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					                                       Dove Mountain Civic Group

                                         Minutes 12/6/04, 7:00 PM

                                     Heritage Highlands Craft Room

Attendance: RuthAnn Hogue, Don Black, Pam Lochrie (Minutes), Marge Melcher, Eileen Hayes, David
Haynes, Joan Rietz, Dan Reitz, Bill Sesow, Rosario Trask, Joan Drake, Gary Borax, Robert Crumpton, Wes

RuthAnn Hogue conducted the meeting in Steve Wacker’s absence.

The September, 2004 minutes were read and approved.

The Treasurer’s Report was not available for reporting, nor was the current amount in the treasury.

It was noted that $80 was contributed by those attending the trails forum and that a check for $250 received
from Cottonwood Properties. A thank you has been extended by the DMCG.

Dayne Sharek’s report on Dove Mountain Homeowner Associations was not available to be read to the
group. There was a dialogue in absence of the report, noting that Heritage Highlands did differ being age
restricted, gated with maintenance of a semi-private golf course. It was noted that monthly fees are
correspondingly different.

Team Leader Reports:

Safety: None

Utilities: None

Transportation: None

Town of Marana: Bill Sesow has volunteered to attend the monthly Marana Town Council meetings,
representing the Dove Mountain Civic Group. It was noted that in past years, other DMCG members would
volunteer assistance in attending council meetings, when needed.

Parks, Recreation & Trails: Gary Borax noted that the first hike with Dove Mountain residents who signed
up at the trails meeting was held on the day after Thanksgiving. Twenty nine questionnaires were sent out to
those interested and 17 responded to date. Fifty-nine percent responded they could hike any day of the week.

Residential, Commercial New Development: It was noted that Cottonwood Properties presents an annual
forum each February that addresses a variety of topics, followed by a Q & A period. The program is held at
Heritage Highlands for all Dove Mountain residents.

Planning & Zoning: None

Marana Unified School District: RuthAnn presented an update on Talin Rogers and his progress from the
traffic incident at Mountain View High School, noting that meetings with Pima County officials are taking
place with record citizen turnout and that a final meeting (open to the public) is forthcoming soon. RuthAnn
will report back on progress and decisions.
Pima County: None

New Forum ideas were noted for further discussion. Northwest Medical Center; Local Politics; Water &
Zoning; Taxes, EPA-Air quality in Marana area and Lewis Management.

To assist in the recruitment of a volunteer for the Marana Police Chief Advisory Council who will report
back to at DMCG Executive Committee, notices will be placed in the January issue of the Highlander
newsletter and the DMCG website. The one-year term begins April, 2005 with attendance in Jan-Feb-Mar
council meetings with present advisory council member (Jim Hagedon).


       Home Owners Associations
       Planning & Zoning

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