Salinas Family Memorial Award - 2 awards of $1000 each by wpnt1Y7S



              2008 Salinas-Chapa Family Memorial Award

                        Special Application Directions

Eligibility Requirements:

      Must be a currently enrolled, full-time undergraduate student, who has been in
       attendance at UIC for at least one semester
      Demonstrated financial need as defined by the UIC Financial Aid Office
      Grade point average of 2.75/4.0 or above
      Involvement in community activities as demonstrated by a written statement.
      Preference will be given to students of Mexican descent that are first or second
       generation living in the United States
      Preference will also be given to students who are the first to attend college from
       their family

STEP 1:       Applicants for the Salinas-Chapa Family Memorial Award need to
complete the Scholarship Association for UIC application including the required personal
statement, academic history and two letters of recommendation.

STEP 2:        In addition to the required application materials, to be considered for the
Salinas-Chapa Family Memorial Award applicants must complete the following additional
written statement that needs to be submitted to the Office of Special Scholarship

Additional Required Written Statement:

Prepare a typewritten statement, no more than two pages, double-spaced, which
addresses the following questions:

   1. What are some of the challenges you have faced as a 1st or 2nd generation Latino
      living in the United States? How has being a 1st or 2nd generation Latino
      Impacted your life?

   2. How will you work to promote higher education in the Latino community following
      graduation from college?

   3. How will your scholarship or work on behalf of Latino issues have an impact on
      your future career after graduation from college?

   4. What has your involvement been in community activities? How has your
      involvement in community activities furthered the progress of Latino’s in the
      Chicago area?

Please submit this additional statement and other application materials by Friday,
February 15, 2008 to the Office of Special Scholarship Programs at:

                              2506 University Hall (mc 115)
                                   601 S. Morgan St.
                                   Chicago, IL 60607
                                    (312) 355-2477

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