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									                                         Pathfinder: Countries of the World
                                                                                                        Eagle Ridge MS Library
                                                                                                            December 8, 2011
    Find a Library Book:
    Books about countries of the world are arranged on the non-fiction shelves according to region. All the books in one
    region are shelved together.
    Atlases (maps)            912                                    Africa                     960-969
    Cookbooks                  641.5                                 Canada                     971
    Travel Guides              910-919                               Mexico/Central America     972
    Europe                    941-949                                South America              980-989
    Asia and India             950-959                               Australia                  993

    Subscription Online Databases:
                         Up-to-date facts about the lifestyle and the culture of countries of the world with flags, photos, recipes,
                         maps. Also includes states and provinces. Provides web links to travel and popular sites for each country

                         Sample citation:
    “China" CultureGrams Online Edition. ProQuest, 2009. Web. 23 Oct 2009.
                              Lands and Peoples
                              Encyclopedia of countries of the world with pictures and facts.
                              Click on Facts and Figures

    Web Sites:
   CIA World Fact Book https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-
    factbook · Official site
    U.S. government profiles of countries and territories around the world. Information on geography, people, government,
    transportation, economy, communications, military
    Countries and Their Cultures http://www.everyculture.com
    Earthy Travel http://www.earthyfamily.com/travel.htm
    Includes travel and sites for Mexico, Peru, Fiji, Egypt, Ireland, Haiti, Sweden, Japan and India
    Food in Every Country http://www.foodbycountry.com/
    History of food and recipes from countries of the world

    Individual Countries
     Britain       http://www.projectbritain.com/
     Germany       http://www.germany.info/Vertretung/usa/en/Startseite.html
     Ghana         http://www.africaguide.com/country/ghana/culture.htm
     India         http://www.india-travel-agents.com/cultural-heritage-tourism-india/indian-people-religion/
     Ireland       http://visitireland.com/attractions/top_attractions.asp
     Italy         http://www.lifeinitaly.com/potpourri/default.asp
     Korea         http://www.lifeinkorea.com/Culture/spotlight.cfm
     Poland        http://culture.poland.com
     Russia        http://russia-ic.com/culture_art/traditions/description/
     Scotland      http://www.heritage-of-scotland.com/cult.htm
     South Africa http://www.southafrica.com/culture/
     Sweden:       http://www.sverigeturism.se/smorgasbord/smorgasbord/culture/lifestyle/index.html
     Vietnam:      http://www.vietnam-culture.com/

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