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									                                 United States Head Of Family Martial Arts

Volume 8, Issue 5      July 08                                 NEWSLETTER
Founding Members (Active)
Dr. Joe L. Parrish /MD/
                                                    From the President Desk
Prof. Abdulmuhsiy
Abdurrahmam - /MD/ Exec.
Vice President                       The purpose of these
                                                             reflect the teachings
                                                             of our Martial Arts
                                                             Elders in a positive
                                                                                      we are similar to
                                                                                      the legendary
                                                                                      practitioners of the
GM Chang H. Park - /MD/          words of wisdom is to       and well-tempered        past. Each of us
Vice President                   discuss the ideas and       manner. At the end       can make as
GM Furman L Marshall - /DC/      ethics, which traditional   of a workout, our art    much of our
Vice President                   Martial Arts training has   should not be left in    training as we
Dr. Joseph Cooper - /VA/         been founded on. From       the training hall. Our   allow ourselves
Sergeant of Arms                 Bodhidharma to all of       training should be       to envision.
                                 us that are students and    with us as we walk       The only limits
In Spirit                        teachers. One can           home, enter work;        one will experience
                                 recognize profound          meeting new people,      in his or     her
Si-Jo Anthony Graham
Founding Member
                                 parallels in the            accept our daily         traditional training
                                 offerings of the ways of    challenges. When         in Martial Arts are
Master Connie Monroe             wisdom and practiced
Founding Member                                              we pause to              those, which are
                                 in every day living. The    appreciate the beauty    self-imposed.
Master Lemuel R. Thomas , Sr.    challenge, of course is
(Pop) Member                                                 of nature around us.     Therefore… the
                                 to maintain in the          When approached          possibilities of our
___________________________      discipline of our daily     with an open mind,       success and
Founding Members (In-            lives. This will enable
Active) or Retired                                           the way of Martial       personal growth are
                                 us to better understand     Arts (Korean,            with out bounds.
Sifu Paul Ramos                  and apply the lessons       Japanese, Chinese),
Sensei Ali Shabzz                these philosophies          and others can             Remember to
GM Roy Johns
                                 ultimately offer.           influence every aspect       TRAIN,
                                     As practitioners of     of a person’s life.       BELIEVE, and
GM Lee Edmonds                   the Martial Arts, we            Remember, we are       ACHIEVE!!!
Sifu Tim Dale                    are in line with the        not just practicing
GM Orlando Yarborough            same spirit and             sportsmanship. The
                                 philosophies in             Martial Arts has been
GM Darrell R. Smith
                                 Martial Arts, which         handed down through
Dr. Clifford Thomas              were detailed in the        the years always
___________________________      earliest documented         expressing a careful
Executive Board Members          systems of unarmed          consideration for
                                 combat.                     Spirit, loyalty, and
GM Wayne Thomas - /MD/           It is essential that we
PR Chief                                                     Virtue in all we do.
                                 understand the              We are not to forget
Mrs. Sandra A. Thomas -          significance of our own
/MD/ Newsletter Editor                                       where we started
                                 place in the history of     from and the help
Sensei Mike Meier Esq. -         these disciplined art
/DC/Legal Advisor                                            we encounter along
                                 forms and the lifestyles.   the way. As Martial
Prof. Bruce Goodwin - MD         Each of us have morals      Artists today,
                                 and civic                                                      1
                                 responsibilities to
Executive Board Member—                     World Representatives of the U.S.H.O.F.M.A.A.

GM Sylvester Chealthan - VA
Prof. Terryl Richardson - MD
GM John Baylor - MD
Dr. John Crudup - NJ
GM Edgar Livingston - MD
Sr. Master Glenn Miller - MD
Dr. Abdul H. Bilal - NY/GA
Prof. Davanand D-Samaroo -
       Trinidad WI
Dr. Albert Best - Barbados
GM John Scott - MD
Master William Blake - MD
GM Roger Haines - OH
GM Barry Rodemaker - PA
GM Riley Hawkins - MD
Dr. Robert Hawkins - OH
GM Jack Stern - FL
Sr. Master Daryl Jackson - NC
GM Woodrow Fairbanks - OH
Sifu Gerald Brown - MD
Sensei Monique Martin - MD
Shihan Darlene Defour - NY
GM Tran Quoc - NY
Dr. Germon Miller - DC
Prof. Amin Hassan - DE
GM Reggie Jackson - MD             Spot Light of the Month:
Dr. Kevin Hufford - NY
GM Vincent Calloway - CA
Sifu Gunter Benjamin -                  SUPREME GRANDMASTER FURMAN L. MARSHALL
Dr. W. Dan Hausel - AZ
Dr. Robert Braff - OH
GM Ellerton Spruiel - VA
Dr. Norman Henderson - LA
GM Mike Curtis - IL
Dr. Verdale Goins - CO
Soke Larry Levurtus - MD
Prof. Al Wood - DC
Dr. Timur Saliev - Central Asia        Supreme Grandmaster Furman L. Marshall a man who has always
Dr. Jerdan Figueroa - PR          enjoyed Martial Arts. A former United States Marine, who started in
GM Gregory Kennedy - DC
GM Donald Brown - MD
                                  Martial Arts back in 1963. He has train and studied Tang Soo Do, Tae
Dr. James Dye - MS                Kwon Do, Aikido, Judo, and Ju JitSu. Supreme Grandmaster Marshall
Soke Nasiakos Spyros - Greece     instructors were the Great Grandmaster Whang Kim and Grandmaster
GM James Wyatt - MD
Dr. David Grosscup - MD
                                  Soo Wong Lee. He was awarded his 1st Degree Black Belt in 1967.
Dr. Charles Owens - AL            He has competed in tournaments up and down the East Coast from Canada
GM Allah Freedom - NY             to Florida and has won numerous grand championships. Supreme
Dr. Alberto Echevarria - NY
Sifu Walter Holmes - NJ           Grandmaster Marshall has a mass of outstanding trophies, plaques, medals,
Shihan Qasiem Astwood - MD        jackets and other unique Martial Arts Awards.
Dr. Vermon D’ Kunder - India
Prof. Seved H. Moghadasi -
Iran                                  His incredible huge amounts of awards are sit-up in his home
GM Beauford Sloan-EL - NJ       like a museum. Late in 1967 he started Simba Do Jang. Supreme GM
Sifu John Willey, Jr. - MD
Sr. Master Des Galligan -
                                Furman L. Marshall and Phillip Cunningham the founders of Simba Do
Ireland                         Jang , both were championship Competitors in weapons, forms, fighting,
                                and breaking. They did numerous Martial Arts demonstrations in parks,
                                schools, Howard University, Maryland-U and RFK Stadium, etc. He has
    worked in Recreation Centers for 36 years and has retired from the Recreation Department.
    Grandmaster Marshall is still active in teaching and monitoring a number of his affiliate schools.
    His headquarters is in S.E. Washington, D.C. where he currently teaches class. Also, over the
    years he has received several promotions and has currently received a 12th Dan from the
    International Supreme Elite Warrior’s Council. Supreme Grandmaster Furman L. Marshall is also,
    the founder and leader of Black Ski.
                               Martial Arts News

Baltimore’s 1st Martial Arts Appreciation / Roast Dinner

    This event was like no other and was an opportunity to acknowledge and show appreciation
to some of the most Elite Martial Artist in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area. The honorees
of this event: Riley Hawkins, Henry Wilson, Robert McPherson, Francis E. Conde’
and Abdulmuhsiy Abdurrahman.           Invitation was extended to all Martial Artists to come
and support t his special event. It was held at the St. Cecelia’s Catholic Church Hall, 3300
Windsor Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland 21216.

Grandmaster Sy Cheatham

    April 5, 2008 in Dumfries, Virginia at the Dumfries Cultural Center 17757 Main Street,
Dumfries, Virginia 22026. This seminar was fantastic and worth the time and travel. The
excellent teaching from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm of Dae Soo Hyung, meaning “By or With Your
Hands”. This form is one of the un-systemized patterns of the Chinese system and absorbed
into the Okinawan /Japanese and eventually the Korean Arts.
Words of Grandmaster Tea: (this seminar was a real treat). Afterwards, we all went out to eat.

Grandmaster Wayne “Tea” Thomas

      On May 3, 2008 Grandmaster Tea had the Power Punchers TKD Club, Inc. 15th
Anniversary and Awards Banquet 2008. It was held at the Lexington Hotel, in Oxon
Hill, Maryland. The event was a sell-out with top distinguish guest: Dr. Joe L. Parrish,
Supreme Grandmaster Furman L. Marshall, Grandmaster Reginald Jackson Sr., Dr. John
Crudup, Grandmaster Sylvester Cheatham, Grandmaster Bruce Goodwin Sr., Grandmaster
John W. Baylor Sr., Dr. Joseph Cooper, Professor Terryl Richardson, Grandmaster Gregory
Kennedy, Grandmaster Thomas Harper, Grandmaster Sterling I. Johnson, Sr. Master Glenn
Miller and Honorary Black Belt Mrs. Debbie Miller, Grandmaster Robert E. Belt Jr., Master
Zeke Sistrunk, Sensei Monique Martin.
Also, the Power Punchers TKD Club, Inc. Black Belts, students, their families and friends.
 I Humbly thank you for your support and making this special event outstanding and

Grandmaster Robert E. Belt, Jr.

    The Noble House of Tae Kwon Do presented its World Class Tournament of Champions 1st
Annual Spring Tournament (Open) on May 3, 2008. It was at the Winston Churchill High School in
Potomac, Maryland. This event was a success for Grandmaster Belt.

                             Martial Arts News

Grandmaster James Wyatt

    The JW Spring Classics was held May 3, 2008 at the Charles Herbert Flowers Senior
High School 10001 Ardwick-Ardmore Road, Springdale, Maryland 20774. There were a
number of competitors and guest from different areas to make this event great and successful.

 Dr. David L. Grosscup

      Dr. Grosscup is in the process of completing his 10th book, with five more to follow. In this
 edition he is tackling very controversial topics that he have had to deal with in Martial Arts.
 Dim Mak (the death touch), the Iron Palm, Fire Walking, also out dated and dangerous methods
 of training. He has also included the value of tradition and developing one’s five natural

 Dr. Germon Miller, Ph.D.

     United States Woman honored with “Grandmaster of The Year” in London, England.
 Honestly what image comes to mind with the title; Grandmaster of the Year? It is often a man
 wearing a Black Belt wrapped around his waist. Wow!! This time at the 2008 Invitational
 London International Hall of Fame, a 55-year-old Grandmother was awarded Grandmaster of
 the Year. Dr. Germon “Mama G” Miller was inducted into the exclusive TYGA Martial Arts
 Association and recognized as the first woman Grandmaster for this prestigious event on May
 10, 2008. She was nominated by US Grandmaster Tim Gilbert and she was unanimously
 selected and personally honored by world-renown Grandmaster Gary Wasniewski – TYGA

 Professor Terryl Richardson

     3rd Annual Memorial Martial Arts Tournament was held on June 28th, 2008 at the District
 Heights Municipal Center in District Heights, Maryland 20747. There was an outstanding turn
 out of competitors, Black Belts and spectators. Magnificent demo was done by: Dr.
 Robert Hawkins and James Waters. Professor Terryl Richardson received his 10th Dan in
 Yu-Sool by the U.S.H.O.F.M.A.A. and the I.S.E.W.C.
 This event was a success with the help of members of the United States Head of Family Martial
 Arts Association and a few other Black Belts with students, friends and family.

                               U.S.H.O.F.M.A.A. Membership
            It is still important for everyone to spread the word about our membership.

 United States Head Of Family Up Coming Sanction

Moments of Sympathy

   A great warrior Grandmaster Israel (Little Tiger) Ortiz of New London Connecticut will
certainly be missed. He had an infectious sense of humor and his ferociousness ways on the
mats. Rest in peace my friend for you are with our father and may your family be comfort.
                                                                              Dr. Joe L. Parrish

                       Keep in mind of the Seminars / Training Sessions

   Professor Abdulmuhsiy Abdurrahman, reminder for all USHOFMAA members about the
seminars and training sessions that will be available. There will be a number of seminars
and training sessions on the following: First Aid – CPR Certification, Referee and Judging
seminars. Dates for the above mention programs TBA at a later date

                      Martial Artist Professional Seminar –August 9, 2008
   The San Yama Bushi and Combination GoJu School of Self Defense will host the 3rd Annual
Martial Artist Professional seminar. This event will feature Professional Martial Artist from
several styles of Martial Arts and Self Defense Schools. Presenters will be skilled in Ju Jutsu,
Karate, Kyusho-Jutsu, Japanese Sword, Judo, Kenpo Karate, Hapkido, Kung Fu, Tang Soo Do,
Defensive Tactics, and Women’s Self Defense.

                               The 2007 MAPS event was great.

Date: August 9, 2008 Time: 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Location: Fred Lynn Middle School, 1650 Prince William Pkwy, Woodbridge, VA 22191
Fee: $35 per person advance registration by July 4, 2008
     $55 per person after July 5, 2008
     $10 per person for spectators
For more information and registration for this event
Contact: SYBCG at (703) 926-7579 Sensei Z. Bennett

Supreme Grandmaster Furman L. Marshall /Grandmaster Reginald A. Jackson, Sr.

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