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The Adapted Physical Activity _


									      Student Guidebook for the

Adapted Physical Education Concentration


       Leadership Recognition in

      Adapted Physical Education

                 SUNY Brockport
          Department of Physical Education
                   First Edition
                             Table of Contents

Preface          ……………………………………………………………………………….            3

Introduction     ..……………………………………………………………………………..          5

Concentration ………………………………………………………………………………                6

Curriculum       ..……………………………………………………………………………..          7

Code of Ethics       ……………………………………………………………………………….

Dress/Attire/Professionalism ..…………………………………………………………….    10

Practica Opportunities    …………………………………………………………….…………

Leadership Recognition Program    ……………………………………………………..   13


A. Concentration Declaration Form ……………………………………………………     17

B. Concentration Progress Sheet   ……………………………………………………     19

C. Graduate Schools in APE ……………………………………………………………..       21


        Welcome to the Adapted Physical Education Concentration (APE). This 12-credit

concentration is a unique program that serves children with disabilities. Students majoring in

physical education teacher education (PETE) are invited to join this outstanding teacher

education program.

        The APE concentration has several distinctive characteristics. First, we are one of the
largest APE programs both undergraduate and graduate in the United States! Second, we
typically serve over 120 children with disabilities every week during the academic year both on
and off campus! Third, over 100 undergraduate students participate in the program every single
week during the academic year!
        You are part of a group of students who are committed to improving the lives of all
people, especially those with disabilities, through regular exercise, activity, and leisure. You will
be at a distinct advantage when interviewing for jobs because of your coursework, extensive
practical experience, and commitment to the profession.
        You will learn to diagnose, assess, design, plan, implement, and evaluate individualized
programs of physical education, exercise, and recreation for people with mild to severe
disabilities. You will become a leader of your peers and a highly trained specialist, rather than
        In closing, students enrolled within the concentration are not typical students. They are
highly motivated, outgoing, and they appreciate and embrace individual differences. The
program is not for everyone. Students enrolled in the APE concentration are high quality
students, dedicated to enhancing the overall functioning and quality of life for people with

       Read through the remainder of this Adapted Physical Education manual. It provides a
comprehensive overview of the program, degree requirements, leadership opportunities, as well
as a description of courses and practical experiences. If you have questions, please come and
see any of us.


                                                  Lauren J. Lieberman Ph.D.

                                                  Cathy Houston-Wilson Ph.D.

                                                  Joseph Winnick Ed.D.

                                                  Frank Short P.E.D.

                                                  Doug Collier Ph.D.

        The purpose of this Student Guidebook is to provide a comprehensive overview of every
aspect of this program so that you are able to progress through the program quickly and
efficiently. It is also written to encourage you to engage in a wide variety of leadership roles on
a daily or weekly basis. You are responsible for knowing, understanding, and successfully
completing all aspects of the program in order to receive credit for the concentration on your

                            Admission Requirements
        There are several general requirements you must meet in order to be accepted into the
Adapted Physical Activity Concentration. These are listed below:

        Student majoring in: Physical Education Teacher Education
        Take pre-requisites: PEP 445 Adapted Physical Education & PSY 110 or 112
        Overall GPA of 2.5 or above

        If you fulfill these requirements, a completed “Declaration of a Major, Minor and

Concentration” form should be submitted to the PE office, Tuttle North. You must indicate on

your form the following information: Major-Physical Education, Concentration-Teacher

Certification/Adapted Physical Education. Once you have submitted the “Declaration of a Major,

Minor and Concentration” form you are a member of the program. You will receive a change of

advisor form if Dr. Lieberman is not your current advisor. You may retain your current

academic advisor who will work with the APE advisor (Dr. Lieberman) to ensure accurate

registration information.

                 Concentration in APE Requirements
PEP 445 Introduction to Adapted Physical Education

Psychology 110


PEP 481-Instructional Strategies

PEP 482-Adapted Physical Activity and Sport

PEP 483-Early Childhood (a requirement for all PETE majors)

PEP 485-Practicum in Adapted Physical Education or Student Teaching Practicum in APE

This is a total of 9 additional credits and each Physical Education Teacher Education student
must earn at least 5 of these PEP credits in order to graduate anyway, so it is really only an
additional 4 credits. You may also elect to complete half of your student teaching in an adapted
or inclusive setting in which case you only need 6 credits of electives in APE (481, & 482). With
this approach you are only adding 1 credit to your program of study.


PSH 110 General Psychology (A, N). Provides an introduction to the scientific study of mind
and behavior. Includes topics such as personality, motivation, emotion and experience,
learning, development, and abnormal psychology. Students who have received academic
credit for PSH 112 may not receive credit for this course. 3 Cr. Every Semester.


PSH 112 General Psychology with Lab (A, L). Provides an introduction to the scientific
study of mind and behavior. Includes topics such as personality, perception, social interaction,
learning and memory, development, and abnormal psychology. Requires three hours per week
in lecture and one hour per week in small group labs with an additional one or two hours of
independent lab work each week. Requires data collection and analysis, and written reports for
the labs. Students with credit for PSH 110 may not receive credit for this course. 4 Cr. Every

PEP 445 Adapted Physical Education (B). Prerequisite: PEP 441; Corequisite: PES 413.
Develops a knowledge of current concepts and trends in adapted physical education and
teaches the student to assess, plan and implement a physical education program designed to
meet the unique needs of individuals with disabilities. 3 Cr. Every Semester.


PEP 481 Instructional Strategies in Adapted Physical Education. (B). Corequisites: PEP
445 and PES 413 or equivalent. Provides a study of instructional strategies relevant and
appropriate to adapted physical education. Emphasizes instruction for students with mental
retardation, learning disabilities, and/or behavioral/emotional disabilities. 3 Cr. Fall.

PEP 482 Adapted Physical Activity and Sport (B). Corequisites: PEP 445 and PES 413 or
equivalent. Examines the effects of physical and sensory disabilities on the physical/motor
performance of children and youth. Emphasizes the effects of spinal cord injuries, cerebral
palsy, and auditory and visual impairments. In addition, discusses implications for the selection
and modification of appropriate activities. 3 Cr. Fall

PEP 443 Early Childhood (B) Prerequisite: PES 413; corequisite: PEP 445. Involves teaching
physical education to children ages 0-5 with and without disabilities. Emphasizes assessment
and program planning for an early childhood population. Incorporates field experiences to
supplement lectures and discussion. 3Cr.

PEP 485 Adapted Physical Education Practicum (B). Prerequisite: 50 clock hours of
volunteer work; Corequisite: PEP 481and/or 482. Requires students to teach physical
education under the supervision of a sponsor-teacher. May take place off-campus at a school
or agency. Requires students to teach a minimum of 90 hours and to utilize knowledge
obtained in prerequisite and corequisite courses. 3 Cr. Every Semester.

OR Student Teaching Practicum in APE

Additional options:

PEP 499 Independent Study (B). Prerequisite: Relevant topic in subject area. To be defined
in consultation with the instructor-sponsor and in accordance with the procedures of the Office
of Academic Advisement prior to registration. 3 Cr. Every Semester

PES 499 Independent Study (A). To be defined in consultation with the instructor-sponsor
and in accordance with the procedures of the Office of Academic Advisement prior to
registration. 1-3 Cr. Every Semester.

                              CODE OF ETHICS
        Code of Ethics for Adapted Physical Educators of People with Disabilities

    We declare the following principles to be the Code of Ethics for Adapted Physical
Activity Specialists who provide services for people with disabilities. Members of the
Adapted Physical Activity profession are responsible for upholding and advancing these
       a) Adapted Physical Activity professionals are committed to developing the
       highest educational and quality of life potential for individuals with disabilities.

       b) Adapted Physical Activity professionals promote and maintain a high level
       of competence and integrity in practicing their profession.

       c) Adapted Physical Activity professionals engage in professional activities
       which benefit individuals with disabilities, their families, other colleagues,
       students, and/or research subjects.

       d) Adapted Physical Activity professionals exercise objective professional
       judgment in the practice of their profession.

       e) Adapted Physical Activity professionals strive to advance their knowledge
       and skills regarding the education of individuals with disabilities.

       f) Adapted Physical Activity professionals work within the standards and
       policies of their profession.

       g) Adapted Physical Activity professionals seek to uphold and improve, where
        necessary, the laws, regulations, and policies governing the delivery of
       adapted physical education and related services and the practice of their

       h) Adapted Physical Activity professionals do not condone or participate in
       unethical or illegal acts, nor violate professional standards.

       Students enrolled in the Adapted Physical Education Concentration are expected to
represent the program in a positive manner. As students represent themselves, their program,
the department, the college, and the university, professional behavior is expected when in a role
associated with the APE program. Professional dress and attire will be required in class and in
practica settings. Professional dress may be required for meetings, and professional
conferences. Athletic attire will be required for practica settings, such as work in school
districts, and practica programs. Appropriate swim attire will be required for all aquatic

                            PRACTICA OPPORTUNITIES

   Swim & Gym
       Friday mornings 9:00-11:45am
       Elementary age children from surrounding schools with a variety of disabilities including
        learning disabilities, autism, mental retardation, multiple disabilities, and emotional
       SUNY Brockport Tuttle North

   Scope Academy
       Friday mornings 9:30-11:45am
       Middle School students from Spencerport BOCES who are labeled as having behavior
       SUNY Brockport Tuttle North

   Cooper Integrated Pre-school program
       Friday mornings 9:00am-10:30am
       Integrated pre-school classes taught by undergraduate students from SUNY Brockport
       SUNY Brockport Cooper Hall

   Saturday Rochester Rookies
       Saturday afternoons from 1:00pm-3:00pm
       A wheelchair track team coached by Jo Ann Armstrong a wheelchair athlete.
       Athletes ages 9-19 with spinal cord injuries
       Tuttle North Athletic Complex

   Sport Leadership Program
       Wednesday evenings from 6-7:30
       Deaf Sports Program
       Elementary Deaf children ages 6-12
       Rochester School for the Deaf

   School for the Holy Childhood Adapted Physical Education
       This experience can be set up to accommodate your schedule any time during the
        school day.
       School age children with mental retardation
       Physical education, aquatics, and Special Olympics Training
       School for the Holy Childhood is in Henrietta
       Sylvia Korn is the contact person 359-3710 X190

   Camp Abilities
       A developmental sports camp for children who are visually impaired and deaf-blind
       Students with visual impairments and deaf-blindness from ages 9-19
       Offered the last week in June for one week
       Although the main camp is on the SUNY Brockport campus, other camps can be used
        at the discretion of the instructor

   Games for the Physically Challenged
           A two day competition
           Children with physical disabilities in track & field and swimming
           Usually the third weekend in October
           Offered at SUNY Brockport

             The Adapted Physical Education
             Leadership Recognition Program

                   What is the Leadership Recognition Program?

      The APE Leadership Recognition Program provides undergraduate students enrolled in

the Adapted Physical Education Concentration with faculty guidance, peer mentoring, student

leadership, and community service opportunities.

                                  MISSION STATEMENT

       The mission of the Leadership Recognition Program is, to promote quality movement

experiences for individuals with disabilities through research, advocacy, publications, programs

at conventions and workshops, and cooperation with other organizations whose interest is

providing services to people with disabilities.

                             PURPOSE AND OBJECTIVES

       The purpose of the Leadership Recognition Program is, a) to increase student

awareness of and participation in professional organizations, b) to encourage student

involvement in programs related to Adapted Physical Activity, and c) to provide an opportunity

for students to work within a multidisciplinary model. This program is based on

Professionalism, Advocacy, and Leadership (PAL) guidelines.


Goal 1: Students will gain an awareness of various professional organizations to join that are
related to the Adapted Physical Activity profession.

       7. Students will have a variety of opportunities to participate in professional
          conferences. This includes conferences on campus with APE graduate students.
        Students will learn about the importance of membership in a professional

Goal 2: Students will have various opportunities to become involved in Adapted Physical Activity
programs in a wide variety of settings.

           Volunteer opportunities will be available both on and off campus.

           Students will have the opportunity to take leadership roles such as
            coordinating Adapted Physical Activity programs for people
            with disabilities.

Goal 3: Students will work within a multidisciplinary model based on Professionalism, Advocacy,
and Leadership (PAL) guidelines.

           Students will demonstrate professionalism by remaining current within the
            literature, maintaining membership in professional organizations, and
            attending and participating in professional conferences.

           Students will develop leadership skills through active participation in
            speaking, presiding, as well as attending local, regional, state, and national
            conferences, through submission of manuscripts to professional journals, and grant


       Although there may be born leaders, most of us possess qualities that are needed to

become effective leaders. Through learning and applying specific skills, our ability to become

effective leaders can be strengthened.

Qualities Necessary in Leaders:

       a)          Physical energy
       b)          A sense of purpose and direction
       c)          Enthusiasm
       d)          Friendliness and affection
       e)          Integrity
       f)          Technical mastery
       g)          Decisiveness
       h)          Intelligence
       i)          Teaching skill
       j)          Faith

Although any undergraduate or graduate student can obtain recognition, you must be in the
undergraduate concentration or a graduate student in Adapted Physical Education. If you are
interested you must apply to Dr. Lieberman the semester before you graduate or when you
complete the below requirements. The faculty in the area of Adapted Physical Education will
then review students credentials and determine who is eligible for the recognition.

In order to earn this honor, students must complete at least one activities under each of the
following headings with documented proof attached:

___ Co-coordinated or coordinated one of the practical experiences offered at SUNY Brockport
___ Lead a group in one of the practical experiences offered at SUNY Brockport
___ Presented or co-presented at a conference related to adapted physical education
___ Helped with collecting data for research, or conducted a review of literature on a specific
topic related to adapted physical education

___ Belonged to at least one of the following organizations: NYSAHPERD, AAHPERD, IFAPA,
or the National Consortium on Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance for Individuals with
Disabilities (NCPERID)
___ Belonged to at least one of the following organizations: Phi Epsilon Kappa, Physical
Education majors Club, SUNY Brockport Lions Club

                            Professional Networking
___ Attended at least one of the following conferences: State conference, National Conference,
Adapted Physical Education Conference

                                 Related Literature
___ Subscribed to at least one periodical related to adapted physical education such as
Palaestra, or Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly.

                               Practical experiences
___ Participated from start to finish in at least three programs offered by Brockport such as the
Sport Leadership Program, Swim & Gym Program, Camp Abilities, Empire State Games for the
Physically Challenged, etc.
___ Participated in an outside camp or program for children with disabilities.

___ Raised funds for Adapted Physical Activity

___Wrote or co-authored a grant in Adapted Physical Activity


                                    Resume Builder
       The Adapted Physical Education Concentration offers numerous opportunities to expand
your knowledge base, experience, and resume in a variety ways. Volunteer work at numerous
practica sites and practical experiences received in classes will help you become better
prepared to enter the professional world. You will take an active role as an advocate for people
with disabilities through grant writing, conference opportunities, and support of legislation for
individuals with disabilities. Your volunteer experiences and leadership roles will give you the
upper hand while interviewing for jobs. You will become a respected and contributing member
of society by improving the lives of individuals with disabilities and their families.

        Appendix A

Concentration Declaration Form

                              SUNY Brockport
                        Adapted Physical Education
                       Concentration Declaration Form


Date Applied to Concentration:__________________________________________

Home Address: _____________________________________________________


School address: ____________________________________________________


Phone Local: __________________________Home:________________________

Cell phone:_______________________ e-mail:____________________________

SS#: ____________________________Academic Advisor: __________________

Year: Fr___ So___ Jr.___ Sr.___ Date Approved: ___________________________

Previous Experience:

Future Goals:


         Appendix B
APE Concentration Progress Sheet

            SUNY Brockport Adapted Physical Education Concentration

Name:___________________________ Date Applied to Concentration: __________

Home Address: ___________________Phone Local/Home: __________________

SS#: ___________________________Academic Advisor: ____________________

Major Field: _______________________Date Approved: _____________________

 Depart-   Course     Semester    Course Title       Semester      Grade   Semester
 ment      Code       Offered                        Hours                 Com-
                                  Introduction to
 PSY       PSY 110    Fall/Spring Psychology         3 credits
           or 112
           PEP 445    Fall/Spring Adapted Physical
 PES                              Education          3 credits
           PEP 481    Fall        Instructional
                                  Strategies         3 credit
           PEP 482    Fall        Adapted Physical   3 credits
 PES                              Education and
 PES       PEP 483    Fall/Spring Early Childhood    3 credits
           PEP 485    Summer      Practicum in
 PES                  or student Adapted Physical    3 credits
                      teaching    Education
 PES       PEP 499    Any time    Independent
                                  (professional)     1-3 credits

 PES       PES 499    Any time    Independent        1-3 credits
                                  (Liberal arts,

                                                     3 credits

                                                     3 credits
                 Appendix C
Graduate Schools in Adapted Physical Education

  Graduate Masters Degree Programs in
SUNY Brockport                            Dr. Joseph Winnick       1-585-395-2383

Michigan State  University                       Dr. Gail Dummer         1-517-355-

University of Virginia                    Dr. Marty Block          1-804-924-7073

University Of Wisconsin at LaCrosse Dr.   Pat DiRocco              1-608-785-8695

Texas Womens Univ.                        Dr. Ron French

Oregon State Univ.                        Dr. Jeff McCubbin        1-541-737-5921

Ohio State                                Dr. Dave Porretta        1-614-292-0849

California State University at Chico      Dr. Rebecca Lytle        1-530-898-4298

Indiana University                        Dr. Georgia Frey         1-812-339-0713


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