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                                                              Frank Haggar
                                                              SLIM CD, INC
                                                              610 University Drive
                                                              Coral Springs, Fla. 33071
                                                              Phone: (877)-475-4623


                     SLIMC CD, INC Announces Free Credit Card App for iPhone

   The Free SlimCD for iPhone App Supports Encrypted Card Swipe and Keyed Transactions

Coral Springs, FL October 20, 2011 – SLIM CD, Inc a software developer and service provider
announces the availability of SlimCD for iPhone, its new application for Apple iPhones, iPods and
iPads. The SlimCD for iPhone is available at no charge to existing SLIM CD customers and can be
downloaded immediately from Apple mobile devices.

“This new product allows our customers to process card-present transactions using the Apple
device and our optional encrypting card reader”, said Sami Slim, President and CEO of SLIM CD,
Inc. He continued, “One of the most effective tools in our new app is the at-your-fingertips
reporting for business owners. Our built-in sales reporting solution goes beyond card
acceptance so that any business owner can use our device to monitor sales even when they are
not in the store.”

Frank Haggar, Director of Product Development for SLIM CD, Inc. explained “Our SlimCD for
iPhone product follows our initial mobile website with this native iPhone device application.
Any SLIM CD customer can benefit from the ability to accept transactions and get reports
anytime, anywhere using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod device with or without the card reader.”

The SLIM CD includes a desktop application, data on demand, built-in gateway services, fraud
detection services, a shopping cart, a mobile website, and now the new SlimCD for iPhone
application. The SLIM CD runs on any personal computer with internet connectivity. The SlimCD
for iPhone runs on any Apple iPhone, iPad or iTouch device.
About SLIM CD, Inc
SLIM CD, Inc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Online Commerce Corporation (OCC), a privately
held E-Commerce service provider. SLIM CD specializes in credit card processing software
development for the desktop and the Internet. Additional information regarding SLIM CD, Inc
can be found at

Frank Haggar
Director of Product Development
610 University Drive
Coral Springs, Fla. 33071
(877) 475-4623 Toll Free
(954) 752-9309 Local
(954) 752-2873 Fax

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