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									                                Solo & Ensemble
                                     April 16, 2011

Solo & Ensemble is just around the corner on April 16th from 8:30am-
1:30pm. The event is held at Crownover MS. You will only be at the school
for approximately 30-45 minutes per event (not the entire 5 hours).

Solo & Ensemble is not a mandatory event but it is highly encouraged.
Students get to perform in smaller groups or by themselves and only in front
of me and one judge so there is less pressure. Students will grow as a
musician and it helps to build self confidence as well. If you score a “1” in
your event, you receive a medal. All students receive a certificate and judges
comments. Every student will learn a solo. The student will either perform
the solo at the contest or for their class (or both if they choose) and it will
count as a performance grade. If students perform at the contest, they will
also receive an extra credit 100 grade for the six weeks. Students must pass
every class this six weeks in order to be eligible to participate in the contest.

Each event entered costs $10. You may sign up for one solo and as many
ensembles as you would like. The deadline to sign up and have money
turned in is March 31st. We will be choosing solo’s this week during class.
No refunds are given once you sign up. The money is sent in for the entry
and we can’t get it back. If you sign up to be a member in an ensemble, it is
imperative that you are here for rehearsals and attend the event on April 16th.
Don’t let your team members down! As always, we never want students left
out for financial reasons. If you would like to participate in the solo portion
of the contest but cannot afford to do so, please have your parents email or
call me and I will take care of the entry fee for you.

Please sign and return the following by March 31st along with your fee(s).

Student Name_______________________________________________

Parent Signature_____________________________________________

Title of Solo (if applicable)_____________________________________

Title of Ensemble (if applicable)_________________________________

Names of ensemble

Total entry fee’s paid $____________

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