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Global Film and Migration PRESS RELEASE.pages by KathleenKress


									FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                        Media Contact: Timothy Barnard
                                                             (757) 221-1274 or
                                              Festival website:


                       SCREENINGS AND RECEPTIONS

       WILLIAMSBURG, VA- The College of William & Mary is holding its Second Annual
Global/Local Film event under the theme of “Global Film and Migration.” This year the college
has joined forces with the Williamsburg Regional Library to offer free film screenings providing
a broad introduction to immigration and its impact around the world. An extended series of over
50 films from 15 different nations has been running since January at the Williamsburg Regional
Library Theater, the Kimball Theater (in conjunction with the College’s Tournees French Film
Festival), and at the Sadler Center on the William & Mary Campus. The film series culminates in
a week-long film festival from March 16-22 with free films and events. During the festival week,
international filmmakers, actors, scholars, and musicians will be in town to present and perform
their work. The goal of the festival is to foster a community-wide dialogue on the ways in which
film and human migration have shaped our lives and the stories we tell both globally and locally.
       For the festival weekend, March 20-22, special guests from Italy (filmmaker Emanuele
Crialese), Cuba (filmmaker Miguel Coyula), Hungary (U.S. immigrant actress and musician
Eszter Balint), and France and Algeria (filmmaker Yamina Benguigui) will introduce their films,
participate in post screening Q&A sessions, and join together for a roundtable discussion on the
festival’s overarching theme. Other invited guests include filmmaker Georg Koszulinski whose
documentary Immokalee, U.S.A. addresses the struggles of an international migrant community
in rural Florida. American Studies Prof. Paul Buhle (Brown University, American Civilization
Program) will introduce the 1927 Warner Brothers film The Jazz Singer in the context of his
book From the Lower East Side to Hollywood: Jews in American Popular Culture. Independent
Italian Film specialist Edward Bowen will present a series of five recent Italian shorts treating
recent trends of immigration in Italy. A family focused event on Saturday afternoon at the public
library will pair Charlie Chaplin’s short “The Immigrant” (1917) with the classic animated film
An American Tail. The festival will also include two live music concerts at the Sadler Center on
the William & Mary Campus. Friday night will feature the Latino-Reggae band, Guarco, based
in Brooklyn, New York and fronted by both Latino- and Irish-American musicians. The show
will open with the W&M band French Letter and will include immigration themed music videos.
On Satuday night at the W&M Sadler Center, actress Eszter Balint will introduce Jim Jarmusch’s
film Stranger Than Paradise, in which she plays a Hungarian immigrant, a role inspired by the
actress herself. Balint will also close the festival weekend with a concert on Sunday night in
Lodge One at the W&M Sadler Center when she will perform both new and old songs from her
post-filmmaking career as a New York-based singer/songwriter.
       Several events and activities have been taking place prior to the big weekend. Many of
the films have been introduced and highlighted by invited local presenters - including students,
visiting language house tutors, and professors at the College with particular knowledge and
interest in each related film. Special post-screening discussions and receptions organized with
local ethnic and immigrant community groups have also increased the local dialogue about
immigration, identity, and related issues. Ethnic food has been provided for many of these
forums and will continue to be offered throughout the highlighted festival weekend.
       Building on the success of last year’s “When the Movies Come to Town,” a
commemoration of the Williamsburg Kimball Theater’s 75th anniversary and our local film-
going, the Global Film and Migration Series is, as a new component of the festival, also offering
a 1-credit course to William & Mary students designed to prepare them for their informed
participation with the films and filmmakers within this year’s festival. Lectures and film
screenings for that course have also been open to the public. A separate production class has been
busy interviewing directors and professors, creating and assembling media advertisements, and
working with community outreach programs in order to help create an inclusive and eye-opening
experience for festival attendees.
       The collaboration between students, faculty, and community members has ultimately
created a unique film festival which is committed to the synergies of the global and the local that
lie at the heart of the role that film and movie cultures play in our lives. The contribution of
international filmmakers and national artists, especially during the final weekend, will provide a
diverse glimpse of how much we are affected by immigration and show many of the positive
cultural gains that we have gathered from it. It is a celebration and reflection of a historical trend
that continues to hold a profound impact both on a local level and internationally.
ALL EVENTS AND FILM SCREENINGS ARE FREE (though films at the Kimball do require
tickets: 1-800-HISTORY)

March 19th (Thursday)
5:30pm: The Jazz Singer (Alan Crosland 1927)(USA) Williamsburg Library Theater
Introduced by Prof. Paul Buhle (Brown University) author of From The Lower East Side to
Hollywood: Jews in Popular American Culture; Post-screening discussion and FREE Jewish
food reception co-hosted by members of our local Jewish community.

March 20th (Friday)
3pm: Immigrants In Italy: Five Short Films, Selected & presented by Edward Bowen Kimball
Asade (Daniele Balboni 2008); Adil & Yusuf (Claudio Noce 2007); Soli impazziti/Restless &
Alone (Ram Pace 2007); L’oro rosso/Red Gold (Cesare Fragnelli 2007); Mare nostro/Our Sea
(Andrea D’Asaro 2008), (total program: 120 minutes)

5pm    Free Italian Food Reception prepared by the W&M Italian House Kimball Theater

7pm Nuovomondo/Golden Door(Emanuele Crialese 2006) (Italy/France) Presented by
Emanuele Crialese Kimball Theater

10pm Cucarachas Rojas/Red Cockroaches(Miguel Coyula 2003)(USA/Cuba) Presented by
Miguel Coyula Kimball Theater

10:30pm Live performance by GUARCO & FRENCH LETTER Sadler Center Chesapeake A

March 21st (Saturday)
1pm 40th Anniversary - Memorias del subdesarollo/Memories of Underdevelopment
(TomásGutiérrez Alea 1968) (Cuba) + rough cut excerpts - Memorias del desarollo/Memories of
Overdevelopment (Miguel Coyula 2009) Kimball Theater
Presented by Miguel Coyula and Prof. Ann Marie Stock (Modern Languages and Literatures,
Hispanic Studies)

2pm An American Tail (Don Bluth 1986) (USA) + The Immigrant (Charlie Chaplin 1917)
(USA) Williamsburg Regional Library
Commonwealth Auditorium
Eszter Balint, Yamina Benguigui, Miguel Coyula, Emanuele Crialese, Georg Koszulinski

7pm 25th Anniversary screening Stranger Than Paradise(Jim Jarmusch 1984)(USA) Sadler
Center Commonwealth Auditorium
 Presented by actress and the film’s female lead, Eszter Balint

March 22nd (Sunday)
12pm Plafond de Verre/Glass Ceiling(Yamina Benguigui 2004) (France) Presented by Yamina
Benguigui Kimball Theater

3pm Immokalee, U.S.A. (Georg Koszulinski 2008) (USA) Presented by Georg Koszulinski
Kimball Theater

7pm    Inch'Allah dimanche (Yamina Benguigui 2001) (France/Algeria) Presented by Yamina
Benguigui Kimball Theater

9:30 pm Live performance by ESZTER BALINT - Sadler Center, Lodge One

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