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                     NEPTCO Quality Management System Manual

 A Cookson Company

                              NEPTCO INCORPORATED

                             QUALITY SYSTEMS MANUAL

                                AUTHORIZED BY THE

                           NEPTCO EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

  GLM                                                                   11/4/10
GUY L. MARINI, PRESIDENT/CEO                                             DATE

  LBK                                                                   11/3/10
LOIS B. KILSEY, VICE PRESIDENT OPERATIONS                               DATE

  KJF                                                                   11/3/10

  JDG                                                                   11/5/10

  FJC                                                                   11/3/10
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                            NEPTCO Quality Management System Manual

     NEPTCO Inc. developed and implemented a quality management system to demonstrate its ability to
     provide products and services that consistently meet customer and applicable regulatory requirements, and
     to address customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, including continual
     improvement and the prevention of nonconformity.

>>   The quality system complies with the international standard ISO 9001 (2008).
     The purpose of this manual is to outline the quality system and to provide general procedures for all
     activities comprising the quality system.
     Another purpose of this manual is to present the quality system to our customers and other external
     interested parties, and to inform them what specific controls are implemented at NEPTCO Inc. to assure

          NEPTCO Incorporated’s Quality Management System (QMS) covers all aspects of the organization.
          This includes five sites for manufacturing and supply of coated, laminated and printed film, foil, and
          paper tapes, unidirectional fiber composites and woven fiber tape, (Pawtucket, GF, Len, PP, Suzhou),
          one site for product research, design and development (GF R&D), two offsite warehouses (Sawmills
          and Plantation Park), and all aspects of providing customer services. The QMS also includes control of
          materials, machines, procedures, work methods and product specifications. Control of these items is
          done through periodic audits, calibrations and review of goals.

     No exclusions taken.

     NEPTCO Inc.’s Document Hierarchy
             Quality Manual
             Quality Policy
             Quality Operating Procedures
             Corporate Documents
                     Finish Product Specifications
                     Calibration Methods
                     Test Methods
                     Purchase Specifications
                     Quality Documents
             Department Procedures
             Department Work Methods
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                          NEPTCO Quality Management System Manual

     Quality Policy
     NEPTCO Inc. is committed to achieving customer satisfaction by understanding and meeting customer
     requirements while continuously improving the effectiveness of the quality management system through
     measurement and review of our quality objectives.

>>   QMS Documentation:
     The following procedures have been established to assist NEPTCO in maintaining compliance to the ISO
     9001:2008 standard.
     Document #    Document Title
     QOP-42-01     Quality System Documentation
     QOP-42-02     Control of Documents
     QOP-42-03     Control of Quality Records
     QOP-56-01     Management Review
     QOP-62-01     Training and Awareness
     QOP-63-01     Equipment Maintenance
     QOP-72-01     Order processing for products
     QOP-72-02     Customer Complaints
     QOP-72-03     Customer Feedback
     QOP-73-01     Design Control
     QOP-73-02     Purchasing Requirements for New Components Used in the Manufacture of X-
     QOP-73-03     Late Order Reporting
     QOP-74-01     Supplier Evaluation
     QOP-74-02     Purchasing
     QOP-74-03     Verification of Purchased Product
     QOP-75-01     Production Control
     QOP-75-02     Work Instructions and Workmanship Standards
     QOP-75-03     Product Identification and Traceability
     QOP-75-04     Product Handling and Preservation
     QOP-75-05     Storage Areas
     QOP-75-06     Packaging, Labeling and Shipping
     QOP-76-01     Measuring and Monitoring Equipment
     QOP-82-01     Customer Satisfaction
     QOP-82-02     Internal Quality Audits
     QOP-82-04     Product Inspections
     QOP-83-01     Control of Nonconforming Product
     QOP-85-01     Continual Improvement
     QOP-85-02     Corrective and Preventive Action
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                      NEPTCO Quality Management System Manual

QMS Process Interactions
Process/department        Interacts with      Interaction
Top Management*           All                 Provides resources necessary to maintain and improve the
                                              quality system, Conducts management reviews of the quality
                                              system, Approves the Quality Policy,
Systems/IT                All                 Provides IT support for all hardware & software.
HR                        All                 Assists all departments in control of Human Resources,
                                              training, hiring, firing
EHS                       All                 Assists all departments when EHS, statutory, and regulatory
                                              needs arise.
Inventory Control /       All                 Provides inventory control through cycle counting and
Materials                                     inventory reporting, logistical services, item master control.
Purchasing                Production          Purchases raw materials, issues SCARs to suppliers,
                          R&D                 Sources and purchases products for trials.
                          Quality             Interacts with many processes relating to quality.
R&D                       Quality             Provides trial specifications
                          Sales/ Marketing    Develops/Provides new product samples, establishes
                                              specifications for new products,
                          Production          Supports trial runs.
                          Purchasing          R&D specifies new items to be purchased.
Receiving                 Purchasing          Receives purchased materials. Informs purchasing of
                                              discrepancies via QC and SCAR.
                          Quality             Performs 1 stage raw material inspection
                          Inventory Control   Labels, store incoming material
Quality                   All                 Establishes and maintains the quality management system,
                                              audits implementation and effectiveness of the quality
                                              system, identifies opportunities for improvement of the quality
                                              system, monitors corrective and preventive actions,
                          Purchasing          Initiates SCARs, assists in supplier quality surveys and
                          Production          Tests products and report results, initiates RDMs,
                          R&D                 Collect trial data and report as needed
                          Sales/ Marketing    Review customer specifications,
Packing/Shipping          Sales/ Marketing    Assists in complaint investigation and response, provides
                                              technical assistance as needed,
                          Production          Packs and ships product
                          Customer service    Works with customer service relating to shipping issues
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                    NEPTCO Quality Management System Manual

 Customer Service       Production           Enters orders, assists in resolving scheduling conflicts
                        Quality              Initiates customer complaints into databases
                        Shipping/Packing     Works with Shipping/Packing relating to shipping issues
 Engineering/           R&D                  Assists in machine design and scale up of machines and
 Maintenance                                 processes,
                        Production           Assists in machine design and scale up of machines and
                                             processes, troubleshoots machine mechanical problems,
                                             maintains and calibrates machines and equipment, develops
                                             process, operator and set-up instructions
 Production             Maintenance          Assists in maintenance of production equipment,
                        Quality Control      Controls and monitors processes, Conducts in-process
                        Inventory control    Maintains in-process product identification, cycle count
 Scheduling             Production           Schedules production,
                        Customer             Contract review, provide ship dates, MOQs,
                        Sales/ Marketing     Contract review, provide ship dates, MOQs,

 Accounting/Finance     R&D, Sales/          Provides costing estimates,
                        Production           Provides updated bill of materials
 Sales/ Marketing       R&D                  Establishes specifications for new products (product data
                        Quality              Assists in complaint investigation and response,

QMS Process Interactions Table Revision Log
    Date                  Revision                    Initiator                    Change

           8/1/08                  Initial                        SAM                   Entire format

The QMS Process Interactions table is updated as interactions change. A change to this table will not
require a Quality Manual revision level change or new signatures. A table date and revision change log
will be maintained as part of the manual.

Changes to the QMS scope, Quality policy, and QOP document list will require a revision level change
and approval signatures.

* Top Management refers to a management team including the President, Vice President of Operations,
Vice President of Finance, Vice President of Sales and Marketing and Vice President of Technical
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               NEPTCO Quality Management System Manual

                                    REVISION LOG

 REV.     REV.       REVISED                         DESCRIPTION
LEVEL     DATE         BY

 V       10/25/10    SAM; MJL   Pages 2 & 3 – Change standard rev. year from 2000 to
                                2008; add revision log

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