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      August-October 2008             Volume 21, Number 26

  The Food

                                      Leaning Into the Times
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                                     How Seniors and Veterans
                                     Can Get Stimulus Checks
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Nourishing stronger
S   etting
the Table

                           Leaning Into
                            the Times
             A       s I write this letter in mid
                     July, I am mindful that
             we have received more publicity
                                                     20 years, and in the shortage of
                                                     certain commodities. Has anyone
                                                     besides me had a hard time finding
             over the past few months than           fresh corn on the cob, one of the               Bill Bolling
                                                                                               ACFB Executive DIrector
             any time in our history, even           great pleasures of summer? And
             more than during the November           of course we were alerted to be        subsidize our way out of debt.
             and December holidays, when             wary of tainted tomatoes. For me,          What a shock for the poor, the
             the media is most attuned to our        I just had to take the chance and      middle class, and even those in
             work. We’ve been featured in            keep on eating them. What would        some of the richest neighborhoods,
             national stories on CNN, ABC            summer be without fresh tomatoes?      to find out that there actually was
             Evening News and NPR; as well               We have also seen a measurable     a catch to buying a house with no
             as in USA Today, Reuters and            increase in the start of community     money down and too-good-to-be
             Newsweek. Local media such              gardens, recipes for cutting           true interest rates. We wanted to
             as Atlanta Magazine, the AJC,           food costs, and a slow down in         believe that we could get more
             and other regional newspapers           the hospitality and restaurant         and more for less and less. Our
             and local television stations have      industries.                            politicians promised it to us; the
             also continually reached out to             Many of you will remember          advertisers told us it was easy and
             the Food Bank. And, as naturally        Malcolm Gladwell’s little book         true; and we played along with
             happens these days, almost every        called The Tipping Point – How         the game. We used to blame the
             story gained new life as it traversed   Little Things Can Make a Big           poor for making unwise financial
             the internet.                           Difference. One never knows what       decisions, but we are now finding
                 Each story has had a slightly       the tipping point will be or when      that everyone can be susceptible.
             different angle; one focusing on        it will arrive. For Americans, it          None of us is immune from the
             working families, another on            seemed to be an increase of more       hard times. In fact the “times”
             children who won’t be fed during        than 80% in gas prices in the past     have a way of leveling the playing
             the summer while out of school,         year, the shock of paying over         field. The insecurity that is often
             others looking at the increasing        $4.00 a gallon for gas. There is       felt by those with fixed or limited
             cost of food, and how we can save       something sobering about paying        incomes is now being felt by all. It
             money by being wise in what             $60, $70 – even $100 for a tank of     has encouraged an empathy that
             we purchase and cook. But each          gasoline. While Europeans have         is rarely felt during the good times.
             one has a central theme – how           paid twice this amount for many        For some, it’s an inconvenience.
             these times are fundamentally           years, our cheap gas gave us a false   For others, it’s an emergency. But
             different than any others in recent     sense of security, a sense that we     for everyone, it’s a change. And
             memory, and how hard they are           could go against the global trends     we have known from Darwin’s
             hitting people across the economic      that affected all other countries      teachings – those who best adapt
             spectrum.                               and societies. Our tipping point       to change are most likely to survive

                 We are experiencing it in the       has now arrived. We have been          and thrive.
             significant increase in the cost of     shocked out of our belief that we          When I was a boy I remember
             food, the highest increase in over      could borrow, spend, consume and       my dad talking about growing
               Recipe For Success

up in the 1930’s after the Great
Depression, when things where
very difficult, especially for a family
                                          built and adopted a new budget,
                                          and elected a great new board of
                                          directors. To build a budget one
                                                                                  brutally honest about our priorities,
                                                                                  about what works and what gives
                                                                                  the best outcomes, because our
                                                                                                                            S  etting
                                                                                                                            the Table
who lived in the country and relied       must make operational assumptions       supporters will be asking the same
on their own resources to survive.        – how much money we feel we can         questions.
My father had five brothers, so my        raise, how much food we think we           We now stand between our
grandparents had to do a lot of           can distribute, how much we project     greatest aspirations and the difficult
growing, harvesting and cooking to        the organization will grow, and how     reality of our times, what educator
keep everyone fed.                        we will we be timely and responsive     Parker Palmer often calls the

   “When facing a difficult problem my father often used the term “leaning
   into” a hardship or challenge. It is an image that always stuck with me
   – to lean into a problem instead of avoiding or delaying it. ”
                                                                                           —Bill Bolling
                                                                                  ACFB Executive Director

    When facing a difficult               to the needs of the community.          “tragic gap.” Whatever we decide
problem my father often used the          And those needs are changing.           to do about the uncertainty of our
term “leaning into” a hardship            Like all businesses and community       future is going to take our most
or challenge. It is an image that         initiatives, we must do more with       creative and courageous efforts.
always stuck with me – to lean into       less. We must embrace change.           It’s going to require change and
a problem instead of avoiding or              At the Food Bank, we have           adaptation. It will go better, if
delaying it. That image seems very        always invested for the long haul       together, we lean into the reality
apt for the times we are living in.       – we operate on the assumption          of our circumstances. We must
    The other thing I was always          that it’s good to feed families and     recognize and use what we have in
aware of was how thankful my              children so they can learn, grow,       common instead of the differences
parents and grandparents always           and be healthy, knowing that our        we perceive in each other.
seemed to be. They didn’t want            children are our future. And that’s         I look forward to the day media
me to take anything for granted.          true in the good times as well as the   outlets will call us and ask us to tell
They considered our station in life       hard ones. We will be asking more       the story of how we came together,
a blessing, and our most important        from the community this year. We        how we created the will and the
blessing was each other.                  know it’s hard for everyone. We         resources to adequately feed all
    With demand up, donations             will ask corporations, businesses       the hungry in our community and
down at the Food Bank, and                and foundations to step up their        secure our collective future.
hardship beginning to be felt across      support. We will ask our agencies
society, it’s sometimes difficult to      to work more collaboratively, to
see our blessings. It’s difficult to be   stretch resources. We will ask
excited about the challenges ahead.       the families in need to work with
And yet, that is our collective           us and to be willing to embrace
station in life.                          change themselves. Most
    The Food Bank just completed
its fiscal year on June 30. We
                                          importantly, we will be asking
                                          more of ourselves. We need to be                                                      3
                                         Agency of the Quarter
                                                 The Study Hall
                       “Milk has increased to $4 a gallon, and during the school
                       year we use 12 to 15 gallons a week!”
                                —Jacquetta Watkins, Executive Director, The Study Hall

           I     t’s lunchtime at The Study Hall and the chil-
                 dren are eating ravioli, baby carrots, and fresh
           green salads. When Executive Director Jacquetta
                                                                            The Study
                                                                        Hall also offers
                                                                        a weekend
           Watkins proclaims, “Who wants seconds?” the smil-            food pantry
           ing children raise their hands high for more.                for area fami-
               The Study Hall, a childcare learning center founded      lies and their
                         in 1990 by Episcopal Priest Father Austin      children
                            Ford, hosts more than 150 students from     through
                              five Atlanta public schools. Students     a special
                                 are transported to the center every    grant from
                                   day during the school year to re-    the Food
                                     ceive tutoring, homework assis-    Bank.
                                        tance and the opportunity to        The
                                          travel on educational field   after
                                            trips. The youth range      school program has
                                              from kindergarteners to   five focus areas – academic enrichment,
                                                eighth graders. Many    cultural enrichment, financial literacy, civic engage-
                                                   come from the sur-   ment and wellness. Camp Exploration, The Study
                                                    rounding neigh-     Hall’s seven-week summer camp, also offers a safe,
                                       borhood, Peoplestown, where      positive and enriching place for 65 children during
                  incomes average about $18,000 annually.               the summer months. The program’s goal is to expose
               “We endeavor to nurture the mind, body and spirit,”      the youth to the world around them. “We want them
           said Watkins. “We are proud to have a partnership            to excel beyond the confines of their parameters,”
           with the Atlanta Community Food Bank because it              said Beatrice Lyde, program director. “What they
           affords us the opportunity to nourish the children both      see every day in this community can be hopelessness.
           physically and academically.”                                   We want them to be able to move beyond what
               Each day after school when the children arrive,                                             they see.”
           they are offered a snack and divided by grade level                                                 For additional
           to complete their homework assignments in respec-                                                 information about
           tive classrooms. At the end of the evening they                                                    The Study Hall
           enjoy a well-balanced dinner.                                                                      at Emmaus
               “Without the Food Bank, the cost of purchasing                                                  House, visit
           nutritious meal components would greatly hinder                                                      www.studyhall.
           our ability to achieve our goals,” said Watkins.                                                     org or call

           The price of food has risen sharply over the last six                                                 404-659-1415.
           months. “Milk has increased to $4 a gallon, and dur-
           ing the school year we use 12 to 15 gallons a week!”
                         Volunteer of the Quarter                                                                  E
         Earl Cook, a true pioneer in food banking
            and an embodiment of dedication!
A       s a member of the highly recognized BellSouth
        Pioneers (now AT&T Pioneers), Earl Cook has
volunteered every month for nearly 23 years, lend-
                                                           retirees from the telecommunications industry who
                                                           have joined together to make their communities better
                                                           places to live and work. The southeast Pioneer volun-
ing a helping hand in sorting and inspecting donated       teers represent more than 110,000 active and retired
food and products in the Food Bank’s Product Rescue        employees throughout the nine state BellSouth region.
Center (PRC).                                              The Pioneers support a broad base of community
     “The Pioneers, have been holding up the Food          programs centering on education, the environment,
Bank ever since its infancy,” said Suzanne Roush,          health, human services and life enrichment.
volunteer coordinator. “They have been volunteering            Following the merger between BellSouth and
with us once a month since the very early days in the      AT&T in December 2006, the Pioneers from both
first Food Bank warehouse. Earl has been an intergral      companies joined forces. The Georgia Chapter is the
part of the group since they first walked through our      second largest chapter in the southeast region. There
doors.”                                                    are now 22 AT&T Georgia Pioneer clubs and councils,
    Cook recently hung up his PRC work apron to relo-      and its 22,000 membership includes more than 5,500
cate to Florida. It was no surprise that he asked before   regular members and 16,500 life members.
leaving Atlanta how he could get involved at the local         We salute our Volunteer of the Quarter,
food bank in his new home town.                            Earl Cook, a true pioneer in food banking
    The Pioneers are a group of active employees and       and an embodiment of dedication!

                                             Earl Cook (l), was
                                             congratulated by
                                             Food Bank Executive
                                             Director Bill Bolling for
                                             more than 20 years of
                                             volunteer service.

C   atering
to the Need
              Help Those                                                                              Join the
              Affected by                                                                        Atlanta Apartment
              Economic                                                                             Association for
              Downturn                                                                               The 2008
              Through                                                                              Can Can Ball,

              Massive                                                                           on Friday, August 22,

              Food Drive                                                                          at the Sheraton

                                                                                                   Atlanta Hotel.
              T      he Atlanta Community Food
                     Bank will once again benefit
              from a monumental effort coordi-
                                                       their contributions have made a
                                                       significant impact, sometimes totaling
                                                       nearly 15 percent of the amount of        The black-tie affair
              nated by a very special group of local   food distributed in a year,” said Bill
              residents – those who live and work      Bolling, Food Bank executive direc-      will include dancing,
              in Metro Atlanta’s apartment com-        tor. “With the current state of the
              munities. Touted as “The World’s         economy, we’ll really be counting on
                                                                                                  a silent auction,
              Largest Food Drive,” the Atlanta         them this year.”
              Apartment Association Food-A-                The Apartment Association
              Thon now generates more than half        kicked off the drive at the Cobb
                                                                                                 live entertainment
              a million dollars and hundreds of        Galleria in June welcoming 10 new
              thousands of pounds of food annu-        groups to the already huge consortium         and food.
              ally. Now in its 22nd year, the Food-    of contributors with a brand new
              A-Thon is so successful because          casino theme titled “Betcha Can.”        All proceeds benefit
              organizers rally participation from      From now through October when the
              every possible angle. “Whether you       drive culminates in a huge celebra-         the Food Bank.
              are a resident, a property manager,      tion at the Food Bank, thousands of
              a flooring vendor or the owner of        apartment communities are operating       To purchase tickets
              one of the major apartment manage-       in high gear. Last year, they donated
              ment companies we’re recruiting you      259,000 pounds of nonperishable          or learn more about
              to help.” said Sheryl Camp, events       food and more than $650,000 in
              director for the Atlanta Apartment       cash! If you would like to participate
                                                                                                    the ball, visit
              Association.                             in the Food-A-Thon, contact the
                  Food Bank officials say the dona-    Atlanta Apartment Association at

              tions will be needed now more than or visit www.
              ever before.“For more than 20 years, Betcha Can!
          Food Bank Program                                                                                                  R     ecipe
                                                                                                                             for Success
           Helps Seniors and
       Veterans Obtain Economic
            Stimulus Checks

                                                                         Did you know
                                                     • Metro senio
                                                                     rs and veteran
                                                 receive stimu                       s have until O
                                                                lus checks.                          ct. 15, 2008 to
                                                    • The Prosper                                                      file taxes and
                                                                    ity Campaign
                                                for families an                     has prepared
T       hrough the help of a recently
        launched program titled
the Atlanta Prosperity Campaign,
                                                fees and costs.
                                                                d individuals

                                                   • Free tax pre
                                                                                saving more th
                                                                                                   more than 9,0
                                                                                                an $1.5 millio
                                                                                                                   00 free tax retu
                                                                                                                n in tax prepar
                                                                   parations thro
Metro Atlanta seniors and veterans             Income Tax A                        ugh the Prosp
                                                               ssistance (VIT                     erity Campaign
can still obtain free tax preparation          million back                     A) Program h                        ’s Volunteer
                                                             into Metro A                      ave returned
                                                                             tlanta househ                    a total of nearl
services for the 2007 tax year, which             • The campai                              olds.                              y $11
                                                                  gn has helped
will, in turn, make them eligible to          cess and receiv                     eligible workin
                                                              e over $3 mil                        g families and
                                                                              lion in the Ear                      individuals ac
receive the recently distributed U.S.                                                        ned Income T                          -
                                                                                                              ax Credit (EIT
Treasury economic stimulus checks.                                                                                             C).
    In May, the U.S. Treasury began
sending economic stimulus rebates         will be eligible for a minimum of
to more than 130 million house-           $300, or $600 for married couples, in   Henry and Rockdale counties and
holds. To qualify to receive the          rebate funding.”                        resulted in a total of nearly $11
benefit, individuals must have a              Since January 2008, the Prosper-    million in tax refunds.
valid Social Security number, $3,000      ity Campaign has mobilized free             Most recently, the Prosperity
of qualifying income in 2007, and         tax preparation sites around Metro      Campaign has extended its services
have filed their 2007 federal tax re-     Atlanta for households and indi-        and shifted its focus to mobilize
turn. As millions across the country      viduals that earned $40,000 or less     tax preparation sites at senior
have begun receiving checks, many         in 2007. Working with numerous          facilities and related locations.
eligible seniors and veterans could       partners, the Volunteer Income Tax      The campaign is working to get
miss the one-time opportunity sim-        Assistance (VITA) program offered       the word out that it’s not too late
ply due to not filing their taxes.        services at more than 40 locations,     for seniors and veterans to file
    “Seniors and veterans have until      including social service providers,     2007 taxes. For more information
Oct. 15, 2008 to file,” said Carter El-   churches, community centers, librar-    on free tax preparation for seniors,

liott, Prosperity Campaign manager.       ies and businesses. The sites were      contact Carter Elliott at
“If they have qualifying income of        open through April 15 in Fulton,        678-553-5900 or email
at least $3,000, seniors and veterans     DeKalb, Cobb, Gwinnett, Clayton,
M    ain

           I    n May, we wrote about
                a new phenomenon.
           Many people, impacted by
                                        were forced to seek food
                                        assistance for the first time
                                        in their lives.
                                                                        has slowed but at this point,
                                                                        we can’t. What we can do
                                                                        is remain a strong link in
                                                                                                        tious food as possible gets
                                                                                                        into the hands of those who
                                                                                                        need it. And we can remind
           the economy and strug-           We wish we could            the food assistance network,    you – our readers – how the
           gling to make ends meet,     report that this new trend      ensuring that as much nutri-    whole process works.

                                              During the current economic downturn, the Food Bank
                                                      is encouraging individuals to consider making cash
                                                   donations, which provide more support for less effort.

    Perhaps the best
place to start is with a
popular myth we often
have to dispel – that the
                              still don’t make a living
                              wage; people who experi-
                              ence an emergency, an ill-
                              ness, or family crisis; people
                                                                                                                             M    ain
Food Bank is the place        who have lost jobs; people
where metro residents         who find themselves home-
who have fallen on hard       less; seniors living on fixed
times should go to pick       incomes – all encompass                                      profits utilizing the person’s
up free food. While that      those who are served.          KnoW SoMEonE                  zip code to find the nearest
sounds great, it’s far from                                  WHo nEEdS Food?               agencies providing food
the truth, and it actu-       MoRE abouT                         If you know someone       assistance. They will then
ally wouldn’t be the most     ouR nonPRoFIT                  in need of food assistance    provide the contact and
effective way to serve        PaRTnER aGEnCIES for any reason – span-                      other key information for
hundreds of thousands of          They are large and small. ning from low wages to an      all the hunger-relief organi-
people across 38 counties.    Some distribute food every emergency situation – the         zations in the person’s area.
    Those receiving food      day and some only once a       first step towards receiv-
from the Food Bank are        week. Some provide grocer- ing support is to find the        a SIMPLE PRoCESS
actually other nonprofit       ies and others serve hot       nearest Food Bank partner        In most cases, the
organizations. The Food       meals. Many are faith-based agency. Just call the United     process is short and simple.
Bank distributes on aver-     organizations, but some        Way’s emergency assistance    United Way will advise
age two million pounds of     are not. Some do a whole       hotline. Dial three num-      whether it’s best to call first
food each month to more       lot more than just provide bers “211” from a home            to make an appointment or
than 800 nonprofits with      food. Agencies who partner phone or payphone, or             just go during hours of op-
hunger relief programs.       with the Atlanta Commu- dial 404-614-1000 from a             eration. Usually, it doesn’t
These organizations part-     nity Food Bank include:        mobile phone. The special-    require a lot of time, long
ner with the Food Bank        • Food Pantries                ist will begin by asking a    lines or sit-down appoint-
to access food in bulk and    • Community Kitchens           few questions to determine    ments with counselors to
serve people in their own     • Night Shelters               the fastest way to provide    access food assistance from
neighborhoods.                • After School Programs        support. While the person     one of the Food Bank’s
                              • Senior Centers               in need is on the line, the   partner agencies. In fact,
WHo IS SERVEd?                • Rehabilitation Programs specialist will access a large     many people are surprised
People and families who       • Day Care Centers             data base of Metro Atlanta    to be genuinely welcomed
work hard every day but       • Summer Camps                 and North Georgia non-        with open arms. As a

                                                                   obile p                 hone.
                                       food?               om a m
                         eed   obtain       04-614 -1000 fr
                 ple in n           11” or 4                              o the                                    mediately available to our
 How   do peo Way’s hotline “2                                   make t
                ed                                    n ation I                                                    partner agencies through
 By callin
          g Unit                             food do
                           ed rec eive the                               ring it                                   a special online ordering
                                                                 u may b
             tho  se in ne ood Bank?                   cks or yo            .W.,                                   system.
  How do ommunity F                             our tru              Blvd. N
                                       y one of             . Lowery             the                                   When an agency
             C                  ed up b            oseph E              dited to
  Atlanta            either pick
                        is              ed at 732 J
                                                cat           dand expe
                                                                         ecte    h               Nort              places their order, they
              nation                 house lo                  ed, insp                 ta and
     Your do               k’s ware                  , weigh                 ro Atlan                              also choose a time to
              ood Ba
                        n                   sorted                    ss Met
     to the F                      is then                  ies acro
                   A3  0318. It              elie f agenc             d famil
                                                                              ies.                                 pick up the food. Upon
        lanta, G                    unger r                  uals an
      At                   rtner h                 individ                                                         arrival, the food they
               ank’s pa                  tion to                                    y cash d
      Food B                 ct distribu                                    om m
                 for dire                                        nefit fr
                                                                                                                   ordered will have already
       Georgia                                        uals be ?                                        antly
                                             divid                                            signific
                                                                                                                   been pulled from the
                      familie    s and in y Food Bank                             bulk at a              rth
           ow do nta Communi
                                                               nd prod
                                                                          ucts in               8.28 wo            warehouse and palletized.
        H                                                od a                     n pr ovide $
                      tla                      cure fo                   of $1 ca                                  Each day, an average of
         to the A ank is able to pro the Food Bank                                                                 30-40 partner agencies
          The Foo
                    dB                    tion to
                                sh dona           e in nee
               er co st. A ca           or thos
                                                                                                                   can be seen at the Food
          low                   ducts f                                      food?                  on, Cob
                     and pro                                                                                       Bank, loading their orders
           of food                                          an  d I need , Cherokee, Clayt aulding
                                              Atlanta                    Butts                  enry, P            into cars, vans, trucks and
                         I  don  ’t live in iduals who live in on, Gwinnett, H                                     buses. More and more
            What if tline helps indiv                     , Forsyt
                                                                    h, Fult
                        ho                       Fayette                                                           rural agencies are opting
            The 211                    ouglas,
                              kalb, D                                                                              to save time and fuel by
             Cow   eta, De            nties.
                             ale cou                                                  grocery products arrive at   participating in the Food
              an d Rockd
                                                     each organization’s bud-         the Food Bank from food      Bank’s delivery program.
                  general rule, those requir-        get and food allotments.         drives, super markets,       Once the food arrives at
                  ing assistance will be asked                                        wholesalers and retailers.   the agency, it is sorted
                  to share basic information HELPInG THoSE                            Some of the food is al-      and divided up again for
                  to ascertain how much              In nEEd                          ready packaged and ready     distribution to individuals
                  and how often assistance is           Many of our readers           for distribution, but food   and families in need.
                  needed.                            are ongoing donors, vol-         collected through food
                      After information is           unteers and supporters of        drives and certain grocery   WHaT abouT
                  gathered and needs are             the Food Bank who give           items need to go through     CaSH
                  reviewed, the agency               their time and resources         a special process. These     donaTIonS?
                  determines – usually on            to help those in need.           items are transferred to        During the current
                  the spot – how much food But some have said that                    our Product Rescue Cen-      economic downturn, the
                  a household is eligible to         as much as they believe          ter where we utilize more    Food Bank is encouraging
                  receive. It can be a matter in the Food Bank, they                  than 1,000 volunteers        individuals to consider
                  of minutes before the client are not quite sure how                 a month to weigh, sort,      making cash donations,
                  will receive nonperish-            their donation makes it          inspect and categorize       which provide more sup-
                  able or canned foods and           into the hands of those          each and every item.         port for less effort. The
                  beverages. Many times              in need. And sometimes               Next the food goes       Food Bank can leverage
                  additional items may be            our volunteers aren’t sure       into special food boxes to   every dollar donated to
                  included such as fresh fruits, what happens to the food             create an assortment of      provide $8.28 worth of
                  vegetables, frozen meats           they have sorted once            healthy items, including     groceries for a hungry
                  and household items.               their shift is over.             canned vegetables and        family!
                      Various hunger relief or-                                       fruits, snacks, chunky          For more informa-
                  ganizations allow clients to WHaT HaPPEnS                           soups, peanut butter,        tion about the Atlanta
                  receive food once a month, WHEn I donaTE                            canned tuna and more.        Community Food Bank
                                                                                      These boxes are stored       or where to get help, visit

                  others twice a month, and Food?
                  some only a few times a               Every day, thousands          in the Food Bank’s  or call
                  year. It varies according to of pounds of food and                  warehouse and are im-        404-892-FEED (3333).
(April 1 – June 30, 2008)
We are grateful for every gift donated in
this past quarter. Due to space limita-
tions, the following contributions total
                                            $250 - $499
                                            Mr. J. B. Abstein
                                            Ms. M. A. Adamski
                                            Ms. Jane F. Agnew
                                            Mrs. Edith H. Alexander
                                                                                    Mr. Tom Stroud
                                                                                    Mr. Joe M. Timberlake
                                                                                    Mr. Robert E. Tracy
                                                                                    Mr. William L. Tracy
                                                                                    Dr. John F. Trotter
                                                                                    Mr. Timothy J. Twomey
                                                                                                                              In honor of the wedding of …
                                                                                                                              Susanne Owens Torres and Charles Scott
                                                                                                                              Logan by
                                                                                                                               John R and Eulalie H. Davis
                                                                                                                               Ms. Karen Barnard
$250 or more.                               Ms. Anastasia Allain                    Mr. Max Wagerman                           George and Marian Hazard
                                            Ms. Ann Alpers                          Mr. William Wandall                        Ms. Hope H. Foxley
$1,000 and above                            Ms. Corinne J. Anderson                 Dr. Robert G. Warner
                                            Mrs. Laura G. Anderson                  Mr. and Mrs. John Warren                  In memory of …
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Bennett             Ms. Jacqueline M. Armstead              Mr. Brian Warren
Mr. Bertram S. Boley Jr.                    Ms. Catherine P. Ashford                Chris and Judy Weathers                   Joseph Amisano by Ms. Joan D. Keller
Ms. Jane E. Campbell                        Mr. William L. Atkinson M. D.           Mr. and Mrs. Mark Weaver                  Lois Boldrini by Ms. Judith M. Stephen
Mrs. Louise M. Cate                         Mr. R. Clay Bailey                      Ms. Wanda L. Wenger                       Bob Bourne by Ms. Tracey Whiston
Ms. Janet M. Chapman                        Eshwar and Aarati Bandlamudi            Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. White              Dora Bradshaw by Ms. Heather Bradshaw
Ms. Pamela J. Coffey                        Mr. and Mrs. Demetri P. Bassil          Mr. and Mrs. James G. White Jr.           Mr. Colvin W. Duren by Ms. Joyce M.
Mr. Jerrold Dubner and Ms. Kathleen         Ms. Lilia R. Bell                       Mr. and Mrs. Homer Whitman Jr.              Duren
 Gaboardi                                   Mr. Cliff O. Bickell                    Mr. George Whitman                        John M. Evans Sr. by Mr. Rolawn B.
Mr. John S. Ewing                           Ms. Barbara Bramble                     Willcutts Family                            Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Kent Gaskill                   Mr. Ray N. Brown                        Ms. Laurie B. Williams                    Orvin Hanke by Ms. Paula Brackett-
Ms. Sharon A. Gay                           Mr. and Mrs. B. Hayse Brown             Mr. Eugene Winograd                         Marty
Mr. Daniel Geelhaar                         Mrs. S. Bryant                          Mr. Richard P. Winston                    Vivian Leigh Henderson by Ms. Marissa
Ms. Arlene Glaser                           Mr. Edward D. Buckley III               Mr. Jim Wood                                D. Barker
Ms. Rachel D. Hillhouse                     Mr. Michael Buckner                     Ms. Jean P. Wooster                       Tom Jackson by Mrs. W K. Wallace
Mr. William Hipp                            Ms. Kymberlee Y. Byrd                   Mr. John A. Yeoman                        Jonathan Katz by Birnbrey, Minsk and
Ms. Susan Joseph                            Mr. Jeffrey Caplan                                                                  Minsk
Mr. Mike Knobler                            Ms. Sandra L. Chase                     HonoR-MEMoRIaL GIFTS                      Oliver J. Keller by Mr. and Mrs. George
Mr. and Mrs. Jack P. Lawson                 Ms. Cheryl L. Colburn                   (April 1 – June 30, 2008)                   B. Berger Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. MacDonald             Ms. Martha R. Cole                                                                Doug Kendrick by Mrs. Valda J. Borud
Mr. Richard G. McGee                        Mrs. Leslie B. Collins                  In honor of …                             Harty Kilgore by Ms. Mary K. Kilgore
Mr. and Mrs. Brent A. Morgan                Mr. and Mrs. John H. Costello                                                     Irma D. McCurley by Ms. Joyce M.
Mr. Sig Mosley                              Mr. Gary S. Coyne                       Maggie Cadman for a very special birth-     Duren
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Paparelli           Ms. Lynn P. Dattilo                        day by Ms. Bonnie Anderson             Mom by Mr. and Mrs. Mike McEachern
Mr. and Ms. W. Henry Parkman                Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Deadwyler           Sallie Chasteen by                        Baby Murphy by Ms. Sylvia Murphy
Mrs. Melissa Prewitt                        Mr. and Mrs. Kerry W. DeVallette          Harrison Group                          Rev. James Orange by Mr. David C.
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Ratcliffe             Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Dillon             Mr. Michael Chasteen                      Young
Ms. Kim A. Reddy                            Mr. Barton A. Donaldson                 Margaret Davis by Ms. Marilee A. Davis    Lisa Pastoria by Ms. Alicia K. Gelfond-
Mr. David Shaw                              Dr. K. Drexler and Mr. Andrew G.        Bruce Donnelly by Rev. Warren Jones         Holtz
Mr. and Mrs. Pete Smith                       Drexler                               Sean Doud’s first communion by            Anne Pettit by Ms. Elaine O’Neil
Mr. Harold Smith                            Mr. David Fagin                           Ms. Mary Teresa Doud                      Whalen
Mr. Roger Stroud                            Ms. Dorothy W. Gibson-Ferrey            Katie Doyle by                            Rose Lee Landry Prevost by Ms. Alison
Kimberly and Russell Umphenour              Mr. and Mrs. John Gilbert Jr.             Ms. Susan Davidson                        R. Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin A. Wahlen Jr.            Mr. and Ms. John Gimnig                   Ms. Bonnie Anderson                     Norman Richards by Sam and
Ms. Margaret E. Watkins                     Jerald and Jan Goodroe                  Debbie Gathmann by Ms. Megan                Dominique Groseclose
Mr. David Wilson and Ms. Melody             Ms. Kathleen R. Gundry                    Bolado                                  Sally A. Roberts by Mr. Joseph E. Roberts
 Wilder                                     Mr. Gerald Hajdusiewicz                 Brad and Stephanie Grant by Mr. Paul      Eleanor Sheppard by Ms. Cecilia L.
Mr. Dennis J. Wondra                        Ms. Mary P. Harmon                        Rubenstein                                Sheppard
                                            Mrs. Julia H. Harvey                    Beth Halpern by Lynne and Jack            Margaret B. Smith by Mr. and Mrs. James
$500 - $999                                 Mrs. Norene B. Herren                     Halpern Philanthropic Fund                P. Wheeler III
                                            Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Hess             Ben Kline by Ms. Mary Riviere             Mike Sullivan by Ms. Kim A. Kramer
Ms. Catherine L. Beard                      Mr. Tynes Hildebrand Jr.                My Mother, Mary Ann Kowalski by           Sunshine by Ms. Denise L. Bennett
Ms. Meredith Bell                           Mr. Jack Holton                           Ms. Beth Gylys                          Curtis M. Thompson and Michael
Mr. and Mrs. Francis S. Blake               Mr. Allen E. Hopper                     Scott Perelstein by Mr. Larry Lang          Thompson by Mrs. Beth Thompson
Mr. Scott Bracewell                         Mr. Donald R. Houze                     Tyler Perry by                            Bob Tuschl by Dixie L. Tuschl
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Burgess Jr.              Mr. Brian E. Howard                       Ms. Christy Hankins                     Mrs. Annie M. Ward by Calvin Ward
Mr. Howard Campbell                         Mr. Brian Howard                          Ms. Alison R. Solomon                   Ms. Peggy Waskom by Mr. Joel Lackey
Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Chaiet                 Mr. Craig Inman                         Virginia Richardson this Mother’s Day     Bertha Weeks by
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. De Kok                Patricia Jenks and Emory Jenks            from Julie and LeeAnne by                 Ms. Louise M. Conti
Ms. Sandra L. Evans                         Mr. Craig Jones                           Ms. LeeAnne Richardson                    The Friends of Sandy Springs Library
Ms. Juanette Hall                           Ms. Nancy S. King                       Charlton & Blanche Roberts by William       Richard and Anne Haimes
Mr. Jeff Hammill                            Mr. and Mrs. Harold Kirtz                 E. Abbott                               Rona Weinberg by
Ms. Cynthia K. Hannafey                     Ms. Janet L. Kolodner and Mr. Michael   Heidi Smith by Ms. Holly Shumate            Ms. Andrea Albert
Ms. Lorraine E. Harrison                      Klein                                 Dana Stanke by Ms. Alexandra Stanke         Ms. Karen T. Barron
Rev. A. K. Haynes Jr.                       Mr. Edgar N. Kopp                       Ted and Sallie by Mr. Samuel C.             Donald L. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Itkin                   Mr. and Mrs. Steven Korn                  McCutchen                                 Community Management Associates, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. William Jackson                Ms. Elizabeth B. Lamb                   The Fish Atlanta Radio Station by           Ms. Rosemary Q. Dillon
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney I. Katz                 Mr. and Mrs. William S. Lapidus           Gillian Madden                            Ms. Laura Z. Dinerman
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kirksey                Mr. George S. Lauderdale                Jake Waddell by Dr. Pat Gibson              Randi and Marilyn Drooker
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Klein                  Ms. Erika A. Levy                       Emory President Jim Wagner by               Mr. Ronald J. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest G. Knepper Jr.         Mrs. Martha D. Lokey                      Sodexho/Emory                             Ms. Paola Jacobs
Dr. J. Bancroft Lesesne                     Ms. Karen Mann                                                                      Mr. Jason B. Lazott & Manuel
Mr. Jeffery B. Lockman                      Mr. Michael Manning                     In honor of the Bat Mitzvah of …            Hernandez
Ms. Ellen B. Macht                          Ms. Judy Manning                                                                    Ms. Jennifer Lebin
Ms. Aimee C. Malik                          Mr. G.E. Massafra                       Sydney Weisman by Dr. and Mrs.              Dr. and Mrs. Angel Mistro
Ms. Laureen Mann                            Mr. Stephen A. McKenna                   Michael Lipsitt                            Ms. Sylvia Murphy
Mr. Howard G. Maxwell                       Mr. and Ms. Lewis J. Miers Jr.                                                      Dr. and Mrs. Marc Parness
Ms. Mimi S. Monett                          Mrs. Ida K. Miller                      In honor of the birth of new baby to …      Ms. Debra L. Paull
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Morra               Mr. Glenn L. Moore                                                                  Ms. Mary V. Pollock
Dr. P. H. Nichols Jr.                       Ms. Karen L. Morris                     Rabbi and Mrs. Yechezkel Freundlich by      Ms. Amy Rothenhaus
Donald and Helen O’Shea                     Rev. Richard B. Morrow                   Mr. and Ms. Arthur Haber                   Ms. Kristine Rudolph
Mr. John G. Ouellette                       Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Muth                                                        Ms. Lucie Soto
Mr. Randall A. Parrish                      Mr. Thomas L. Pennella and Ms. Kathy    In honor of the birthday of …               Ms. Emily Tracht
Ms. Beth A. Payne                             Anhalt                                                                            Ms. Jennifer Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Penk                   Ms. Paula S. Powell                     Sandy K. Bowen by Ms. Alice M.              Ms. Lisa Wolpowitz
Ms. Sophia B. Peterman                      Ms. Virginia Proctor                      McCarthy                                Elgin F. and Eleanor E. White by Ms.
Mr. F. A. Petrus                            Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Richardson         Margaret Bussey, M.D. by Ms. Judith         Laura Taylor
Ms. Anna Rachap                             Mr. William Rissler                       K. Poston                               John Wilkins by Grosvenor Homeowners
Mr. Quinn Richards                          Ms. Kathryn Sanders                     Betty Daniels by O. Alan Daniels            Association
Mr. and Mrs. Todd C. Roscoe                 Mr. Jeffrey Schneider                   Kathleen Gaboardi by Bill and Joan        Dr. Thomas M. Skafidas, D.M.D. by Ms.
Jeffrey Sarson and G. Yvonne Sarson         Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Schreck           Buchanan                                  Deborah A. Cornell
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Schlemmer             Mr. Michael C. Schreiber                Andrea Lane by Ms. Barbara Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schwan                   Mr. Keith D. Schutz and Ms. Mary F.     Ms. Marybeth Martin Rose by Mr. Joe B.    GIFTS FRoM oRGanIZaTIonS
Mr. L. N. Smith Jr.                           Paints                                  Martin and Ms. Evelyn Polk              (April 1 – June 30, 2008)
Bryan and Suzanne Smith                     Mr. Jay Schwartz                        Dorothy Shea by Debbie Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Snell                Ms. Charity Scott                       Jake Waddell by Ms. Heather Baird-        Aidmatrix
Mr. Michael T. Stanhope and Ms.             Ms. Whitney Scott                         Winter                                  Allstate Giving Campaign
  Donna Latham                              Mrs. Bettie L. Shelton                  Henry and Jeanne Wisebram by Ms.          American Business Consultants
Mr. and Ms. Mark K. Taylor                  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shepherd             Edna J. Wisebram                        American Express Charitable Fund
Ms. Ann Todd                                Mr. John L. Simpson                                                               American Express Foundation -
Ms. Sharon S. Umphenour                     Ms. Anne N. Simpson                     In honor of the graduation of …            Employee Giving Campaign

Mr. Julius Wenger                           Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Skellie                                                        America’s Charities
Ms. Dorothy B. Wilder                       Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Slavik          Ms. Jamie Dillon by                       America’s Second Harvest
Mr. and Ms. Ted Williams                    Dr. Joseph E. Sniezek                    Ms. Bonnie Anderson                      AT&T Community Giving Campaign
Mr. James Woods                             Spetalnick Family                        The Key Foundation             
Mr. and Mrs. William Woolf                  Ms. Dana E. Steiner                                                               Bahai of Cherokee County
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Young                  Ms. Marilyn Stevenson                                                             Bank of America - United Way
                                            Mr. Rodney A. Stooksbury                                                           Campaign
                                                                                                                              Barnett Neurosurgery, P.C.
CC heers
           Betty & Davis Fitzgerald Family
           Birnbrey, Minsk and Minsk
           Bleich Family Fund
           Break Bread Ministries, Inc.
           CapMark Finance, Inc.
           Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta
                                                    Siemens - Employee Giving
                                                    Simmons Corporate
                                                    Smith & Howard Charitable Fund
                                                    Smith & Howard PC
                                                    Sprint/Nextel Corporation
                                                    Starbucks Coffee - Partner Giving
                                                                                           Christensen Family
                                                                                           Clayton Family
                                                                                           Shalonda Cleveland
                                                                                           David Clifton
                                                                                           Forrest Clifton
                                                                                           Edna Cobb
                                                                                           Nina Colman
                                                                                                                        David Kasriel
                                                                                                                        Anjanette Keane-Dawes
                                                                                                                        Audrie Kelton
                                                                                                                        Khan Family
                                                                                                                        Oskar Kigelman
                                                                                                                        King Family
                                                                                                                        Carrisha King
           The Children’s School                      Programs                             Katy Colvin                  Beatrice Knight
           Cisco Systems Foundation                 Suntrust Bank                          Daniel Connelly              Kuester Family
           City of Atlanta Employees’ Friendship    Target                                 Brian Covington              Robert Kukler
             Club, Inc.                             The Garrett Family Foundation          Cadie Cox                    Nara Kuppuswamy
           Claude Family Trust                      The John Roy & Mary Elizabeth Nix      Carrie Cox                   Glenn Kurtz
           The Club of Hearts, Inc.                   Hollingsworth Family Fund            Mary Crain                   Allegra Lawrence-Hardy
           CNA Insurance Companies                  Thermal Support Inc.                   Bryan Crutchfield            Sloan Leavens
           Combined Federal Campaign                Thomas Group, Inc.                     Marilyn Curtain-Phillips     Richard LeBer
           Community Management Associ-             Timberridge Presbyterian Church        Daly Family                  Jeff Lebow
             ates, Inc.                             United eWay                            David Daniel                 David Lee
           Computer Associates International,       United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta     Marcus Daniels               Johanna Lee
             Inc.                                     - United Way Campaign                Davenport Family             Glen Leidich
           Congregation Etz Chaim Minyon            Wal-Mart                               Davis Family                 Terri Leidich
             Pushka Fund                            Watkins & Associates                   DeLaFuente Family            Richelle Leonard
           Council of Volunteer Administrators of   The Weber Family Foundation            Degbor Family                Mark Lerner
             Metro Atlanta, Inc                     Weber School                           Mark DeLong                  Lily Li
           The Davis Academy                        Wellpoint Foundation - Company         Donna Dobmeier               Kai Liang
           Dunwoody United Methodist Church           Match                                Dominy Family                Margaret Little
           Emory University Worship                 Westminster Schools                    Douglas Family               Lorenzen Family
           Employees of Cisco Systems, Inc.         Sodexho Emory                          Adele Doyle                  Love Family
           Employees of H&R Block                                                          Tanay Dudhela                Leigh Lowry
           Employees of Home Depot                  MaTCHInG GIFTS                         Marion Dudrey                Toni Lublin-Zaglin
           Employees of IBM                         (April 1 – June 30, 2008)              Danielle Dugger              Kady MacFarlane
           Employees of Pitney Bowes                                                       East Family                  Contessar Maddox
           Employees of The Marriott                The ACE INA Foundation                 Easterby Family              Valerie Maddox
           Equifax, Inc.                            American Express Charitable Fund       Ebrahim-Zadeh Family         Mukesh Makwana
           Eternal Jewels LLC                       Amgen Foundation                       Janece Edwards               Susreeta Malia
           Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta          Bank of America Matching Gifts         Ehlers Family                Marshall Family
           FirstGiving, Inc.                          Program                              Alison Ehrlich               Martinez Family
           Flair Forest Garden Club                 GE Foundation                          Mandy Eidson                 Marx Family
           Friends of Sandy Springs Library, Inc.   IBM Corporation - IBM Grants Program   Grace Elliott                Annette Maxey
           Gail H. Evans Family Foundation          IDI                                    Darenae Evans                Clair Maxwell
             Philanthropic Fund                     ING Foundation                         Facey Family                 Lesley Maxwell
           Georgia Merit System                     Key Foundation                         Falstad Family               McCrory Family
           Georgia State University - Psi Chi       Kimberly-Clark Foundation Inc.         Farmer Family                McCusker Rose
             National Honor Society                 Merck Partnership For Giving           Ronald Fennel                Judy McDowell
           Girl Scouts - Troop 3115                 RSUI                                   Barbara Fields               Ken Meyers
           Glenn Memorial United Methodist          The Sun Microsystems Foundation        Lisa Fields                  Eric Mickley
             Church                                 Teleflex Foundation                    Melissa Fitzpatrick-Garcia   Sara Miller
           Grosvenor Homeowners Association         Thrivent Financial for Lutherans       Flournoy Family              Dara Milner
           H&R Block                                Verizon Foundation                     Focke Family                 De’Marcus Mitchell
           Harp’s Crossing Baptist Church           Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts     Doug Foley                   Mooney Family
           Harrison Group                             Program                              Bob Freeman                  Anna Moore
           Hewlett-Packard Employee Giving                                                 Friedman Family              Mary Moore
           Hindu Temple of Atlanta, Inc.            IndIVIduaL and FaMILY                  Carmen Frobos                Terance Moore
           The Home Depot Political Action          VoLunTEERS                             Stephanie Galer              David Morgan
             Committee                              (April 1 – June 30, 2008)              Garrett Family               Vivek Mukhatyar
           Hoosier Memorial United Methodist                                               Cicely Garrett               Cherie Murray
             Church                                 David Abes                             Mary Evelyn Gibert           Bhaskar Nair
           HP Company Foundation                    Zenobia Adams                          Gillespie Family             Juhlin Newkirk
           IBM Employee Services Center             Massan Aguie                           Elizabeth Gilley             Lisa Newman
           IBM Retiree Charitable Campaign          Terry Akins                            Arlene Glaser                Newton Family
           Idlewood Supporting Foundation, Inc.     A. David Alcott                        Cornelia Glass               Nam Phuong Nguyen
           Industrial Developments International,   Alexander Family                       Mark Glazer                  Brenda Oliver
             Inc.                                   Tramell Alexander                      Bob Graham                   Jennifer Oliver
           ING Employee Giving Campaign             Mindy Allen                            Gordon Graham                Olu Onabokun
           ING Foundation                           Allen-Portis Family                    Green Family                 Judith Ostrow
             Institute For Management Studies       Aaron Anderson                         Tina Greening                Overton Family
           Intercontinental Hotels Group            Precious Anderson                      Tyler Gresham                Ben Pace
           JST Foundation                           Gerald Arnold                          Orlando Hairston             Terry Palmer
           JustGive                                 Jennifer Austen                        Nikki Hancock                Parham Family
           Lynne and Jack Halpern Philanthropic     Balaji Balasubramanian                 Handler Family               Lisa Parker
             Fund                                   Balance Family                         Haner Family                 Katherine Parks
           Macy’s Foundation                        Bandy Family                           Pamela Hardnett              Frank Parrish
           Marriott International Inc.              Leslie Banks                           Sherri Hardy                 Jennifer Patterson
           Mary Coffey Charitiable Trust            William Barry                          Glenda Harper                Tammy Pendergrass
           Mary Lin Elementary School               Allan Bartolich                        Tamara Harris                Ashley Perez
           McKesson - Employee Match                Bell Family                            Marilyn Harris               Ashley Perry
           Melissa Legg and Richard Reeves          Bello Family                           Harrison Family              Rose Perry
             Charitable Gift Fund                   Bergeron Family                        Stephanie Hennig             Arthur Phillips
           Microsoft Giving Campaign - JK Group     Gena Berry                             Donald Heroman               Tan Phommachack
           Miller Ice Cream                         Ravi Bhatia                            Katie Herrmann               Pierce Family
           Morgan Stanley Annual Appeal             Katherine Binns                        Bill Hildebrandt             Jeff Pierce
           Mountain View Arts Alliance              Shelly Black                           Jonathan Hill                Ernest Pitts
           Mutual of America Matching Gift          Cary Bohlen                            Stephanie Hoeks              Pradhan Family
             Program                                Megan Bolado                           Hood Family                  Barbara Prevost
           National Semiconductor - Employee        Patrick Boleware                       Kelly Hornbuckle             Fallon Proctor
             Directed Giving Program                Bonner Family                          Penni Houston                Anne Prusak
           Neale M. Bearden Fund                    Bowers Family                          Charma Hudson                Johanna Rackley
           Network For Good                         Frank Boyd                             Hulsey Family                Alana Rambo
           Nigerian Women Association of            Carole Boyd                            Katie Hunley                 Ken Randolph
             Georgia                                Christi Boyes                          Jole’ Hunter                 Toby Ray
           Northside United Methodist Church        Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpe              Hynes Family                 Mason Reegger
           NorthWest GA Girl Scout Council          Jere Brady                             Chase Idol                   Reynolds Family
             - Troop 20205                          Claire Brannon                         Tabitha Ingle                Brenda Rhodes
           Oakhurst Baptist Church                  Vera Briscoe                           Ruth Isaac                   Julie Richards
           O’Reilly Auto Parts                      Charlie Brittingham                    Tonya Izzard                 Anthony Rigby
           Peachtree Presbyterian Church            Kimberly Brown                         Parker Jackson               Noah Riley
           The Pistone Family Foundation            Lolita Browning Jackson                Lena Jenkins                 Dorinda Rogers
           Pitney Bowes - Corporate Matching        Marina Bryant                          Jennings Family              Rogers Family
             Contribution Program                   Tyler Burns                            Johnson Family               Bob Rosentreter
           Quality Living Services, Inc.            Del Butler                             Diane Johnson                Charles Ross
           Rhonda Klein - Schwab Charitable         Buysse Family                          James Johnson                Carey Rountree

             Fund                                   Sabino Caiafa                          Rosa Johnson                 Todd Rushing
           Ruf Family Trust                         Rodney Callaway                        Jones Family                 Marie Russell
           Sagamore Hills School Junior Beta        Carlisle Family                        Max Just                     Aaron Rutledge
             Club                                   Carroll Family                         Susan Kahn                   Imani Rutledge
           Sandra & Jack Horowitz Philantropic      Christy Chance                         Arrie Kain                   Sandeep Sarda
             Fund                                   Jared Chapman                          Mary Helen Kamees            KaRen Sarvis
           SDG Construction                         Mohanne Charles                        Mike Kane                    Jonathan Sharpe
Terri Shaw
Siemon Family
Kathy Siemon
Alonda Simms
Camille Sims
Tracy Sims
                                        CHRIS Kids, Inc. - Rockshadow
                                        The Coca-Cola Company - Legal
                                        Cross Pointe Church
                                        Delta Air Lines, Inc.
                                                                                  Oglethorpe University - Alpha Phi
                                                                                  Paideia School
                                                                                  Pathways Christian School
                                                                                  Peachtree Presbyterian Church
                                                                                    – Agape Class
                                                                                                                        Fresh Express
                                                                                                                        Fresh Frozen Foods LLC
                                                                                                                        Fresh Point
                                                                                                                        Garden Fresh
                                                                                                                        Gate Gourmet
Anna Slive                              Delta Air Lines, Inc. - Delta Cargo       Peachtree Presbyterian Church         General Mills
Butch Smith                             Delta Technology, Inc.                      - Faithmates Class                  Georgia International Convention
Jeff Smith                              DLA Piper US LLP                          Peachtree Presbyterian Church           Center
Suzanne Smith                           Door Atlanta                                - Seekers Class                     Georgia-Pacific
Rachel Solomon                          Due West United Methodist Church          Peachtree Road United Methodist       Georgia Spice Company
Speed Family                            Duluth 7th Day Adventist -Youth             Church                              Guest Distribution Inc.
Joan Spivey                             Dunwoody United Methodist Church          Peachtree Women’s Specialists         H.J. Heinz Company
Judy Stamps                             Emory University                          Pope High School                      The Hershey Company
Kellie Steedman                         Emory University - Circle K               Project Open Hand                     Hilton Hotels Corporation
Stephens Family                         Emory University - Emory Scholars         Quickparts                            The IJ Company
Doug Strickler                            Program                                 Recall                                Innovative Concept Group
Ann Sullivan                            Emory University - Volunteer Emory        Restore Health Group                  The J.M. Smucker Company
Brandon Sutton                          The Epstein School - Fifth Grade Class    The Ritz-Carlton Hotel - Buckhead     Kabobs
Greg Swindells                          ESL Instruction & Consulting              The Ritz-Carlton Hotel - Downtown     Karlin Food Products, Inc.
Mary Taboloff                           Essential 2 Life                            Atlanta                             Kellogg Company
Philip Tague                            Events and Adventures                     Rotary Club of Atlanta                KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)/Yum
Taylor Family                           Experience Mission                        Sababa                                  Brands, Inc.
Teodorescu Family                       Feed the Need Ministries                  Sagamore Hills School Junior Beta     Kikkoman Corporation
April Thomas                            Fireman’s Fund                              Club                                Kraft Foods Inc.
Guy Thomson                             First Presbyterian Church of Atlanta      SAI Group                             The Kroger Co.
Andrew Traub                            First Presbyterian Church of Franklin,    Sheraton Atlanta Hotel                la Madeleine
Trzcierski Family                         TN                                      Shiloh Baptist Church                 Land O’Lakes, Inc.
Kathy Tuchman                           Flip City South Tumblers                  Skyland Trail                         Levy Restaurants
Barbara Tuggle                          The Friends School of Atlanta             Smoke Rise Baptist Church             Littler Brokerage Co Inc
Billy Turmon                            General Electric - Commercial Finance     Smoke Rise Baptist Church - Day       LongHorn Steakhouse
Turner-Norwood Family                   Georgia Assoc. of African American          Camp                                The Lovett School
Mike Van Wagenen                          Attorneys                               Sodexho - Corporate Services          LowCountry Barbecue
Kristi VanDyke                          Georgia Association of Paralegals         Spelman College - Beta Kappa Chi      Marriott International, Inc.
L’Oreal Vaughn                          Georgia Bar Association - Young Lawyers   St. Martin’s Episcopal School         McKinnon’s Louisiane Restaurant
Jason Vilardi                             Division                                St. Peter Claver Regional Catholic    The Minute Maid Company
Michael Wade                            Georgia Department of Banking &             School                              Mrs. Smith’s
Paul Wagner                               Finance                                 St. Pius X Catholic High School       Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church
Ed Walls                                Georgia State University - Nutrition      Stephenson High School                Nestlé FoodServices
Jack Walsh                                Student Network                         Swift, Currie, McGhee & Hiers, LLP    Novartis Medical Nutrition
Joseph Wanandi                          Georgia Tech - Alpha Kappa Psi            SYSCO Food Services of Atlanta        Olive Garden
Zhenxian Wang                           Georgia Tech - Greek Week                 The Collegiate Licensing Company      Omaha Steaks
Stephanie Watkins                         Philanthropy Committee                  The Jesuit Volunteer Corps            P & K Services
LaKeisha Watson                         Georgia Tech - Lambda Chi Alpha           The Nielsen Company                   Piece of Cake
Judith Weathers                         Georgia Tech - Language Institute         TRAC Atlanta                          Pizza Hut
Emily Weaver                            Georgia Tech - Tau Beta Sigma Alumni      Trickum Middle School                 Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits
Joel Welker                             Gibraltar Christian Church                Trinity Presbyterian Church           P & G (Proctor & Gamble)
Kenneth Wells                           Girl Scouts - Troop 1596                  Turner Broadcasting System            Publix Super Markets, Inc.
Jerold Wells Jr.                        Girl Scouts - Troop 20538                 Tzu Chi Foundation                    Quaker
Blaine Westerfield                      Girl Scouts - Troop 24434                 U.S. Carrier Telecom LLC              Red Lobster
Wheatley Family                         Girl Scouts - Troop 3154                  Vanderbilt University - Atlanta       Renaissance Hotels
Gary Wheeler                            Girl Scouts - Troop 363                     Alumni                              Rite Aid Pharmacy
Ted Williams                            Girl Scouts - Troop 39                    Visions of Hope for Boys              Riviana Foods
James Williams                          Grady High School                         Wachovia                              Roasters
Willis Family                           Hands On Atlanta - Food for Thought       Warren/Holyfield Boys and Girls       Royal Food Products, LLC
Virginia Willis                         Hands On Atlanta - Teamworks                Club                                S & S Cafeteria
Yvette Wills                            Harrison High School                      Wesley Chapel United Methodist        SC Johnson
Hilary Wilson                           Harry Norman (Buckhead Office &             Church                              Sam’s Club
John Wolcott                              Corporate Office)                       West Mitchell CME Church              Seeds of Change
Robin Wood                              Herzing College                           Westdale Asset Management             Share Our Strength
Ginia Wood                              Holy Innocents’ Episcopal Church            - Atlanta                           Six Beans
Sarah Yates                             Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School          Westlake High School                  Smart Balance
Lindsay Zerressen                       Holy Spirit Catholic Church               Westminster Presbyterian Church       Smithfield Foods
                                        Holy Trinity Episcopal Church             Westminster Schools                   Sodexho
GROUP VOLUNTEERS                        The Home Depot                            Whole Foods Market                    Starbucks Coffee Company
(April 1 – June 30, 2008)               The Home Depot Credit Services            Wilbur Smith Associates               Sugar Foods Corporation
                                        IBM -                             Young Adult Ministry                  Sun-Maid Growers of California
ACFB Youth Leadership Summit            Inner Harbour Douglasville Campus         Youthworks                            Sunny Delight Beverages Co.
Acworth United Methodist Church         InterContinental Hotels Group             Zurich - American Insurance Group     Suzanna’s Kitchen
All Saints Catholic Church              InterContinental Hotels Group                                                   Sysco Food Services of Atlanta
Alston & Bird                             - Alpharetta                            FOOD & PRODUCT DONORS                 Taco Bell/Yum Brands, Inc.
American Express Company                Intercontinental Hotels Group -           (April 1 – June 30, 2008)             Target
Americasmart                              America’s Marketing Services                                                  Taylor Packing Co. Inc.
AT&T Pioneers - Peachtree Life          Jackson United Methodist Church           Aberdeen Woods Conference Cen-        Tropical Fruit and Nut
  Members                               JP Morgan Chase                             ter (now Dolce Atlanta-Peachtree)   Tropicana Products, Inc.
AT&T Telecom Pioneers - Peachtree       Junior League of Atlanta, Inc.            Affairs To Remember                   U.S. Foodservice, Inc.
  Council Life Member Club              Kennesaw State University                 Arctic Express                        Uncle Ben’s
Atlanta Chinese Catholic Association    Kiwanis Club - Galleria/NW Atlanta        Armour Swift-Eckrich Dsd              Unilever
  (ACCA)                                Kiwanis Club - Northside                  Art Institute of Atlanta              United Natural Foods, Inc.
Atlanta Green Meetings Council          KPMG                                      Barilla America, Inc.                 VISTAR Corporation
Atlanta International School            Krystal Williams Foundation               Batdorf & Bronson Coffee Roasters     Wal-Mart
Atlanta Job Corps                       Le Cordon Bleu                            Best Foods                            Waverly Pastry Shop
Atlanta Marriott Northwest              Lexis Nexis                               Burris Logistics                      Wendy’s
Atlanta Sudanese Association of         Life Church                               Cabbage Inc                           Westin Hotels & Resorts
  Professionals                         Life University (Main Gymnasium)          Cargill                               WhiteWave Foods
Atlanta Youth Academy                   Love Evangelical Methodist Church         Carvel/Cinnabon                       Whole Foods Market                          Lutheran Church of the Atonement          Carvers Grocery                       Wyeth Consumer Healthcare
Balch & Bingham, LLP                    Lutheran Church of the Redeemer           Chick-fil-A
Bank of America                         Macy’s Federated Department Stores        Church & Dwight Co., Inc.             KIDS IN NEED DONORS
Bank of America - Black Professionals   Marcus Jewish Community Center of         The Clorox Company                    (April 1 – June 30, 2008)
  Group                                   Atlanta                                 CLS & NDS ICO A&P
Bank of New York                        Marist School                             Cobb Galleria Centre                  Corporate Express
Bank of North Georgia                   Marriott International                    The Coca-Cola Company                 Davis Academy 2nd Grade
Berean Seventh Day Adventist Church     Morehouse College                         ConAgra Foods                         Georgia Federation of Women’s Clubs
Beta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc.           Morningside Presbyterian Church           Cox Enterprises, Inc.                   4th Dist.
Big Miller Grove Baptist Church         Mt. Olive Ministries                      DadePaper Company                     Arlene Glaser
Bobby Dodd Institute                    Mt. Welcome Missionary Baptist Church     Darden Restaurants                    Kids In Need Foundation
Boy Scouts - Troop 550                  National Association of Letter Carriers   Dart Container Corporation            Lakesha Crawford
Buckhead Church                         Nationwide Insurance                      Dester Corporation                    The Nielsen Company
Cascade United Methodist Church         Naval Airstation Atlanta                  The Dial Corporation                  Purina

Cascade United Methodist Church         New Branch Ministries                     Dolce Atlanta-Peachtree (formerly     Staples
  - Christian Door Keepers              Niles Bolton Associates, Inc.               Aberdeen Woods Conference           Zeta Phi Beta Sorority
Cathedral of St. Philip                 North Atlanta High School -                 Center)
CBeyond Communications                    Community Service Club                  Domino’s Pizza
CDC Federal Credit Union                Northside Hospital                        Eby-Brown
The Children’s School                   Northwoods Montessori School              Emory University
CHRIS Kids, Inc.                        Notre Dame Alumni Club of Atlanta         FFE Transportation Services, Inc.
airings                         Our sincere gratitude goes out to the following
                                    restaurants for hosting Supper Club:
                                                 Eclipse di Luna
                                          Holeman and Finch Public House

                                          And great appreciation to
                                          our Supper Club sponsors:
                                        Ethic, Inc                 TrendCRM
                                    Jezebel Magazine               929 davefm
              Join us for
            Supper Club!
           It’s a great way
          to try out the best
          restaurants in town
           while supporting
            hunger relief.

             Each month,
            a different host
          restaurant donates
              20% of the
          evening’s proceeds
          to Atlanta’s Table,           Many thanks to all who helped
                                        organize these exciting events:
            a project of the
                                             atlanta dream Food drive
             Food Bank.                      bruce Springsteen Concert
                                     Changing The Way You dress Fashion Show
           Visit                     doctors against Hunger
                                      Iron Chef benefit featuring bobby Flay vs.
          to sign up for your
                                              Kevin & Kent Rathbun
          monthly invitation.         Kenneth Cole Productions Mansion Party
                                         Kroger’s bringing Hope to the Table
                                                  Roswell Tree 10K

14                                               Taste of the nation
                                                                     Simple abundance                   P

                                                                       Cooking Classes
We couldn’t do it without our Simple Abundance
Cooking Class Sponsors & door prize providers.                        are a collaborative
                   Many thanks to:
             Atlanta Beverage Company                               partnership between
             Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
              Bella Cucina Artful Foods                          The Cook’s Warehouse,
                     Cabot Cheese
                The Cook’s Warehouse                               The Kroger School of
                Crawford Mikus Design
            The Kroger School of Cooking                      Cooking and atlanta’s finest
                 National Distributors
             Quality Wine & Spirits, Inc.
                                                                chefs. all proceeds benefit
              Sherlock’s Wine Merchant
              Taylor Letter Service, Inc.
            Via Elisa Authentic Fresh Pasta                      atlanta’s Table, a project
Our heartfelt thanks go to the following chefs for                    of the Food bank.
 teaching Simple Abundance Cooking Classes:
Chef Adam Newton of The Oceanaire Seafood Room                         Visit
         Chef Archna Becker of Bhojanic
     Chef Eddie Hernandez of Taqueria Del Sol
            Chef Jose Rego of Allegro
               Chef Virginia Willis

     Upcoming Events Benefiting the Food Bank
                                Mark your calendar!
august                                               20       Fill Up at the Food Bank
2      Strike Out Hunger Food Drive @                22       Simple Abundance Cooking Class with
       Turner Field’s Monument Grove                          Chef Linton Hopkins of Restaurant
4      Simple Abundance Cooking Class with                    Eugene and Holeman & Finch Public House
       Chef Chip Ulbrich of South City Kitchen       october
12     Supper Club at 4th & Swift                    6       Simple Abundance Cooking Class with
18     Simple Abundance Cooking Class with                   Chef Gregg McCarthy of Murphy’s
       Chef Ignacio Barquera of Relish               13      Simple Abundance Cooking Class with
September – Hunger action Month                              Chef Martin Burge of Lola Bellini Bar &
9       Supper Club Concentric Restaurants                   Restaurant
15      Simple Abundance Cooking Class with          14      Supper Club TBD*
        Chef Jay Swift of 4th & Swift                27      Simple Abundance Cooking Class with
15-21   Wine Week at Concentric Restaurants                  Chef Tim Magee of Parish Foods & Goods

                   Visit regularly for the most up-to-date info on the many
                          events benefiting the Atlanta Community Food Bank!
G     ratuity
                             30 Ways in
                             30 Days...
                                                                                                         F     ood banks across the country will live out a new
                                                                                                               experiment this September: the first annual
                                                                                                         Hunger Action Month. The month long commemo-
                                                                                                         ration is much more than an observance. It’s all about
                                                                                                         getting involved, learning something you didn’t know
                                                                                                         before, and taking ACTION. Here in Atlanta, we’ll
                                                                                                         roll out the month with 30 ways you can be involved
                                                                                                         in the 30 days of September.
                                                                                                            If you followed through with even one of the sug-
                                                                                                         gested items on any day of your choosing, you could
                                                                                                         make a tremendous difference! To see the 30 ways,

                         Editors: Natasha Daniels and Amy Hudson                                                         ACFB Board of Directors: 2008/2009 Officers are
                                                                                                                         Chair Richard LeBer, Vice Chair Don Heroman,
                         Contributors: Bill Bolling, Natasha Daniels, Cedric Davis, Leslie Hamilton, Daphne Hill, Amy    Treasurer Hilary Wilson, Secretary Phil Tague,
                         Hudson, John Montgomery, Barbara Prevost, Suzanne Roush, Holly Royston, Orazie Slayton,         Atlanta’s Table Chair Arlene Glaser and Kids
                         Judy Stamps and Naretha Timberlake                                                              In Need Chair Sally Rhoden. 2008/2009 Board
                                                                                                                         Members are Precious Anderson, Jere Brady,
                         Cover Photo Courtesy of: Virginie Kippelen                                                      David Eidson, Bob Freeman, Mike Kane,
                                                                                                                         Allegra Lawrence-Hardy, David Leeds,
                         Inside Photos Courtesy of: Kelli Baxendale, Natasha Daniels, Carter Elliott, Paula Gould, Ken   Rose Perry, Chip Presten, Joseph Sisto,
                         Jones, Marcus Kraus, Laura Lester, Rashaad Newsom and United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta        Jeff Smith and Marjy Stagmeier.

                                                                                                                         General Counsel: David Long-Daniels
                         Design: Maloney Design Studio
                                                                                                                         Executive Director: Bill Bolling

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Nourishing stronger communities.
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