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					                                                   OCTOBER 1 9 5 7 50

                                        . -n
                                      "--,     ;



        IS FEE Smm

      SMALL G M

                                                  Very Good bores and exteriors specially selected for N.R.A. members. These a r e late model high
                                                  number weapons a s used with scope by marine snipers in Korea and Guadal. The most popular
                                                  all-time hunting caliber. Softnose ammo is available everywhere. A high-powered long range
                                                  hunting weapon without alteration. Get yours now while they last! If not satisfied return for
                                                  full refund. OUR AMMO SPECIALS: 30106 Target, 20 rds., $2.00; 100 rds.. $7.50; 30/06
                                                  SOFTNOSE. 20 rds., $2.95.

             SPRINGFIELD SPECIALS :                                                                                                                                 I
      Box of 20 rds.. G.I. tereet-$2.00:      100 rds., G.I. target-$7.50;     20 rds. pro-           RARE WEBLEY MK V I IMPORT
     fessionally reloaded soft point hunting-$2.95;
     mercial soft point-$4.75.
                                                         20 rds., Rem. o r Western Com-                  IN U.S.  f
                SPECIFICATIONS                                  ACCESSORIES                           .45 CALIBER
     Model: '03, BBI.: 2 4 " 4 groove (not 2      Slings: U.S. gov't regulation, cowhide,             FIRES STANDARD .45 A.C.P. Cal.
     groove). Siehts: Famous Sprinefield          New $1.95, Used 95rf. Cleaning rods:                amm. sold in all sporting goods stores!

     sights adjustable t o 2700 fds.. Windage     3 PC. and tip, U.S. Army brass $1.95.               "The Peacemaker of the British Em-
     and elevation. Stocks: Gov't selected        Brushes: U.S. Army brass, official,                 pire." This is the famous Webley Mk
     American Walnut. Caliber: 30/06. Num-        new, 2 for 25<. Oil: G.I. gun oil, 6 oz.            VI 6-shot breaktop revolver with Brit-
     bers: All hieh numbers. Packine: Guns        can. 25rf. Patches: G.I. cleaning patches,          ish crown ordnance marks and standard
                                                                                                      lanyard ring. Included are two half-
     shipped to us in o n e . army cosmoline.     flannel (200) 75<. Solvent: G.I. gun                moon cartridge clips. Combined single     SPECIAL
     We decrease and oil liehtly. Shipped         cleaning solvent, 6 oz. 25<. Gun Case:              and double action. A powerful and ac-
     i n heavy duty protective packing case.      G.I. olive drab. heavy-duty, brand new              curate weapon for target shooting.
     A L L MILLED PARTS: No hurry-up              condition, heavy gov't spec. zipper                 home protection.
     war time stiimpings. Wt.: Sh Ibs. l          $1.95. Scabbard, saddle, cowhide, ex-                 M O
                                                                                                      A M .45 ACP per 100 rdi. $6.00
     Shinninr W . 10 lha.
                t;                                eellent. È4.95                                     Holster, Leather, for Webley $3.35

                                                                                                                 MODEL PI7 ACTIONS
                                                                                                                            Genuine original Model 1917 (30-06)
                                                                                                                            actions. first of these available for
Short Small Ring M98 Mauser                                                                                                 many months. This excellent Ameri-
Action Barrelled to .308                                                                                                    can made action will also accommo-
Win. Cal. with Brand New

                                                                                                                               SHORT     MEXICA

    TARY TARGET A M 100 rds., $7.50. For S.M.L.E. .303
                   M O                                              Send check. cash or M.0.
    Cal. Softnose hunting ammo box of 20 rds., $2.95.

    $7.50. Attention Mauser owners: This is the original
    German ammo designed for your gun. Use it for maximum           p r e s s c h a r g e s collect
    accuracy and velocity. This 8MM (7.92 MM) full jacketed         F.O.B. Pasadena. Edged
    Mauser ammo mfc. in Germany to strict military specifi-         weapons sent postpaid.
    cations. (Purchased commercially would cost you $20 per         Calif. resid. add 4% state
     100 rds.) Our bulk price is $73.50 per case of 1500 rds.       tax. 10day money-back
    Cannot accept orders under 100 rds. 7 M Military
    corrosive per 100 rds $6 00
    ammo., per 100 rds., $7.50. .45 ACP Gov't Brass non-            guarantee o n all items.
                                                                    Dealers inquire.
                                                                                                                                 'ATE ARI
    NOTE: All ammo must be shipped R.R. Express (charges
    collect). F.O.B. Pasadena. Ordering in large quantities
    *-ds to defray shipping costs.
    The flristocrat of flutomatic Shotgun
         If years of satisfactory service under many and varied conditions will sub-
         stantiate the excellence of a product, few of any type have so remarkably
         qualified as the Browning Automatic-5. Dependable, lasting, and effective
         performance in every kind of shotgunning the world over has justly earned
         it the name . . . Aristocrat of Automatic Shotguns.
         It's built as you expect a Browning to be built-precision machined parts-
         personalized hand-fitting, hand-finishing, hand-engraving . . and when          .
         you take command of this all-round performer, you will find its many
         distinctive features as pleasing as its construction is assuring.
              12 or 16 gauge-Standard               or Lightweight Models-from               $127"
         5 s h o t s as f a s t as you c a n pull t h e trigger-adapted               to 3-shot capa-
         city in seconds.
   - Convenient
r -? ~ s p e e d loading,
 +.                                     5 shells in 6 seconds. No other gun will load
     .   5 shells as fast from shooting position through reload to shooting position.
         Straight Sighting Plane-sharp                     and distinct from receiver to muzzle.
         Exclusive Magazine Cutoff-Switch from one load to another in 2 seconds
         while retaining a full magazine-an unusual safety feature as well.
         Shock Absorber-for             comfortable shootine of anv 2% inch shell.

                                                            . Be your own judge.

                                 Write for new 28 page i :atalog showing all Browning guns in color,
                             plus special chapters on shmating-practical information for gun enthusiasts.
                                Address: Browning Arms Company, Department 70, St. Louis 3, Mo.

                prices subject to change without notice.                                                    -
                                                                                 Bv Dr. CLARENCE E.

         "SIERRA                                                                   Honolulu Big Game
          bullets-                                                          t
                                                                                    Hunter, Scholar,

                                                                                     WEATHERBY . N O Mag-
                                                                                A    num, 24" barrel, with
                                                                                Herter m u z z l e brake and
                                                                                Bausch and Lomb 2%-4 vari-
                                                                                power scope. Bullets? In the
                                                                                past, 150 grain bronze point
                                                                                and 180 grains silver tip. In
                                                                                the future, Nosier 180 grain
                                                                                ~artitionedbullet. Ammunition
                                                                                hand loaded and range tested.
                                                                                   Mv favorite. the Weatherbv
                                                                                ,300 Magnum has been used        m
                                                                                during my  last hunt in Africa   1
                                                                                and two hunts in India. It has
                                                                                averaged over 90 per cent one-
                                                                                shot kills. My most prized
                                                                                trophy with it is a 525 Ib.
                                                                                 (weighed and measured) In-
                                                                                dian tiger at eighty yards.


                                                                                                            By JANET HEIDTMANN

                            '          Les Bowman
                                 used Sierra 30 cal.
                                   180 gr. bullet for
                                                                                                         National Intercollegiate Ladies'
                                                                                                        Rfe Champion, prone position
                                     this 1-shot kill
                                  of 400 Ib. Grizzly.
                                                                                                                                       T     HE FIRST GUN I ever
                                                                                                                                             used-that's my favor-
                                                                                                                                        ite. It's a .22 Winchester
                                                                                                                                        52, bolt-action, with peep
,   ,        Les Bowman writes:                                                                                                        sights. I used that in win-
    **                                                                                                                                 ning the championship,
                  "As one of Wyoming's largest out-                                                                                     scoring 400 x 400 twice.
             ; I fitters we help hunters all we can.                                                                                   As a member of the Bos-
                  Lots of hunters arrive with im-                                                                                      ton University Girls' Rifle
                  proper bullet loads. We help 'em                                                                                     Team, we competed via
                                                                                                                                       mail against many other
                  by loading any caliber they desire.                                                                                  college teams all over the
             . SIERRA is our choice in every                                                                                           country. And we were
                . caliber."                                                                                                            thrilled to beat the girls
                                                                                                                                       from the University of
                                                                                                                                       Denver. I'm superstitious,
                                                                                                                                        so I won't shoot in any
                                                                                                                                       competition unless I use
                                                                                                                                       my favorite weapon. I t
                                                                                                                                       may be heavy, but it's
                                                                                                                                       very accurate, and has no
                                                                                                                                        recoil. I learned to shoot
                                                                                                                                       with this rifle only a little
                                 IERRA                                                                                                 over a year ago. As a sen-
                                                                                                                                        ior now at Boston Univer-
                                   BULLETS,                                                                                             sity, I hope that our team
         1    600   W e s t W h i t t i e r Blvd. - Whittier, C a l i f ,
                                                                                                                                       will win many matches.
                                                                  THE COVER
                                                         Few things are more symbolic of our
                                                         American heritage than this October

            UNS  points with pride to the new name
             appearing on our masthead for the first
       time this month-the name- of Elmer Keith,
                                                         cover scene of a man, a dog, and a
                                                         g u n - a scene that will be repeated
                                                         times without number this Fall and,
       internationally respected authority on hunt-      God willing, for many Falls to come.
       ing and shooting subjects generally.
                                                                                                        OCTOBER, 1957                        VOL. Ill, NO. 10-34
          To say, "This man needs no introduction,"
       is more than just a trite phrase in this in-
       stance. Elmer Keith's books and articles
       have been definitive texts in gun circles since              THIS S S UE
       1925. He is very ~ r o b a b l ~ most expe-
       rienced hunter of American big game in the
       business, was for 30 years a big game guide
                                                         shotgunning                   ...
                                                             WOODCOCK ARE EASY TARGETS..                  ...................
                                                                                                             .Byron W . Dalrymple 15
       operating across the continent from Mexico
       to Alaska. He fired on three National Match           IS FEE SHOOTING THE ANSWER?. ......................... Johnny Mock 24
       bigbore rifle teams, placed among the first ten
       in four national individual bigbore matches
       at Perry, is internationally famous for his
       experimentation and shooting in the handgun
                                                         big game                 ...
                                                             LONG SHOTS DON'T MAKE GOOD HUNTERS.. ..............         Clifton Camp 18
       field, is quoted wherever men shoot as an             HE LOOKED AS BIG AS A T A N K . . ....................Col. Charles Askins 28
       authority on handloads for both handguns              HE USES THREE RIFLES FOR DEER.. .........................   .Jess T. Reid 34
       and game rifles. He was Gun Editor of "Out-
       doorsman" for 12 years, of "Western Sports-
       man" for four years, has been on the tech-
       nical and/or "contributing" staff of the
                                                         small game  ...
                                                             SMALL GAME ON A BUDGET. ............................. .Carlos Vinson 21
       "American Rifleman" for eight years, is the

                                                         workshop . . .
       author of six classic books on guns and
       shooting. His contributions to GUNS will
       include feature articles and, as frequently           THE PERFECT HUNTING COMPANION.                       .......................R. E. Maxey            31
       as our space and his time allows, a depart-
       ment under the heading "Elmer Keith Says."
       The broadest title we could think of for El-
       mer was "Shooting Editor!'       He will talk
                                                         gun of the month                             ..      l

                                                             THE MOUTIER MASTERPIECE. ..............................Carl Breihan 36
       about nearly everything connected with
       shooting, in the months to come-including
       his first African safari which starts a few
       months hence. We're proud to have Elmer
                                                         departments                   ...
                                                             M Y FAVORITE G U N . . ..........Janet Heidtmann and Dr. Clarence E. Fronk 4
       with us, know that his contributions will
                                                             TRIGGER TALK ...................................................... 5
  $ make GUNSmore valuable to you, the readers.

          Other stories in this and the two following        GUNS I N THE NEWS .................................................. 6
   > :issues follow the pattern of the hunting sea-          CROSSFIRE ........................................................... 8
 ,& son. "Woodcock Are EASY Targets" startled                ELMER KEITH SAYS.. .................................................. 10
 $'    us here, may give you a new slant on "the             SHOPPING W I T H GUNS ............................................... 60
,'&    bird everybody misses." "Is Fee Shooting
       The Answer" presents a controversial sub-

             which we may be forced to accept on
       Hie basis of hard economic facts rather than
                                                         George E. von Rosen
                                                                                                     E. B. Mann
                                                                                                                                              Art Arkush
                                                                                                                                          EDITORIAL DIRECTOR
       sentiment. Times do change, and fee shoot-
       ing may be the biggest change in hunting                                 William B. Edwards                   Elmer Keith
       since the days of the Long Rifle.                           Barker          TECHNICAL EDITOR                 SHOOTING EDITOR           F!ed McLaren
                                                          ART DIRECTOR                                                                           ART EDITOR
          But sentiment does have a place in hunt-
       ing, and not even the cold facts of ballistics    Louis Satz                 Marvin Ginn                         L. Pector                 Carlos Thut
       can displace a favorite gun in the affections     CIRCULATION              ADVERTISING SALES                     ADVERTISING                PRODUCTION
       of many hunters. In "He Uses Three Rifles
       For Deer," veteran hunter Jess Reid tells how                                        Editorial Advisory Board
       he bowed to ballistics without forsaking old      COL. GEORGE M. CHINN          CAROLA MANDEL               STUART MILLER              ALFRED G. COERC
       loves. There's a lesson here, too, for every      ROGER MARSH                    ROY G. DUNLAP               VAL FORGElT                   KENT BELLAH
       man who sights in a new rifle.
          "Long Shots Don't Make Good Hunters"
        (or vice versa) hits hard at shooting egos,
       yet every hunter knows deep in his heart that
       sportsmanship does end at an exact and
       measurable distance from the muzzle of the        REPRESENTATIVES: NEW YORK Eugene L. Pollock 40 East 40th St New York 16 N. Y. Murray
       gun. What this distance is for you is the sub-    Hill 5-6760. MIDWEST, Jack brovol 360 N      hi an, Chicago "111 ~ ~ a n k l i n ' 2 - 2 4 8 4CALI-
       ject of this story.
                                                         FOR IA The Ren Avenll Compan den ~verill,232              %.
                                                                                                             Lake St., '~asidena, Calif., Ryan 1-9291;
                                                         and !odon Cole, 74 Bret Harte #&race, San Francisco 11, Calf., PRospect 6-3902.
          There'll be another round-up of hunting        GUNS niazazlne Is published monthly at 8150 N Central park Avenue       Skukle Illlnolç Second claas mall
       articles in November. And whether you're          privileges authorized at Skokle, Illinois. SUBSCF~TION: one rear, ~ i . 0 0 . s i n le copy 50c. CHANGE OF
                                                         ADDRESS: Foilr weeks' notice reoutred on all changes Send old address as wall as new. CONTRIBUTORS
                                                         submittinfe manuscripts. phot~mnohaor drawings do & at their own risk. Material cannot be returned un-
       going for "Small Game On A Budget" or             lees accompanied by sufficient postage. PAYMENT will be made at rates current at time of acceptance and
                                                         will cover reproduction in any or all GUNS magazine edltiona. ADVERTISING RATES furnished on request.
       stalking gaur in India, GUNS wishes
       you "Good sport and safe shooting."
                               SEZ .
                                                   "I'm      3 away ten dollar bills this month, absolutely
                                                                                                                 .. .
                                                                                                                                   GUNS in
                                                   free G -.cry purchase of a United Defense gun
                                                   We dl ti rare collector's submachine gun, 9mm cali-
                                                   ber (dewat) for only $39.95 list price, but this month
                               only, if you will send us $49.95, we will enclose with each gun shipped a
                               brand new genuine US. ten dollar currency note                     ...
                                                                                        how can you lose?

                                                                  .         -!!

                                                                Cx.ra special, beautiful
      Box 171                                                   battle of Britain BUEN
      West Englewood             ;    ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ;                            ~
                                                                ~ ~ . ~ ~ l ~ ~ ~ ; ; ~~ ~ d ~ ~ h ~ ~ ~ / ~ ~ ~ , y , J ~
                                                                  ~    ~    ;                          s
      New Jersey                 were taken from the Irish Republican Army rebels, only

                                                                                                                                     Jim Grigsby, proprietor of a meat packing

      just $17.50. Good also for baking cakes, watering the dog.
                                                                                                            More!                   mpany in Woodland, California, tells of a
                                                                                                                                     nter who brought in a deer to be cleaned
                                                                                                                                    d dressed. Nothing unusual about that,
                                                                                                                           -   GI.igshy says, except that the deer was alive.
                                                                                                                               Ttie hunter, whose name Grigsby loyally
                                                                                                                               withholds, shot the deer, thought it was dead,
                                                                                                                               Pa eked i t in his car trunk. When the trunk
                                                                                                                               waIS opened, the deer jumped out and ran
                                                                                                                               aviray. The hunter got in his car, followed the
                                                                                                                               deer, shot it, brought it back, and Grigsby
                                                                                                                               dl,essed it.
                                                                                                                                                    0 0 0
                                                                                                                               E In the Ashfield, Mass., region a shotgun
                                                                                                                               ca mpaign to eliminate a family of beavers
                                                                                                                               wt10 persisted in blocking a seven-foot cul-
                                                                                                                           7   ve;rt failed. The eager beavers were too fast
                                                                                                                               an d smart for the shooters. A dynamite blast
                                                                                                                               finally had to be used to get rid of the beaver
                                                                                                                                                    0 0 0
                                                                                                                                     In Blackstone, Mass., Korenlia Zariczny, a
                                                                                                                               72 -year-old great-grandmother, set up a block-
                                                                                                                               ade by her home and, armed .with a rifle,
                                                                                                                               resiisted efforts of local and state police to
                                                                                                                               talce away her condemned property.
                                                                                                                                                    0 0 0
                                                                                                                                     It looks as if England's social fox hunting
Fast, easy, accurate Pacific Reloading                                                                                         frsiternity, an institution for centuries, may
Ño have been top choice of expert
b a n d b a d e n for a quarter century for
perfect low-cost ammunition. Often
                                                          1                                                                    be going into extinction. The reason is the
                                                                                                                               $1.40 that the Ministry of Agriculture is now
imitated, never oqualbd! Pacific Super                                                                                         Pa ying as bounty for every fox killed. Now
Tool complete with dies, shell holder,
                                                                                                                               jut it plain ordinary farmers are taking out
primer arm, $54.95. Automatic primer                                                                                           af' the foxes. The result is that there aren't
 ?-     *- m"                                                     d             y                                              eriough of these quadrupeds to go around
                                                                                                                                   ~y more.
                                                                                                                                                    0 0 0
                                                                                                                                     In Manitowoc, Wis., a rabbit hunter was
                                                                        PACIFIC STANDARD
                                                                              TOOL                                             filled $100 and agreed to pay $250 damages
                             featuring built-in oil                   foramduldaocaruratu
                                                                                                                               a f 'ter he chased his target through the woods,
                             dampener reservoir, emir-                economy price. Include ape-                              lost it and, in a fit of pique, took aim at a
                                                                      atelb heat-treated alzlnx die.
                             to-'read indicator, b a
                                                  en                                                                           farmer's horse and dropped it.
                             east lion muihined body.
                             a l l sted-hardened bear-                                                                                              0 0 0
                             Ings and knives. Price                   * .
                                                                      %         Automatic.
                                                                                        primer                                 Q At Barnstead, N. H., 15 townsfolk went
                             comclete, s t i l l on19
                                 "-                                   feed t7.w.                                               s1ieepless searching for a hunter reported lost.
                                                                                                                               s<)meone finally checked the home of the
                                                                                                                               hiinter, Raymond Carson. He was found
                                                                                                                               sl1umbering soundly away in bed, unaware
                                  PACIFIC DIES                                                                                 tha t he had been reported missing.
                             Perfect concentricity ot                                                                                               0 0 0
                             ahell body shoulder and
                             DM* for absolute pre-
                                                                                                                               Q Harold Donahue of Glendive, Montana,
                             c s o . An? die not test-
                              iin                                                                                              caimplained to store clerk Jim Shirby that
                             Ing 100% fW dim-                                                                                  th e .22 revolver he recently purchased didn't
                             tolerances, and Bpeolflct-                                                                        Wlork. As he waved the gun around, it dis-
                             tiona Is rejected. Set of
                             dies c o w for one oÈl                                                                           ctiarged, sending a bullet into a metal button
                             ihre, $18.60.                                                                                     01 Shirby's jacket sleeve. Police permitted
                                                                                                                               D.  onahue to leave with his gun, a satisfied
                    SEE YOUR DEALER OR SEND FOR A FREE CATALOG OF                                                                  istomer, convinced that it would shoot.
                               PACIFIC RELOADING TOOLS                                                                                              0 0 0
                                                                                                                                     Near Wolfsville, Md., a youth testing his
                                                                                                                                   d i t y to imitate squirrel chatter was too
                                                                                                                                   iod. He was wounded by his father, who
    PACIFIC G U N SIGHT COMPANY                   0   2903 EL C A M I N O REAL             0    P A L 0 ALTO, CALIFORNIA           as out squirrel hunting.

                    Get that


                  You've heard a lot about Bausch & Lomb rifle sights probably,                                                                            ...
             you've wanted one for a long time. You like the way they're built*
             rugged they won't knock out of zero-and that they won't fog up in
             any kind of weather. Now, there's the new BALvar 8            variable                                                                        ...
             power from 2Y2X to 8X with no change in reticle size, eyepoint or
             focus! A sight to meet all your hunting requirements. And the new
             wide fieldBALfor and BALsix hunting sights. Yes, Bausch & Lomb has
             a lot to offer-stop in at your Bausch & Lomb dealer and see these                                                                                                                     FREE M A N U A L
             terrific sights. See for yourself how you can turn the BALvar 8 from
                                                                                                                                                                                                  We have a %-page manual
             2 m to 8X without changing focus or reticle size. Be sure to look                                                                                                                    we'd like to send to you. It's
             at the BALvar 24Ñvariabl power target-varmint sight with powers                                                                                                                     + l e d "Facts About Telescopic
             from 6X to 24X. You'll find the right scope for your needs and you'll                                                                                                                Sights." Tells just about every-
             find the B&L Time Payment Plan, t o o ~ l e t you buy your scope                                                                                                                     thing a shooter would like to
             now, for as little as 10% down-and pay off the balance in                                                                                                                            know; discusses hunting, var-
             convenient monthly payments while you're enjoying                                                                                                                                    mint shooting, target shooting;
                                                                          <1                                                                                                                      charts trajectories of leading
             the performance of your new scope.
                                                                                                                                                                   I                              cartridges; explains how to
.:.:.:.:.:.:.:¥:.:,:.:.:*.:::::::::::{{{{f¥; . : . : . : . : .:::::::::.:.>:.:¥:¥>>w:.i.>:.È.K.:^ :::x :::
...............................................                        ..................................................................... ...................
                                                                       ~                     :::::::
                                                                                              :::A:           ... +...
                                                                                            ::.::+ .........................                                                                      sight-in a scope and the differ-
............................................ ^^.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.;.:.:.:.*.:.:.:.:.>>:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.
......... ¥:

               BALM 24                                                target

                                           Variable power, 6 ~ - 2 4 ~ , and varmint sight.Tapered
                                           cross-hair reticle % minute at center; external adjustments;
                                                                                                                                                                                         w    i ences in scope sights; plus com-
                                                                                                                                                                                                  plete specifications for the
                                                                                                                                                                             ........            . B a u d & Lomb line. Just write
                                           fogproof. With mount $160.00. $16 Down.                                                                                     ¥.
                                                                                                                                                                       Â......                  ' Bausch & Lomb Optical C .    o,
                                                                                                                                                                             ......... :.:.
                                                                                                                                                                             ,Â.                  20622 Lomb Park, Rochester 2,
                                           Variable power, 2%X-8X, hunting and varmint sight.                                                                                .........
.....                                      Tapered cross-hair reticle       minute at center; external                                                                       ..:.:.:.:
                                                                                                                                                                              ::::                New York.
. A. .
 . '.
                                           adjustments; fogproof. $95.00. $10 Down.                                                                                              :.:.:Â¥:
.....  .

                                                                                                                                                                       1 BAUSCH & LOMB
                                           Variable power, 2 % ~ - 4 xhunting sight; external adjust-

                                  4        ments; fogproof; cross-hair or tapered post reticle. $80.00.
                                           $8 Down. Lee Dot extra.
               BAh                         6x big game hunting sight. Largest measured field o view
                                           o any 6x sight, 21' at 100 yds.; cross-hair reticle; 30mm ob-
.........                                  jective; external adjustments; fogproof. $75.00. $8 Down.
               BALfof                      4~ hunting sight. Largest measured field of view of any
.....                                      4x sight, 31.5' at 100 yds.; choice of cross-hair or tapered
.                                          post reticle. (65.00. $7 Down. Lee Dot extra.
    about your

                                                                                                oar September issue has already testified
      In accessories and service, as                                                            to our fay awareness of this situation. As
      well as handguns, you'll find the                                                         to what we are doing: GUNS editors are
      finest at Pachmayr                                                                        carrying on an active campaign by mail,
                                              Warning on Webleys                                telephone, telegraph, and personal discussion, ;
                                                 I read with interest the article on Webleys    to enlist law makers and leaders of inter-;
                                              in your May issue. As a GI in the Pacific         ested groups in the war against existing and
                                              during World War 1 , I blew a Webley open         proposed bad gun legislation. Technical
                                              trying to shoot .45 ACP cartridges in it. The     Editor Bill Edwards went to Washington, .
                                              stirrup latch cracked through the bottom          D.C., early in July to discuss firearms prob;.
                                              of the rear sight "V," where the metal is         lems with several interested Congressme
                                              very thin.                                        and his article (above mentioned) appea
                                                 As some gun dealers are selling old Web-       in even longer form in Vol. 103, No. 124
                                              leys converted to ACP .45, a word of warn-        the Congresswnal Record under date of July

                                              ing might be warranted. My gun may have           15, 1957. As to what you can do: read
                                              been an old Mark IV made for black pow-           Edwards' article in September GUNS or in
                                              der. I t was a round butt with 4" barrel,         the Congressional Record. Know your rights;
                                              either Mark IV or V. Since the Mark V was         know the facts about gun legislation and the
                                              the first made for nitro powder, a few words      interpretation of gun laws, pro and con.
                                              should be included to enable the non-expert        Then tell your representatives in your state
                                              to distinguish between the Mark IV and            and federal governments what you, as a
                                              Mark V. The Mark VI is easily identified          voter, want them to do in the maintenanc
      "^                                      by its square butt. .                              of those rights. Do it now!      -Editors.

     Pachmayr            NEW                     The Webleys are probably strong enough
                                              for their own cartridge, but conversion is
                                              risky. The pressure needed to force a jack-
                                              eted bullet through the bore is probably a
                                                                                                Wants Cartridge Collector
                                                                                                   I want to let you know how much I ap-
     PISTOL CASE                              lot higher than with their own lead bullet.
                                                                         Mr. Fred L. Smith
                                                                                                preciated the article (July '57 issue) by
                                                                                                Ruth C. Douglas . . . entitled "Guns are
     The favorite with handgun shooters.                                     Cleveland, Ohio    our Protectors." We need more like this!
     Widely used by service teams. Finest                                                       I have written the NRA requesting that they
     construction. Grained simulated          Law Without Legality                              arrange with you to have this article re-
     leather in grey or maroon. Also             As a subscriber to your good magazine, I       printed in the "Rifleman." I t should be
     simulated black or brown alligator.                                                        reprinted also in magazines such as "Ladies
     4 Gun Model..  .............
          (with back door..
                                              am writing to you to find out if you are
                                              aware of the recent announcement of the           Home Journal" and other publications where
                                                                                                it will meet the attention of the non-shooting
     5 Gun Model..  .............
          (with back door..
                                              Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Division of the
                                              Internal Revenue Service that it intended to      gun-shy public.
                                                                                                   I find that you have not included the Car-
                                              "change" the regulations of the Federal Fire-
     This model takes all spotting scopesup   arms Act. Of course, these "changes" turn         tridges for Collectors articles in GUNSmaga-
     to and including B 6 L                   out to be a drastic and vicious tightening of     zine since Nov., 1956. I would like to see
                                              this act far beyond anything contained in         this department reinstated.
                                                                                                                          Herbert R. 'Garrison
      Guaranteed                              the act itself, such as entering premises for
                                              search and seizure without a warrant or                                          New York, N.Y.

       4A t .                                 warning, presumably on any pretext or none

     Accuracitizing         @                 at all, and other equally reprehensible fea-
                                              tares. I n effect, this power-greedy bureau is
                                              writing its own law to supersede that of the
                                                 Perhaps I should draw your attention to
                                              the fact that this dangerous action, and
                                                                                                Guns Are Our Heritage
                                                                                                   I wish to thank you and your staff for
                                                                                                many hours of enjoyable reading. I am a
                                                                                                very ardent gun fan; have been one ever
                                                                                                since I fired my first single-shot rifle. I
                                                                                                now have many types of arms and have
                                              others more and more restrictive that may         enjoyed shooting and tinkering with my
                                              logically be expected to follow in due time       guns.
     Test-fired and sites                     constitute not only a serious threat to shoot-       I am in complete accord with a letter -in
     adjusted b y e x p e r t                 ers but to patriotic citizens as well; and that   Crossfire titled, "It's a Right, Not a Privi-
     craftsmen. Micro-Sites                   this time, they are not emanating from the        lege." I t seems to me that every time you
     and trigger pull addi-                                                                     turn around, some legislator or Senator or
     tional.The ServiceTeams      '
     are makina records with 44 nuto-
                                              crackpots and members of the lunatic fringe
                                              but from the henchmen of the administration
                                                                                                some official is trying to put a ban on the
                                                                                                use of guns. I believe that guns are a
     matic accuracitized                         What can be done about this situation?         heritage of ours that should be held in high
     ~~U*.THREEWEEK            $3250          Something should be.                              recognition. They helped make this country
     DELIVERY.                                                          George W. Courtney      what it is today, a free country. They also
                                                                          Richmond, Indiana     help to prevent a foreign government from
                                                                                                trying to take us over by force.
                                                The article, "Why Not a PRO-gun Law?"                                       Daniel E. Gilbert
                                              by GUNS Technical Editor Bill Edwards in                                    Bellefontaine, Ohio
Top Performers on the Range t                                                                                        :
                                                                                                                    s , .t
                                                                                                                   . "7.

  quiet enough for basement practice
  perfectly balanced for super-accurate performance
  champion in rapid-fire competition

                .                                                           '4
  year-after-year, more Camp Perry winners than all      OLYMPIC                        SUPERMATIC
  other .22's combined                                   $78.00 with 6%'' stabilizer    $78.00 with 6%" stabilizer
  unbeatable accuracy and excellent balance                 barrel                          barrel
  rugged construction, with fast, simple takedown        $75.00 with 4%" barrel         $75.00 with 4%'' barrel
  stabilizer barrel greatly reduces "barrel jump"        $89.00 with both barrels       $89.00 with both barrels
                                                         (identical to Supermatic in
Target sights with precise click adjustments for wind-   appearance)
age and elevation * Interchangeable barrels for shoot-
ing versatility * Precision-aligned muzzle stabilizer    Make your Hi-Standard two guns in one!
built into 6%" barrel     Hammerless Positive lock        Your long rifle target model can fire thrifty .22 shorts
safety     Slide locks open automatically after final    when you have a Quick-Change Kit. In seconds, with-
shot Extra 2- and 3-02. weights dovetail into barrel     out tools, you're ready for basement shooting, rapid-
for those who want steadying weight       Push-button    fire matches, plinking, or sniping small game. And
takedown       10-shot Sure-fire magazine with push-     quick as a wink you can switch back to long-rifle
button release * Non-slip trigger with crisp, clean      shooting again! Your Hi-Standard becomes twice as
pull     Beautiful diamond-shaped checkered grips                 -
                                                         versatile twice as much fun.
Dependable factory warranty                              See your dealer, or write for full-color catalog ~ g ,

THE HIGH STANDARD                     MANUFACTURINGCORPORATION                            . HAMDEN, CONNO
                                                               RELOADING THE .44                                      die will reform the big magnum case back as
                                                                                                                      far as i t expands nicely. However, the fact
                                                                   MAGNUM                                             that .44 Magnum brass is much thicker than
                                                                                                                      .44 Special brass, necessitates that expand-
                                                         T    HE .44 Magnum is not only our most
                                                              powerful handgun cartridge; it is also
                                                         one of the finest six-gun cartridges ever pro-
                                                                                                                      ing plugs be turned down to about .423" to
                                                                                                                      .424" so that the case will not be expanded
                                                         duced for the hand-loader. The case is of                    again after being resized. The factory bullet
                                                         solid head construction and is .1 inch longer                is not a gas check but a part jacket and has
                                                         than the .44 Special, or the same length as                  a very thin jacket that covers the base band
                                                         the .357 Magnum brass. This .44 Magnum                       and also the lower grease groove. This en-
                                                         case however is of much heavier material                     ables Remington to use the soft lead bullet
                                                         and has the thickest side walls of any re-                   so necessary to their extrusion and swedging
                                                         volver case I have ever reloaded.                            machines and still hold the rifling at high
                                                           The factory load produces plenty of power                  velocity and give very fine accuracy. In re-
                                                         and pressure. For best results I believe that                loading, one is far better off with a cast
                                                         the hand-loader should stick to pressures and                bullet of one part tin to 16 parts lead. Then
                                                         velocities slightly under the factory load.                  no jacket is needed. Bullets should be sized
                                                         The factory load must develop around 40,000                  exact groove diameter. My Smith & Wesson,
                                                         to 42,000 pounds pressure, but the Smith &                   the first one sent out from the factory, has
                                                         Wesson .44 Magnum revolver will handle it,                   a groove diameter of .429" and we have
                                                         and so will the Ruger Blackhawk for the                      heard of some going .430" and one .43lV.
                                                         same cartridge. Both guns are superbly ac-                   The factory slug mikes .431".
                                                         curate and fine examples of six-gun building.                   The factory bullet is a modification of one
                                                           The Remington factory, which developed                     of my designs and I have also found my Ideal
                                                         the .44 Magnum cartridge, has every facility                 bullet No. 429421 in 250 grain solid or 235
                                                         for checking pressures and velocities and                    grain hollow-point, or hollow base, to be the
                                                         their ballisticians know exactly what they                   best for reloading this cartridge. Both Smith
                    precision-made optical               are doing and what these guns will stand.                    & Wesson and Ruger cylinders are a full
                    instrument. New 7 -lens              The hand-loader-with       only a bench tool,                1%" long, and both will take the long mag-
                                                         components, and steel and other penetration                  num case with the Keith bullet properly
                    system with all lens sur-
                                                         tests, as well as only the case and primer, for              seated with one band out of the case and
                    faces hard coated t o as-
                                                         pressure indications-can very well leave the                 well crimped in the bevelled crimping groove.
                    sure bright, sharp image
                    and with Mossberg'spop-              top loading of this fine cartridge to the fac-               So loaded, this bullet is superbly accurate
                    ular internal adjustment             tory. They alone are equipped to load it to                  with any load, .from a light target load of 5
                                                         such high velocity and pressures safely. This                grains Bullseye, or a heavier target load of
                    of cross hair reticule.
                                                         does not mean that he cannot safely make up                  8.5 grains of Unique, or our heaviest load
          New "Tip-on" Mount                             much more powerful hand loads than he has                    of 22 grains of 2400 Hercules.
                                                         ever used before, but we believe it well to                     The factory load we pulled down contained
Rugged, yet simple. Mounts quickly a n d
                                                         leave the top-bracket loads in the hands of                  22.2 grains of a powder that looks and seems
easily on hlossberg a n d all other 22 cali-
                                                                                                                      very similar in characteristics to Hercules
ber rifles with grooved receivers just      -            the factory.
                                                            The new cartridge can be handloaded with                  2400 but is possibly a powder made by
"tip-on" and tighten screws.
                                                         .44 Special dies, as the .44 Special case-sizing                       (Continued on Page 12)
Rifle shown is MODEL      146B.. .22 d,
bolt action repeater with largest maga-
zine capacity in t h e world. Holds 30
Shorts o r 20 L o n g Rifle cartridges.
$35.95.* One of many Mossbergs.
F R E E :Send for catalog showing t h e
new C-LECT-POWER       scope with "Tip-
on" mount. Also Mossberg's 4-power
"Slide-on" scope, MODEL    4M4, with in-
ternal adjustment feature ( $10.95) and
all Mossberg rifles and shotguns. There's
a Mossberg dealer near you. He'll b e glad

t o show you these fine models.
                      $ 1 , HIGHER W E S T O F ROCKIES

                    for accuracy                         B o t h h i s o w n bullet (left) a n d f a c t o r y .44 M a g n u m loads w e r e t e s t e d by K e i t h w h o
                                                         f o u n d o n killing 30 h e a d of beef c a t t l e t h a t handloaded I d e a l #429421 "Keith bul-
    781 10 st. John st., New Haven 5, Conn.              let" penetrated well, held together. Slugs o f t e n drove into s p i n a l column.

                                                                                                             -   .*
               ARIZONA                                     ILLINOIS                                    MKHIGAN                                                                            OKLAHOMA
Ften~taH        Clorki Sponing Gdi.           Chicago       Marih0N Field 6 Co.              Homlramck  Ja<k Boy'. 0"" Shop                                                  Ok-Oly                                   Lftbanon     John A. Cron*
Phowtlx         Jew1Box Sptg. Gdi.                            M*"', Star*                    lb.lox.-   Th.Ta<kbShtp                                                                          Southwit Shooters       lÑdlblx     Sink.Star.
                Phiuy 6 Rob1nion                            Klçln'Sptg. Gdi                 MoHtaflv   Rle*Gun Shop
                                                                                                                                                                                          OREGON                      L Ã § w      Aurond't For Sport*
                Wad#'* Gun Room               Sprifl9ftçl Sportmon'i Cent.                  Mt.Chowntf fAtipkGr.GunShp.
                                                                                                                                                                             Boll-         A n Gc+'s Gun Shp.         Looonvilb,   Smith Supply
tmwi            Roy DunlopOunmkr.
                                                                                             Umims W.M&h.GunWkl.                                                             fÑ            E.cniFlyCo.               LmuloKi      Kopte's Gun Shop
              ARKANSAS                                                                       Wow        Biihop'i~.Cenl.                                                                    Jim's Son. Gdi.            Mxnhilb           .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   A. R w o w 6 Son
                                                                                             PÑtwof    hMoynard'iOunihp.                       NEW MEXICO
Fl. SmMi       Sponirn."''     SÇwCo.                                                                                                                                       C a n Junction IUnoIsV a l l q Hdw.      Mt.l.lxino.  M.I.ISpçmSho
                                                                                             Rw City R
                                                                                               -         -     City Sptg.Odl.        JUbu¥1Ñ" H. Cook Spla. Gd'.
                                                                                                                                                                             C m l ky       F i l h i d s Gun Slur.   N*w Coith SportingGoods S      t
                                                                                                                                                  CBlyin Hisglns. Gnm.

              CALIFORNIA                                                                     Saghunv    PÈImGunSho                                                                                                                 h
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      N w Hdlknid T. Sporturnn'i Shop
                                                                                                                                                  Child; Hill SpM. Gdi.      coqillb        Do.lm6NMl.y
Wmf-Id            Brundag* SptdfGd'.                                                         Sl. Lmh    Gb"" Spit. Gd'.                                                                                               Oilcity*m."',Dm
                                                                                                                                     Elkin*       Elkhi Sotc                 e m n n Pao Ctfr. Oun 6 Tad&
                  G.M 6 Jm'.                                                                                                                                                                                          Olyphot                      s
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Jury's S p ~ Star*
                                                              IOWA                                       MINNESOTA                   Gh . *       Gallup Splg. Gdi.          HooJ R"I
                                                                                                                                                                                    "       Th. Sport Cenmr
                  Loud R   ,
                           -      Sptg.Gdi.
                  WtuB.Y'* Son. Gdi.          cricir Rcipids Jo. tind C l W i                A h Lç       Simonion'. Sptg. Gd'.         .        White AirtaStare           Kkmoth Folk Th. Gun Star*                Pimburgh     Horyy E. N m i h
                                              Villi          D u d s Splg. Gd*.              DuM           PlomSportShop             Rolw.11      willon',                                                                         So. Hill. Sport* C."*
Coofofi           custom Spit. Gdi.                                                                                                                                                         BMIU.Sportl~l.
                                                                                                           Rallabb Co.                                                       0 -                                      Pottttow     A. H. BçwbSptg.
Downq           . Mathwwi 6 Sons 0""                         KANSAS
                                                                                              mild b p i * Arrs itsho hop
                                                                                                                                     Sllnrchy     Colby'i                             Cily Cohman's E k .
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ProipKt Pork S Manning* Spt. Cen.
Elink0            -don        Sptg. G d s .   Wkhita         M i d w i l Sport Shop                                                                                          PMW
                                                                                             Mtaimpoli. Cwi.',      Sptg. Gd'.                                                              ~wl^Splo.Gdi.
                                                                                                                                                                                            M Ã §6 Frank Co.          SoiMnt       sornTMtSport Shop
FrÑ              H i u k h i Gun Shop                   KENTUCKY                                          Ottrom't Spit. Gdi.                                                                                        snte Cdbr wall. Splg. Gdi.
                  Mid-Vday Sph. G n l .                                                                                                                                      S o            Ml.ir6FrankCo.
                                              Lxihvllk     Th. Gun Shop                                    Wornw Hdw. Co.                                                                                             SOW           BX', SportingGood*
Gh&b              Jomeion'i Rod & Gun                                                                                                                                        SwÑ HÑ L à § d         Sptg. Gdi.
                                                          . ... .
                                                         . . . .. .                          St. Cloud      G '
                                                                                                           C I S Sport Shop
                                                                                                              W                                                              n t h d HWUW~J-                          liilvith      S. C. Hoptins
                  M o l h w i Sptg. Gdi.
                  Hollywood Gun Shop          Moiilnglport Coddo Horn. 6 Sup.            1   Will"Â¥       Bill's Gun 6 Tockh                                                                                         Uniontown RouBrw.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      u p p r hlb" Uonuth Gun Shop

Ingfowoad A. B. 6 5. Splg. Gds.
                  Coh's Cycb Shop                                                                                                                                                                                     VTMM          Spommon's Shop
long tOKb A,       &
                   .          Sptg.Gd'.                                                                                                                                                                               W. RW+        wwi        win.
                  Bill Show's Splg. Gdi.                                                                                                                                                                                               .,I
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Wllltomux.rt R.. Sport C.n*
lot Ag .
      nl          Bullock's                                                                                                                                                                                           York         Chç a H f i o n &Sons
                  Cr-     Sptfl. Gdi.                                                                                                                                                                                               Wçb6 Wolf*, Inc.
                  King'iGun Wdfk'
                  PaehmoyrGwn.Wkt.                                                                                                                                                                                            SOUTH DAKOTA

                  U, i
                    "d      sptg. Gdi.
                  B u r h l l Hdw. Co.
                                                                                                                                                                        ~rScope LoanDealer listed                     Dxxiwffd   Uxirnlhshdd
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      RupM City  E. 6 L Gun Shop
Monrovia          Crunk'1 Spin. Gdi.                                                                                                                                     this page wants you to
Montllxlk ConlInBrei.Sptg.Gdi,                                                                                                                                                                                                      TENNESSEE
Nerttend City J. NavorroCm. Rifles                                                                                                                                      Id test a new Bushnell                        MMol            WlGu"Shop

                  WOT.,      Sptg. Gdi.
                  Ko.nig'iGun*                                                                                                                                          IpeChief.
North HoKywooJ
                  Lonlrnhim Splg.Gdi.                                                                                                                                   ire's no obligation.
Oomrlo            Shtoohoy Stor.                                                                                                                                     He wants you to judge the
Oro.ilb           Nkhols Spin. Gdi.
Pocoima           Nbl't Sptg. Gdi.                                                                                                                                   ScopeChief personally on a
                  Stanford Splg. Shp.
                  Mik.'%Gun Shop                                                                                                                                     30 day FREE Trial.
 PMOOM            hamon Spta. Gdi.
                  Rod.G"".Hobby Shop                                                                                                                                 Take a careful look at per-
Raddhg            Jim Mann. Sportsman
                  7h.Sportsman                                                                                                                                       formance and features. Then
RtMondt           PmBroi.
                  Stockton's Sptg. Gdi.
                                                                                                                                                                     make your own decision.
Richmond          Clccyi' Splg. Gdi.
Jtivnid.          S.G.Rcxroot Gun Shp.                                                                                                                               We believe that the Bushnell
                  Sutfin'i Gun Shop
                   K Hob Spit. Gdi.
                                                                                                                                                                     ScopeChief will sell itself.
SON h a &
                  Slun Elk Splg.Gdt.

                  H o r r i m Sptg. Gd'.
                  G. Stockuxi Splg.Gdi.
                                                                                                                                                                  ,         The ScopeChief
 Son Fmwhci MiiiiçiRod&Shp
                  5. F Gun E x e h a w
                       .                                                                                                                                                  WNW ts
                                                                                                                                                                             w t
                  smith's Gun Shop
 Sin O o l K r I kll"-Ito.llSUg. G d i                                                                                                                                    Pin-Point Accuracy
 Son Mfo Darcy'. Sptg. Gd'.
 Soa Pobb
                  AI's Spta.GA,
                                                                                                                                                                          tte Fogging.. Nitrogen-
 Son* Barbara
                   Off* H d w . Co.
 S o d M o n b A i m Gun*
                   Olympic Cicl. Gun*
                                                                                                                                                                          Popular Models.. .2%X                          o

 l " " Twronc* Cyetc-Sptf.
   . . "
 VÃ Nun            John RorkJwy, Gunim
                                                                                                                                                                          to lox                                                 Brown's Gun Shop

                     . . . n

 WiU",m . b W l Spit. G.
                        m, G
                                                                                                                                                                        Popular Prices.. $38.50        .              Cevbifn    Al-y      Hdw. Co.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Site* Gunshop
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       FadChurch DavitGunShop

 Wodknid           Hfitoo"1SMI
                                                                                                                                                                        to $69.50                                      Fiik's RÃ HMHr nllhSplg.Gd'.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Kclroild  RichmiildGunShop
                                                                                                                                                                      See your Scope Loan Dealei
                                                                                                                                                                      today, and find out why onh
                                                                                                                                                                         ishnell dares lend you i
                                                                                                                                                                      wipe     ...
                                                                                                                                                                      tBushnell '
                                                                                                                                                                   400 Bushnell BIdg.
                                                                                                                                                                   Pasadena, California
                                                                                                                                                                       Send me the name of my nearest
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   WEST VIIOINU
                                                                                                                                                                           Loan Dealer and Scopechief                  P i r k l l l x i n Clx-ltrfor H d w . Co.
                                                                                                                                                                   literature                                          W I U Ã             Sckwii.i'iGunShop
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       wlinftq         Cronk'l
                                                                                                                                                                   NAME                                                             WISCONSIN

                                                                                                                                               - ----
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Ormib y         Uank'sSport Shop
                                                                                                                                                                   ADDRESS                                             la Cree         Bill', Sport Shop
           RORIDA                                                                                                                                                                                                      Manhewe,        L U' SportingGdi.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        OI   .
 lobloxl   SIrp'l Gun s o p
                                                                                                                                                                   CITY                       STATE-                                   sporting Good* sup.
 Mount D w A. P*Imon Gun Shp                                                                                                                                                                                           Moxinn          A 6 LA* Supply
                  IDAHO                                  MARYLAND                                                                                 NEW YORK                                    OREGON                                   A1 N.u   Gun Shop
 Are0             Ramhow''                     Ballimm    Bal,imr. Gun"",                                                                                                                                              M i t w a u k ~ K i t h i Co.
                                                                                                                                      Buffalo      Buffalo Gun Center         Y-lh             BM'sGun Shop
                                                          Tad Bautro                                                                                                                                                                   T i t h Sport Mart
 Bole                 .
                  C. C Anduian Co.                                                                                                    Dfthnor      BMMHGunWork*
                                               Cunbubnd Mar,lmd Stop* Sçr

 ¥u              GmKbrunG"".                                                                                                         NÇwYor      Lo~ibord'i                                                          Rd*             H.ublng'. Spt. Shop
 Cddd             No. Wih," Gun
                                               Hoflftown  Maryland Gun Shop
                                                                                                                                      Poridi       Brçdth.i~r'tGu
                                                                                                                                                                              *<w              WlSloni                 WK
                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -              l a k d Spl.Gdi.
 COMM d'Akn.                                             MASSACHUSETTS                        UillÑ        W.t.Sporllroon    Sup.    Tdbà Hill    E. K w , Trdg. Poi1
                                                                                                                                                                              Bd"              Sh.'. w-
                  Wçi. 0"" Shop               coÈkriJà   RççthHard-o                     Box-nan       Pow& Horn Sp.Cd*.                                                 h k     l   b    h r M n A 6 N                         WYOMING
                                                                                                                                      Ulico        Highlandbun Shop
 UohaFolk         C.C.Andi-ion                 Shnwtbwry Underwood Ann*                                                                                                                        s~'.ww.,"               C f l ~        FrontiT Gun Shop
                                                                                              Â I¥          Hill J"dd'> Splg. Gdi.    Ywtkm        RocwwoySportCent.
                  C J u t r t Stor*            SÇmwvil     DireSptg.Gdt.                                   Trip0 Gun 6 I. Sho.
                                                                                                                          t"                                                                   B ~ ~ . S p t . h t     Cluyw          Hub sporting Goodl
                  Ttc outdoarmon
                  we4 Rlfb Jtanah              w"mh-        J&"io".Gwh"on                     Fl.hw.         i"
                                                                                                            ke       H       ~ . ~     "       NORTHCAROLINA                  Cdhh             Sh&r   B-  Inc.                        PÇ)l>l Spit. Gdl.
                                                                                                            Hfrry's Gun Shop          Ait-bom       Coin's Gun 6 Tool Co.                                              Cody           "Study" Sons&,
 hrom             Birds Spin. Gdi.                            MICHIGAN                        G-      R w A.A. a r k
                                                                                                        m                             WinitiMi-SoiMn                          O           a      k Didil Sptg. as.                      Gamblc'l
 Nr . .
                  O .,'
                  H. cofllon Spt.
                  MÑchon' Sptg.
                             SpH. Gd,.

                                                                 b         . Gun S b .
                                                               Davldm'i Gun Shp.
                                                                                              G n a t P a h Tfrcorral
                                                                                                            G"m hlliSptg. Odl.
                                                                                                            Jolinm's Gun Shop
                                                                                                                                                     Bocaek.StraudCo.         Dm-
                                                                                                                                                                                               RkhadiGun RapoIr
                                                                                                                                                                                               hid6 Bob's Splg.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       l a d
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Th.Sport Shop
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Shiridoi Gun Shop
                                                                                                                                                    OHIO                      Krià            Ed. Sport* Store
 PoeaHlb          P0cottM0 Gun Shop                            Gri,wo!d Sptg.Gd..             tkivn         B h g u W'                cmlM         Rod*Ou"*.Shop                                                                       ALASKA
                  Itoy'. Spte. Gdi.                            RogT St)imlM,Gunm.                                                                                                              7h. sport-
                                                               W i l d Gun S*,"k.             Lnnwown NoflSportShop                   Clwrild      C l w b n d CÑ.Gv         Franklin         Rtt-ArmSport*CentM      -go             Vn. Spta. Gd,.
 R.çblr          Rointow Sport Shop                                                                                                                                                                                   Fairbank,
                                               Cat D t r a i l Dan'. Gun Shop                 Livfaigtwt    Okk'i Pack-Sock           Mihi,"       EhilKirt&lta.Gd'.          OttybÇr         CharbsM. Polby                          Finiko'.
 Twin Fold        Brick'. Gun Shop
                                               Escnobo         k k ' i W i t f n Auto
                                                                                              MklMlte       kbWardl&xls               FI
                                                                                                                                       -           Was-''         Gun         hmhblrg          G.dtGun Shop            Hme,.           T . S p M T Alms Co.
                  ILLINOIS                                                                                -KA                         OftrffllvlH. Foy'sOunShop               Irwin            Hi-Ww Sport. Cml.       Jumau           Sklnnw'sGun Shop
                                               lilt            B l d YÈ t l d n g co.
 Chitogo           C h i c a g o h Center                      Knoblock Hordwore              ! i CrÑ
                                                                                              h             Amow* C m ~ Gum
                                                                                                                        m             -
                                                                                                                                      I            HdmrE.Johni~               Jocobm           StrobY'.                Wrong*!)        Bunan Brw.
                                                                                                         ELMER KEITH SAYS               ..
                                                                                                              (Continued from Page 10)
                                                                                                   Dupont. We pulled some factory bullets and
                                                                                                   then loaded our 250 grain slug (cast one to
                                                                                                   16 tin and lead and sized .429"1 down on
                                                                                                   the factory powder load and primer and gave
                                                                                                   them a good stiff crimp. They shot superbly,
                                                                                                   but indications on both primer and case as
                                                                                                   well as recoil and report indicated at least
                                                                                                   5,000 pounds less pressure. This is due to
                                                                                                   the exact groove-diameter bullet and its
                                                                                                   much harder temper than the factory slug.
                                                                                                   We used both our own cast bullets, also
                      COLADONATO BROS.                        +   ~opyrighi                        bullets of our design, cast, sized and lubri-
                                                                                                   cated, as retailed by Wisler Western Arms
                                                                                                   Co.., 205-8 2nd St., San Francisco, Calif.

r I F YOU                     W A N T T H E BEST
                                                                                                   We also tried their version of my bullets
                                                                                                 I even were copper plated than thesestandard
                                                                                                         better, if anything,

I                           buy the best                                                         I alloy bullet; no leading at all and superb
                                                                                                   accuracy at all ranges up to 600 yards.
                                                                                                      In killing some 30 head of beef cattle,

                     B U ITHACA
                          ~                                                                        mostly large range bulls, we found that my
                                                                                                   250 grain bullet held together better than
                                                                                                   the factory slug and penetrated slightly
                                                                                                   deeper. The factory slug and load, however,

       Gun illustrated i s the 37R Deluxe model, one of the famous lthaca Featherlighf
    family! his model sports a solid raised rib, for perfect pointing on game or target,
                                                                                             I     has never failed to penetrate completely
                                                                                                   through the brain of the largest bulls running
                                                                                                   from 1800 to a ton in weight. On frontal
    also has the beavertail forend demanded by a l l crock shots. Forend and stock are             shots, placed in the center of the forehead
    handsomely-figured native black walnut.                                                        in line with the scapula and spinal cord, we
                                                                                                   have found the base band only and part of
               '      ITHACA GUNS ARE TROUBLE-FREE
    are made of all safe, solid steel, giving you the greatest strength with lightness
    and strong enough to handle the 2% inch magnum shells as wall as the 2%
    inch standard loads.
                                                                                     ,   t
                             ON TOP OF ALL THIS
    Ithaca, has ultra-fast bottom election, a feature that protects the shooter
    and the gun. Shell explosion, gases, burned powder, etc., cannot be thrown
    back in shooter's face. Dirt, rain, snow, sleet, cannot enter the gun while   ,
    shooting. All models can be ordered with left-handed safely a t no
    extra cost.
    All Ithaca guns are now equipped with          '
                                                  /-           \
    the original                          I
                                                                                                     First .44 Magnum was shipped from
    ITHACA RAYBAR SIGHT                                                                              factory to Keith who had it engraved
    helps improve your shooting under any     \                                                      and stocked to his own specifications.
    outdoor lighting condition. Helps you      \
    get on target foster. No more misses                                                             the jacket in the first joint of the neck in
    because of poor light. Ithaca Raybor                                                             the spinal cord. With our heavy 22 grains
    Sights also fit all other makes and                                 .s                           2400 Hercules hand loads and Keith 250
                                                                                                     grain solid, cast one to 16 tin and lead, the
    models of shotguns.
                                                                                                     bullet has often penetrated a couple inches
    S E ITHACA SHOTGUNS AND                                                                          more of neck bone or meat.
    SIGHTS AT YOUR DEALERS                                                                              On entrance, after penetrating through the

                        4 SEND FOR YOUR COPY OF THIS
                                                                       I                             very thick skin on the frontal skull plate of
                                                                                                     these old bulls, the factory load punches at
                                       BOOKLET                                                       least a .60 caliber hole through the skull.
                                                                                                     showing clearly that it has expanded or
                      Build your own Gun Cabinet or Rack.
                                                                                                     mushroomed very well on the skin alone, be-
                      Six designs, all new. Complete, simple
                                                                                                     fore reaching the bone. The hand load as
                      detailed instructions. By special ar-                                          above of course shows a much smaller en-
                      rangement with the author you can                                              trance hole in the skull, as it is so much
    have this $1 booklet for 50c coin (no stomps). if New                                            harder and thus resists deformation more.
    booklet on Shooting Tips and Featherlight information                                            This in turn accounts for its slightly deeper

    25c.                                                                                             penetration, as it very definitely is not as
                       "Since 1880                                                                   heavy a load as the factory load.
                                                                                                        We have shot bulls through the brain from
                      Great Cunsi"                                                                   the side and also from the rear standing
                                                                                                     above them on a platform, and in all cases
                                                                                                     the factory load or our heavy handload has
     ITHACA Gun company, Inc                                                                         made complete penetration of the brain, even
                                                                                                     though it also had several inches of bulging
     Dept. 53                        Ithaca, N. Y.                                                   heavy neck muscles to penetrate before strik-
                                                                                                     ing the skull on the rear-end shots. On
                                                                                                     some side shots the slug was found com-
                                                                                                               (Continued on Page 42)
  $?995                     LAP s          -

DE-ACTIVATED WAR TROPHIES-                                               All with magazines
                          I D
                          R                                         except Bergmann model MP-I8
ARMS LAWS ACTIONS STILL FUNCTION AND CAN BE DISASSEMBLED                       Sorry, no extra magazines
FOR INSPECTION NO PERMIT OR LICENSE REQUIRED NO AGE LIMIT                       at this time. More soon.

                                                                  GERMAN BERGMANN MP-18

                                                                   ERMAN SCHMEISSER MP-28 11
                                                                     Developed from the original MP-18 (above). This submachine
                                                                     gun was adopted by the Belgian Army prior to WW II. Magazine
                                                                     holds 32 rounds of 9MM Parabellum Luger ammo. Bbl. length
                                                                     is 7.8"; overall 31%"; weighs 9 Ibs. Has leaf rear sight and
                                                                     safety above trigger. Fires single shots or continuous
                                                                     at rate of 600 per minute.

                                          m                        ERMAN SCHMEISSER MP-34
                                                                     Made for the Austrian Army in 9MM Luger caliber, later many
                                          Sea                        sent to Franco forces for use in Spanish Civil War. Trigger system
                                                                     pivots at its center and a pull at upper section fires single shot
                                                                     (breech stays open until trigger released) and a pull on lower
                                                                     half gives continuous fire until trigger is released. Has muzzle
                                                                     compensator. Marked with Nazi Elite German troop
                                                                     lightning flash insignia.

                                                                     forces during the Civil War.

                                                                  GERMAN STEY R SOLOTHURN

                                                                   ALIAN BERETTA MP 38-42
                                                                     Modified by Germans in Northern Italian factories early in WW II.
                                                                     Fires 9MM Parabellum Luger ammo. Its barrel Jacket was eliminated
                                                                     for weight saving. Barrel has been fluted its entire length to
                                                                     provide cooling surface. Near muzzle end the barrel has been cut
                                                                     away at top to provide the general function of a compensator

                                                                  BRITISH LANCHESTER MK.l

                                                                     British ammo. After rejecting the .38 cal. models, they adopted
                                                                     the more feasible German 9MM Luger caliber and also for the
                                                                     purpose of using captured German ammo.
                                                                     BAYONET .................................................................
                                                                                                                                             $1.95 additional

                                                                     AS OfUlER: Send check, cash or h l m y Order. Sent RR
        386 WEST GREEN STREET, PASADENA 142, CALIFORNIA              Express charges collect Pasadena, C lf California residents
                                                                     add 4% state tax. F C.O.D. send 25% depmsit
                                                                     1Way money hack guarantee!
                               Woodcock are

                        Twoodcock the likes oftwo friends and dare to hope I'll ever again. flight
                           HREE SEASONSAGO,
                                                which I hardly
                                                               stumbled upon a gathering of
                                                                                     see     They
                        were in a brushy flat paralleling a north-Michigan trout stream. We walked
                        half a mile and had over a hundred birds in the air, sometimes as many as
                        four and five at once. Anyone who has ever shot woodcock will realize that
                        this was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.
                           The shooting, however, was strictly routine. My two hunting buddies, who
                        have spent most of their adult lives at gun sports, collected several bushels
                        of alder leaves, a number of poplar saplings, a lot of sky-and two woodcock.
                        It was a horrible exhibition. Yet the& same hunters can and do kill ruffed
                        grouse, pheasants, or ducks regularly and with precision. .
                                                                                                             .   -A-        -   J

                                                              Many sportsmen prefer the quick shots of a double, side-by-
                                                              side or over-under. for woodcock, but author says guns may
                                                              range from "21" quality to inex&nsive H & R single (right).

Elusive woodcock were first flushed by black cocker spaniel whose thick coat allows him to plunge into
underbrush when he scents a bird. Experienced hunters know value of gun dogs for upland shooting.
,   .       "Why?" I asked, showing them my own birds.
            They were annoyed with me. "Everybody knows wood-
        cock are tough targets," they told me. "You were just
            That experience emphasizes two ~ o p u l a r
        about woodcock. First, note the place where this con-
        centration of birds was found. This was Michigan. Yet
        shotgunning lore, whether written or spoken, indicates
        that the woodcock is a variety of wild poultry numerous
        only in the east, in New England and Pennsylvania.
            Second, and in spite of the shouts of rage this state-
        ment will bring forth from woodcock hunters, the wood-
        cock is not really a difficult target for the gunner. He is,
        in fact, an easy target. He is simply a bird wrapped up
        in the almost impregnable armor of a legend. The legend
        says he's tough to hit, and hunters believe it. With
        the result that even experienced gunners, when they find
        themselves facing the flying "timberdoodles," shoot like
            Let's take these two misconceptions in the order in
        which they were stated. The fact that the Great Lakes
        country is a woodcocker's paradise is important because
        it puts a new and fabulous variety of field shooting within
        hunting-trip reach of hundreds of thousands of hunters          a

        who never knew it was there. New England, New York,
        and Pennsylvania have long been known as "woodcock
        country" because of the flights that pass over these areas
        from the breeding grounds in Nova Scotia and New
        Brunswick. But there is a tremendous woodcock breed-
         ing reservoir also in Ontario directly north of Lakes
        Huron, Michigan, and Superior from which great flocks
         migrate annually southward across the Great Lakes
         country. The two peninsulas of Michigan lie in the very
         center of this migration route, and more woodcock are
         harvested each Fall in Michigan than in any other state
         -sometimes more than in several of the eastern wood-
         cock states combined. Woodcock shooting in this region
         matches or excels any I have ever seen, and I am no
         stranger to the eastern coverts.
            So much for where to find them. The next question
         is, how to hit them.
            What is astonishing is not so much the ingrained belief
         that woodcock are difficult, or the fact that hunters do
         miss them, but why. The plain truth is, probably no game
         bird on earth is easier to topple. Fundamental blame for
         the gunner's failure to do so lies mainly in the following         "Easy to shoot" woodcock perch-
         situation. Almost every wingshot has the solid conviction,         es atop nest, was shot by tele-
                                                                            photo lens, but hunter finds bet-
         gained from endless repetition of the usual woodcock               ter shooting sliding two shells
         malarky, that this bird is a (Continued on page 40)                through pump for Uffh doubles.
                                                                                         ,,-..' . ^         '.
                                                                                             . ' Â ¥

                                                                                             : .             ..

                                                                                                         . ...
                                                                                                              , ,
                                                                                                            . f.:
                                                                                                                 1   . -^

                                                                       Front sight blade of any sporting rifle can be used
                                                                       as gauge for range estimation. Learn by experi-
                                                                       ment how much space the blade covers at known dis-
                                                                       tances. Use this measurement against size of known
                                                                       areas on average game targets to judge distance.

                                                                       I   HAVE A QUARREL with some of the hunting ex-
                                                                          perts who write for magazines. They stand too
                                                                       far from the game they kill.
                                                                          That mav not be bad. for them. Thev., or some
                                                                       of them, are fine hunters, equipped with the finest
                                                                       guns, the best sights, and the knowledge and skill
                                                                       necessary to make those lone shots. ~ u then thev
                                                                       boast about those shots, in print. And Mr. ~ v e r a &
                                                                       Hunter, who spends maybe two or three days a year
                                                                       in the woods and fires mavbe six shots out of a bie-
                                                                       game rifle once a season, reads those brags and tries
                                                                       to do likewise. With the result that hundreds of fine
                                                                       game animals die in lingering agony from hits in
                                                                       places far removed from the quickly lethal areas
                                                                       recommended by the writing experts. .
                                                                         Why do these experts boast about such shots,
                                                                       anyway? It's not hunting. There is no game animal

How far is it from this hunter to any given point in picture?
Before you guess, note crest of steep drop just above hunter's .-.
head. Terrain like this will fool even experienced gumem.          :

Good hunters can and do get shots like this, for clean kills.
Hunter at right, marking deer target, has just proved that he
was shooting too far for good sportsmanship with his ability.
                                              LONG SHOTS DON'T
                                            M K GOOD HUNTERS
                                                  ,,             , . ,. .:.- . is- ..q^
                                                                     i--^,   ".'?   "I.   v .q'.'--
                                                                                             1,      #),
                                                                                                                    -   -

                                             .    L   V;  ..- È,*'           +.
                                                                            - - .-*.s-..vl*.    -W -
                                                                                               .t ^a
                                                                                                           A    -


                                                        By CLIFTON CAMP

f   in the United States at which any man should ever find it
    necessary to shoot at any range much over 300 yards-
                                                                    get together to talk about hunting. It's a funny thing: no
                                                                    fisherman ever tells about catching a small fish, and no
    and not many men have any right, if they consider them-         hunter ever confesses killing deer at less than 200 yards.
    selves sportsmen, to shoot at any game animal at much           So I'll offer to bet the crowd, each man individually, that
    more than half that distance! Varmints? That's different.       he can't put two consecutive bullets out of his pet rifle into
    But if you must pamper your ego by placing a bullet on a        a 12-inch circle at 200 yards, firing offhand, both shots
    mark at fantastic ranges, let it be at varmints or at an        within ten seconds. Twelve inches being a fair to generous
    inanimate target. Long-range hits on game may prove that        estimate of the lethal target on most American big game
    you're a marksman, that you have a fine rifle and know          animals, this seems to me to be a fair proposal.
    how to use it; but they don't prove that you're a hunter.          Sure, I'd lose to you; you're a dead-eye marksman. But
    The hunter is the man who can (and does) get close enough       do you want to bet that I wouldn't win from ten out of
    to game to kill it cleanly, without much worry about slide-     twelve "average" hunters? And if I win, that proves that
    rule ballistics. He is like the expert pool player who "never   those ten out of twelve average hunters are not being good
    leaves himself a hard shot." He puts himself in such posi-      sportsmen if they take 200-yard offhand standing shots at
    tion that the shot is easy.                                     game. (And I'm talking now about still targets only. We'll
       You want to know how far is far, for you?                    come to running game later.)
       There's a little bet I like to offer when groups of men         So what should these ten out of twelve hunters do? Well,
if they feel that they just must shoot at such ranges-they'd       Do you want to know what your limit of sportsmanlikb
be wrong, of course; 90 per cent of the deer killed on this    range is at a running deer? Take a two-quart can and
continent are killed a t much shorter ranges-they can prac-    have a friend roll it down a steep slope across your field of
tice until they can hit at those ranges, under hunting         fire. Try it at varying ranges. If it bounces, so does a buck.
conditions.                                                    If it swerves, so may he. When you find the range at which       i
   But suppose the person hasn't the time or the inclination   you can invariably hit that target, you have the range at
to do that much shooting. If he still wants to hunt, let him   which you can sportingly shoot at running game having a
try this same test from progressively shorter ranges until     lethal area equal to the size of that can.
he arrives at the distance from which he can put his shots         Before you scream too loudly at these statements, con-
inside the lethal target. That distance may be 100 yards,      sider this question: If you agree, as all sportsmen do agree,
or 150, or 50Ñan you'd be surprised how many week-end         that it's a dirty trick to leave wounded game to die in the
hunters will fall into that last category! Whatever it is,     woods, isn't it a dirty trick to shoot at game you can't be
let him fix that distance in his mind and swear "so help       pretty sure you can kill cleanly? You haven't the excuse
him" never to shoot at any game animal beyond that dis-        of hunger; you're out for fun. Let's keep it clean.
tance. If he keeps that vow, he's a sportsman. And what is         "But what about us guys," you say, "who sit tight watch-
even more important, he'll get more fun out of hunting.        ing a trail or a game passway-us guys with good scope-
He can enjoy sighting game at long ranges without feeling      sighted rifles which we can shoot pretty darn well, who
that old pressure to shoot at targets he knows in his heart    shoot at standing or slow-moving targets, from sitting or
he can't hit properly; and he will learn the thrills of        kneeling positions or from a rest?"
stalking. The fun of hunting is not in killing but in the          Your maximum range may be 20 yards, 250, 300Ñor
chase, in out-smarting a wily opponent.                        I'll admit, even farther. But just as in the cases previously
   "But," you say, "What about running targets?                mentioned, it is the maximum distance at which you can
   In my opinion, not one man in a thousand has any right,     make sure, clean, one-shot kills. But before you start
as a sportsman, to fire at a running big game animal at any    dreaming of 500 or 600 yard kills, how good are you at
range much beyond that at which he could unfailing hit the     range estimation? How accurately can you gage the dis-
same target with a pebble.                                     tance between you and your (Continued on page 50)

Extreme ranges indicated
by military leaf sight at
left are strictly for blan-
keting fire, not for game-
killing accuracy. 200 yard
leaf on snorter at right is
a realistic hunting range.
                                                                         By CARLOS VINSON

                                                                 s  EVERAL MILLION DOLLARS are spent
                                                                      by American sportsmen every
                                                                 year for sporting .arms and ammu-
                                                                 nition. No other nation on earth spends
                                                                 as much, and nowhere else on earth
                                                                 can the average citizen exercise as
                                                                 much freedom with sporting arms as
                                                                 we can here in the United States and
                                                                 Canada. This is a privilege of which
                                                                 we should be proud, a privilege we
                                                                 should cherish.
                                                                    But "Mr. Average" among American
                                                                 hunters is not a millionaire. A big per-
                                                                 centage of American sportsmen op-
                                                                 erate on a tight budget. Thousands of
                                                                 us who like to hunt are family men in
                                                                 the low or middle income brackets.
                                                                 The amounts we can spend for sport-
                                                                 ing arms and ammunition, or for
                                                                 travel and incidental expenses, are
                                                                 strictly limited. We like to hunt, we
                                                                 intend to hunt, but we haven't much
                                                                 dough to throw at the birds.
                                                                    1 think that I am myself a pretty
                                                                 good example of the average hunter.
                                                                 Outdoor writing is my chief occupa-
                                                                 tion, but we outdoor scribes are just
                                                                 average working joes. Precious few of

Side-by doubles of U.S. make have all
but faded from the low priced scene but
imports like FI Janssen Belgian gun
used by successful pheasant hunter in
Minnesota now compete with Fox guns.

                    YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE
                               -.         4
                                               .- -
                                            There are bobwhite, cottontail, squir-     Completing my present list is still an-
                                            rel, fox, and coon within easy walking     other Marlin, a model 884 auto-
                                            distance of my home. There is al-          loader in . 2caliber.
                                            ways crow shooting, and a thirty min-         I plan to buy another gun as soon
                                            ute drive from my home will put me         as my budget will permit it. I want a
                                            in good woodchuck country. There is        varmint rifle, probably in .222caliber,
                                            fairly good deer hunting fifty or sixty    equipped with some good eight-power
                                            miles from my home, and in the ex-         scope. When I get this one more gun I
                                            treme eastern part of my home state        will be equipped adequately to do just
                                            there is good hunting for bear and         about any kind of hunting that I am,
                                            wild boar. In the western part of          apt to get a chance to do.
                                            Tennessee we have excellent duck              My guns were not assembled over-
                                            hunting.                                   night. The pair of over-unders came
                                               The guns I have for my own per-         first. Then, about a year later, I bought
                                            sonal use are not fancy. They are well     the .22 auto-loader. Another year or so
                                            made, substantial arms, and with them      after that I bought the .30-30.     Auto-
                                            I get my share of game. I operate on a     matic washing machine and family car
                                            very close budget, and I have to get the   deals will very likely delay my getting
                                            most for my money even in guns. I am       the new varmint rifle.
                                            not financially able to buy every gun         Why all Marlins? Well, there is
                                            that I see that I like. When I buy a
                                            new gun I have to plan ahead very
                                            carefully. Hunting on a budget is like
                                            doing anything else on a budget: it
                                            requires caution and common sense to
                                            keep the budget from getting out of
  us ever reach the wealthy stage. It is    balance.
  just another way to make a living,           Let's start off with my pair of Mar-
  and not an easy one. However, we do       lin Model 90 over-under shotguns. I
  get to try 'out many different guns and   have a 12 gauge Model 90-ST, and a
  loads and types of outdoor sports         20 gauge Model 90-DT.           2
                                                                      The 1 gauge
. equipment, gaining experience which       has 28 inch full choke and modified
  we try to pass on to others.              barrels; the 20 gauge has 26 inch
     I live in the hill country of cen-     modified and improved cylinder bar-
  tral Tennessee. I am a country            rels.
  dweller, and my place is in average          Then I have a Marlin Model 336

 Checking fox tracks, Michigan hunters carry Poly-Choked
 shotguns for open-bore shooting as foxes are run by dogs.
    really no special reason for my choos-
    ing the Marlin brand. I simply got a
    chance to try out a Marlin Model 90
    over-under right after they came out
    with the model, liked it, and got myself
    a pair of them. They are well made
    substantial guns, and they perform
    beautifully. Their recoil is light in
    comparison to m o s t side-by-side
    doubles, and they handle rifled slug
    loads more accurately than the side-
    by-side doubles when used for big
    game hunting. Like some guns of other
    makes, these are "a lot of gun for the
    money ."
       My four guns represent an invest-
    ment of around $340.00. My ,22 auto-
    loader is equipped with a B-6 Weaver
    scope, and recently I installed a
    Weaver K2.5 scope on my .30-30. The
    total cost is still under $400.00 for the
    four guns. The varmint rifle, complete
    with scope, when and if I get it, will
    shove my total investment in guns up
    to $500.00 or just a little over, depend-
    ing on the scope I choose. In my esti-
    mation, for five really good guns
    capable of killing any kind of game I
    am apt to hunt, this will not be a "top-
    heavy" investment. Practically any
     average" hunter can manage such a
    budget over a period of say three or        Pair of cottontails were bagged by Vinson with Marlin 90 (left) and his 76-
    four years. (Continued on page 47)          year-old father, Brown Vinson, using Winchester 50 12 gauge tor this game.
Trombone "12" bagge"
three handsome birds in
hands of Boise, Idaho,
huntress Maxine Nelson.
                                                Varminter set for foxes with Model 70 sporting %power variable Bausch &
                                                Lomb glass can keep his gear within budget by using firms' easy payment plans.
   Pen-raised pheasant loosed before hunting season on managed shooting preserve rises'
   before double gun of hunter who finds targets just as tough as the "wild" ones he hunted.

          THE ANSWER?
                                                                    By JOHNNY MOCK

           HEW ARE PEOPLE in this country-people who should know the subject-
       w h o say that the day of free hunting in America is ending. Certainly t e   h
       hunting scene is changing with each season that passes; changing more rapidly
       than most hunters believe.
         We are all aware of the long-range changes. We know the story of the pas-
       senger pigeon, whose flights once darkened our skies with day-long curtains of
       countless millions of wings. The passenger pigeon is gone. We know the story
       of the buffalo, once also numbered high in the millions, now gone except for
       small, well-guarded herds. But are we equally aware of the rapid effects of our
       changing economy on wildlife today, on hunting as we know it? Thickening
       population, expanding and more intensive fanning, the draining of swamps and
       the control of rivers, and the mushroom growth of new housing communities
       are destroying waterfowl feeding grounds, replacing game coverts with lawns
       and concrete, driving game back and back into the few remaining zones of safety.
          Hunters are aware of the increasing "No Hunting" resistance of farmers and

       Holding chukar partridge (left), one of many brs released on his game farm
       for fee hunters, is Max Crawley, owner of preserve near Gravetb, Arkansas.

à ?%
property owners against the man with the gun. Many are indignant         *
about it. It is an ancient American concept that game belongs to us          '
all-    against the even older European concept that it belongs to the
owner of the land on which it is found. Our law supports our con-
tention that game is in the public domain; but it supports also the
equally basic belief that an owner of property has inalienable rights
to defend that property against trespass. And this includes farmers
who own land over which "our" game uses. It is only through
the generous (and rather amazing) tolerance of farmers and land-
owners generally that hunting has continued to be as free as it is.
                                  . .
But that tolerance is dwindling . and with cause.
   There is no real reason why a landowner should welcome armed
invasion of his land by any stranger who buys a hunting license.
You complain when your neighbor or his children or his dogs invade
your lawns, trample your gardens, destroy your shrubs. The farmer

Clearing fence like hurdler, pointer re-
trieves pheasant on game farm. Fee

hunting sites cultivate growth along
fences to furnish cover for natural hunt-
ing. At right, New Jersey sportsman
congratulates setter for good retrieve.
                                                         \ .

complains when hunters weaken his fences, trample his crops,
                                                            .-^ f.,
shoot his stock, leave his gates open, use weapons carelessly near
his home and family. Who can blame him? True, we are not
all guilty of these offenses; but enough of us are guilty to justify
the fears of the farmer; and the innocent suffer with the guilty.
   Yet hunting must go on, not only for the benefit of the hunter
but for the support of the wildlife conservation agencies which
are fighting hard and well to maintain this important and color-
ful segment of our national heritage.
   Times change, and perhaps free shooting must be replaced
by fee shooting-by hunting over controlled game preserves
commercially managed as game-raising and game-havesting
businesses. Provided these businesses are well managed, there
is not much difference, after all, between these and the con-
trolled hunts staged on federal or state preserves by conservation
agencies. There is not much difference in the fee, for many of
these officially managed hunts require "special"^L     licenses.
"special" fees.                                      .&- . ;
   But the controlled shooting *u vreserve. when privately owned

and run for profit, is the center of a stork of controversy. Hunt-
ers, some of them, despise these buinesses, insist that such shoot-
ing is not sport, that birds or other game are being bred and
fed for sheer slaughter.
   " is just possible that we need to re-orient our ideas of what
is sport and what is slaughter. American hunters cried out in
righteous horror only a few years ago (and some still do)
against the "unsportsmanlike slaughter of female deer." Yet
the growth and strengthening of deer herds following properly          It's a $3 paid-in-advance bird, but hunter found it
timed and properly controlled doe seasons proved the wisdom            just as wild, just as fast, as its wild-bred cousins.
of this victory of science over misguided gallantry. American
hunters have long and loudly decried the European custom of
driving game birds over the guns of (Continued on page 38)

                                                                                 On Pennsylvania game farm paid-up
                                                                                 hunter tests claims that fee shooting
                                                                                 "isn't sporting'' by missing two shots at
                                                                                 old cock 'rising rapidly through tangle.
                                                                          Charging from thirty yards, this "pygmy" gaur
                                                                          soaked up bullet after bullet from big Alaskan .&0-
                                                                          400 before he fell for keeps, five yards from gun.

                                                                                        By COLONEL CHARLES

                                      HE LOOKED
                               AS BIG AS

                                                                selves, growing crustier with the years, nursing tempers that
                       stuck his big toe into
 ing "sign" Iofknew that, from the evidencethe steam-

Knowing Nhon,
                 a bantong bull and looked reflective.
                                              there be-
                                                                are forever evil. According to Nhon, this one was very
                                                                close, if not very big; a banteng bull, distant relative to
fore him, he could tell within a matter of yards and minutes    the African Cape buffalo, big game in any language, and
how far we were from the trophy we were seeking.                game practically unknown to American sportsmen. This
   It was an altogether leasa ant situation, I reflected. We    was a trophy I wanted!
had splashed across the Da-Dung directly after daylight            Minutes later, we hauled up hard at the foot of a gentle
to prowl the river's lower reaches. The country was only        slope, rock-strewn and sparsely grassed. Here and there,
gently mountainous. It was wooded, but not thick, and the       trees limited vision to a couple of hundred yards. The
grass w s only hock-high. Wet grass and water dripping
        a                                                       sign pointed toward the crest so upward we moved, not
from the trees, plus a gentle steady drizzle, provided a sort   hurrying, although the track was so plain now that we
of air-conditioning against the heat. And we were on a hot      could have broken into a dog trot. The old bull had joined
trail. V r soon after crossing the river; Nhon had cut the
        ey                                                      with others here, and we were on a banteng highway.
track of an old banteng bull, one of those oldsters who,           I poked my head above the ridge and there, bore-sighting
whether by natural temperament or because they are driven       me, were eight or ten of the most poisonous looking crit-
away from their herds by younger bulls, range by them-          ters I have ever seen. Every eye was on me. Every head
was turned in my direction, each muzzle upraised and pointed like a
cocked pistol. Blacker than the imps of hell, statuesque and immobile,
they loomed as large against the verdant jungle as so many M-48 tanks.
It seemed to me that the critters, unafraid, teetered on the edge of
decision, whether to charge me, stand boldly, or run. And it didn't
seem likely that they would run.
   I had traveled ten thousand miles for this meeting and, while I was
uncertain about the agenda for the session as drawn up by the
banteng, mine had long since been thought out. In the space of a
couple of seconds, I selected the biggest bull. He had very con-
siderately arranged himself so as to give me a quartering silhouette,
and I proceeded to lace 400 grains of metal into the point of his
shoulder. The range was 30 yards.
   The bull went down. But he came up again just as rapidly, and
running. I delivered another two-bits worth of lead, and again                    Both hunters scored on this gaur, with As-
he piled up. This time he stayed down-for maybe three or four                     kins (left) shooting his .450-400 Alaskan and
seconds. I galloped forward, anxious to gloat over this bovine that               "The General" (right) using Askins' .458.
could soak up 800 grains of metal in the space of a half-dozen
   The banteng got to his feet. Again, from 20 yards, I shot him
behind the shoulder. This folded him. He struck the ground and

                                          It took eleven shots, ten in highly vital areas-a total of 4,630 grains of hot, high-
                                          velocity lead-to drop this 1 f t long, 6 ft. tall, 3,090 lb. "solitaire" gaur bull.
                                                                        Sturdy jeeps negotiated the jungle trails
                                                                        successfully, but each bridge was a new
                                                                        adventure, requiring careful testing and
                                                                        repair before laden cars dared to cross.

Tiger trap failed to hold wary
cat which ate bait, backed out
without touching trap trigger.

Tiny muntjac or barking deer is   KY

                                       skidded. I closed in to 15 feet. He struggled to rise, and I spoon-
                                       fed him yet another-the fourth-.450 slug.
                                          That wound his clock. The gunning from first shot to last had
                                       probably used up 10 seconds, all from 30 yards range down to five.
                                       The gun was my .450-400, a lever action M71, rechambered and re-
                                       barreled to .450 by an hombre named ~ohnson,an old sourdough
                                       from deep in the Alaska muskeg. He worked up the shooting iron
                                       as proper medicine for the Kodiaks of the willow thickets. He
                                       calls the howitzer the -450 Alaskan. The cartridge is the .348 Win-
                                       chester blown out to .45 and stuffed with 63 'grains of propellant
                                       behind a 400-grain bullet. The alleged ballistics are 2140 feet per
                                       second coupled with 4110 foot pounds of muzzle energy.
                                          Why did I choose this rifle? I am a southpaw, a left hander. One
                                       person in every 16 is born that way. We have today 16 to 18 mil-

                                       lion sportsmen. If these shooting men represent an average cross
                                       section of our population, then we may assume that more than one
                                       million of these Americans are left handed. But the only truly potent
                                       "standard" weapons suitable for African and Asian game are bolt
                                       action, with bolt-handles on the right for right-handers only. Seems
                                       to me that the manufacturers are missing a whale of a big market
                                       in not providing left handled guns for these southpaw shooting men.
                                       Anyway, it was this situation which persuaded me to select a wildcat
                                       lever-action rifle, the first I have ever used on really big game. It is not
                                       a long range arm, but I did not expect it to be. I am a strong believer in
                                       working in close and, since most of the (Continued on page 44)



    AVE YOU EVER     wished for a perfect hunting partner-one who handlea ,iis
H     guns safely and well-an ardent and sincere hunter more interested in
the pursuit of the game than in the ~ o k e r  game going on in someone's cabin
a     sportsman in the truest sense of the word, who would never bellyache
about the weather, his equipment, or the apparent scarcity of game, but would
concentrate on overcoming these obstacles and making the hunt a success?
   In the old West, "He'll do to ride the river with" was high praise, describing
  man with courage, loyalty, and a sense of humor that would carry him through
all sorts of hardships and difficulties. "He'll do to hunt with" has the same
meaning. Your hunting partner should be able to laugh when things go wrong,
when the game escapes, as it sometimes does, when blankets are wet and fires
won't light, or even when you tell a joke he's heard before.
   Handling a gun safely and efficiently would be practically second nature
to this ideal hunting companion. You would never find yourself gazing down
the barrel of his gun while he nervously fumbled with the safety or trigger.
Stock-shortened 30-30 carbine can

by worked okay by Larry but dad
makes light handloads for less kick.


Second-hand 20 gauge had new
straight Ithaca stock fitted. Cutts
                                                                                                       2 r....y y y$ ,
                                                                                                   - -,A..^k.,l.y'-,.,

In fact, you could be certain that his gun would never           better) to be a h u n t h comvanion to suit my require-
                                                                                                                            ----   -

point at you under any circumstances. And as for being           me& You can do the same. he recipe is simple. Take
shot by him due to the mistaken idea that you were legal         one small boy, brimming over with the energy, enthusi-
g a m e t h i s simply couldn't happen.                          asm, and love of the outdoors that is typical of the species.
   Are you saying, "There ain't no such animal?" You're          Add years of thought and loving pidance, and you will
not far from right. We've all looked for such a partner;         have a hunting companion beyond compare.
some have found him and some haven't. Yet some of                  My particular small boy is named Larry, and he is 8%
these qualities are not only desirable but actually essen-       years old and weighs 62% pounds. If you don't think
tial, and I made up my mind a long time ago that my                                                                 i
                                                                 those half figures are important, just ask him hs weight
hunting buddy would have them, or I would hunt alone.            or age. He has been hunting with the .22 rifle since he
I have been on several lonely hunting trips. I got game,         was about five years old, always with me, of course, and
but there was something missing. There was no sharing.           with strict supervision.
Without this sharing a hunt loses half its savor, perhaps          Last year he broke-in on the shotgun, and is now look-
more. So I kept looking. And it paid big dividends.        ,     ing forward to the next hunting season with as much antic-
   I now have such a hunting partner, though it has re-          ipation as I am. Fast flying doves proved a little too much
quired the passage of years and the investment of a great        for him, but he killed a few ducks last year and he knows
deal of thought and care and work. You see, my hunting           he will get a whole bunch next season.
partner is my son-raised          (or reared, if you like that     The guns Larry uses are not man sized weapons, but
                                            "Perfect hunting companion'' Max-
                                            ey uses father's sporterized Carbine
                                            on varmints and small f a e has
                                            own battery of stock-cut Ithaca,
                                            94 carbine in 30-30, and 32 rifle.
                                            His favorite pistol is 22 PPK Wal-
                                            ther with which he pops tin cans.

                                                                                     Youthful hunter earns title of "Nimrod"
                                                                                     by prowess such as killing big hawk

   ey shoot man sized ammunition, and thi- -- where some of the work comes
   Converting a .22 rim-fire rifle to fit a small boy is fairly simple, but making
a 20 gauge shotgun and a .30-30 rifle suitable for his use is something else
again. With the .22 you merely cut off and bell the barrel and cut the stock
to fit. Incidentally, anyone who thinks that this will ruin the barrel is mis-
taken. I often use the one I fixed for Larry, and have found no loss of
    But converting a 20 gauge shotgun so that it will be pleasant for a 62%
pound boy to shoot it is another problem. Most shotgunners know that the
sharp kick of a light 20 is often as punishing as that of a 12; and bruising     "
a small boy's shoulder is no way to hake him love the weapon or shoot well
with it.
    So why use a 20?                       Her gun, such
.410? Well, in the humble opinion of this duck hunter, the 20 is the smallest
gun that should be used on ducks, regardless of the size of the person on the
 other end. With the smaller gauges there are too many cripples, though the
 fact that you can put game on the table by using (Continued on page 54)


                                            Three guns for three
                                            ranges? Why not, if
                                            you love three guns?
                                            This man is a trail-
                                            watcher, likes best
                                            to match his gun to
                                            type of shot offered.
                     By JESS T. REID

I should match his gun to two things:that type of terrain
  T TOOK M E A LONG TIME    to learn
                                           a deer hunter

to be hunted, and the method he uses to bag his venison.
   Brush-popping nimrods, intent on outwitting the wily,
skittish, and elusive whitetail, need no far-carrying arsenal.
Since most if not all of their shots will be at close ranges,
usually under a hundred yards, they do not have to worry
about muzzle velocity and flat trajectory. A bullet that will
cut brush without too much deflection is more important
than an extra hundred yards of reach.
   When banging away at the fantails of south Texas, my
"old reliable" Model 1894 Winchester .30-30 is adequate
to nearly every situation. Back before the days of stricter
rules and regulations, a shotgun loaded with No. 0 buck-
shot backed by a thimbleful of black powder, was the
common choice in that country-which re-proves the point
about short killing ranges.
   But when I started tramping the mountains of the West
in search of the matchless mules, I soon found out that a        This buck came close, gave hunter chance to use his
shotgun was useless and the carbine strictly limited in          first love, the West's own lever-action M94 .30-30.
range and killing power.
   T i realization came as quite a shock to me. It all
happened one frozen morning in early November, high up              The view was breath-taking. But suddenly I was con-
in a little cozy saddle in the Magdalena Mountains of New        scious of a feeling of being pitifully undergunned.
Mexico.                                                              hs
                                                                    T i feeling was increased, -as, with the booming of
   Proud of the little carbine with the precise and meaning-     heavy-bored guns higher up in the mountains, I saw two        ,
ful notches decorating the comb of its stock, I hugged it to     deer come scooting along the ridge on the other side of
me and shivered and waited in the clear, crackling dawn.         the basin and stop in a clump of jackpines. I could not
As the clean light seeped into the hills, I was surprised to     tell whether they were bucks or not.1 sort of hoped they
see how open my view was. There was no thick under-              were not, because unless they came a lot closer, I and my
growth. Only tall, arrow-straight spruce and pine trees,         carbine might as well have been on another mountain.
spaced as if planted, guarded certain strategic flanks of the       Just then, one of those deer stepped out into the basin,
precipitous mountains. Directly below me, the little saddle                                              i
                                                                 lifted his big head and showed me hs handsome antlers.
stood bare as the space between your thumb and first             What I wouldn't have given right then for a more powerful
finger. To my left, like a huge tilted platter, lay an open      rifle! Some of my friends had told me to get rid of my
basin some three hundred yards across. A steep head-             "popgun," as they called it, but you can't brush aside a
canyon, dotted with stunted pinon, fed abruptly up from          sentimental attachment that easily.
the right.                                                          Now, it just happens that I got (Continued on page 6 )

THE OLD                THE NEW                 THE UNUSUAL                  CARL

"THE LE PAGE MOUTIER Grevy-Gonzales double." The               the French Republic, a gun should be the symbol of peace
words are as full of meaning as the gun itself is replete      between the two countries.
with beauty. Made by Le Page Moutier in France in 1860,           The gun itself is a masterpiece of the gunmaking arts,
this double barreled cap and ball fowling piece was pre-       probably one of the most valuable firearms in the world
sented i n 1879 by M. Paul Jules Grevy, then president of      today. Its locks are sculptured in the round. Each hammer
France, to Don Emanuel Gonzales, then president of Mexi-        (called chien, dog, in French) is carved from solid steel
co, perhaps as a token of good will between the new regimes    in the shape of a dog. The percussion bolsters are carved-
of countries long filled with bitter hatreds. France, in the   steel foxes. As the hammers fall, the dogs seem to be snap-
late 1860's, had supported the Austrian Duke Maximilian        ping at the foxes' throats.
in his usurpation of the throne of Mexico. Throughout             The trigger guard is a pheasant feeding on an acorn. A
Maximilian's brief reign, until the Juarez revolution,         portrait of President Grevy is carved in steel on the fore-
French guns supported the usurper and inspired grim            stock. The wood is ebony, worked with heavy vine scrolling.
Mexican resentment. So it was dramatically fitting that,
with the fall of Napoleon's Third Empire and the rise of
                                                                The Le Page can be seen today in the fabulous col-
                                                                lection at Harold's Club in Reno, Nevada.           m
                             Guns    Ammo lGuns s Ammo

                                                                              ..MERICA'S                         G L A T E S T SHOOTER'S BARGAINS 1
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                                                                 SALES TERMS- All nuns and ammo thio~~ed' b B Alex., Va. Send chmk or m a. DO NOT
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                                                                                                                      1~                      rd. commercial boxà with 175 grain FP b u l r t s which will
  18-roundl or ~ i 2 . 8 ~ 96-rounds. f 0 r ~ l e x a n d e i a . Va. (U'S.'t'flntst
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w:         MJ
            an ilcent F l m t l w leather N W ~     vlhble genulna emin laauwr for onlf Sot. No Junk web B.              I
              7 Special collapsible one for carryin i exclusive butt compartment or only SO<
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    HUNTERS LODGE 200 S. Union S t Alexandria ?- Va.                                 0
THE GUNS THAT                                                                              IS FEE SHOOTING THE ANSWER
                                                                                                         (Continued from Page 27)

WON THE WEST                                                       strategically placed shooters. Yet the very
                                                                   countries where this is most done are coun-
                                                                                                                                 Fee hunting is a step in that direction.
                                                                                                                              The step is a typically American one: free
                                                                   tries long and justly famous for scrupulous                enterprise for fair profit. The importance of
                                                                   sportsmanship; and they are countries, too,                the move is one that cannot be ignored if
                                                                   with long knowledge of successful game                     hunting is to be continued. The large arms
                                                                   management.                                                and ammunition companies have established
                       w       Colt Nav
                                           .a 0 1 .                   Deplore it if you will, but "fee shooting,"             experimental game farms of thousands of
                                                                   hunting on controlled shooting preserves, pri-             acres. There is a logic in this, for hunting
                                                                   vate or otherwise, is rapidly becoming a must              is the gun companies' bread and butter, and
                                                                   if hunting is to continue at all. Public game              what helps the hunter must inevitably profit
                                                                   administration can go only as far and only                 the gunmakers. By using the best personnel
                                                                   as fast as public funds will permit. Politi-               available, by studying game biology prob-
                                                                   cians, guided by those who are willing to                  lems, and how cover affects propagation and
                                                                   trade three dollars (and in a good many in-                protection of any given game bird, the ex-

                                                                   stances much less) for $100 worth of game                  perimental farms have come up with sugges-
                                                                   in a season, are responsible for public game               tions of major importance to the farmer-
                   -     Armv 44 -1.       1
                                           -                       administration being woefully under-financed.              sportsman who wants to make sure that hunt-
                                                                   Out of every dollar contributed toward such                ing next year is not left to chance, but has a
                                                                   administration only pennies go toward the                  good, healthy assist from modern science.
                                                                   raising and restocking of game in the field.                  Fee hunting sites have taken two general
        ANTIUUE G U N S                                            Under such circumstances, gun-sport afield
                                                                   can be little more than token gunning for
                                                                                                                              lines of development. The first is perhaps
                                                                                                                              most similar to the "natural" hunting so
T w we replleu at e d d n d r i m COLT BUM
midm o f strons m e r l à ‘ l o o and f w 1 like the               those who contribute by way of a hunting                   cherished by old timers. They are right when
REAL GUNSÑÇrt #an blue finleh.                                   license fee.                                               they say that "hunting just ain't what it used
1847   Colt   Walke1^-44     cal.
                                         .... ... $5.95
                                     ............$6.95                                                                        to be." But the smart city fellers have found
              Peacemaker-45 cal.
              Texas P a t e n o n - 4 0 cal.
              Wells Forgo-31
              A r m y 4 cal.       ........ .....$5.95
                                     cal.... ... ..$6.95
                                           . . . ...$5.95          P      R CENTURIES it has been the experience in
                                                                        older, more settled lands, that hunting
                                                                   must be over private land if it is to be a t all,
                                                                                                                              a way to make sure that when they spend a
                                                                                                                              valuable weekend afield, they get some return
                                                                                                                              for it. Banding together into hunting clubs,
1851   Colt   Navy-36     cal.    .. ....... . ....$5.95           and that it can continue on private land only              urban sportsmen obtain the shooting rights
Truly novel gift# l i f t are I n f n i l h g eonvemtlon           if i t can he made to produce income for the               on a nearby farm. Before the season opens,
piece*. E i e h gnn eomei complete with            Aorl            owner as well as sport for the gunner. Lon-                birds obtained from a game breeder, locally
rod (inlI&:çnl h l i t e q on iU period.                          don newspapers often carry advertisements                  or by express, will be released on the farm.
                                                                   of "Grouse shooting in Scotland," where the                The next day, members of the club who have
                                                                   value of the game birds raised on a farm is                paid their dues toward the purchase of birds
         7784 Foothill     -   Tii-,           Cul$
                                                                   considered as much a product of the farm
                                                                   as its livestock, grain, and vegetables.
                                                                                                                              - o f t e n $3 or more for a single full grown
                                                                                                                              pheasant-hunt with at least the assurance

                                                                                                                                 Finest optical quality                    1
 W d h '?fiie^t,
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                                                BY M A I L
                                                                   BELDING & MULL
                                                                   JOBBERS                                      \
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 foresters and authorities everywhere-
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                                                                                                                               485 Fifth Ave., New York 17
                                               SEAT~LE WASH
                                                     4.             1 0 4 N. FOURTH ST., P H I U P S B U R G PA.
rhat "there were pheasants here yesterday."           .~
                                                      nroblem. If he hits., the birds are his. Either
                                                            ~   ~                   ~

   More professional arrangements are the             way, he's probably not paying much more
"farms" on which a game breeder sets up his           than a similar "free" hunt would cost him.
own shooting preserve and charges a fee for              More and more hunters, particularly those                            PRICES SLASHED!
the right to hunt. Each hunter must have the          who can spend only a limited number of
regular state license, although the seasons           hours at the sport, prefer this type of hunt-
are not necessarily limited to those estab-           ing because they do get some shooting. As
lished elsewhere in the state.                        to sportsmanship, the birds "handle" to dogs
   The managed game farm can be a bonanza             exactly the same as wild-bred birds; they fly                   i
in both cash and sport. Otherwise untillable          just as fast, are exactly as hard to hit. Fewer
land can, by shrewd planning, be converted            cripples are left, because trained dogs and
into a wilderness of second growth and                trained handlers find them.
hedgerows, ideal covert for all kinds of game            Conservationists generally are not opposed
                                                                           -                   --
birds. Pen-raised pheasants are not signifi-
cantly different in their raising from chickens
                                                      10 private preserve operations. An average
                                                      of & ient of the birds released in a
                                                              per                                                                             .    .-
or other domestic fowl. But when they have            oreserve escace into cublic domain. This
been launched on their career of freedom              more than replaces the normal game popu-
and scuttle down some shady lane to disap-            lation that could otherwise be expected. Some
pear in a cluster of laurel or aspen, they be-        states require that a certain percentage of
come as wild as the wildest.                          birds bred must be released as free stock, in
                                                      addition to those that escape the fee shooters.
     HERE is some basis for the charge of "un-        Pennsylvania, for example, taxes the breeder
T    sportsmanlike shooting" against private
game preserves. Just as some hunters have
                                                      one pheasant out of each four grown-with
                                                      the result that the "free" hunter is also
fouled the nest of "free" shooting, so some           benefitting, directly as well as indirectly,
preserve managements have fouled the name             from the fee shooting in his area.
of "fee" shooting. But we don't condemn the              Whether we like it or not, fee shooting is
entire automobile industry because a few              with us, apparently with us to stay. Nearly
used-car dealers handle stolen cars. Private          thirty states have shooting preserves. Those
game management can, and in most cases                states are: Arizona, Arkansas, California,                      Established   1916-41   Year> of   Superior Optical Value!
                                                                                                                      DuMAURIER CO., DEPT. 610, ELMIRA, N. Y.
does adhere just as closely to rules of ethics        Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illi-
as does other private business. It must do            nois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana,
this if it is to succeed, and the game breeder        Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New
is just as concerned about his investment and         Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio,
his future as is any other business man.              Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Ten-
   How does it work? Well, in a typical in-           nessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. More                        ROLL CRIMPS ami
stance, a city executive calls a shooting pre-        may have been added. For listings of hunt-                          STAR CRIMPS
serve, agrees to pay a stated fee (possibly           ing preserves in your area, write your State
825.00) for a morning or afternoon of shoot-
ing. He can bring his own dog or dogs, or
                                                      Conservation Department.
                                                         Meanwhile, let's not be "the last by whom
                                                                                                                      IOW! @Nt SHOTSHELL
the management will furnish dogs and a
handler, usually at no extra cost. The shooter
                                                      the new is tried, nor yet the last to cast the
                                                      old aside." It will be what we want it to be
                                                                                                                      IELOADER DOES BOTH:
is guaranteed a stated number of reasonably           or otherwise in direct proportion to
good shots at birds. If he misses, that's his         the care, wisdom, and effort we give it.
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 I                                                                                                                                                HALSON CO.
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                                                                                                                      THALSON LOMrANY
Champions RUDY ETCHEN and                                                                                             682 Miuion St., Son Francisco, California
                                                                                                                      Pleaserushillustratedcatalog dretson your THALSON
                                                                                                                      Shot Shell reloading sets.

                                                            SING DEVICE. 11 L                                         city                                      Zon* -
                                                                                                                  :   Slat*                                           G-10
    m m
        Timely                  Ideas in

                                   NEVER BEFORE hat
                               been offend to thost
                               such a complete catalof
                               interested in gunstocks
                                                                         WOODCOCK ARE EASY TARGETS
                                                                                        (Continued from Page 17)

                                                        winvulnerable winged apparition all but
                                                        possible to frame in a shot pattern. And
                                                          thus inhibition-equipped, the gunner is
                                                                                                          larger pattern of the open barrel, plus more
                                                                                                          shot of the smaller size, are necessary in
                                                                                                          order to hit the bird. Actually these are
                               32 full size     ges, ovei
                                                    set to prove it with a pocketful of shells            just hokum excuses to cover lousy shooting.
                                100 pictures showing neÃ
                                                    eat:h time he and a woodcock meet. The
                               carving and checkerins                                                     A gunner who cannot point accurately
                               designs, the latest de
                                                    hurdle he has is mental, propaganda bred,             enough or dope angles correctly enough to
                               signs in semi wfinishec
                                                    no1t real.
                               and custom shotgun one                                                     cross the flight lines of shot and woodcock
                               rifle stocks.           ILast fall, I listened for hours to an al-         with a modest load poured even through a
                         Whether you buy a stock        ;ed expert who laid out for me, as so             tight barrel should either give up, or learn.
                         or want to make your own         y
                                                        m magazine articles have done, precisely             Figure it out. With the average full-
         Send 2sc for    you will find this New
L        vaur caialaa.   Catalan a# mal w l i .         .at gun, choke, shot size and load were           choked tube, a charge of No. 7% shot at
                                                    netcessary to do in the doughty woodcock.             20 to 25 yards will give a very dense pattern
           {ART W E N , Box 1150,Warsaw,Mo. hunter rationalized excuse for his own                  somewhere between 20 and 30 inches wide.
                  -       ,
                                o a t by         -  f ailures. Yet in spite of his expert "knowl-
                                                        &                                                 Even a 20-inch circle is a pretty fair piece
                                                             4   2
                                                        ge," when we went hunting his score was
                                                          less convincing than his palaver.
                                                        lust for fun, I shot my four-bird limit
                                                                                                          of sky at that range.
                                                                                                             "But," the woodcock-misser is likely to
                                                                                                          say, "You're not considering that tiny bird."
                                                    using the following loads: one No. 6 field               Let me tell you something about the
            DEALERS ONLY                            loa.d; one No. 7% long range express load;            anatomy of this "tiny" bird. The next hun-
                                                    on1e No. 8 so-called "brush" load; one No. 9          dred woodcock, mature bids, that you pick

                                                    sktiet load. I used a beat-up old 20-gauge            up will have longer wings, and greater wing-
                                                    wiith a full-choke barrel with the sight              spread than any of the next hundred ruffed
                                                    kmocked off it.                                       grouse you measure. A lot of hunters will
                                                       I[n all fairness it must be admitted that          have difficulty believing that, but it is true.
                                                    an open to moderately open barrel and shot               The grouse will of course outweigh the
         RIFLES ( PISTOLS SHOTGUNS                  sine of about No. 8 is probably best. The             woodcock as much as three times. The wood-
                                                  ' on]ly reason for this choice, however, is to
                 AMMO ( SCOPES                    I
                                                    ketip from shooting up the game too badly
                                                                                                          cock has greater wing area in proportion to
                                                                                                          weight than any other game bird except
          SIGHTS ( RELOADING TOOLS                  at the modest ranges where it is invariably           jacksnipe and doves, which are about com-
                                                    she)t. It is not in order to give the hunter          parable. The wings and the heart are both
          Nationally Known Brands                   grtiater advantage. One of the most fallacious
                                                    pie:ces of reasoning on earth is that the
                                                                                                          larger than those of the grouse, because
                                                                                                          these are the items of euuioment used in
            Foreign and Domestic                                                                          sustained flight. The winesiread of many
                                                                                                          a mature woodcock is as much as eighteen

                                                                 DRAFTING                                 inches, and overall length may be as much
                                                                                                          as a foot. So he is a big target, not a
                                                                                 SERVICE                  tiny one-and no bird is easier to put on
         ONE STOP SERVICE                                                                                 the ground by a non-fatal wound. Even a
         F O R ALL Y O U R R E Q U I R E M E N T S                        Blue print drawinas mode fron   wing-tipped woodcock will usually tumble.
                                                                          sketches, loyouti or from          In other words, even a hunter with a
         *   DALT SHIPS PREPAID -you save freight
             and add to your profits
                                                                          CKtual porh.
                                                                                  SEND FOR
                                                                                                          tightly choked gun can point very badly and
                                                                                                          still fill his limit. The gun and load will
                                                                                                          kill woodcock easily enough in any combina-
         *   DALY SERVES DEALERS ONLY -our adver-
             tising sells for you
                                                                                  PRICE LIST
                                                                                                          tion, and any combination will perform better
                                                                                                          than the average man toting it. The man

         *                                -
             DALY MEANS PROMPTNESS reliable de-
             liveries as fast as they can be shipped
                                                                                                          just has to find out why he misses and quit.
                                                                                                          using his tools for excuses.
                                                                                                             Besides the mental hurdle produced by
         *                           -
             DALY MEANS SERVICE our unsurpassed
             location near all the Important factories
                                                                                                          historic propaganda, what are some of the
                                                                                                          other reasons for misses?
             enables'us to bring you the latest most                                                         Writers tell you that woodcock are hard
             reliable information deliveries, and                                                         to hit because of their erratic and unpredict-
             service on ail your reqhrements
                                                                                                          able flight. It just ain't so.
                                                                                                             Many a summer evening I have sat from
                                 AL                                                                       just before dusk until too dark to see, watch-
                                                                                                          ing woodcock fly. One who sits quietly, with
                      Special!                                                                            neither gun nor shooting excitement to in-
                                                                                                          hibit judgment, soon realizes that the wildly
               CHARLES DALY                                                                               erratic quality of woodcock flight is - a n
                OVERUNDERS                                                                                illusion, a phoney, or both. Watch the birds
        6 & 20 uauge. Write for details                                                                   and you will see that a woodcock lifts and
                                                                                                          buzzes along very steadily, curving here and
                                                                                                          there. but cutting a perfectly predictable
        FREE             ~ e a l e r o n l y - s e n d for
                                     s                                                                    flight pattern from moment to moment.
        the 1957 edition of the Daly catalog and                                                              f
                                                                                                             I you want to see just how predictable
        price list-a valuable dealer g u i d e to                                                         they are, pick up a stick and point them out
        everything i n guns and reiqted equipment.                                                        as if using a gun. What you will discover
                                                                                                          will surprise you. D y shooting in this
                                                                                                          fashion, you will see that this bird is no
                                                                                                          "phantom,"no impossible target, you'll won-
                                                                                                          der why you ever missed him.
                                                                                                             I'll tell you why. In this dry shooting,
                                                                                                          you're not all a-jitter with excitement. And
                                                                                                          you are selecting birds already aloft, in the
                                                                                                          open. Thus you are laying the groundwork
     for learning something more. For when you             watch it. Observe every detail of i t s flight,
,    hunt them, they flush and rise.                       keeping in mind just what you would do,
        Because they are birds ordinarily found in         now that you know all the things you didn't
     rather high overhead shrub and mixed small-           know before. Note how much time there
     tree cover, yet migratory birds with long             would be to do it if you had a gun.
     wings designed for open flying, their in-                Next time out, take a partner-and take                                                    -
     stinctive tendency is to get quickly up out           a gun. But leave your shells at home. Now                                                     UNDERWEAR
     of the brush, where those long wings can be           each time a woodcock flushes, point it out.
     used to full advantage. The short-winged              You know, of course, that you cannot possibly
     grouse would simply hurtle through the cover          kill the bird, so haste and excitement are
     horizontally. The woodcock-watch him and              excluded. Oddly, you will find that you no
     you will see-bumps into things getting up             longer see the brush, or feel cramped by it.
     and out. He can't help it. He goes up to get             See how much time there really is? See
     above so his long wings will clear.                   how easy it is to get "on" and stay "on"?
        And so the shooter has two problems:               Speed and pitch and flight line can now be
     the brush (which, psychologically at least,           appraised with a clear head and they all
     bothers both your eye and your swing)-                come into easy focus. The hokum evaporates.
     and the steep rise of the bird. You have to           Inhibitions based upon it fade.
     swing fast and steep to get above him.    ...            On the third go, load the gun and make
                                                                                                                                                                    TO YOU FROM
    These factors, plus the distracting whistle            use of what you now know. Point with                                                                     OUR FACTORY
    of those long flapping wings, plus the buzzing,        deliberation, and you will tumble woodcock                                                     Â Not Available at Stores
    half-tumbling manner of flight, make the               like clockwork. It is just that simple.
    flight pattern, which is actually perfectly               Follow this routine even at the loss of a                                                   COMPARE !
    straight, seem terribly complicated and                bit of precious hunting time, you will be                                                You'll agree ours is f a r
    "crazy."    The whole basic trouble, how-              something few U.S. gunners can boast of                                                  better quality a n d value
    ever, is in the shooter's own head. It is a            being: a deadeye on woodcock. You will                                                   o r your money back.
     case of letting a lot of unimportant distrac-         find woodcock shooting stripped of silly
    tions hide the real problem. Once you un-              myth and mystery, and more enjoyable                                                         PROVEN!
    derstand the problem, the solution is easy.            because you get results and others                                                       BAUER Down products are the
        But there is something else the stick              miss.                                                                                    choice of the major expedi-
                                                                                                                                                    tions and sportsmen. They are
     shooter will discover; and it, too, has a very    1                                                                                            the Original 6 Genuine      -
    important bearing on the misses. These little                                                                                                   mode exclusively in our own
    devils are going plenty fast! And that is                                                                                                       factory under U. S Patents.
    odd, because they aren't supposed to. You                                                                                                       R I P S T O P N Y L O N fabric
    have probably seen those popular charts                                                                                                         (Glacier Green). 100% Prime
    showing comparative game-bird speeds (most                                                                                                      Northern Goose Down. Nylon
                                                                                                                                                    fortified wool knit collar,
    of which, incidentally, are utter nonsense).                                                                                                    cuffs, anklets.
    You have learned from them how fast the
    grouse and pheasant fly, how lazily the                                                                                                               E YOU BUY any outdoor
    woodcock lilts along.                                                                                                                                  nu or sleeping bogs,

       Don't you believe it! A woodcock can                NOW AVAILABLE               >IOT~M
                                                                                           I@                        64-page
                                                                                                                                                          the SCIENTIFIC FACTS
                                                                                                                                                        about 100% Prime Down.
    get off the ground as fast as any grouse,              FOR RELOADERS                       "..W.,.MT.Wf,
                                                                                                                     P A T A i f t
    much faster than a pheasant or duck. He                The clean white lubricant In powder form Use it like
    can give a quail odds, too. And when he is             powdered nranhlte In sizing c a m and avoid smudged
                                                           grimmy ammo die8 hands Great for gun actions too:
    jumpy so that he flushes and flies wild, his           Sand $ . f o r 1 lb. oan. bostnaid. Or. w r h for fms
    speed over the first 30 to 50 yards will match             SCIENTIFIC LUBRICANTS CO Dept. GG
                                                                                                                    DEPT.        @        SEATTLE 4, W A S H I N G T O N
    any of these. The "slow" woodcock does                        3469 N. Clark St., ~hicago'13, Ill.
    exist on occasion, but he is usually a prod-
    uct of faulty or not enough observation
    hastily reported.

         o WHAT'S the answer? The weight-to-wing
          spread ratio allows the woodcock to
    shoot up and drop down like a helicopter.
    The brush deludes the shooter into thinking
    he must rush his shot. He has the idea
    preset in his head that the bird is a slow
    flyer and yet a tough target because he is
    a crazy flyer. And so, somewhere between
                                                                                                                    '    L           BOOKLET!                               A

    the rushed shots, the lack of long-enough
    lead and fast-enough or smooth-enoueh
                                                           This is the "real McCoy" Indian Buck Lure
                                                                                                                    New C-H handbook shows you how
    swing, the inhibition against ohooting while                                                                    to make your own ammunition
    still swinging because of cramped quarters,
                                                           guaranteed to kill all human scent even with
                                                           o down wind. Makes deer feel it's the safest             and how to start. .right! Packed  .
    the improper estimation of pitch both goine             place around. Genuine animal gland compound             with valuable information
    un and coming down-somewhere among all                         artificial apple perfume.                        and tips reloaders should
    these lie the misses.
       Oncethe hunter knows this, he has the
                                                                           Very easy to use. Thousands o f
                                                                           successful hunters. Carlton Shaver,
                                                                                                                    know, this beautiful
                                                                                                                    booklet can be yours
                                                                           mail carrier, is shown here with
    answer in sight. It starts with confidence                           L his second buck taken with Buck          absolutely free. Attach
    and deliberation born of a realization of                            f lure.                                    coupon to postcard
    how much hokum has long attached. to                                      Order Your Bottle Naw-
    woodcock shooting. But that in itself won't
    automatically effect a cure. The answer
                                                                           You'll be glad. Valuable book-
                                                                           let "Deer Hunting Tips" in-
                                                                           cluded FREE-     tells you haw to
                                                                                                                   m and
                                                                                                                   1 -   L   r   .   ,
                                                                                                                                           "C,,,.     S3-I"

    that gets the job done is one that makes a               outsmart deer.                                        1 P
                                                                                                                     .  0. BOX 3284,' Twminol Annex
                                                                                                                     10s Angolei 54, California
    real hunter squirm, because it costs good                  Worth the price donel
    shooting time. But I can guarantee from                It your dealer or wrlte direct:                         I Pluu* rush mo FREE booktoti
                                                           tend ONLY $2 0 0 Postpaid                               I NAME
    seeing it tried that it is surefire. Here it is.             3 ~ottlesÑ$'5.0
       Go woodcock hunting, with a partner (to
    create an atmosphere of competition)-but
                                                                P i m w r & specialist
                                                              to animal scent glands.
                                                           PETE RICKARDBOX
                                                                                                               [     ADDRESS
                                                                                                                   I CITY I STATE
                                                                                                                   i TIN na- of my   ~~~        a d d o a h w gun-
    no gun. Each time a woodcock flushes,                                52,                 Cobleskill, N. Y      ÑIth'------.--.--
                                                                               ELMER KEITH SAYS                  ...
                                                                                     (Continued from Page 12)
UP TO 50% SAVINGS                          pletely expanded from the factory load, under            30-06 soft-point expanding bullets. More
                                           the skin on the off side, or in the last few             tests however, would be necessary to prove
                                           inches of bone. With our hand load, the                  the point.
                                           bullet was well upset on the point and also                 On steel penetration tests, which are a
                                           badly battered, but seemed to remain more                very good criterion of velocity, the factory
                                           in one piece instead of grinding away in                 .44 Magnum clearly showed a bit more pene-
                                           passing through the heavy bones.                         tration than our hand load. We are perfectly
                                              These penetration tests prove to me at                content to leave it that way and believe it
                                           least, that the .44 Magnum with factory load             would require at least 23 grains of 2400 to
                                           or our heavy handload of 22 grains 2400 and              equal the factory load. We prefer to stay
  CUSTOM MADE AT FACTORY PRICES            Keith 250 grain bullet wl with certainty
                                                                      il                            under the factory load in pressure and velo-
                                           penetrate the skull of any bear, elk, or moose,          city for safety. Tests were run with the 6 W
  F R E E FOLDER                           to the brain pan; but we would have our
                                           doubts about frontal shots on a big bull
                                                                                                    barrel and we would expect some 80 feet
                                                                                                    less velocity from a 4" barrel.
             DALE MYRES CO.                bison. We once saw a bison skull with                       Bullets from a 4" gun, however, might eas-
Box 7292-J                El Poso, Texas   seven .30-30 soft nose holes in the frontal              ily penetrate just as well in tough old bull
                                           plate and no bullet getting back to the                  heads, since the slightly lower velocity should
                                           brain. We also saw a bull elk take a 30-30               cause less deformation and mushrooming of
                                           170 grain back of the left horn and between              the bullet. On steel penetration the 6%" bar-
                                           the horn and ear, in line with the brain, from                il
                                                                                                    rel wl of course show the deeper penetration.
    STOCKS                                 a Model '94 Winchester with 26" barrel, the
                                           bullet going only half way through the outer
                                           covering of the brain. It killed by a blood
                                                                                                       We have found the R.C.B.S. three-die set,
                                                                                                    to be one of the best for reloading the 44
                                                                                                    Magnum. The first die perfectly resizes the
     For Hunters                           clot on the brain.
                                             We also saw a bull elk take a 180 grain
                                                                                                    case. The second re- and deaaps, expands
                                                                                                    the case to uniform inside diameter, and
                                           Western 30-06 square in the forehead. It                 very slightly bells the mouth of case, so the
                                           knocked him down but he jumped up, stag-                 bullet will start without shaving. The third
                                           gered around, and then started to run off.               die perfectly seats the bullet friction tight
                                           A heart shot put him down in the next 200                and forms a good heavy crimp in the bevelled
                                           yards. Examination showed the 180 grain                  crimping groove on my bullet. No leading
                                           bullet blew up the frontal plate of the skull            has occurred in my gun from any of these
                                           and mushed up the cellular bone inside, but              loads or from the factory load. Recoil with
                                           no part of it penetrated the after part of the           my load of 22 grains 2400 and 250 grain
                                           skull to the brain. So far our tests indicate            bullet, is rather less than the factory load.
                                           better penetration on massive heavy animal                  The case is the finest six-gun case I have
                                           skulls for the i44 Magnum than for either                ever reloaded and I have long been partial
                                           the 3 - 3 0 170 grain or factory 180 grain               to Remington sixgun brass. Recoil has never

                                                                                                               Protect valuable hunting equip-
                                                                                                               ment in the field and at home
                                                                                                               with Lawrence quality-made sad-
                                                                                                               die leather shooting accex~rie          A
                                                                                                               No. 8 RIFLE SCABBARD
                                                                                                                       If with     tekscooc s i ~ f ^ S "
    Police Stocks                                                                                              with   scope mounted        . . .;

    Detective Stocks
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                                                                                                                               I S YOUR GUM
    Since starting this article we received the
 first 4" barrelled S & W Magnum .44 and
 killed a couple bulls with it, finding pene-
                                                                               Rozengracht 21

                                                                                                                    I       RUSTING RIGHT 1
 tration in their skulls about the same as                  I               JUST OFF PRESS!                         I
 the 6%" barrel job but wound channels                      I                                                                                         Â
 smaller as the slugs did not expand as
 much at their lower velocity from the short
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                                                                                                                             (Continued from Page 30)
                           the    GOKEY                      AND UNHURT!

                                                                                                                          major species over here are taken from 50
                                 Fall 1957 Catalog                                                                        yards down to distances where you have to
                                 Illustratine over 50
                                      .-                                                                                  back up slightly to level the gun, I expect DO
                                 styles of boots and
                                 shoea including the                                                                      difficulties.
                                 famous Gokey            1 Himunemy d&maae to them isantured animals dive-
                                                                        HAVAHART Trim                                        We retraced our steps to the crossing on the
    W ^T7 I \ / 6\               ~otte  Sauvage; and
                                                         1  without                             toyou to your ohildron!
                                                            Take* r&idmx rats, rabbits, kuirrele. Rkimka, weuela,
                                                            mink. ooom. ate. StrarulK w t s and wultry i
                                                                                                                          Da-Dung and there found our second party
                                                                                                                          waiting. And I learned from our host, Ngo
                           V and equipment.              1  unhurt. h l l i guaranteed.E& to ~etÑopeends give
                                                            animal confidence. No j a w or springs to break. Ruat-
                                                            n m f . Six- forall needs. Send today for valuable FREE
                                                         a 36-~ace    booklet OD t~~)p~nssecretd U8t inoludedh
                                                                                                                          Van Chi, that my banteng was not a banteng
                                                                                                                          at all.

                  -    -
                                                                                                                             "You have killed the lesser gaur," he ex-
  Dept. G                           St. Paul I . Minn.                                                                    plained after examining head and cape.
                                                                                                                          "These are rare. We have two species, the
                                                                                                                          greater or giant gaur and the lesser or pygmy
                   1. until you             see the                                                                       gaur. Yours is the lesser or pygmy. But this
                                                                                                                          smaller fellow is the more dangerous. The
                                                         -          --  FIfhi-          -
                                                                                     Fighting Throwin -          Skinning herd is just as apt to charge you as not.
                                            Big            Carving ~ 0 3 ' s 5 sizes. These World famous Sometimes they charge after an animal has
                                                         knives. 100% handcrafted from Swedish Tool Steel.
                                                         15 models. various lenaths handle combinations.                  been shot, occasionally when they are simply
                                                         Collector's pieces today: of legend& fame&ori                    startled."
                                                         row Send 25c for desert Ions, prices and Instruc-
                                                         tive booklet. 50c for F&I knife use manual                          It is likely this animal was not a "pygmy
                                                         W. D. RANDALL. It.. Box 1 8 8 4 Orlando. la: gaur" but a dose cousin, a member of the
                                                                                                                          buffalo family, called in Indian the "mithan."

                                                                                                                          Ranging up to 1200 pounds in weight, with
                                                                                                                          a differing horn formation, but identical
                                                                                                                          coloration, it would be easy to assume the
                                                                                  tHAtMOimfAS                             mithan was a lesser species of gaur.
                                                                      ISSUED GOOD CONDITION                                  Another day, another hunt. We loaded up
        -. . . it's     FREE!!        ist    write us    Winchester Military 303 Britlsh Cartridge, 100-$10               in the jeep, the General, Ngo Van Chi, our
The biggest Was-Den Catalog ever
crammed with page after page of equipment
                                            ,     ..                                                                      trackers, and myself. From darkness until
                                                                                                                          well into the day's first weak light we nego-
                                                                      PORTS SHOPS, 11 S. 16th St., Phila. 2, P,           tiated a dim elephant trail. Each rickety
for the gun enthusiast. Fully illustrated. A                                                                              bamboo bridge was an adventure, but we
'must" for the novice and expert alike1                               t . m m m n . . m , . m . . . n m m . . .
Write now for your Free copy.                            I                                                              I
                                                                                                                          finally hauled up in a Moi village. We
                 DEPT. G-10                                     THE                                                     I
                                                                                                                          huddled with the local ward boss, an in-
                                                                                                                        I triguing old bandit whose sole garment was
                                                         I                                                              I
                      2121 Mahi St., Northampttn, Pa,
                                                             In-built                      P K I ENT PUNOINO
                                                                                     ~omp~ot* u shown for
                                                                                            most gun. 925
                                                                                                                        I a belt and G-string.
                                                                                                                        I    Yes, he told us, elephants were only 15
                                                         I                                                              I
                                                         I   St/tsamtiivL                                     :
                                                                                                   MUZZLE BRAKE           kilometers distant. At least, they were in
                                                                                                                          that area early yesterday. Six bulls, cows
                                                            The brake that 1 different-because it's right In I and calves, he affirmed. So we set forth.
                                                         I your rifle barrel. Choice of discriminating shoot-
                                                         I MS. You don't need a blob on your muzzle for I                    For seven hours we plowed along in the
                                                         I good braking. Illmtrated folderÑdeale discounts. i wake of the tuskers. All that day we tailed
                                                            PENDLETOM O W H O P E.i'X'&;                                  them, up one mountain and down the next.
                                                         L-mmm~m999-9-mmmmmmmmm9m9mh5                                     Endlessly, it seemed, we planted our feet
                                                                                                                          in the tub-like imprints of the steadily march-
                                                                                                                          ing tuskers. Finally Van Chi called a halt,
                                                               NEW MODEL MINIATURE CANNONS                                and we turned back to where we had left
                                                                    US. or Confederate proof marks                        the jeep, arriving in camp long hours after
                                                                            $4.00 to $100.00 pair
                                                                                                                          ong ba muy, the tiger king, was aprowl. But
                                                                    Dealers wanted. Lists for Stamp
                                                                                                                          Ngo Van Chi, killer of more than 80 ele-
                                                                     WANTED NAZI ITEMS                                    phant and so many tiger he will not venture
                                                            LENKEL 812 Anderson Ave.. Palisade. N.1.                      the number, is rather contemptuous of Old

                                                         1 SHOOTERS-Ask                                           your dealer about
 -/(illustrated).           Light, warm, i
                                                         1 1''<Heiof
                                                                   - A
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ire the Original and Genuine-made exclusively
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n our own factory under U. S. Patents and sold
                                                                    Vancouver 1, B. C.                                            . --
                                                                                                                     EMMITSBURG 2. MD.
                                                                                                                              - -
lircct. only. never through dealers.
                                                             I    EMERY ft BUTTER
                                                                    76 pearl strut. feronto I. ont.        4437 Piedmont Avenue     Oakland, Calif.
  Stripes. Van Chi is an elephant and gaur
. man. The night before we reached his camp                                                                           itionwy new triplex
  he had trapped a tiger and, disdaining to                                                                                  choking system gives
  dispatch it himself, sent a Moi to kl the
  beast with a rusty old 8 mm. Mauser. This                                                                     greater range, closer patterns!
  delighted the Moi, since it gave him an
  opportunity to even scores with his dread
  enemy. Tiger take a fearful annual toll of
  the hill people.
     Tiger shooting is a business to tax the
  patience, and considerably less hair-raising
  than many writers have painted it. It is
  generally a matter of building a mirador
  and squatting within the leafy bower for
  hours on end, never moving eyes glued to
  the rotting sambhar carcass which is used
  as bait. The shot, if the tiger comes, is at
  predetermined range, usually about 30 feet.
  Frequently a 12 gauge scattergun charged         In matchless Breda automatics, re- best killing pattern for specific shot size and game. Tom
  with 00 buckshot will do the business. Ngo       nowned Italian craftsmanship has stghting Pi""- dways                    the same'
  Van Chi shortcuts all this by setting traps.     produced guns so advanced in de- ~ ~ ~ w ~ ~ & ~ , ~ ~ ~ K ~ ~
     But no one low-rates the gaur as a sport-                                                                                ,                                           ~
                                                   sign they outperform all others
  ing target. The French professional, A.          under the most difficult field condi- D . " , ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ f ~ $ ~ l s
  Plas, in his book, "La Grandes Chases en         tions.. .yet so easy handling, interlock
  Indochine," has this to gay about the gaur:      smooth shooting and accurate, -no screws, no pins!                     :
  "He is the biggest and most ferocious of the     Breda holds more international
  bovines inhabiting our Indo-China forests.       championships than any other gun!
  The males especially grow to enormous            And now, Breda's exclusive new
                                                            choking system gives            I-Receiver cover slides off. : trigger assembly.
  stature and weight, and altho I never had
  the opportunity of weighing one, I have a
  strong impression that certain male speci-
                                                   even greater range and killing power
                                                   -the patterns you want at every
                                                   range, for all game! The prices:
  mens weigh at a minimum 1200 kg (2640
  lbs.). Seen at close range in the forest the
  beast has in highest degree a ferocious and
                                                   often lower than domestic models!
                                                    Another Breda first: 20 gauge guns have
                                                    adjustable drop, pitch, cast - the only
  savage appearance especially in the male          guns that let you adjust stock to your 3-Carrier stays down while : 4 - Bolt slides off receiver.
  . wounded he is extremely dangerous."             own custom fit!                         loading (no need to hold with : Note doubly dependable twin
                                                                                            finger). Push button lets you extractors. Lifetime hard-
     Next day, we hauled up in the very middle
  of a Moi rice field and beckoned the only
                                                   BREDA Automaucs from $169.50 eject unfired shells directly : chromed bolt dismantles for
                                                         Available 81-   in 8 EngnHMl ~ o d e l t
                                                        FINE DEALERS EVERYWHERE, OR WRITE FOR CATALOG
                                                                                                          into hand.                 .   easy cleaning and lubrication.
  villager in sight over to the jeep. His an-      AT
                                                                                                                                     :Completely rust-and-comslon-
  swers to our questions piled us out of the
  vehicle on the double. There, directly be-
                                                   CONTINENTAL ARMS CORPq                                                  w   Aw. (near 55th st.), Mew Y h    ,
                                                                                                                                                              z M.   y.

                                                                                                           . ~ ~ .FUN
  hind the truck, was the single track of a lone
  gaur. The beast had ripped up the last of
  the tender rice plantings only minutes before
  our arrival, the hill man told us. Nam, Chi's
  elephant tracker, took up the sign and we
  lined out behind him.
     The spoor led into a marsh where the great
  bull had sunk a full six inches at every step.
  Here the grass, the inevitable coo, offered
                                                                                                OVER A QUARTER-MILLION
  succulent fodder and the gigantic prints of                                                   SPORTSMEN INVITE Y O U T O
                                                       JOIN -THE                 NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION for                                        ~5.00          I
  BRICK HOUSE SHOP,      New Paltz 4,    N. Y.

                                                                          0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

                                                   Ã    Name.-                                 . -
                                                                                               -......          ..Age---

                                                   Ã    City & S t a t e -

                                                              NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION
                                                              1600 Rhode Inland Ave., N.W., Wash. 6, D. C.
                                                        *Conf.rmimg application, and details will obo bà mailed
                                                   '     to you.
                                                   ~ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ~ 0 0 ~ 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
                                                                                                                                       the old bull meandered here and there.
                                                                                                                                         The trail fetched us into the timber again.
                                                                                                                                      It was raining, but no rain could bank the
                                                                                                                                      kindling fires of our hunting ardor. Here.       '

                                                                                                                                      judging by the ponderous track, was a
                                                                                                                                      venerable bull who had pulled off by him-
                                                                                                                                      self to enjoy his declining years, develop a
                                                                                                                                      poisonous disposition, and grow a handsome
                                                                                                                                      set of those wicked black horns. Here was
                                                                                                                                      a brand of excitement calculated to stir the
                                                                                                                                      gastric juices and prickle the adrenal.
                                                                                                                                         We followed through a low saddle, the
                                                                                                                                      ground rocky and noisy underfoot despite
                                                                                                                                      the rain. Down the far side we worked our
                                                                                                                                      way into a second meadow where the grass
                                                                                               6.5 JAP                                was rank and almost chest high. Nam moved
                                                                                                                                      slowly and stopped finally, casting about like
                                                                                                  and                                 a bird dog working a broken covey. Plainly,
                                                                                                                                      our bull had turned aside and the Moi had
                                                                                                                                      missed the detour.
                                                                                               7.7 JAP                                   It was the General who pointed. There,
                                                                                                                                      not 20 yards distant and leveled on us, was

                                                                                                Loaded                                a head towering over the coo grass, a head
                                                                                                                                      as big and ferocious as the muzzle of the
                                                                                         Ammunition                                   280 atomic cannon. A more utterly savage,
                                                                                                                                      malevolent expression, I've yet to see.
                                    NORMA, the world's only manufacturer of                                                              The gaur broke cover and a lucky snap-
      6.5 and 7.7 Jap loaded ammunition, also supplies your favorite standard                                                         shot from the General broke a bind leg. The
                                                                                                                                      shot did not stop the critter but it slowed
I     calibers.
      Every cartridge is marked RE-signifying designed for reloading
      an added feature exclusive with NORMA. Perfectly formed bullets man-
                                                                                                                     ...              him. The bull forged up a sidehill, dodging
                                                                                                                                      in and out through trees, brush, grass and
                                                                                                                                      rocks. He resembled something akin to a

      ufactured to highest standards with best obtainable powder, primers                                                             tank, but despite his bulk a shot would have
      and virgin brass cases, combine to make NORMA cartridges the out-                                                               been wasted. I galloped up the slope like
      standing choice for shooters.                                                                                                   a quarter horse in a stake race. As I made
                           Available at your local dealer            ¥ash                                                            the point of the slope where I had last
                                                                                                                                      marked the gaur, I rounded a turn and
                                                                                                                                      spotted the game not 60 yards distant in a
                                                                                                                                      tiny clump. Standing there, partly cou-
                                                                                                                                      ceded, he looked just slightly larger than
                                                                                                                                      the Communist threat. As I whipped up the
                                                                                                                                      .450 I had a feeling that I was leveling down
                                                                                                                                      on the USS Forrestal.
                                                                                                                                         My first 400-grain treatment set the giant
                                                                                                                                      in motion. He burst forth from the copse,
                                                                                                                                      his gait scarcely more than a canter. One,
                                                                                                                                      two, three shots I lanced into the gigantic
                                                                                                                                      foreshoulder and altho he was weaving he
                                                                                                                                      would not fold. He waddled into a second
                                                                                                                                      little stand of trees and out of my view.
                                                                                                                                         I broke into a run, stuffing fresh hulls
                                                                                                                                      into the old lever gun. I came up on the bull
                                       RED WING
                                       SH 0 E         CO.
                                                                 1   126 M A I N ST., RED WING, MINN.
                                                                     Salt Lake City. Utah Dallas. Texas
                                                                                                                                  1   at 30 yards and found him standing, head
                                                                                                                                      erect, and full of fight. I proceeded to ad-
                                                                                                                                      minister a triple .450 treatment, the slugs
                                                                                                                                      finding a target behind the shoulder. I was
                                                                                                                                      so close I could see bits of hair and flesh
                                                                                                                                      cast up as the bullet struck. He dropped.
                                                                                                                                         All four legs folded beneath the gigantic
                                                                                                                                      body. He was down, but his head was still
                                                                                                                                      erect. The General, Chi, and the trackers
                                                                                                                                      caught up and the Old Man said, "Let me
                                           Perfect balance, superb accuracy and "heavy fun" pertonnanct. Finest Swedish                  He shot the bull three times, twice through
                                           steel with improved HVA Mauser action. Sporting style Europl Walnut stock with             the ribs and once below the ear. That did it.
                                           built-in cheek rest. Write for literature on this and other Hiifgnnu hi-power riles.          The old rogue had soaked up 4630 grains
                                     T f t0fWINOS, IWC.O.                                 P.    BOX 1191 TACOMA 1 WASHINGTON
                                                                                                                                      of lead-11 shots, 10 of which had struck in
                                                                                                                                      highly vital areas-in not more than a min-
                                                                                                                                      ute's elapsed time.
1957 SCOPES - LATEST MODELS 1                            1 1 SMILEY UE TRIMMER #56
                                                                     S                                                                   The steel tape showed he was 11 ft. in
                                                                                                                                      length, stood six feet plus at the withers.
BRAND NEW FACTORY SEALED BOXES                                         WITH THE NEW PRESS-FIT                      PILOTS'
                                                                 THE LEADER I N DESIGN PERFORMANCE,                                     i
                                                                                                                                      Hs neck measured 77 inches and the cir-
Bear Cub 2%-$33 25- 4 x 4 3 2 5 - 6 ~ 4 5 9 . 7 5 .                                AND V A L ~ E                                      cumference of the head below the horns was
Weaver 60 series-K. '2.5 <r K. d 2 4 . 7 5 ; K4-               The oob cue trimmer made that trtau md debam
1s      K6-$31.75; K-V-$39.75; K8 & K10à                      both Inside & outride la one mentionÑTI tutest                        47 inches. The horns ran 37 inches in width,
   .75. Lyman All-American 2Ex-$32.95 4x-                      & lowest-~rlced m u à ‘ t
                                                                                 ~       trimmer. One ~t*tlon*rr                                6h
                                                                                                                                      with a 1 l inch base, 27% inches around the
$35.75; 6 ~ 4 4 3 . 5 0 . Weaver top mount*Ñ$7.75             mUet takffl all (¥¥çÈÑG<urui other trimmer
           20% DEPOSIT ON C.O.D.'s                             can m m i m 111 meed md mrformiam. ~ w i   t                           curl. Chi, killer of 72 gaur, said he would

Complete line of sporting goods in stock. Write                                        FREE FOLDER
for LOWEST PRICES.                                                            Sold by Dealen Everywhere
                                                                                                                                      weigh 1500 kg. I didn't have my fisherman's
                                                                                                                                      scale with me so we couldn't "weigh hm      i
PARKER DISTRIBUTORS                    Dept. 1710                    G. T. SMILEY COMPANY                                             accurately, but certainly the beast
P. 0. Box 55, Williamsbridge Sto., N. Y. 67, N.Y.              P. 0. Box 8 2                            Auburn, CaMornto
                                                                                                                                      went well over a ton.                   Q
SMALL GAME ON A BUDGET                                                                                                       RELOADING
          (Continued from Page 23)                                                                                           EQUIPMENT
    I use my 12 gauge over-under for ducks.
foxes, late season bobwhite hunting, some-
times cottontail hunting, squirrel hunting in
the more thickly settled areas, crow shoot-
ing, dove shooting, and even on some of my
deer, bear, and wild boar hunts with rifled
slug loads. The 20 gauge over-under comes
in mighty nice for early season bobwhite
hunting, most of my cottontail hunting (with
beagles), and the occasional woodcock hunts
that I go on.
    Most of our big game hunting here in the            u6LLYWOOn
southeastern United States is comparative-              IOR" R E L I
                                                        rook. Reloa
ly close-range brush-country shooting, and              oistol
                                                        and si
for black bear, white-tail deer, and wild               Strippi
boar my 30-30 is entirely adequate. Using
170 grain soft-point bullets, I get excellent
results with this rifle. It will stand the hard         HOLLYWOOD CHR
                                                        OGRAPH. A precis
knocks of mountain and swamp "jungle"                   instrumentnnmnl
hunting, and it's short length makes it                 less battei
mighty handy to carry through the brush.
The investment involved is not beyond my
budget, and the killing power is entirely
adequate for the type of big game hunting                                                                                   6116 HOLLYWOOD BLVD.
that I normally do.                                     HOLLYWOOD GUN SHOP                                                  HOLLYWOOD 2 , CALIF<
   My model .22 auto-loader is a peach for
still squirrel hunting and plinking farm
pests such as crows and gophers. I t even
does a good job of doubling as a woodchuck
rifle in areas too thickly settled and heavily
~ a s t u r e d the ,222's and ,220's. For squir-
rel only, I would choose a 2.5 or 4 power
scope. But where the .22 is to be used for
                                                                                                          PREMIER 21E SHOTGUN
                                                                         custom quali at a realistic price. Immediate delivery in 12, 16, & 20 gauge with 26"
                                                                         or 28" barrels. Equipped with automatic ejectors, beavertail forend, finest walnut
bith squirrel hunting and farm pest shooting,                            stock and COLD plated tri gers. Send dime for catalog also illustrating BERETTA SHOT-
                                                                         GUNS, FERLACH SHOTCU~~S      AND DOUBLE RIFLES in all calibers including .416 RICBY
1 personally like the 6 power 33. rifle scopes                           AND .458 WINCHESTER MAGNUM.
much better. The increased scope power in-                                                         ORDER THROUGH YOUR DEALER
volved definitely means more kills on such
pests as crows and woodchucks.
   In mv 2 I use only long rifle ammu-
                                                    1      CALIFORNIA ARMS CO.,                   12203 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 25, California               1
                            -     -
nation. And as strange as this may sound to
home, I prefer t h e solid lead bullets over                                      CANJAR                  ACCESSORIES
any other variety. I t has been my experience
that they pack more shocking power than
the copper-clad bullets, and more accuracy
                                                                                   Mouser triggers
                                                                                   Plates -           -
                                                                                               Thumb Safeties for our Springfield and

                                                                                                       Palm Rests
                                                                                             Forearm Stops
                                                                                                             Barrel Bedders    -
                                                                                                                     Adjustable Butt
a t ranges beyond 50 yards than hollow-point                                       Rifle Slings
bullets.                                                                           M. H. C A N J A R             4476 Pennsylvania St.
                                                                                                                   Denver 16, Colorado

J   UST BECAUSE   I happen to be a Marlin fan
    is no sign that other brands of gun3 do not
come within the average sportsman's budget.
Many, including myself, like to stick to one
brand, and this is not a bad idea where such
is possible. The Remington people are now
                                                        W/V SHOTGUN                                           CLEANER & OILER
coming along with the "matched set" idea.
In other words, they recommend a shot-
gun, .22 rifle, and big game rifle all of the
same type of action. The most perfectly
matched set so far is their Model 572 re-
peating .22 rifle, Model 760 high power rifle,
and Model 870 repeating shotgun. And I
have an idea, if the "matched set" idea goes
over as well as I think it will, that the
Remington folks will soon add more var-
mint calibers to their Model 760.
   Without scopes on either of the rifles, this
matched set of Remingtons (all pump action
repeaters with very similar designs) retails
                                                                  the handle a twist a n d the gun is        Comes with sturdy brown leatherette metal
for a total of just about $240.00. With rifle                     polished. Attach oil bob and gun is        end screw cap case and oil bob in handy
scopes and a n extra barrel for the shot-                         oiled as cleaner is removed. Takes         container. For 12, 16 and 20 gauge guns.
gun, the total cost would run not much over                       less than a minute.                        For barrel up to 32 inches long.
$300.00. Practically any sportsman with say
a $4,000.00 a year income can squeeze out                               DEALERS ARE INVITED TO WRITE FOR INFORMATION
this much over a period of say two or three                             W & W Manufacturing Co.           - 707 Main St..    Grandvlew 1 Mo.
years. And the matched set will fix him up
for life with good guns.
   The pump action repeaters come about as
near pleas&g everybody as any type of gun
made. Good balance, sturdy construction,
                                                   mechanical reliability, and excellent killing
                                                   power are the main features behind the
                                                   popularity of pump action repeaters.
                                                     And here is another "matched set" idea
                                                                                                    the price range that average sportsmen can
                                                                                                       Where the buver can afford them. the
                                                                                                    Browning over-under and Winchester (Model
                                                   in auto-loaders for those that prefer this       21) double barrel shotguns are redly nice,
                                                   type of gun. I believe that the Winchester       more expensive but well worth the money
                                                   people have so far done the best job here.       if you have it. And you can go up, cost-
                                                                                                    wise, as far as you like.
                                                            WINCHESTER 50 auto-loading                 The man who wants a "matched set" of
                                                   T  HE                  Model
                                                        shotgun is the starter. Add to it a Model
                                                   77 Winchester auto-loading.22 rifle, and a
                                                                                                    guns covering most hunting needs at prices
                                                                                                    really well below the $500.00 total can get
                                                   Model 88 high power rifle, and you have a        what he wants by concentrating on bolt
                                                   nifty matched set of Winchesters. The Ugh        action shotguns and rifles. The Mossberg
                                                   power comes in . 0 ,358, and .243 calibers,
                                                                      38                            people make a good line of bolt action
                                                   and the Model 50 shotgun in 12 and 20            shotguns and .22 rifles, and good high
                                                   gauges. A three-piece set here (without          power bolt action rifles are available in
                                                   scopes for rifles) will cost around $300.00,     other makes. A set of three bolt action
                                                   and this does not include an extra barrel        guns (both rifles complete with scopes and
                                                   for the shotgun. With good scopes for both       the shotgun with choking device) can be
                                                   rifles, plus an extra barrel or choking de-      bought for a little over $200.00Ñi some
                                                   vice (Poly-Choke or Cutts Compensator)           cases maybe even a little less.
                                                   for the shotgun, the total price will run           Sears Roebuck's J. C. Higgins line of
                                                   near (400.00.                                    guns feature various designs in both shot-
                                                      The main thing we are trying to do in this    guns and rifles, including both high power
                                                   piece is to get the average hunting sports-      and 3 2 rifles. They are good guns for the
                                                   man well equipped with guns for $500.00          money, just like the Stevens, Mossbergs,
Mounts on dashboard of your hunting car            or less, preferably less. Above $500.00 can      and other brands. The average sportsman
either flush as shown, o r can be set away         be, often is, beyond the average sportsman's     should have no trouble in selecting the
from dash by attaching holder t o extension                                                          guns he wants.
arms which screw t o the undercuwe of the
                                                      Some may choose a mixed-brand collec-            Gauge and caliber selection of course de-
dashboard. Sturdy construction, holds two
guns securely i n a n upright position yet         tion, and this is entirely all right if one       pends a lot on the kind of game to be
quickly and easily removed when                    prefers it that way. Start off with maybe an     hunted and the type of territory to be
needed. ...   PRICE               $4.95            Ithaca "Featherlight" repeating (pump)           bunted over. Where an eastern brush coun-
                                                   shotgun, then add a Browning ok Mossberg         try big game hunter can get by just fine
If your dealer can't supply you order              .22 rifle, and then add a Savage high power      with a short 30-30carbine. a western oven
direct.                                            rifle. Really good guns all, and well within     country big game hunter 'would probi
                              Box D.D.
DUB-L-RAC                  Nipomo, Calif.
                                                                                                FJ BIG GWi o small
                                                                                                 it         t
                                                                                                    "Load your own"
                                                                                                             Handloading brings you
                                                                                                          the finest s a t i s f a c t i o n of
                                                                                                          shooting. Y o u r s k i l l and un-
                                                                                                          derstanding of b a l l i s t i c s i s
                                                                                                          imparted to every s h o t you
                       ----                                                                               fire . ..
                                                                                                                  accurately s m a s h i n g
                                                                                                          home in every target you

                                                                                                    - -
                                                                                                     7 1
                                                                                                                Only precision hand loads
                                                                                                          can give you a s s u r e d confi-
                                                                                                          dence in your shooting abil-

       name of the actual game killed. "STUDS
                                                                                                          ity            bring out the best
       are beautifully embossed game heads the                                                            in gun and man. And re-
       are permanent, easy to use and enrich th
       appearance of your gunstock.                                                                       member-You           get the best
         Ask for "STUDS" a t your dealer. I f h                                                           r e s u l t s when you use the
       can't suppl you order direct and includ
       your dealers name and address.                                                                     f i n e s t tools.
       "STUDS" a m available I n these 18 op
       ular game head designs i n either   10-        Get Redding reloading tools and be sure            ...they're Fully guaranteed!

          ELK     DEER   BROWN BEAR
             ANTELOPE CAT (Panther)
             MULE DEER SKUNK (a good gas
              DEALERS WANTED      -  Cash in o
              national advertisin that's ereatin
              demand for               Thousanc
              sold last season. Write today f(                                                            BEDDING POWDER t BULLET SCALE
                                                                                                                   .   sum
                                                                      REDDING         MEASURE
                                                                        Sold thru Dmttt only
                  R . J. C O F F E Y
                     1102 N Mob) Ave.
                    Son Antonio 2 Tex.
                                                   1 RE DDING-HUNTER, INC.                                                   d     w
                                                                                                               ~ o r t ~ a n ~ , e York
want more power i his big game rifle.
~ n ad wild goose hunter would certainly
demand more shotgun power than a Georgia
                                                                                                               see the
bobwhite hunter. Gauge and caliber selec-
tion is a full story within itself. What we
are trying to do here is to set the average
sportsman on the right track in gun selec-
                                                                    ow..Learn to Shoot Doubles
tion, design, .price, capabilities, and so on.

w     HERE possible, it is always better to buy
      new guns instead of used guns. And con-
tinuous gun trading and tinkering is rarely if
ever advisable for the average sportsman.
                                                  Learn to shoot by shooting! Here's a
                                                  d    p w         r t sy o t mo
                                                  one or two standard clay targets rigbt
                                                                                                               in doubles
                                                  or left handed. If your dealer can't
I have indulged in both, so I know what           luoohr vou.aend check o moneyorder.
I am talking about. It is easier and better,
in at least 90 percent of the cases where
cost is an important factor, for the hunter       s~~~~~sxis,yass~        Swaged Hand Gun Bullets.
to adjust himself to the gun than to adjust        Fastest, most accurate bullets. All popular calibres.
the gun to the hunter.                             NEW1 CastiDs kit for Jugular Jacketed bullets: 44
                                                   LP    gM~d m %
                                                          e ;i ~ S &
                                                             l              & ~ 8 5 & ? & 0 ~ ~ i (s&z!
   Improvements in all types of sporting           Send I5t! in coin or stamps for Loading Tables xntl
                                                   complete Information on 1 6 types & weights of
arms have really been worthwhile during
the past several years. Not only have the
guns been made more substantial and dur-                                                                   J

                                                  T H E LEWISLEAD~REMO~ER
able, but they have also been streamlined
and mechanically perfected for smoother
and more pleasant use.
                                                       1       SATISFACTION OUARANTEED

   The Model 50 Winchester auto-loading                                 0
shotgun is a good example of this. With
the spring type non-recoiling barrel opera-
tion, this fine gun has quite a lot less re-
coil than older model auto-loaders.
   It would be impossible to cover budget
hunting from the standpoint of guns com-
                                                           12.95                     -

                                                                                                               0       Model 100-$119.50

pletely in any one article. The point is
that you can hunt, can hunt with perfectly
adequate guns, on a modest budget. The                                                                         There's nothing like
                                                   Send for free literature on 100 other points
guns are there, including ones not men-            J e h t e d pistol Bullets, and our CUB-  ~e~chhS?
                                                   Reloads. Send 15 cents extra per box for orders up to
tioned here. Write you own budget-                 400. We pay the postage on BOO or more.                     a DAKIN double
and buy your hunting battery to fit it. ]

                                                                                                               - Superb Engraving
                                                       Ownership of a BEAR CUB                                 - Figured Pyrenees
                                                       Scope is your guarantee of a                              Walnut Stock and
OF YOUR LIFE-n                                         lifetime of shooting pleasure.
                                                       Mar-proof TUFCOAT' finish,

get back                                               self-aligning optics, micro-                            - Beautiful Hand
                                                       a c c u r a t e adjustments,                              Checkering

BEAR C                                                 brighter, wider field.. .all
                                                       yours with the Bear Cub.                                - Perfect Balance
                                                                                                               - Tight, Precision Fit
                                                                                                               - Light, Easy-Swinging
                                                                                                                 MODELS FROM $1 19.50 to $298.50

                                                                                                                 Write for full specifications
                                                                                                                 and name of your nearest
                                                                                                                 DA K I N dealer

                                                                                                                  9 Sutter Street * Department 81
                                                                                                                      San Francisco, California
                                                                     LONG SHOTS vs. GOOD                                                   HUNTING KNIVES
                                                                          HUNTERS                                                         Custom Mad* by     MOKSETH
                                                                          (Continued from Page 20)

                                                                 target, over all kinds of terrain?
                                                                    Very few men not specifically trained for
                                                                 it can estimate ranges beyond 100 yards
                                                                 within 10 per cent of accuracy. Beyond 300,
                                                                 the average man's range estimation is little                   Morseth Knives acclaimed by guides hunt-

                                                                 more than a wild guess, apt to be wrong by                     ers, experts! Super-tough inlaid blades stay
                                                                                                                                razor-sharp. Lifetime guarantee against ac-
                                                                 a hundred or more yards. I learned long ago                <   cidental blade break a g e ! Patented flbre-
                                                                                                                                lined Safe-Lok sheath protects wearer! Knife
    PISTOL MUZZLE BRAKE*                                         that I can't estimate long ranges within the                   shown, with 6" blade, laced leather sheath,
                                                                 accuracy needed to match bullet ballastics,
                                                                 and I've had more practice than average. I                                    -
                                                                                                                                $18.00 p o s t p a i d . Other models, 5" & 6"
                                                                                                                                blades, $8.75 $20.00. Send 3c stamp for
                                                                 learned as a varminter that strange terrain,                        XORSETK SPORTS EQUIPMENT
                                                                                                                                 Dept. ae7                    clinton, wnhln#on
                                                                 changing light conditions, targets above or
                                                                 below me, or broken country between me and
                                                                 the target, could throw me a hundred yards
                                                                 off in my guesses. That's why I like to set
                                                                 the extreme limit of big game range at not
                                                                 more than 300 yards; because beyond that
                                                                 point a mistake of even 10 per cent in range
                                                                 estimation can make a difference of a good
                                                                 many inches in the point of impact of a
                                                                 falling bullet.

                                                                 T    EST YOUR judgment of distance by pick-
                                                                     ing an object in open country, guessing
                                                                 its range, then pacing the distance. Repeat
                                                                 this guess-and-pace test a few hundred times
                                                                 as you walk hunting-type country, and your
              discount list*.
      SHOOTERS: Wo too a n shoeton! Writ* for
                                                                 skill in range estimation will improve.       ...
                FREE CATALOG.
                                                                 But until you get better at it than most peo-
I                                                                ple ever do get, there are better ways of
                                                                 measuring ranges than mere visual judgment.                Expert Rifleman's
                                                                    There are any number of mechanical aids
                                                                 to range estimation. There are actual range-
                                                                 finders (such as the one offered by the D. P.                                       Made I n 1 9 1 6 a t
                                                                 Bushnell Co. of Pasadena, California) which                                         Rock Island ArsonaL
                                                                 measure the distance between you and the
                                                                 target with real accuracy. The Bushnell in-                                         SPECIAL

I 100% DOWN                        INSULATED
                                                                 strument is a tube about 16 inches long.
                                                                 weighs about three pounds, sells for around
                                                                 a hundred dollars. There is another little
     ALASKA*                                                     device now on the market, designed for golf-                      Gold plated o v r wild bronz*.
                                                                                                                                      .. .
                                                                                                                                R a h d Iffn               m -
                                                                                                                                                   Limited a .
     "#&.A$&"                                                    ers, which is good, I'm told, out to about
                                                                 250 yards.
                                                                    But you can measure range pretty accu-
                                                                                                                        9       -
                                                                                                                                UBLIC SPORT SHOPS
                                                                                                                                  5. 1 6 t h St., P h i l a . 2, Pa. N o COD5
       JACKET                                                    rately with the equipment you already have.

                                                                     Non-Breakable, Guaranteed                                                                  mm!=A
                                                                      For All American, Many Foreign Guns

r       SOLD BY
                       k   This feather-light, free-
                           a c t i o n 100% m i m e
                                                                    Non-slip and precision-fitted, FRANZITE GRIPS are
                                                                    the most durable made! Beautiful colors; smooth,

       MAIL ONLY           Northern Goose Down                      checkered, staghom and fancy cawed; truly distinc-
                           Insulated Jacket has an                  tive. Long-wearing, unaffected by moisture, per-
                           outer shell of durable.
                           h a n d s o m e l y tailored             spiration, most mineral and vegetable oils. Will not
                          water-repellent poplin.                   chip or peel. Luster, color are permanent.
                         Lining is high thread count
                       Pima Oxford. Lifetime zip-                   Conventional or conversion styles. Also target grips,
                    per, draft-preventing 100% vir-                 with or without thumb rest. Available for all ppu-
    gin wool ribbed knit collar and cuffs. Two
    roomy lined pockets; elastic band at hips give*                 lar guns in: Ivory, Pearl, Onyx, Agate, Walnut,
    snug-fitting comfort. In ordering give height,                  Black and Staghorn finishes. Low cost, $2.50 to
    weight, chest size. Colon are Dry Grass.                        S8.00ÑSe our complete catalog!
    Forat Green, Autumn mown. Satisfaction
    euaranteed. Send for free cataloe on full line of
                          Down insulated garments.                     F d t e Grips Am Sold Under Our Guarantee                                   For
                                                                                                                              Colt         Remington Browning      Luger
                          ALASKA SLEEPI G M G CO.                                      Write today for 28-page book.          Great West'n Ruger     Czech         Mauser
                                                                    FREE               prices, illustrates grips for all      H R                    ~reyse.       ortgies
                          713 N.W. ltlh Avo., Portland 9, Ore.
                          Dint. GM. TçlçluCA 8-8721
                                    .     .
I Rush Free Catalog on Down Insulated Garments t o ~
                                                        --          CATALOG            ~ i c a makes. PIUS many w-
                                                                                                   n                          ~i-stmdard  ITS        Schme~sser
                                                                                                                            hlver-Johnson Walther Uama
I                                                                                                                                          And Many Ofhers
1 Nam
f    Mdreu
'    city                 ÑÑÑÑÑZoneÑ
                                                                   If you use a telescopic sight-and you cei
                                                                   tainly should if you're going to shoot at Ion
                                                                   ranges-find out by experiment how muc
                                                                   space your reticle subtends at known di:
                                                                   tinces. The reticle is the sighting point i
                                                                   the glass which you place on the target i
                                                                                                                                     M A K E S YOU
                                                                                                                                                       A                   Swings I n t o 1
                                                                                                                                    1      DUCK
                                                                   aiming. I t may be a dot, a post, cross-hair                           HUNTER                                         I
                                                                   or a combination of those.                                       ISwings I n t o any
                                                                                                                                    IPosition wanted in-                       I         I

                                                                   D     OT RETICLESare                made to subtend one, t w ~
                                                                                      three, or more "minutes of angles:!' thi
                                                                                is, one, two, three, or more inches respective]
                                                                               for each hundred yards of range (or so net
                                                                               it as to make no difference). This mean
                                                                               that a two-minute dot will cover four inchâ
                                                                               at 200 yards, six inches at 300, and so 01
                                                                               You know or can learn certain average mea!
                                                                                urements of the game you hunt. Knowin
                                                                               the size of your dot and the size of you
Blmvly vat NIA on oacu ana tan once a aayandyou can
bunt, show or exercise your dog without danger. NAX is                         target will enable you to estimate range wit
WII-DOlsonous and harmless. Wash off before mating. $1.00                      reasonable accuracy. If the average dee
bun enough for full period. Ask your dealer or send $1.00
     bottle ~ ~ s l p l d .
I orKnock-Em.StlllaProduetiCe..Br~kton,Mau.,Dpt.G-10                           measures six inches between the eyes an
                                 "..."...".." .. .. i
                      .........................                                                          just covers that
                                                             ......."" " I your three-minute dotthat your deer ismeai
                                                                               urement, you know                            ver
      - - .- - - = &
     - - -. ~ - - - l                                                          close to 200 yards distant. If the same do
                                                                               looks twice as wide as the space between hi              A M A Z I N G BLOCK & T A C K L E ;
      Moyers INVISIBLE Holster                                                 eyes, he's 400 yards off-and that's a fu             I
                                                                                                                                                0   PORTABLE  . . . weighsi n only 13
                                                                                                                                                                 ozs., f i t s pocket!   1
                                                                                                                                                       ONE H A N D OPERATION ...
                                                                               piece, brother. Better try to get closer.            I                                                    1
    Weor without fear of detection. New principle
    makes pistol-revolver or automatic-completely                                  The same system can be worked out for            I
                                                                                                                                    I                      POWERFUL     ...              I
    INVISIBLE. - Price, $7.50.                                                 post reticle, or for the front blade of iro
                              Free Circular
                                                                                                                                                           lifts up lo 1000 Ibs.!        ;
                                                                               sights. Take a target of known size a t
                    W. T. MOYERS                                               known range and see how many inches you                                 A m a z i n g W o r k Saver F o r
                                                                                                                                                       0 Hunters            Handymen       I
                                                                               post reticle or front sight blade covers. Yo                            0 Formers            Tr-ick drivers I
                                                                               can work it out from there. Some cross-hai                              0 Yachtsmen          Motorists      !
                                                                               reticles are designed especially for rang
                                                                               measurement. Or you can take a commo
                                                                               kitchen match or any similar article you wil
                                                                               have with you when hunting-hold it vertica
                                                                               at arm's length and find out how muc
                                                                               scenery it covers.
                                                                                   But if you really want to get the suprem
                                   25 col. Blue $27-50                         thrill out of hunting, you must improve you
       25 cal. chrome $29.95                                                   skill as a woodsman. There's no bigger thril
       22 long or short $29.95-22 long chrome $32.50                           in hunting than successful stalking; and it'
       25 cal. chrome engraved $35.00                                          1- thrill many hunters never experience. Prac
       22 long chrome engraved $37.50
                                                                               tice in the field is the best teacher; but yo1
            DEALERS: Write for s p d d                                         can learn a great deal about woodscrai
                                                                               from books and magazines, or from othe
                                     Over 40 Years D o w n l o n n N Y .
                                                                          I 1I hunters.
                                                R A 7.G7l7                        Learn to observe the wind, to "read sign,'

          FAMOUS                                   ^ b
                                                  _ B QUALITY                 a

     ALL-NEW "GUNFIGHTER"!                                                             NEW! FITZ
      I                                                     w.95                  A M M ~ - -1
                                                                                          C ~
          1                                           ,     ...
                                                       N O CODs
                                                                                   Powder Can't Spill!
                                                                                                                                    I Pc.NeedIe
                                                                                                                                    !6 W a r d i n g            FILE SET
   Makes Your Snu--
   Nose a Handful of
   Deadly Accuracy!
                                                                                                         $1.10 By M a i l
                                                                                                          N o CODs

                                                                                             *SEE a n d CONTROL
                                                                                                                                                           I   ONLY 2% $2.49
                                                                                                                                                                 (plus hdlg.)
   Molded of u n b r e a k a b l e 7
   Duramite; fits S & W
   C h i e f ' s Special, Kit-                    1                                             Brilliant See-Thru
   Gun, Terrier, Bodyguard, .32 H.E.                                                            NEON RED!
   NEW MODEL ROUND BUTT ONLY!                                                                * M a d e o f High-Impact
       Also Fitz Thumb-Rest Target Grins
   For most target model S&W and Colt
                                                                                                Lifetime DURAMITE!
                                                                                                                                    ! flat. knife, wood handle and newtype steel grip
                                                                                                                                      medium fin
   Revolvers ........................ $6.95                                                  *Positive Seal a t                       with polished
   c o l t .45 Automatic.. ............. .$8.45
   Colors: Butt Walnut, Flame-Grain Rose-
                                                                                               Shell Neck!                          , chuck.                                             I

                                 wood, A f r i c a n                                         *Fits ALL Shells, .22
                                                                                               Varmints t o the
                                                                                               Big .45'si
                                                                                                Another F h A i d f 3
                             @   Box 49702, Los Angeles 49, Cal.                                Better Markmanship!
                                                                                                                                     take advantage of terrain. Learn at least
        THE WORLD'S T O P GUN BARGAINS!                                                                                             little about game habits. Animals follow
                                                                                                                                     pretty regular schedule, just as you do.
           30-06 US. E N F I E L D RIFLES                                           DERRINGER .22 DOUBLE BARREL
                                                                                                                                   earn what they eat, and when; what kind
                                                                                           OVER AND U N O I R
                                                                                                                                     spot they prefer as bed grotinds; where
                                                                                                                                   ley drink, and when. You know the story
            and manufactured by Winchester. Remington
         and FAdystone. V.G. to excel. A r e a l buy. O n l y
    S34.SO. Availahlean t h e finest Deluxe Snorter with New
    zipoered Gun Case with carryin din= only $37.50
    30-08 Enfield Barreled-Actions. %ompleteÑS2~.S=a:
                                                                           13 Ox.
                                                                                    I                                              lout the man who found the lost mule by
                                                                                                                                    est thinkin' whar I'd go wuz I a mule, and
                                                                                                                                   went thar, and thar he wuz." When you get
                                                                                                                                   1 you can think where you'd go if you were
                                                                          Fires short long I -
                                                                          rifle, available i n to.                                   deer, and can go there without fore-
                                                                          day's most popular                                       arning the deer by sight, scent, or sound-
                                                                          calibre.                              1
                                                                                                                                   [en you will have traded luck for skill as a
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                                                                             cia1 Release. Genuine Royal North West Mounted
                                                                                                                                   v    HY DO thousands of hunters every year
                                                                                                                                        turn loose thousands of shots at impossi-
                                                                                                                                   Ie targets? I think it's partly because they
                                                                                                                                   .e just not used to seeing big game. Let the
                                                                             Police (predecessors of the famous R.C.M.P.).
                                                                             Each stamped R.N.W.M.P.      A collectors Item
                                                                             and a handgun every shooter w i l l treasure.         [experienced hunter see game and it starts
                                                                             (N.R.A. V.G. to perfect.) Only 34 50 ea. with
                                                                             holster. Altered    ahoot 45 A.%.P: S2.50 each         chain reaction. "There he i ! his nerves
                                                                             additional. .455 ammo. $9.50 per 100.
                 Barrel,   Finest    5-groove rifling.
                                                     Re5' S l a t
                                                                                                                                   lout. "Like as not I won't see another-got
             adjustable to 2000 yards,
        Detachable Maeazine. Ve
                                              10-shot Repeater
                                                                          WHEN ORDERING REVOLVERS enclose signed state-              be home tomorrow-the guys'll kid me if
    .303 ammo 37.50 BM 100.           03y   ----------
                                            Good to ~ x c e l l e n t '
                                                        È27.5            ment: " am not an alien, have never been convicted
                                                                          of a crime of violence. am not under indictment or        go home empty-handed-SHOOT!"
                                                                          Ã fugitive. I am 21 or over".
                                                                                                                                    Let me show YOU the difference. I was
                                                                                                                                   ding, last season, with an iron-grey, weath-
                  "-Â 0        Attractive Discounts to Dealers!                   A l l Orders Shipped Duty free
                                                                              Send Remittance     Immediate Shipment               -1eathered cowman in the Jackson Hole
                   INTERNATIONAL FIREARMS GO.                                1011 B s u w STREET. Mowmu 1. om.                     Buntry. We topped a rise and he lifted one
                                                                                                                                   ind a little, in silent warning. My mount
                                                                                                                                   iged up beside him and we sat there,
                                                                                                                                   oking out across a canyon to where three

                                WITH A
                     cartridge C&                                     1          REKORD
                                                                           INSERT BARRELS
                                                                           For 12 or 16 gauge shotguns are available
                                                                                                                                   ier, one a good buck, stood browsing maybe
                                                                                                                                   5 yards from us. I t was a pretty sight.
                                                                                                                                   [y companion was smiling, and probably I
                                                                                                                                   as too. He had a lever-action .30-30 in his
                                                                           i n caliber 22 long rifle. The barrel is                iddle scabbard, but he didn't touch it. I
                                                                           13%" long, has rotating muzzle bushing                  id a scope-sighted .270 in my scabbard, but
                                                                           which adjusts point of impact. Bushing in-               didn't touch that either. I've made shots
                                                                           sures a t i g h t fit of the barrel i n any posi-
                                                                           A f t e r a REKORD barrel has been adjusted
                                                                           correctly, point o f impact w i l l not change
                                                                           after repeated removals from the shot bar-
                                                                                                                                   LEARN GUNSMITHING
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                                                                           REKORD barrel comes i n a cardboard case                Korean Vets; low tuition. Writ*.
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     Cartridges at your FINGERTIPS                                         wrench w i t h screwdriver. Price $29.50 a t            1000G Western Ave.        Pittsburgh 33, Penna.
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       HOLIDAY MFG. GO.,                         DEPTm-G                                                                                                BURNS 1 2 , HOURS
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                                                                                                                                   Rnir 5x1             W U .. : ~
                                                                                                                                                         - -.U~ -           L-.:
on targets with that rifle that would have
killed that buck across that canyon-pro-
vided I figured the windage correctly, and
provided the light didn't fool me, and pro-
vided he really was 450 yards distant and
not 500Ñan provided and provided. But

my companion put words to it. He said,
"We'll see a dozen more by noon, most likely.
Some a lot closer."
   That's one of the reasons the .30-30 is still
the champ, in the West, as a meat getter.
It's a familiar tool to the men who use it;
and the game they see is an old story. No
use getting excited. No use stretching a gun
barrel at far-off targets. There'll be other
targets, closer. If not today, tomorrow. And,
meanwhile, "They're purty things. Just seein'
'em's a pleasure."
                                                                                     B e t w e e n hunting seasons, old Bill's firing away
G      ET YOURSELF  a good rifle, and learn to
      shoot it. A hundred shots in practice (at
a minimum!) for every shot you'll h e at
                                                                                       in h s basement and backyard, keeping his eye
                                                                                       sharp! It's top-accuracy shooting, too, with his
game is just good sense, not an extravagance.
                                                                                       Crosman C02 gas-powered Pellgun. Quiet, pow-
Also, and equally important, learn how not to                                          derless, with controlled range and power for l h -
shoot it. If you can" get out into the woods,                                          ited areas. And so easy on the walletÑ'wa less
read all you can about woodscraft and game                                             than a cent a shot! No wonder the old fox stays
habits. Be sure it's a deer; be sure it's a                                            in trim, always bags his limit. Find out from
legal deer; be sure it's near enough so that                                           your sporting goods dealer.
you can certainly and cleanly kill it. Then
bring your gun up.
  You say, "But I can't hold steady?"
                                                                                     I   FREE! WritecolorfulFalrport, Hew Book.
                                                                                               New           32-page Gun
                                                                                                     Crosman Arms Co., Inc.
                                                                                               Dept. G-10,                York.
Then bring the gun down. Don't be ashamed
of buck fever; we've all had it. You're a
better sportsman if you admit it. There'll be
another chance later; and you'll be steadier
on the next one. After all, the shot, if done
properly, is the end of the hunt for that                                                Power
                                                              Availably la C v d a
hunter. Are you in such a hurry to
end it?                                             5                                    Without Powdera
                                                                                     World's largest producer of pellet rifles and pistols
1           PISTOL COLOR SLIDES                     '   1
    Beautiful, Clear, Sharp, 35MM transparencies of
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      Set à ‡
      Colt S.A. .45
      1904-06 Navy Luger
                               %% Magnuin
                               Mauser Military 9rnm
      Webley-Fosbery .455       Remington .41
      Cordite Auto. Revolver    Derringers (pair)
                 $1 00 per set of 3     pd.
                    JAMES   TALMA$E
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          Hoppe9sNo. 9
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          ing Guide" FREE upon post
          card request.

                                                            - ---
                FRANK A. HOPPE, INC.
           2313 No.  8th St., Phila. 33, Pa.
1 ACCURACY,                                             1                                            I

                       KL G POWER
                         II                                 An amazing selection of :
                                                            4 sizes   5   calibers 60 models I I
    .270 Win. ........... ..       S3.75 per box (20
    30-30 . ....................     3 00 par box 20
    .300 Sov.  ..................    3.50 per box (20
    30-06 . .. ..................    3 90 per box 20
    8 M/M Mauser     .. . . ..
                         . .. .. . 3.90 per box (20
    30 M-1 Carbine $4.50 par box
    30 M-1 Carbine 3.50 per box
    .38 Special   . .. .
                      2.25 per box
    .38 Special   .. ..
                      2.75 par box
    .45 Auto .   .. .
                  .. 3 . 7 5 per box
    All popular bullst wei his. Express prepaid on
    five boxes. Other cali&s on request.

    Kimball's Custom Ammunition
    Box 217                             Alpine, Texas
   NEW                     1                                                                                   PERFECT HUNTING PARTNER
                                                                                                                      (Continued from Page 33)
 19~8     EDITION
                                                                                                             them is not denied. Anyway, Larry and I set-
                                                                                                             tied on the 20 gauge.
                                                                                                                The single shot was considered and re-
STILL ONLY                 1                                                                                jected. I wanted my boy to be equipped to
                                                                *   Finest Imported RIfbs
                                                                                                            turn in an efficient hunting performance and
                                                                                                            not be handicapped in any manner.
                                                                    Finest Imported Handguns
                                                                    Domestic Riftes. Shotguns
                                                                                                                The double barrel was likewise tried and
                                                                                                            rejected. Some of them are very nice, but
                                                                                                            all I tried were too heavy and too stiff for
                                                                    & Handguns
                                                                    Scopes. Sights t Mounts
                                                                    Imported & Domestic
                                                                                                            small hands to operate.
                                                                                                               The auto-loading shotgun is a mighty fine
                                                                    Ammunition                              arm and would eliminate the need for man-
                                                                *   Reloading Tools &                       ual operation in reloading. But I felt, per-

                                                                    Trap & Skeet Equipment
                                                                                                            haps wrongly, that it was slightly more dan-
                                                                                                            gerous for a small boy than other types. But
                                                                                                            new auto-loading shotguns are expensive, and
                                                                    Gun Parts
                                                                    Hunting & Shooting Books                good used ones are hard to come by, and
                                                                                                            expense was definitely a factor we had to
                                                                *   Gunsmith's Tools
                                                                    O w 512 Pages the
                                                                    Wotld's accepted Firearms
                                                                                                            consider. Because of that expense factor, and
                                                                                                            because I knew that any gun we bought would
                                                                    EncYctopodlft                           have to be altered a good deal in any event,
                                                                                                            I decided to get a used gun in excellent
                                                                                                            condition if possible.
                                                                    At your                                    The exact gun wanted was difficult to
                                                                    Sporting Goods                          End, and I had about decided to lay out
                                                                    Dealer or sent                          nearly a hundred dollars for a first-class
                                                                                                            auto-loader, when the ideal gun came into
                                                                   ~osfpcuu    roc $2                       m possession at a much lower price. It was
                                                                                                            an older model gun, the fore-runner of the
                                                                                                           I[thaca Featherlight repeater and practicalIy
                                                             STOEGER ARMS                                   identical with the present Ithaca pump.
                                                                      CORPORATION                              These guns are light, as advertised. Being
                                               45 - 1 8 Court Square, l o n g Island City 1, N. Y.         light, they set back against your shoulder
                                                                                                           -not hard, but a bit harder than a small

                                                                                                                                           ONLY $29.95
                                                                                    The famed Pattern 14 Enfield made in U.S. to British specifications.
                                                                                    Fully Sporterized, checkered and re-blued. Specifications- Length
                                                                                    overall, 4 6 W ; barrel, 26"; sights 7 front Protected blade, rear
                                                                                    adjustable uperture (peep); magaztne - box M. e , 5 shot.
                                                                                    Condition: Excellent. ENFIELD Model 14      .......
                                                                                                                                   . .
                                                                                    Ammo:       Caliber .303 British. Military Target 100 rds.
                                                                                                                                          ONLY      7.50
                                                                                                Sporting .303 (IS0 or 180 gr.) Custom 20 nts.       3.50

                                                                                    Hunteri and shooters the World over know and res ct this finest
                                                                                    of Military rifles. Made in the U.S. to British specifications in the
                                                                                    popular .30-06 caliber, this is the ideal big game rifle at the price
                                                                                    you can afford. Specifications: Length, overall 46Jh"; barrel, 26";
                                                                                    sights 7 front protected blade, rear adjustable aperture (peep);
                                                                                    magazine box type, 5 shot.
                                                                                    Condition: Good   ...................................$33.95
                                                                                    A m :      U.S. Military..................... .I00 rds. 7.50
                                                                                                Factory-Fresh Sporting   .............. 20 rds.    4.55


   Winfield now has one of the last known supplies of these famous.
   much sought after weapons. Accurate and effective for big same
   or target their smooth dependable actions are used in many fine                 Condition :Cal. 455   ...
                                                                                                          good     ......................... $19.95
                                                                                              Converted to cal. 45 ACP with 2 half-moon clips 21.95
   handsmiihed specials. Rifle, Caliber 7mm (weigbt, 9 lbs.; barrel.
   30"; overall, 45"; grad. rear leaf tight).                                      Ammo:      Cal. 455 Military
                                                                                              Cal. 45 ACP
                                                                                                                                 .box 50 rds. 5.50
                                                                                                                                 .box 50 rds. 3 0
   Condition: ~ o o d
   A-0:       German Military 7mm rimless,
                                                      ..........60 5.50            For selected Model Revolvers add    .....................   5.00
                         ially mfd. for t h e rifle)
                 L i S m a d e 7mm soorti        (175 p.1 ....20 rds. . 4-55
                 "Ravonetwith metal                                    .250

                                                                       Los Angeles 15, California
boy would like. The action operates smoothly
and efficiently, well within the strength of
the shooter in question. This gun, we thought,
would be hard to beat. There are other guns
that could be adapted for use by a small boy,                                                BAA. MARTINI INTERNATIONAL 2 2 CALI-
but this is the one we chose: and then the                                                   BER TARGET RIFLE, FOR THE RIGHT HAND
work began.
   First, it was obvious that the stock was
                                                                                             OR LEFT HAND SHOOTER I N THE HEAVY
much too long for Larry. However, this gun                                                   MODEL OR LIGHTER WEIGHT 11 POUND
had a custom made, offset stock, and-think-                                                  RIFLE WITH SIGHTS ............. .$170.00
ing this might come in handy later on-I
ordered a new one from the factory. When
                                                                                             B.S.A. MARTINI INTERNATIONAL 22 CAL.
this came, I cut it off to fit the boy. And                                                  RIFLE LESS SIGHTS ............... .$150.00
what an atrocious sight it was then! The
                                                                                             HIGH STANDARD FLIGHT KINGS 4h" and 6 4 Pistol S46.50
pistol grip was about mid-way between the                                                    HIGH STANDARD SENTINELS 3" barrel*      ..........   $37.00
tang and the butt, so that the stock looked                                                  HIGH STANDARD SENTINELS in the Nickel Finish ... $42.50
like a club with a knot on it.                              Freeland Car Window Support      10X RIFLE COATS     .............................    $20.00
   Off came the pistol grip, and what a                     with Scow Holder*   ..
                                                                                .$14.95      FN Mauser #300 Rifle.    .......................  .$170.00
change that made! It now looked rather                                                       SMITH AND WESSON COMBAT MASTERPIECES WITH
nice. A little trimming and fitting and fin-                                                   TARGET GRIPS & HAMMER       ...................    $80.00
ishing, and, with the addition of a recoil                                                   WINCHESTER Model 88C Rifle 343 or .358 Cal.  ...    $3.0
                                                                                             WINCHESTER Model 70 Featherweight, asst. caliber* $129.95
pad, the little stock was neat and clean.
   So out to the country we go for the first
                                                                                             WINCHESTER Model 70 Standard, asit. caliber*.
                                                                                             WINCHESTER Standard 52 .22 Caliber riflç.
                                                                                                                                       ......    $2.5
try-out. Larry was a little nervous, but his                                                                                   .2
                                                                                             WINCHESTER Heavy Barrelled 52.2 Caliber rifle.. .$129.95
interest was greater than this fear. The gun                                                 WINCHESTER Sporter Model 52 .22 Caliber.. ......  .$176.95
was fired.                                                                                   Marlin 39A or 39A Mountie rifle.. ..............
                                                                                                                                               .$ 7 . 5
   It gave him a pretty good wallop. It                                                      Marlin 336A Regular Rifle or Sporter..            .$ 8 . 5
didn't hurt his shoulder, but it stung his
                                                            FREELAND TRIPOD in Block,
                                                            Gray or Fwtt Grwn. .$14.95       Remington Model 721A .30-06 or . 7 .
                                                                                                                                20. .........
                                                                                                                                               .$ 95.25
                                                                                             Remington 722 344 and .222 Caliber, Standard.. .$ 95.25
cheek, leaving a little reddish bruise. So,
                                                                                             Remington Model 4 0 4 Standard .22 target rifle.. .$I5215
back to the shop for alterations. It was ap-
parent that further reduction of recoil was
                                                                                             Thalson Shotshell Reloading Set, 1 gauge..        .$ 22.50
                                                                                             Rodding Powder Scab. . 1 . 0 Powder Measure. .$ 1.0
                                                                                                                     $40                            60
necessary before Larry could fire this gun                                                   Lyman 310 Tool complete 1 caliber.. ............  .$ 1 . 0
without ill effects. It seemed to me that the
best way to accomplish this would be to
                                                                                             Lyman EZY-loader    ......
                                                                                                                      . 3 . 0 Rifle Dim..
                                                                                                                       $50,              ....
                                                                                                                                          ...  .$ 1 . 0
                                                                                             Lyman Economy Reloading Set, complete unit..      .$ 33.50
install a muzzle brake or "compensator" of                                                   C&H, PACIFIC, R B reloading din, s t .
                                                                                                             CS                   o.   .........$ 13.50
some sort. This would also offer a choice of
 chokes which might be desirable. I sawed the
                                                             SWISS PALM
                                                                                                                RS            $60
                                                                                             C&H RELOADING P E S ONLY. . 3 . 0 "C" Press. $ 1 . 0
                                                                                             Smiley Standard Case Trimmer for 1 caliber..
                                                                                                                                               .$ 1 . 0
 barrel off 6 inches and installed the com-                     REST with
                                                                            WALNUT           BELUNG AND MULL Type "A" Cleaning Rods..       ... .$ 3 0.0

                                                             ftngu groove* PALM REST
                                                                 $1 8 5
                                                                     .0       1.0
                                                                             $25                                     -
                                                                                                  HORNADY NORMA - SIERRA
                             U e n l T ~ m l d I
                             Or fineiL BmlUnt col
                                                            ~ (Mumon fluC w h d u o                    SPEER BULLETS
.    D CAHOON. Â
                             bÑotUu dfiEm hmd¥s
                             by preclx1on machinery. Smd
                             far latent U k
                          DEPT. 2 BOXFORD MASS.
                                                                   palm n*H)
                                                            FREELAND BENCH REST                      A l l Rifle Scopes and Mounts           -
                                                            STAND, with 3 sandbag*                               Spoiling Scopes
1 MINIATURE CANNONS 1                                       FREELAND SLING KEEPER
                                                              ...................$I 35
                                                                                              Complete Supplier to the: Reloader,
                                                                                              Hand Gunner, Target Shooter.
                                                            GUN WIPER      .........   .SO
                                                              FREELAND        FREELAND       Order Hunting Sights and Gun Cases NOW.
                                                             ALUMINUM         FREE RIFLE
                                                             BUTT PLATE,      HOOK F RO           OFFICIAL POLY CHOKE INSTALLERS
                                                              adjustable       ABOVE
                                                               $10.00            $.0
                                                                                  60                     **WRITE FOR FREELAND PAMPHLET*'

    Finel detailed scale models o f Revolutions
    and Civil War can-       Each has a brass barrel
                                                                FREELAND'S SCOPE S T A N D S                                                               1
    both bored and vented. Send W for illustrated
    and descriptive catalog.                                                                 A L FREELAND
                                                              3737 Fourteenth Avunu*:                                           Rock Island, Illinois
    Dept.   GM, 3318 W. Devon Aye., Chicago 45, Ill.

                                                                                                 W          1 1 BRAND                       NEW
                                                                                        L                                 in the original cases
                                                                                                 The A r m s " f i n d u o f t h e Y e a r

1 P. 0. Box 7 2 9 4              Oroville, California   1   Dm. 01
                                                                 .0     - 9311    Venice Blvd.   - Los Angeles                 .........    ...
                                                                                                                                             ..      ..
                                                                                                                 34, California h ~ ~ m m - ~ = m = m ~
                                                                                                 pensator. Then back to the country to try
                                                                                                 it again.
        1 N e d $ the One Nandgun fat E v e r w e 1                                                 This time there was no ill effect from the

     k                                               Model lllust~
                                                                 rE L C
                                                 4" Barrel BRYLIl B A K
                                                            u ... ...
                                              (High Lustre G n hietal Finish)
                                                                                                 recoil, so we called this part of it good. But
                                                                                                 during this try-out, we discovered that the
                                                                                                 mechanism was a little difficult f,,r Larry
                                                                                                 to operate and that the safety was too tight
                                                                                                 for his small fingers. He could work !he
                                                                                                 kction roughly, by using all his strength,
                                                                                                 m d insisted that it was all right, but I was
                                                                                                 not satisfied. I wanted his gun to operate
       Finishes: Also available in HYBRITE Finish (simulated                                     as smoothly for him as mine did for me.
                                                                                                    During the next two weeks I took that gun
                                                                                                 completely apart and put it back together
       6" barrel   - 24   02.).                                                                  mgain at least a dozen times. And I don't
          -                               .                                                      mean just 'Yield stripping." I got a hard
                                                                                                 stone, the kind used to work on triggers,
                                                                                                 and searched out all points of friction and
         CODY MFG. CORP. 5-7 Springfield St., Chicopee, Mass.                                    dressed them down. I took the safety out and
                                                                                                 fixed it so it worked as smooth as silk but
                                                                                                 still stayed put in either position.
                                                                                                    Dove season came, and Larry and I took
                                                                                                 to the fields. I watched him constantly and
                                                                                                 cautioned him incessantly. There were times
                                   1                                                             when I got tired of hearing myself say,

                                                                                                                          n.25    perfect
                                                                                                                         ,o        .1
                                                                                                                                  c1 . .$3.75

AND FINEST                                                                                                                 %I
                                                                                                                          $ ?
                                                                                                                          C a l I i ng I n s t r u e
                                                                                                                          tion at $2.00. for
                                                                                                                          Duck Records
                                                                                                                          ems8 at $2.50

                                                                                                 : GUN ENGRAVING

                                                                                                                              '              o MUSEUM
                                                                                                                                                   QUALITY   :
                                                                                                               Rich c a ~ i n g s ,inlays or low re- I
                                                                                                               lief. Fine art captured by the !
                                                                                                 : chisel in sun steel to sive i o u everlastins             :
                                                                                                 i beauty eiual to the cl&sici of ,yester& i
                                                                                                 : Inspirational to own and wonderful for
                                                                                                   gifts.                                            I
                                                 A graceful streamhed beauty, incom-
                                                                                                              Write for Information
                                                 parably light in weight, the Franchi            I                WOODIE WARD                                I
                                                                                                 I             Rt. 1, Box 927, Silsbee, Texas                I
                                                 Automatic ia fudshed with chrome                I             Ph. Beaumont Texas TE-54993                   I
                                                                                                 I                                                           I
                                                 lined barrels, rustless anodized receiver,
                                                 all-weather stock h& and an auto-
                                                 matic c u h ~     each ia an exclusive
                                                 feature of the Franchi line.
                                                 With hollow-mattad or ventilated ribs
                                                 at dight extra cost. In three grades.                lmuavui Minute Man Gum
                                                                                                     Blue Instantly PWSOIVM.     and
                                                 May also be had in the fabulous 12                  mnew steels and iron sur-
                                                 gauge MAGNUM         chambered for the              -
                                                                                                                 a paint or l a a q w
                                                                                                           No heating nwmmw
                                                                                                     Cornea mrnpleto with 811 nw
                                                 threeAich shell.                                    w a w wulprnent.

                                                                           '                         GUARANTEED-Tented and
                                                     STANDARD G A E

                                                                           1     12 GA. MAGNUM       Proven owr 40 ym by
Af your local Sporthg G o d s
Dealer or w;te d ; M to                               only $148.00              OIIY   s15800
                                                                                                     WPMt SaiM t0 Sati8ibd
                                                                                                                       SEND        $1
                                                       ARMS                                      - NEW METHOD MFG.                6
     STOEGER                                           cowoRmloN
                                                                                                 la-19, sra*fwd, m
                                                                                                 l~dd-       .....................1
                                                                                                 1 a&............ Btate. ..... !
     45-18 C o u r t S q u a r e                         L o n g I s l a n d City 1, N. Y .
. 66Don't do this-donyt do that-watch        that      for the next year at least, ,he w i l l ahoot my
 m d e - w a t c h your step-be    carefulIn But       special hand-loads which consist of the -32-20
 Larry was so eager to learn that he took it           soft-point 100 grain bullet backed up by 30
 without a murmur. He shot a few doves;                                            hi
                                                       grains of 4895 powder. T i is not exactly
 but mostly, that first year, he just learned          a sissy load, and could easily kill a deer at
 gun handling.                                         fairly close range, but for the time being it
    When duck season came he actually killed           will be used mostly on jac4 rabbits for prac-
 a few ducks all by himself and winged a               tice. I figure that within the next year or so
 few which I brought down before they could            Larry will be handling this gun with loads
 escape as cripples. This may account for              equivalent to factory fodder and we will
 his preference for ducks over quail and               be ready for our first safa~i.
 doves. He says, "They are bigger, Daddy,                 Actually, until just recbntly, on most of
 and they don't fly so fast."                          our trips afield together I aould have killed
    Larry was now all fixed up with a .22              twice as much game as I did if it had not
 caliber rifle and a shotgun. My next con-             been for having a small boy with a gun
 cern was to fit him out with a rifle capable          along to worry about. Yes, there is a lot of
 of killing a deer. The choice for a rifle for         work and even some self-sacrifice in groom-
  this purpose was simple; I had a venerable
 lever action 30-.30 in excellent condition
                                                       ing your boy for a hunting companion. But,
                                                       believe me mister, it's worth it a thousand
                                                                                                                                     ED'S 01- .U
  I applied a recoil pad to the stock after cut-       times over.                                                            Super Cold Blue                    $
  ting it off so that it would be one inch shorter        My reward comes when I announce that                           Acclaimed world's best instant
 than before, including the pad. This made it          we may go hunting this afternoon, and he                          blue by the foremost gunsmiths
 just barely short enough so the small fry             leaps to his feet, all thoughts of T.V. pro-                      and manufacturers.
 could work the lever. But the full-power fac.         grams forgotten. Not even Davy Crockett,                                SEND FOR DEALER PRICE LIST
  tory-loaded ammunition has a little too much         Jim Bowie, or Walt Disney can compete                              ED AGRAMONTE, I N C .
 oomph for him to handle the recoil. So far,                      (Continued on Page 62)                                             Yonkers 2E, New York

                                                       1 6ltAIJTlC CANNON SALE!!! 1 1aa                                                    a       ~O%DISCOUNT[

                                                           MANY SIZES AND SHAPES FROM SMALL TO                                                           FRONT SIGHTS
   solder or braze fn your own shop   6 i i Ion   In       HUGE. ALL BREECH LOADING.  sed l o *
                                                           FROM $lW.OO to $lW.OO.

                                                           !E2 ais%Se)%%lX %e9%E&3=&2
                                                           for rl,n or center

                                                           .*2 k0 M. YOU whh eithez blmk chmtmw for
                                                           M d  1 0 if
                                                                   SPRlNaFIELD 4 5 / 7 0 BARRELS
                                                                                    52.95 vius 4Oe moatage.

                                                                             *ores* maka excellent
                                                                                                                    I   A SPECIAL SAVING OF $10.00
                                                                                                                            SPECIAL PRICE $5.75
                                                                                                                         Armstrong m i v e l sighta
                                                                                                                         amazing dual mnne-aftw
                                                           REMlNaTON MODEL
                                                           new .22 caliber U u& for model 12 d1
                                                           ma^. m a tm der~in ---- -
                                                           REMINQTON MODEL 3 4 6 3 4 1 b a r d s . new.
                                                           caliber. S6.50.
                                                                                12 6    1 2 1 BARRELS. brand
                                                                                             -1           for
                                                                                       --------------- 88.50
                                                                                                                         micromotet windage 6 ole.
                                                                                                                        vation i m d
                                                                                                                        button inc-s
                                                                                                                                        . Dressing
                                                                                                                         IutamatiuIlY 1 0 0 Ha.,                     v
                                                                       NEW A4 CAL. BARRELS                              another vmu          night returns to origimi s.ttinu.
                                                                                                                        - A i l adjustments with lack aemw & Ailen wrench
                                                                                                                        contained in sight base. Qulck detmhable, pmaa but-
                                                                                                                        ton and sight s l i w from base, slip h k in and sight
                                                                                                                        M u m s to you1 original setting. Special g m w d
                                                                                                                        w dim m n t m
                                                                                                                          a              em     autamaticdi-aed   for y e a n on
                                                                                                                        world's fineat fmtow Mauaer s ~ r t w a . 4Maunr,~
                                                                                                                        Springfield, Enfieid a Kmg.


         ORDNANCE TOOLS h r US. Cahin&

    ISSUE STEEL CLEANlNa                                              RIFLE CASE AND BRACKET.
                                                                      A REAL BUY AT . . . $3.50.

                                                                                                                         REMINGTON MODEL 12 PUMP MAG. TUBES
                                                                                                                        Canpleta Inner (Wfmrinu follower w m ~ l 5 2 4s:
                                                                                                                        a r i p m inner, SLZS: outeL 51.50. i 4 or i6 i;w.
                                                                                                                        sta* Which.

                                                       1                                                        I
                                                       WE HAVE OVER 15,000,000 GUN PARTS
                                                                                                                            WANTED FOR CASH
                                                              SATISFACTION ALWAYS 6UARANTEED!                                 GUN PARTS
                                                                                                                        ALL KINDS, TYP-,       ALSO JUNK R I P U S , pIatota
                                                                                                                            shotauna for b m k i n g into mrta-High    p r i a
                                                       WUMRICH m                                S CO.                   m-ip           for oIfe-heelt
                                                                                                                        Wmod immediatdy pmmid U &r
                                                                                                                                                         airmiiod-goods m-
                                                                                                                                                               not 0 k
                                                                  WEST HURLEY S, N W YORK
                                                                                  E                   LA --
                                                    Look hare for your m a a r e s t
  from Norm Thompson                                       ALABAMA              Paw R w b s                    Eric Lundgrun                IDAHO                       Sprlnghlll              B & S Su ply

                    -   tf
h m e r i c a 9 s ~ 0 uitter                        eadsden Andy's Spts. Center pwb
                                                                                                               Fra:2cf         Bobe B. Moon's Outdoor Sup.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Hodges Grocery & ~ f w e .
                                                                                                                                                                                      Western Auto Store
                                                                                                                                                Idaho Sportsman Sulphw W. T. Burton Hdwe.
                                                              CALIFORNIA                      Rwda.
                                                                                                              H"FiPthft"                   Council Hdwe. & Lbr.    Co.                Nassar Tire Service
                                                                                                                                                                                       Sulphur Sptg. Gds.
              r       Wild BOARHIDE                  Anderson
                                                     A bm
                                                                                    Bert's Rl-ldeThresher'sS~tg. Gds. E~~~
                                                                       Malm & Murray Sacramento Sacramento S tg bwhn
                                                                                                                                                         sport shop West U e                Honeycutt Furn.
                                                                                                                                                                        West Monroe Firestone Home
              1      FRONTIER SHIRT                  AW~W
                                                                        he ~portsn-1811
                                                                           Gene &Joe's M ~ s
                                                                                                                   stan 1k.k M~ H~~
                                                                                                                                                   Lo10 ~~b ~ Gds.
                                                                                                                                                    moC. ~
                                                                                                                                                          Sptg.      d ~ ~ . & Auto Supply
                                                                                                                                                                      i Wlnnfield Brewton's Hardware
                                                                                                                                                                               ~      h         ~         ~
                                                                   Snyder's Sptg. Gds. &n B e r d n a Jerry Berman Webnor                                                                       Furniture Co.
                                                                                 Vincent's                              Sons                        Weisner Hdwe.
                                                                    Western Gun Shop                         Gail Stockton's
                                                     Baldwin Park 0. L. Cornelison &n D i m Frontier Gun Shop                              ILLINOIS                                 MARYLAND
                                                     BelHhww                Shenk Bros.                    Halsey Gun Shop                                                                        Ted Bautro
                                                                                                  ,  Carl Haynes Gun Sho M t C a r d Charley's Block BaM-
                                                     -b       Hlb              spt. shop                       w. H. MUIOC~ Chicago Hartnett Recreation
                                                     Burbank Burbank Gunsmith                             Pioneer Gun Shop                     Mein's Sptg. Gds.
                                                            Magnolia Park Sptg. Gds.                            R. s. posten        Twelfth St. Pawners, lnc.                   MASSAcHusm
                                                                      T M s Sptg. Gds. &n ~-d,                                                      .
                                                                                                                    Rodero's laybrvllla D. 1 warren Hdwe. ~w~~
                                                     Chnh Vbta Glen's S               Gds.                Wally's Gun Shop                                                                        Wm. R. Fox
                                                                            EarpRinson &n Francboa                Land Bros.                                                           Klebe's Spts. Shop
                                                                                                                                           INDIANA                      kookton          Marble Hdwe. Co.
                                                     c-d                       SPt. shop ame h b l
                                                                                                 a                   &
                                                                                                               ~ a i n Davis
                                                     Crmwnl City                    Cads                            Grueter's Endford        Mobar Sptg. Goods                                    Bucko Bros.
                                                                                                                                                                                             J. 0. Neil1 Sup.
                                                                        Bill's S p t Den &n M a w Darcy's S p t Shop Brazil                  Bedwell Tire Sales Fr u       i
                                                                                                                                                                          an ,        Falmouth Hbr, Boat
                                                     -w                                      &n Pedro          J. B. Starnes Evamvllla           Franklin Marine                                   & sup. Co.
                                                         aabn         Sports Den, lnc.                               Jasper's                       RajO   Gun          FrankUn         Franklin Reservoir
                                                     Endno                Pony Express                       Neal Sptg. Gds. F r m k h r t Hazelwood Sptg. Gds.                                 Bait & Tackle
                                                     Ewondldo Art Hollis SPU. Gds. 1 &num                 a All Amer. SPU. 1 F r a d t h                Deer & Son 1 H o h Dakota's Trading Post
                                                     Fmm                    Walter B de                                        .
                                                                                                                   Goods c ~ J a m v l l b western ~ u t store ~ y a hKeyy's spe:~hop
                                                                   Henrich's Gun Slop                       McCaffary Bros.                                                           Purltan Clothmg Co.
                                                                    Homan Sptg. Gds.                             sports~i~~    MarUmvllla Rod &Gun Shop
                                                                                                                                                                                                  sports Port
                                                                  Johnson's Gun Shop &nu M d a Farmer's Hdwe.                     '

                                                                 Midvalley Sptg. M .    s                      & Implement                   IOWA                       Hyannbpart Wm. O'Neil Co.
                                                                               sp@ Gds.                                                                                 Lefeastu                      Mineau's
                                                                Wright's Gun & Mach. &nu M e n h                Adobe Walls
                                                                                                                   cnm  <hnn O w                          Sportshop M8tbmbett The Sea Chest
                                                     O u d a h v e Grove SpbGds.                               Custom Guns                                              ~ e & n ~esse       White Sptg. Ms.
                                                     Qbndab          Cornwall &    U
                                                                                  !q                        Tex's S p t Shop                KANSAS
                                                                               Jamison s h t a ROB^          LOU^ sptg. ~ d s .hwue
                                                                                                                                                      h sw store N a l u c k ~ W P. Hardy & Sons
                                                                Matthew's Sptg.. Gds. ~ ~ I O I I Davenport Arms I%.                                                    New B e d M             Charles River
                                                                   sportsmanls                                                           KENTUCKY                                               Hdwe. & Mar.

                                                             cb                    walker M @ Early Modern
                                                                                                 IC b
                                                                                                                   Gun shop bxh@tan
                                                                                                                                                                        Orbam Gwse Hummock shop
                                                                                                                                               Phillip Gall & Son ~WVIIIO                 60b1s sph. shop
                                                     Hmfwd             Jones & Hansen                       Frank & Lloyd s
                                                                        Ken's 'Pt           TIIW           Tulare Spts. Ctr.                                            PhblieM Pittsfield Sptg. Gds.
                                                     H d l y w d All American A m T           -            brdts spt. shop               LOUISIANA                      Plymwlh Mariner Sptg. Gds.
   SIZE      '                                       Hnnthgtan P A               Howard's
                                                                                Gun shop
                                                                                                       palace spt H O ~ ~U v     Yh k
                                                                                                                        Shop Abxendfla
                                                                                                  Ukiah Liquor & Sptg. Gds.
                                                                                                                                                 Summers Hdwe.
                                                                                                                                                      H. H: McCann
                                                                                                                                                    Johnnte Rush's
                                                                                                                                                                                            h d ' s End Mar.
                                                                                                                                                                                      Race Run Sptg. Ctr.
                                                                                                                                                                                          pratt's ytf.Ms.
  RANGE                                              lndb                 Outdoorsman                                                                                                 Somerset p Ctr.
                                                                                             vm Nw                   Brotke's B a s h          Francois Brothers
                                                     l q m d lnglwd Mercantile                          Kemmer Rod &Gun mw, ~ 1 ~ ~ 3m. d ss ~ ~ .                      -nobn                  Cormran*     Inc.
                                                             Dave Suser's Gun Shop                           Milo Thompson
                                                     La Crewma J a m s Dubu ue v h h
                                                                                                                                          mrop S& W o b W                                   Sptsmen's Sup.
                                                                                                           L & !sptg MS. , , , ,R
                                                                                                                  i                   ,                                      ~      u
                                                                                                                                                      ~ & ~ ~r t d W m a t ~ S. .Worcester Hdwe.
                                                                     ~ e r r y ~ s &n                   Preshk s Spt& Gds.                          Auto Lec Store
                                                     La W a             Gil's Spt& Gds. v b                    s. w. S m i b BDWM smith upp ply shop
                                                     W I m U e Lakeside Sptg. Gds.                          Vista Sport Ctr.                                                        MICHIQAN
                                                     La -a                     Sportland W h u l C r n k Boero's Sport
                                                                        Carl Strickland                                 shop C N I S 1 P. Stephens &Co.
                                                                                                                                            ~ .                                cb   bn$a/p$t.s&
                                                     L a m n arm           Lemon Grow W-                  Harry's Gun Shop Cukn            Hightower Hdwe.
                                                                                                                                                                                                Warn's Hdwe.
                                                                               sP@ ads. W d W                 Cranston Bros.                            an Bmthen
                                                     L o q h h Thompson Liquor                                                 Dm    wm      Hyae      iMg.   supply
                                                                                                                                                                                              l a Rose Hdwe.
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Doyle Hdwe.

                                                                                 & S rts                                       Edoa            Central Hdwe. Co.
                                                                  Whitney's Gun G o p                COLORAOO                  F d q Western Auto Store                                    Industrial Hdwe.
                                                     L a Aqda All Amer. S p t Co.                                              Fr&h           Franklin Spts. Ctr. wnq                      Anderson Hdwe'
                                                                                  .   Gds. h m b m Johnson Spfg. Gds.                                                   K e h m Henry J. Dwillard
                                                               $                         e                  G d M n Hdwe, wp Advance shopping                           Unwwd              Bid Pin Hdwe. &
                                                                       L B. ~ o t h x h i d
                                                                              Shell Shop
                                                                    Wilshire Gun Shop
                                                                                                        johnson Co'Hdwe'
                                                                                                                                 Elm       Mouton Hdwe. Appl.
                                                                                                                                            swiws sptg. w d s
                                                                                                                               ~ h ~ J o n @ o rHdwR CO. M u i o n
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Sptg. Goods
                                                                                                                                                                                              Luzerne Hdwe.
                                                    .Mdm                Ted's spt Ctr.                                                                                                    Hinton Sptg. Gds.
                                                                                                    CONNECTICUT                 d
                                                                                                                               I -             Bell's Sptg. Goods omay onaway                     spa* shop
                                                     M      d       Baxter's Liquor &                                                           Billups                 PenWaW Maynards Gun Shop
                                                                               S tg. Gds. mtol L               ~sports~~ ~ f ~ ~        i        *          ~
                                   a            l                   l Cecil's #rive Inn   i                 v                 n Farm Su .& Hdwe. Co., lnc. M
                                                                                                                                                    e         supply                                Sullivan's
                                                                    & Lou,s sptg. Ms. O a n W m Western Auto Supp.
                                                     Umvh             Crunk Sptg. M .   s                   Nassif Arms Co.                  TI!^            ~o.,
                                                                                                                                                 ~ u l l e r s ~ t d .b - n                 ~ e t k ~ o d FIY
                                                     Monbbelb              Conlon Bros.   h",         western
                                                                          Outdwrsman Old &ybrwk Saybrwk S p k
                                                                                                                               bgamm                  ~ ~ ~ n ~ & ~ ~ .m f KO a n d
                                                                                                                                                                         ~       e     c
                                                                                                                                                                                                t m i t h Hdwe.
                                                     M t Vbw               Eddy's Sport                                center Many Hancock Tire & Appl.
                                                     N&MI Cky             weissers    p Pumain              Ed's Spts. Shop M**                              Buflon's
                                                                                                                                                 Roy & Couvtllion
                                                                                        s WeMn@fud Joe's Super Sew.                                                                MINNmTA
                                                     N h l l            Newhall Hdwe. WlMmantk Nassil Arms Co.
                                                                      Dick's Sptg. Gds.
                                                                                                                                 = ,
                                                                                                                                 : &?                   ~             ~ hm i                      ~
                                                                                                                                                                                      Tri-state sptg. Gds.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                ~   d
                                                     N.y"-d               .                                                                                   McCain Mlnneapolb                       Christy's
                                                              ankershelm Sptg. Gds.
                                                     O m m l d e Jonhson Sptg. Gds.                  DELAWARE                  New I M a New Iberia Hdwe.                          Corries Sptg. Gds., lnc.
                                                                                                                               M w g m City L P. Boudreaux
                                                     OnWh            snaps sP@                M h d {estern Auto Store ommas +dlv           ,bas
                                                                                                                                             ,               it^^^
                                                     O W                 Ford's Variety                                                                         -.-.-
                                                                                                                                                                shm                MISSISSIPPI
                                                                    Oxnard Sptg. G.
                                                     Panorama Cily Willis Sptg. Gds.
                                                                                                      FLORIDA                  Plnovilb Spoftsman's Paradis3 p ~ * ~ ~ sptg. ~ d ~ .
                                                                                                                               ~      w Bacon & Edwards ~~~b
                                                                                                                                                                                             sptsmenrs ctr.
                                                     pmdbe          Walt's Rod & Gun F t Laudordab Ideal Lock &                             Brown Bros. Hdwe.
                                                                             .       Shop                          Gun Shop             City Cycle & Gun Shop
                                                     Pasadmu Arra's Custom Guns                                                             Kalmbach-Burckett
clothes. world famous Cowiclun Indian sweatma                                   Bradley's                                             Offutt Lock &Gun Shop                         MISSOURI
Norm Thornwon ~roducts not w l d in stores.                 East Pasadena S tg Gds.                   aEORt3lA
                                                                      Earl ~ a & k n                                                           R~~~ Ranchland Kamas CIW Bunting Hdwe. Co.
Norm .Thompson                                                     Pasadena F~rearmsTrion                 Trion Dept. Store                  Strong's Serv. Sta. Sprln#lield                      Heer's, lnc.

13ll.N.W. 2 s , P o r t l a n d 9 Ore@on
           Ir                    ,
                                                                              EXPERTS PREFER
           MONTANA            PwUand Spts. & Hobbies, lnc.
                                         St. John Sptg. Gds.
 e m ~ d l sAII-spts.    SUP. b.            Foster Sptg. Gds.
  H W            Holter Hdwe.        Ernie's S ts. & Hobbles
                                  Bill & ~ a r $ a ' s Spt. Shop
  M-       MissOula
                    D~~ hiley
                        Mercang          Ara V~staSpt. Shop
                              Pandbtm Ralphs Serv. & Sptg.                     1       GUN CASES                                1
                              Oregon City            Friedrich's
        NmRMM                 M d M Medford Gun Shop
. Omdu J. L Brandeist & Sons M@MlnnvllbBuck's Sptg. Gds.
     Schollman Hdwe. SUP. b. K h m t h Falls Hal's Spt. Shop

            NEVADA                         PENNSYLVANIA
 Eke                 paul's ~ d w e .PukbmanvlIb        John Michael
       NEW HAM~HIRE                 Phllddphla Bell's Sport Ctr.

                                              Lamberth Sptg. Gds.
 Manobur J. J. Moreau & Son              Leonardb S        Gds. Store
 W a l Swnmy             Gomario's               M.    1%   Sptg. Gds.

          NEW MEXICO
                                    Wmen              Thelin's Store                          dlA                Jumbo
                                                                                                            really gets                                7                                            D
                                           RHODE ISLAND                                          the job done, in every
                 Bud's Gun          Anthmy          Anthony Garage
 Wbb                    vandiver's Brbtoi      J. T. O1ConneIl Sup.                               way, for maximum
 Jal         Whitworth Hdwe. Co. C o w m y            Nooseneck Hill
 hrbhs              Central Hdwe.                        Trading Post                              protection in rugged
                  Slaten Brothers Crawlon Elmwwd Spts. Shop
                                    E 6mwlch Sptsmen's Shop                                         mountain hunting, " says
            NEW YORK                L Provldam G & M Spts. Ctr.
                 sptsman,s shop Klngmlon Quonset Spts. Haven
                                    Mlddblown Middletown S tg.
 Elmnl                    Barney's                                 ids
 Hobul E. T. Van Buren Sons N o w p r ~ Broadway Hdwe.
 Port Chester           Sptsmen's                    The Fun House
                                                 J. T. O'Connell Co.
                                                                                                       From Alberta.. to Tanganyika experts prefer.                          ...
                      Trading Post
                  J. Parker Hdwe. pawtuckel            &            cO.
                                                                                                         the outdoor ruggedness of a           Case. Each                Jumbo
                                                 Nuttall's Gun Shop
                                    ProvidamGrande'sSpts.Shop                                             hunter-designed model is Lifetime Constructed.
                                              Jimmie's Rod & Reel
 P l b t Mt. Smith-Guano Hdwe.

                                                      J. T. O'Conndl
                                                       Riccio's Hdwe.
                                                         w!lley's, 1nc.
                                                     Lapham's Store
                  Carlson's Hdwe. W m e n E. Warren Sptg. Gds.
                                                                         No. 166
                                                                                                           Only the finest, most durable leathers, fabrics,
                                                                                                            and plastics are used! Linings are chemically
                                                                                                              treated to prevent rust! With zigzag seams,
 Chilliwho W. End Shooter's Woon~ockat
                                                         Spts. Dugout    Smart                                 "tiger-grip" handle, sight protecting tip..                                               .
 pwna              Sportcenter Co.        SOUTH CAROLINA                 two-tone                                a                        Jumbo
                                                                                                                            is the safest gun protection in
                                    C k a w Niven-Tarleton Hdwe.         woolskin
            OKLAHOMA                Senam Economy Auto Store
                                                                         case, bound
                                                                                                                  the world! No wonder only            can                            Jumbo
 Ma                  Haynes Hdwe,                TEXAS
 Blaokwoll Timmons-Markland                                              and reinforced
                                    Abhna          The Athletic Sup.
 cmhim                       Hdwe.                R. A. Bible Hdwe.      in mahogany
  D m w Hinkle-Vassar Hdwe.                          The Mackey Co.
  ~nid           Lytlers Sptg. Gds. ~~t                     Kyle's lnc.  brown virgin
          Zaloudek Implement Co. Big Sprln!~ Dibrell's Spt . Gds.        plastic. Only $9.95
                    Burnett Hdwe.
                 he pioneer store Bdhdw
                    Choctaw Hdwe. b m
                                                         R& ~fidwe.
                                                    sportsmanps ctr,
                                                                         (Scope version, $10.95)
  Miaml Denney-Williams Hdwe. mwon                  E. L, wied Hdwe,
  Nowkkk Frank Houser Hdwe. ~ h city
  Now&        Titsworth Motor h. ~ a b ArmyNavy stor(
  P a w W a Greer's Sptg. Gds.
  p a w m Pawnee County Hdwe.
                                               &           sport shot

                                               Gene Belk Sptg. Gds
                                                    C & S Hdwe. Co
                                                                            You don't have to be a "big game guide" to own one of the 26 J u ~ ~ o
                                                                                          from 98 cents to $159.65.. ,at your local dealet's.
                                                                                                                                                                                                          .s . .
  parry       Monroe-Lang Hdwe.                    Hill ot Sptg Gds
  h  m cw ~,,    i,            GU,,                     !
                                                  Ketchum b Killun
                                        Inwood Cycle ~ o & b i S h 0 1
                                                                                   JUMBO GUN CASES
  ah*c.         L. Murphy,s  6:;                 If.
                                         Bill Lund reen3 MarmeServ
                                            John Mitchell Gun Sho1                                                   806 Jackson Street, Dallas, Texas
  Stmud Jack Ward Plbg & Hdwe.                                  San er':
  Tonkawa Chase-Bennett Hdwe. Thurman-Randle Sptg. G&. .I
  Tda            Skaggs Sport Ctr. Thurman-Randle Sptg. Gds. .i             Mdhnd-
                                                                            . . .-
                                                                            . -. .        Midland Hdwe. .
                                                                                          . . . . . . Co..I
                                                                                           .. ..           .            VlR6lNlA              I        WISCONSIN                I U k Kaud,.T. H.
                                                                                                                                                                                        .                     Hale
                                               Doak Walker S rts Ctr        Id-a      Roberts Hdwe. &SUP. Ndok H          Lomlra Bill's ~ & Tkl. Shop v
                                                                                                                                            ~       ~         Bait     ~                               Kauai Ltd.
                                                                                                                                                                                            ~ Kauai Stores: Ltd.
                                                 Walnut Hill E w e . Co
                 Links' Sptg. Gds. Do L w n
                                                          Withers & Co
                                                           E E. Dabne)
                                                                            1rmW LeviWStOnTackle shop Rbhknda N a t Super Market hhwwm Falls
                                                                                         Ramsey Sport Store
                                                                                              Sabine Sup. Co.
                                                                                                                                                MUwaukw Clark Sptg. Gds.
                                                                                                                                                                                  K*uhl, Maul, T. H    .    A
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Commercial Co.
  Baker        Basche-Sa e Hdwa Edlnbww                 M&SH d w ~      8   b t Arthur           G 0. Parmer
                                                                                                  .                                                      Earl Duffy S tg. Gds.                   Ooka Super Mkt.
            Cherr 's 0 u t f w r Sup.                          Sptg. Gds                     sportsman shop DM-                                                ~p .
                                                                                                                          johnson ~ p t g ~ s . ~ohnson~s t g ids., lnc. Kamohs
                                                                                                                                          .                                                  l a Ha ashi
                                                                                                                                                                                                H.      K.
              W. Joseph o 1 ~ n n e F. WwIh EweH cross Gun shot                                                                                              Mike's S p t Shop                               Lore
  B d           Harold's S P U Gds. MOW^                   Finney Bros      I d d a b E. M. Peebles &Sons K-                Ralphls spt. shop
  W n W chetm Home Auto H d                       Laurel Pk. & Aplnc~
                                                                            Ian Antodo          Menier Hdwe. OWmh'                 spb' crw' P t W a r n Park spt. shop Kaunakakal Mobkal, 1H. k t .
                                                                                                                                                                      Schillers                            .
                                                                                                                                                                                              Aarry chungs ~
                                                                                               Sawyer Hdwe.
  Cottaw 6 r o w         Chamber's           %reyls~un & Rod Shot           kymw            C. M. Randall Co. s~@km Jen=n-Byrd h W m s m Shepherd & Schaller Kaunak8kd Mobkd Store          3.
                     OUtdWr store
               Andy Maxon Tackle
                                                       Dallas Gun Clul
                                                    Greener Sp Gsd
                                                     Irving spo#shoi
                                                                            I I b h Collier Hdwe. & Appl.
                                                                            h y d u Fish & Newton Hdwe.
                                                                                                                        EdwEt;::Fg: g!t
                                                                                                                           Saldins Sptg. Gds.
                                                                                                                                                W a         W. Allis Spt. Shop Kmaad chang Tung store

                                                                                  Phil's Auto Appliance Ctr.                                                                      W d m ~ Waimea Town Store
  Falb City        Davis Spt Shop K u d t           Blake's Sptg. Gds                                                          Fin-N-Feather          River Emerson H d w . w&&w% O a k T H          . .
  @old Bemh Morrie's Outdwr mlb                        J. C hawthorn^
                                                           .                bmford              HustOn Hdwe. Tm?akewood         Country Store              HAWAII                             wah;awa Sptg. Gds
                                store La F w h &ris Bros: Huntim            k w w ~          Wimberly Hdwe.
                                                                                                              Vancouver Ray Grothe S tg Haw, Maul, T. H. Hana Store wdi*U, m**                        H.
  &uharn Gresham Spt Shop                              & Fish~ngs    Sup                   Temple Hdwe. co.                                                                                           Hdwe. Store
                        J. w.          L a m         Wright Bros. Sup       r ~ h The Bike Corral,                  Ideal Hdwe. & Sptg. t d s ~ i ! o c.Yams's Paints &store ~ 8 h l d l u ,Odu, T. H.
                                                                                                                                          Gds.      p. mmer
  %=               John Day Hdwe. L n
  La &ando La Grande Outdwr
                                        o-            Manly's Goodricl
                                                                    Stor1   u                 ~~$~~~          W a h W a h Thrifty Spts. Ctr.
                                                                                                                                                         Jimmy's Fishing Sup.
                                                                                                                                                                                             Takayesu Bike Shop
                                                                                                                                                                    pawn Shop Agana, ewm, M. I          . Guam
                                  SUP. Lubbmk Farmers kchang1               Ubhlta Falls Fedway Stores wenah               Adamsswap                    T~~~~ ~          , sup. ~       h     ~            ~
                                                                                                                                                                                                    ~ Sew. Ctr.
  l'llhnmok      Hawkins & James M d a l l            Manly's Goodricl                       HOWs         Co.                         "
                                                                                                                           Conway " Gds' Hmbaba K. Yokoyama Store K O ~p a . w. C - I ~ 1%.                     .
          H o r n Lew's Sptg. Gds.                                  Stor1                                           w m V~RQINIA                lanai CHy     Lanai City Store Wesiern Caroline Trading Co.
  h a b u g Urn ua Gun Store Merldlam                Meridian Hdwe. 1                                                                                             Wong s Shop Wake l 8 h d          Station Store,
           South g p h e n s Hdwe.                        Furniture Cc                                        R d w l b Rainelle Dept. Store           Richard's Shopping Ctr.                             P. A. A.
                                                      DUCK BOAT MOTORS by Evinrude Motors,
                                                      Dept. GlO, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are used
                                                      by more and more waterfowl hunters who
                                                      have turned to convertible boat-blind rig:
                                                      powered by Ole Evinrude's reliable out
                                                      boards. Using bhat as blind is easy, conver
                                                      jion being done by making take-down frames
                                                      of 1" x %I1 scantlings, then tieing rushes
                                                      to them to form curtain screening boat en-
                                                      tirely around gunwale. No special design is
                                                      needed, just make frames, lay water reeds       QUALITY IS NO SURPRISE to hunters
                                                      across and tie to stakes. If ducking seems      and shooters who know the line of optical
                                                      poor in one part of the bay, just start up      goods, scopes, spotting scopes, and binoculars
                                                      the Evinrude and chug to another sector         available from D. P. 3ushnell Inc., 397 Bush-
                                                      where the decoys can drag in the drakes.        nell Bldg., Pasadena, California. Latest light-
                                                                                                      weight ''Broadfield" scales only 12 ounces,
                                                                                                      has 577 foot field at 1000 ysrds, 6 x 25. New
                                                                                                      feature to Broadfield series is central focus-
                                                                                                      ing which permits in:stant s!iift of focus near
                                                                                                      t9 far. Central focusing Broadfield retails for
FREE CATALOG                                                                                          only $49.40 including cowhide carrying case
                                                                                                      but active sports viewers will prefer to hang
                                                                                                      featherlight glasses on strap around neck
                                                                                                      ready for instantly spotting game, distin-
                                                                                                      guishing between a man and a moose in the
                                                                                                      hunting field-

         CUSTOM MADE
         THE BEST
           SINCE 1897
                                                      OZARK CAMP SAW with bow-sprung back
    .   D. MYRES SADDLE Cl                            keeps blade taut, just the right tension for
             P. 0. BOX I505                           easy cutting, yet ends can be flexed and
             EL PASO. TEXAS                           blade reversed for safe carrying. Saw tooth
                                                      design cuts with little pressure, and wood
NEW llThumbslidell                 tang safet         up to five inches diameter can be cut. Ozark
for Remlngton rifles -
shotguns    Mod. 740,
Mod. 760, Mod. 870,
                        5                             Camp Saw with 30-inch blade will have
                                                      many uses around the range, camp, home.         KEEPS CARTRIDGES CLEAN is one of
Mod. 11 4 8 & Mod. 58                                 Frame is made of non-rusting Alcoa alumi-
Sportsman. W r l t o f o r                                                                            the virtues of this handy rubber "Cartridge
folder.                                               num. Price delivered is just $3.95, from        Toter Block" made by Tack-L-Toter Co.,
                                                      manufacturer Porta Company, Inc., Dept.         Dept. GlO, Coon Rapids, Iowa. Palm sized
                                                      GlO, Canton, Mass.                              shell carrier is made of flexible rubber and
     -     Gunsmiths & Barrelmakers -                                                                 perforated along two edges to hold fifty-
Fast Homvtan                          Cannectit                                                       two -22 Long Rifle cartridges. Each shell

1                GUNS
                                                                                                      lies in a bee-hive chamber, with a split side,
                                                                                                      and can be easily pushed out by hooking
                                                                                                      thumbnail underneath rim and pushing the
                                                                                                      bead sideways. Reinforcing rod through
                                                                                                      middle of block keeps block rigid, prevents
                                                      JUNIOR'S SHOTGUN is at last available,          accidentally spilling rounds, while rubber
                                                      a model specially stocked for the small fry.    shrouds waxed shells, prevents them from
                                                      New H & R "Topper, Jr.," with shortened         picking up harmful grit, tobacco gains, lint
                                                      stock made so young gunner can reach the        as when carried loose in the pocket. Block
    cdector's firearms with prices realized a t the   trigger without resting the butt on top of      must be "hand loaded" before going out, but
    sale. Gives you d a l prices on what guns are
    worth in the open market today. Valuable for      his shoulder comes in .410 gauge with 26"       is much faster than fumbling with cardboard
    collector and dealer alike. $1.00 postpa~d.       barrel. Retail price is about $27.50, ideal     2.2 package in the field, prevents accidents
       Many guns available at these low auction
            . -
    prices.                                           in price and design for a ' ' h t gun." Stock   like spilling box of greasy .22's in the dirt.
                                                      can easily be lengthened by addition of         Drop a card to Tack-L-Toter Co. to find out
          SHORE-LAUTER GALLERIES                      Franzite butt spacers beneath butt plate as     which gun-sport store in your locality han-
    Dept. GM, 3318 W. Devon Ave., Chicago 45, Ill.
                                                      young shooter growa bigger.                     dles Cartridge Toter Block.
                                                                                                1 POINTER
                                                                                                 The original
                                                                                                 thumb rest
                                                                                                 s t o c k s $7.00
                                                                                                 and $7.50 uair.        I
                                                                                                  ~   ~~   -~

                                                                                                 POINTER        PUPSImitation
                                                                                                 stag, no thumb rest $4.03.
                                                                                                 Largest complete stock enu
                                                                                                 ine Pearl, Ivory, Stag. Fully
                                                                                                 inletted, semi-finished Wal-
                                                                                                 nut, right or left $9.00.
                                                                                                 CLEAR SIGHT LENS CAPS for
                                                                                                 all scones- S 3 . Z nr.
                                                                                                 CREATr~w~STERtf'      single Action Guns-
                                                                                                 corn lete stock late ser numbers
                                                                                                 e n d for FREE CATALOG. Address Box
                                                                                                 S O U T H W E S T C U T L E R Y & MFG. CO.
                                                                                                            Montebello, California
WIND SPEED METER for duck gunners
works by simply holding it into a breeze,
gives an accurate indication of prevailing
wind velocity. Ideal for the scientific duck                                                                           The Hoist with a lock. No.
gunners who want to find out how much           IMPORTED BRITISH RIFLES like this                                      more tying off. Raise or
they should lead in pass shooting over de-      fine Cogswell & Harrison-built Mauser maga-                            lower that big Deer, Elk,
coys but don't know how to determine wind       zine rifle are handled by arms distributor                             or Boat a few inches a t a
velocity. Will register winds as slow as hot    Frank Clark, Jr., Dept. G10, Cheyenne,                                 time and lock it.
air from gun-room bull sessions up to gales     Wyoming. Clark imports and distributes                                Weighs 12 oz. Capacity 750
and tornadoes. I checked it driving on a                                                                              pounds. 5-1 ratio. 10 foot span
                                                Spanish quality-made magnum 10 gauge                                  Synthane Pulleys. Brass ~earings.
still day holding the instrument from my car    shotguns, and also handles Holland & Hol-                             Steel bolts. Steel hooks. N Ion
window, and it registered true at various                                                                             line. A quality roduct. The first
                                                land, Westley Richards, W. W. Greener.                                and only game hoist with a ~ock.
speeds. Tiny ball floats in air column of
manometer tube, indicating velocity. Wind
speed indicator sells for only $4.95 postpaid
                                                many more guns by top British makers. En-
                                                tire line of Parker-Hale cleaning equipment
                                                including famous celluloid non-scratch rods.
                                                                                                                                $7.95               \z;-
from The Peddler's Cart, Hubbard Woods
                                                                                                                       HUNTER MFG. CO.
                                                and sights, are also sold by Clark. C & H                              Box 376                 Prott, Kansas
Station (Dept. GlO), Winnetka, Illinois.        rifle shown is fitted with Parker-Hale cock-
                                                ing piece rear sight that folds down when
                                                not in u e has micrometer click adjust-
                                                ments, and is practical, speedy aperture
                                                fight placed close to the eye for maximum
                                                visibility in dim light while hunting.

                                                                                                'day or night-    Usually brings game within

                                                                                                                   fnE6 BOOKLET

                                                                                                 PONY EXPRESS SPORT SHOP
                                                                                                 17460 Venturn Blvd. Encino 12. California

                                                                                               1 MARK 11 TUGGER MECHANISM

                                                                                                                                               r         -
                                                                                                Why handicap your shoot-                           Sprinofllkl
                                                                                                ins with a long rough mil-                         ~nffdd
                                                                                                itary tri    r pull? Every                         98 k-
                                                                                                unit handIroned and test-

                                                                                                                                                   m ~ o u i ~
                                                                                                ed for smoothness in a
                                                                                                rifle action before ship-
                                                                                                  SPEEDLOCKS. .$I 5.00                             action, id.nl1t.l
                                                                                                                                                   Modd Ç MOU-

                                                                                                  SINGLE WAGE $12.50
                                                                                               Request Descriptive Folder
                                                                                                 DAYTON-TRAISTER CO.
                                                                                                   7 0 2 8 164th St. S.W.
                                                                                                 EDMONDS, WASHINGTON
  GREAT -WESTERN SINGLE ACTION                                                  GERMAN 9MM P-38                         'ERFECT HUNTING PARTNER
                                                                       $42.50            w-                                      (Continued from Page 57)
                                                                  Fine High quality German
                                                                  Walther World War II German                           rith the real-life experiences he anticipates
                                                                  automatic. Fires 9mm Luger car-
                                                                  tridge. Originol near mint condi                      ach time this announcement is made.
                                                                  Extra clips $4.70. Ammo 9mm, $9.50                      My reward comes again each time a game
                                                                  for 100 rounds.
                                                                                                                        ird falls, well splattered with shot from the
                                                                          U.S.     SPRINGFIELD RIFLES                   un I have so carefully tailored for him. His
                                                                                                                        eactions on these occasions convince me
                                                                                                                        hat a life long hunter and a true sportsman
                                 .22 cal.
                                 -38 cal.
                                                 28 75
                                                                  Model 1873 45-70 cal. Good Cond $39 50 Select         i in the making, and I am proud to have

                                 i38 Special. .$59.95                  ..                     ..........
                                                                  Grade. $45h0. 45-70 ammo. $3.50 a box.                ad some part in this development.
                     Excellent authentic reproduc-                     ANTIQUE REMINGTON RIFLES                           I am rewarded again when things have
                     tion of the famous Remyton                                                                         ot gone so well and we are starting the

                r & under double barreled Derringer.                                                                    omeward journey with a disgustingly light
             Blue finish, black checkered grips. -
                                             COLT                                                                       ame bag, and I am feeling every one of my
                                            SINGLE                                                                      3 years. He senses this and says, "Don't
             Kg,                 '*W
                             <, < , ;
                                           ACTIONS                GERMAN LUGE
                                                                  Genuine German
                                                                                                                        rorry, Daddy, we'll get 'em next time."

                                                                                                                         Then he carries on a sincerely cheerful
                     Brand new genuine Colt single                Autos. Blue finish
                   action frontiers. Beautiful orig-              walnut arim in oood mechan-                           nd animated conversation all the way home,
           inal case hardened frames and blue fin-                ical and* shooting"condition.. ...$47.50              nd I arrive feeling as though the after-
           ish. Immediate Delivery-                               Extra clips    ................. .$ 7.00              oon was well spent.
.38 Special, 5</l or 7 l h Barrels..
.45 Long Colt, 5 l h or 714" Barrels.. .$125.00
                                       ....  125.00
                                                                  Ammo 100 rds.      ............. .$ 9.50
                                                                                                                          The perfect hunting companion? I think
Them same original Colts custom engraved with beau-
tiful scroll design and genuine Ivory carved rip*.                                                                      o. You'll think so too, when it's
(Complete as shown)
        ..            .................... .$1g5.00                              MAUSER CARBINES
                                                                                                                        'our boy walking beside you.

                                                                  game. A rare collectors find.  ......... .-..$25.06
                                                                  Ammo 20 rds.     ..........................$ 2.50
                                                                                                -        -
                                                                            ENFIELD 30-06 RIFLES

               A t Below WholeuIe Priwe
Only  $18.90 Single Set                $24.20 Double Set              COLT PERCUSSION REVOLVERS                         Fast Service J 0 B B E RS
Beautiful genuine custom hand made Wettern quick-draw
Buhcadero belt and holster seta. Handsome carved deslen                                                                       TO GUNSMITHS b DEALERS
completely lined belt and holster, loops for cartrldee8 and
tie-down straps tor quick-draw shooting made for all                                                                    Most Complete I n East Rifles *Shotguns
guns a regular $40 0 value at lees than'% price W h m
ordering send-l'eltsize, make. caliber and barrellem~tb                                                                 *Pistols *Revolvers *Scopes *Mounts *Sights
fit <mn. -lor  desired.                                                                                                 *Gun Accessories *Reload Tools *Components
W                 FAST DRAW HOLSTER                                                                                     *Leather *Sporting Goods *Fishing *Archery
                                                                                                                                                   228-233 E. 3rd
E                     OLSTERS~                                                                                          A      R A N D'S           LEWBTOH. PA.
 s                             =SSO,.
 T                          Genuine Tooled Leather                                                                             4 inches long
                     I      B e a u t i f u l Custom Hand
                          Tooled Genuine Leather Fast
                         Draw Western Holsters. Com-                        AUTHENTIC
                                                                                                                        weighs 930 ounces
                        pletely lined with soft suede             Cuotom made Original Authentic
                       for the protection of your un
                      Available for Colt Great d s t :

                     em, or Ruger single actions.                    ENFIELD
             -       An barrel length. Colors Nat-
                    u r a l or brown.
                                                                  .38 CALIBER
                                                                  Six shot 5" Bbl. Double action
                                                                  revolver. Excellent mechanical
                                                                  and shooting condition. Used
                 CALIBER        -                                 British Commandos.
                                                                  Ammo Box 50 Rds.
Genuirr HSc D.A. A u t o . T h e n
n ' . are in near mint cond'tion. One                                                                                                                    S2Qas
~ ~ ~ % l L ~ n i % m ~ k % g ~ 3 ~ ~ ~ .SMITH &
grip*.  ...................
Ammo 80 Rds.   ...............     .Â¥4*2
                                          ~ ~
                                          WESSON                                                                                                Lightweight model
 -                                                                  -38 CALIBER                                                                 weighs only 7% oz.
                                                                  Beautiful blue finish. Fine walnut                                                  $42.50
                                                                  grips in excellent mechanical and
                                                                  shooting condition. A fine mod-
       Ron   7" Barrel Model
Ori inal German Army model.
                                    TAB                           ern handgun in like new condition. .$31.00
                                                                  Ammo Box 50 Rds.      ...............                        .25 Automatic
Adfistable rear sights. Blue finish,
w a I n u t stocks. Fine
shooting condition.   .... SH-20
: $ # i n g U n y t ~.ryu~y;g.;glyg
                                              7                      COLT AUTO
                                                                  3 2 or .380 Caliber
                                                                  Fine blue finish, original Colt grips\
È9.5 100 Rd8.                                                    excellent shooters. A ran find a t
                                                                  bargain prices. Specify caliber di
                                                                                        .    .                                      Remarkably accurate
                 GUN CATALOGS                                     sired. ........................      .$39.i
     USED COLT SINGLE ACTION CATALOG                              Ammo Box 50 Rds.   .............              -   -
                                                                                                                                   Adequately powerful
   ~ m . ~ & ; p ~ W , ~ h ; ~ y h o ~ ~ l s ~ A ~ m ; ~ &
   ¥tcBOC P P
            . .   Completely illustrated.                                                                                            Dependable action
         JUMBO USED GUN CATALOG                                                                                                    Unusual safety features
   Loaded with modern and antiqw gun bargalis and
   othu hard to f t Items. Rifles, automatio, nvoi-

                                                                                                                           RWI N
                                                                                                                          B O N G1
   we", percussion pistols etc. Completely illirtrxt-              We hove a few of
   e . $1.00 P P.
    d           .                                                                                                                         SEE YOUR
   The lanrrt utoetlon of 0çrmà L i m n lauser
   ~ ~ ~ " o ~ ~ h v . . & t ~
   illUÂ¥trate.SOc P.P.
                                                              I    cartridge.    .........
                                                                                                                               k*           DEALER   '

12418 VonÈu
             EARLY 6 MODERN FIREAR
                    Blvd.                             Dm*. 0
                                                                                              S t .
                                                                                                                         \   CATALOG
                                                                                                                                       B o n i n g Arms Co., Dept. 52
                                                                                                                                               St. Louis 3, Mo.
         (Continued from Page 35)

                                                    It took $97,535.00 to
that buck. But it was not because of a
 super-lucky 300-yard blast from my beloved
 carbine. His demise was his own fault.                                                                            '
 Slowly and cautiously, but totally unaware
 3 my presence, he edged across the basin
 and tried to sneak through the saddle just

                                                   -~ e r f e c ~ t Weatherby
below me. I he had elected to go in any
other direction, he might still be alive. But

                                                             Imperial Scope.. .I
it was no trick at all to bust him, at thirty
yards, which is what I paced it.
    I continued to use the 30-30 for the next
few years, but only because my method of
hunting mule bucks had changed. These
deer, especially the old trophy bucks, are
great game. However, unlike the flighty
whitetails that vanish at every snapping
                                                         " You can buy it for $69.50

twig, mule bucks, recognizing no natural
enemy except the mountain lion, do not
stampede easily. They can be stalked rather
easily by a hunter who studies their habits
and can move with some skill through
wooded, mountainous country. Several more
notches were added to the stock of my car-
bine, to mark the passing of worthy mule                                   er before could
bucks in the unsure light of clear, rosy dawns
and at the witching hours of twilight.
                                                                     finest precision-built scope
    But came a time when, because of the bite
of dawny frost and the sting of icy night
winds, I decided to do my hunting in the
                                                                     for $69.50, a scope which is
                                                                     unsurpassed for light-gathering
more pleasant hours of the day. This would
not be too difficult, with plenty of hunters                         power and field of view.
tramping in the woods. Nesting bucks, hav-                           New, easy and quick binocular-type.
ing taken to their beds around nine o'clock,                         focusing.. .dual-dial windage and elevation
would be put on the move by the restless
nimrods, and all I would have to do would                            for lightning-fast adjustments.
be to find a good stand on some ridge or.                            Guaranteedfog-proof, dust-proof and,
pinnacle and wait for my venison to trot by.                          air-tight with an unconditional
    The theory was sound, but it didn't take                         lifetime guarantee against all defects.
me long to realize that these spooked bucks
didn't always trot by within range of my                             Available in 2%X, 4X, 6X 'andthe new
carbine. That helpless feeling drove me to
retire the Model 1894 Winchester .30-30in
favor of a .300 Savage. This sweet, well-
balanced rifle won me over pretty ouicklv.

                 1   HOLSTER & ACCESSORIES
                     The best handgun holster
                     idea in years! Soft glove
                     leather with sturdy nick-
                     el plate dip: fastens In-
                     side trous~% waisthand 1
                     for perfectiomfXrt&d
                     concealment. Handmade
                     to fit YOUB gun      . ..
                       ve caliber, make and
                     barre1 leneth when or-
                     dering. $2.95 PP. or
                     COD. plus shipping.
                     Spring dip holsters for
                     automatic dips, or car-
                     tridge clip for revolvers.
                     f t on belt to match
                     holster. Custom made.
                     Send caliber or tracing
                     of clip &Â ammo. $1.98
                     PP. o r COD
                     charges. Holster anddip
                     together. (4.50 PP.
                     DEW. "H",
                     B&J LEATHER                         Send for the NEW 1957-58 "Tomorrow's Rifles

                      GOODS CO.. 1                                                             ...
                                                         Today." 132 pages of valuable information,
                                                         ballistical data, profusely illustrated.. .$2.00
                                                                                       SCOPES AMMUNITION                        It tumbled passing monarchs for a few
    GUNS AND GUN PARTS                                                                                                          years, and still does. But something new
    GUN STOCKS CLANKS                                                                             SERVICE                       was happening that brought back my old
    A   Miles North                                                                                      Kt. 19-Near the
                                                                                                                                   Now and then I would see bucks at dis-
                                                                                                    L Suow Highway              tances from 300 to 500 yards, their antlers
                                                                                                                                big and bold in my field glasses. Once or
                                                                                                                                twice, leveling on them with the 3 0 . I saw
                                                                                                                                my Silvertips kick dust far short of the mark,
                                                                                                                                and I knew it was time for me to start think-
                                                                                                                                ing all over again.
                                                                                                                                   Well, I began looking for a deer-gun with       .
                                                                                                                                more umph, with a flatter trajectory and
                                                                                                                                more striking power when it spatted against
                                                                                                                                the target. Other guns would have filled
    FLAIGS FINEST STOCKS & BLAhj^g^^roj^                                       STOCK FITTING & FINISHING)                       those specifications, but the one I chose was

                                                                                                                                the .270 Remington with a K4 Weaver scope.
                                                                                                                                Here was a gun and cartridge that gave me
         Some *S.condavv I n walnut, L...
                                       ...      -..--                                                                           the scatting velocity of 3140 feet per second
         pocks, alight check!     -
                                  SO% (rtf Ust.                                                                                 at the muzzle with the 130 grain bullet, as
Rifle blanks, all grades, $4.00 to $20.00. Walnut shot-                                                                         against the 2410 f.p.s. of my pride-and-joy
  un blanks $1 00 t o $15 00 Walnut inletted stock                                                                              carbine and the 2670 f.p.s. delivered by the
for most rifles- standard $6.00- xx grade (butt) $8.00;             ONE WEEK
others S10.00to $12.00. ~ l s o   Penna. burls and rare                                                                         .300 Savage. Both of these used heavier 150
                                                                    We turn 6 Inlet your rifl* blanks
burls available NOW: xxx grade $17.50-$20.00, xxxx                  $5.00 each; e or mom $4.00 oh:                              grain bullets, but the lighter slug, I was sure,
$25.00; super Burls up to $35.00.
                                                                                                                                would do all I would ever ask of it.
$5.00 t o $7.00. Inletted stocks for all rifles $7.00                                                                               I sighted the .270 in at 200 yards and was
$12.00. Some Seconds, All Grades, 50% off.                            SEND f o r colored c h a r t o n varied gunstock          mighty pleased to see it lay its slugs right
CURLY MAPLE RIFLE BLANKS S7.00 to S30.00.                             blanks.
Oenulne Horn PKmi Grip caps with Engraved Senw, Sl.00.                                                                          on the button, shot after shot. The four-
                                                                                                                                power scope made the target look mighty
        RARE TURKISH AND FRENCH WALNUT BLANKS                                                                                   good, too, compared with what I'd been see-
                                                                                                                                ing with my naked, aging eye. And there
                   Dense                 a    Lightweight                          Individual Figure                            were other factors, discovered as I became
RARE TURKISH CIRCASSIAN WALNUT-We           believe these shipments the first to reach USA i n many years.                      better acquainted with the rifle, that fixed
This walnut is dense light wet h t each piece has individual figure' some with dark streaks. Finishes with
hard smooth surface.' Oversize        blahs:
                                      $15.00 t o $50.00. Turned and inletted, $5.00 more. Limited number                        the .270 firmly in my esteem. Not that it took
of extremely rare blanks, $75.00.                                                                                               the place there of my other loves, you un-
BEAUTIFULLY GRAINED FRENCH WALNUT-Extra             large French walnut blanks 2%" thickness $20.00 t o                         derstand; but it made a place for itself
(40.00.  Some rare fancies $50.00. Turned and inleted for most rifles $5.00' more.
                                                                                                                                beside them.
                                                                                                                                    I killed a couple of bucks with the 2 7 0
                P R E C I S I O N - W E R E D BARRELED ACTIONS                                                                  .      and missed a couple. I was sure it was
                                                                                                                                me, not the rifle-and I was well aware that
                                                                                                                                the two bucks missed had been a fur piece
                                                                                                                                from me, but-wasn't      that why I'd bought a
                                                I                LATEST FN or HVA ACTION                                        far-reaching rifle? I dug out a ballistics
                                                                        INCLUDING FINEST DOUGLAS                                table and made some trajectory drawings.
                                                                        CHROME M O L Y 6 GR. BARREL                                 Even the .270, I learned, as sighted in at
                                   CALIBERS: 2 2 0 Swift; 22-250; 257R; 270; 7MM; 308 WIN.;                   30-06.            200, would be low by 7.5 inches on a target
                                          A l s o 250 Sav., 300 Sav., 2 4 3 Win., 2 4 4 Ram.                                    300 yards distant, and low by 21 inches at
CHECK THESE FEATURES: 1. Standard F N. Mauser Action
                                              .                            -
                                                                      (HVA Action, $10.00 additional) 2. Best
  rode Douglas Chrome Moly Ultra-Rifled Barrels with the smooth, hard, wedged rifling i n most calibers,
                                                                                                                                400. At 500 yards-the        distance at which
'Deluding 243 b i n . a n d 244 Rem. 3. Each unit precision chambered t o mirror finish with proper headspace.
                                                                                                                                nearly all of my bragging friends claim to
4. Each unit test-fired with sample fired case included for our inspection. 5. Length and rifle twist as                        clobber their venison-the .270, so sighted,
wonted-otherwise we will ship recommended length a n d twist. 6. Choice of sporter, Medium Heavy, or                            would be down 42 inches. This convinced
Henw weioht barrels. 7. Barrels have fine-ground finish.
~RIG'ES: For spotter W . (5% Ibs.) $72.50. hied. heaw wt. (7 Ibs.) $77.50. For Heavy Wt barreled-action. $82.50
         Add $8.00 for the Douglas ~remiumGmde Barrel: È12.5 additional for the new 300 Serlea F.N. action.
                                                                                                                                me that the only thing fishing liars have on
         $26.00 more for Engraved F.N. Actlon with Double Set Trigger.
                                                                                                                                hunting liars is that there are more fisher-
                                                                                                                                men. But it didn't solve my problem. The
                        BARRELS                                                         ACTIONS                                  figures mentioned, compared to the 15 to 18
BOEHLER BARRELS Proof stOel, Sml-Octagon, rlblxd, matted F. N. ACTIONS IMPORTED-LITE WGT. vana-
entire length. Made by FRANZ SOOIA of Farlaoh Austrla In dium #teal barrels blued wlth ramp (.220 Swift                         inches of vital area on a mule buck, meant
22. .a.        .270. 7mm. and . 0 caliber. Highly aooirato-ln the .243 Win.. .257-R.'.250-3000 .270. 7mm .244 Ram:
white $45.00. (Fitted to your action wlth (heard bead, complete or 30-06). 174.00 PREPAID.                                      that, at any range much over 200 yards, I'd
? rice $60.00)
  -amova S~rlnoflflldbarrels    ..............................   87.00 F. N. ACTIONS, Boehler 24- proof t t w l k a r r ~ l i
                                                                                                                                 still have to depend on "Kentucky windage."
   .         cue lot* 10 barren..
                                  ................   ..È~s.oo
                                              ................  È1I.
                                                                       umi-octagon ribbed matted Sheared bead I
                                                                       ramp. Caliber .270: .308 win. or 7mm. 30.06,
                                                                                                                        ;       I began to wonder if it wouldn't be wiser
FRANZ SODIA BwhIer proof stwl barrels 24" gradual t a w . 22-250-220 Swlft .             8
                                                                                         2  257R-250 Sav. $95.00                 for me to go back to the bow-and-arrow
i h n u i 2% ibs.: hiohlv accurate 1-10 twist. caliber . .270. a                                                                 methods of my primitive ancestors, when
7 i m o r . 3 0 $30.01). -
                   (Fitted to your action, headspaced and
                                                                       IMPORTED SAKO BARRELLED-ACTIONS. 300
                                                                       H&H and 3 7 5 H&H. blued. 188.95.                         hunters depended on their ability to hunt,
                           test fired. $10.00 more).                   SAKO ACTIONS on 26" 4%# mad. heavy DOUG-
                  New! KRAG 2 - G m w 30.40 BARRELS                                                                              not on long-range ballistics.
23* or lea8 In In-nth. Fully chambered threaded. Only $15.00. LAS chrome moly barrel, white. $84.00. .222 Cal.
4-or. Ordnance barrels 2 . long fully ohambarad, threaded. blued SAKO ACTION on Imported medium heaw barrel.
                              3                                                                                                     But I liked this new rifle, liked the look
S20 M                                                                  blued, no sights. Ready for atockini. 222 Ram.            and feel of it, liked the sweet crack of its
N o t e : ~ n yof the above Barrels expertly fitted to your Actlon-    caliber $90.00.
headmaaed and tett-firedÑS2.5 additional.
                                                                       MAUSER Model 98 ACTIONS All Milled Parti
                                                                                                                                 let-off and the sense of power it engendered.
                New! MAUSER '98-30-06 2-Gr. BARRELS
23' w IBM        In Ipnath. Fully chambered & threaded. Only 115.00. $25.00.                                                     The answer was there, of course; and with
MAUSER 9 8 BARRELLED ACTIONSÑGE type issue, a l l steel parts. With new 2 gr. SPR barrels                                       the aid of some study and some advice, I
fitted 23" 3 0 0 Sav. 30.06, 308 SPR           ................................................
W i t h new 4 gr. SPR barrels same c o l i b e n as above..  .................................                   3900
                                                                                                              . h 0 0            found it. Maybe I should have known the
                                                                                                                                 answer from the beginning, but I didn't.
                       ENFIELD SPECIAL-18           P i e c e s ~ A L LNEW $6.00 Prepaid                                         Like a good many million others in this
                Bolt wlth collar- bolt Sleeve; magazine box: mftgazine wring' u f à § t t r ggç U u d                           country, I'm a hunter, not a ballistician.
                n d catch pin A d spring;firing pin and spring; safety block and acrçwafçcto
                follower (milledl; tear sprung and u f a t y wring.
            I                                                                                            I                          The trouble was that I'd sighted my .270
                     ACE TRIGGER SHOE $2.00       ACE DOUBLE-SET TRIGGER $10.00                                                  at the minimum range at which I intended to
                     or most rlflÈs shottuna and    Fitted to your M u m or P.M.
                                                     Action S8.00 mom. -                                                         use it. As a result, I was getting minimum
                                                                                                                                 performance. I sighted the new gun in at
                                                                                                                                 300Ñan my troubles were over. With this
                                                                                                                                new sighting, the 130 grain bullet never arcs

                             FLAIG'S MILLVALE, PA.
 Writ* for
    FREE                                                                                                                        high enough between muzzle and a target
New Catalog
List No. 28                                                                                                                                 (Continued on Page 66)

                                                      THE GUN M A R K E T
   Classified ads 20c per word per insertion including name and address. Pay-              issue (on sale October 1) is August 16. Print your ad carefully and mail to
   able in advance. Minimum ad 10 words. Closing date for November, 1957                   GUNS Magazine, 8150 Central Blvd., Skokie, Illinois.
        -                                                                                   --                                                             .
                                                                                                                                                           .    .

                                                             IMPORTED MUZZLE Loading Percussion Cap                 GUNS! ANSLEY Fox double 12 ga. beavertail
                  BINOCULARS & SCOPES                        Guns, sculptured, engraved walnut stock. 32"           forend single trigger mint-L.     C. Smith field
                                                             barrel. Engraved silver mountings, inlaid patch-       grade 20 ga. double mint-will trade or sell. Ruger
   BINOCULAR SPECIALISTS, all makes repaired.                box, lightweight. Single barrel with single ham-       single six $66.96. Low prices. Jimmy's, 670 Union
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   Bushnell dealer. Tele-Optics. 6614 Lawrence. Chi-         $49.60. Limited quantity. Send remittance. In-         .
                                                             ternational Firearms, 22 Kingman, St. Albans,          "IMPORTED MUZZLE loading percussion cap
   cago 30. Ill.                                             Vermont.
   -      .   .                                                                                                     aims; sculptured, engraved walnut stock. 32"
   LEATHER L E N S Covers For Any Scope. The                                                                        barrel. Engraved silver mountings, inlaid patch-
   original waterproof caps. $2.00 a t your Dealer o r       SEND lOc FOR lists either shotguns, rifles, hand-      box, lightweight. Single barrel, single hammer
   prepaid by Sweet & Co., Box 447, Clovis, New              guns. ammunition; or send 26c for all lists. Fray-     $29.60. Double barrel two hammers $49.60. An
   Mexico.                                                   Seth's, Willmar, Minnesota.                            excellent shooter. Limited quantity. Send remit-
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   NEW 1967 SCOPES, factor guaranteed in
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                                                             Winsted, Minnesota.                                    $21.96 each. Dealers quant:ty discounts. Send
   Cub 2% 33.60, 4X 43.00, 6X 67.96, Lyman All-
   American 4X 36.60, 6X 48.60. complete weaver                                                                     remittance.    Prompt shipment.       International
   top o r side mounts 7.76. Stith Dovetail 12.10,           SWISS ARMY Rifles '89: Famous Schmidt Rubin            Firearms Co., 22 Kingman. St. Albans. Vermont."
                                                             rifles, high power .30 calibre, 12-shot repeater       -
                                                                                                                    -                        --     .               ---
   Williams 9.96. Leupold Detacho 7.96 all complete,                                                                                                           -

   all postage paid. Big discounts on Reloading              fast loading detachable magazine. Ideal for al-        JAPANESE 30-06's W/ADJUSTABLE sights.
   tools and bullets, other scopes Write for Catalog         tering to .308 Winchester and .300 Savage N.R.A.       Excellent-$16.60.   German 8MM Mausers. Ex-
   67-A 26c. Lombards. 3141 Bainbridge, N. Y. C.             excellent. While they last $14.60. 2 of these fine     cellent-$36.00.   U. S. 30-06 Springfields. Ex-
   67, N. Y.                                                 rifles $26.00. Also available a s finest lightweight   cellentÑ$46.00 Perfect-$66.00.    German G-43
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                                                                                             T H R E E RIFLES F O R DEER                                     400 yards, maybe 350. On five occasions in
                 standing bargains. Only new merchandise listed.
                 You can save up to 25% on many reloading tools,                                                                                             five consecutive years, I filled my ticket with
                 funs. scopes and mounts. Reloading components                                      (Continued from Page 64)                                 nice mule bucks from the same sitting spot-
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                 tires, home shop tools typewriters. Walter
                 Oliver, Box 55, Auburn, ~ n d i a n a .                                                                                                     where, you're crazy. Three of these shots
                                                                                          300 yards distant to lift it outside a mule                        were taken at less than 100 yards, with the
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                 Public Sport Shops. 11 S. 16th Street, Phila.
                 2, Pa.                                                                   gets out pretty close to the 400 yard marker.                      and made me glad I had the 270.
                                                                                          For all practical purposes, I now had a rifle                         It was evening, with frosty shadows slant-
                 "WINEMAKING." $1.00. "HOW to Make Beer-                                  that would shoot point-blank (no sight ad-
                 Ale." $1.00. "Deer Hunting Secrets." $1.00. 11111s-                                                                                         ing down off the mountain and spreading
                 trated. Baton Publications, Box 1242-N, Santa                            justment or hold-off) out t o around 400                           themselves like a dark cloak over my sitting
                 Ram, California.                                                         yards. Which was what I wanted. (I knew                            place and across half my field of vision. I
                 EARN HIGH Pay: Jobs i n South America, the                               now that the 300 Savage, too, differently                           would have called it a day in another few
                 Islands, USA, Europe, Canada, other foreign                              sighted in, would reach farther than I had                         minutes. But just then I saw a magnificently
                 countries. All Trades, Mechanics. Truck Drivers                          used it, but this was belated knowledge).
                 Laborers. Office Workers. Engineers. etc. chance                                                                                            racked buck bounce to a stop on a ridge
                 to travel. Fare paid If hired. Application forms.                           I did some practice shooting at these new,                      some 350 yards distant. He turned, looking
                 Free information. Write Dent. 123 National Em-                                                                                               back the way he had come. I reached for
                 ployment Information. 1020 Broad, Newark,                                long ranges, to make sure that I really could
                 New Jersey.                                                              lay my shots home. I could and can. It goes                         the 270, leaning ready against a log along
                  FLINTLOCK ACTIONS, (funs repaired. Marshall                             without saying that I could also hit with                           with the carbine and the Savage. Quickly I
                  F. Fish, Westport, New York.                                            this rifle at shorter ranges. Logically, there-                     picked it up, hugged it to my shoulder and
                  FREE DAGGERS. Century8 firearms giveaway.                               fore, the .270 replaced my other two rifles.                        sought out, through the scope, the monarch
                  Very food Mannlicher rifles $12.96. Cartridges                           But I loved those rifles, had no intention of                      on the ridge. He still stood like a statue.
                  $6.00 100- .80 cal. F.O.B. Hunters dream, wl-                            turning either or both of them out to pasture.                     Laying the crosshairs just back of the shoul-
                  lectors must. All makes newest Magnums & others
                  wholesale. Save $50.00       $100.00.   Franchi's                        That, coupled with my sit-down method of                           ders, I took a deep breath, exhaled, and
                  Zephr's, Breda's, Aya's, Sake's, Mauaer's win:                           hunting, gave me an answer. I would hunt                           pressed the trigger.
                  chester's, Remington's, etc. prepaid. Beckerarms,
                  Osborne, Ks.-Ny.                                                         with all three rifles!                                                Almost at the instant that I heard the
                  BROWNING SUPERPOSED 12, improved cylin-                                    Here's how it works. I know this coun-                           blast, the buck leaped into the air, dropped
                  der barrels, $200.00 Zutz, 1228 S. 23rd. Sheboygan,                      try; and, after all these years, I know a little                   his head, clamped his tail, and. made three
                  Wise.                                                                    something about deer habits and hunter-                            or four stumbles down the slope. Then he
                  BIGGEST BOOK Buy-"Colt       Firearms". Write                            habits. I load my three-gun arsenal into my                        was down. When he lay still for perhaps a
                  for free literature. Semen Books. Santa Ana,                             car (plus my binoculars and anything else                          minute, I rose, put the .30-30 and the .300 in
                                                                                           I think may add. to my comfort during a                            the car, shouldered the .270, and went to
                  45 AUTOMATIC SHOULDER Holsters, Spring-                                  given number of quiet hours), and I drive                          dress some venison.
                  dip. $5.00. Law enforcement supplies. Thomas
                  Ferrick, Box 12, Newburyport, Mass.                                      to or near a spot where I think deer will be                          These days I find myself depending more
                                                                                           moving. I sit myself down in a spot with a                          and more on the .270. It has class that grows
                                                RELOADING                                  nice view and a good field of fire, line up                         on me. But I will not allow it to come com-
                  HANDLOADERSÑCARTRIDG boxes with par-                                    my guns within easy reach-and wait.                                 pletely between me and the old friends of
                  titions and data labels, prepaid,-30-06    270 etc.                         It works. I have bagged mule deer as                             days gone by. I think there is room in
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                  Labels only 60c per hundred. J. E. Bridgman                              close as 27 feet, and as far as-well, maybe                         my heart for all of them.
                  P. 0. Box 2502. Kansas City. 42. Missouri.
                                                                                      -     BUHMILLER Barrel BLANKS
                  TANNING HIDES (Bear, Deer, Cow, Sheep, etc.)                              Sporters in stock in all popular calibers from 22
                  For Sale: mounted heads. Bear rugs. animals.                              to 505 Gibbs mad for immediate shipment con-
                  African horns. Leopard. Zebra. Glass eyes. Hof-                           toured, Chrome Moly steel only, $17.50 each net
                  mann-Taxidermist, 1026 Gates, Brooklyn 21, N.Y.                           plus postage.
                                                                                            "We do no b a m l fitting. ohambrlng or threadlni."
                                                                                            J. R. BUHMILLER Rifle                       Barrel Maker
                  OLD HANDCUFFS, legirons, thumbfasts, shack-                               P. 0. Box 196                   Kalispell, Montana
                  les wanted. Patterson Smith, 2FL, 269 Shepard
                  Ave., East Orange, N. J.

                                    AMMUNITIIJNi                                                   BRING HOME
                                       H e r e is t h e real McCoy!
                                    Look!                                                       Your Meat Fit To Eat
                             SPECIAL SALE on t h a t hard-to-get                                  &me         bullets and b i g g a m e rifles

                             ammunition f o r Derringer, etc.
                         R I M F I R E SHORTS
                                                        $550per BOX
                                                            (50 Rds.)
                                                                                                                  our specialty.
                                                                                                  BARNES CUSTOM BULLETS
                    30  M.I. Carbine
                        Per 100             ................
                                                                                             318 Rosevale Rd.               Grand Junction, Colo.
                 Â AS- 70 Smokeless Low Pressure
                        Per 100        ................
                    3 2 Remington Rifle Cartridges
                        Per 100 (Value f17.50)     ....
~   :   ;         :
                 Â 351 Winchester Self- oadlng
            p & $ J 3n R
                              Remington .Silvertip
                                 100 (Value 814.0% ....                                       DEM-BART CO
                         Per 100 (Value $17.00)            ..,                                'WORLD'S FINEST CHECKERING TOOLSn
                  :     3
                       .2Long R F Cartridges
                         Per 100
                     3 2 Short R F
                         Per 100
                                            ................                                  Nipples   for   Cap
                                                                                                                    & Ball Revolver*...........
                                                                                                                     your Dealer* or-
                   0 .2S Rim-Fire Shorts
                   Â     Per 100            ................
                   2 RIFLE BARRELS
                         Surplus 24-Inch.
                                        Completol                 fi"Â¥$6f.p.LIFETIME HANDMADE KNIVES
                                                                 - -69 ea. : BUCK
                          value ~25.00
                       is&.                   .&cia1
                   :   ARMY       Web NOW 1 4 ill
                                                                           :                                                                                          BE A GUNSMITH
                   :RIFLE                   - - S*for s .
                                            -     --
                                             Leather UÑ 1 ~ In.
                                                              4    $1 .OO
                                                                                                                                                                Good gonsmlth8 a n i n treat demand. You u n h i m
                                                                                                                                                                your own birinen a* a gunsmith, or work u a am-
                                                                                                                                                                smith in other s h o ~ h Graduate! located In 48 statan
                       SLINGS                Leather New 1% In.       .     -
                                                                                      Â                                                                         and three foreign countries. Veterans & non-veteran
                                     RUBBER                                           Â
                                                                                                                                                                                                     fur .
                                                                                                                                                                -Veteran Adrniniitrition ~ u r o v e d P L. I0 248.

                   :1 ~BOOTS
                           ~                                          ~               Â
                                                                                      4           3                  ~           ~            ~               ~           ~
                                                                                                                                                                             Fer F m literature writel
                                                                                                                                                                  COLORADO SCHOOL of TRADES INC
                                                                                                                                                                      1545 Hoyt St. 6, Denver 15, Colorado
                       o r rifle
                   Â                69c Each

                       -                                                                     BOOKS
                                                                                                  UN             Listings of "old" books as available.
                                                                                                                 Largest selection. Send 50t for both.                                   -
                                                                                                                                                               FOAM RUBBER LINED M A X I M U M PROTECTION
                           1 1 S. 1 6 t h St., P h i l o . 2, P a .    No       COG1         fu
                                                                                              l   Rilina
                                                                                                                     Free books <y premiums.
                                                                                                               6844-A Gorstfn     Philadelphia 19. Pa.
                                                                                                                                                                           Write for Free Folder
                                                                                                                                                                GuNest Mfg. Co., Box 2252, Portland 14, Ore.
               B U S I N E S S F O R A BiACKHAWK...because

               A job, like so many others in
               the field, that requires absolute
               dependability and the certainty
                                                                                        I       BLACKHAWK ,
               of perfect performance.                                                -357 MAGNUM Caliber
                                                                                                $87.50      retail list
                                                                     . . -.
               Write for literature on the entire line of RUGER firearms.
                                                                                  :   Also uses 38 SPECIAL ammunition
              . entir&hn      the   U. S. of   Arne$?%    by     STURM, RUGER & C O M P            ---- INCw   S0UTHm')lNNEC'MCU'l'
... .                                                                                                                          What a team for accuracy! Take the clearer see-        :
. .. . .                                                                                    .................... $45.50
                                                                                        2~2.x                                  ing power of an All-American scope with rugged,     ;. .
*.', , .
 ..                                                                                                                            fog-proof construction, and mount it low with a    ',.. '.
.~,  .                                                                                  3    x ....................$47.50
                                                                                                                               Tru-Lock Mount. Score a clean kill when your big
s .<                                                                                    4    X   .................... $49.50
!'T.           ....*                                                                                                           chance comes! Choose an All-American in your       :T.
                                                                                                                                                                                      .... ....
./     ,   .
(^:                                                                                     6   x ................... $59.50       choice of power, and a Tru-Lock Mount that's       /Â¥ :.

r                                                                                                                              quickly removable from your big g
ii'    '
                                                                                        Tru-Lock Mount ....$9.75
                                                                                                                               the best scope buy in sight!

                                                                                                                                                                                      ;,, .,-.,
                                                                                                                                                                                        ,.         <    ,

                                                                                                                                                                                          :* .              ,

                                                                                                                                                                                  f.                   ,    ,


                         data on reloading for rifles, pistols, shotguns; making your own
                 .       bullets; muzzle loading; international shooting; National Rifle                                                                                                  *:'

                     :   Association - truly a gold mine for every hunter as well as
                         target shooter! Brand new features and developments provide your most authentic source                                                              ;
                                                                                                                                                                                      t. 8 .
                         for reloading and shooting information. Whether you're a beginner or expert, there are so                                                                 ...
                         many helpful facts packed into more than 200 pages of the Lyman Hand Book that it's a                                                                     .....C

                                        in on the fun of reloading ammunition! Your'sporting goods dealer has the

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                                                                 GUN SIGHT CORP.                                                                                                  -

                                                                 MIDDLEFIELD, C O N N E C T I C U T                                                                                   .       \-

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