Coastal Animals by wpnt1Y7S

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									Coastal Animals
  Listen to and read the pages
 about coastal animals. When
   you have finished reading,
 click on the blue button to turn
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 Coastal regions are
often sandy. Animals
  that live here can
  cope with the wet,
   windy and salty
Coastal Animals
 Have you ever been to the
   beach? Think about the
 animals you have seen. We
 have already thought about
     one kind of bird . . .
Puffins live in coastal regions of Russia, Norway and
north-eastern United States. They nest on cliffs. They
 eat fish. The water is very cold where they live, so
   they have an extra layer of fat to help them keep
 Have you ever met this
 animal at the beach? It
scuttles around sideways,
and it could pinch at your
 There are many different types of
crab. They live in coastal regions all
over the world. The blue crab has 6
   legs, 2 claws and 2 paddles. If it
  looses a claw, it will grow another
  Some people call these
animals “flying rats”! They
are noisy, and they ate the
lighthouse keeper’s lunch!
Seagulls prefer to eat fish, but will take what
   they can. Some eat bugs, while others
 pick through garbage for food. Some even
  swoop down and steal food right from the
             barbeque or beach!
Can you guess this final coastal
 creature? It has a shell and it
  lives mainly in the water. It
   makes these tracks on the
   Sea Turtles
Sea Turtles have a very hard shell, and very
 thick skin to protect them. They can swim
     fast in the water, but they are slow on
  land. Only female sea turtles come out of
    the sea onto the beach, where they lay
                   their eggs.

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