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									                             Present Simple
A- Write the 3rd person singular form of these verbs in the Present Simple:
like                          try                            drink
make                          play                           drive
go                            study                          meet
eat                           destroy                        do

B- Fill in the blanks with do or does.
1.            she live with her parents?
2.            they work a lot?
3.            you like hip hop music?
4.            he usually have breakfast?
5.            I look good?
6.            you need some help?
7.            he take many pictures?
8.            she like him?
9.            they help their parents?
10.           we have to go now?

C- Give short answers to these questions.
1. Do you study English every day?
2. Does your teacher have blonde hair?
3. Do you have blonde hair?
4. Do you work out in a gym?
5. Do you like sports?
6. Do your friends practice sports?
7. Does your friend go to college?
8. Does your neighbor make too much noise?
9. Do you like to listen to loud music?
10. Do you live in an apartment?

D- Use the correct form of the verbs below to say what Mrs. Miller does every
Drink – finish – get – get – go – leave – make – open – pick – pick – read –
take – wake – wash.
She _____________ up very early, around 6 o’clock. She _________ out of bed
and _____________ a long shower. Then she ________ dressed and _________
to the kitchen. She ____________ the fridge and __________ up the milk. After
that, she _________ a cup of coffee. Then, she calmly ____________ her coffee
and ____________ the newspaper. After she __________ her coffee, she
__________ the cup. Finally, she _________ up her purse and ____________
home to work at eight o’clock.


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