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					                                                                                                                                                                                      E & E PLUMRIDGE
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  Nantais Gallery                         in Linton,                                                                                                        2007                         41 High Street
   2 3r d February                      Hildersham,                                                                                                   Vol. 20 No 11                          Linton
                                         Hadstock &                                                                                                  Publication Date                    01223 891407
                                           Bartlow                                                                                                  Monday 5th February
    Established 1987                                         e-mail
                                                                                                                                                                  LINTON DIARY
    Sale of Symonds House                                                                                                                         To guarantee entry into this diary please ensure that your
                                                                                                                                                        event is written into the diary in the Post Office.
                                                                                                                                                  Details of items in bold type may be found elsewhere in this edition.
                                                                                                                                                      You may also send an email with your event details to
S   YMONDS House Nursing Home for the elderly is in the
    process of being sold. Residents and their relatives are being
invited to meet the new owners, Raveedha Care Ltd, who already
                                                                                                                                            , or use the form on
run Eastcotts Nursing Home in Kedington.                                                                                                         Junior badminton, 10am-12noon Sundays                  Sports Centre
    The sale is expected to completed at the end of March. The                                                                                   Adult tennis coaching, Sundays (call 07791 150141)                  SC
home is licensed by the Commission for Social Care Inspector-                                                                                    Slimming World, 7.30pm Mondays                     Cathodeon Centre
ate, an independent body funded by the government, which                                                                                         Pilates, 10 and 11.15am Mondays                          Village Hall
makes regular inspections of both the care of residents and the                                                                                  Whist drive, 7.30pm Mondays                                        VH
facilities.                                                                                                                                      Men’s keep fit club, 8pm Mondays and Wednesdays                    SC
                                                                                                                                                 Ladies’ netball, 7-9pm Mondays                                     SC
   It was almost 20 years ago that Cambridgeshire county coun-                                                                                   WEA, 10am Tuesdays                                                 VH
cil, who then owned Symonds House, decided to sell it to                                                                                         South Cambs housing surgery, 10-11.30am Tuesdays VH (FF)
Symonds House Nursing Home Ltd, specially set up to buy the                                                                                      Linton chess club, 7.30pm Tuesdays                                 CC
facility. Symonds House had been built as a Victorian workhouse                                                                                  Tae Kwon Do, 6-8pm Tuesdays and Thursdays                          SC
and the council had acquired the site around 1929-1930 when the                                                                                  Ladies’ badminton, 8-10pm Tuesdays                                 SC
workhouse became the Linton Public Assistance Institution. It             A more unusual view of Symonds House and, inset, a                     IT club, 7pm Tuesdays                                              CC
became Linton Hospital in 1944, known locally as the Hospital,            picture of one of the long-time residents Reg Norden                   Linton radio race car club, 6-10pm Wednesdays                      VH
and the county council turned it into a residential home for                                                      Picture by Roger Lapwood       Linton theatre workshop, Wednesdays                   (call 892076)
elderly people in the 1960s.                                          the women and very young children, the men, the boys and the girls.        Tots-in-Tow, 10-11.30am Wednesdays in term time                    VH
   The current director, Dr Mukesh Rajani, said he and his four          Part of the workhouse was known locally as The Spike where              LVC badminton club, 8-10pm Thursdays                               SC
co-directors invested heavily to modernise the listed buildings       unmarried girls who became pregnant were sent to have their babies.        Little Acorns, 10-11.30am Thursdays                                VH
when they first took over the home. They upgraded the facilities      Eighty-nine-year-old Pinna Dockerill, who goes to the day centre           Carpet bowls, 7.30pm Thursdays                                     VH
to residential home standards, converting the dormitories with        three times a week said her mother, who worked at the Spike                Children’s trampolining, 3.30-4.30pm and 4.30-5.30pm Thursdays SC
eight or 10 beds to single rooms with en suite facilities. The        cleaning and scrubbing the floors used to say to her: “You get             Junior basketball, 6-7pm Fridays                                   SC
work had to be done piecemeal over a period of time while             yourself into trouble, my girl, and into The Spike you’ll go.” How         Bridge club, 7pm Fridays                                           CC
caring for the 74 residents. At that time most of the staff lived     times have changed. Pinna is not ‘in trouble’ but she is often at The      Tap dancing, 7.15-8pm Fridays                                      VH
in Linton and could walk to work, but now Dr Rajani says              Spike, eating lunch in the room that was formerly the nursery.             Granta badminton club, 8-10pm Fridays                              SC
almost a third of around 70 staff (including part- timers)               A large wing housing the old laundry at the rear of Symonds             Adult social tennis, 2-3pm Saturdays                               SC
commute from Haverhill.                                               House is derelict. Dr Rajani says they had plans to turn the buildings     Boxercise/dance aerobics/TTB/spinning, 7-8pm various days,
   Ninety-four-year-old Reg Norden, a resident of Symonds House       into warden-controlled accommodation in the 1990s but the work                                                              (call 890248) SC
for 30 years, remembers sleeping in the dormitories, or ‘bedrooms’    was never started. Perhaps the new owners will consider expanding          FEBRUARY
as he calls them, when it was owned by the county council.            the care home to take more residents, pursue plans for warden-              3 Farmers’ market, 9.30am                                      LVC
   The home also has a day centre for elderly people organised by     controlled accommodation or even develop the buildings for sale as          3 Horseheath races, 12 noon                    By-pass racecourse
the county council, now transferred to the Primary Care Trust.                                                                                    6 WI, 7.30pm                                                      VH
                                                                      private housing.                                                            7 Reading group, 8pm                                Dog and Duck
   Garth Collard* says the brick and flint building was based on a       (*Garth has extensive information on Symonds House and other            10 Liberal Democrats’ jumble sale, 2pm                            VH
standard workhouse design – a large rectangle divided into four       places in the village. Please tell him what you would like to see in the   10 Linton Music Society concert, 7.30pm                         LVC
squares with the Master’s house at the centre. From his tower he      Linton News – 12 Crossways, 892395.)                                       11 Camera club, 10am                        Coles Lane Car Park
could keep an eye on each quarter housing the different divisions:                                                            Kate France        13 VIP Group, 2pm                                        Chalklands
                                                                                                                                                 13 Gardening club, 7.30pm                                         VH

       What a change ... Maggie                                                                              Do you like                         14 ACEs’ Fairtrade tea, 2pm
                                                                                                                                                 14 St Valentine’s dinner and dance, 7.30pm
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Chilford Hall
                                                                                                                                                 15 Parish council meeting, 8pm                                     CC
                                                                                                              to sing?
      braves the clippers for £800                                                                           Come and
                                                                                                                                                 18 Cambridge glass fair, 10.30am-4pm
                                                                                                                                                 18 Friends of St Mary’s organ recital, 3pm
                                                                                                                                                                                                      Chilford Hall
                                                                                                                                                                                                           St Mary’s

W      E told you in the Decem-
       ber edition that Maggie
Orriss was intending to have
                                                                      surprised everyone by laugh-
                                                                      ing, not crying, later donning
                                                                                                              join our
                                                                                                                                                 19 Hildersham WI, 7.30pm
                                                                                                                                                 20 Historical society, 7.30pm
                                                                                                                                                 21 CAMTAD, hearing help, 9am-12noon
                                                                                                                                                                                           Hildersham village hall
                                                                                                                                                                                                       Health Centre
                                                                      an impressive black and white
her head shaved to raise money                                        hat.                                                                       23 Spring show begins                     Darryl Nantais Gallery
for a school expedition. Well,
the deed was done as planned
                                                                         For the trip to Africa in July
                                                                      2008, Maggie must raise
                                                                                                                choir                            24 Horseheath races, 1pm
                                                                                                                                                 24 Acoustic music, 9pm
                                                                                                                                                                                                 By-pass racecourse
                                                                                                                                                                                           King’s Head, Hadstock
by Nina Dye, the first time she                                                                            THE choir of St Mary’s Linton
                                                                      £2,650. On the day of the            is a mixed group of adults and        MARCH
had ever cut off a young girl’s                                       “trim”, she had already reached
hair in these circumstances.                                                                               children and is seeking new            1 Luncheon club, 12.15pm                                 Crown Inn
                                                                      £600, and the event netted           members to help nourish the            1 Parish council meeting, 8pm                                  CC
   Confident Maggie, sur-                                             another £800. Hopefully the
rounded by supportive rela-                                                                                choral tradition at the parish         2 Women’s World Day of Prayer, 10.30am                   St Mary’s
                                                                      total is now even higher, and if     church.
tives and friends said “This                                          you would like to make a con-                                               3 Farmers’ market, 9.30am                                    LVC
must be one of the stupidest                                                                                   If you used to sing when you       3 Dads and tots, 9.30am                                        VH
                                                                      tribution please phone Maggie        were younger or if you are new         6 WI, 7.30pm                                                   VH
things I have ever done,” but        Maggie gets a ‘well-done’        on 891021.
she was smiling as she faced                                                                               to singing (or new to the vil-
                                    kiss from a family member                                     LNT      lage) and want to have a go,          Refuse collection: 5th , 19th February, 5th March
the scissors.                                                                                                                                    Recycling collection: 12th and 26th. February
   Her thick long hair was first   ment of unhelpful jokes from                           Before:          there are opportunities coming
put in a ponytail and she closed   her friends, the shaving contin-                       Maggie           up in the next few months when
                                                                                                                                                 Library times: Monday Closed; Tuesday 10.30am-1pm,
her eyes as this was gradually     ued, the whole operation com-                          with             you can give the choir a try          2pm-5pm; Wednesday 2pm-5pm, 6pm-8pm; Thursday
chopped off. Then came the         pleted in five minutes.                                long             without an extensive time com-        Closed; Friday 10.30am-1pm, 2pm-5pm, 6pm-8pm; Saturday
clippers for the first shave          There was a round of ap-                            hair             mitment. We would be glad to          10am-12noon.
across the top, Nina as nervous    plause as Maggie covered her                                            see you!
as Maggie. To the accompani-       face with her hands, but she                                                All voices are very welcome
                                                                                 Pictures by Ron Pitkin
                                                                                                           but we would particularly wel-
                                                                                                           come interest from basses and
                                                                                                                                                    Too good for jumble …
 Rising cello star is                                                                                      tenors. You don’t need to be
                                                                                                           able to read music but it helps.
                                                                                                                                                 PERFECT for making tasty meals, a family-size slow cooker in
                                                                                                                                                 excellent condition is on offer for £10 or more; also a pale grey
  back in Linton  LINTON
                                                                                                               If you are nervous or a bit
                                                                                                           rusty and would like some ad-
                                                                                                                                                 computer work station, worktop and two shelves (60cm wide, 51cm
                                                                                                                                                 deep and 79cm high), with slide-out keyboard shelf and extension.
               M u s ic So c ie t y
                                                                                                           vice on whether you would ben-           The cat basket, the Black & Decker sheet sander, two heart-
AT 7.30pm    on Saturday 10th February       in                                                            efit from singing with us please      shaped lockets and silver padlock and the Epson printer with
Linton village college, there will be a concert                                                            contact the choir’s director,         external CD rewriter are still available. Think hard if you are
featuring John Myerscough on cello and                                                                     David Parry-Smith, on 894175          interested in the bike for a 9-12 year old (needing small adjust-
Alasdair Beatson on piano.                                                                                 or             ment). It will surely be snapped up come the spring.
   John Myerscough, the winner of the Royal                                                                Help is at hand and a structured         The 16in Philips TV raised £10 for St Mary’s church
Overseas League gold medal and first prize                                                                 singing course (“Voice for            bellringers, sale of another TV raised £15 for Tigist Semenew,
in 2006, was heard last season in Linton in                                                                Life”) is available.                  the Ethiopian girl sponsored by the Guides through World
his role as cellist of the acclaimed Doric                                                                     The next major choral event       Vision, and the two BT phones made £25 for ACE – Action in the
String Quartet.                                                                                            is Stainer’s Crucifixion to be        Community for the Elderly. All profits go to a village or national
   He returns with pianist Alasdair Beatson                                                                performed at St Mary’s at 6pm         charity chosen by the donor of the item. All enquiries please to:
in a recital which includes the Brahms’ Cello                                                              on Sunday 25th March. Rehears-                                                  Kate France 891602
Sonata in E Minor Op 38 and Mendelssohn’s                                                                  als begin on Friday 2nd March at                    or email
Sonata Op 58.                                                                                              8pm for one hour and continue
   Tickets are available at the door or can be                                                             on Fridays at the same time
obtained in advance or in person from Sweet                                                                until the performance. Please            Prepare to celebrate 20 years
Talk News at 77 Linton High Street (893480).                                                               contact David if you would like       LOOK out for information in our March edition regarding
   For a brochure for the whole season or for                                                              to take part. You would be most       deadlines for the April issue. These will be earlier than normal as
tickets, please contact: 894460 or 897983.                  John Myerscough in action                      welcome to join us.                   the April edition will be in full colour to celebrate our 20th year.
                             Hayley Donnan                                    Picture by Richard Smith        Jeanne Boutal-Chapman                                                                             LNT
                                                                                                                                                                             Printed by E & E Plumridge Ltd.
Page 2                                                                                                                                                                                       February 2007

    PLODDING                                 A round-up
                                              of police
                                                                         Your free guide to
     ALONG ...                               matters in
                                                                       community transport
                                                                       WHAT is a dial-a-ride service or a voluntary car scheme and am
                                                                       I eligible? If you’ve ever thought this, then help is at hand.

I   AM pleased to announce
   that PC Addison-Atkinson is
back as the Linton Neighbour-
                                      ** Sign new cards as soon
                                   as they arrive (some compa-
                                   nies ask you to confirm receipt
                                                                       Cambridgeshire County Council has just published their indis-
                                                                       pensable Community Transport guide for 2006/2007 – and it’s
                                                                       completely free.                                                                                                           Tulips, an
hood Police Officer. He will be    before they activate the card)         The guide explains exactly what community transport is, who                                                             oil-on-board
resuming the same three-week          ** Make sure you cut up          can use it and how it works alongside conventional public                                                                  still life
shift pattern part-time.           your old cards as soon as the       transport. It also lists by district details of all community trans-
    You also have a new Police     new ones become valid               port schemes operating throughout Cambridgeshire.                                                                          from the
Community Support Officer to          ** Don’t keep your cheque-          Laid out in an accessible reference format, the guide is easy                                                           distinguished
assist PC Addison-Atkinson         book with your cards                to read and understand. Three sections provide clear and con-                                                              Cambridge
and me – PCSO7205 Dan Piper           ** Report lost or stolen         cise information.                                                                                                          artist
who will be covering the Lin-      cards to your issuer immedi-           For a free copy, contact Gavin Moulton on 01223 717755, or                                                              Leigh Hunt
ton and Fulbourn beats.            ately: a 24-hour emergency          write to him at Cambridgeshire county council, ET1015, Castle
      Credit card theft and        number is usually shown on          Court, Shire Hall, Cambridge CB3 0AP, or email him at
          ‘skimming’               your statement.           
In addition to your card being          Drive safely in adverse                                                             Gavin Moulton
stolen it can be skimmed!                      weather
Skimming happens when the
magnetic strip on a credit or
debit card is copied using a
                                   If roads could be flooded, al-
                                   ways check local radio and
                                   television before you leave         Are you a victim
small card reader. This can hap-
pen in shops, restaurants or
anywhere you pay with your
                                   the house to see if your route
                                   has been affected. Also leave
                                   early to allow time for an al-       of anti-social                                                         Debut coup for gallery
card.                              ternative route if you have to
                                                                                                                                               O    UR village art gallery, which had to close for refurbishment
                                                                                                                                                    within weeks of opening because of the 2001 floods contin-
    Your card is then “cloned”,
using the details to make a
counterfeit copy.
    Here are some tips to avoid
                                   take one.
                                      Make sure you have enough
                                   fuel in your car and do not try
                                   to drive through a flooded area.
                                                                         behaviour?                                                            ues to go from strength to strength. As well as the permanent
                                                                                                                                               displays of ceramics, glassware, prints and paintings, Karl and
                                                                                                                                               Nicola have planned some special shows for the coming months.
                                                                       IF something causes you, your       action can be taken to tackle it.      The spring show opens with a private viewing on 23rd Febru-
becoming a skimming victim:        Instead, turn around and go         family or neighbourhood har-           If incidents of ASB are not
    ** Never let the card out of   another way.                                                                                                ary and continues until 31st March. This will feature Leigh Hunt,
                                                                       assment, alarm or distress, then    reported, then it’s possible the    a distinguished landscape and still life painter in his debut
your sight when making a              Do not drive through flow-       it’s anti-social behaviour (ASB).   agencies responsible for tack-
transaction                        ing water and do not drive fast                                                                             exhibition at the Darryl Nantais gallery. Mr Hunt, who served in
                                                                           ASB can have a profound         ling the behaviour will not be      the Royal Navy, has had many showings in his long life and now
    ** Don’t carelessly throw      through low water as it could       effect on individuals and com-      aware of the problems you are
away receipts (they carry in-      cause the vehicle to                                                                                        lives in Cambridge.
                                                                       munities. It can include verbal     experiencing.                          That event will be followed from 4th May-2nd June by an
formation that a fraudster could   aquaplane when it loses con-        abuse, intimidating, aggressive        Anti-social behaviour
use to buy things over the         tact with the road surface.                                                                                 exhibition of modern British artists. The work of top names
                                                                       and threatening behaviour,          should be reported to the Cam-      including Sir Peter Blake, Donald Hamilton Fraser, Sir Terry
phone or Internet)                    Finally, if you do have to       vandalism and noise nuisance.       bridgeshire Police on their non-
    ** Check your receipts         drive through water, always                                                                                 Frost, Sandra Blow and Charlotte Cornish, will be on show.
                                                                           It also includes environmen-    emergency number 0845 456           These are national and international artists who have exhibited at
against your statements care-      check your brakes afterwards.       tal issues such as fly-tipping,     456 4 or South Cambs district
fully, and if you do not recog-     Dawn Bamford PCSO 7051,                                                                                    the Tate, making this display quite a coup for the gallery. There
                                                                       graffiti, abandoned vehicles        council on 08450 450 500. In        will also be a summer show from 15th June until the end of July,
nise a purchase, contact your      Dawn.Bamford@cambs.pnn.             and dog fouling. This isn’t an      an emergency, always call 999.
card issuer immediately                                                                                                     the theme of which is not quite finalised.
                                                                       exhaustive list as there are           To discuss any ASB issues,          This asset to our village, which can also meet your framing
                                                                       many other types of behaviour       contact the ASB caseworker          and restoration needs, is there for all to enjoy, without an
                                                                       that are classed as anti-social.
     Recycle with SOFA                                                     If you are suffering from
                                                                       ASB, it is important you report
                                                                                                           for the South Cambs crime and
                                                                                                           disorder reduction partnership
                                                                                                           on 08450 450 500.
                                                                                                                                               obligation to buy. Karl and Nicola invite you to look at the
                                                                                                                                               website, but why not pop in for a
                                                                                                                                               look around – you never know what might catch your eye?
CAMBRIDGE SOFA is a                trical goods, please call Cam-      the behaviour so the necessary                                 LNT                                                                   LNT
community re-use charity           bridge 576535, or email to
serving Cambridge and the
surrounding rural commu-
nities of Cambridgeshire.
                                      The charity is always in-
                                   terested in recruiting addi-
                                                                          Glass fair                         Publicise your event ... but heed the rules
   There are three main            tional part-time volunteers –       THE ninth Cambridge glass           RECENT changes have been               Signs should not exceed        divisional office at least two
aims:                              van drivers and assistants for      fair, to be held from 10.30am–      made in the county council’s        0.5 square metres, should not     weeks before erecting any
   ** To help households in        delivery, store, electrical, re-    4pm on 18th February 2007 at        policy on road signs for com-       be put up for more than seven     temporary signs.
need by providing them with        ception and administrative          Chilford Hall, promises to be       munity or charity events.           days before the event, or re-        Where more extensive
access to very low cost furni-     work.                               the most exciting event so far.        The new policy is set out        main in place for more than       signing or direction signing
ture, electrical appliances           It is also interested in hear-      If you are interested in         below with the changes              48 hours afterwards.              is required, communities
and other household goods          ing from anyone who might           superb early drinking glasses,      shown in bold.                         The signs should be            should seek the assistance of
   ** To provide local people      be prepared to help manage          pressed glass, stunning                Staff will use discretion        erected within the village or     the AA or RAC, following
who have unwanted house-           Cambridge SOFA by becom-            Lalique, Galle and Loetz, fan-      when temporary signs are put        town/city neighbourhood           guidelines for commercial
hold items with a positive so-     ing a trustee.                      tastic contemporary cameo and       up within villages or within a      where the event is taking         events.
cial and environmental alter-         If you think you would like      engraved pieces, then be sure       neighbourhood of towns or           place. Normally, there               If you have any questions
native to dumping them             to be involved, please call         to put this event in your diary.    cities for a community or           should be no more than            on the new policy please con-
   ** To provide opportuni-        Nicky or Steve on 414554.              For further information and      charity event, provided that        three signs per event.            tact Mike Oakham, your divi-
ties for volunteering.                There is more about the          details of exhibitors, please       they do not cause a hazard,            Organisers of community        sional maintenance engineer
   If you would like to donate     charity on their website            call Paul Bishop on 07887 762.      and are well away from junc-        or charity events should in-      at Whittlesford on 0845 045
unwanted furniture and elec-           872                                 tions and accesses.                 form their local highways’        5212.

    A.J. COPELAND & CO.                                                                                                                                  &
                                                                                                                                                       ES S
                                                                                                                                                                                          EX HOU
                                                                                                                                                                                            TE SE
                                                                                                                                                    IV                                        NS
         Chartered Accountants, Linton                                                                                                            DR TIO                                         ION
                                                                                                                                                    PA                                               S
    Audit, Accountancy, Tax and Consultancy Services
               for Business and Individuals
                                                                                                                                                    HOME                                  PAINTING
     Computerised Self Assessment Tax Return Service                                                                                            IMPROVEMENTS                             DECORATING

                   For FREE initial consultation phone                                                                                                      A & T Groundworks Ltd
                                                                                                                                                 FRIENDLY SERVICE       LARGE & MINI DIGGERS FOR HIRE
                            01799 506602
                                                                                                                                                Call Ashley on 01799-520298 - Mobile 07803745637

    CHRIS FLETCHER                                                                   ALL TILING WORK UNDERTAKEN
          DOORS & WINDOWS REPLACED                                            LJ               CONTRACTS                                               Plumbing & Heating
                                                                            B                                                                             RELIABLE COMPETITIVE
               CONSERVATORIES                                                                                                                               FRIENDLY SERVICE
             GARAGE CONVERSIONS                                                                                 TERRACOTTA,                                              Linton
                                                                        NO JOB TOO SMALL                    CERAMIC, MARBLE,
               For information or quotation:                                                                                                                          01223 893903
                                                                        ESTIMATES FREE                          QUARRY TILES
                      01223 897233
                      07775 538095                                                                                                                         Don’t delay call today
                                                                                         Tel: 01223 891372
February 2007                                                                                                                                                                                          Page 3
    Readers write ...... Readers write ...... Readers write ...... Readers write ......

 Let’s make                           Post and email addresses and deadline for letters are on Page 8. Please note: all letters for publication must be supplied
                                                      with a full name and address to enable us to check authenticity. Letters may be edited.                                      It’s a great
 a record of                                                                                                                                                                          library,
  vandals                          A very simple and cheap way to                                                                                                                     shame
Dear Editor
Are there records or                cut speeds ... and accidents                                                                                                                    about the
statistics of car vandalism
kept in Linton? We have                                                                                                                                                              slope ...
had cars vandalised in the                                                                                                                                                       Dear Editor
street outside our house five                                                                                                                                                    Linton is lucky to have a
times in three years. We                                                                                                                                                         remarkable library, but there
live in Symonds Lane and                                                                                                                                                         is one glaring shortcoming –
at around 1.30am on                                                                                                                                                              ease of access for disabled or
2nd January, my son’s car                                                                                                                                                        elderly people.
had both wing mirrors, rear                                                                                                                                                      The immediate approach to
wiper and door handle                                                                                                                                                            the entrance is rather intimi-
ripped off AGAIN and                                                                                                                                                             dating – a steep angled slope
another visiting car had                                                                                                                                                         with no support rails of any
wing mirrors smashed.                                                                                                                                                            kind.
The police in Cambridge                                                                                                                                                          Even in good weather, the
gave a crime number and as                                                                                                                                                       slope is difficut for disabled
victims of crime, we were                                                                                                                                                        people to negotiate by
offered counselling. I                                                                                                                                                           themselves. With snow or ice
wonder how many CCTV                                                                                                                                                             on the ground, it quickly
cameras could be bought                                                                                                                                                          becomes a treacherous
with a counsellor’s salary.                                                                                                                                                      ‘no-go’ area.
I would be interested in                                                                                                                                                         Would it not be possible to
keeping records so that, as                                                                                                                                                      install some form of railing to
a village, we have some-                                                                                                                                                         help disabled people make
thing to approach the                                                                                                                                                            their way safely up the slope –
authorities with. If it has                                                                                                                                                      and back down again – when
happened to you please let                                                                                                                                                       they want to use the library?
me know on 890395 or send                                                                                                                                                        Alan Judge, Joiners Court
me an email at
                                                          Ambulances attend the scene on the A1307 after the serious accident on 16th December
and we could maybe pool
                                                                                                                                                                                   When will we
                                  Dear Editor                               to reduce the number of             no difference whatsoever.       with Hadstock Road to the
information, appeal for           On Saturday 16th December                 accidents? It is not rocket         There is a very simple way      40mph speed signs just              be told?
witnesses, offer rewards etc.     at about 9am. there was                   science to realise that the         to reduce the accidents on                                       Dear Editor
Megan Baker by e-mail                                                                                                                           before The Grip. This should
                                  another serious accident on               majority of accidents are           the bypass; reduce the speed    prevent injudicious overtak-     I notice in the Parish Matters
                                  the A1307. Two ambulances,                caused by excessive speed.          limit to 50mph and install a    ing by impatient drivers.        that district councillor
   Please keep                    the fire brigade and two                  The council has, in its             speed camera just before the    This is a very simple, cheap     Batchelor reminded the
                                  police cars attended.                     wisdom, accepted there is a         Bartlow Road crossroads.        and effective way to reduce      council that the consultation
     coming                       When are our elected repre-               problem with speed and has          Also, it would help if there    accidents. Perhaps too           period for the gypsy and
Dear Editor                       sentatives and the council                installed illuminated ‘slow’        were continuous double          simple!                          development plan ended on
It was good to see so many        going to do something                     signs and painted SLOW on           white lines from the dual       David Champion,                  24th November, and that
visitors from Linton and the      positive that actually works              the road. These have made           carriageway at the junction     Bartlow Road 890121              Linton has been earmarked as
surrounding villages at our                                                                                                                                                      a possible site. Has the parish
                                                                                                                                                                                 council made any objections
Christmas services at Linton
Free church in Horn Lane.             A clearer warning is needed                                                 Thanks to a very kind ‘postman’                                and when will they inform
A very warm welcome                Dear Editor                                                                  Dear Editor                                                      residents of this matter?
                                                                            driver who did not under-                                                                            P Johansen by e-mail
awaits you at future Sunday        I would like to express my               stand that they needed to give      I had taken the Park & Ride bus to the Grafton Centre in
services starting at 10.30am.      concern at the new one-way                                                   Cambridge and had three letters that I planned to post to my
Jean Silk on behalf of             system at the junction of
                                                                            way. While discussing this
                                                                            with a friend, she also had the     friends.                                                           Venison pie?
Linton Free Church.                Coles Lane and Back Road.                                                    Somehow, between getting off the bus and arriving at the post    Dear Editor
Honey Hill House,                                                           same experience. We both
                                   On more than one occasion, I             agreed that it is just a matter     office I must have dropped them, so I retraced my steps to the   Please may I ask for advice
West Wratting, 290588              have experienced an angry                                                    bus stop but was unable to find them.
                                                                            of time before there is an                                                                           from your readers?
                                                                            accident at this junction.          Two of the letters had stamps on and the third needed to be      1. How do you trap or catch a
 BED &BREAKFAST                      IMPROVE YOUR
                                    SPANISH AT HOME
                                                                            A clearer warning or indica-        weighed and sized and stamped. Imagine my surprise the
                                                                                                                following morning when I received three phone calls from my
    SPRINGFIELD HOUSE                      *experienced teacher*            tion of the junction coming                                                                          2. Does anybody have a good
                                       *lessons in your own home*           up needs to be considered, as       friends, thanking me for the letters which had arrived safely.   recipe for venison pie?
 14/16 Horn Lane, Linton           *free initial assessment/consultation*                                       The person who found them had posted them and even put a
   Regency house near Church,                                               visitors who are not familiar                                                                        All help gratefully appreci-
                                    If you are interested in improving                                          stamp on the unstamped envelope. Whoever you are, thank
   River views from bedrooms &            your Spanish, contact:            with the layout may treat this                                                                       ated.
   guest lounge.
                                     Susan Hodges (01223) 891521            as a normal T junction.             you so much … maybe all is not lost in our “modern world”!       M R K Holden,
     Tel 01223 891383                   or:             W Bass, Balsham Road                Jean Pitkin, Symonds Lane                                        High Street, 891418

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Page 4                                                                                                                                                                                       February 2007

  A year in the life of                                                  A happy snappy The result of that
  the Abbey Gardens                                                        new season    wretched quiz!
       LAST month in a              the cornus. The spectacular                                                                              WITH the help of the Linton
       packed village hall,         birch trees cheer up the gar-                                                                                                               tributing substantially to
                                                                                                                                             News, more than 100 people         urgent repairs to St Mary’s.
       Gardening club mem-          deners in cold weather even                                                                              racked their brains over the
bers and visitors welcomed                                                                                                                                                      The next major item looming
                                    when, to some strange looks                                                                              Friends of St Mary’s Christ-       is repair to stonework and met-
Iwan Hughes who showed us           from visitors, they have the                                                                             mas quiz and the winner, with
around the gardens of Angle-                                                                                                                                                    alwork, and repointing of
                                    task of washing them to re-                                                                              157 out of 160 questions right,    flintwork on the south
sey Abbey.                          move the green algae which                                                                               was Wendy Foster with the
   In a talk originally planned                                                                                                                                                 clerestory at an estimated cost
                                    would spoil the starkness of                                                                             help of her family.                of £40,000.
to be solely about the winter       their bare outlines. Under-                                                                                 The Friends’ Linton calen-          Recently, the Friends have
garden by head gardener             neath the trees and shrubs are                                                                           dar was also much appreciated      been greatly encouraged by
Richard Todd, his replace-          planted the small blue and                                                                               by more than 150 people and        gifts amounting to nearly
ment Iwan, gave us a compre-        mauve irises so beloved of the                                                                           many were sent abroad to           £6,000 from the estate of
hensive view of the gardens         rabbits.                                                                                                 friends and relatives. It was so   Kathleen Starling and in
all year, with some history of          All this beauty is followed                                                                          successful that the Friends are    memory of Nancy Lavender.
the abbey thrown in.                by swaths of snowdrops in the                                                                            exploring the possibility of an        To keep pace with repairs, a
   His relaxed and humorous         dell, the bourgeoning hya-                                                                               even better one for next year.     mediaeval church like St
manner charmed us with the          cinths and other popular                                                                                 The calendar and quiz raised       Mary’s needs about £20,000 a
life cycle of the gardens, start-   spring bulbs, the wild flowers                                                                           more than £500 for Friends’        year. Thank you Linton News
ing in the winter when 4,000        in the meadow, the herbaceous               All lit up: the Dog and Duck at Christmas                    funds.                             for your interest, encourage-
blue and white hyacinth bulbs       borders, roses and formal                                                        Picture by Ron Pitkin      The Friends have an enor-       ment and support.
are planted for the delight of      dahlia beds, always in yellow                                                                            mous challenge ahead in con-                        Alan Clarkson
spring visitors.
   Their design in formal
                                    and red, again echoing Lord
                                    Fairhaven’s initial plans.
                                                                       T   HE first meeting of the New Year for the Linton Camera
                                                                           club was an ‘at home’ session in the village hall. The festive
                                                                       season had given all the members many chances to record
beds, always in the same two
colours, follows the original
concept of Lord Fairhaven
                                        So, something of interest
                                    all year, and a hint was
                                                                       Christmas and New Year activities ... or in some cases non-
                                                                       activities!                                                                    Views from the
                                    dropped of secret plans afoot         Members had the opportunity to display their work on CDs,
when he started to develop the
gardens in 1926.
                                    for further delights, which will
                                    no doubt tempt us to revisit
                                                                       memory cards and ‘dongles’ and generally to chat over the lack
                                                                       of snow which would have prompted more seasonal pictures.
                                                                                                                                                      ground and air
   Work continues on the            this lovely garden.                   Progress throughout 2006 has been very encouraging with
scented and colourful winter
walk, opened about nine years
                                        This month we are hoping
                                    to have the talk which was
                                                                       increased membership including a number of ladies. New mem-
                                                                       bers are always welcome whether they are a David Bailey or a
                                                                                                                                             G    ARTH Collard continues
                                                                                                                                                  to guide us around Linton
                                                                                                                                             and at the December meeting
                                                                                                                                                                                her talk with an aerial view of
                                                                                                                                                                                the Abingtons and started the
                                                                                                                                                                                walk at the bridge between
ago and designed to have the        cancelled last year due to the     beginner. Everyone learns something at the meetings from              of the Historical society took     Great and Little Abington, tak-
wow factor, which now has           speaker’s illness; Brian           “what camera should I buy?” to “how can I remove this telegraph       us to Cambridge Road (includ-      ing us along the High Street,
tall Tibetan cherries with the      Waygood will tell us about         pole from my picture”?                                                ing the railway), Catley Park      to the church, the land settle-
red bark everyone wants to          the history of the Chelsea            This year promises to be an exciting time with interesting         and Little Linton, finishing at    ment and finally to what is
stroke, white Himalayan birch       flower show since 1947.            ‘away days’ planned to various locations, reaching a climax with      the recreation ground. This fas-   now TWI.
and the wall of fire created by              Gloria Fidler 891800      the club’s exhibition in October.                                     cinating talk showed many of          Visitors from Abington in
                                                                          The next event will be on 11th February when we plan to visit      the changes that have taken        the audience        added to
                                                                       the Botanic Gardens at Cambridge, meeting at 10am in Coles            place over the years.              Jennifer’s informative talk.
  Putting the house to bed                                             Lane car park to arrange transport. Car parking is free on Sundays
                                                                       but there will be a charge to go into the garden.
                                                                                                                                                At the January meeting,
                                                                                                                                             members were taken on a tour
                                                                                                                                                                                   The speaker for the next
                                                                                                                                                                                meeting, at 7.30pm on Tues-
                                                                                                                               Ron Pitkin    entitled A Historic Walk           day 20th February in Linton vil-
        ‘PUTTING the House          own feeble attempts at spring
        to Bed’ was the title of    cleaning have been made to                                                                               through Great Abington. Our        lage hall, will be Neil Lanham
                                                                                                                                             speaker was Jennifer Hirsh and     on “The Suffolk Horseman –
        our talk – a good way to
start the New Year.
   Ann Simpkin, our president,
                                    appear very inadequate! No
                                    wonder National Trust proper-
                                    ties always look so spick and
                                                                         Christmas magic in                                                  she explained that their history
                                                                                                                                             group is composed of four peo-
                                                                                                                                                                                the importance of his costume
                                                                                                                                                                                and his unique identity”. All
                                                                                                                                                                                are most welcome.
welcomed everyone and
wished them a happy new year,
thanking all who had contrib-
                                        Veronica made the cleaning
                                    and preserving of all these
                                                                            Hildersham                                                       ple who undertake local his-
                                                                                                                                             tory research. Jennifer began                 Anne Parry-Smith
                                                                               WHAT nicer way to spend an evening, a few days away
uted to making the Christmas        treasures a fascinating subject;           from Christmas, than sitting around an open log fire with
party such a success.               if this work is not carried out,           a glass of warm mulled wine and nibbles, a Christmas tree
   Our speaker was Veronica         they will be lost to future        in the corner of the room, and the company of one’s friends in the
Bennett, who told us how the        generations.Thanks must go to      home of our hostess Mrs Lynn Hartland of the Hildersham WI.
National Trust put their prop-      the wonderful band of workers          On this magical evening, our guest speaker was Mr John
erties to bed over the winter       who undertake this work.           Whitmore, a member of the Magic Circle.who talked with great
period, cleaning them from at-          The competition ‘Name the      enthusiasm and knowledge on the history of magic, from the
tic to cellar to preserve them      Building’ was won by Cynthia       time of Moses to the present day, while showing how the Cup and
from dust and infestations that     Norris and Margaret Clark. Our     Ball trick has always been performed through the ages. During an
would ruin the artefacts.           next meeting is at 7.30pm on       interval, we enjoyed coffee and warm mince pies. To end this
   What a mammoth task; there       6th February and is an open        truly special evening, we were treated to our own magic show
is a huge manual that informs       meeting entitled Glories of        with John using and telling us the history behind some of his
the cleaners how to undertake       India, a talk by Peter Richards.   collection of antique magic tricks.
the work and what materials to      The competition is An Indian           Our next meeting is at 7.30pm on 19th February at Hildersham
use. Once completed, all the        Treasure. All are welcome to       village hall with guest speaker Sue Schneider on Britain’s
items are covered in tissue         join us.                           Waterways. You will be made very welcome.
paper, film net and covers. My               Tricia Lewis 893609                                                       Pamela Parris
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February 2007                                                                                                                                                                                                             Page 5

Ladies, a date for Cubs looking for                                                                                                                                 POT POURRI (26)
                                                                                                                                                                         The Ladder
  your diary       an ‘action man’                                                                                                        THE diagram shows a ladder
                                                                                                                                          resting against a wall and floor.
A    T 8pm on Friday 16th March, Linton Granta Playgroup and
     Toddlers will be holding their annual Ladies’ Night at
Linton village college. So, if you fancy a decadent evening of
                                                                       FIRSTLY a big thank-you
                                                                       to all who supported our
                                                                                                         always make the cubs’ meet-
                                                                                                         ings on a Thursday night as
                                                                                                                                             However, there is a box un-
                                                                                                                                          derneath the ladder which has
wine, chocolate, jewellery, beauty and other pampering ideas,          annual Duck Race this year        well. We want to ensure that     one corner just touching the
book a babysitter now ... partners, perhaps?                           in July. It was our best ever     Sean, our cub leader, has        underside of the ladder.
    While it is one of the playgroup’s annual fundraising events,      turnout, and £420 was             some regular help in order          If the box has the dimen-
it provides an opportunity for mums to relax, spoil themselves         raised for the benefit of Lin-    that we can continue to do       sions shown (1m x 1m) and the                           1m
and meet other mums from the village without children in tow.          ton’s Beavers, Cubs and           the sorts of activities that     ladder is 3m long, what is the
All ladies are welcome, not just mums of pre-school children, so       Scouts.                           the boys enjoy.                  angle A that the ladder makes                                             Angle ‘A’
bring your friends along and indulge.                                     The 1 st Linton Scout             We would love to hear         with the floor?                                              1m
    On 13th December last year, the playgroup children staged          Group was formed in 1937          from you if you would be            The angle is expected to be
their Christmas show to the delight of the audience of proud           and is now one of the most        willing to commit some time      accurate to fractions of a
parents, grandparents and carers. They performed Christmas             successful groups in the          to the cubs on a Thursday        degree.
songs in groups and there were several solo artists. The children      Granta district, with ever-       evening between 6.15 and                Solution to No 25 - The shop payers
dressed up in a variety of festive outfits.                            growing waiting lists.            7.30pm, especially if you are    THE amounts Alpha, Beta and Gamma paid could be (1,3,8),
    Thank you to the staff for all their hard work rehearsing in the   Please see our website at:        a qualified scout leader; or     (3,8,21) or (3,5,16). As the question asked for less than 35, the
weeks up to the show and also on the day. A belated Happy New           otherwise an enthusiastic        solution is 3,8,21 respectively, although the other amounts are
Year from everyone at the group.                                          However, we need your          parent.                          technically correct.
    Please remember our Toddler Sessions run from                      help. Our regular helper at          For further information                                                                Urania
10-11.30am on Mondays (for ages up to three) and Tuesdays (a           cubs, Jon, has volunteered        please phone Doug Taylor,
more structured session for children aged 18 months to three) in       to run a new Venture Scout        chairman of the group on
the grounds of the village college. There is always a warm             unit for the older boys; a big
                                                                       commitment every Friday
                                                                                                              Josephine Paterson,
                                                                                                                                                          NEWS IN BRIEF
welcome. For more details, contact Kate Kell on 894970 or visit
the website                            night.                              secretary to 1st Linton
                                                  Fiona Tideswell         It means that he may not             Scouts committee)
                                                                                                                                                    ‘Green poultry’ at the market
                                                                                                                                           AT the Farmers Market on 3rd February, we have all the usual
                                                                                                                                           stalls plus ‘green poultry’ traders, who will be selling free

      Mr Rainbow entertains                                                                               Help save                        range chickens, guinea fowl, barbary ducks and geese to-
                                                                                                                                           gether with, at last, a new specialist cheese supplier. A lady
                                                                                                                                           called Adrienne Cameron is also joining us; she makes hand-
Association held their Christ-
                                                                                                           Milton                          made confectionery such as peanut brittle, marshmallow and
                                                                                                                                           Rocky Road (an Australian recipe).
                                                                                                                                              We will also be running our pancake event in February, and
mas party for the children of
Chalklands and Paynes
Meadow estates on Sunday 17th
                                                                                                          Country                          in either March or April we will be joined by a master
                                                                                                                                           composter, who will show us just what we should put in our
                                                                                                                                           compost bins.
   Fun was had by all present
when Mr Rainbow entertained
                                                                                                            Park                                 Organ recital for church funds
                                                                                                                                                                                            Jan Lupton

16 children, all of whom were                                                                            THE New Year started with
willing to be his helper and                                                                             sad news about the Country        WOULD you like to hear David Parry-Smith playing a
loved it when the rabbit finally                                                                         Park at Milton, located just      panorama of organ music at St Mary’s church? If so, do come
came out of the hat!                                                                                     to the north-east of Cam-         along at 3pm on Sunday 18th February to hear works by Bach,
   A disco was provided by                                                                               bridge.                           Mendelssohn, Dupré, Duruflé and comtemporary composer
Roger and Ebony Carder and                                                                                  As you are probably all        Judith Bingham.
lots of the residents helped with                                                                        aware, the park is under             It’s all in a good cause – helping to keep our beautiful
the catering. A visit from Fa-                                                                           threat of closure in August       church in good repair – and tickets cost £5 on the door, tea and
ther Christmas completed the                                                                             unless funds or another or-       cakes included.
afternoon.                                                                                               ganisation can be found to                                                                         Margaret Clark
                                      Party time: children being entertained by Mr Rainbow               take it over from South
                  Ann Simpkin
                                                                           Picture by Maureen Williams
                         892090                                                                          Cambs district council.
                                                                                                            Now is the time for all lo-
                                                                                                                                                Music nights at the King’s Head
                                                                                                         cal people to stand up and be    THE new landlords at the King’s Head in Hadstock have begun
                                    Come and pray with us                                                counted in the fight to retain
                                                                                                         the park and its value for the
                                                                                                                                          hosting monthly music nights. Popular Cambridge rhythm,
                                                                                                                                          roots and blues band The Late Risers will play at the newly
                                    THE Women’s World Day of Prayer will be celebrated this year         local community.                 refurbished pub at about 9pm on Saturday 24th February.
                                    on Friday 2nd March. The service this year has been prepared by         Please go to our website at   Admission is free and further dates and bands will be
                                    women from Paraguay, with the theme ‘United under God’s Tent’.    announced in the March issue of the Linton News.
                                       The service will be held in Linton at 10.30am at St Mary’s and    and add your name to the            For further information call:
                                    coffee will be served afterwards. Everyone, children and men as      petition and then contact                   Michelina Craft and Richard Partridge 897840
                                    well as women, from Linton and the neighbouring villages is          your friends and colleagues
                                    invited to attend this ecumenical, international service.            and ask them to do the same.
                                       Paraguay is located in the heart of South America, landlocked        Please visit and support           January winners of K-club draw
                                    by Brazil, Argentina and Bolivia. There is a large gap between       this park and other local         THE winners of the January K-Club monthly draw were:
                                    the rich and the poor, the main cause of which is the unequal        parks.                              1st prize (£50) Miss F A Woodhead (No. 080)
                                    distribution of land. The Paraguayan harp is the country’s most            Mark Taylor, access           2nd prize (£25) Ms Glennis Virgo  (No. 053)
                                    common instrument; soccer has become the national sport.                    officer, Cambridge           3rd prize (£10) Jane Rayner       (No. 124)
                                                                                  Ann King 897832                   council 457075                                                    Peter Dixon

                                                                                                                                                          Independent Financial Advisers
                                                                                                                                                          SPECIALIST ADVICE ON
                                                                                                                                              Pensions - Investments - Mortgages - Protection
                                                 Reg No. 34107                                                                                         Personal Financial Planning
 PLUMBING & HEATING ENGINEER - Estd. 1966                                                                                                       FREE Initial Consultation & Without Obligation
         All aspects of Central Heating and Plumbing
                 Boiler Service & Maintenance                                                                                                                           Ian Cross
              Bathroom Suites & Power Showers                                                                                                                         01223 892821
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                                                                                                                                                                    SECURED UPON IT. WRITTEN DETAILS ON REQUEST

                                                                                                                                           Carpentry, Plumbing, Tiling                     Fencing, Decking, Gardening
                                                                                                                                           Door / Window Replacement                                Painting, Decorating
                                                                                                                                           Kitchen / Bathroom Refitting                             Flat Pack Assembly

                                                                                                                                                        Property Maintenance
                                                                                                                                           Steve Jackson
                                                                                                                                                               Service Engineer
                                                                                                                                           All domestic appliance repairs,
                                                                                                                                           15 years industry experience.                                     Steve Jackson
                                                                                                                                           Very reasonable rates.                                    (Home) 01223 893114
                                                                                                                                           Quick & reliable service.                                (Mobile) 07963 854653
Page 6                                                                                                                                                                                                            February 2007

From one game to another ...                                                                                                                                                     Chef’s corner
                                                                                                                                                                                                with Joel
I ENTERED a competition in one of my dad’s football books
and I won a trip to see Tottenham Hotspur train at Spurs
Lodge and meet the players. When I first arrived we had to
wait until our name was called so we could get in. We were
                                                                    Aztecs U16 captain
                                                                       Peter Croucher                                                                          S   O the winter is upon us. The January sales have all but been
                                                                                                                                                                   and gone – however, we know the sales are all-year round,
                                                                                                                                                               don’t we? The festive season is well and truly over. Oh God, how
                                                                      (right) welcomes
told we were not allowed to talk or shout to the players until                                                                                                 do we pull through it? If you haven’t quit smoking or taken to the
                                                                       visiting captain
they had finished training, but we were allowed to take                                                                                                        fitness suite at the college, you may as well indulge in another
photos.                                                                  Shaun Smith.                                                                          classic dish, which uses the slow cooking process.
   The day was cold and windy. As I was so cold one of the                      Referee                                                                           This particular dish will mean a trip to your favourite local
ladies went and got me one of the players’ coat. My dad kept        Michael Chapman                                                                            butcher to buy the cuts of meat required. Our beef today is some
saying “rain, rain, rain” so that the player would go looking                  looks on                                                                        of the best in the world, having come out of the BSE scares of
for his coat, but it didn’t.                                                                                                                                   yesteryear with animal welfare a major priority of all those who
                                                                                 Picture by                                                                    handle the cattle.
   The players then played a game against each other which
                                                                               David Wright
I watched. One of the players skidded off the pitch and
                                                                                                                                                                            Braised oxtail in red wine
                                                                    T   HE Aztecs Under16 football team can at last play matches in
                                                                         Linton. Their first home game took place on Sunday
                                                                    14th January on one of two pitches on a field specially acquired
                                                                                                                                                                  Preparation time 10 minutes the night before, 30 minutes on
                                                                                                                                                               the day of cooking.
                                                                                                                                                                  Cooking time approx. 3.5-4 hours
                                                                    for the purpose when building work began on the special needs                                 Ingredients: (serves 4)
                                                                    school adjacent to Linton village college. It has taken until now                             3 whole oxtails (ask your butcher to trim the fat from the tails)
                                                                    for the grass to be ready for use.                                                            225g medium sized red onion, chopped
                                                                       For the first part of the season, Aztecs U16 and the club’s                                200g stalks of celery, chopped
                                                                    other teams have been playing their home games elsewhere,                                     200g leeks chopped with 1 clove of garlic
                                                                    which has been very difficult to organise.                                                    100g beef dripping
                                                                       Now the club can play at the LVC again, everyone is delighted.                             400g tomatoes, chopped
                                                                    The new pitches are excellent and are looked after by the LVC                                 A sprig of fresh thyme
                                                                    sports centre.                                                                                1 bay leaf and a good tablespoon of chopped parsley
                                                                       Unfortunately, Aztecs lost their first game 3-1. Willingham’s                              600ml red wine
                                                                    scorers were Ryan Buyke and Daniel Sherlock, who netted twice.                                1000ml good beef stock
                                                                    In reply, Aztecs scored with a free kick placed perfectly in the top                          Method:
                                                                    corner by Sam Simmons.                                                                        1. The night before the dish is to be cooked, separate the tails
                                                                                                                 David Wright 01279 714501                     by cutting through the digits (only use the thick ends of the tail
                                                                                                                                                               as the thin ends can be frozen for the day you want a homemade
                                                                                                                                                               oxtail soup).
Zoe pictured with her favourite Spurs player Edgar Davids
                                       Picture by Zoe’s dad Steve
                                                                    Playground improvements                                                                       2. Marinade the pieces of tail in the red wine and some of the
                                                                                                                                                               stock to cover it all.
crashed into a barrier right in front of me. I tried to take a      EXCITING plans are under                       provide a valuable teaching re-                Cover with cling film and leave in a fridge overnight.
picture but he slid so fast I only got a picture of the skid        way to develop and improve the                 source for all year groups.                    3.The next day pre-heat your oven to 200C.
mark!                                                               outside play area at the front of                  It is envisaged that once it is            4. Remove the tails from the marinade and season well with
   The players’ drinks were right in front of me so I took          the Linton infant school.                      finished, all children will have            freshly ground black pepper.
some good pictures when they came for a drink. I also took             The Foundation Stage cur-                   access to the new equipment                    5. In a large pan, fry the tails in the dripping on both sides until
a picture of their Christmas tree as I thought it was pretty.       riculum requires the youngest                  and play area at different times            golden brown, then drain.
When the game had finished I was allowed to get autographs          children to spend part of each                 of the week.                                   6. Fry all the vegetables in the same pan with the tail residue
and photos of the players.                                          day outside, and teachers are                      The PSA organised a work-               until soft.
   First I got a picture of me with Robbie Keane, and then I        keen to extend provision for                   ing party for two Saturdays in                 7. Add the tomatoes and the herbs and cook at a simmer.
got a picture of Tottenham’s manager Martin Jol. Then my            this. In consultation with the                 January and are busy                           8. Replace the tails and the rest of the stock and cover with a
Dad took lots of pictures of me with different players and          Parent Staff Association, teach-               fundraising to pay for a profes-            lid, braise for three hours.
they all signed their autographs for me. At the end of the day      ers created an action plan which               sional company to install spe-                 9. Remove the tails from the sauce and rest to one side. Pass
I was given a goody bag and a drink and some biscuits. I had        included:                                      cialist equipment, hopefully at             the sauce through a sieve into a separate pan to keep warm.
                                                                       ** A wooden climbing                        the end of February. We are
a really good time.                                                                                                                                               10. In the original pan reduce the marinade down to about a
                                       Zoe Clayton aged 7           structure and a lidded sandpit                 very grateful to the PSA for
                                                                                                                                                               pint then add it to the sauce.
                                                                       ** A new water tray                         their support in helping to make
                                                                                                                                                                  11. Remove any residual fat from the surface by skimming,
                                                                       ** Creation of a digging                    our plans a reality.
                                                                                                                                                               and test for flavour and consistency.
                                                                    area and quiet places                              We always welcome dona-
                                                                                                                                                                  12. Replace the tails and simmer gently (when the meat is
                                                                       ** Replacement of wooden                    tions of out-grown toys such as
 BOLTS & SCREWS LTD                                                                                                dolls, farm animals, dinosaurs,
                                                                                                                                                               falling away from the bone, it’s ready to serve).
                                                                    panels                                                                                        A serving suggestion would be to place two tail pieces on each
                                                                       ** A new mural and the                      cars and, at the moment, we are
                                                                                                                                                               plate with some of the sauce, some crushed buttered potatoes and
                                                                    planting of a hedge along the                  especially in need of wheeled
                                                                                                                                                               roasted root vegetables. Bon appétit
                                      PAULINE'S                     front fence.
                                                                       The hedge will not only
                                                                                                                   outdoor toys such as pushchairs,
                                                                                                                   trikes and wheelbarrows,
                                                                                                                                                                  I will be featuring seasonal dishes throughout the year includ-
                                       CHILDCARE IN                                                                                                            ing vegetarian and desserts.
                                                                    soften the appearance at the                       We encourage the children                                                                       Joel Palmer
 SUPPLIERS OF QUALITY                     LINTON                    front of the school but will also              to play creatively with big
 FASTENERS, FIXINGS &                 FOR UNDER FIVES                                                              boxes, old saucepans, pipes,                    Answers to the January anagrams
   SILVERLINE TOOLS                      Ofsted registered            BED and BREAKFAST                            blankets etc. If you have any
                                                                      ANN & GEORGE PEAKE                           resources which you feel may                Carol singing             Happy New Year             Stocking
        Unit 2 Lintech Court          Monday – Friday                      Linton Heights                          be of use to us please contact the          Santa Claus               Christmas pudding          Chimney
 The Grip Industrial Estate, Linton                                   36 Wheatsheaf Way, Linton
      Cambridge, CB1 6XN              Ring for details                   Tel: (01223) 892516
                                                                                                                   school office on 891421.                    The Holly and the Ivy     Reindeer                   Mince pies
   Tel: 01223 892095 / 893931          01223 891890                     Comfortable & friendly                         Clare Kimber, foundation                Decorations               Presents                   Overeating
        Fax: 01223 894122                                                                                                            stage teacher             Merry Christmas           Sleigh                     Bankruptcy

                                         L I N TO N                                    Annette's

                                         VILLAGE                              Beauty &                        Well               Being                         K.CLAXTON                             Reliable Local
                                         MOTORS                                                                                                                     Painter                          From
              01223 830550                                                                                                                                             &                              conversions to plastering,
                                                                                                                                                                   Decorator                          renovations to tiling and
                  (near COMFORT CAFE)                                                    At The Bank House                                                                                            decorating-
                                                                                                                                                                Interior & Exterior
  • Authorised MOT centre • ALL MAKES serviced and repaired                         37 High Street, Linton CB1 6HS
  • Competitive prices on tyres & exhausts
                                                                                                                                                                     Free Estimates                        No job too small
                                                                                       Telephone: 01223 891900
  • Collection and delivery arranged • FREE advice                                                                                                               Tel: (01223) 892190
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February 2007                                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 7

  ACEs raise cash                                                                                     LINTON COUNTRY DIARY by Darryl Nantais
                                                                                                                                             Illustrated by Maureen Williams

for mobile warden
A    FTER gales and so much rain, it was a relief to have a
     (mainly) dry day for the ACEs’ annual fundraiser to support
the work of the mobile warden ... with a warming drink to cheer
                                                                          The magnificent red kite sails again
us up. Thank you to every one who came along and supported us.
   Thanks too, to those who had stalls – Age Concern with
                                                                          T   HE antenna man swung the dish down to-
                                                                               wards the ground, sullenly looking at the
                                                                          meter saying solemnly: “Sorry Darryl, I just
                                                                                                                                                                      were introduced requiring red kite eradica-
                                                                                                                                                                      tion. Having been seriously persecuted,
                                                                                                                                                                      Shakespeare’s “city of kites and crows”
booklets and information; Margaret Clark with her crafts and              can’t get a signal,” pointing to some cemetery                                              would never be the same again! Yet, saved
cards; Friends of St Mary’s gallantly manned by the Clarksons;            trees. “No Sky for me,” I replied.                                                          from extinction by quick-thinking Welsh
Darryl Nantais showing his talents; and Alzheimer’s Society and              We often know how things work, yet ‘why’                                                 farmers, they’re now being reintroduced to
Helping Hands so cheerfully run by Carol and Alex Todd – so               is the greater question, and for me usually                                                 a completely different environment from
much good work in Linton! There was also a raffle, with prizes            answered with quixotic futility or by a divine                                              that of their ancestors.
from whisky to an Irish rubber duck (the things one acquires in           conclusion and sleep. But, how many times a                                                     So, there against a cobalt blue sky it
hotels … ), bring and buy, bookstall and the splendid Audrey and          day do you ask yourself a question to which                                                 soared like an eagle, with a hint of the
Jean on the tombola. Thank you Cynthia, Joan, Jan, Janet, Linda,          you have no immediate answer? Thoughts                                                      vulture look! Two metres of wingspan and
Hazel, Marlene and Pam for your hard work, and to all who                 like: why is the sky blue? If we evolved from                                               relatively small body allowing a lethargic
contributed to such a sociable day.                                       apes, why are they still around? Why do                                                     glide with barely a beat of its wings. A
   Lesley Morgan was introduced – we hope ACEs can be part                overfed cats insist on dumping mice on our                                                  magnificent bird sailing upon thermal cur-
of an oral history project, capturing your memories and stories,          doorsteps? Why does water stick to itself, or                                               rents above Rivey Hill.
and the changes you have seen in your life and Lesley will                why does our river, that once powered a                                                        Despite being armed with a horrendously
facilitate this. If you would like to be part of the project and have     whole mill, not generate a single kilowatt for                                              hooked beak, a large kill is rare. I have
your memories preserved, let us know. As we hope to have trips            our village? And why is there a red kite milvus                                             observed it to be a lazy bird, following
out and gather over afternoon tea, this could be good fun.                milvus flying high above me off Back Road                                                   corvines for carrion and easy pickings. You
   On 13th December, we had our annual trip to Scotsdales to see          on a warm winter’s afternoon?                                                               can often see its bright yellow legs dangling
the displays and to stock up on presents. The clients of the mobile          The edible snail (helix pomatia) I spoke                                                 down and note too its forked tail, unlike that
warden scheme were given a gift of a cyclamen from ACEs. We               about last month was expected to be hiber-                                                  of the buzzard which is more fan-like.
did not forget to thank our warden for her excellent work, which          nating, its appearance and crunchy demise                                                      I’d planned an explanation for blue skies
has such a positive effect on the lives of so many who want to            beneath my boot was, weather-wise, rather                                                   but the big bird rather overshadowed my
remain independent in their own homes in Linton.                          prophetic, so something is afoot! With all                                                  enthusiasm and I’ve run out of space until
   The next event is a Fairtrade tea, organised by the Co-op at           these creatures staying up during winter,                                                   next month.
2pm on 14th February at the village hall. It will feature a talk on       what are they going to eat? Or will most be                                                    However, my good friend Lord Read of
the history of the Co-operative Society and the Fairtrade move-           eaten by this endless range of reintroduced                                                 The Furrells asks: Why don’t we see any
ment. We are hoping for samples of their range of foods, and as           predators?                                                                                  storks in Britain? I can report finding an
this event is on Valentine’s Day, we will find out what else                 Few people are concerned about the monophyletic lineage of         article in The Guardian dated 2004 in which it claimed the first pair
Fairtrade can ethically supply – roses? chocolates? Check it out.         red kites, but we do know they successfully hybridised with black     of wild nesting white storks in Britain for 600 years. Until next
   We look forward to seeing you. Remember, everyone over 60              kites milvus migrans. Historically, red kites were common in          month, look out for the kites and if you see them, let me know at
is welcome!                                                               England until during the 16th century when a series of Vermin Acts
                                                          Enid Bald

Local slimmers put their                                                                                                       Zuri, the         Exciting times at the zoo
 weight behind NSPCC                                                                                                           latest lion
                                                                                                                               cub, has a
                                                                                                                                                HAVING had a fantastic 2006,
                                                                                                                                                we are now looking forward to
                                                                                                                                                                                       day or Easter, a keeper experi-
                                                                                                                                                                                       ence session may be the an-
BIG-HEARTED Cambridge slimmers are shedding pounds to                                                                          sleep with                                              swer. The sessions have been
                                                                                                                                                the season ahead. Lots of inter-
raise money for abused and at-risk children. Now they’re                                                                                                                               designed for people who want a
                                                                                                                               his toys         active keeper talks and animal
inviting anyone who wants to slim to join in.                                                                                                                                          little bit more than just a zoo
                                                                                                                                                encounters are planned and we
   Slimmers at Tracy Stressing’s Slimming World groups,                                                                                                                                visit. They are geared mainly
                                                                                                                                                hope that visitors and school
held at 7pm on Mondays at Linton Cathodeon centre and at                                                                                                                               around the lemurs and are per-
6.30pm on Wednesday at Trumpington village hall, are em-                                                                       Picture by       groups will take advantage of
                                                                                                                               Kim Simmons      all the extra free facilities avail-   fect for anyone interested in
barking on a six week sponsored Slimathon to raise money for                                                                                                                           wildlife, zoos and conservation.
the NSPCC.                                                                                                                                      able to enhance their visit.
                                                                                                                                                    We had a super breeding                Our lion cub Zuri, born in
   “The more people who take part in the Slimathon, the more                                                                                                                           July, can now be seen in his new
                                                                                                                                                season in 2006 with many spe-
money we can raise for the children,” says Tracy. “Even if                  GARAGE
someone only has a few pounds to lose, we would love them
to join in. Every little bit will help. It’s for just six weeks, any        DOORS
                                                                                                               L.B. CABS                        cial births and hatchings. These
                                                                                                                                                included several lemur species,
                                                                                                                                                                                       accommodation with Safina,
                                                                                                                                                                                       born at the zoo in 2005. This
time during February and March. In this short time, many
people will lose a stone and come down a size or even two in
                                                                                                                LINTON                          tiger and lion cubs, baby giant
                                                                                                                                                tortoises, various parrots and
                                                                                                                                                macaws, owls and Parma wal-
                                                                                                                                                                                       new African lion enclosure is
                                                                                                                                                                                       part of our big cat housing mod-
                                                                                                                                                                                       ernisation plan for 2007. Talks
   The event is open to everyone, not just Slimming World
                                                                            Spares for all makes              For all your long and             labies. Very soon the lemur            on lion conservation, close en-
members. If you want to lose weight and play an active part in               Free Estimate, Brochures            short taxi trips               babies and owlets will start to        counters and feeds are also
                                                                                     and Advice                                                 arrive; tthis is a very exciting       planned for later this year.
raising funds to help children, just pop into Tracy’s groups for
a sponsorship form and have a free weigh-in at the beginning
                                                                               Steel – GRP – Timber                  Airports                   time of the year.                          For more information please
                                                                           Sectional single or double skin                                          Our newly introduced               go to or
and end of the six weeks.
   Tracy ran several competions last year including “woman
                                                                                   Roller Doors
                                                                           A.B.C. Garage Door Systems
                                                                                                                Courier Service                 “keeper experience” sessions           telephone 891308 for general
                                                                                                                    available                   have proved very popular and           information and for play-
of the year” and the winner was Linton’s Rosemarie North.                 Telephone 01223 893798                                                                                       groups, school party or
For further details, contact Tracy on 01763 247252 or visit                                                                                     are ideal as gifts for both adults                                                    or mobile 07774 499537                 PHONE LINTON                   and children. For anyone stuck         outreach packs.
                                                                                                              for gift ideas for Valentine’s                          Kim Simmons
                                                  Tracy Stressing            email@garagedoorsabc              01223 892986
                                               your local florist

                                                                           Charlie Saville                         Roses
        Yes you can at                                                     Builder &                            Beauty Salon
                                                                                                                 W E S T W R AT T I N G
                                                                                                                                                           Hair & Beauty Salon
       Slimming World                                                      Decorator                                                                    113 High Street, Linton Cambs. CB1 6JT
   we're full of surprises           SARAH CHAMBERLAIN                                     Tel/Fax:
                                                                                                                 Facials, Electrolysis,
                                                                                                                  Waxing, Manicures,
     Come and join us                                                                      01799 513413          Pedicures, Massage,
                                                                                                                                                        Monday - Friday 20% off all hair and
                                                                                                               Eyelash Tint, Ear Piercing.                 beauty treatments for OAP's
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                                         delivering worldwide                              mobile:              Rene Guinot Agent
                                                                                                                                                  Hair, Beauty, Nails and New fast tan sun bed
                                                                                           07721 372642              Tel Carol
                                                                                                                                                           Open 6 days a week Mon/Tues/Friday 9am - 6pm
          High Street
                                                                                                                  01223 290450                                  Wed/Thurs 9am - 8pm Sat 8.30 - 4pm
       Monday 7.00pm
                                                61a High Street, Linton                                          or 07796 333351                                     No Appointment necessary
  Tel: Tracy 01763 247252
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Page 8                                                                                                                                                                                            February 2007

              The Derbyshire                                                                                   The Way We Were
T    HE life of principal of a village college is rarely a dull one.
     Before I took up this post, I anticipated that the job would be
                                                                                                                              by Garth Collard
full of variety and would focus on teaching and learning, student
achievement, on recruiting staff and sorting out personnel issues,
managing budgets and talking to parents. I was right, I have done
all of these things, but there are some aspects of the job that no
qualifications or courses could have prepared me for. Take, for         The Bell Inn, wine-thieves ... and Prince Charles
example, the question of the sleepy bees….
   In 2001, the college purchased a number of silver lime trees.
The idea behind the scheme was a delightful one. The trees that         L    OCALS always remind me
                                                                             that the Bell Inn’s restau-
                                                                        rant achieved national fame
                                                                                                                                                                                     safety, but instead concealed it
                                                                                                                                                                                     under a muck heap in a yard off
                                                                                                                                                                                     Coles Lane. When caught and
marked the old poplar drive had become damaged and dangerous
and had to be taken down, so Barbara Collar, a science technician       when Prince Charles became a                                                                                 sentenced Mark Pammenter
and great enthusiast for plant life urged Clive Bush to replace         frequent visitor whilst study-                                                                               and James Mansfield were for-
them. People were invited to purchase, or even adopt, a tree and        ing at Trinity College in Cam-                                                                               tunate to receive a six months’
many families dedicated their lime to a loved one. The trees took       bridge.                                                                                                      term of hard labour, since the
on a special significance for all who were involved and a plaque           Greene King closed the Bell                                                                               two fire-raisers were hanged
to show who had purchased which tree was given pride of place           in 1989 after it became unprof-                                                                              outside Cambridge castle.
on the wall near to the drive.                                          itable and later sold it as a pri-                                                                              Throughout the 19th century
   In 2005, the county council builders arrived to construct the        vate dwelling – No 95 High                                                                                   the beautiful exterior timbers
all-weather pitch, the tennis courts and Granta school. Inevita-        Street – for £225,000 in 1992.                                                                               were covered in plaster and
bly, the work was going to disturb the trees, so the trees were         The site is well documented in                                                                               only revealed after 1918 when
carefully labelled and removed to a nursery for the duration of the     the archives of Pembroke Col-                                                                                Greene King bought the Bell
work. The groundsmen, however, had a concern; lime trees are            lege and Greene King.                                                                                        for £700 from the Haverhill
not usually considered suitable for planting in schools, they said.        The 15th or early 16th cen-                                                                               based Christmas chain of pubs.
A letter was quickly dispatched to Kew Gardens for confirmation         tury grade II listed building is                                                                                Greene King had spent
and by the time I had arrived in January 2006, a reply was waiting      quite small, and smallness           The Bell Inn about 1920 after the timbers had been uncovered            £1694 on renovations by 1921
for me. The letter confirmed our worst fears; silver limes are a        points to age. At the rear is a                                                                              and the pub was thereafter re-
                                                                        newel staircase with a central                                    Picture courtesy of Cambridge Collection   ferred to as an inn.
health risk to children. I was rather puzzled – there isn’t much that
children can eat on them, there are no obvious skin irritants in the    oak post built outside the           Barham Manor estate (the Lin-        was more often referred to as a       The Bell had been a popular
bark or leaves, so what was the problem? Well, apparently, bees         house, the steps being built into    ton lands to the east of the wa-     public house and the custom-       venue for soldiers travelling
are the problem. Bees love silver lime trees and are so intoxicated     the wall as it was made. The         ter tower). Timber for fuel,         ers were travellers and labour-    between their bases at Houns-
by them that they swoon into drowsiness and fall helplessly into        present doorway on the street        building and tanning bark was        ers, like those of most Linton     low and Norwich during the
a heap on to the ground beneath them. Sleepy bees and children          was inserted in the main chim-       plentiful in Linton and pro-         pubs.                              Napoleonic wars, and the reno-
just don’t mix.                                                         ney stack during the 19th cen-       vided landowners with a third           In March, 1829 a massive        vations uncovered a painted in-
   This was a crisis. The trees could not be replanted, the owners      tury.                                of their total income. The feast     corn stack fire in what is now     scription on one of the internal
of the trees would need to be informed and I would have to break           The owners in Tudor times         was an expression of the grati-      the health centre car park came    oaken beams which read, M.S.
the news to Barbara. I felt terrible – almost the first thing I would   were the Malyn family and the        tude of John Millicent, the lord     close to destroying the Bell,      48th Reg. 1814.”
have to deal with as principal. I put off the meeting with Barbara      first record of the site being       of the Barham manor.                 and two local residents took          In its heyday the Bell had
for as long as my conscience would allow and then finally               used as an inn was in 1670              An inn was an up-market           advantage of the chaos to steal    accommodation for six guests
showed her the letter from Kew. Fortunately for me, she had             when John Goodey owned the           premises and the Bell was            a four gallon cask of currant      and stabling for 20 horses.
already seen a copy of it and had got beyond the initial shock.         Sign of the Bell. The tenant         therefore a respectable hostelry     wine from Edward Pilgrim, the         In the gated rear yard, the
Together we looked for a happy ending; if the trees and their           licensee was John Burgoyne           with a better class of clientele.    landlord.                          Norden family operated their
buzzing admirers could not be accommodated at the college,              and a Wood Feast was held               Harder times came about,             They had pretended they         smithy business until the late
perhaps we could find another home for them. Barbara wrote a            here for the tenants of the          and in the 19th century the Bell     were taking it to a place of       1920s.
number of letters to local parklands and we were delighted when
the Alper family at Chilford Hall agreed to adopt both the trees
and any accompanying bees. Tree owners have been given the
choice of keeping their dedication with the Chilford limes or
                                                                           LibDems’ sale is back ...
having it reset by a new tree in the college grounds.
   You couldn’t make it up ...
                                                                           but the date is changed
                                  Caroline Derbyshire, Principal        FOR many years the LibDem jumble sale has been a fixture
                                                                        in the New Year calendar.
                                                                           This year’s marks a radical change - it’s happening in
   PLANNING APPLICATIONS                                                February instead, in Linton village hall at 2pmon Saturday
                                                                        10th February.
S/2319/06/F R Abrams, 7 Granta Leys, Linton. Extension.
                                                                           But regular bargain hunters can be assured it’s still going
S/0019/07/F Mrs S Bennett, The Shrubbery, 8 Mill Lane,
        Linton. Extension.                                              to be one of the best jumble sales in Linton, warm and useful
S/0020/07/LB Mrs S Bennett, The Shrubbery, 8 Mill Lane,                 as a pair of old gloves.
        Linton. Alterations. Replacement of cellar steps,                  Some other jumble sales may have withered over the
        remove walls to kitchen and store to create enlarged            years, but the LibDem sale is as well supported as ever.
        kitchen and formal dining room and install new door to                                                           Trisha Bear
        hallway. Create new lead roofed bay window in dining
        area. Block door opening to drawing room and form
        larder. Convert part of garden store to WC and extend                 TIM PHILLIPS & Co.
        to provide back hall and new study/garden room with
        4 light window and pyramidal rooflight in lead flat roof.
        Install new door opening in lean-to shed to form
        workshop. Provide window at first floor in bedroom 4.                          Independent, specialist service for:
        Install new roof structure to barn.                                           Small Businesses - Self Assessment
S/0043/07/F TJ Oldfield & JL Hall, 51 Back Road, Linton.                                      Personal Taxation
        Wind turbine and replacement garage.                                The ‘One-Stop Shop’ for your Accounts and Tax Returns
   BED & BREAKFAST                    JU
                                        STIN PEARSON                        You do not have to contact your existing accountant
   Mrs Monica Clarkson                 Reliable, High Quality                     when you decide to change over to us –
   4 Harefield Rise, Linton           Painter & Decorator                            the formalities are done for you.
     Tel: 01223 892988                for Interiors & Exteriors
     Quiet modern bungalow                 Free Estimates                           Copley Hill Business Park, Babraham
       Families welcome                  Tel 01223 565310                        Tel; 01223 830044.
          No Smoking                   Mobile 0775 2469130

   the NAME
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February 2007                                                                                                                                                                                             Page 9
                                                                                                                                                                               Parish Council Matters is
                                                                                                                                                                                   written, edited and

             Parish Council Matters                                                                                                                                             published by the Parish
                                                                                                                                                                              Council with the support of
                                                                                                                                                                                the Linton News Team.

                                                                                                                                                                                 A1307 –
           Update on the one-way system                                                                                                                                       county council
                                                                                                                                                                              drags its heels
                                                                                                        ahead which would stop                 8) Coles Lane/Back
                                                                                                        motorists using Coles Lane/
                                                                                                        Back Road when diverted off
                                                                                                                                            Road junction.
                                                                                                                                               8a) Approaching junction
                                                                                                                                                                              T    RAVELLING frequently
                                                                                                                                                                                   to Stansted Airport may not
                                                                                                                                                                              seem connected to safety on
                                                                                                        the A1307 due to an accident.       from Coles Lane,
                                                                                                           There needs to be some-                                            the A1307 – but it is.
                                                                                                                                               It was thought that there          Anybody who has made the
                                                                                                        thing clearly visible to indi-      should be some clear indica-      journey avoiding the M11 be-
                                                                                                        cate that if you turn right there   tion that the one-way system      cause of possible hold ups, will
                                                                                                        is immediately a ‘pedestrian        did go to the right which was     have noted that the alternative
                                                                                                        crossing’ point. Suggestion is      visible when approaching the      route via Littlebury and New-
                                                                                                        that the road could be painted      junction. Perhaps a large RH      port to Stansted Mountfitchet
                                                                                                        in some way connecting the          arrow painted on the road with    (B1383) has a general 50mph
                                                                                                        two dropped kerbs. Care             a smaller LH one to indicate      limit with lower speeds through
                                                                                                        would have to be taken that         that you can turn left also.      the intervening villages.
                                                                                                        this did not give pedestrians       (Sign 505.1)                          Now all those who are con-
                                                                                                        the feeling of priority.               The ‘yellow spot’ sign         cerned about safety on the
                                                                                                           5b) Approaching junction         should be removed and re-         A1307 have wanted similar re-
                                                                                                        from the west.                      placed with a sign ‘all routes’   strictions from Four Wentways
                                                                                                           Need new sign facing say-        + ‘High Street’ to the right.     to Haverhill, but regularly Cam-
                                                                                                        ing ‘ Coles Lane’. The light on        8b) Approaching junction       bridge county council highways
                                                                                                        the left-hand side ‘no entry’       from Back Road.                   turn down the request.
                                                                                                        sign is not correct and needs to       The second ‘give way’ sign         When the suggestion was
                                                                                                        be realigned.                       is permanently illuminated        first mooted several years ago
                                                                                                           Remove the ‘yellow dot’          with one bulb broken ( S2083).    highways said that it could not
                                                                                                        sign on the right-hand side.        This sign and the ‘no right       be done because of government
                                                                                                        Suggestion is that sign 562 or      turn’ sign are too far away       regulations. When challenged,
                                                                                                        563 could be utilised. There        from Coles Lane. An alterna-      highways came back with the
                                                                                                        needs to be something clearly       tive site should be found. Just   excuse that it was not county
                                                                                                        visible to indicate that when       along from the junction the       council policy! Well that might
             The junction of Coles Lane with the High Street                     Picture by Sue Parry   you turn left there is immedi-      new ‘one way’ sign on the left    be so, but if Essex county coun-
                                                                                                        ately a ‘pedestrian crossing’       is not numbered.                  cil can do it, why not Cam-
                                    stating ‘High Street’ and            3) High Street/Mill Lane
I  T was agreed at the council
   meeting held on 7th December
2006 that the following issues,
                                    ideally a brown sign direct-
                                    ing to the right stating ‘vil-
                                                                         ‘Heavy vehicle’ sign is dam-
                                                                                                        point. Suggestion is that the
                                                                                                        road could be painted in some
                                                                                                        way connecting the two
                                                                                                                                               9) Back Road/Balsham
                                                                                                                                            Road junction.
                                                                                                                                               9a) Approaching junction
                                                                                                                                                                              bridgeshire – policy or not.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Incidentally anyone driving
                                                                                                                                                                              on the B1383, which has well
primarily regarding signage,        lage centre’ or ‘Linton vil-     aged and needs repairing. Can      dropped kerbs as above.             from Back Road.                   spaced ‘50’ reminders in red
should be brought to the atten-     lage centre’.                    the Mill Lane sign also include       6) Coles Lane/Diddell               Remove yellow dot sign         for the whole length of the jour-
tion of the county council for         1b) Approaching junc-         an indication that this road is    Court junction.                     and replace with larger sign      ney, must be impressed by the
their consideration. On numer-      tion from Horseheath Road        unsuitable for heavy vehicles?        ‘Keep clear’ sign and road       indicating ‘Balsham, Chilford     fact that almost all drivers ap-
ous occasions we have been in-         As for 1a. In addition add        4) High Street/Church          junction sign need repainting.      Hall, (A11)’ to the left and      pear to keep the speed limit
formed that strangers to the vil-   ‘(A11)’ to the existing ‘Bal-    Lane junction.                        Just up from the junction        ‘High Street, Haverhill, Cam-     which is more than can be said
lage are unclear which way to       sham’ sign to keep traffic on        Need to check for redun-       the ‘one way’ sign on the left-     bridge, A1307’ to the right.      for the A1307, despite a
go after joining the one-way        the B1052 to the A11 and         dant signs in Church Lane          hand side could be removed          There should be clear indica-     plethora of ugly slow signs
system at Coles Lane. We have       attempt to keep traffic away     itself eg ‘at any time’ signs.     plus the ‘at any time’ sign on      tion that left or right at this   complete with windmills and
tried to address this problem as    from the High Street - Coles         5) High Street/Coles           the right-hand side.                junction is two-way traffic.      solar panels.
follows:                            Lane - Back Road (west)          Lane junction.                        7) Coles Lane car park           (Sign 522).                           Although government has
    1) Balsham Road/High            route to the A11. It is con-         5a) Approaching junction       junction.                              9b) Approaching junction       stated that there must be a change
Street junction.                    sidered that there has been      from the east.                        Just up from the junction        from Balsham.                     in policy, the county council
    1a) Approaching junction        an increase in traffic using         There should be signage to     the ‘at any time’ sign on the          The ‘no right turn’ needs to   has dragged its heels. They
from Balsham Road                   this village route since the     indicate that two-way traffic      left hand side could be re-         be further up Balsham Road.       promised to review their speed
    The large sign facing           installation of the new road     is ahead and that the approach-    moved, the hedge on the right       Suggest marking ‘no entry’ on     limit policy by this Christmas
Balsham Road has been vandal-       junction on the A1307 out-       ing traffic has priority. Could    hand side will need to be main-     the road at the beginning of      but now have put it back to the
ised, and the existing text needs   side the college.                ‘give way’ signs be fixed to       tained as landowner can not         Back Road. Just down Bal-         summer, despite a third-of-a-
to be renewed/repaired and the         2) High Street/Green          the back of the existing ‘no       now reach it safely due to          sham Road from this junction      mile section of the A1307 seeing
words ‘Haverhill/A1307’ need        Lane junction.                   entry’ signs in addition to ex-    steepness of the bank. The          the crossing point for pedes-     four deaths in the past 12 months.
to be added. This would then           Needs sign (816.1) to in-     isting ‘give way’ sign.            pavement on the left-hand side      trians needs to be signed from        One other thing, if there is a
link in with the ‘Haverhill’ sign   dicate Green Lane is a cul-          There should be a sign indi-   needs repairing. The road sur-      both directions. An ‘at any       20mph limit through the centre
at the Bartlow Road/Horseheath      de-sac and ideally a sign to     cating ‘A1307’ straight ahead      face at the edge on the right-      time’ sign needs to be re-        of Sawston, why can’t we have
Road junction. There needs to       include ‘leading to Beech        and/or a sign stating ‘all         hand side is not ideal and will     moved.                            it in Linton High Street?
be a street sign at the junction    Way’.                            routes’ (sign 521) straight        need to be monitored.                               Cllr Val Urwin                      Cllr Mike Gee

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Page 10                                                                                                                                                                                                        February 2007
M    INUTES of the meet
      ing of the Linton parish
council held on Thursday 7th De-
                                                                               of the listed building situated at
                                                                               12 Symonds Lane
                                                                                   c) there is insufficient detail
                                                                                                                      would have no adverse effect on
                                                                                                                      Flaxfields itself and would not
                                                                                                                      create an unsafe situation at the
                                                                                                                                                            nuisance. The football pitch is
                                                                                                                                                            very wet and virtually
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Alistair Frost at Ccc.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    2) Other traffic issues includ-
                                                                                                                                                                                                 ing Items 54 and 71. Following
cember 2006.                                                                   to confirm that this development       junction with Back Road                   iii) Cemetery (M Gee) Noth-      on from the public forum Cllr
  Present: Mrs E Bald,                                                         will not increase the risk of flood-      c) any damage to the highway       ing to report                        Urwin replied that council were
M Clay, Ms E Cornell,                                                          ing to the south from field water      caused by building vehicles in            iv) Rights of way (Dr J          aware that during the improve-
A Gore, B Hammett,                                  Pictures by Sue Parry      run-off, as happened in the 2001       Flaxfields and elsewhere in           Rossiter) A letter will be writ-     ments on the A1307 and the
Mrs P Kenyon, T Krarup,                                                        flood. We request that the envi-       Linton is rectified on comple-        ten to John Cooper, Rights of        building of the new school there
J Linsdell, Dr J Rossiter,              the Flaxfields development.            ronment agency supply proof of         tion of the development by the        Way officer, asking him to sug-      may be a knock-on effect to the
Dr V Urwin, Dr D White,                     Approval of the minutes of         flooding in this area during the       developers to the satisfaction of     gest a sum to be precepted to        village. Rat-running was antici-
D Willingham, Mrs K France,             the meeting held on 16th Novem-        2001 flood                             Linton parish council                 address the problems with foot-      pated during the construction pe-
Press, Mrs S Parry (clerk),             ber 2006. The minutes were ap-             d) there is no report attached        d) Linton parish council is        path five behind Granta school.      riod but was not expected to
county councillor J Batchelor           proved and signed.                     with the application detailing         consulted on materials to be used     She will be meeting with Mr          continue.
and seven members of the                    Consideration of the minutes       exactly what the current demand           e) the route for building          Fairey on 8th December to dis-          The potential problem had
public.                                 of the planning meeting of             in Linton is for this number of        vehicles to and from the site         cuss the problems with the           been raised at the time but the cc
   In the absence of the chair          16th November 2006. These were         units                                  avoids the conservation area in       bridge by the mill                   agreed to address the issue when
and vice chair it was proposed          considered and no amendments               e) there are no details with       Linton                                    v) Venture playground            and if it was proven. District
by Cllr Urwin, seconded by Cllr         made. At this point Cllrs Bald,        this application relating to pro-         f) should the ‘rainwater har-      (B Hammett) Still no contact         councillor Batchelor agreed to
Hammett and agreed by the               Gore and Hammett left the meet-        posed materials so we cannot           vesting system’ prove insuffi-        from Clever Curves regarding         pursue this issue of rat-running
meeting that Cllr Gore should           ing.                                   assess the impact on the street        cient to cope with water run-off      the skate ramp                       and speeding on Horseheath
take the chair.                             S/2105/06/F Very sheltered         scene                                  creating an otherwise non-exist-          vi) Leadwell Meadows (Dr J       Road.
                                        housing scheme including 42                f) the car parking is insuffi-     ing problem for residents south       Rossiter) Contact Herald to en-
         Public forum                   flats, communal areas and car          cient and would therefore mate-        of the development, the devel-        sure that they liaise with Cllr           Correspondence
    Residents of Horseheath             parking following demolition of        rially affect the neighbouring         opers will rectify the situation at   Rossiter prior to the start of the
Road were very concerned about          existing dwellings at 17-33 (odd)      properties. We are aware that          their expense within an accept-       planned work                             (Of particular interest)
the increased speed and volume          and 24-34 (even) Flaxfields.           many carers live in Haverhill          able time frame for all parties           vii) Glebe Land (Dr J                Item 47: Mr Savill, re allot-
of traffic using Horseheath Road            This council is concerned that     and as such would be using their       involved                              Rossiter) Nettles need to be cut.    ments – Two sites were sug-
in both directions during the early     insufficient detail is currently       cars                                      g) the ‘eco friendly’ features     Chase Herald to find out when        gested, a field off Long Lane
morning and evenings. They felt         available to make an informed              g) Hereward Housing have           of this development are not al-       they intend to cut these             close to the A1307 and land
that it was being used as a rat run     decision and therefore request         confirmed that a development of        tered following approval                  viii) Churchyard (Dr B Cox)      adjacent to the Woodlands. Cllr
to avoid the traffic lights on the      that this application is not con-                                                                                   Cllr Gore recommended to             Hammett will contact the land-
A1307. There was great concern          sidered until the following infor-                                                                                  council that a faculty be sought     owners to ascertain whether any
regarding the safety of children        mation is made available to all                                                                                     from the diocese to remove three     of this land could be made avail-
on their way to school.                 consultees for a further 21 days:                                                                                   trees. A pollarded lime, a multi-    able.
    A resident from Back Road               a) comments from listed                                                                                         ple group of trees near to the new       Item 64: M Chadwick – per-
reported that they were not op-         building officers                                                                                                   wall and a pollarded lime oppo-      mission requested to decorate
posed to a development at                   b) comments from Ccc high-                                                                                      site the southern porch. The costs   Horn Lane bridge for a wed-
Flaxfields. It is the size, scale and   ways locally regarding: i) the                                                                                      are likely to be in the region of    ding. Council agreed without
                                        most suitable route for building                                                                                    £1400. This was proposed by          hesitation to the request.
                                        material access; ii) the effect on                                                                                  Cllr Kenyon and agreed by the
                                        Flaxfields; iii) the effect on the                                                                                  meeting
                                        junction with Back Road fol-                                                                                                                                 Councillors’ reports
                                                                                                                                                                ix) Communications (M Gee)
                                        lowing completion of develop-                                                                                       Nothing to report
                                        ment                                                                                                                                                        (For information only)
                                                                                                Bungalows which are to be demolished                            x) A1307 ( E Cornell) The           Cllr Rossiter asked if the out-
                                            c) comments from the fire                                                                                       results of the speed survey un-
                                        service regarding accessibility        30 units would be a possible          h) residents must be elderly,                                               standing flint work required at
                                                                                                                                                            dertaken by cc should be avail-      Horn Lane bridge could be con-
                                        for the whole site, and we re-         alternative                        ie over 60 and/or disabled                able in January.
                                        quest a copy of their critical inci-       h) contravenes policy HG9         i) priority is given to Linton                                              sidered. She will contact Mr
                                        dent policy                            regarding care homes               residents or those with Linton                         Traffic                 Jackson who is currently repair-
                                            d) comments from the envi-             This council would request connections                                                                        ing the churchyard walls to ob-
    Homes which are due                 ronment agency regarding ex-                                                 j) an acceptable S106 is                  1) Report from traffic            tain a quotation.
      to be demolished                                                         that Hereward Housing redesign
                                        pected light pollution                 this development reducing the agreed                                         working party meeting – de-             The environment agency will
                                            e) comments from housing           units to 30, reducing the overall     k) the link footpath from              cision required re signage           be removing the fallen tree from
height that they have objections
                                        department supporting need for         height and footprint accordingly Flaxfields to Symonds Lane is               document. It was agreed that         the river at the bottom of Camp-
to. It was felt that a flat ‘green’
                                        42 units                               and positioning the develop- upgraded                                        this document reflecting the         ing Close.
roof would be more appropriate
                                            Cllr Rossiter proposed, it was     ment further away from the            l) a further environmental             views of the council be sent to         The meeting closed at 22.00.
and would be more sympathetic
to the surroundings. A flat roof        seconded by Cllr Clay that coun-       boundary to allow sufficient gar- wildlife assessment is made prior
would reduce the number of              cil objects to the application as it   den area around the develop- to demolition.                                                 LINTON PARISH COUNCIL
flats by seven. According to            stands.                                ment for the residents’ enjoy-        At this point Cllrs Bald, Gore                   Linton Village Hall, Coles Lane, Linton,
Hereward Housing a minimum                  For six, against two, absten-      ment and gainful exercise.         and Hammett rejoined the meet-                        Cambridge CB21 4JS Tel: C. 891001
of 30 is required to make the           tion one, proposal carried.                Conditions                     ing.                                                
project viable. It was suggested            This council objects to the            Should this application be ap-                                                       Clerk to the Council – Mrs Sue Parry
                                                                               proved we would request the                Co-ordinators’
that a representative attend and        application for the following rea-                                                     reports                                    Email:
speak at the planning commit-           sons:                                  following conditions are at-                                                      Office hours : Monday 9am–12noon, & 4–5.45pm,
tee meeting at Cambourne.                   a) the size of the development     tached to the approval:               i) Open spaces (M Clay)                               Tuesday–Friday 9am– 12noon
    Apologies for absence were          is not in keeping with the loca-           a) approval is dependent on Holes in the road were reported                                    Or by appointment
received from Cllrs Cox, Gee            tion. We request the current           listed building officers giving on the east side of Symonds                                 Dates for full Council meetings:
and Potter.                             specification regarding density        approval                           Lane between The Grove and
                                                                                   b) approval is dependent on Back Road                                                February 1st, 15th March 1st, 15th 2007
    Declarations of interest. Cllrs     per hectare
Bald, Gore and Hammett de-                  b) the size of the develop-        highways clearly stating that the     ii) Recreation ground (Mrs P                        All meetings held at the Cathodeon Centre
clared a prejudicial interest in        ment will not enhance the setting      expected increase in traffic Kenyon) Moles continue to be a                                         commencing at 8pm

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