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									            Religion in Malta

                St. Joseph      Paola’s Parish
St. Helen
       Religious Beliefs and
        Practices in Malta
• The principal religion of the Maltese is Roman

• The Maltese are devout: most men and women
  attend mass at least once a week, especially on

• Among Roman Catholics, Malta has the highest
  ratio of priests to laypeople in the world.
  What do Christians believe in?
• We believe in The Holy Trinity-
  God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

• We believe that at the End of
  the World everything will be
  near to God and Jesus will

• We have seven sacraments
  which       are:      Baptism,
  Confirmation, Reconciliation,
  Eucharist, another type of
  Confirmation for the Sick, the
  Vows of being a priest or a
  monk, and marriage. They
  were established by Jesus.
      Roman Catholic Religion
• As a Holy Book we have
  the Bible. It starts with the
  Old Testament which is
  what Jews believe in and
  then there’s the New
  Testament       which      all
  Christians believe in.

• It is like a story of Jesus
  Christ’s life, and after he
  was        crucified     and
  resurrected,       everything
  that happened after.
              Religion in Malta
• In Malta, Religion is highly
  important. We go to church
  every Sunday and not many
  people skip it. Some people go
  to church everyday.

• We say the rosary especially in
  October and in May and we
  celebrate Religious feasts
  highly and with true heart.

• Many people give their time to
  work on showing praise for all
  Saints, the Holy Trinity and
  Holy Mary.
                Churches & Feasts

• Maltese people are very fond of their religion.

• Wherever you look you can see churches, chapels, alcoves and
  statues. In one village it is easy to find over 8 churches and chapels.

• One of the greatest attractions is the Maltese village feast dedicated
  to the celebration of the village's patron saint. Maltese celebrate
  these feasts in great style.
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