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									Should Stem Cell Research be
 The Pros and Cons of Stem Cell Research

                    Pro: Brendan Meehan and
                        Joyce Lee

                    Con: Kelly Donaldson and
                         Tyler Mitchell
In the Beginning…

   All life starts with one cell
   Cell develops into other 200 human cells
   First of these cells called stem cells
   Ability to change world, but at cost of
    potential human life
   Should stem cell research be continued?

   Stem cells can divide limitlessly into all types
    of human cells
   Scientists hope to use stem cells to research
    the process of cellular division
   Much debate over continuation of stem cell
Pros of Stem Cell Research

   Cures debilitating diseases
   Can be customized with DNA of patient to
    reduce chance of rejection
   Can grow into heart cells
Pros of Stem Cell Research (cont.)

   Grow tissue to test drugs
   Other nations moving ahead in stem cell
Cons of Stem Cell Research

   Destroys human embryos
    –   Early embryos are human beings
   Government has banned stem cell research
    –   Killing of embryos has been banned by U.S. government
   Alternatives are useless
    –   Dr. George Daley states that “The discovery shouldn’t be
        used as a replacement for human embryonic stem cell
    –   Amniotic cells can’t be used on humans
    –   Waste of time and money
Cons of Stem Cell Research (cont.)

   Dangerous animal testing
    –   Scientists test discoveries on animals
    –   Most are human eggs and sperm, which can be harmful if
        animals mated
    –   Animals could develop human brains, creating terrible
        results if animals mated
    –   Kelly Olson says animal testing is inaccurate and ineffective
    –   Animal testing totally pointless and worthless, waste of
        money and lives
Stem Cell Research-Is it Really

   Destruction of embryos may lead to disease
    cures, worth the sacrifice
   Embryo destruction serves purpose
   Embryos aren’t really human
    –   5 day old embryo invisible to human eye
    –   No identifying features of nervous system
    –   Can not survive outside of womb
    –   Lack sentience
Stem Cell Research-Is it Really
Worthless? (cont.)

   New guidelines for research will persuade
    government to support research
   Doesn’t waste money
    –   Other nations putting money into research
   Provides cures for other diseases
   Alternatives aren’t as effective
   Work well for other things
Stem Cell Research-Is it Really
Worthless? (cont.)

   Scientists guide lining ethics for stem cell research
     –   The Academy suggests setting local and national committees
     –   Committees will set rules for stem cell research
   Academy also suggests setting limits on animal testing
     –   Chimeric animals should not be allowed to mate
     –   Human stem cells should not be injected into non-human primates
   Should not be grown for more than 14 days
     –   Human nervous system recognizable after 14 days
   Animal testing safer if guidelines applied
     –   Animal stem cell research ensures safety of stem cell use on
Why Should it be Continued?

   Further world of medicine and science
    –   Providing new cures for diseases
    –   Providing way to test new drugs without human
    –   Other nations moving forward
    –   U.S. needs to stay in the game to hold up as
        world power
Why Shouldn’t it be Continued

   Stem cell research is unethical and
    –   Destroys potential human life
    –   Government banned use of stem cell research
    –   Risky animal testing involved
To Be Quite Honest With You…

   We all support stem cell research
   Many benefits from stem cell research
   Misuse could be disastrous
    –   Care of scientists a necessity

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