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					Austin Peay State University

   Telecommunications Overview
                  April 16, 2002
                   Jim Spriggle
   Telecommunications Manager

   Located in Browning
   Five processor groups
   >2000 lines on campus
   Digital and analog phone lines
   All trunks to off-campus locations
Remote Switches

   Fort Campbell Bldg. 202-NEC 2000
       Fort Campbell Bldg. 604-NEC 2000
   106 Public Square-NEC 1000
   Shasteen Bldg.-NEC 2000
   New Commons Bldg.-additional switch
Trunk Types

   Copper-traditional trunks to LEC
   T-1
   PRI (Primary Rate of Interface)
   DTR (Digital Trunk Route)
Copper Trunks

   Each trunk is a copper cable pair to the
    local telephone company
   One incoming or outgoing call per trunk
   Several types, typically ground-start
Digital Trunks, T-1/PRI

   PRI is an enhanced version of T-1 which
    can pass caller ID Information
   Use 2 copper cable pairs for physical
   Data is digital/multiplexed
   Each is the equivalent of 23 copper lines
   Can be one-way or both way
Digital Trunks, Part2

   T-1/PRI have 24 channels, one is used as
    a control channel
   DTR trunks use all 24 channels for voice
   Parts of T-1s can be split out for video-we
    have “6 lines” of one T-1 dedicated to
    video to off-campus sites
Austin Peay only Trunks

   T-1 to Ft. Campbell
       Data T-1 to Ft. Campbell
       Video T-1 to Ft. Campbell
   T-1 to Public Square
   T-1 to Shasteen
       Shasteen has 3 copper trunks to Bell South
Copper Trunks

   TG5-14 ground start copper trunks to Bell
       Routinely used for outgoing modem traffic
       These are our emergency trunks in case of
        switch failure
   TG2-2 ground start copper trunks from
    Bell South
       Calls to campus for long distance access
Local Trunks

   Seven PRI to New South
   TGs 10, 12, 14, 28, 32, 34, 44, 54
   28 and 32 are a single PRI split into 6
    lines dedicated to video and 17 lines for
    voice, therefore two TG designations
Outgoing Local trunks

   First Choice is TG 54
   Second Choice is TG 44
   Third Choice is TG 34
Incoming Trunks

   First choice is TG 10
   Second choice is TG 12
   Third choice is TG 14
   Incoming long distance is routed through
    the incoming trunks from New South
Special Purpose

   Outgoing modem traffic
       First choice is TG 5 (copper to Bell South)
       Second choice is TG 28 (PRI shared with
       Third choice is TG 14 (which is the third
        choice for incoming calls
   This will probably change with residence
    hall networking completed
Long Distance

   2 DTR groups with Quest
       TG4: most outgoing long distance, 24 lines
            24 hrs weekday example 1236 total calls (103/hr)
       TG 36: 1-800 calls, 24 lines total
Special Thanks

   Joan Berry, Telephone services account
   Jeff Vaught, Southeastern Telecom onsite

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