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New Hampshire by HC111208235340


									                                            Hampshire to John Mason a captain who
  New Hampshire
                                            lived in England. New Hampshire

                     ew Hampshire was
                                            became a royal colony with England in
                     a colony that
                                            1679 for helping building ships for them.
                     belonged to
                                            The colony had so many trees that they
England in the 1600’s. There was a lot
                                            could make living building ships. New
of history with New Hampshire and it’s
                                            Hampshire was part of England but
                    people. New
                                            revolted one day.
                    Hampshire was a
                                                   England had raised the taxes that
                    fishing colony and
                                            New Hampshire’s people had to pay
its people lived on meat, vegetables, and
                                            each year. So due to high taxes and land
fish. New Hampshire was named for
                                            restrictions New Hampshire adopted its
Hampshire of England, home of John
                                            own constitution in 1776 and was not
Mason owner of New Hampshire. The
                                                                part of England
person that first claimed New Hampshire
                                                                anymore. New
was John Smith, an English explorer
                                                                Hampshire was the
who met Pocahontas an Indian that
                                                                first colony to
probably lived in New Hampshire.
                                            declare independence on Britain by
       Martin Pring an English explorer
                                            establishing its own government. The
who was looking for a shortcut to Asia
                                            colony was against slavery and about
                  first discovered New
                                            34,000 men to fight in the union. New
                  Hampshire. King
                                            Hampshire fought in the French and
                  James gave New
                                            Indian wars and came out victorious.
       They made money by fishing and         build the ships and put them up. The

capturing fishes for England. They had        English used the tree differently by using

sent shipments of caught fishes to            it as a mast for war ships and normal

England until 1776. New Hampshire             exploration ships.

stored the fishes on a boat the size of six          By Peter Le

houses and sent it to England. The ships

were made of a special and best tree in

New Hampshire called the white pine,

which were 200 ft tall. England used the

white pine differently by making it into a

mast for war ships and normal

exploration ships.

       So New Hampshire was a colony

that revolted against England and its

taxes. It was discovered by English

explorers and one French explorer but

was not claimed until the late 1600’s.

Earned money by sending shipments of

fish to England for a while and stopped

sending them shipments in 1776. They

used a ship the size of six houses and

sent the fishes to England. They used

the best tree called the white pine to

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