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					                    Our Lady of Peace – Parent Advisory Council
                                  Meeting Minutes
                            January 31, 2007 – 6:30 pm
  Council Member    Javiera Vidal, Danielle Meuleman, Isolina Varano, Perry Fedrigo, Anna Viti, Vida Smailys Audrey
      Attendees:    Butrimas, Brendan Hennessy, Samira Raouda, Franca D’Onofrio, Nickie Mendes, Matthew Perretta,
                    George Pilla, Herminio Pires, Catherine Lindsay, Marcia McGovern, Ann-Marie Wellington, Corrine
         Regrets:   Tina Poulo, Susan Labadia, Kimberlee Meleca, Patrick Zirnhelt, Sylvie Talarico, Henry Andre,
                    Elizabeth Dos Santos


1. Welcome and Opening Prayer

      Mr. Fedrigo began the meeting with our opening prayer.

2. Attendance and Approval of Agenda

      The attendance sheet was circulated and the Agenda was approved with the following additions:
          o Update of November Action Items
          o Discussion of charitable donations by CSAC
          o Resignation of Tina Poulo from CSAC
          o School security system at front doors
          o Water vending machine
          o Gift contributions to Communion & Confirmation students as well as Graduation gift

3. Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting

      November 29, 2006 Minutes were approved.

4. Sub-Committee Updates
Treasurer’s Report – Ana Viti

      Mrs. Viti distributed the financial reports (Attachment 1) and indicated $10,921 was available for

Fundraising Committee – Corrine Harvey

      Everything is running smoothly. Dance-a-thon scheduled for February 15, 2007 – goal to cover
       our cost for the D.J ($8,00 or 20% of income generated from the Dance-a-thon)

Our Lady of Peace Catholic School Advisory Council                                                                    1
5. Principal’s Update
Board Budget Discussions – Mr. Pires

      Mr. Pires stated that Ann Andrachuk, has given OLP $1,500 to be used for our music program.
       Mr. Pires will be looking into the $1,800 that is on the books at the Board for Our Lady of Peace.

Art Programs

      Mr. Pires spoke to Mrs. Culmone with reference to Art Programs in the school and what plans are
       in place, she advised that she is looking into programs for each classroom and will need
       approximately $250.00 per classroom totaling $6,400. Mrs. Culmone will come back to Council
       with a more exact figure at a later date.

Security Camera’s

      We do have 4 functioning camera’s. Computer software has been installed on both Mr. Pires
       desktop and Mrs. Talarico’s desktop. A separate monitor and over-ride button needs to be
       installed in the office on the secretary’s desktop so that students covering any support staff
       breaks can allow entry to any visitors without having to access the computer system. Mr.
       Fedrigo is following up with the Board as well as our School trustee to see if such a modification
       is possible to the existing system.

School Size and Classroom Caps

      Further discussions have transpired between Trustee Ann Andrachuk and Mr. Pires, some of the
       items that came out of that discussion are the following:

          1. Possibility of an off-site campus for grades 7 and 8
          2. There are City of Toronto by-law restrictions that limit the number of portables on our
             property; however, this being said, Mr. Pires believes that to accommodate the anticipated
             population of students next year, a minimum of 3 portables are required.
          3. 23 is the student cap in the Primary Grades for the upcoming year
          4. Possibility of creating classrooms in the library
          5. Possibility of re-directing English speaking students that live north of Burnhamthorpe to
             other schools in the area
          6. Possibility of a new French Immersion program at another school in central Etobicoke
             within the next 2-3 years
          7. Effective September 2007 JK and SK students only within the school boundaries will be
             allowed admission into either the English or Early French Immersion program.
          8. Enforcing the French Immersion rule whereby if the student discontinues the French
             Immersion program, and is not within school boundaries; then he or she will be directed to
             attend their local school.

      A community meeting will take place and all parents will be advised of such at a later date.

Our Lady of Peace Catholic School Advisory Council                                                          2
Alphabet Kids – Hot Lunches

      Update that the program will be running Monday to Friday except for our fundraising days (i.e. Hot
       Dog, Swiss Chalet and Pizza lunches). The Alphabet kids program is looking for a parent to
       assist in the distribution of the lunches on a daily basis and has offered to pay the individual
       $10.00 per day. Mr. Reddam and Mrs.Raouda will be discussing if any of our Milk volunteer
       parents would be interested in taking on the task.

6. Teacher Representative Update - Ms. Smailys
      Council was advised that, to date, a total of $2,398 of the $5,000 Goal has been raised for the
       Free the Children fund. From the funds received, $900 came from the student penny drive.
      Great response from both students and teachers with respect to the Scientists in the School
      All teachers have signed up for the anti-bullying kits

7. Other Business

      Mrs. Varano read two letters of appreciation and thanks for our donation to both the Red Door
       and St. Vincent de Paul charities.
      A point was raised that there is a Board-approved list of all charities to which Catholic schools are
       allowed to donate.
      Suggestion was raised to have more student involvement in the selection of the charities that the
       school decides to donate to.
      Concerns were raised with reference to the actual charities we donate to, whether or not we
       should be donating to other charities as opposed to giving back to our community. Further
       discussions will occur next meeting and to be raised as an agenda topic.

Council Members

      Tina Poulo has requested that she be removed from Council due to personal reasons. Since we
       have maintained the majority of members 20/21, Council agreed to stay at 20 for the remaining of
       the school year until re-elections occur in the new School Year.

Physical Activity in our School

      A point was raised with reference to the lack of physical activity within our school. As a school
       community we need to look into creative ways where the students can get more physical activity.

Water Bottles

     Mrs. D’Onofrio expressed concern with the water coming out of the school taps and requested
      that we implement water vending machines. Mr. Pires confirmed that the Board does not have a
Our Lady of Peace Catholic School Advisory Council                                                 3
       contract with the water bottle vending machines/corporate contract; therefore, we cannot provide
       the service to our students. Mr. Pires also relayed that the custodians run the water taps every
       morning for 15 minutes prior to the start of the school day.

Additional programs suggestions for the school

      Mrs. Vidal introduced the Interactive Opera workshops as a possible workshop for the future. The
       suggestion was made to possibly have student council voice an opinion in relation to student
       interests and in what they would like to see come to the school.

Trustee Meeting

      Meeting will be held on February 5th at 7:00 pm, all parents are invited; one of the items on the
       Agenda of interest is school closure. Mr. Fedrigo and Mr. Hennessy will be attending.

8. Summary of Fund Allocations
             Funds Available: $10,921

Allocations approved at this meeting:

    $ 300          First Holy Communion Christian Passports for the Grade 2 classes
    $6,400         Art Program

             Balance of Funds going forward $4,221

9. Items for January’s Agenda
      Council By-law to be re-visited with max amount of funds that can be allocated with advising
       parent at large
      Funding Charities – do we or don’t we and if we do how do we decide which ones.

Our Lady of Peace Catholic School Advisory Council                                                         4
10. Action Items

No.       Owner        Status         Started             Due                        Action Summary
1.    H. Pires                     Oct. 25, 2006      Feb. 28, 2007     Gather feedback for QSP Mascot.
2.    P. Ceolin/Mr.   Done                            Jan. 31, 2007     Gather feedback for additional day being
      Pires                                                             offered for Hot Lunches.
3.    P. Fedrigo      Done         Oct. 25, 2006      Jan. 31, 2007     Gather information on whose
                                                                        responsibility is it to maintain the security
                                                                        cameras that have been installed, as well
                                                                        as signs coming from the school board.
                                                                        Investigate No Trespassing signs that are
                                                                        to be posted up around the school.
4.    D. Meuleman     Done         Oct. 25, 2006      Jan. 31, 2007     Letter and information about CPF to go
                                                                        out to parents.
5.    Mr. Pires       Done         Nov. 29, 2006     Dec. 06 /Jan. 07   Gather information with respect to
                                                                        contacts for parents to rally for the
                                                                        classroom cap, present student body and
                                                                        new student enrollment
6.    Franca          Done         Nov. 29, 2006        Dec. 2006       Draft letter advising parents of the issues
      D’onofrio                                                         we face with increasing enrollment
7.    Brendan         In Process   Nov. 29, 2006      Feb. 28, 2007     Details with regards to drafting up a
      Hennessey                                                         contract between OLP, students and
                                                                        parents pertaining to instruments.
                                                                        Possible fee discussion for repair and
                                                                        maintenance cost
8.    Patrick         In process   Nov. 29, 2006      Feb. 28, 2007     Discuss Charities with respect to donating
      Zirnhelt                                                          money. Concerns to the effect that
                                                                        student/parent money is going out to
                                                                        charities not back into the school for
                                                                        student benefit.
9.    Patrick         In Process   Nov. 29, 2006      Feb. 28, 2007     Address Council by-laws with allocating
      Zirnhelt                                                          large sums of money
10.   Mr. Pires       Done         Nov. 29, 2006      Jan. 31, 2007     Speak to Ms. Culmone about Art
                                                                        programs for this year.
11.   Mr. Pires                    Jan. 31, 2007      Feb. 28, 207      Look into the $1,800 on the books with
                                                                        the board?
12.   Mr.Pires/       In Process   Jan. 31, 2007      Feb. 28, 2007     Investigate the option of holding split
      Catherine                                                         recess to avoid the overcrowding in the
      Lindsay                                                           play yard.

Our Lady of Peace Catholic School Advisory Council                                                                5
Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 pm

The preceding is considered a true and accurate report of the topics discussed. If there are any
discrepancies or omissions, kindly contact the writer immediately. If no notification is received within 72
hours of the date of issue, theses minutes will have been deemed to be accurate by all.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 28, 2007 at 6:30 PM.

Our Lady of Peace Catholic School Advisory Council                                                            6

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