Blizzards by dandanhuanghuang


                                   By: Elizabeth Zerhusen
       I was in a comfy, cozy sleep, when all of a sudden; my Dad comes rushing in trying to wake
me up. He kept saying, “You’re going to be late for the bus.” I was in such a deep sleep, he had to
come in and pick me up and carry me downstairs. I slept on the couch for not even a ½ and hour,
and we had to departure to the basement. I was so freaked out. I had no clue what was happening.
Then my Dad turned on the radio and I heard there was a blizzard warning.

         I decided to get up and turn on the light. It wouldn’t work. Our power was out. I told my
Dad I would be right back, I had to go get some flashlights. I went upstairs to go get the flashlights
and just happen to notice the time. It was 3:30 in the morning. I was surprised my Dad wasn’t at
work. (He is on the snow plow crew at the airport.) So I grab the bag of flashlights and run

         My Mom was up making breakfast with my oldest brother, Ben. I wondered, “Why was he
home.” Who knows I highly doubt he has school today. So I go back down to the basement with
the flashlights and then I saw my hamster running free around the basement. My Dad hates the
hamster so I wonder how he got out. “Where’s Chris?” I ask my Dad. He said, “He is in the
workshop.” I go into the workshop and there he is. “That’s where you went. So did you let the
hamster out?” I said. “Yeah,” he said. I got after him for not watching him because he could easily
get lost in our basement. I decided to put the hamster back and go outside.

         I asked my Mom, “Can I go outside?” My Mom said, “Okay, but be careful and I want you
back in here in 10 minutes.” I said, “Okay.” Before I went out there I spent 10 minutes bundling up.
When I finally went outside, the blizzard hadn’t even started. What’s the fun in going outside if there
isn’t any snow? I decided to go back inside. My Mom asked me, “Was it that cold outside?” I said,
“No it’s just not snowing and there isn’t any fun without snow.” Then we all had breakfast together
which is very unusual because we all leave the house at different times in the morning. Then my
family decides to go shopping.

        I didn’t want to go shopping, I wanted to research about a blizzard. After a ½ an hour of
searching, I finally found this awesome site called,
Here I can search all types of extreme weather situations and how to protect myself in them. My
favorite page is: I
learned so much from this page. Then my family came home. They were soaking wet. I guessed it
started snowing but I asked, “Did the blizzard start yet?” They all said in a sarcastic way, “No.”

        Finally I got to go outside. My whole family came out and played with me. We had the best
of times together. Then the blizzard started. We all ran inside and stayed there. Finally it was 6:45
and there was still a blizzard outside. If we would’ve stayed out there any longer, we could’ve gotten
hypothermia. It could at least be going on for 3 hours. Finally it was over and we had no school.
Our whole neighborhood was outside shoveling. It was like a huge party! At 1:30 everybody was
done shoveling. Then we all relaxed and went inside. The End!!!

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