AUSTIN ISD
                                                    2008 Mock Election
                                                  CALENDAR OF EVENTS
Austin ISD Campus
Precinct Chairpersons’

  DATE          Completed                                            DESCRIPTION
                            Attend Orientation Meeting;
                            - Location: Kealing Middle School
                            Familiarize myself with available Web Resources:
                                  Register on National Student Parent Mock Election website
  Sept. 11                                                                                          1 / (see reminder on back)

                                  Sign up on Youth Leadership Institute website

                                  Sign up on Texas Secretary of State’s site, Project V.O.T.E.

                                  Scroll through Austin ISD Social Studies website Election Connection page

                            Initiate communication with my campus colleagues, ensuring that:
                                   Social Studies staff are prepared for Celebrate Freedom Week / Constitution Day
                                      Option – Distribute copies of the Constitution Day / Celebrate Freedom Week
                                     list of web resources found on the Social Studies website’s Election Connection page, or
                                     include this as an attachment in the reminder email.
                                   all campus staff are aware you are coordinating the 2008 District Mock Election activities
                                      and are recruiting volunteers (teachers / classes) for this important school-wide learning
                                      experience in civic participation.

                            Preparing promotion of next week’s district-wide launch of AISD’s Mock Election activities.
                                Arrange meeting with principal to discuss various methods of promoting campus-wide
                                    civic participation in the Mock Election
                                Submit announcements to your Campus TV News & other forms of information delivery on
  Sept. 12                          your campus
                                Begin recruiting volunteers to
                                         - make promotional materials / signage for Voter Registration Drive / Mock Election
                                         - conduct your campus’ Mock Election Voter Registration Drive
                                   Option – TexElects - a statewide contest sponsored by the Annette Strauss Institute for
                                   Civic Participation invites middle and high school students to compete for cash prizes by
                                   producing campaign messages that encourage their peers and their parents to participate
                                   in the electoral process. Student contest entries (videotaped public service
                                   announcements, posters, website homepages, and written editorials) could be put to
                                   actual use on campus!
                            Prepare and disseminate materials for next week’s launch of Mock Election voter
                            registration drive, if conducting one on your campus. AISD Mock Election Voter’s Registration
                            card template is available for download on the Social Studies website’s Election Connection page.
                            Celebrate Freedom Week / Constitution Day (September 17)
                            Official Launch of Austin ISD Mock Election Activities
Sept. 15 - 19               Voter Registration Drives begin at all campuses, K-12.
                            Texas Young Lawyer’s Association volunteers conduct scheduled visits to high school
                            campuses bringing new video-documentary Vote America and its curriculum lessons on the
                                                                                 th     th
                            historic struggle for voting rights in the U.S. to 11 and 12 grade Social Studies classes.
                                      th     th
                            Twenty 11 & 12 grade students from each high school attend state rollout premier of TYLA’s
  Sept. 15                  video-documentary, Vote America, learning about historic struggle for voting rights in U.S.;
                            Location: Texas State Capitol
                            Austin ISD Mock Election window – individual campuses coordinate their elections during this
Oct. 20 - 27                period, using forms provided at and submitting
                            these final campus results to both and


                            Austin ISD Mock Election results announced on district website and in conjunction with those
  Oct. 30
                            of the National Student / Parent Mock Election.
                                        AUSTIN ISD
                                     2008 Mock Election
                                   CALENDAR OF EVENTS

Important Reminders:

District Policy regarding political participation:
Please remind teachers in your department of the legal political participation guidelines provided
in a recent Austin ISD employee newsletter. Austin ISD employees must be aware of these
guidelines, especially when it comes to issues dealing with public support or opposition of specific
candidates and ballot issues, including the current AISD bond proposal linked to employee
salaries. Please be aware that we cannot include the section of the ballot related to the Austin
ISD bond proposal in the mock election process.

** Registering on the National Student Parent Mock Election Website
Registration has been done on behalf of Austin ISD as our collective results will be reported to
NSPME for the October 30 nationwide announcement. Teachers are encouraged to register on
the site in order to access the Teacher Resources and other information. Please remind all
involved at your campus level they may not submit individual class results or campus results if
participating in the district-wide mock election process.

Website addresses:

1. National Student Parent Mock Election website -
2. Youth Leadership Institute website -
3. Project V.O.T.E. -
4. Austin ISD Social Studies website -
5. TexElects –
6. TYLA’s VoteAmerica -

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