Social Studies Fair Requirements

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					                                   River Ridge High School
                                      Social Studies Fair
                             Project Requirements and Guidelines
All students taking a Social Studies class at River Ridge High School will be required to complete a project for
the Social Studies Fair. This project will serve as their major project for the semester as mentioned on the
student’s syllabus for their class.

Groups: Students may complete the project individually or in a group.
             - Students who wish to work in groups must choose a partner in their social studies class.
                 The student’s teacher must approve all group members prior to beginning the project.
                 Groups may not exceed three individuals.

Project Requirements:
              - Research Summary Paper
                     o 4-5 double spaced pages
                     o Must contain the following:
                            Question being explored
                            Methodology
                                    The steps taken to gather, analyze, and interpret data
                                    Data: charts, tables, graphic organizers that display data
                            Conclusion
                            Biographical references
                     o All papers must use proper citations.
                     o Must be in a folder with your display
              - Display
                     o Project Board
                            No larger than 30 inches (depth), 48 inches (width), 60 inches (height)
                            Any media source should be kept under 10 minutes.
                     o Project boards should contain the following:
                            Statement of Problem
                                    In the form of a: question, hypothesis, or purpose
                            Methodology
                                    Procedures used in gathering data and research
                            Visuals
                                    Items that illustrate or enhance research
              - Abstract of Project
                     o 3x5 Index Card
                            Title, Statement of problem/question, Methodology, & Conclusion

Choosing a Topic:
             - Students should avoid the following types of topics:
                  o Topics that are too broad.
                          Example: What happened during the Civil War?
                  o Topics that are too limited.
                          Example: What crops are grown in our country?
                  o Topics that have no available information.
                          Example: Why did Henry Hudson get into trouble with the crew of his ship?
                  o Topics that are confusing.
                          Example: What do people of Japan like?
                  o Topics on which people throughout the world cannot agree.
                          Example: What is the most powerful country in the world?
              -    Topics must relate to one of the Social Studies disciplines (see attached for more
                      o Anthropology
                      o Economics
                      o Geography
                      o History
                      o Political Science
                      o Sociology/Psychology

              -   Projects will be graded using the Georgia Social Studies Fair Rubric.
              -   Projects will count as a 100 point grade in the student’s social studies class.

Due Dates:
              -   Contract/Topic Due: September 28, 2010
              -   Summary Paper Rough Draft Due: October 12, 2010
              -   Final Project Due: October 20, 2010

                                    STUDENT CONTRACT:
Name: ____________________________________________________________________

Research Question: ___________________________________________________________

Supervising Social Studies Teacher: ________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name: ________________________________________________________

By signing below, my child and I have agreed that he/she will complete a project for the Social Studies Fair.
We realize that doing the project will require work hours beyond the school day. We also acknowledge that the
research paper and project portion is required coursework to achieve the existing state curriculum objectives,
and the teacher is responsible for providing instruction on project development.

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________________________________

Student Signature: ____________________________________________________________

If working in a group, please list group members below.