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									                                         MEN'S HOCKEY WINTER LEAGUE 2011/2012
                                                   CLUB COLOURS

                                  Normal Strip                                             Alternate Strip
   Club        Shirt       Shorts               Socks         GK            Shirt     Shorts               Socks                      GK
144 United     Green        Black               Black        White         White       White               Green                      Red
  Aquila       White        Black               Black         Grey          Blue       White               White                      Grey
   CSSA         Pink        Blue                 Blue         Red          White       Blue                 Red                      Black
    DBS        White        Blue                White        Black          Blue       Blue                 Blue                     Yellow
 Dragons       White        Blue                White        Black          Blue       Black               Black                     Orange
  Dutch       Orange        White              Orange         Blue         White       White                Blue                      Red
   Elite       White        Black              Maroon        Black        Sky Blue     Black             Sky Blue                    Orange
  Energy        Blue        Black               Black        Black         White       Black                Blue                      Blue
  HKCC          Blue        Blue                 Blue        Yellow        White       Blue                 Red                      Yellow
  HKFC       Navy Blue    Navy Blue          Navy Blue                     White     Navy Blue             White
   HKU         Green        White               Green         Black        White       White               White                      Black
   KCC         Green        White                Red                       White       White               Green
  Khalsa      Orange        White              Orange         Yellow        Blue       White                Blue                    Black
   KNS        Orange        White              Orange         Black         Blue       Blue                 Blue                    Green
   NBC       Light Blue     White             Light Blue      Black        White       White                Red                      Red
Pak. Assn.     Green       White                Green         Orange       White      White              Navy Blue                  Black
   Police    Burgundy       Blue               Yellow         Black         Grey       Blue              Burgundy                   Yellow
  Punjab       White        White                Blue          Blue         Blue       Blue                 Blue                    White
  Recreio      White        Blue                 Blue      Orange/Black     Blue       Blue                 Red                  Orange/Black
  Rhino        Black        Black               Black          Red          Red        Black               Yellow                    Blue
 RHOBA          Red         White               Black         Black        White       White                Red                      Red
 Scorpion     Orange        Black              Orange         Black        Black      Black                Orange                   Black
 Shaheen        Red         Black               Black         Black        White       Black                Red                   Light Blue
  Skyers        Blue        Black            Blue/Black       Black        White       Black            Blue/Black                  Black
   SSSC      Navy Blue      White           Navy + White      Black        Orange      White           Navy + White                 Black
  Valley       Black        Black               Black         White        White       Black                Red                     Black
 Veterans      White        White                Blue                       Blue       White                Red

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                                                                                                                          updated 12/8/2011

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