Sheridan Swimmer Evaluation Form

					                SHERIDAN – COACH EVALUATION FORM                                              Swimmer’s Evaluation- Winter 08-09

Swimmer’s Name (Optional): ________________________                                  Age Group: __________            Boy ___      or Girl ___
Coach’s Name: _______________________                Group: Team_____ Pre-Team_____

Indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:
1- No, Never      2- Usually Not    3- Sometimes                                             Comments:
4- Most of the time      5- Yes, always                                  1   2   3   4   5

1    I am having a great deal of fun swimming for Sheridan.
     I feel I am improving my swimming skills quickly and my
2    coach is helping me become a better swimmer.

3    I feel practices are fun and very worthwhile
     I usually understand what my coach is trying to accomplish in
4    a practice.
     I feel comfortable talking to my coach about swim meets or
5    practice that I don’t understand.
     When my coach corrects me, he/she explains what I am doing
6    wrong and offers a better alternative, instead of just yelling at
     My coach tells me what I need to work on to make me a better
7    swimmer.
     My coach keeps me informed about practice schedules, and
8    swim meets.
     My coach encourages good sportsmanship and teaches me to
9    respect teammates, opponents, and referees.
     My coach is a positive role model; refraining from smoking or
10   swearing and maintains self-control.
     Do you have any comments to offer regarding your coach or
11   any details regarding the responses above?

     Do you have any comments about how the Sheridan swim
12   program could improve?

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