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Every year companies spend thousands of dollars to bring in out-
of-state speakers to address their board, management, and
employees on various topics such as motivation, sales,
communication, marketing, coaching, etc.

Those same high-quality speakers, most of who belong to the
National Speakers Association are available to your company
through the local chapter of NSA Mountain West. NSA Mountain
West is an association of speakers whose goal is to enhance the
professional speaking business by their message and expertise.

As a local business in Utah, our association would like to offer you
an opportunity to utilize our local speakers whose message could
benefit the audience of your choice.

We would be grateful to have you become a $200 contributing
sponsor of our association. This sponsorship comes with a number
of benefits to you as a company. Those benefits are listed below:

You will receive:

1. Your choice of a NSA Mountain West speaker to speak at your
   next company meeting or event. (Two-hour timeframe. Subject
   to speaker scheduling availability.)
2. Company name recognition at every monthly NSA Mountain
   West meeting.
3. Seven minutes at a NSA Mountain West meeting to introduce
   your company benefits.
4. Company logo & link to your web site.
5. Company logo exposure on all monthly NSA Mountain West
6. Opportunity to hang signage and/or banners at monthly
   meeting. .

The benefits to you as a company far outweigh the cost of the
sponsorship. It is an effective way for our local NSA Mountain
West members to become recognized and give back to the
community in which they live.

If you would like to take advantage of this exciting opportunity,
and choose the speaker of your choice, please contact me. I
forward to talking with your personally. My contact information is
listed below. I look forward to hearing from you.

 Julie Morrison
 NSA Mountain West Chapter President

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