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									    Honours Students...
...have the benefit of:
     A dynamic teaching team
     Extension courses in English, Maths,                                                  Honours
     Science and TDS
     Extension within the existing                                                         Program
     Opportunities to participate in a range
     of extra-curricular programs
                                                                                      A high performing academic
     Honours Common Space
     Exclusive library access                  What you get by achieving your goals   program for high performing
     Laptops in classrooms
                                                 is not as important as who you                 students
     Individual Academic Profiles
     Enriched Leadership Pathways               become by achieving those goals.
     Honours Newsletters

                                                 For Further Information contact:

                                                         Rebecca Sochanik
                                                  c/o Upper Coomera State College
                                                      E-mail: rsoch1@eq.edu.au
...participate in:
      National Competitions
      Community Projects                                     137 Reserve Rd
                                                            Upper Coomera
                                                                                       If you can imagine it, you can
      Young Scholars
                                                                 QLD 4209              achieve it; if you can dream it,
                                                          Phone: 07 5580 7555
      QAGTC Workshops                                      Fax: 07 5580 7500                 you can become it.
      Beacon Project                                    E-mail: rsoch1@eq.edu.au
        What is the                                                                                  Entry into the Program
        Honours Program?                                                                             Entry to the program is through an
                                                                                                     application process. Students and their
                                                                                                     parents will need to complete all
The Upper Coomera State College Honours                                                              components of the required application
Program is a high performance academic                                                               process by the nominated date.
program for students who show ability, initiative                                                    Successful applicants will be notified by
and a strong commitment to academic success.
In return, these students are provided with an
                                                    Who Should Apply?                                mail with an offer to join the class. Upon
                                                                                                     acceptance of this offer, classes will be
innovative extension curriculum, fantastic              Students with high academic                  finalised by Term 4 of this year and
resources and opportunities, and a dynamic              achievement in English, Maths and/or
teaching team.                                                                                       orientation will begin from that time.
                                                                                                     Application forms available on the
The aim of the program is to provide these              Students who have a commitment to
students with a challenging environment with                                                         College Website throughout Term 3 and
                                                        participating in extra-curricular            are due at the end of Term 3 for next
like-minded students that will enhance their
                                                        academic programs and community              year’s placement.
academic abilities. The Honours Program has
classes from Year 6 through to Year 10, and aims
each year to develop student performance and
                                                        Students with a strong commitment
support academic achievement.
                                                        and drive to academic success, and
Students will engage in the same curriculum as          who show initiative, passion and
mainstream classes, however, Honours Students           engagement in their education
will participate in a minimum of one Extension
                                                     You will also need to be committed to the
Program each semester in either English, Maths,
Science or Trans-Disciplinary Studies.                         following standards:
                                                                                                     Prospective applicants should be aware
The program will be supported not only by UCSC          Participate in AT LEAST ONE Extension        that there are some costs associated
staff, but also by experts and mentors from             Project per semester                         with elements of the Honours Program.
industry and the community to ensure Honours
                                                        Show respect to all students and members     Such costs include optional involvement
Students are exposed to, and supported by a
                                                        of staff.                                    in QAGTC and Young Scholars Workshops,
relevant, engaging and meaningful curriculum
program.                                                                                             excursions as well as an orientation
                                                        Be prepared for all school, and non-school
                                                                                                     camp. Additionally, Honours Students
                                                        based Honours activities
Honours Students have the opportunity to                                                             have the opportunity to purchase a
participate in a range of extra-curricular              Work to the best of your ability in ALL      blazer to wear as a part of their formal
opportunities including                                 subjects.                                    school uniform.
national academic                                       Take opportunities
competitions, workshops                                                                              Other than these minimal (and mostly
and programs run by the                                 Set an example to other UCSC Students,       optional) costs, participation in the
Queensland Academies                                    and uphold the strong expectations of        Honours Program will involve no cost
and QAGTC, as well as                                   Honours Students                             other than normal school fees and
exclusive access to a
range of UCSC resources.      Honours Showcase                                                       expenses.

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