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 Solarflare Communications to Demonstrate 10GBASE-T Support for
               Microsoft Windows Server “Longhorn”
 Windows Server “Longhorn” support for 10G on twisted pair copper, 10GBASE-T paves the road for
                      server OEMs to expand the 10G networking market

WINHEC CONFERENCE, LOS ANGELES, Calif. – May 15 , 2007 – Solarflare® Communications,
a leading provider of high-performance Ethernet silicon, today announced that it is demonstrating its
10GBASE-T server adapter showing support for Windows Vista and the next edition of Windows Server,
code-named “Longhorn,” at the WinHEC Conference, May 14 – 16, Los Angeles Convention Center.
Solaflare is delivering a 10GBASE-T server adapter reference design based on its Solarstorm™
controller chip, which is compatible with Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, and will work with
Windows Server “Longhorn” to provide customers with support and features that will accelerate the move
to 10G Ethernet networking.

“The combination of our new Solarstorm 10 GbE Controller and 10Xpress® 10GBASE-T PHY, together
with Microsoft Windows Server “Longhorn,” enables our server OEM customers to bring to market cost-
effective server adapters that will accelerate deployment of 10 Gigabit Ethernet in data center and
enterprise networks,” said Bruce Tolley, vice president of marketing at Solarflare. “Our support of the
latest Windows operating systems will accelerate application and OS performance through low cost and
simple controller and server adapter solutions, thereby enabling the adoption of cost-effective, 10GBASE-
T infrastructures.”

Ideal for use in high performance computing, enterprise and data center networks and switch to switch
aggregation, 10GBASE-T brings the performance benefits of 10 Gigabit networking with the cost-savings
inherent in copper-based networking. 10 Gigabit Ethernet on twisted pair copper will more than halve the
cost of 10G links by enabling higher port density, as well as transceivers that can follow a Moore’s Law
curve of cost reduction.
Seamus Crehan, senior director of Ethernet Switching at the Dell’Oro Group stated, “In our 5-year
forecast report on 10 Gigabit Ethernet, we expect port shipments will increase from 300 thousand to
almost 12 million in 2011. With the advent of 10GBASE-T, we expect 10 Gigabit Ethernet to be a viable
and cost-effective option for higher volume applications for enterprise and data center networks.”

Solarflare Communications will demonstrate the Solarstorm™ SFE4001 10GBASE-T server adapter
reference design at the WinHEC conference, held from May 14 – 16 in Los Angeles, booth number 118.
This demonstration will showcase SFE4001 performance in servers running Windows Vista and
Windows Server “Longhorn,” with 100 meter reach on Category 6A cabling with 4-connectors as
required by the IEEE 802.3an-2006 standard.

About 10Xpress and Solarstorm
Solarflare Communications designed the Solarstorm 10 Gigabit Ethernet controller to deliver the
industry’s lowest-power, highest performance solution and to leverage the host CPU as efficiently as
possible. Solarstorm server adapter reference designs (10GBASE-T, 10GBASE-CX4, and XFP optical)
are available now and priced at $1,500 respectively. The Solarflare 10Xpress 10GBASE-T PHY supports
distances of at least 100 meters on UTP Category 6A cabling. The PHY is available now. Pricing is
available upon request. For more information about these products, contact:

About Solarflare Communications, Inc.
Solarflare Communications Inc. is a leading silicon vendor delivering Ethernet products that enable the
rapid adoption of 10 Gigabit for data center and enterprise networks. Solarflare was the first company to
demonstrate and sample to customers a 10GBASE-T PHY reaching 100 meters over a Category 6A link.
The company’s high-performance Ethernet solutions will lower the cost of 10 Gigabit networking for data
center and enterprise customers. The privately held company is headquartered in Irvine, California with a
development center in Cambridge, UK. For more information, visit

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