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									                                              Nobody Greater Than You!
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    PUBLICATION                      Issue No. 1                                                Jan/Feb 2011 _
                                     There’s a popular gospel song        thee, neither is there any God beside
                                     entitled, “Nobody Greater Than       thee, according to all that we have
                                     You.” The psalmist, Vashawn          heard with our ears.” (2 Sam. 7:22)
                                     Mitchell, sings, “I searched all     Here we see that God had
                                     over, couldn't find nobody; I        established His covenant with
                                     looked high and low, still           David. What an awesome God.
                                     couldn't find nobody; Nobody         David not only stated that there was
        New                          greater, nobody greater, no,         no other god, but wanted his God to
                                     nobody greater than you.” I know
    Testament                        many of you can relate to the
                                                                          be known forever when he said in
                                                                          verse 20, “And let thy name be
    Deliverance                      words of this song. We too, like     magnified for ever…”
                                     Mitchell, have learned there is
     Church                          NOBODY greater than the              David is convinced that not only is
                                     Almighty God. We found out for       there no one greater, but that God is
                                     ourselves that people, money, nor    everywhere. Mitchell sings, “I
                                     things can take the place of Jesus   looked high and low, still couldn’t
                                     and that there is nothing greater
  “Our Goal Is Souls”                                                     find nobody; nobody greater,
                                     than the true and living God.        nobody greater, nobody greater than
                                     Hannah affirmed this in her          you.” David said in Psalms 139,
                                     prayer in 1 Samuel 2:2 when she      “ Thou knowest my downsitting and
                                     found out no one could allow her     mine uprising, thou understandest
                                     to have a son but the Lord. You      my thought afar off. Thou
   This newsletter is published      see, Hannah was barren and           compassest my path and my lying
  bi-monthly. If you would like      could not have children. But         down, and art acquainted with all
 to receive this free publication,   God! I can see why Hannah            my ways. … Whither shall I go from
   please send your request to:      prayed, “There is none holy as       thy spirit? or whither shall I flee
                                     the LORD: for there is none          from thy presence? If I ascend up
                                     beside thee: neither is there any    into heaven, thou art there: if I make
                                     rock like our God.” (1 Sam. 2:2)     my bed in hell, behold, thou art
                                     Not only did Hannah say there is     there. (high and low) (emphasis
                                     none holy like our Lord, but she     added) … If I take the wings of the
  New Testament Deliverance          went further in her allegiance
                                                                          morning, and dwell in the uttermost
       P.O. Box 31976                when she said, “for there is none    parts of the sea; Even there shall
  Capitol Heights, MD 20743          beside thee.” She knew God was       thy hand lead me, and thy right hand
    Phone (301) 808-1200             the Giver of Life and that only      shall hold me.”
     Fax (301) 808-1280              He could do that thing for her.            Glory to God!                        In other words, you David was
                                                                          saying, God there’s no one like you
                                     David stated in his prayer, after    nor greater than you. You know my
                                     receiving a great prophecy from      every move, from the time I get up
Dr. Valeria C. Scott is the Pastor   Nathan, that his seed would build    until the time I go back to bed. Not
and Founder of New Testament         God’ house and his kingdom
     Deliverance Church.                                                  only that, you know my thoughts
 You are invited to fellowship       would be established forever,        and you know me better than I know
      with us at anytime.            “Wherefore thou art great, O         myself. What an awesome God.
                                     LORD God: for there is none like     “Nobody Greater Than You.”
Mitchell continues in his song,     debt we could never pay, yet we           A Word From Our Pastor
“Nobody can heal like you can,      were the ones who had
                                                                                 Dr. Valeria C. Scott
All most Holy One you are the       committed sin. No greater love;
great I AM. Awesome in all          no other qualified, and nobody
your ways and mighty is your        greater than JESUS. Hallelujah!       Glory to God! There is NOBODY
hand. You are He who carried        Only the true, born again believer    greater than the Lord. He is the All
out redemption's plan.”             can say without a shadow of a         Sufficient One. He is our peace, our
                                    doubt, there is “Nobody Greater       joy, our Comforter, the solution to
What was God’s redemption           Than You.”                            every problem. There is none like
plan? – That all men (the entire                                          Him no where. God is everything
human race) might be saved.         Those who are not saved, God          you need Him to be and more. We
“For God so loved the world,        wants you saved. He wants you         are in a season where God is calling
that he gave His only begotten      to know Him too, to know there        His church back to the old landmark,
Son, that whosoever believeth in    is no one greater than He. Jesus      back to prayer, back to holiness,
him shall not perish, but have      died for you too and salvation is     back to fasting, and back to Him.
everlasting life.” (John3:16)       free. The Lord said in Isaiah         Jesus is coming back for His church
What a plan? What love! We          45:20, “Look unto me, and be ye       without a spot or wrinkle. It is time
too, like Mitchell, can sing,       saved, all the ends of the earth:     for the believer to draw nigh to Him
“Awesome in all your ways and       for I am God, and there is none       and He will draw nigh to you. It’s
mighty is your hand. You are        else.” When you accept Him as         time for the backslider to slide back.
He      who      carried     out    your Lord and Saviour, you will       And, if you are not saved, my prayer
redemption’s plan.” Thank you       too will realize there’s nobody       is that you get saved before it is too
JESUS! Truly, there’s “Nobody       greater than the Lord. David said     late.
Greater Than You.”                  in Psalms 73:25, “Whom have I
The Lord told Cyrus, the king       in heaven but thee? and there is      Please feel free to visit our website
he predestined and chose to         none upon earth that I desire, or call (301)
restore Jerusalem and free Israel   beside thee.”                         808-1200 for upcoming events.
                                                                          Sunday Services are held at the New
from bondage so that they could
                                    Mark 12:32 tells us there is only     York Avenue Presbyterian Church,
return to their home land, “I am
                                    one God. “And the scribe said         1313 New York Ave., NW, Park
the LORD, and there is none                                               Level, in Washington, DC. Sunday
else, there is no God beside me:    unto him, Well, Master, thou hast
                                    said the truth: for there is one      School is at 1:00pm; Worship Service
I girded thee, though thou hast                                           is at 2:00pm. Bible Study and Prayer
not known me: That they may         God; and there is none other but
                                    he: And to love him with all the      Meeting are Tuesday & Wednesday
know from the rising of the sun,                                          at 7:30pm at 216 Yolanda Avenue,
and from the west, that there is    heart, and with all the
                                    understanding, and with all the       Capitol Heights. MD.
none beside me. I am the Lord,
and there is none else.” (Isaiah    soul, and with all the strength,
                                    and to love his neighbour as          New Testament Deliverance Church
45:5) Hallelujah! This event
had to take place so that God’s     himself, is more than all whole         Cordially invites you to its 33rd
plan for salvation could be         burnt offerings and sacrifices.”          Appreciation Banquet for
completed. Jesus had to be          (Mark 12:32-33) Here we have a             Pastor Valeria C. Scott
born as a descendant of David.      scribe asking Jesus what was the         For 33 years of Faithful Service
                                    greatest commandment?         He
                                    found himself confessing that
                                                                                  In the Ministry at the
The Word of God tells us just                                                   Greenbelt Marriott Hotel
how much God loves. John            everything Jesus has said was
15:13 states, “Greater love hath    truth – “There is only one God.”               The Grand Ballroom
no man than this, that a man lay    There is absolutely no one, no          6400 Ivy Lane, Greenbelt, MD
down his life for his friends.”     thing, no where, greater than the       4:00pm, Sunday, March 27, 2011
Jesus laid down his life for you    Almighty God. Lord, there’s
and me. He was sinless. He          “Nobody Greater Than You.” ■             For details, call 301/808-1200,
paid a debt He did not owe. A
                                                      By Sherry Parrish        or

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