    solving in relation to health needs, and support            The program was initiated because of the
                    mother and infant bonding.                                  concern senior women had about mothers
                                                                                and their babies. It also coincided with
                    Unlike other services the Under Two’s home visiting         child protection agencies in the SA, NT and
                    program has a case management approach, working             WA seeking Women’s Council’s assistance
                    with families in their homes. The program consists          to deal with the high number of ‘fail to
                    of a Coordinator, Aboriginal Health Worker, part-           thrive’ cases referred to them.
                    time Registered Nurse and Doctor. Any one can               The child nutrition program builds on the 25
                    refer a client, but consent must be obtained by the         year relationship the Women’s Council has with
                    client.                                                     families on the lands to work with carers and
                    Contact Project Coordinator Lesley Nuttall (08) 8951 4437   young children, community members and
                                                                                services such as clinics and stores.

                                                                                It uses a community development model
                                                                                whereby child nutrition workshops take place in
                                                                                communities and outcomes and
                                                                                recommendations are then presented to the

                                                                                The program also works with individual families
                                                                                and their young children focusing on healthy
                                                                                foods and cooking for young children.

                                                                                Women’s Council and Nganampa Health
                                                                                Council are also involved in Mai Wiru stores
                                                                                policy on the SA APY Lands where stores will
                    Child care for children with physical                       adopt healthy foods practice, buy healthy foods
                                                                                more economically and train Anangu to work in
                    and developmental delay                                     the stores.
                    Congress Child Care has 55 places for children              The child nutrition program works Malparara
                    which are constantly filled. This year however,             way -ie employing an Anangu worker to work
                    Child Care has provided support to children with            side by side with a non-indigenous professional.
                    physical and developmental delay. These children
                                                                                The program has two teams, covering east and
                    have only been accepted on the condition that               west communities. Each team of two workers
                    Congress has the ability to provide effective care.         covers thirteen communities.
                    The children now visiting childcare have benefited          By: Ariel Couchman: Manager Ngaanyatjarra Pitjantjatjara
                    greatly from the stimulation and opportunities. Their       Yankunytjatjara Women’s Council Child and Youth Development
                    skills have remarkably improved. Congress Child             Programs. Ph: (08) 8950 5452 Email:
                    Care hopes to expand their service.               

                    24      Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
                                                                                                                              Central Australia
                                          discussion. On the Bush Picnic the women also discussed
                                          issues that were happening in Imanpa around domestic violence,
                                          stories were shared and support was given by some of the older
                                          women for the younger women. Five sessions were held at the
                                          Women’s Centre involving cooking and educational games.

                                          The Women’s Centre kitchen was not an appropriate venue for
                                          these sessions, as the kitchen is far too small, there is no ex-
                                          haust fan, air conditioning, or fly screens on the windows. But the
                                          adjoining room was great for eating, watching videos and keeping
                                           the children occupied while the mothers were cooking.

                                          It was observed that some young mothers did not persist with
                                          their children to eat a whole meal and often became distracted by
                                          other events around them. This was especially when a new food
                                           or flavour was introduced and the child was particularly slow to
                                           eat. However, the exclusive use of the Women’s Centre meant
                                           that young mothers were able to stay until their children had
                                           finished eating.

                                            Education activities included discussion about the importance of
                                            feeding children regular meals and healthy snacks, and having
 Alan Wilson from Imanpa                    convenient nutritious food available all the time, especially when
                                          travelling. There were also many discussions about what is ‘bad’
                                          food and why it is ‘bad’. Informative videos were constantly
                                          playing to a large receptive audience in the adjoining room.
                                          Most of the women who participated said they wanted to continue
Workshop                                  cooking activities at the Women’s Centre. Many women re-
                                          quested further education about the nutritional values of various
May 2004                                  foods and more cooking lessons with new recipes. They sug-
                                          gested that if the store orders in new healthy products, special
This May, the Imanpa Clinic,              lessons could be given to teach how to use them in daily cooking.
Imanpa Aged Care Program and
NPY Women’s Council organized             Further encouragement needs to be given for new mothers to start
an Imanpa Nutrition Workshop              feeding their children appropriate food at four to six months. This
run by the NPY Child Nutrition            could be achieved by stocking baby rice and soft fruit at the
East Team - Michele Robinson,             Women’s Centre or some other facility, and making it a safe and
with Barbara and Margaret                 supportive environment where young mums women and children
Woods.                                    are welcome to come each day.

This was an excellent week for young      NPY Women’s Council looks forward to supporting Imanpa in
mothers to participate in cooking         future nutrition activities and Michele would like to thank the
sessions and learn about good food        community for their participation.
for their children. Interactive cooking
                                          By: Michele Robinson & Patricia Boko
and nutrition sessions promoted
                                          NYP Women’s Council Aboriginal Corporation Ph: (08) 8950 5452
healthy eating, general kitchen
hygiene and good food storage. The
program included breakfast, lunch             Kids Tracks congratulates the committee & staff of the
and dinner cooking sessions and               Western Desert Nganampa Walytja Palyantjaku Tjutaku
                                                                                                                                            Central Australia

educational nutrition videos for young      Aboriginal Corp and the communities of the Western Desert
mothers, children and mothers-to-be         for successfully delivering dialysis at Walungurru (Kintore).
at the Women’s Centre.
                                            Amy Nampitjinpa returned home to Kintore this September
The attendance and participation rate        to have dialysis in her community. This is the first time in
was good with mothers bringing their                         Central Australia, EVER!
children throughout the week. A
small group of women and children          You inspire us with your efforts to get people home and
participated in making food for                                reunite families.
travelling, which was followed by a                  Contact (08) 89530002 or email;
bush picnic and an informal nutrition

Top End

                                       Last year the Scouts Association of Australia received funding to introduce scouting
                                       to three communities in the NT and three in Queensland. Funding was from the
                                       Stronger Families and Stronger Communities Strategy in Commonwealth FACS.
                                       Scouting Australia had initially sought philanthropic funding but could not raise it
                                       in the amounts required.

                                       The concept began between Australian Sporting Commission, the Reconciliation
                                       Commission and Scouts and originated when Sir William Deane was Governor
                                       General. The Reconciliation Commission identified the six communities nationally.
                                       Scouts NT has chosen to implement this project in a different fashion to the
                                       Queensland Scouts.

          Indigenous Scouts Northern Territory
          Hi. My name is Cliff Walton            have developed their own              long term benefit? Only time will
          and I am the Indigenous                Codes of Conduct. Creating a          tell, but I intend to keep going as
          Development Officer for                strong sense ownership.               long as I can.
          Scouts Australia.
                                                 I have started by working with        If the enquires I am receiving are
          My job is to get Scouts up and         the kids and young people             anything to go by scouting has
          running on remote communities.         creating a demand from the            turned full circle. After the
          Building self-esteem, creating         grass roots. Slowly the adults        decline in interest and
          self-purpose and guiding self-         have been getting involved.           membership in the 1980’s and
          direction – ‘Creating                  Currently there are                   90’s we are seeing new groups
          Tomorrow’s Leaders Today’.             approximately forty young             springing up all around the place.
                                                 people and four adults in each        For information about the Scouts
          I focus on Beswick, Barunga            of the community scout groups.        movement and ideas on how to
          and Nauiyu (the Daly River                                                   start a group in your community
          community).                            Through our Standards Award           check out the website or call me.
                                                 Structure the groups are looking
          I love what I do. I think this         at life skills, hygiene, diet and     Scouting NT has RTO status and
          really makes the difference.           nutrition. Some are even              is able to deliver a Cert. 2 in
          People can tell that I want to be      looking at supply and demand -        Leadership and in Business.
          out there and that I’ll return, rain   how they can influence what           Yours In Scouting
          or shine. I ensure communities         foods the local tuck shop sells.      Cliff Walton
          are aware that my role is to
          assist them to run this program.       These feelings of understanding
          Provide them with the skills to        and control can have amazing          PS Kids Tracks rang Cliff’s Dad
          run Scouts themselves. Letting         impact. The Beswick mob               to find out some personal details.
          communities create their own           have now approached Council
                                                 and taken over the running of         He said “Cliff’s been living in the
          directions.                                                                  Territory for the last twelve years.
                                                 some of the recycling centre,
          From word go I appointed Patrol                                              That’s when he moved to
                                                 contributing to a sense of self-      Palmerston from Victoria with his
          Leaders and allowed them to run        esteem and community                  baby daughter.
          things (with some supervision).        participation.
          I take Patrol Leaders to Darwin                                              “He’s 36, has many talents and
          to visit mainstream Scout Groups       I like to take a real interest in     has been involved in Scouts as a
                                                 the kids and their communities        kid and as an adult leader for the
          to see how within each Scout
                                                 and we talk about issues that         last ten years. Cliff is very proud
          Group the young people make
                                                 are important to them, like           of the fact he’s now a qualified
          their own decisions.                                                         trainer in a number of areas
                                                 substance misuse, gambling and
          They choose their own activities                                             through his study with the Scout
                                                 the effects it has on home life.
          and design their own scarves                                                 movement,” he said.
          and flags, do their own                Big questions remain – is this        Contact (08) 8981 5553
          fundraising, bookkeeping and           sustainable? Is there really any      or email

          26     Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
                                                                                                                    Top End
                                                      This I saw as a powerful message that the children
 Reversing the tables!                                were keen to give their parents and the community.
 Children and Family                                  The planning then commenced with youth and
                                                      children in each community planned their own role-
 Violence East Arnhem                                 plays. The four roleplays are presently being
                                                      worked on and are at various stages of
Family and community violence affects all             development. However, at this stage I could let you
members in the family, including kids who             know what has transpired.
appear unscathed on the ‘surface.’
The ‘on the surface,’ unbattered kid may
pose a problem in the future.                         Name of Role-play:
                                                      Message in a bottle
With this in mind the East Arnhem Alcohol and         Theme: The role alcohol
Other Drugs Program is targeting remote               plays in family violence
community children and youth in developing            Participants: Ten children
resources that families could use in their own        and youth
homes.                                                Filming and Editing:
                                                      Kakadu Studios
While talking to children and youth in four of the
                                                      Funding of Program: Being sought at present
communities I visit (Yirrkala, Milingimbi,
                                                      Completion: Mid December 2004
Gapuwiyak and Angurugu), it was obvious that
they want to assist reduce violence. They felt that   The other three communities have yet to decide on
parents and older persons in the communities          their role-plays, but we hope to have all videos
(especially those involved in violent episodes)       completed and ready for community use by mid-
were not receptive to talks and counselling,          December 2004.
“maybe they feel guilt” said one child. Whether it
was guilt, shame or arrogance, the kids felt that     I have chosen this opportunity to share with other
should be addressed.                                  service providers the hidden recourse that many
                                                      children have to offer in redefining their role in the
One girl excitedly mentioned how she makes her        family and community. The progress of these
parents laugh when she imitates their behaviour       programs will be for all to share.
(arguments and fights). This made others suggest
that ‘role plays’ acted out by the group on video                        “Watch This Space!!”
would be a good way of showing the adults how         By: John Hopkins (08) 8987 0434
the younger ones see them.                            Community Support and Ed. Officer/Counsellor

 Katherine Region: A link in the chain
 A chain - a connected series of links or things.     A guest speaker presents at each meeting. Some
 With this in mind back in 1998 an idea formed.       guest speakers have been Katherine Region On Line,
 What if a meeting was held on a regular basis        NT Shelter Darwin, CRS Australia, Centrelink, Anti
 open to any individual or organisation with an       Discrimination Commission, Katherine Town
 interest in the human services field? Out of         Council, Australian Red Cross Society – Katherine
 this idea CHAIN was born.                            Branch, Katherine Regional Harmony Group and
                                                      “Breathing Space” Darwin Family Day Care.
 CHAIN - the Community Helping Action
 Information Network.                                 CHAIN meetings are held at the Katherine Club
                                                      Inc., O’Shea Terrace, Katherine and commence at
 This Katherine community service interest group      1.00pm lasting for approximately one hour. The
 meets bimonthly. It aims to help develop quality     Katherine Club Inc.provide the venue and light
 services for the Katherine Region by facilitating    refreshments. Their support is greatly appreciated.
                                                                                                                         Top End

 networking and fostering openness. State and
 Commonwealth governments and NGOs attend and           For further information, please contact us.
 do not impose their organisation’s philosophy, or
 agendas: eighteen or more attend regularly.          By: Leith M Wood CLO Ph: 08 8973 8989

Top End

                                                                                Frank NadMjalaburnburn
                                                                                Brendan Murdabul
                                                                                John Barber
                                                                                June Nadjamerrek
                                                                                Cheryl Nadjalaburnburn
                                                                                Noelene Maralngurra
                                                                                Tasmar Guymala
                                                                                Adeline Guymala

           Yingana: Creation Mother Story
          Please listen up…we’ve got a great story to tell! It is a story with a few words that you might not
          know yet, so we’ll introduce you to those words now.

          The Yingana Project Team – Frank Nadjalaburn, Cheryl Nadjalalburn, Faith Mongiru, Brendan
          Muldabul and Noelene Maralngurra with John Barber as the Project Coordinator. Latest member is
          June Nadjamerrek. John Barber is a lecturer of Community Services and the Yingara Project
          members are enrolled in Certificate II in Community Services (Community Work)
          The project:

          In 2003 John Barber, Project Co-ordinator from     organisations to provide strong support for this
          the Batchelor Institute and the Traditional        project. This includes Traditional Owners,
          Owners from Gunbalanya (Oenpelli) created          Batchelor Institute, Injalak Art Centre, FACS,
          parenting resources using traditional stories.     Oenpelli Health Centre, Gunbalunya
                                                             Community School and NT Office of Children &
          “We as traditional owners and mature aged, see
          the need to produce a locally based educational
          tool that is culturally acceptable to Bininj       The project shows that communities can use
          people,” said a spokesperson.                      their own knowledge and resources to develop
                                                             innovative, relevant, child abuse prevention
          “As traditional land owners living in isolation,
          particularly during The Wet, Bininj people have
          many issues. We do not want our children           Emotional: “It taught us how to promote
          removed and want to work in partnership with       education in child nurturing and young mothers
          key people in promoting the protection of          at risk Bininj way.
          children and young mothers Bininj way.
                                                             “We agreed to take the project on because it
          “The project is not only for sick children or      was practical training. Importantly for us to
          mothers.                                           have the knowledge in passing community
                                                             messages about caring for our children and
          “It is a whole community approach to all
                                                             young mothers.”
          children, young mothers, grandmothers, fathers
          and grandfathers, in promoting good health         The process:
          Bininj way, balancing Bininj and Balanda health
          outcomes. Working with everyone in the             In 2003 the Yingana Project Team received
          community creating a sense of belonging            funds from NAPCAN’s DH&CS funded National
          culturally.”                                       Child Protection Week grant allocations.

          Behavioural: The immediate effect has been         “We decided that Bininj language and a
          the coming together of people and                  painting would send a powerful message

          28    Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
                                                                                                                      Top End
through the project that it was done by Bininj people. That
is our goal.”
The outcomes:
Physical: The Yingana Project Team produced a T-shirt
design using a screen print of a traditional painting called
Yingana Creation Mother, posters on child nurturing (in
Bininj language of Kunwinjku), a book to complement the
T-shirts and posters and provide a story about the Yingana
story and a PowerPoint presentation.
The future:
The Yingana Project Team have now received funds to
create a CD-ROM on the project from the 2004 NAPCAN
National Child Protection Week grants. This project will be          Tasmar &
undertaken in partnership with Gunbalanyah school.                   Adeline
Contact: (08) 8939 7342

   Wadeye Respite Centre
Marlene Mullumbuk, who is in her late seventies, is one of the first clients of Respite Centre in
Wadeye. She has Short Term Memory Loss (STML) syndrome. She is totally dependent and that
makes her high care patient. During daytime Marlene spends time with other elderly women in
the Self-Help Centre. There are as many as seven clients in the Respite Centre and up to fifty
five in the Self-Help Centre.
Anne–Margaret Dumoo and Eileen Gumbarduk are working as carers in the centre. Eileen has been
working for over two years and Ann for over four years. Eileen said they provide all the necessary
services to elderly women. They bathe them, make their rooms, put them in clean clothes, prepare food
for them and some times take the out for a drive such as to the beach.
Eileen and Ann are happy to work in the respite centre. They said it is a good job to look after the elderly
women and that the centre provides opportunities for older people to have good living and be looked after
well. It also decreases pressure on family so they can allocate more time to support their children’s
education and wellbeing.
Eileen and Ann are taking an active role in aged care and have filled the gaps created by the departure of
a non-Aboriginal staff member. Though Eileen and Ann do not have formal qualification and training in
aged care, they are able to successfully manage their duties as carer.
Gary Kwapil, Aged Care Coordinator said some formal training would make Eileen and Ann fully
competent in their work. They are on CDEP wages and are happy as they can financially support the
needs of their family. However, they indicated that with the higher responsibilities, their salary should
also be reviewed and made comparable with non-indigenous workers.
                                                                   The Indigenous Community
                                                                   Coordination Pilots (ICCP) process is
                                                                   also making a difference in Wadeye
                                                                   aged care services. The NT and
                                                                   Commonwealth have allocated
                                                                   additional funds for new facilities.
                                                                   Thus, the Respite Centre seems to be
                                                                                                                           Top End

                                                                   making positive impact.

  Marlene Mullumbuk, Anne-Margaret Dumoo, Eileen                   By Kishor Sharma - Community Development Officer
  Gumbarduk, Gary Kwapil                                           CDSCA (08) 8999 98817

Top End

          Ngawarramangi                                            To end the volunteer’s visit, we arranged a Healthy
                                                                   Bodies Healthy Environment Day involving many
          Kakarijuwi - Nguiu                                       Nguiu organizations.
                                                                   As part of this festival we planted fifty bush tucker
          Looking after children                                   trees next to the childcare centre. We look forward
                                                                   to running this festival in August every year.

          Jirnani Child Care                                       Following this success we organized a family night
                                                                   with a performance from the famous Saltwater Band
                                                                   from Elcho Island. Financial support was provided
          Jirnani Childcare Centre provides long day care          by The Club, Wulirangku Land Trust, Sport and
          and after school care for children aged 0 to 12,         Rec, Youth Diversionary and childcare. Thanks to
          five healthy meals and snacks each day,                  President Gawain Tipiloura who made sure the club
          educational and cultural programs, health and            was closed for this special family night. Thanks
          hygiene awareness for kids, nutrition and family         also to CDEP Parks & Gardens who helped set-up.
          programs.                                                The night saw the oval packed with all generations
                                                                   and communities. Not a card game in sight!
          In July we did a big promotion to encourage
          parents to attend the centre with their children.        From this success we will be planning future family
          We have also been working with the baby clinic on        concert nights. We have already set up a family
          the health of children and babies with anemia and        event fund which we are contributing to through the
          low weight.                                              sale of CDs. Our next band will be Nabarlek Band.
          The clinic has begun weekly health checks visits to      Finally a new friendly sign for childcare has been
          the centre and staff have been training for our ear      displayed out the front of the centre.
          care program which begun in July. There are still
          many children who do not attend creche who could         Jirnani is now planning parenting classes for
          benefit as we have had great success in improved         teenagers to help prevent child abuse and neglect
          health and weight with children who attend               provided through the Save The Children Fund. A
          regularly.                                               committee will be formed to decide how this
                                                                   program will be delivered.
          Our centre, the clinic and store have developed a
          strong relationship after a meeting at Nguiu Store.      Batchleor provides monthly on the job training for all
          The store is providing many of the healthy food          our staff. Other training such as first aid, fire
          items requested. The store also donated a fridge         awareness training, ear care, helping children with
          and food for the Healthy Bodies Festival.                speech problems, programming, computer and
                                                                   management skills are provided to help us meet the
          In August five volunteers visited for two weeks          goal that all paid jobs will be held by Tiwi by 2010.
          providing activities for the 5-12 year olds, including
          gymnastics, pois, a fire show, yoga, body                    With only one non Tiwi employed we are
          percussion, bow and arrow target fun. Older                         getting closer to this goal.
          community members are coming in to teach                       All welcome to visit 7.30am-4pm Mon-Fri.
          culture and Tiwi art every week.
                                                                   Report by: Mandala Pupangamirri Manager Ph (08) 8978 3798


          30     Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
                                                                                                                           NT & National News
                                                 Secretariat of National
                                           Aboriginal & Islander Child Care Inc

SNAICC, is the national peak body in Australia         Its main recommendations were that parenting
representing the interests of Indigenous children      information and programs need to be developed at
and families.                                          the local level with support and assistance from
                                                       state and national bodies. Parenting programs
SNAICC was established in 1981 after The First         need to be informal, run by existing services
Aboriginal Child Survival Seminar held in              including child care and family support services and
Melbourne in 1979.                                     work with the whole family not just birth parents.
SNAICC’s membership of Indigenous community
                                                       Contact: Chairperson Muriel Bamblett or Coordinator Julian Pocock
based family and children’s services includes child    Ph: (03) 9482 9380
and family welfare services, Multi-functional
Aboriginal Children’s Services (MACS), JET
Creches, playgroups and mobile services,
women’s services, family support services, foster
care agencies, link up and family reunification
services, family group homes, Indigenous
childcare centres, pre schools, parenting
                                                        National Investment for
programs, early childhood education services,
                                                        the Early Years
family and domestic violence services and services
for young people at risk.                     
SNAICC is governed by a national executive of           NIFTeY is a great gossip network about child and
Indigenous people drawn from our members                family well being. Every day you get a little
representing all States and Territories and operates    message or three about interesting new moves in
from an Melbourne office funded by
                                                        the field. You can join in too.
Commonwealth FACS.
                                                        It’s a great forum about what’s going on in the
The 2004 SNAICC AGM will be on 10-12 November
                                                        early childhood field in Australia and a vehicle for
in Melbourne. Our NT members are Wendy
Puautjimi from Karu Aboriginal and Islander Child       discussion and debate. It’s accessible to a broad
Care Agency and Veronica Johns from the Remote          range of people, talking in everyday language,
Aboriginal Children’s Services Support Unit.            throwing daily life experience stories alongside
                                                        more academic exchanges.
SNAICC is to receive $4M Commonwealth funding
over the next four years for a National Indigenous      NIFTeY has been on the move since 1999. To
Family and Children’s Resource Centre. The              subscribe to niftey-list, send an email to:
centre will produce resources focussed on      Join in the chat or
Indigenous child rearing, child development and         just enjoy.
child welfare to support local services in the
delivery of early childhood programs. SNAICC will
also assist agencies establish new programs for
children, strengthen networking between local
services and document the good work of
Indigenous children’s services. SNAICC
anticipates the centre opening n early 2005.
                                                        The Child Wise Choose With Care kit - easy to
The Federal Government has agreed to work with          follow guidelines to develop child safe systems
SNAICC and other agencies to develop an
                                                        including setting up police checks, child protection
Indigenous childcare accreditation system.
                                                        policies, staff supervision, a code of conduct,
SNAICC recently completed a parenting research          managing complaints and parent information. Kits
project which developed recommendations for the
federal government on parenting information and         for loan from The Office of Children and Families.
programs for Indigenous families.                                   Contact Lesley Taylor on (08) 8999 2471

      NT & National News

                           Office of Family and Children’s Services

                           Parentline                                              Phone Counselor Irene
                           The parenting helpline - Parentline (N.T) was           Irene Crawford was born near London, currently
                           launched on the 10th May 2004.                          lives in Brisbane and lived in Karumba and the Gulf
                                                                                                            area for over four years.
                           Parentline is a telephone help line service for                                  She has worked for eleven
                           parents and carers raising children (all ages)                                   years in special education
                           providing access to a confidential, professional                                 and eight years as a
                           response which can be a mix of counselling,                                      counselor.
                           support and behavioural management services. All
                           for the cost of a local call - 8am to 10pm, seven                                Irene’s three children have
                           days a week.                                                                     now grown up. She now
                                                                                                            paints whenever she gets
                           All Parentline counsellors enter the counselling                                 free time - people and
                           services through Kids Help Line counselling.                                     scenes, everything. “I like
                           Kids Help Line counsellors are recruited on the                                  to capture people’s expres-
                           basis of appropriate tertiary qualifications.                                    sions,” she said.
                           Many NT young Aboriginal people access Kids             “I always try see people on the phone when I talk
                           Help Line. In 2003, 896 (18%) of the 4978 calls         with them. It’s the uniqueness of people keeps me
                           came from this group.                                   involved. Every situation is so different and I think
                                                                                   I’m good at being there with the person. I try to
                           Parentline counsellors receive training in issues
                                                                                   enable people get a sense of themselves, look at
                           relevant to counselling indigenous parents. We are
                                                                                   their strengths, see what they already have, she
                           confident that Indigenous parents will find the
                           telephone service supportive, informative and
                           relevant.                                               “Irene is the most calming, competent, counselor,”
                                                                                   said Director of Counseling Service Kath Ellerman-
                           Families Website                                        Bull. “She is non-judgmental, and has a good
                                                                                   planning sense, knows the NT environment, is
                           The NT Families Website contains over seventy           passionate in her belief in people, is competent and
                           tip sheets about children’s development and             ethical.”
                           parenting, information about events for families,       Irene covers anything from general questions about
                           children and teenagers and links to the Parentline      developmental information to critical high risk
                           e-mail support service.                                 situations and also often acts as advocate for
                           Child care centres, schools and family services         people.
NT & National News

                           providers report the tip sheets have been very          “There’s no time limit, it’s by need and as often as
                           useful. There are no charges for the information.       you like,” she said.

                                 The Office of Children and Families would like feedback about Parentline and the Families Website.
                                                Contact Di Halloran or Lesley Taylor, Parenting Support Coordinators.
                                      Ph (08) 8999 2478 or (08) 8999 2471

                            Any family, any day, anything                                     1300 30 1300
                           32    Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
                                                                                                               NT & National News
                  Coming Soon                                          Get inspired
              Community Consultations
                                                                   NAPCAN is a children’s
                                                                   charity committed to working
Have your say on the new legislation for children and              with communities to share
families. A Discussion Bill for a new Act to replace               information and resources for
The Community Welfare Act 1983, will canvas:-                      the prevention of child abuse
                                                                   and neglect.
        Licensing children’s services;
                                                                   NAPCAN stands for the National
        Background screening for people who work with              Association for the Prevention of
        children;                                                  Child Abuse and Neglect
        Revised definition of a child in need of care              NAPCAN coordinates Child
        & protection;                                              Protection Week each year and
                                                                   this year NAPCAN NT
        Arrangements for complaints & advocacy.                    distributed $40,000 in grants to
Consultations will happen across the NT shortly.                   communities across the NT.
                                                                   Priority was given to rural and
    Call 1800 005 485 or                    remote communities. Some
                                                                   Communities hosted Strong Family
                                                                   Days, children’s rights and play
                                                                   forums, workshops with child care
            Both Ways Children’s                                   workers, training to build child
                                                                   safe organisations, parenting
              Services Project                                     sessions and much, much more.
A research team from Batchelor Institute of Indigenous
Tertiary Education and Charles Darwin University have
                                                                   The level of innovation and range
just finished a study of the development and sustainability        of activities demonstrates the
of children’s services in six NT Aboriginal communities.           depth of knowledge and
                                                                   commitment in Territory
Funded by the Bernard van Leer Foundation, the study took over     Communities to take a proactive
18 months and involved Barunga, Gurungu, Titjikala, Ikuntji,       role in this difficult and
Galiwin’ku and Nguiu.
                                                                   confronting social issue.
The final report tells the story of each community’s children’s
service from the viewpoints of the people who have run, used
                                                                   Applications were for minor (up to
and supported these services.                                      $1,000) or major (up to $5,000)
                                                                   grants and will continue for the
Each service has developed a children’s service to suit their      next two years starting June ‘05
community. In November the team will get together again with       and June ‘06.
the community participants for a follow-up workshop where
community resources booklets will be developed for each            Go to the NAPCAN web-site to
community. These resources and the overall report will be          get inspired about what you can
useful for staff professional development, as a base for           do to protect children.
securing new funding and to share stories.
                                                                   Contact: (08) 8948 0884
Report by: Lyn Fasoli Ph 0408 443836

      NT & National News

                           Donna Bradley               Helen Walls                Neil Williams               Leith M Wood                  Susan Crane

                             The Five DHCS Community Liaison Officers who:
                           • Provide support to NGOs to facilitate capacity building.
                           • Develop and maintain collaborative partnerships and strategic alliances with providers and other
                           • Provide advice and support to DHCS Officers on issues relating to providers, community capacity and
                           intersectoral linkages.
                           • In consultation with relevant DHCS Officers provide advice and support to providers and facilitate community
                           / and or service development within the region.

                           Donna Bradley Central Australia CLO                                    Susan Crane Darwin Region CLO
                           After Nursing and Childcare studies were                               I am the Community Liaison Officer for Darwin rural
                           completed, I came to Alice Springs for a holiday.                      and remote. This area includes Oenpelli, Tiwi
                           That was in 1983! I’ve been here ever since.                           Islands, Minjilang (Croker Is), Warruwi (Goulburn
                                                                                                  Is), Nauiyu Nambiyu (Daly River), Wadeye (Pt
                           I’m looking forward to my new role as Community                        Keats), Jabiru, Peppimenarti, Maningrida and
                           Liaison Officer. The work will revolve around the                      Belyuen.
                           Commonwealth FACS funded childcare centres on
                           seven remote communities. The aim is to improve                        My main role is to liaise between communities and
                           the wellbeing of young children by strengthening                       the Department. To follow up issues on behalf of
                           child-friendly communities within the context of                       communities or feed back community issues to the
                           community development and capacity building                            program areas in the Department. Luckily, I get to
                           within the communities.                                                travel out of Darwin once a month and am always
                           Contact: . (08) 8951 5185 or                   amazed at the level of dedication shown by those
                                                                                                  who live and work in remote communties to improve
                           Helen Walls East Arnhem CLO                                            the quality of life of those they provide services to.
                                                                                                  Contact: (08) 8999 2854 or
                           I am Acting Community Liaison Officer, East
                           Arnhem for a 6 month period ending January 2005.
                           I have been ‘acting’ around EA on and off since 1994.                  Neil Williams Barkly CLO
                           Remote areas and wee children are my passion. I
                           can’t think of better things to do than swing off the                  Neil began working with DH &CS this August after
NT & National News

                           end of an axe seeking mangrove worms, or sit on                        28 years as a teacher in the NT, with the last 14 in
                           the cliffs of Galiwinku watching the sun set over the                  Tennant. “My new role is to support community
                           sparkling blue water.                                                  organisations in partnership with government and
                                                                                                  other stakeholders, enabling worthwhile and
                           However, more seriously, I am a DHCS employee                          effective services to meet ongoing needs,” he said.
                           and hope to maintain excellent working partnerships
                           across DHCS programs, other departments, and with                      “I am excited about this position, as it makes use of
                           those people who tirelessly provide services in their                  the knowledge and experience I have gained in
                           community. I am also hanging on to my Children’s                       Tennant and the Territory over the years. What I
                           Services hat in relation to the remote area child care                 like particularly about my new role is the promotion
                           centres in EA, Nguiu and Nauiyu Nambiyu.                               of a positive outlook for communities,” he said.
                           Contact: (08) 8999 2726 or                       Contact (08) 8962 4260 or

                           34      Kids Tracks Issue 1 November 2004
Leith Wood Katherine Region CLO                          me and I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole Territory

                                                                                                                            NT & National News
                                                         experience. So much so, we will be permanently
I have been the Katherine CLO / DLO since October        settling in Darwin.
1999 - formerly known as Non Government Liaison
Officer, Purchasing Liaison Officer and Purchasing       My manager and I will undertake a timely recruitment
Support Officer. During that time I have seen many       process. Keep up the good work!
changes both in my role and in the Department.               I am located in Katherine.
Recently the CLO’s focus has changed, which I feel           My boss is in Darwin.
                                                             I have no staff to manage.
is for the better. We are now part of the Community
                                                             I have a nice office all to myself.
Liaison Unit - we are now CLOs, not DLOs!                    I travel alone and with others.
In this job you need to be able to make people feel at       I meet people in both urban and remote environments.
ease and talk the leg off of a chair – something that        I talk to a lot of different people about a lot of different
I do really well. In Katherine I have become the             things.
                                                             I attend a multitude of meetings.
‘hub’ or the ‘conduit’ for regional information for
                                                             I learn about all the different DHCS programs
                                                             And I get paid every fortnight
But sadly, after eight years, my family is relocating        I have the best job in the world
to Darwin early 2005. Katherine has been good to         Contact: (08) 8973 8989 or

 The Family and Community Services
 Advisory Council (FAC SAC)

FACSAC members:
Back row left to right Vicki O’Halloran, Beth Walker, Barry Hanson, Adam Tomison (ex officio), Janet
Fisher, Anthony Vidot, Bev Wilson,
Middle row: Fran Coughlan, Lavinia Mills, Jane Alley, Indrani Doloswala, Dwane Baker
Front row: Charlie King (Chair), Gamaritj Gurruwiwi, Sue Brownlee, Marion Scrymgour MLA
Absent: Ariel Couchman, John Morgan, Raymattja Marika

 The Family and Community Services                       The Chairperson, Charlie King and other
 Advisory Council held its first meeting in              members will provide independent advice on the
 Darwin on 25 August 2004.                               progress of the Government’s Child Protection
                                                         Agenda and on broader social policy and issues.
 This Council has been set up to advise the
 Minister for Family and Community Services on           Charlie King recently visited Central Australia to
 ways forward in matters relating to the welfare of      meet with FAC SAC members in their
 families and communities and support the                community.
 directions established under the Building
                                                         He also visited the Barkly to hear from
 Healthier Communities Framework.
                                                         community members about their issues. The FAC
 The FAC SAC has 21 members. Members were                SAC will discuss the possibility of traveling
 selected from applicants with a view to obtaining a     Territory wide to hear community views.
 cross section of NT views from community
 members, service providers and professionals.           Contact (08) 8999 2965 Email:

                               Maryanne Malbunka
                               2004 Australia’s Mother of Year
                               Maryanne Malbunka, Senior AHW Hermannsburg Clinic, is the 2004
                               winner of Barnardo’s Australia’s Mother of the Year Award. The award
                               was presented in Sydney on 6th May.

                               “Maryanne Malbunka is an amazing woman,” said Helen Haughton RN who
                               nominated her. She is one of the most dedicated mothers I have met. She has
                               so much enthusiasm and energy – working full-time, studying and caring for
                               eight children!” she said.
                               When Marianne won her award she had two of her own children and cared
                               for six other children aged three to eleven. Since winning the award
                               Maryanne has fostered one more child full time and two more part time!
                               Maryanne has worked full-time for over ten years at the Hermannsburg
Health Centre as Senior Aboriginal Health Worker. Maryanne said: “I fostered the children because their
parents were drinking. They are all my family – my nephews and nieces. I’ve had the ten year old twins
since they were born, two for five years and two for a couple of years. Three go to boarding school in
Alice and they all see their parents regularly. And my husband - he’s good with the kids, really good,” she
“This award is really good recognition of the work foster carers do,” said one observer. “It’s about looking
after kids here and now, not long term stuff. Because you can parent in a lot of different ways, it’s not just
about mothering your own child, you can be mother to a lot of children,” she said.
There were material prizes along with the recognition - a Holden Astra, a DVD and Samsung television,
Canon Camera, Vodafone, Just Kids and Myers kids clothes, a Captain Cruise trip along the Murray,
Windoware timber venetian blinds, a MotherInc Privilege Membership card, sun cream, Avon perfume and
other cosmetics. “The kids got the perfume and cosmetics,” said Maryanne.

MARVIN, Jimmy and Vanessa have arrived!
The NT Office of Children and Families is proud to           adventure begins. The characters can
announce the arrival of Jimmy and Vanessa.                   speak in any language you record.
They are 3-D toddlers animated by the MARVIN                 The Office of Children and Families will be
technology. They can talk, walk, blink, scratch, sigh,       working with organisations across the NT
blow their noses, cry, chuckle and eat, which turns the      with this technology to promote mes-
most boring information into a fun teaching tool.            sages of healthy child development and
                                                             positive parenting.
The technology is user friendly and simply requires
effort to develop a story that the community want told.      Our first MARVIN project will be with
Then the fun begins, using a whole range of Indig-           Batchelor Institute and the Oenpelli
enous characters - “Uncle”, “Auntie”, “Sis”, and a frilled   Yingana Project Team, who are devel-
necked lizard.                                               oping the “Creation Mother” story into
                                                             a CD ROM application.
The characters can tell the story on any backdrop
such as a photo of a community, add music and the            Report by: Lesley Taylor NTDHCS (08) 8999 2471

Shared By: