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									Massachusetts Farms
Directory for School Food Services
         produced by the Massachusetts Farm to School Project
                                                                          Freshness and taste are major benefits to serving locally
Dear Food Service Professional:                                        3) Be flexible.
Thank you for your interest in feeding Massachusetts farm
products to your customers. Fresh locally grown food encourages           grown food. However, the benefit of “just picked” comes
students to enjoy healthier meals! The Massachusetts Farm to              with some restrictions. Much of what is available locally is
School Project has been working for several years with schools            dependent upon the weather and the season. Planning your
and farmers across the state to cultivate mutually beneficial             menus in a way that allows you to choose between several
relationships.This directory has been created to make it easier for       different vegetables or fruits, depending on what’s available,
school food service operations to access local farm products.             will make it easier for you to serve the maximum amount
Finding an appropriate match is the next critical step. Here are a        of freshly picked items.Your students will appreciate the
few tips to keep in mind when making an initial contact with a farm:      delicious tastes offered by more seasonal eating.

                                                                          Call or email us at (413) 253-3844 or
                                                                       4) Need help?
   Making a list of the types of foods you may be interested in
1) Know your needs.

   purchasing will assist the farm in responding to your inquiry.
   Have a rough idea of the quantities in which you purchase the
   items that you are hoping the farm can supply. It’s okay to ask
   a farm to send you a sample product list before meeting. It’s
   also important to let the farm know of your delivery needs
   and locations. Do you purchase food for summer feeding?               Partially Processed—Items that are cut, peeled,
   That’s important to share as well.                                    canned, or bottled
                                                                         Organic—Follows USDA organic certification standards
   Give yourself plenty of time to work out the details of price,
2) Call ahead.
                                                                         Extended Season—Through cold storage and/or
   delivery and availability with the farmer. Although farms can
                                                                         greenhouse production, able to continue to sell products
   sometimes manage a quick turnaround time, having initial
                                                                         into winter or spring
   conversations a month or more before the first delivery will
   ensure that the locally grown foods you wish to purchase
   will be ready for delivery for you when you want them.
BARNSTABLE COUNTY                    1G re at B a r ri n g t o n    1L e n ox                       BRISTOL COUNTY

1E a st F a l m o u t h
                                       Windy Hill Farm                River Valley Farm             1D a rt m o u t h
                                       Judy Mareb                     Lisa Dachinger
                                       Apples                         Mixed vegetables
  Coonamessett Farm                                                                                   Dartmouth Orchards
                                       (413) 298-3217                 (413) 637-1290
  Ron Smolowitz                                                                                       Brian Medeiros
  Salad mix                                                                                           Apples and vegetables
  (508) 563-2560                        (508) 999-5801
                                     1H a n c o c k                 1P i t t s fi e l d             1D i g h t o n
BERKSHIRE COUNTY                       Ioka Valley Farm               David’s Melon Farm              Reed Farm
                                                                                                      Steven Reed
                                                                                                      Vegetables, fruit, flowers
                                       Rob Leab
                                       Maple syrup, beef              Musk melon, watermelon,
1C h e s h i re
                                                                      David Leavitt                   (508) 669-4088
                                                                      various colors and flavors
                                       (413) 738-5915
                                  (413) 442-0484
  Whitney’s Farm
  Sweet corn, pumpkin,
                                                                                                    1Re h o b o t h
  Eric Whitney
  tomatoes, peppers
                                     1L a n e s b o ro u g h
  (413) 822-9723
                                                                                                      Oakdale Farm
                                                                    1S h e f fi e l d                                                                                Richard Pray or Laura Smith
                                       Lakeview Orchards                                              Vegetables, berries

                                                                                                      (508) 336-7681
                                                                      Equinox Farm
                                       David Jurzak
                                                                      Salad mix, various potatoes
1D a l t o n
                                       (413) 448-6009
                                                                      and other vegetables,
                                                                      Ted Dobson
  Holiday Brook Farm                                                  extended season

  Desirée or Jesse                                                    (413) 229-2266
  Produce, maple syrup, beef, pork
                                                                                                    1S e e ko n k
                                     1L e e

  (413) 684-0444
                                       High Lawn Farm                                                 Four Town Farm                                                                            Chris Clegg
                                                                      Howden Farm                     Vegetables
                                       Helen Christensen
                                       Milk and dairy products

                                       (413) 478-0549                 Bruce Howden                    (508) 336-5587

                                      (413) 229-8481        
1S o u t h D a rt m o u t h          Sampson Farm                  ESSEX COUNTY                   1M e t h u e n
 Eva’s Garden                        Potatoes, butternut squash,                                    Pleasant Valley Gardens
                                                                   1A m e s b u ry
                                     Jerome Sampson
                                     sweet corn, extended season
 Eva Sommaripa                                                                                      Rich Bonanno
 Culinary herbs, flowers                                                                             Lettuce, vegetables
                                     (508) 674-2733
                                                                    Cider Hill Farm
 (508) 636-5869                                                                                     (978) 682-9563
                                     Sampson_farm_lp@               Ed or Glenn Cook
                                                                    Fruit, berries, vegetables
 Forbidden Fruit Farm                            (978) 388-5525                  www.pleasantvalley
 Vegetables, Asian pears, frozen
                                   DUKES COUNTY
 Barbara Purdy or
 fruit, extended season

 Chip Higgins
                                                                   1H ave ri l l                  1We st N ew b u ry
 (508) 207-2193
                                   1E d ga rt ow n
                                                                    Tower Hill Farm                 Long Hill
 (508) 990-8837 (fax)                Morning Glory Farm
                                                                    Alan Schwartz
                                                                    Melons, vegetables              Orchard & Farm
                                     Cheryl Harary
                                     Mixed vegetables
                                                                    (617) 988-4051                  Cindy Adams
                                                                                                    Apples, vegetables
                                     (508) 627-9003                                                 (978) 363-2170
1We st p o rt

                                     (508) 627-3955 (fax)                                 
 Noquochoke Orchards
                                                                   1I p sw i c h
 Vegetables, 90 varieties
                                                                    Appleton Farms
 George Smith or Doris Mills
 of apples
                                  Jamie or Melissa
 (508) 636-2237                                                                                   FRANKLIN COUNTY
                                                                    Mixed vegetables                                               (978) 412-9587                                      
                                   1O a k B l u f f s
                                                                                                  1A s h fi e l d
                                     Whippoorwill Farm                                              Clark Brothers
 Paradise Hill Farm
                                     Rusty Gordon or
                                     Mixed vegetables              1Pe a b o dy
 Shirley Robbins
                                     Andrew Woodruff
                                                                    Brooksby Farm                   Apples, pears, peaches, grapes,
 (978) 590-6537                      (508) 693-5995
                                                                                                    Aaron Clark
                                                                    Apples, vegetables,             extended season
                                                                    Pat K or Joanne
                                                                    peeled butternut squash
                                                                               (413) 625-2492
                                     www.whippoorwill               (978) 531-7456                  clarkbrothers
                                               (978) 531-1631 (fax)  
  Sidehill Farm              Clarkdale Fruit Farms           1N ew S a l e m               1S h e l b u r n e

  Amy Klippenstein or
  Yogurt                     Apples, tree fruits, cider,      Hamilton Orchards              Apex Orchards
  Paul Lacinski              Tom Clark
                             extended season                  Apples, berries: fresh and     Apples, organic apples,
  (413) 625-0011             (413) 772-6797                   Barbara Hamilton               Tim Smith
                                                              frozen, rhubarb                peaches, cider vinegar, honey     (978) 544-6867                 (413) 625-2744
                         (978) 544-6121 (fax) 
1C o l ra i n
                             Warm Colors Apiary
  Pine Hill Orchards
                             Dan Conlon
  Cider, jellies, apples,                                                                  1S o u t h D e e r fi e l d
                             (413) 665-4513
                                                              New Salem Preserves
  David or Matt
  extended season
                                                              and Orchards                   Atlas Farm
  (413) 624-3325                                           Sara or Gideon Porth
                                                                                             Organic vegetables, watermelon
                                                              Carol Hillman
  (413) 624-3413 (fax)                                                                       (413) 230-4833                                     (978) 544-3437
                                                                (413) 773-3412 (fax)
                             Williams Farm, Inc.
                             Maple syrup, corn, cucumbers,

                             Sandy Williams                                        
1D e e r fi e l d            butternut squash
                                                             1O ra n ge
  The Bars Farm              (413) 834-3875
                             (413) 773-1900 (fax)
  Mixed vegetables,                                           Seeds of Solidarity            Long Plain Farm
                                                        Scott Hutkoski
                                                              Farm                           Vegetables, extended season
  Allison Landale
  extended season
                                                              Ricky Baruc                    (413) 665-1210
                                                              Salad greens, tomatoes
  (413) 772-1031
  (413) 773-0055 (fax)
                            1L eyd e n
                                                              (978) 544-7564                 (413) 575-2598 (cell)    Dancing Bear Farm              Vegetables, tomatoes, greens,

                             Tom Ashley
                             extended season

                             (413) 774-2021
  Nourse Farms, Inc.                1We n d e l l                    1We st f i e l d              1B e l c h e rt ow n
  Small fruits, processed             Diemand Egg Farm, Inc.          Kosinski Farms                Austin Brothers
  Nate Nourse
                                      Anne Diemand
                                      Turkey, turkey products         Blueberries, strawberries,    Valley Farm
  (413) 665-2658                      (978) 544-3806                  Gene Kosinski
                                                                      apples, frozen berries
                                                                                                    Michael or Roxanne
                                                                                                    Beef, pork
  (413) 665-7888 (fax)                                                (413) 896-0475                (413) 668-6843                                      
                                    HAMPDEN COUNTY
                                                                     1Wi l b ra h a m               Cold Spring Orchard
                                    1B ri m fi e l d
                                                                                                    Kristen Hanley
1S u n d e rl a n d                                                                                 Tree fruits, extended season
                                      Little Rest Farm                Green Acres
                                                                                                    (413) 323-6647
  D. A. Smiarowski Farm                                               Fruit Farm
                                      Chris Sturgeon                                      
                                      Mixed vegetables
  Dan Smiarowski
  Asparagus, sweet corn, potatoes
                                                                      Kathleen Smedberg
                                                                      Apples, extended season
  (413) 665-7522                      (413) 245-1110                                      
                                        (413) 596-3016                                                                         1E a st h a m p t o n
  The Kitchen Garden                1C h i c o p e e                 HAMPSHIRE COUNTY               Mountain View Farm
  Tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes,      McKinstry’s
                                                                                                    Ben or Liz
                                                                                                    Vegetables, extended season
  Caroline Pam
  head lettuce                                                       1A m h e rst
                                                                                                    (413) 329-0211
                                      Market Garden
  (413) 387-5163
                                                                      Atkins Farm
                                      Bill McKinstry                                                mountainviewfarmer
                                      Mixed vegetables                                                              
                                      (413) 297-3338
                                                                      Tree fruits, cider,                                           Pauline Lannon                www.mountain
                                                                      extended season

                                                                      (413) 253-9528      
                                                                      (413) 256-3117 (fax)
  Riverland Farm                    1G ra nv i l l e

  Organic mixed vegetables,           Mountain Orchard
  Meghan Arquin
  extended season                     Peaches, nectarines, apples,
  (413) 687-5781                      Ed or Anne Jensen
                                      extended season              (413) 357-8877               (413) 357-6381 (fax)
1G ra n by                     Mapleline Farm            1S o u t h a m p t o n             1B e d f o rd

                               John Kokoski
 Red Fire Farm                 Milk                        Bashista Orchards                 Chip-In Farm
                               (413) 549-6486                                                Paul Couvee
 Organic vegetables,                                       Apples, pears, peaches, plums,    Eggs, call for availability

 Ryan Voiland                                              Thomas Bashista
 extended season
                                                                                             (781) 275-2545
                                                           extended season

 (413) 467-7645               1H at fi e l d               (413) 527-9091                                                                   
                               Potato Farm                                                  1C o n c o rd
                               Potatoes, onions,                                             Verrill Farm
1H a d l ey                                              1We st h a m p t o n
                               Shelly Swazlowski
                               extended season
                                                                                             Steve Verrill
                                                                                             Vegetables, herbs
                               (413) 247-9240
 Boisvert Farm                                             Outlook Farm
                                                                                             (978) 369-4494
 Maple syrup, vegetables,
                                                           Apples, peaches, vegetables,
                               Brad or Erin Morse
 peeled butternut squash,                                  extended season

 John Boisvert
 extended season
                                                           (413) 529-9388
 (413) 585-8820                                            (413) 529-0421 (fax)
                               Teddy C.                                                     1G ro t o n

 (413) 586-3447 (fax)                            
                               Smiarowski Farm                                               Autumn
                               Asparagus, potatoes,                                          Hills Orchard                Bernie Smiarowski         MIDDLESEX COUNTY
                                                                                             Evan or Lyn
                                                                                             Apples, tree fruits, grapes
 Joseph                        (413) 247-5181                                                (978) 448-8388
 Czajkowski Farm                                         1A c t o n                
                               Wendolowski Farm
 Vegetables, including some                                Butter Brook
                               Anthony or Helen
                               Onions, extended season
 partially processed, small                                Organic Farm
                               (413) 247-5476
 Joe Czajkowski
 fruits, extended season                                   Organic vegetables, chicken,
 (413) 237-2615                                            Guy McKay
                                                           eggs, extended season                                    (978) 263-1936
1H o l l i st o n                NANTUCKET COUNTY                 1N o r f o l k                      1P lym o u t h
  Reseska Apiaries, Inc.         1N a n t u c ke t
                                                                    Jane and Paul’s Farm               Cranberry Hill Farm
  Adelaide Reseska
  Honey                                                             Tomatoes, sweet corn, butternut    Organic cranberries, fresh,
                                   Bartlett Ocean
  (508) 429-6872                                                    Jane or Paul Newton                Rob or Kristine Keese
                                                                    squash, strawberries               frozen and dried berries
                                   View Farm                                      (508) 528-0812                     (508) 888-9179
  www.bostonhoney                  Larry Belka                      (508) 528-0862 (fax)               (508) 888-9179 (fax)
                                   Vegetables                      (508) 228-9403                   janeandpaulsfarm         
1L i t t l e t o n
                                 NORFOLK COUNTY
                                                                  1S h a ro n                         1P lym p t o n
  Springdell Farms
                                                                    Ward’s Berry Farm
  Jamie M. Cruz
  Mixed vegetables                                                                                     Sauchuk Farm
                                 1C o h a s s e t
  (978) 486-3865
                                                                    Vegetables, berries,
                                                                                                       Scott Sauchuk

                                                                    Jim Ward
                                                                    extended season                                                                          (781) 585-1522
                                   Holly Hill Farm                                           (781) 389-2349           
                                   Produce, herbs, education,

                                   Jon Belber                       (781) 784-1650 (fax)     
                                   school gardens
1S t ow                            (781) 363-6565         
                                                                WORCESTER COUNTY
                                   PLYMOUTH COUNTY
  Carver Hill Orchard
  Chuck Lord
  Apples, peaches
                                                                                                      1A t h o l
  (978) 897-6117                 1F ra n kl i n                   1H i n g h a m
                                                                                                       The Farm School
                                   Fairmount Fruit Farm             Penniman Hill Farm
                                                                                                       Patrick Connors
                                                                                                       Organic vegetables
                                                                    Mixed vegetables, some
                                   Johnny or Charles Koshivas                                          (978) 249-9944
1Tow n s e n d
                                   (508) 533-8737                                            
                                    (781) 749-5443           
  King Farm, Inc.
  Bart King                                               
  Mixed vegetables

  (978) 597-2866
1B a r re                         1H u b b a rd st o n                   1N ew B ra i n t re e          1N o rt h b o ro u g h
 Many Hands                         The Country Hen                       Howe Farms                     Berberian Farm
                                    Jim Barry                             Chip Howe                      Mike Berberian
 Organic Farm                       Organic eggs                          Vegetables, fruits, berries    Fruits, vegetables, corn

                                    (978) 928-5333                        (508) 829-2517                 (508) 393-8079
 Organic salad greens,

 Julie Rawson                                                           (508) 243-8079 (cell)
 mixed vegetables

 (978) 355-2853           
                                                                          Stillman’s Farm
 (978) 355-4046 (fax)
                                                                          Apples, winter squash,         Davidian Bros. Farm                                                           Glenn or Genevieve             (508) 393-3444
                                                                          corn, beans                    Tree fruits, mixed vegetables
                                  1L e i c e st e r                       Little Bit Farm                       (508) 867-7193       
                                    Dianna or Bruce Provencher
                                    Vegetables, honey, eggs, meat
1H a rva rd
 Carlson Orchards                                                         Tougas Farm
                                                                                                         Andre Tougas
                                                                                                         Apples, peaches
 Frank Carlson
 Cider juice boxes, fresh cider                                          1N o rt h B ro o k fi e l d
                                                                                                         (508) 641-7256
                                  1L e o m i n st e r
 (978) 456-3916
 (978) 456-3916 (fax)
                                    Sholan Farms                          Orchards, Inc.                                                                              
                                    Mike Meehan
                                    Apples, berries
                                                                          Dorothy Civin
                                                                          Apples, extended season

 Westward Orchards                  (978) 660-4556                        (508) 867-6858
                                                                                                        1O a k h a m

 Farm Store                                                                                              Linabella’s
                                  1L u n e n b u rg
 Stephanie Green                                                
 Apples, fruit trees                                                                                     Garlic Farm
 (978) 456-8363
                                    Lanni Orchards
                                                                                                         Jeff or Michelle Howard
                                    Apples, organic apples, tree          Dan Kittredge Farm
                                    fruits, vegetables, some partially    Organic greens, vegetables,    (508) 882-3030
                                    Pat Lanni
                                    processed, extended season
                                                                          Dan Kittredge
                                                                          extended season
                                    (978) 582-6246                        (978) 257-2327
1Pe t e rs h a m                 1S u t t o n
  Sweetwater Farm                 Silvermine Farm

  Benjamin Purdon                 Martha Cole
  Mixed vegetables                Salad greens, vegetables

  (413) 320-1349                  (508) 865-5335
                                 1Wa r re n
1P h i l l i p st o n             Breezeland Orchards
  Red Apple Farm                  Apples, pears, peaches, cider,

                                  Mark Tuttle
                                  extended season
  Al Rose

  (978) 249-6763                  (413) 436-7100             (413) 436-7122 (fax)
                                 1We st B ro o k f i e l d
1S t e rl i n g                   Honeybee Orchards
                                  Bill Haseotes
  Clearview Farm                  Apples, pears

                                  (508) 826-6607
  Tree fruits, berries, mixed

                                  (508) 867-4200 (fax)
  vegetables, cut/peeled/cored

  Rick and Diane Melone

  (978) 422-6442
                                  Ragged Hill Orchards       Keith Arsenault
                                  Apples, extended season      (508) 867-2187
                           Massachusetts Farm to School Project
                                 400 Amity Street, Suite 5
                                   Amherst, MA 01002

                                   (413) 253-3844

    Special thanks to the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Foundation, the Massachusetts
   Department of Agricultural Resources and the USDA for the printing of this Directory.

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