Hostess Name: _____________________       Your Spa Consultant’s Contact Info:
                                                                                      Christine Firkus
                                   BC Spa Date: _______________________
                                   BC Spa Time: _______________________   

Thank you so much for scheduling your Spa! I am really looking forward to pampering you and your girlfriends.
This letter contains very important, time sensitive information concerning your Spa. Please take a few
minutes to look over it so that we can have the best Spa possible!

What to expect at your BC Spa: (included for both you and your guests)
   Dual Action Lip Treatment: Exfoliate & soothe lips
   Nourishing Eye Pads: Relieve headaches, attack puffiness & dark circles
   Rejuvenating Busy Woman’s Facial: A time-saving, but very effective anti-oxidant facial
   Relaxation & De-Stress: Relax from head-to-toe
   Invigorating Mineral Foot Treatment: Moisturize tired, sore feet & heal dry cracked soles
   Instant Manicure: Gently exfoliate & moisturize hands with dead sea salts

Rewards for You: (the Hostess)
    FREE Gel Neck Wrap
    Receive 50% off your personalized facial system
    FREE products based on Spa Sales and Bookings – see the front of your hostess envelope for details
    BeautiControl Special monthly rewards with your $500 spa
    A half price item for each and every booking

Important Info:
   1. Please double check your date and confirm it with me within 48 hours! Once the date is confirmed, I
      really need your commitment to holding your Spa at the scheduled time. I am committing this time for
      you and your friends. If you need to reschedule your session, please contact me as soon as possible by
      email or phone.
   2. Get your guest list done and email or mail it to me. If you get it to me at least 2 weeks before your
      Spa, I have a gift for you! I will send your invites out 10 days prior to your spa. You will need to give
      out the skin sensors to each guest once they have confirmed they will come so they can complete their
      skin analysis prior to your Spa. PLEASE let them know how important it is that they do this!! This is a
      different kind of party and takes a different way of inviting to get the best results!!
   3. If you haven’t done your own skin analysis yet, use the skin sensors and go to my website to get your
      prescription. Look around on the website and start making out a wish list of what you want to get for
      free. Email it to me within 72 hours of now and get a gift from me!!
   4. If you choose to serve refreshments at your BC Spa, keep them simple and know we will serve them at
      the end.
 I look forward to hearing from you soon. If you have any questions, please let me know. We are going to
 have a great time at your Spa!!

 Christine Firkus, Your Spa Lady

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