Island Hopping Dhow Adventure Mozambique by wuzhenguang


									                             Island Hopping Dhow Adventure
Romantic, pristine and instilled with a compelling mix of African, Arabic and Portuguese
traditions, the northern coast of Mozambique is one of East Africa’s most dazzling
destinations. Amongst the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean we find a chain of island
gems that personify the very essence of tropical perfection, where African beats and
colonial grandeur vie for attention besides the swaying palms and clear waters of one of
the most untouched corners of the planet.

Following in the footsteps of the Arabic traders of old, we sail by dhow through waters that
are teeming with life, negotiating our way through a landscape of coral atolls and
uninhabited islands that come straight out of the pages of fiction. We have the opportunity
to swim amongst coral gardens whose clarity and colour defy belief and stroll through
markets alive with the sounds and smells of timeless tradition. We’ll explore the colonial
elegance of Ibo Island, one of Mozambique’s hidden jewels, and walk amongst the virginal
beauty of Rolos Island, where giant land crabs are the legendary protectors of the pristine
reefs. Utilising a mix of luxurious hotels, beachside camps and historic lodges, we’ll journey
through a world of unparalleled beauty and tranquillity, where local fishermen follow the
traditions of their ancestors and nesting turtles and soaring fish eagles play out a struggle
for survival that has remained unchanged for millennia.


    •   Island hopping by traditional dhow
    •   Seeing in the New Year on a remote beach
    •   Exploring colonial Ibo Island
    •   Soaking up the atmosphere of Pemba
    •   Staying in some wonderful accommodation

                 Duration: 11 Days                      Average group size: 5 – 10

                Start: Wed 28 Dec 11                             Finish: Sat 07 Jan 12

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                                                          dolphins, whales and dugongs. Setting up
                                                          camp beneath the trees, we should have
                                                          this entire island to ourselves for the next
                                                          two days, affording us ample opportunity
                                                          to enjoy this little slice of paradise all to
                                                          Overnight Camp (B,L,D)

                                                          Day 3 – Mogundula to Rolas Island:
                                                          Continuing our maritime journey, we
                                                          head this morning for the white sands and
                                                          abundant reefs of Rolas Island. Legend
                                                          has it that Rolos is protected by the
                                                          resident coconut crabs that hide amongst
                                                          the coral rock forest, waiting to exact a
                                                          terrible retribution on any who despoil
                                                          their island paradise! The largest land
                                                          based anthropods on the planet, coconut
                                                          crabs can reach up to a metre in length
                                                          and weigh it at an impressive 17 kilos,
                                                          and anyone brave enough to seek them
                                                          out can go with one of the local
Day 1: Pemba: Our journey begins in the                   fishermen, the appropriately named ‘Old
bustling port city of Pemba, stunningly                   Man Coconut Crab'. The waters around
located along Mozambique’s northern                       Rolas also provide us with some excellent
coast, overlooking the deep waters of the                 snorkelling opportunities, whilst the
Indian Ocean. Filled with grandiose                       centre of the island presents some
reminders of its colonial heritage and                    wonderful panoramic views and a chance
boasting a maritime tradition that                        to look for fish eagles.
stretches back to the Arab traders of the                 Overnight Camp (B,L,D)
13th century, Pemba is our gateway to
the island gems of the Quirimbas                          Day 4 – New Year’s Eve. Rolas to
Archipelago and from our base at the                      Ulumbwa/Darumba: Casting off from
Pemba Beach Hotel on arrival, we have                     Rolas our dhow sails back towards the
an opportunity to enjoy a little taster of                African mainland today, heading towards
the sublime experiences that await us as                  the wide expanse of the Darumba River
we bask in the luxury of the hotel’s idyllic              mouth, where traditional fishing villages
setting and gaze out towards some of the                  dot the distant shore and we get a chance
most unspoilt waters on earth.                            to meet with some of the local fishermen
Pemba Beach Hotel (D)                                     who ply their timeless trade along these
                                                          banks. The plan today is for us to sail
Day 2: Drive to Mocoja and sail to                        along the coast and camp along a quiet
Mogundula Island: This morning we head                    beach somewhere between Darumba and
north in 4WDs for about 3-4 hrs to                        Ulumbwa. It is hard to think of many
Mocoja. From here we take to the high                     better places to see in the New Year!
seas for the first time, boarding a                       Overnight Camp (B,L,D)
traditional Arabian dhow to explore the
archipelago in time honoured fashion.                     Day 5: Ulumbwa/Darumba to Matemo
Lying just 4 kilometres off the mainland                  Island: Dhows have sailed through these
coast of Mozambique, Mogundula Island is                  waters for centuries, since the Arab
an entire world away from the chaos and                   merchants of the 8th century arrived to
trials of the 21st century. Uninhabited                   trade for gold, ivory and slaves and,
and unexplored, the island is one of the                  whilst the trading dhows of old are long
most perfect in the entire archipelago.                   gone now, these idyllic reefs and atolls
Ringed by coral atolls and white beaches                  have changed little since the first Arab
and largely forgotten by the world                        eyes gazed out across these same
beyond, it is blessed with one of the most                breathtaking landscapes. Matemo Island,
unspoilt marine ecosystems on the                         our destination for today, sits some 6 km
planet, its rich waters providing an                      off the African coast, lying nearly 100 km
abundant harvest for sea turtles,                         from Pemba. From the deck of our dhow

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we can look down into water that is a                     northern reaches of the Quirimbus
clear as glass and, after taking the                      National Park, the beach is sandwiched
opportunity to swim and snorkel in these                  between the Indian Ocean and the
crystalline waters once more, we then                     African bush, making it a haven for an
head towards the southern tip of the                      incredible diversity of wildlife. Rated as
island to set up camp. Beyond us to the                   one of the top 20 deserted beaches on
south lies tomorrow’s destination, the                    the planet (by the Observer), Guludo
fascinating island of Ilha Ibo.                           presents us with a destination of simply
Overnight Camp (B,L,D)                                    unsurpassed magic, one where man and
                                                          nature seem to coexist in perfect
Day 6: Matemo to Ibo Island: Home to                      harmony and where you can watch the
one of the oldest towns in Mozambique,                    sun rise over neighbouring Rolos Island
Ibo Island today is one of the                            from the comfort of your own room.
archipelago’s most absorbing settings.                    Guludo Beach Lodge (B,L,D)
Founded as an Arab trading outpost it
grew to become one of the most                            Day 9: Guludo Beach: With a wealth of
important slaving ports in the Portuguese                 options to choose from, today has been
colonies, a factor reflected in its rich                  left free for us to make the most of this
collection of grandiose buildings and                     tropical paradise in our own inimitable
stately colonial homes. Steeped in a                      way. With a fully equipped PADI dive
history that reflects its fertile mix of                  centre on hand there are a number of
African, Arabic and European influences,                  choices available for diving and exploring
the island is a cultural treasure trove,                  some of the most pristine coral reefs in
one that we intend to explore in depth                    the world. Amongst these clear, calm
over the next two days. We’ll be staying                  turquoise waters you will find reef fish of
at the elegant Ibo Island Lodge, a                        every shape, size and colour, along with
beautifully renovated set of historic                     turtles, sharks and coral gardens of
mansions, whose high ceiling, tropical                    breathtaking scope and variety. There are
gardens and ocean views evoke something                   also optional village tours and sunset
of the gentility of the island’s colonial                 sails, whilst behind the resort stretches a
past.                                                     fertile expanse of African bush that is
Ibo Island Lodge (B,L,D)                                  home to elephant, antelope and
                                                          primates, where you can relax and watch
Day 7: Ibo Island: Fortified by the                       the setting sun cast its softening hues
Portuguese during the 16th century, Ibo                   across the landscape.
Island became central to the colonial                     Guludo Beach Lodge (B,L,D)
power’s influence in East Africa, and a
stroll through the fading remnants of its                 Day 10: Pemba: Relocating back to
18th century heart recalls a little                       Pemba today, there’ll be time in the
something of its glory days. There are a                  provincial capital to soak up some of its
number of optional activities for us to                   exuberant character before reluctantly
enjoy today, with complimentary walks                     bidding farewell to these exotic lands.
that focus on Ibo’s historic and cultural                 The centre of the city is home to a local
legacies, as well as community projects                   market that sells a range of arts, crafts
and school visits that are geared towards                 and traditional silverware, whilst the old
showing us something of the island’s                      town, with its colonial buildings and rich
future vision. The lodge also offers plenty               mix of Arabic and European heritage,
of opportunities to enjoy the island’s                    makes for a very pleasant way to while
natural delights, with sea kayak                          away the afternoon.
excursions    available,    bicycle   hire,               Pemba Beach Hotel (B,D)
snorkelling and diving trips and guided
nature walks and bird spotting.                           Day 11 Tour ends after breakfast (B)
Ibo Island Lodge (B,L,D)
                                                          Wild Extensions:
Day 8: Ibo Island to Guludo Beach:                        Arrive early to adjust to a new time zone
Sailing back to the mainland today we’ll                  or just to get a feel for the country
arrive at the unique setting of Guludo                    before your tour starts. Explore the
Beach, without doubt one of the finest                    country after your tour on a bespoke Wild
beaches in Mozambique. Set amongst the                    Extension or just allow a few days to
glorious landscapes that lie along the

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Tour price: All our tours are priced on a
                                                          to change) are:
LAND ONLY basis, giving you maximum
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Single Supplements: These are NOT
                                                          07JAN SA 234 JNB-LHR 20:50/06:25+1
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Where single supplements are available
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                                                          LHR – London Heathrow
always be guaranteed for every night of
                                                          JNB – Johannesburg
the tour as depending on the destination,
                                                          POL - Pemba
rooms may be limited. On this tour, due
                                                          SA – South African Airways
to the limited infrastructure we are not
able to guarantee in advance any single
                                                          NB If you wish to arrange your own flights
supplements, however possibilities can be
                                                          you are completely free to do so and in
looked at on an individual basis nearer
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the time of departure.
                                                          supplementary accommodation that you
                                                          may require.
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GETTING THERE) or on any alternative
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us know.
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           WHAT IS INCLUDED?                              Frontiers and as such we are unable to
                                                          guarantee a Wild Frontiers tour leader will
•   Local guides and drivers.                             accompany the group.
•   Meal plan as detailed in the itinerary
    (B=Breakfast, L=Lunch, D=Dinner)                      Accommodation will be in hotels, lodges
    with mineral water as required.                       & very well-appointed wild camps.
•   All transport as outlined in the
    itinerary.                                            Any hotels mentioned in the itinerary are
•   All accommodation                                     subject to availability and if not available
•   All entrance fees, as per itinerary                   substitutes will be of a similar quality.

        WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED?                             Transport on this tour includes a
                                                          traditional dhow (see below) & 4WDs on
•   Snorkelling Equipment                                 the mainland.
•   Visas (if applicable)
•   Local airport taxes                                   Dhow – The dhow to be used is a
                                                          traditional model, meaning it’s full on

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character and low on amenities! No                        to UK and Republic of Ireland residents
longer than 2hrs is spent on board the                    through our website or via the insurance
dhow each day and in general land is                      company direct on 0845 408 0583. Under
always within sight. Life-jackets are                     this policy there are two different levels
provided.                                                 of cover available and for this trip the
                                                          minimum requirement would be the
Snorkelling & Diving – one of the best                    Standard policy.
reasons to visit this part of Mozambique is
to experience life underwater. If you                     Cover explained:
want to snorkel during the first week,
then you’ll need to bring your own                        Standard policy: a comprehensive travel
equipment but in the second week,                         insurance policy that provides cover for
equipment can be hired for day use from                   all Wild Frontiers activities, including
the Pemba & Guludo hotels. If you want                    trekking up to 5,000m. This policy does
to scuba, then dives can also be arranged                 not provide cover for travel to areas
by these hotels too (at additional                        where the FCO is advising against all or
expense).                                                 all but essential travel.

Trip Grading:                                             Elite    policy:   provides     the   same
                                                          comprehensive level of cover as the
Adventure Rating                                          standard policy. In addition the Elite
Comfort Grade                                             policy also provides cover for travel to
Fitness Level                                             areas where the FCO is advising against
Cultural Interest                                         all or all but essential travel. The policy
                                                          will not provide cover for any claims
Please note that this grading is an                       arising from or relating to the reasons
indication only and should you have any                   why the FCO is advising against travel.
concerns please contact the office.
                                                          If purchasing the Elite policy you also
Fitness…                                                  have the option to extend the cover
Anyone in a reasonable state of health,                   provided by the policy to include cover
with an open mind and a sense of                          for claims arising from a terrorist act in
adventure should be perfectly able to                     an area where the FCO is advising against
cope with this tour.                                      travel. You can add this cover to your
                                                          policy when purchasing online or over the
It may sound obvious but…                                 telephone.
Wild Frontiers tours are not always for
everyone and it is important to us that                   These policies are only available to those
the tour you choose is the most suitable.                 travelling on a Wild Frontiers holiday.
Please therefore take time to read the
dossier carefully.     All our tours are                  For more information and to purchase
graded to give an overall picture of the                  your policy online please visit the
trip but these are only guidelines and you                Insurance section of our website.
should check the daily itinerary. Should
you have any concerns about your ability                  The cover is underwritten by Travel &
to partake in any aspect of the tour then                 General Insurance Company plc, who are
please contact the office.                                authorised and regulated by the Financial
                                                          Services Authority (FSA). Wild Frontiers
Insurance: Insurance that provides cover                  Limited is an Introducer Appointed
for emergency repatriation in case of a                   Representative of Travel & General
medical emergency is compulsory for all                   Insurance Company plc, details of which
tours. You should be aware that many                      can be found at the FSA's website
standard insurance policies may not cover       
you adequately for all aspects of a Wild
Frontiers trip and so we strongly                         If you do decide to purchase alternative
recommend that you purchase a suitably                    insurance, then you must ensure that it
designed insurance policy. One such                       covers you for every aspect of this trip.
policy is the "Wild Frontiers" policy
underwritten by Travel & General                          Visas: Visas are necessary for many of the
Insurance Company plc, which is available                 destinations we travel to and while we

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date      information,     requirements                    Foundation please contact the office for
frequently change and as such we advise                    details.
that you check with the relevant
embassies or contact our recommended                       The Environment: Trying to do our bit
visa agency, Travcour (020 7223 5295)                      for the environment, in 2005 we were for the latest advice.                    among the first UK-based travel
                                                           companies to automatically offset every
For this tour, UK passport holders                         client’s international flight (if booked
currently require a visa for Mozambique.                   with us) with a payment to Carbon Clear
                                                           to help promote sustainable energy.
Non-UK passport holders should contact
the relevant embassies for individual                      Climate: You can expect things to be hot
requirements.                                              & humid with temperatures in the late
                                                           20s/early 30s. Rainfall is erratic and can
Further details will be sent out to you on                 occur at any time but we expect main
booking, however ensuring that correct                     fine sunny days.
and valid visas are obtained remains the
sole responsibility of the client.                         Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO):
                                                           The FCO travel advice highlights potential
Responsible Travel: Responsible travel                     hazards people might experience when
and sustainable tourism are fundamental                    travelling abroad. Given the nature of
ideas that Wild Frontiers has been                         destinations offered by Wild Frontiers it is
committed to since our birth. It is our                    inevitable that from time to time some
strong belief that these words should not                  itineraries contravene this advice. Whilst
be simply ‘tagged on’ to dossiers and                      WF takes the safety and security of its
websites but should be at the very core of                 clients extremely seriously, we will not
each trip, and our adventures are                          necessarily cancel a trip because of the
therefore designed with the local people,                  FCO advice. It is recommended therefore
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and our own development projects. In
addition to organising ethically sensitive
tours, having our own charitable
foundation allows us to raise money –
through the cost of our tours, charity
trips and fund raising events – which can
then be used to fund various projects in
education, sanitation, reforestations and
a number of other important issues facing
developing       communities.     Wherever
possible we are happy for our clients to
visit these projects to see for themselves
where and how this money is being spent.
For a full list of partner NGOs please visit                     MOZAMBIQUE – THE
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                                                          with a cathedral, no fewer than 3 forts
                                                          and    numerous     grandiose    buildings
                                                          providing rich testimony to the island’s
                                                          long connection with its once powerful
                                                          European overlords. Nominated for World
                                                          Heritage Status, the island’s historic
                                                          centrepiece is the stunning pentagonal
                                                          fort of Fortalez São João Baptista, built
                                                          by the Portuguese in 1791 at the mouth
                                                          of the harbour to protect the settlement
                                                          from attack by the neighbouring French
Pemba: One of the world’s largest ports,                  Comores to the east. The other major
Pemba lies before a massive expanse of                    highlight of Ibo is its people, Kimwani
dazzling blue ocean, with the waters of                   speaking Muani whose traditions and
its deep bay alone covering a staggering                  customs stretch back to before the arrival
13,000 hectares. Its ideal location saw                   of the Arabs and whose women even
the city prosper under the Arabs and the                  today still cover their faces in a thick
Portuguese, growing to become the old                     white cream, a practice known as Muciro
colonial capital during the 19th century.                 painting.
This strategic port once lay at the centre
of the ivory and slave trades between                     Quirimbas Archipelago: Stretching along
Africa, Europe and Arabia and the heart                   the northern coast of Mozambique, from
of the city still retains many beguiling                  Pemba to the Tanzanian border, the
reminders of its Portuguese heritage.                     Quirimbas Archipelago presents us with
Wandering through the old Paquitequete                    some of the most unspoilt marine
district, Pemba’s colonial charms are still               environments anywhere on earth. A
very much in evidence in the crumbling                    dazzling chain of some 32 islands, the
architecture of its once proud mansions,                  archipelago is home to rare dugongs and
whilst amongst the artisan stalls of                      nesting sea turtles, exquisite coral
Mbanguia market you can browse and                        gardens and a rich mosaic of marine life
barter for woodcarvings and silverware                    that includes dolphins, whales, sharks and
with the local merchants. The provincial                  a breathtaking kaleidoscope of reef fish.
capital of Cabo Delgado, Pemba today is                   The southernmost of these islands fall
a vibrant mix of the old and the new and                  under the protection of the Quirimbas
presents an intriguing city in which to                   National Park, a 1500 square kilometre
begin and end our exploration of the                      expanse of ocean that contains within it
islands of the Quirimbas Archipelago.                     some of the richest coral reefs in the
                                                          world, providing us with some of the best
                                                          diving available anywhere and a chance
                                                          for marine encounters that are second to
                                                          none. Add to that perfect white sandy
                                                          beaches, unexplored mangroves swamps
                                                          and a cultural mix that includes African,
                                                          Arabic and European influences and you
                                                          have an island chain of almost
                                                          unsurpassed beauty that cannot fail to
                                                          inspire wonder in anyone who sees it.

                                                          Mozambique: Sandwiched between the
Ibo Island: Ibo Island is probably one of                 vast landscapes of the African interior
the archipelago’s most fascinating                        and the rich deep waters of the Indian
destinations, its natural and cultural                    Ocean, Mozambique has emerged from a
treasures proving an irresistible draw for                recent turbulent past to become one of
visitors. Its was to these shores that                    Africa’s      most      stunning       travel
Vasco de Gama came in the early years of                  destinations. Colonized by the Portuguese
the 16th century and over the ensuing                     in     1505,    the     country     attained
centuries the island became a major                       independence in 1975, when it became
centre for Portuguese trade. Aside from                   the Republic of Mozambique. In recent
its natural beauty, Ibo’s charms lie in the               years it has managed to perfectly blend
historic reminders of its colonial past,                  its diverse cultural heritage with its world

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famous natural beauty and, as yet                         can be found on the booking form and
unsullied by the tourist trappings that                   online at our website.
have affected some others parts of the
continent, it still retains something of the
captivating spirit of old world charm.
Echoing to the hypnotic beat of
traditional marrabenta rhythms,its island
havens and colonial towns perfectly
encapsulate a glorious fusion of tradition,
history and matchless scenic splendour,
whilst its pristine beaches and coral reefs
still remain one of Africa’s best kept

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We are also bonded with the Association
of Independent Tour Operators (AITO).
AITO members comply with the highest
standards of consumer protection. Every
AITO holiday is backed not only by AITO's
Quality Charter but also by full financial

We do recommend that you take out
adequate travel insurance at the time of
booking in the event that you are no
longer able to travel as all deposits are
non-refundable – full booking conditions

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