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					*** Play the World Pre-Release Chat with Firaxis ***
-- Raw Chat Log
Date: October 4th, 2002
Time: 4 PM EST
Duration: About 4 hours

Start of #civfanatics buffer: Fri Oct 04 19:51:58 2002
[15:32] <m_m_x> ganim and kadim goes together
[15:32] <R[]Giskard> lol
[15:32] <Praetorian> YUP
[15:32] <@Chieftess> It was about modpacks
[15:32] <@Chieftess> And he said they'll be directory specific.
  (part of the mod engine)
[15:32] <stwils> crap. ask him about the release date
[15:33] <m_m_x> i hope someone from the art will be here in the
[15:33] <anarchywrksbest> Hey Mike B! Have ou ever been to
[15:33] <anarchywrksbest> hmm
[15:33] *** Runnerking has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[15:33] <@theGreyFox> I hope a delivery boy from Firaxis can
  join today
[15:33] <anarchywrksbest> LOL
[15:33] <Praetorian> same here
[15:33] <stwils> Ct, you got Firaxis in a secret room there?
[15:33] <anarchywrksbest> Thats a cracker!
[15:33] <@Chieftess> no. :)
[15:34] <@Chieftess> Yeah, they're waiting to come on my
  signal. ;-)
[15:34] <m_m_x> ok going to play counter strike, ill b back
[15:34] <Praetorian> CT, is that Chieftess?
[15:34] * @Chieftess yells in the direction of Hunt Valley
[15:34] <@Chieftess> yes
[15:34] <R[]Giskard> "While I was handing the art director his
  coffee, I noticed that..."
[15:34] <stwils> what power. LOL
[15:34] <Praetorian>
[15:35] <stwils> Ask about the (*&(*^^%$#^%$# release date,
[15:35] <@Chieftess> Well, I live in NE Baltimore - Firaxis
  isn't that far away.
[15:35] <anarchywrksbest> Hmm
[15:35] <anarchywrksbest> Guess what!!!!
[15:35] <R[]Giskard> So Infogrames is in New York, but Firaxis
  is in Baltimore?
[15:35] *** Guest06557 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:35] <@Chieftess> yes
[15:35] *** Guest06557 has 4[morphed] into "arkammler"
[15:35] <BrianSlade> I am so happy this PTW is actually going
  to happen. I am so used to companies stringing you along for
  5 years
[15:35] <@Chieftess> Infogrames is the publisher
[15:35] <Praetorian> Can you drop by Firaxis and send 2 copies
  of PTW
[15:35] <Senoj> how long til chat?
[15:35] <anarchywrksbest> Arsenal Suck!! ;)
[15:35] <R[]Giskard> like Warcraft 3?
[15:35] <R[]Giskard> lol
[15:35] <@Chieftess> As long as the Firaxians can stay.
[15:35] <BrianSlade> yes
[15:36] <BrianSlade> Fiaxians...sounds liek something out of
[15:36] <R[]Giskard> Or Team Fortress 2 (Half-Life people)
[15:36] *** Guest86832 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:36] <Praetorian> got to make coffee, be right back
[15:36] <BrianSlade> Firaxians rather
[15:36] <R[]Giskard> Tleilaxu
[15:36] <@theGreyFox> I wonder how many Expansions there will
  be in total to Civ3... :p
[15:36] *** Guest86832 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[15:36] <theLabMonkey> I bloody hope that PTW is released - Or
  the rest of my orders from Amazon will be held up until it is!
[15:36] <spycatcher> hopefully not as many as the sims
[15:36] <MatrixCL> There were three for Civ2 in total.
[15:36] <R[]Giskard> Tleilax + Ixian = Firaxian?
[15:36] <anarchywrksbest> Will Civ3 PTW have a quick and easy
  uninstall feature? ;) LOL
[15:37] <spycatcher> hehe
[15:37] <MatrixCL> LOL
[15:37] <@theGreyFox> ofcourse
[15:37] <Praetorian> Someone else want a cup?
[15:37] <anarchywrksbest> Hmm, I need tea
[15:37] <@theGreyFox> hey, the store closes in 24 minutes!
[15:37] <spycatcher> me :p
[15:37] *** Guest42038 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:37] <MatrixCL> I think it's cold by the time I get it.
[15:37] <anarchywrksbest> BRB
[15:37] <@theGreyFox> good thing I almost live on top of it :)
[15:37] <R[]Giskard> be back in 10 minutes
[15:37] *** Guest42038 has 4[morphed] into "joespaniel"
[15:37] <Silverblade_> yeah, well it does that GF, do we need
[15:37] <stwils> brb doggies have to go out
[15:37] <spycatcher> Hi joe! :)
[15:37] <Padma> hi joe
[15:37] <joespaniel> hello everyone
[15:38] <@theGreyFox> I need some Dr.Pepper or similar
[15:38] <@Chieftess> hi
[15:38] <@theGreyFox> do u need anything Silver?
[15:38] * @Chieftess hands theGreyFox a Dr. Pepper 7,5Dr. P. 14,14.
[15:38] <Silverblade_> some pure holly water for u then GF
[15:38] <@theGreyFox> I knew I could rely on you Chieftess :)
[15:38] <Silverblade_> Dr Pepper = Holy Water
[15:38] <joespaniel> what time does this movie start, and
  wheres the popcorn stand?
[15:38] <spycatcher> here we go again
[15:38] <theLabMonkey> My missus just brought back some of this
  Blue Pepsi from NYC. Looks like window cleaner - tastes
  suspiciously like said substance.
[15:39] <spycatcher> I like blue pepsi
[15:39] <BrianSlade> blue pepsi?
[15:39] <@theGreyFox> I like twisted pepsi
[15:39] <@Chieftess> I like red coca-cola
[15:39] <Padma> my son loves it
[15:39] <Padma> blue Pepsi, that is
[15:39] <@theGreyFox> me too Chieftess, it's the best
[15:39] <spycatcher> Code Red
[15:39] <Silverblade_> it's not called twisted pepsi, GF (duh)
[15:39] <theLabMonkey> A really unexpected aftertaste.
[15:39] <@theGreyFox> nah, but it sure are Twisted
[15:40] *** Guest21785 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:40] <Silverblade_> and tasted the same
[15:40] <@theGreyFox> no, couldn't you feel the Lemon?
[15:40] *** Guest67773 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:40] <Silverblade_> one other thing for sure is that your
  tounge gets twisted with that flavour
[15:40] *** Senoj has quit IRC (Unknown)
[15:40] *** Guest67773 has 4[morphed] into "flash9286"
[15:40] <@theGreyFox> hey! We are in the same room, me and
  Silver at the moment.. :)
[15:40] <Silverblade_> no not really
[15:40] *** trilluser (~trillian@ 4[joined]
[15:40] *** Guest21785 has 4[morphed] into "yo"
[15:40] *** yo has 4[morphed] into "Guest13697"
[15:40] <spycatcher> :mischief:
[15:40] *** Guest13697 has 4[morphed] into "senoj"
[15:40] <senoj> hi
[15:40] <@theGreyFox> what's about the said face spy?
[15:41] <Silverblade_> yes, and we are so lazy that we don't
  have the energy to speak to eachother
[15:41] *** trilluser has 4[morphed] into "pesoloco"
[15:41] <pesoloco> hello
[15:41] <@Chieftess> hi
[15:41] <spycatcher> sad face
[15:41] <pesoloco> has the firaxis chat started yet?
[15:41] <anarchywrksbest> back
[15:41] <joespaniel> hi pesoloco
[15:41] *** flash9286 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[15:41] <@Chieftess> not yet - in 19 minutes
[15:41] <pesoloco> hi joe, chieftess ,all
[15:41] <arkammler> no
[15:41] <pesoloco> cool
[15:41] <@theGreyFox> can always rely on Spy to correct me :)
[15:41] <anarchywrksbest> 19 minutes until........
[15:41] <Padma> brb
[15:41] <Silverblade_> so GF, how about one quick run for it to
  the store?
[15:41] <pesoloco> i think i'll just wait here a bit till it
[15:41] <BrianSlade> hey giskard, Hedwig ended up being very
[15:41] <@theGreyFox> sure
[15:41] <spycatcher> I'll be there forx :p
[15:42] <@theGreyFox> good to know
[15:42] <@Chieftess> forx? :)
[15:42] <@theGreyFox> brb
[15:42] *** Falcon02 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:42] <spycatcher> shutup ct just SHUT UP :lol:
[15:42] <@Chieftess> Hi Falcon.
[15:42] *** Guest61332 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:42] <spycatcher> hey there!
[15:42] <@theGreyFox> Hey! Don't fight about me now :D
[15:42] <joespaniel> so whom from Firaxis is supposed to be
[15:42] <theLabMonkey> Pesoloco - nice napalm bomb graphic.
[15:42] <spycatcher> He's mine you here me MINE! :p
[15:42] <@Chieftess> At 4:00.
[15:43] <@Chieftess> edt
[15:43] <Falcon02> hey
[15:43] <pesoloco> can i ask a question? how will the chat
  work? Do we get to ask questions or do the mods have some
  questions and we just listen?
[15:43] <joespaniel> Think Sid will drop by? ;)
[15:43] <BrianSlade> good question, was thinking the same
[15:43] <pesoloco> sid might stay anonymous
[15:43] *** Guest61332 has 4[morphed] into "flash9286"
[15:43] <@Chieftess> You send us a private message.
[15:43] * flash9286 slaps everyone in the room.
[15:43] *** cavemanf16 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:43] <Falcon02> Ohh yeah... the Firaxis Chat!!
[15:43] <@Chieftess> I'll make an announcement every so often.
[15:43] <flash9286> hello
[15:44] <pesoloco> i send you a PM on the forum? or on the IRC?
[15:44] <stwils> What is the biggest question to ask?
[15:44] <@Chieftess> here.
[15:44] <flash9286> :lol:
[15:44] <@Chieftess> doubleclick an op's name, or...
[15:44] <BrianSlade> oh, so nothign will happen in the main room
[15:44] <@Chieftess> type /privmsg [opname] [message]
[15:44] * Falcon02 wishes he was an Op in here :-(
[15:44] <pesoloco> ok, thx
[15:44] <BrianSlade> i tried to provate before, and itmakes me
  leave this room..
[15:44] *** Guest80514 (~JAVGUEST@=RAvx-48-18-16-85-sc.blueyonde 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:45] <stwils> What do we all want to know?
[15:45] <Padma> back
[15:45] <stwils> What is the most pressing question?
[15:45] *** joespaniel has quit IRC (Unknown)
[15:45] <cavemanf16> when firaxis will stop distributing their
  CDROM's with that lame copy-prevention stuff on them!
[15:45] <@Chieftess> 13Announcement -    1FIRAXIS CHAT IN 15
[15:45] *** Guest03923 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:45] <cavemanf16> locks my computer all the time
[15:46] * Guest80514 slaps everyone in the room.
[15:46] *** Guest03923 has 4[morphed] into "joespaniel"
[15:46] * flash9286 smiles at everyone in the room :-)
[15:46] * anarchywrksbest prepares his bat n nail ;)
[15:46] <cavemanf16> Snoopy isn't in here is he?
[15:46] * Guest80514 smiles at everyone in the room :-)
[15:46] <joespaniel> i just locked up, and had to ctrl-alt-del
[15:47] <joespaniel> Is anyone else having probs?
[15:47] <Padma> I hate when that happens
[15:47] <spycatcher> no
[15:47] <@Chieftess> no
[15:47] <MatrixCL> stwils, I think the biggest question is:
  when will PTW be released. (Confirm 22nd)
[15:47] <stwils> not yet
[15:47] <cavemanf16> with IRC? no
[15:47] <VaderFLAG2> If that's an alias of some sort,
  Chieftess, it isn't working past the Announcement part
[15:47] <MatrixCL> But I want to know when I can buy it in
[15:47] <stwils> Yes!!! Release date!!! Nail it down
[15:47] *** Guest29569 (~java@ 4[joined]
[15:47] <anarchywrksbest> BRB
[15:47] *** anarchywrksbest (~trillian@=JJphvye-466.cubone.dialu 4[left] #civfanatics.
[15:48] <@Chieftess> ok here's the text:   1FIRAXIS CHAT IN 12
[15:48] <theLabMonkey> I wantto know if there will be a proper
  diplomacy editor.
[15:48] *** Guest29569 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[15:48] *** Guest35018 (
com) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:48] <stwils> Nail it down in USA and elsewhere
[15:48] *** Guest68472 (~JAVGUEST@ 4[joined]
[15:48] *** Guest36968 (~java@63.140.224.kM019=) 4[joined]
[15:48] <VaderFLAG2> Oh I see you have it in black text
[15:48] <VaderFLAG2> silly colors
[15:48] *** Guest80700 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:48] *** Guest68472 has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[15:49] <spycatcher> gah
[15:49] *** ColdFever (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:49] <stwils> And will there be patches down the road to PTW?
[15:49] * Guest36968 slaps nobody in particular around with a
  large trout!
[15:49] *** Thunderfall-Away has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[15:49] *** Guest36968 (~java@63.140.224.kM019=) 4[left]
[15:49] *** Guest27620 (~JAVGUEST@63.140.224.GF160=) 4[joined]
[15:49] <pesoloco> whoa, did we start?
[15:49] <@Chieftess> uhoh, TF left! :/
[15:49] <USC_Lucky> :mischief:
[15:49] <@Chieftess> not yet
[15:49] <@Chieftess> In 11 minutes
[15:49] <spycatcher> se I told u it could happen!!!!!!!!
[15:49] <MatrixCL> Uhoh, TF better get back quickly.
[15:49] *** Guest75451 (~java@ 4[joined]
[15:49] <spycatcher> where is he! :p
[15:49] <arkammler> Where did Thunder go?
[15:49] *** Guest27620 has 4[morphed] into "FXS_Speed_Bump"
[15:49] * Guest80514 looks at nobody in particular and laughs.
[15:49] <spycatcher> I can replace him :p
[15:49] *** Guest75451 has 4[morphed] into "Jeff"
[15:50] *** Guest50169 (~JAVGUEST@=1xdexe-84-290-17.mco.bellsout 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:50] <arkammler> yah right
[15:50] *** anarchywb (~trillian@=xbiykwo-853.cloyster.dialup.po 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:50] *** joespaniel has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[15:50] *** Guest50169 has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[15:50] *** Jeff (~java@ 4[left] #civfanatics.
[15:50] <spycatcher> was that/.......?
[15:50] <R[]Giskard> back
[15:50] <@Chieftess> could be...
[15:50] <flash9286> Flag
[15:50] *** Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS (~java@63.140.224.Ic297=)
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:51] <@Chieftess> They're probably getting ready to come.
[15:51] <Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> There we go
[15:51] <@Chieftess> Welcome Jeff!
[15:51] <Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Hey folks
[15:51] *** Chieftess 4[voices] Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS
[15:51] <theLabMonkey> WooHoo!
[15:51] *** alexman (~alexman@199.103.218.eE74=) 4[joined]
[15:51] <R[]Giskard> hi
[15:51] <stwils> HI
[15:51] <spycatcher> hello sir
[15:51] <pesoloco> hi
[15:51] <cavemanf16> hello
[15:51] <VaderFLAG2> ick, using the java client? =p
[15:51] *** alexman has 4[morphed] into "Guest17864"
[15:51] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Speed bump is barry so you may
  wanna "+" him too
[15:51] *** Chieftess 4[voices] FXS_Speed_Bump
[15:51] <anarchywb> Nickname is already in use!! its
  bloody not!!
[15:51] <@Chieftess> ok. Who's barry? :)
[15:51] *** Thunderfall-Away (~titan@=Wrremw-711-89-800-238. 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:51] *** ChanServ 4[ops] Thunderfall-Away
[15:51] <@Thunderfall-Away>    12°   I got the Powwa stick!   12°
[15:52] <@Chieftess> wb TF!
[15:52] *** Ithilkir (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:52] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Mike Breitkreutz is on his way
[15:52] *** Guest66728 (~java@=CMwshj-4sahe8u.cable.mindspring.c
om) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:52] <anarchywb> Thunderfall....hi!
[15:52] <@Chieftess> ok
[15:52] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Yeah TF
[15:52] <@Thunderfall-Away> Hi jeff, Hi Barry!!    :)
[15:52] <pesoloco> it hasnt started yet has it?
[15:52] *** anarchywb has 4[morphed] into "anarchywrkbst"
[15:52] <flash9286> can i ask a question
[15:52] <pesoloco> hi Barry!
[15:52] <@Chieftess> not quite - not 4:00 yet. :)
[15:52] * MatrixCL is looking up in the credits who Mike
  Breitkreutz is... :-o
[15:52] <anarchywrkbst> bah! close enough
[15:52] <hetairoi22> Hi!
[15:52] <pesoloco> Hi Jeff!
[15:52] <flash9286> ok
[15:52] *** AdamKD (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:52] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Hey pesoloco
[15:53] <arkammler> Jeff, how do you do "opps" humun in hotseat
  for trading?
[15:53] <anarchywrkbst> .....excellent :evil:
[15:53] *** Guest17864 has 4[morphed] into "alexman-"
[15:53] <Praetorian> Had my coffee I'm back
[15:53] <@theGreyFox> back, Hi Firaxians!
[15:53] <theLabMonkey> diplomacyeditiordiplomacyeditordiplomacye
[15:53] <Falcon02> 7 mins?
[15:53] <@Thunderfall-Away> Barry (Speed Bump) is Firaxis's QA
  manager, for people who don't know him. :)
[15:53] *** Gnid ( 4[joined]
[15:53] *** anarchywrkbst has 4[morphed] into "anarchywrksbest"
[15:53] <@Chieftess>    1FIRAXIS CHAT WILL START SOON! - The
  room will be set to moderated.
[15:53] <@Chieftess>    3Announcement: If you have a question,
  please ask one of the chat ops in private chat. We
  will relay the questions to the Firaxians. To chat
  with one of the ops, doubleclick their name in the
  user window, or type 12 /privmsg [chat-op name]
  [question] 3. Please try to refrain from asking
  questions to the Firaxians privately.
[15:53] <pesoloco> did someone say diplomacy editor?
[15:53] <theLabMonkey> not me
[15:54] <spycatcher> +m
[15:54] <hetairoi22> Do you guys at Firaxis feel that the new
  unique units are better than the old ones?
[15:54] <MatrixCL> Ok, just say when we can flood you with
  questions, CT. ;-)
[15:54] <anarchywrksbest> You mean i cant ask insanely random
  questions!! :(
[15:54] *** Guest70893 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:54] <cavemanf16> i wish there was some sort of diplomacy/AI
  algorithm editor
[15:54] *** Guest43270 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:54] <@Chieftess> ok, it's close enough - I will now
  moderate the room. :)
[15:54] *** Guest66728 has 4[morphed] into "Ixplodestuff8"
[15:54] *** Chieftess sets 4[channelmode] +m
[15:55] <@Chieftess>    3Announcement: If you have a question,
  please ask one of the chat ops in private chat. We
  will relay the questions to the Firaxians. To chat
  with one of the ops, doubleclick their name in the
  user window, or type 12 /privmsg [chat-op name]
  [question] 3. Please try to refrain from asking
  questions to the Firaxians privately.
[15:55] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Cave: We had a certain amount of
  time to provide as many features as we could...
[15:55] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> k
[15:55] *** Guest70893 has 4[morphed] into "OmniMower"
[15:55] *** Guest80514 has 4[morphed] into "hadyandy"
[15:55] *** Thunderfall-Away has 4[morphed] into "Thunderfall"
[15:55] * @Thunderfall has Returned ( Been gone 2hrs 2secs )
[15:55] *** Gnid ( 4[left]

[15:55] <@Chieftess> Remember, only send questions to me, or
  Grey Fox.
[15:55] *** Guest43270 has 4[morphed] into "James"
[15:55] <@Chieftess> TF is here to watch. :)
[15:56] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> I agree...
[15:56] <@Thunderfall> yeah, I am lazy. :D
[15:56] <@Chieftess> From flash9286: how will gamespy arcade
  come into civ 3 mulitplayer
[15:56] *** RexExitium (Rex@219.92.167.MK88=) 4[joined]
[15:56] *** Gnid ( 4[joined]
[15:56] <@Thunderfall> We don't want to bombard our Firaxian
  friends with oo many questions at once. ;)
[15:56] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Flash: WE have both an in-game
  browser for gamespy as well as compatability with Arcade,
  their outside app.
[15:57] *** Chieftess changes 4[topic] to 'Firaxis Chat - Live!'
[15:57] <@Chieftess> from theLabMonkey: Do the Firaxians have a
  reason for the massive discrepancies between the new and old
[15:57] <@Thunderfall> It's a little early to start the chat...
   Maybe we should wait another 2 minutes?
[15:57] <@Chieftess> ok
[15:57] *** Guest75969 (~java@=JY84-072-269-38.ftwrth.tx.charter
.com) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:57] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Lab: Just trying to create fun,
  interesting units. The Persian Immortal is just as dominating
  in the ancient era as the viking is in the middle ages.
[15:57] *** Guest70606 (~java@ 4[joined]
[15:57] <@Chieftess> I'll just go slowly. :)
[15:57] *** Guest17502 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:57] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> k
[15:57] <@Thunderfall> ok :)
[15:57] *** Guest75969 has 4[morphed] into "Grey"
[15:57] <@Chieftess> people are anxious. ;)
[15:58] *** evilmonkey ( 4[joined]
[15:58] *** narchywrksbst (~trillian@=yZigpdi-021.clefable.dialu 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:58] *** Ixplodestuff8 (~java@=CMwshj-4sahe8u.cable.mindsprin 4[left] #civfanatics.
[15:58] *** Guest70606 has 4[morphed] into "DaDoo"
[15:58] <@theGreyFox> Chieftess, post the announcment once in a
[15:58] <@Chieftess> From Ithilkir: Question: Was there any
  civilizations you had to leave out of PtW that you wish you
  could have put in?
[15:58] <@Chieftess>    3Announcement: If you have a question,
  please ask one of the chat ops in private chat. We
  will relay the questions to the Firaxians. To chat
  with one of the ops, doubleclick their name in the
  user window, or type 12 /privmsg [chat-op name]
  [question] 3. Please try to refrain from asking
  questions to the Firaxians privately.
[15:58] *** lincoln (
net) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:58] *** narchywrksbst has 4[morphed] into "anarchywrkbst"
[15:58] *** Grey has 4[morphed] into "Guest19758"
[15:58] <@Thunderfall> good... the room is getting busy. :)
[15:59] *** Guest19758 has 4[morphed] into "GreyKnite"
[15:59] *** Guest69097 (
) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:59] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Ith: Sure. I would have loved to
  add the Mayans for instance. The determining factor in how
  many civs we can add is the asset creation load. It takes 3
  people about a month to create each new civs assets. That
  limited us to 8.
[15:59] *** Guest17502 has quit IRC (Unknown)
[15:59] <@theGreyFox> <R[]Giskard> I would like to know if the
  multiplayer "simultaneous mode" would be similar to the
  WarCraft/StarCraft style of gameplay, and how exactly the
  "turn-based" multiplayer will work. Also, what's the
  expected release date?
[15:59] *** stwils has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[15:59] *** Guest02943 (
  4[joined] #civfanatics.
[15:59] *** Guest69097 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:00] *** Guest00045 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:00] *** Guest80440 (
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[16:00] *** lincoln (
net) 4[left] #civfanatics.
[16:00] *** Guest80440 has 4[morphed] into "stwils"
[16:00] *** Jack_Deth (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:00] *** Guest43539 (~java@=Vcncaiou- 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:00] *** Guest43539 has 4[morphed] into "kovard"
[16:00] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Gisk: Si-move (as we call it) is
  identical to single player, except that all the humans are
  moving (then it's the AI turn), then all the humans. It's
  still a very turn based system, since research, growth, etc
  progress in turns.
[16:00] <@Chieftess> hetairoi22: Do you guys at Firaxis feel
  that the new civs are better than the ones in the original
  Civ3, or are they truly balanced?
[16:00] *** Guest00045 has 4[morphed] into "cgannon64"
[16:00] *** Ixplodestuff8 (~stuff@=aCnyea-9ffoz1c.cable.mindspri 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:00] *** lincoln (
net) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:01] *** Guest47000 (~java@=6scsu-18-22-89-099.rochester.rr.c
om) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:01] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Het: Pretty balanced.
[16:01] <@Chieftess>   3Announcement: If you have a question,
  please ask one of the chat ops (Grey Fox, or
  Chieftess) in private chat. We will relay the
  questions to the Firaxians. To chat with one of the
  ops, doubleclick their name in the user window, or
  type 12 /privmsg [chat-op name] [question] 3. Please try
  to refrain from asking questions to the Firaxians
[16:01] *** Guest47000 has 4[morphed] into "slothman"
[16:01] *** Guest70644 (~java@=gpbjtk-97-654-499-00.dsl.snfc21.p 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:01] *** Guest70644 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:01] *** Guest94019 (~java@=S8108-932-87-264-eciqo9730.dsl.te 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:01] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Het: Same here
[16:01] *** ssmith619 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:01] *** Guest94019 has 4[morphed] into "Pggar"
[16:01] *** Guest54619 (~java@=Jyjoyg-92-334-058-86.dsl.snfc21.p 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:01] <@theGreyFox>   <senoj> How will the expansion pack
  effect our custom modifications?
[16:01] *** Guest54619 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:01] <@Thunderfall> A quetsion for Barry: IS PTW almost
  GOLD? :)
[16:02] *** Guest30089 (~java@=nvlwik-42-556-968-88.dsl.snfc21.p 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:02] *** anarchywrksbest has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[16:02] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> TF: I take the fifth ;-)
[16:02] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Senoj: You'll be able to have
  multiple graphic and text file mods in seperate folders
  without swapping files. A majority of the hard coded limits
  have been removed. PTWs editor has a number of substantial
  new features.
[16:02] <@Chieftess> <VaderFLAG2> Will the PTW UU's have the
  same costs as the units they replace, or will they have
  varying costs? For example, the Numidian Mercenary 2/3/1
  being superior, not just different (something not present in
  the CIV3 UU's) to the Hoplite?
[16:02] *** anarchywrkbst has 4[morphed] into "anarchywrksbest"
[16:02] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> tf: Close...but not yet.
[16:02] *** Guest68494 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:03] <@theGreyFox> <pesoloco> What will any of the new unit
  packs include? like the dinosaur pack, WWII pack?
[16:03] *** Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS (~mbreitkreu@63.140.224.cI8
56=) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:03] <@Thunderfall> ok... can't wait to get the press
  release email!
[16:03] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Vader: Numidian Merc costs more than
  the Hoplite
[16:03] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Vader: Costs are often used to
  balance the unit. Units that are much better than their
  'base', are a great deal of fun to use. To balance that, we
  increase the cost, sometimes siginificantly. It's what the
  testers enjoy fundementally.
[16:03] *** Guest53833 (~JAVGUEST@=NKwm-ecwjnk-pxjd3-e7q-185.frb 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:03] *** Guest75325 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:03] <@Thunderfall> Hi Mike
[16:03] *** Guest27333 (~java@63.167.143.VO48=) 4[joined]
[16:03] *** Guest53833 has 4[morphed] into "Warpstorm"
[16:03] <@Chieftess> <pesoloco> frequently I get disconnected
  from the internet because of my school's firewall and
  bandwidth restrictions. Can you ask them if it will be easy
  to connect to the same game if I get disconnected and will
  other players be able to kill me while I'm disconnected?
  Sorry for such a long question.
[16:03] *** Thunderfall 4[voices] Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS
[16:03] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS>   3°   Whoa! a nifty lookin' +
  thingie!!   3°
[16:04] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Pescolo: Dinos has about 14
  units, WWII has over 20, Medieval Japan over 20. 24 kings
  (which is really a unit set in themselves).
[16:04] *** Guest17790 (~java@=M7rzgr-1vxb2yx.dialup.mindspring.
com) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:04] *** James ( 4[left] #civfanatics.
[16:04] *** FXS_Speed_Bump has quit IRC (Unknown)
[16:04] *** Guest68494 has 4[morphed] into "Kingpin"
[16:04] <@theGreyFox>   <evilmonkey> any information about the
  future of the SMAC series?
[16:04] *** FXS_Speed_Bump (~java@63.140.224.xU440=) 4[joined]
[16:04] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> PEscolo: No dynamic joining.
  They'll all need to return to the MP Lobby and wait for you
  to join again. PBEM might be a better solution and we have
  that too..
[16:04] *** [-0_0-] (~Mymint@203.113.32.PY3=) 4[joined]
[16:04] <@Chieftess> [15:59] <anarchywrkbst> What is your
  favourite Guns N Roses song
[16:04] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Evil: Nope.
[16:05] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Anarchy: Welcome to the jungle?
[16:05] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> "It's So Easy"
[16:05] *** Pggar has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[16:05] <@Chieftess> <anarchywrksbest> Any chance of making
  the 'Anarchy' form of government a more viable option??
[16:05] *** Guest49751 has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[16:05] <@Chieftess>   3Announcement: If you have a question,
  please ask one of the chat ops (Grey Fox, or
  Chieftess) in private chat. We will relay the
  questions to the Firaxians. To chat with one of the
  ops, doubleclick their name in the user window, or
  type 12 /privmsg [chat-op name] [question] 3. Please try
  to refrain from asking questions to the Firaxians
[16:05] *** Guest60076 (~JAVGUEST@=c2sfvflx.dynamic.arcticnet.ry 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:05] <@Thunderfall> lol, funny question anarchy. :D
[16:05] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Anarchy: We're not in PTW,
  though not paying maintenance is a hell of an advantage.
[16:05] *** Guest22387 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:05] *** Guest60076 has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[16:06] *** Guest22387 has 4[morphed] into "Stuck_as_a_mac"
[16:06] <@theGreyFox>   <hetairoi22> Are any of the unit
  graphics from civfanatics included in PTW?
[16:06] <@Chieftess> <lincoln> how many Civlazations there will
[16:06] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Het: Not sure.
[16:06] *** Guest22065 (~java@63.225.132.ya510=) 4[joined]
[16:06] *** cgannon64 has quit IRC (Unknown)
[16:06] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Lincoln: 8 new civs
[16:06] <@theGreyFox>   <VaderFLAG2> Have the stats (if so,
  what are they?) of the guerilla unit been decided yet? Is the
  AI capable of dealing with hidden nationality?
[16:06] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Vader: No hidden nationality for
  the guerilla.
[16:07] <@Chieftess> <Praetorian> I would like to know if in
  the PTW version , adding new civs and units will be easier
[16:07] *** Guest34230 ( 4[joined]
[16:07] *** DAKjungF (~DAKjungF@=0Qfx542-089.naitparty2002.hin.n
o) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:07] <@theGreyFox> <MatrixCL> My question is not only when
  it will be released (confirm 22nd?), but also: when in
[16:07] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Thunderfall...can you give barry
  the "+" again?
[16:07] *** Guest30089 has 4[morphed] into "Hygro"
[16:07] *** Guest02996 (~java@=YLitkq_gnzgbtqq.Kiewit.dartmouth.
edu) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:07] *** Pggar (pggar@=Y7642-191-75-357-iambt1611.dsl.telebra 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:07] *** Thunderfall 4[voices] FXS_Speed_Bump
[16:07] *** Guest69213 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:07] <@Thunderfall> oops, done.
[16:07] *** Guest02996 has 4[morphed] into "Zytos"
[16:07] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Thanks
[16:07] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Prae: Yes, since you won't have
  to worry about screwing up your civ3 bix.
[16:08] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> I got kicked
[16:08] *** Guest69213 has 4[morphed] into "cgannon64"
[16:08] *** Guest27845 (
) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:08] <@Chieftess> <hetairoi22> How much work has been done
  on the editor since the last patch?
[16:08] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Matrix: Soon. Europe 2-4 weeks
  after is what the plan is
[16:08] <@theGreyFox>      03   Chatters: Please don't ask the same
  question to several OP's
[16:08] <@Thunderfall> hehe... It happens. :) I just hope we
  don't get those disatrous net split... :D
[16:08] *** me (~me@212.4.83.OD021=) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:08] *** me has 4[morphed] into "Guest99759"
[16:08] *** JDS ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:08] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Het: Lots of work.
[16:08] *** Guest27845 has 4[morphed] into "Hey"
[16:08] <@Chieftess> Is there any chance of the expansion pack
  providing some built in support for custom modifications?
  Such as the mod loader in Morrowind, to cite an example.
[16:09] *** Stuck_as_a_mac (
 4[left] #civfanatics.
[16:09] *** Stuck_as_a_mac (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:09] <@Chieftess> From RexExitium
[16:09] <@theGreyFox> 01 <arkammler> When will the "civ of the
  week" start on 03
[16:09] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Cheiftess: Not sure what you
  mean. The mod management system makes switching between mods
  pretty easy.
[16:09] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Ark: Shortly
[16:09] <@Chieftess> That was Rex's question. :)
[16:09] *** Hey has 4[morphed] into "hello"
[16:09] *** hello has 4[morphed] into "Guest37839"
[16:09] <@Chieftess> <flash9286> What is the realise date in
  North America
[16:09] *** Stuck_as_a_mac has 4[morphed] into "ThePenguin"
[16:10] <@theGreyFox>   03 < 01Silverblade_> what was one of the
  biggest challenges to overcome in the production of PTW? 03
[16:10] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> flash: Not sure what igs is
  saying..We're not done yet
[16:10] <@Chieftess> <flash9286> will they be clans in ptw like
  other multiplayer game
[16:10] *** Guest75325 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:10] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Silverblade_: integrating
  MP in a SP game
[16:10] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> silver: Making what was a single
  player game multiplayer...not to mention a turn based single
  player game that starts in 4000bc and ends with the
  colonization of alpha centauri
[16:10] *** spycatcher has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:10] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> flash: No ingame support
[16:11] *** Guest67209 (~JAVGUEST@=PHb8e785mvo48io.ab.hsia.telus
.net) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:11] <@Chieftess> <DaDoo> how exactly is turnless mode
[16:11] <@theGreyFox> GreyFox 01: How big is the Design Document
  at the moment? :p
[16:11] *** Guest37839 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:11] <@Chieftess> hehe, that's what I'd like to know. :)
[16:11] *** Guest67209 has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[16:11] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Dadoo: Turns is just like
  si-move, except you don't need everyone to finish their turn
  before you can go again.
[16:11] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> GF: 5.01MB
[16:11] *** Guest79191 (
) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:11] *** Marc_Derell (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:11] <@Chieftess> <pesoloco> another question: do the
  winter/fall tile sets change during the game like progessive
  from spring->summer->fall->winter? or is it the same tile set
  for the whole game?
[16:12] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Grey: Grey: 19 chapters and 8
[16:12] *** Tricron (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:12] <@theGreyFox>   <pesoloco> are there any plans for
  another expansion pack? or a sequel to Civ III?
[16:12] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Dadoo: Each unit and city refreshes
  based on its own clock
[16:12] *** Guest57865 (~JAVGUEST@206.196.134.G9689=) 4[joined]
[16:12] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> pescolo: No. We considered it,
  but it never got off the wishlist.
[16:12] *** Guest47995 (~java@141.233.144.sk15=) 4[joined]
[16:12] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> pescolo: Depends on how this one
[16:12] *** flash9286 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:12] *** Guest57865 has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[16:12] <@Chieftess> <Stuck_As_A_Mac> "do you know how the mac
  pathes are comming?"
[16:13] *** Jack_Deth has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:13] *** Warpstorm has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:13] *** Guest53571 (~JAVGUEST@206.196.134.Kz179=) 4[joined]
[16:13] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Mac: Haven't heard anything in a
  while. They have the code. The foreign language v1.29fs are
  on their way.
[16:13] *** RobOz ( 4[joined]
[16:13] *** Warpstorm (Warpstorm@=Rpgy-zybidp-pluq4-e5h-493.frbg 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:13] *** Guest53571 has 4[morphed] into "JKM"
[16:13] *** Zytos has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:13] *** Kryten4001 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:13] <@Thunderfall> Can you tell us a little bit about
  Firaxis next big thing? ;) All the news seem to indicate
  it's going to be a 3D game...
[16:13] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Thunder: Please...
[16:14] <@Chieftess> <anarchywrksbest> Why isnt Civ3 playable
  in a window! InCiv2 that allowed me to create scenarios and
  do other stuff! Any chance??
[16:14] <@Thunderfall> i think it's X-COM.. :)
[16:14] *** Guest22065 has 4[morphed] into "_2001Wolfy"
[16:14] <@theGreyFox>   <GreyKnite> Have there been any major
  improvements to the AI?
[16:14] *** JDS has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:14] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Chief: Speed primarily. When you
  take over the whole display you can improve performance.
[16:14] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Chieftess: alt-tab works fine as does
  the Windows key
[16:14] *** JDS ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:14] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Grey: Many improvements, some
  related to new units, some for new improvements, some overall
[16:15] *** lincoln has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:15] *** MSJD (warez@202.8.238.aV847=) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:15] *** hadyandy has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:15] *** Guest99759 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:15] <@Chieftess> <slothman> Are you still looking at
  suggestions or should we wait for a civ4 forum?
[16:15] *** Guest07836 (~java@66.65.79.Q251=) 4[joined]
[16:15] <@theGreyFox>   <lincoln> Are the going to have a unit
  creation wizard for it
[16:15] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Sloth: PTW is just about done so
  too late for that. Keep them coming though as we collect and
  peruse them periodically.
[16:15] *** Guest84258 (~JAVGUEST@=7Mcb-52-61-36-98-tj.blueyonde 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:15] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> slothman: it's a bit late for PTW
  suggestions...but we always take them
[16:15] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> lincoln: No, you'll need to use
  the units page in the editor.
[16:16] *** Guest79191 (
) 4[left] #civfanatics.
[16:16] <@Chieftess> <JDS> Is there a better scenario creator
[16:16] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> JDS: You bet.
[16:16] *** Guest84258 has 4[morphed] into "handyandy"
[16:16] <@theGreyFox>   <Ithilkir> Question: If you guys could
  add ONE thing perfectly to the game, what would it be? (civil
  war, future terra forming etc)
[16:16] *** Guest87684 (~java@=h6rijvii4-jt9-2-79-209-528.bstnma 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:17] *** Marc_Derell has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:17] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Lthilkir: I'd like to expand the
  concept of victory points. In PTW you can get them from
  holding tiles, but I'd have liked to have them awarded on
  tech research, killing units, things like that.
[16:17] *** Guest87684 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:17] <@Chieftess> <alexman-> Will there be any more options
  to control the behavior of the AI in the editor? Will there
  be an easy way to create a BIC file from a save?
[16:17] <@Chieftess>   3Announcement: If you have a question,
  please ask one of the chat ops (Grey Fox, or
  Chieftess) in private chat. We will relay the
  questions to the Firaxians. To chat with one of the
  ops, doubleclick their name in the user window, or
  type 12 /privmsg [chat-op name] [question] 3. Please try
  to refrain from asking questions to the Firaxians
[16:18] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> ALex: Some, but Mike could
  better answer that one.
[16:18] <@theGreyFox>   <senoj> What new features will there be
  in the editor?
[16:18] *** _1407 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:18] *** Guest05680 (
) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:18] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Senjoy: Disable horizontal or
  vertical wrapping, mod management,
[16:18] *** Guest05680 has 4[morphed] into "Damien"
[16:18] *** Damien has 4[morphed] into "Guest56081"
[16:19] <@Chieftess> <cavemanf16> Only with the latest v1.29f
  patch to Civ3 have I been able to play Civ3 off of the
  "legal" CD. All other patches (and the original when I first
  bought Civ3) had to be modified with 'cracked' versions of
  the civ3 executable because of the copy-prevention system
  being used on the CDROM disc distributed by Infogrames. Has
  Infogrames improved anything on PTW with copy-prevention? (I
  won't buy PTW if it's not going to work on my computer)
[16:19] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Others I can't remember
[16:19] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> senoj: You can now control
  the game's time line and add a search path. X/Y wrapping can
  be toggled. Operational Range can be increased.
[16:19] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> senoj: flat map, north/south wrapping
[16:19] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Caveman: We're not using
  Safedisc this time, we're using SecuRom. We'll see how much
  of an improvement it is.
[16:19] *** Guest96326 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:19] *** Guest73437 (HTML@209.0.77.Gu56=) 4[joined]
[16:19] *** Falcon02 has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[16:19] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> caveman: PTW will be using a
  different form of copy protection.
[16:20] *** Guest23312 (HTML@209.0.77.Gu56=) 4[joined]
[16:20] *** Guest46173 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:20] <@Chieftess> <hetairoi22> Are there any new scenarios
  in PTW?
[16:20] *** Falcon02 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:20] *** Guest38835 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:20] *** Guest38835 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:20] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> het: yes
[16:20] *** zipSMACK (
m) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:20] <@theGreyFox> ] <cavemanf16> How is the computer AI
  developed? Is it through playtesting 'what works best', or
  through a 'decision tree' of how you expect the game to flow
[16:20] *** Guest83504 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:20] *** Guest83504 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:20] *** Guest83540 (
com) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:20] *** Guest83540 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:21] *** iAMisak (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:21] *** Guest96326 has quit IRC (Timed Out)
[16:21] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Cave: Soren is the AI guy. He's
  spoken about it in previous chats.
[16:21] *** iAMisak (
 4[left] #civfanatics.
[16:21] *** slothman has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:21] *** Guest46173 has quit IRC (Timed Out)
[16:21] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Het: A few from Firaxis, most
  are maps, many are from the fans.
[16:21] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> caveman: that's a question for Soren
  but it definitely comes from a lot of playtesting and tweaking
[16:21] *** Guest16248 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:21] *** gunning1 (~gunning1@66.189.239.eB96=) 4[joined]
[16:21] <@theGreyFox>   <pesoloco> ask them to expound upon
  this time line setting thing. Does that mean you can make
  certain things happen at certain years like Civ II? For
  example, in 500 BC give your civ $500
[16:21] *** Guest23312 has quit IRC (Timed Out)
[16:22] *** [-0_0-] has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[16:22] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Pescolo: It's the amount of time
  that elapses per turn.
[16:22] <@Chieftess> <senoj> Will there be a Civ 4 and if so
  how will it be different?
[16:22] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Years I mean
[16:22] *** Guest95864 (HTML@209.0.77.Gu56=) 4[joined]
[16:22] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> pesoloco: No it means you can change
  the time scale to months or weeks.
[16:22] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> pseoloco: You can configure
  the start/end date, units of time (years, months, weeks),
  number of units that pass per turn.
[16:22] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Senoj: No comment.
[16:22] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> or years
[16:22] <@theGreyFox>   <m_m_x> ask jeff if he knows what will
  be in the box of ptw?any goodies there?
[16:22] <@theGreyFox> I would like to mantion that the art
  work on ptw box is superb,very tempting,make me want to see
  "over the top"...:)
[16:23] *** Guest40088 (HTML@209.0.77.Gu56=) 4[joined]
[16:23] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> mmx: Nothing beyond the basics.
[16:23] <@Chieftess> <DaDoo> if every unit & city refreshes
  based on its own clock, how much additional min-requirement
  on the computer do I need to play in turnless mode?
[16:23] *** Guest16248 has quit IRC (Timed Out)
[16:23] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Grey: Thanks.
[16:23] *** Isak (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:23] <@Chieftess> and: <DaDoo> has any item on the 'wish
  list' made it into the game?
[16:23] *** Guest73437 has quit IRC (Timed Out)
[16:23] <@theGreyFox> (the praise was from mmx aswell, but I
  agree :p)
[16:23] *** Guest02943 (
  4[left] #civfanatics.
[16:23] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Dadoo: MP does require a little
  more horsepower but not much.
[16:24] *** Guest95864 has quit IRC (Timed Out)
[16:24] <@theGreyFox> Horsepower ey :P
[16:24] *** Guest26905 (~java@=AQcdih-33-562-776-57.dsl.snfc21.p 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:24] *** MSJD has 4[morphed] into "MSgt_JD"
[16:24] *** Guest40088 has quit IRC (Timed Out)
[16:24] <@Chieftess> <pesoloco> another question: Have there
  been any changes to unit limits such as bombardment or Op.
  Range? The current limit is 8, will PtW allow more than that?
[16:25] *** Guest80700 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:25] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Perscolo: Yes.
[16:25] <@theGreyFox>   <MatrixCL> Can you tell which scenarios
  and others mods are added next to PTW itself? Or if that's
  too much just how many exactly?
[16:25] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> pesoloco: yes and some have already
  been changed
[16:25] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> pesoloco: The max has been
  increased to 362
[16:25] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Matrix: Over 40.
[16:25] <@Chieftess> <RexExitium> Will the Civ3 expansion pack
  or any future Firaxis games come with a built in MP3 player?
[16:25] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Rex: I doubt it.
[16:26] <@Chieftess> <RexExitium> Here's an AI related
  question: why do the AI players value cities so much? Will
  that be changed?
[16:26] *** Guest79591 (~java@65.119.139.Op309=) 4[joined]
[16:26] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Rex: Soren could answe that
  better. I'm not sure.
[16:26] *** Guest26905 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:26] *** Guest81730 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:26] <@Chieftess> <cgannon64> Have there been any major
  improvements in the AI's use of artillery offensively?
[16:26] *** Guest81730 has 4[morphed] into "Taranis"
[16:26] *** Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:27] *** USC_Lucky has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:27] *** JKM (~JAVGUEST@206.196.134.Kz179=) 4[left]
[16:27] *** Guest21913 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:27] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> cgannon: the AI uses artillery a lot,
  but that goes back to 1.29
[16:27] *** DaDoo (~java@ 4[left] #civfanatics.
[16:27] *** Guest49733 (~JAVGUEST@=J2jntlgp- 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:27] *** Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS (~java@63.140.224.iI742=)
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:27] <@Chieftess> <RobOz> If so, could you ask, "Will we
  get to see a list of changes made to the AI?"
[16:27] <@Chieftess> [16:17] <RobOz> Like we did with the
[16:27] *** Guest57942 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:27] *** Guest32612 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:27] * @theGreyFox has SO many questions on hold at the
  moment :p
[16:27] *** Chieftess 4[voices] Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS
[16:28] *** Guest17922 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:28] *** Guest31644 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:28] *** Guest17922 has 4[morphed] into "Jurimax"
[16:28] <@theGreyFox>   <GreyKnite> Has "Inifinite City Sprawl"
  (ICS) strategy been tested in multiplayer? Is it overpowering?
[16:28] *** Guest43611 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:28] *** Ithilkir has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:28] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Grey: It's popular..
[16:28] *** Guest56081 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:28] <@Chieftess> <RobOz> Is this the only planned expansion
  pack for Civ 3 or will there be more scenario/unit pack type
  expansions in the future?
[16:29] *** Guest21913 has quit IRC (Timed Out)
[16:29] <@theGreyFox>   <arkammler> I notice that, if you set
  the appacane(sp) ratio to 900 on all of the luxury, I get
  only the top 4 luxury. How is this so?
[16:29] <@theGreyFox>   <arkammler> Will I get to say ok to a
  deal when it is from the civ that been played by a human?
[16:29] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> GreyKnite: If you like to build
  settlers over defenders, let's play real soon ;-)
[16:29] *** Guest11310 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:29] *** Guest11310 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:29] *** Guest57942 has quit IRC (Timed Out)
[16:29] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> I always thought of ICS as the
  one city on every tile. City "spamming" in my book isn't the
  same thing.
[16:29] *** Guest32612 has quit IRC (Timed Out)
[16:29] *** Thunderfall has quit IRC (Unknown)
[16:29] *** Guest49733 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:29] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Rob: Depends on how well this
  one does.
[16:29] *** Guest31644 has quit IRC (Timed Out)
[16:29] <@Chieftess> MSJD> Will a regular 56K internet access
  be enough for a 'standard' MP game of PTW?
[16:29] *** Guest67604 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:29] *** Guest67604 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:29] <@Chieftess> <MSJD> There's a huge problem with the
  city-governor right now in that it prioritizes food over
  anything else even over the choices you made. Will that be
  fixed as well?
[16:29] *** Guest45505 (~JAVGUEST@=RJwljmmi.dynamic.arcticnet.ry 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:29] *** Guest43611 has quit IRC (Timed Out)
[16:29] *** Guest60078 (~JAVGUEST@=x3ywrskx- 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:30] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> MSJD: Should be ok as long as
  you're connecting at around that speed.
[16:30] *** handyandy has quit IRC (Unknown)
[16:30] *** Guest60078 has 4[morphed] into "grawss"
[16:30] *** Guest82635 (
) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:30] *** Guest82635 has 4[morphed] into "Damien"
[16:30] *** Damien has 4[morphed] into "Guest51401"
[16:30] <@Chieftess> <_2001Wolfy> Right; sorry about the post!
  I'm looking for some clarification on the possibility/timeline
   of Firaxis porting PTW to the Mac. Regards!
[16:30] *** Guest79591 has 4[morphed] into "YoungEagle"
[16:30] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> MSJD: Soren has it working the
  way he intended to. I've seen weird instances here and there
  but for the most part it seems to be working as designed.
[16:30] <@theGreyFox>   <cgannon64> Question: Will diplomacy be
  programmable in the editor? Meaning, can I start France at
  war with Germany, or something like that?
[16:30] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Wolky: Not in house.
[16:30] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Cgann: No.
[16:31] <@Chieftess> <JDS> Will the editor have features like
  the civ2 scen editor? Or even better?
[16:31] *** grawss has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:31] *** Guest45505 has 4[morphed] into "Magnus"
[16:31] *** Guest94734 (~JAVGUEST@=dOybkbul- 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:31] <@Chieftess> <MatrixCL> Good question! And which
[16:31] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> JDS: Many, but not all. When
  you're talking about the Civ2 editor you're talking about 3-4
  products. Matching that feature set in 1 or 2 is a tall order.
[16:31] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> afk
[16:31] *** Guest66045 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:32] *** Guest94734 has 4[morphed] into "This"
[16:32] *** Magnus has 4[morphed] into "Guest76074"
[16:32] <@Chieftess> <Falcon02> Why hasn't Fraxis attempted to
  add true "Future Techs" into Civ III like CTP had? (even
  though CTP was an Activision game)
[16:32] *** Guest17790 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:32] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> back
[16:32] *** Guest46942 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:32] *** Guest66045 has 4[morphed] into "flash9286"
[16:32] *** Guest48064 ( 4[joined]
[16:32] <@theGreyFox>   <Praetorian> Praetorian are there plans
  to allow thoecratic form of governments ? Will there be a
  mode of play that will not be time restricted, such as
[16:32] *** This has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:33] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Falcon: As designer on PTW I
  worked within the system established by Jeff Briggs and Soren.
[16:33] *** Guest46942 has 4[morphed] into "ZedWheeeOmfgImho"
[16:33] *** Guest76074 (~JAVGUEST@=RJwljmmi.dynamic.arcticnet.ry 4[left] #civfanatics.
[16:33] *** Guest78391 (~java@=qldvgxzm- 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:33] <@Chieftess> <Hygro> How does the A/D/M of the Medieval
  Infantry fit into the game being as offensive as the knight?
[16:33] *** Guest18664 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:33] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Prae: No new govs in PTW and yes
  you can remove all time restrictions (if you want a multi
  session game).
[16:33] *** Guest97134 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:33] *** Guest97134 has 4[morphed] into "aloo90"
[16:33] *** Guest98746 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:33] *** ZedWheeeOmfgImho has 4[morphed] into "Zed"
[16:33] *** Zed has 4[morphed] into "Guest3603"
[16:33] *** Guest78391 has 4[morphed] into "grawss"
[16:33] *** _2001Wolfy has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[16:33] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Hygo: Not sure I get your
[16:33] <@Chieftess> <_1407> Could you please just send my
  very best wishes to Firaxians and to Civilization serie ?
  This game is best ever. I play till civilization I and i am
  sure it is greates game of all times. Thank you
[16:34] *** Guest3603 has 4[morphed] into "ZedWheeeOmfgImho"
[16:34] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> _1407: Thanks
[16:34] <@Chieftess> <ssmith619> Is there any chance of us
  seeing any difference in colonies in PTW?
[16:34] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Hygro: It's great if you don't have
[16:34] *** Guest98746 has 4[morphed] into "Beammeuppy"
[16:34] <@theGreyFox>   <GreyKnite> Follow-up re future techs -
  can we add a 5th age now?
[16:34] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> ssmith619: Not really. You have
  more colony like strucutres, like airfields outposts and
  radar towers.
[16:34] *** Guest73229 (
  4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:34] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Grey: Don't think so.
[16:35] *** Guest48064 has 4[morphed] into "mort72"
[16:35] <@Chieftess> Will that mean airfields on a resource
  works for an isolated resource?
[16:35] * @theGreyFox : you can start ask me questions again, I
  only have 4 on hold ;)
[16:35] <@Chieftess> (i.e., saltpeter on a mountain)
[16:35] * @Chieftess has a lot!
[16:35] <@Chieftess> <hetairoi22> Have any main game concepts
  been tweaked? (e.g. corruption, military system etc.)
[16:35] <@theGreyFox>   <RexExitium> Which composer is Firaxis
  hiring for the music in PTW (and any further games)? I ask
  this question because music plays an essential part in the
  gaming experience these days, as would be witnessed with
  Jeremy Soule's work in Total Annihilation and Icewind Dale,
  or Mark Morgan's score in Giants and Planescape: Torment.
[16:35] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Chieftess: Good Idea. I dont
  think it does though
[16:35] *** Guest29260 (~java@=0Ixvfr768.ds1-od.adsl.cybercity.d
k) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:35] *** Jurimax has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:36] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Het: No. Part of doing an
  expansion is that your target audience by defintion like the
  original game.
[16:36] *** Guest67076 (~java@=zzd713-wh7.cvx2-a.lee.dial.ntli.n
et) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:36] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Rex: Mark Cromer is the in house guy.
[16:36] <@Chieftess> <gunning1> do they no when it will come
  out? dont ask them cause i no they have already said, but do
  u no?
[16:36] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Rex: PTW has 3 original scores
  in it
[16:36] *** Guest67076 has 4[morphed] into "jandor"
[16:36] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> gunning: No hard date.
[16:36] *** Guest14148 (~java@24.100.125.H2377=) 4[joined]
[16:36] <@Chieftess> <anarchywrksbest> Will there be an
  'upgrade all units option'? Or did I just miss it? ;)
[16:36] *** Guest18664 has 4[morphed] into "TL"
[16:36] <@Chieftess> <cgannon64> Question: For PBEM, will an
  in-game email function be implemented? This will make
  emailing much easier.
[16:36] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Anarchy: There is, but those
  units must be in cities with barracks and you must have the
[16:37] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> anarchy:all units of the same type
[16:37] <@theGreyFox>   <VaderFLAG2> Who on the PTW team do
  each of you fear most to have start adjacent to you during
  your games?
[16:37] *** JDS has quit IRC (Unknown)
[16:37] *** TL has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:37] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Vader: Javier
[16:37] <@Chieftess> <Tricron> Will I be able to talk during
  diplomacy (ie To say something like "Gimme all your money!")
  or will appropriate dialogue be picked based on my trade
[16:37] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Cgannon: We thought about it,
  but PBEM appeals to a very select group of fans. We wanted to
  make sure all elements of MP got a good treatment. Major PBEM
  additions were admin mode and the ability to use pbem saves
  in all MP game types (hotseat, lan, etc).
[16:38] *** Guest71723 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:38] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> tricon: you can chat during
  diplo using your own words.
[16:38] *** Guest29260 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:38] <@Chieftess> <theLabMonkey> Doesn't non programmable
  diplomacy render a scenario editor worthless?
[16:38] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Tricorn: yes, with both voice chat or
  traditional text chat
[16:38] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Lab: No.
[16:38] *** Falcon02 has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[16:38] <@Chieftess> <senoj> Will you be able to add custom
[16:38] <@Chieftess> (I assume future techs?)
[16:38] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Senjoy: Yes.
[16:38] *** Beammeuppy has quit IRC (Unknown)
[16:38] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> senoj: yes
[16:39] <@Chieftess> <flash9286> How do rally points work
[16:39] <@theGreyFox> You already are Senoj
[16:39] <@theGreyFox> able I mean
[16:39] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> flash: They're available from
  the right-click menu on cities. Select hthe point and every
  unit produced gets an auto-goto to that location.
[16:39] <@theGreyFox>    <cgannon64> Question: If in MP, someone
  drops out midway through a game, is it possible to replace
  them with an AI, so their empire isn't 'lost'?
[16:39] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> flash: you set a point for all the
  units made by a single city and they automatically have a go
  to order for that spot
[16:40] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> cgannon: Right now they're
  eliminated, which means all the cities turn to ruins. You can
  load from a save though so if that player wants to join again
  it's not a problem.
[16:40] <@Chieftess>    3Announcement: If you have a question,
  please ask one of the chat ops (Grey Fox, or
  Chieftess) in private chat. We will relay the
  questions to the Firaxians. To chat with one of the
  ops, doubleclick their name in the user window, or
  type 12 /privmsg [chat-op name] [question] 3. Please try
  to refrain from asking questions to the Firaxians
[16:40] <@Chieftess> <Warpstorm> What is the early winner trait
  (expansionistic/militaristic/etc) in PTW MP play?
[16:40] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> If you load from the save, you can
  set the player to be AI at that time.
[16:40] *** zipSMACK has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:41] *** Taranis has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:41] <@Chieftess> <alexman-> Has Soren fine-tuned the AI for
  PtW? Can we expect to see the AI irrigate less and mine more?
  Huge entertainer-filled cities are not optimal.
[16:41] <@theGreyFox>    <Hygro> can you chat freely with other
  players like in other multiplayer games or is it limited to
  diplomacy only?
[16:41] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Warpstorm: Expansionist/Industrial is
  nic e
[16:41] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> hyro: Anytime, and you can
  restrict who your chats go to.
[16:41] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> alex: Some changes, nothing
[16:41] <@Chieftess> <ssmith619> I found that as I played
  hoping for an Alpha Centauri win even on Regent, it was hard
  to get to some of the units like Radar Artillery or AEGIS
  Cruisers. I would always win before I even got the techs.
  Will this be changed in any way?
[16:41] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> ssmith: Most tech costs remain
  the same.
[16:42] <@Chieftess> <MSgt_JD> Will more units other than the
  frigate have the 'no nationality markings' as default?
[16:42] <@theGreyFox>   <R[]Giskard> Have you playtested each
  MP version with different internet connection types and
  firewall configurations (not just LAN)? Will we need to open
  any TCP or UDP ports? Are there in-game settings to enhance
  gameplay for those on the LAN or high-speed connections? I
  hope you don't make the same fatal mistakes as the Empire
  Earth people from Electronic Arts!
[16:42] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Msgt: No.
[16:42] *** theGreyFox has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[16:42] *** theGreyFox (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:42] *** ChanServ 4[ops] theGreyFox
[16:42] <@theGreyFox> darn
[16:42] <@Chieftess> <gunning1> hey when is the game suposed to
  come out
[16:42] <@Chieftess> uhoh
[16:42] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Gisk: There are some configs
  needed to be made for firewalls, but they're detailed in the
  readme. If you've played a simultaenous launch game that uses
  gamespy though, you should be fine.
[16:43] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> gunning: Soon, but no hard date.
[16:43] * @theGreyFox : Ask me your questions again, Trillian
  Crashed for me :(
[16:43] *** arkammler has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:43] *** Guest35018 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:43] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> brb
[16:43] *** jandor has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:43] <@Chieftess> <pesoloco> In one game mode, if you lose
  a city you lose the game. What happens if I abandon the
  city? Do I lose? (I hope not, haha) do city ruins still
  appear on the map if you abondon it?
[16:43] *** Guest37307 (~java@=7Qr321-eo2.cvx2-a.lee.dial.ntli.n
et) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:43] *** Guest66475 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:43] *** Guest66475 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:43] *** Guest29047 (~java@=jsvdb-35-09-52-330.rochester.rr.c
om) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:43] *** Guest29047 has 4[morphed] into "slothman"
[16:43] *** Guest14121 (
) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:43] *** Guest14121 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:44] *** Guest80111 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:44] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Pescolo: No you don't. Nor can
  barbairans trigger an elimination loss.
[16:44] <@Chieftess> <anarchywrksbest> I will assume you
  played a lot of Civ2. Are any parts of Civ2 BETTER than Civ3?
  Or is Civ 3 just perfect? :|
[16:44] *** Guest35346 (
) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:44] *** Tricron has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:44] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> anarchy: I'm more of a civ1
  player. Soren and Jeff were big civ2 players.
[16:44] *** Guest80111 has 4[morphed] into "arkammler"
[16:44] *** Guest17262 (~java@65.167.232.jD40=) 4[joined]
[16:44] <@Chieftess> <Warpstorm> Can any scenario be played in
  multiplayer (for example, modern era start)
[16:44] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Warpstorm: yes.
[16:45] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> pesoloco: You cannot
  abandon cities in elimination games
[16:45] *** Guest72706 (~java@81.84.16.zr44=) 4[joined]
[16:45] *** Guest72706 has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[16:45] *** Guest36974 (~JAVGUEST@=VT434-655-215-03.ipv4.intur.n
et) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:45] <@theGreyFox>   <flash9286> which new civ is your
  favorite and which multiplayer type is your favorite
[16:45] <@Chieftess> <Praetorian> Will there be problems
  playing multiplayer ( over the web ) with AV such as
[16:45] <@Chieftess> From me: What if someone is using a mod,
  will that affect the game if the other person isn't using the
  same mod?
[16:45] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> flash: I like the celts and
  probably elimination just because of the cutthroat nature of
  it. Not to mention it seriously discourages city spamming.
[16:45] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Prae: Don't think so.
[16:46] <@theGreyFox>   <MatrixCL> There is this tournament
  where the winner can play against Sid Meier. Isn't Sid afraid
  of losing when he has to play against the best of that
[16:46] *** flash9286 has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[16:46] *** Guest74069 (
com) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:46] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Cheif: It checks everyone bix
  files. If you don't have the art, it won't send it over (like
  it does for the bix).
[16:46] *** Guest27333 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:46] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> MAtrix: It's all in fun.
[16:46] *** Evil_Bomber (~Evil_Bombe@63.167.143.VO48=) 4[joined]
[16:46] <@Chieftess> the bix?
[16:46] <@Chieftess> <MSgt_JD> What details are actually the
  ones that are 'unfinished' in PTW? Will you still change
  anything hard-coded in PTW?
[16:46] <@theGreyFox> probably PTW - BIC
[16:46] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> chief: the file format for PTW.
  Replaces bic.
[16:46] *** curswine (Chernobel@=ivp578-dv9.cvx1-c.lee.dial.ntli
.net) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:47] *** Guest37307 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:47] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Matrix: Maybe he shouldn't be
  afraid...maybe the world should ;-)
[16:47] <@theGreyFox>   <senoj> Have u added any new
[16:47] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> msgt: If you're talking about
  features, none. We stopped adding features when we hit beta.
[16:47] *** Guest05646 (
  4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:47] *** Guest47995 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:47] <@Chieftess> <ssmith619> What about revolutions? Can
  your citizens up and revolt, and not only send you into
  Anarchy, but break off into an entirely seperate
  civilization? Not defect, but start their own culture?
[16:47] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> senoj: 3 new improvements and 1
  new wonder.
[16:47] *** Guest05646 has 4[morphed] into "Mike23"
[16:47] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> ssmith: no.
[16:47] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> senoj: no new buildings
  and a new wonder
[16:47] *** Guest59939 (~java@=bgv984-wx1.cvx2-a.lee.dial.ntli.n
et) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:48] <@theGreyFox>   <GreyKnite> Any chance of allowing a
  user-built AI control a civ?
[16:48] *** senoj has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:48] *** Guest35346 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:48] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> grey: Not sure I know what you
  mean by user-built ai.
[16:48] <@Chieftess> <Warpstorm> What kind of internet
  connection do you need for voice chat?
[16:48] <@Chieftess> I think he means script-based AI?
[16:48] *** FXS_Speed_Bump has quit IRC (Unknown)
[16:48] *** FXS_Speed_Bump (~java@63.140.224.xU440=) 4[joined]
[16:48] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> warpstorm: you can configure the
  quality to work with any.
[16:48] <@theGreyFox> <GreyKnite> An althernate to the one
  developed by Soren
[16:48] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> GreyKnite: probably not
[16:49] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> chief: No scripting in PTW.
[16:49] <@Chieftess> <anarchywrksbest> Have you ever heard of
  FavouredFlight?? You should hire him!!
[16:49] *** Guest17530 (~java@208.255.254.Lx520=) 4[joined]
[16:49] <@Chieftess> [relating to the 3 new buildings and 1
  wonder] <ssmith619> What building!? What wonder!?!?
[16:49] <@theGreyFox>   <m_m_x> can you guys tell more about
  "capture the flag" game mode?and who is the mysterious
[16:49] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Civil defense, commercial dock,
  stock exchange and the Internet.
[16:50] *** Guest17530 has 4[morphed] into "where"
[16:50] *** Guest36974 has quit IRC (Unknown)
[16:50] *** Guest63442 (~JAVGUEST@=VT434-655-215-03.ipv4.intur.n
et) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:50] *** Eklektikos (~eklektikos@=rOeaw-110-8-78.friaco.acces 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:50] * @Chieftess wonders if she should play Capture the
[16:50] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> mmx: Just a goal. The coolest
  thing is that CTF in the modern era, with airlifting and
  paratroopers is radically different from CTF in the ancient.
[16:50] <@Chieftess> <pesoloco> how many new buildings? can
  you tell us what they are and/or what they do?
[16:50] <@theGreyFox> ] <Hygro> how come the only place i can
  find news for PTW is reading/going to the chatrooms? why
  doesn't get updated more often?
[16:50] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> perscolo: Just did!
[16:51] *** Guest96671 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:51] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Hygro: We're in this months CGW
  and PC Gamer, we also ahve had recent updates on UGO, gamespy
  and gamespot.
[16:51] *** Guest23111 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:51] *** where has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:51] <@Chieftess> <ColdFever> If a foreigner with a
  localized PTW hosts MP, will his localized BIX-file be used
  for all client players, so that they partly have to play in
  another language? If not, how will it work?
[16:51] *** Guest57673 (~java@65.103.155.zb938=) 4[joined]
[16:51] *** Guest57673 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:51] *** Guest96671 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:51] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Cold: Not sure different
  language version can play each other.
[16:52] *** GreyKnite (~java@=JY84-072-269-38.ftwrth.tx.charter.
com) 4[left] #civfanatics.
[16:52] <@Chieftess> <MSgt_JD> You people have been good on
  releasing patches when needed. Can we expect patches to come
  out from PTW?
[16:52] <@theGreyFox>   <flash9286> which new civ is your
  favorite and which multiplayer type is your favorite
[16:52] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> msg: I hope not, but we'll ready
  if we do.
[16:52] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> flash: Celts and elimination.
[16:52] *** lincoln (
et) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:52] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> ColdFever: If both players
  are using their default rules, they will play in their own
  language. If either the host or a client ha smodified their
  rules, the clients will use the host's bix file. If playinga
  scenario, all players will use the host's version.
[16:52] *** Guest59939 has 4[morphed] into "will"
[16:53] <@Chieftess> <Praetorian> Will there be more type of
  diplomatic agreements that can be arranged YingYang
[16:53] *** R[]Giskard has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:53] *** will has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:53] <@Chieftess> <ThePenguin> ooo- what do the new
  improvements do?
[16:53] *** FXS_Speed_Bump has quit IRC (Unknown)
[16:53] <@theGreyFox>   <slothman> Are you going to seperate
  the bic file from the save game again ala versions before
  1.29? Or at least make it an option so casual players can
  change it easily but GOTM players can't.
[16:53] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> slothman: No. That was
  never intended as it caused lots of problems.
[16:54] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> pen: civil defense increases
  city's defensive value, stock exchange is a 3rd level tax
  improvement and commercial docks give a bonus trade in water
  tiles. Internet gives research labs in vvery city has gives
  an instant golden age if you ahven't gotten one yet.
[16:54] <@theGreyFox>   <R[]Giskard> Any more weapons to be
  added (MIRV, Fuel Air Bomb, etc.)?
[16:55] *** Guest00443 (~java@=9lnntf-50rx17e.cable.mindspring.c
om) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:55] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> gisk: No, except for the new
[16:55] <@Chieftess> <pesoloco> when will the spanish version
  be released? and will it be totally compatible with the
  English version?
[16:55] <@Chieftess> [16:53] <pesoloco> Let's say a MP game is
  going long and both want to leave. Will there be a way to
  "pause" a game and return to it later when both are ready?
[16:55] *** FXS_Speed_Bump (~java@63.140.224.ql416=) 4[joined]
[16:55] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> pescolo: 2-4 weeks after the US>
[16:55] *** Chieftess 4[voices] FXS_Speed_Bump
[16:55] *** theLabMonkey has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:55] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> pscolo: You can save it, just
  like in SP.
[16:55] <@theGreyFox>   <MatrixCL>    When playing MP via LAN,
  will every player need to have a version of PTW? One cd per
[16:55] *** Guest34230 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:55] *** rangers85 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:55] *** grawss has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[16:55] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Matrix: Yes.
[16:55] <@Chieftess> <anarchywrksbest> Can you give us the
  names of the 'player made' graphics inluded in PTW?
[16:55] *** Guest74069 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:55] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Hey, I'm back in...
[16:56] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> anarchy: Not off the top of my
[16:56] <@Chieftess> <Warpstorm> Is Civil Defense cumulative
  with walls (bonus-wise)?
[16:56] *** BrianSlade has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:56] *** Guest18963 (~java@=5bgyjblc- 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:56] *** Guest18963 has 4[morphed] into "GRAWSS"
[16:56] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Warp: I believe so.
[16:56] <@Chieftess> <cavemanf16> in response to ColdFever:
  Good, the French and Germans are always pissing me off
  anyways in Civ3 :-P
[16:57] *** slothman has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:57] <@Chieftess> <ssmith619> Any chance that you'll bring
  back farming and supermarkets?
[16:57] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Ssmith: Not in PTW.
[16:57] <@Chieftess>   3Announcement: If you have a question,
  please ask one of the chat ops (Grey Fox, or
  Chieftess) in private chat. We will relay the
  questions to the Firaxians. To chat with one of the
  ops, doubleclick their name in the user window, or
  type 12 /privmsg [chat-op name] [question] 3. Please try
  to refrain from asking questions to the Firaxians
[16:57] *** anarchywrksbest has quit IRC (Unknown)
[16:57] <@Chieftess> <Praetorian> When will the PTW version be
  release in the middle east. And will there be a hebrew version
[16:58] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Prae: No idea.
[16:58] * @theGreyFox needs questions
[16:58] <@Chieftess> <Warpstorm> Is Civil Defense cumulative
  with the bonus from Radar Towers? (See where this is going?)
[16:58] *** anarchywrksbest (~trillian@=hdafrim-66.binger.dialup 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:58] * @Chieftess needs some too. :)
[16:58] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Warp: I think so.
[16:58] *** specter (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:58] <@Chieftess> <cgannon64> Question: Have there been any
  changes in ADM of current Civ3 units?
[16:58] *** Kingpin has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:59] *** Guest43885 (~java@=5Uulrmgl541-399-845-19.buckeye-ex 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[16:59] *** specter (
 4[left] #civfanatics.
[16:59] <@theGreyFox> Grey Fox: Who are your "Role-models" in
  the Gaming industry?
[16:59] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> cgaan: air units had their range
[16:59] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Warpstorm: I don't find the late
  game to be too defensive
[16:59] *** YoungEagle has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:59] *** ssmith619 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[16:59] *** Guest38205 (~java@206.128.152.og74=) 4[joined]
[16:59] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> grey: Sid primarily. Jullian
  Gallop, Richard Garriott, Warren Spector..
[16:59] <@Chieftess> <GRAWSS> Will we have to pay for playing
[16:59] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Grey: Sid ;-)
[16:59] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Graw: no.
[16:59] *** Guest63442 has quit IRC (Unknown)
[17:00] <@Chieftess> <Hygro> have cruise missiles been changed
  any? I've been rather dissapointed that artillery/rader
  artillery has been significantlyl more useful than cruise
[17:00] *** Guest38205 has 4[morphed] into "mrcoolbie"
[17:00] *** ZedWheeeOmfgImho has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:00] *** Eklektikos has 4[morphed] into "Eklektikos-Away"
[17:00] *** Guest50008 (~JAVGUEST@63.73.91.D208=) 4[joined]
[17:00] <@theGreyFox>   <cgannon64> Question: In MP, if a
  player drops out, will the improvements he made still be
  there, or will it be as if he never existed?
[17:00] *** BD822 (monwar1982@203.190.34.NB43=) 4[joined]
[17:00] *** Guest50008 has 4[morphed] into "DaDoo"
[17:00] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> cgann: Eliminated unless you
  load and switch him to AI.
[17:00] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Grey: Sid and Blizzard
[17:00] <@Chieftess> <MSgt_JD> Is there an option to turn off
  Great Leader generation anywhere in the game or in the editor?
[17:01] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> MSgt_JD: No
[17:01] *** Guest75624 (~java@=AQusiw-66-632-245-14.dsl.pltn13.p 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:01] <@Chieftess> <pesoloco> Which is your favorite of the
  new leaderheads?
[17:01] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> cgannon: I think improvements remain
[17:01] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> pseoloco: Genghis - modern
[17:01] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> PEscolo: Hannibal.
[17:01] <@Chieftess> Chieftess: Is Ghengis Khan's leader head
  still ugly like the preview shot?
[17:01] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> 10 minute warning
[17:01] *** Guest86835 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:01] <@theGreyFox>   <arkammler> What are the ADM of all the
  new UU's?
[17:01] *** DaDoo has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:01] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> pesoloco: Ragnar
[17:01] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Chieftess: yes
[17:01] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> ark: Wait for the civ of the
  week promotion on
[17:01] <@Chieftess> <cavemanf16> Last question from me: Any
  chance Civ3 + PTW will get ported to any consoles or Linux?
[17:02] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> cave: No comment.
[17:02] <@Chieftess> <ThePenguin> what are some of the new
  worker actions
[17:02] <@Chieftess> [17:02] <ThePenguin> will there be any
  cheat codes?
[17:02] *** arkammler has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:02] *** TooMovE (~toomove@=qjwjn- 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:02] *** Guest86835 has 4[morphed] into "CoL"
[17:02] *** Guest94432 (
) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:02] *** Guest00443 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:02] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Chieftess: Ugly is in the eye of the
  beholder...i.e. yes ;-)
[17:02] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Penguin: build new terrain
  imrpvoements comes to mind.
[17:02] *** Guest94432 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:02] *** Guest67262 (~DsPro2@=21wfxf-28-44-55-867.dsl.ltrkar. 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:02] *** mrcoolbie (~java@206.128.152.og74=) 4[left]
[17:02] *** TooMovE (~toomove@=qjwjn- 4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:02] *** mort72 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:02] *** BD822 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:02] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Penguin: A "debug mode" has
  been added to the editor for scenarios. There are several
  cheat codes enabled in "debug mode"
[17:02] <@theGreyFox> Pggar > Can I finally turn the Manhattan
  Project into a minor wonder?
[17:02] *** BlueStrider (~Strider@=21wfxf-28-44-55-867.dsl.ltrka 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:03] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Pggar: Yes!
[17:03] *** Guest67262 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:03] <@Chieftess> ohh, debug mode. :) A programmer's
  favorite. :D
[17:03] <@Chieftess> <mort72> will there be any anti aircraft
  capability before you get SAM defence
[17:03] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> PGGar: yes
[17:03] *** mrcoolbie (~mrcoolbie@206.128.152.HM02=) 4[joined]
[17:03] *** ssmith619 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:03] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> mort: No unit.
[17:03] *** Guest96735 (
) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:03] <@Chieftess> <GRAWSS> How many different mods are there?
[17:03] <@theGreyFox>   <lincoln> is there going to be a multi
  player server
[17:03] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> graws: over 40 maps, mods and
[17:03] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> lincoln: No.
[17:03] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> mort: Just intercept missions
[17:03] <@Chieftess> <RobOz> Will there be an option to try and
  get people to stop warring with each other (like in Alpha
[17:04] *** anarchywrksbest has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[17:04] <@Chieftess> <RobOz> Once the expansion pack is
  released, which CD will the computer look for when loading?
  The PTW CD or the Civ 3 CD?
[17:04] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Rob: Not in PTW
[17:04] <@theGreyFox>   GreyFox: Can we set up own Dedicated
[17:04] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Rob: PTW>
[17:04] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Grey: No.
[17:04] <@Chieftess> <cgannon64> Question: Will you guys, and
  the rest on your team, play online alot?
[17:04] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Roboz: No and the PTW disk
[17:04] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> cgann: You bet.
[17:04] <@Chieftess> <gunning1> Overall, what is the best new
[17:04] *** Doug-illinois (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:04] <@theGreyFox>   <hetairoi22> Has the techtree been
  changed any?
[17:05] *** Guest71723 has 4[morphed] into "Random"
[17:05] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> gunning: I like Celts but others
  have differing opionion.s
[17:05] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> het: Not substantially.
[17:05] *** Doug-illinois has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:05] <@Chieftess> <Praetorian> Not all of are talented
  artist like the Firaxis people , is there a plce to get
  leader heads to use in our scenarios?
[17:05] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Scandinavia
[17:05] *** Guest43885 has 4[morphed] into "Can"
[17:05] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> prae: Get the free learning
  addition of 3D Max and get to work!
[17:05] <@theGreyFox> what about Scandinavia? :p
[17:05] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Barry digs the vikings.
[17:05] <@Chieftess> <pesoloco> can you share any funny quotes
  from the diplomacy dialogs?
[17:05] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> 5 minute warning
[17:06] *** Random has 4[morphed] into "RandomPasserby"
[17:06] <@theGreyFox> OF course he does ;)
[17:06] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> sure hang on
[17:06] *** alexman- has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:06] *** Guest35219 (~java@ 4[joined]
[17:06] *** Guest76978 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:06] *** Guest51401 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:06] *** Guest35219 has 4[morphed] into "BrianSlade"
[17:06] *** Can has 4[morphed] into "Guest11471"
[17:06] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Praetorian: There are lots of great
  resources right here on Civ Fanatics
[17:06] <@theGreyFox>   <Hygro> I think I saw this before, but
  I didn't understand the answer: Will there be a Mac version
  and if so, how soon after the PC version will it be released?
[17:06] *** Guest76978 has 4[morphed] into "dukengnr"
[17:06] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> o “I will ignore your limp
  threats, $PLAYER0.”
[17:06] <@Chieftess> <Warpstorm> Civ of the week, 8 new Civs =
  8 weeks, please say it isn't so
[17:06] *** RandomPasserby (~java@=oIfuynweql.student.iastate.ed
u) 4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:06] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Hygro: Up to the publisher. Not
[17:07] *** RandomPasserby (~java@=KAeftidvwt.student.iastate.ed
u) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:07] *** CoL ( 4[left]
[17:07] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Warp: Was thinking about that
  too. Strange are the ways of marketing.
[17:07] *** hetairoi22 ( 4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:07] *** defos (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:07] <@theGreyFox>   <cgannon64> Question: Has there been
  anything done to try to stop Settler Diahhera and Settler
[17:07] *** FortyJ (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:07] *** dukengnr has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:07] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Cgan : it's still an effective
[17:07] <@Chieftess> <MSgt_JD> I'm guessing that there still
  won't be any 'campaign' scenarios packaged with PTW?
[17:08] *** JMac (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:08] *** Guest52518 (hidden-use@207.244.75.g082=) 4[joined]
[17:08] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> msgt: Campaign?
[17:08] <@theGreyFox>   <Hygro> Make sure the publisher knows
  that there is a demand for the Mac version
[17:08] *** rangers85 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:08] *** Guest07529 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:08] *** Guest07529 has 4[morphed] into "dukengnr"
[17:08] <@Chieftess> <ssmith619> In Civilization II the space
  ship is much cooler. You can specifiy the amount of parts,
  etc. In Civilization III, it's standard and there is no
  variation. Is the space ship going to be edited for PTW?
[17:08] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> hygro: We did well with Civ3. MP
  presents an issue since we used DirectX.
[17:08] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> ssmith: No change inPTW.
[17:08] <@Chieftess> <ThePenguin> re- hetroids q: then how has
  it been changed?
[17:08] <@Chieftess> [17:08] <ThePenguin> are therer any
  explanations for why sometimes tiles turn to ocean due to
  global warming?
[17:08] *** Chewwie (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:09] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> ThePenguin: Buggy code?
[17:09] *** Guest59329 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:09] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> :)
[17:09] <@Chieftess> Erosion. :)
[17:09] <@Chieftess> <RobOz> Do you guys have any personal
  favorite terrain or graphic mods?
[17:09] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> er, yeah. Erosion. That's
  the ticket
[17:09] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Penguin: that is now fixed
[17:09] *** Guest59329 has 4[morphed] into "wartsandall"
[17:09] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> I dig warpstorms watercolor one
  quite a bit.
[17:09] *** ssmith619 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:09] *** mrcoolbie (~mrcoolbie@206.128.152.HM02=) 4[left]
[17:10] *** Guest89546 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:10] <@Chieftess> <GRAWSS> Will unit making be any easier
  (like putting them into the game)
[17:10] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> roboz: Warpstorm's watercolor terrain
  and Snoopy's graphics are cool.
[17:10] <+Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS> Well, guys that's it for me.
  Thanks a bunch for comingand thanks to CivFanatics for
  hosting this chat. See ya around!
[17:10] *** anarchywrksbest (~trillian@=Ptggqjl-115.banzai.dialu 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:10] *** Jeff_Morris_FIRAXIS (~java@63.140.224.iI742=)
 4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:10] <@Chieftess> Bye Jeff!
[17:10] <@theGreyFox> GreyFox:   I'm in a course where we write a
  Design Document at the moment (and also Develop that game),
  any Tips (on any part of the Developement, Design
[17:10] <@theGreyFox> oh no!
[17:11] *** Guest89546 has 4[morphed] into "Janus"
[17:11] *** BrianSlade has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:11] *** Guest23111 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:11] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Greyfox: send Jeff an email
[17:11] *** Guest46562 (
com) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:11] <@Chieftess> <GRAWSS> Will unit making be any easier
  (like putting them into the game)
[17:11] *** silviettina (~SERVER-CEN@213.45.70.Uz076=) 4[joined]
[17:11] *** silviettina (~SERVER-CEN@213.45.70.Uz076=) 4[left]
[17:11] *** JMac has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:11] *** DAKjungF (~DAKjungF@=0Qfx542-089.naitparty2002.hin.n
o) 4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:11] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> or me
[17:11] *** Guest52518 has 4[morphed] into "Hokiefan00"
[17:11] <@Chieftess> I'm writing one for a game myself. :)
[17:11] *** gunning1 has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[17:11] *** OmniMower (
 4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:11] *** Hygro has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:11] *** ERIKK1 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:11] <@theGreyFox> ok :p
[17:12] *** aloo90 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:12] *** Guest34947 (~java@=Yljilr-91-103-520-94.dsl.snfc21.p 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:12] <@Chieftess> <gunning1> Will you have to pay money to
  play online or over e-mail, or whatever it is?
[17:12] *** Guest34947 has 4[morphed] into "Hygro"
[17:12] <@theGreyFox> will send you a link to the game if it's
  ever complete aswell ;)
[17:12] *** Guest96735 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:12] *** wartsandall has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:12] *** K7-8-1 (
t) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:12] *** Guest59257 (~java@206.128.152.P038=) 4[joined]
[17:12] * @theGreyFox needs more questions
[17:12] *** silviettina (~SERVER-CEN@213.45.70.QJ138=) 4[joined]
[17:12] *** silviettina (~SERVER-CEN@213.45.70.QJ138=) 4[left]
[17:12] *** Guest59257 has 4[morphed] into "mrcoolbie"
[17:12] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Programming is
  unfortunately "rarely designed", unfortunately
[17:12] <@Chieftess> <ColdFever> the big gamesites (GameSpy,
  UGO...) did release many PTW previews - any chance that the
  big fansites (Apolyton,CivFanatics, sometimes also
  will be allowed to do (authorized) previews, so that they do
  not have to "borrow" screenshots and info from other sources?
[17:12] *** laisak ( 4[joined]
[17:12] *** Guest35382 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:12] *** Guest17262 (~java@65.167.232.jD40=) 4[left]
[17:12] *** Guest46562 has quit IRC (Unknown)
[17:13] *** dukengnr (
 4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:13] *** Guest35382 has 4[morphed] into "da_greatest"
[17:13] *** FortyJ has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:13] <@Chieftess> The Firaxians seem quiet...
[17:13] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Coldfever: That stuff is Marketing
[17:13] *** Guest78948 ( 4[joined]
[17:13] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> gunning: No, you don't have
  to pay to play online
[17:13] <@Chieftess> <Warpstorm> Will Sn00py's graphics be
[17:13] *** Guest62661 (~java@216.57.146.c692=) 4[joined]
[17:13] <@theGreyFox>   <MatrixCL> Ok... Who's the best player
  of Firaxis? Now be honest...
[17:13] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> No I'm not!
[17:13] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> ;-)
[17:13] *** silviettina (~SERVER-CEN@213.45.70.QJ138=) 4[joined]
[17:13] *** silviettina (~SERVER-CEN@213.45.70.QJ138=) 4[left]
[17:14] <@Chieftess> <MSgt_JD> Can the korean UU (the 'hwacha')
  cause a Golden Age?
[17:14] *** Hokiefan00 has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[17:14] *** Janus has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:14] <@theGreyFox>   <RandomPasserby> The new UUs seem to
  have considerably more variety than the old civs and their
  simple, pumped-up-power UUs. Will there be any changes to
  existing UUs to make them as truly unique as some of the new
  ones that are coming in?
[17:14] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Hmmm.... Javier and Pat
  (programmers on PTW) are both pretty good and Barry is good
  as well. Jeff's pretty good too
[17:14] *** Guest62661 (~java@216.57.146.c692=) 4[left]
[17:14] *** safsfkasfksfkfla ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:14] *** safsfkasfksfkfla has 4[morphed] into "Propaganda"
[17:15] *** FXS_Speed_Bump has quit IRC (Unknown)
[17:15] *** mrcoolbie has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:15] *** FXS_Speed_Bump (~java@63.140.224.ql416=) 4[joined]
[17:15] *** Chieftess 4[voices] FXS_Speed_Bump
[17:15] <@Chieftess> <anarchywrksbest> So would you rather
  have HUGE PTW sales (huge bonus) OR world peace?
[17:15] <@Chieftess> <anarchywrksbest> Whats your favourite
[17:15] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> anarchy: uh, world peace I
[17:15] *** cavemanf16 (
 4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:15] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Guinness
[17:16] *** Guest37452 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:16] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> yeah, the peace thingie
[17:16] <@Chieftess> <mrcoolbie> can you ask about selecting
  units by draging a box around them wiht the mouse?
[17:16] <@Chieftess> <Isak> So have you guys started working on
  PtW yet then ..?     ;-)
[17:16] *** Guest69402 (~java@216.244.174.rB650=) 4[joined]
[17:16] *** Guest11471 has 4[morphed] into "Wise"
[17:16] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> mrcoolbie: That didn't
  really seem to make sense the way the game works.
[17:16] <@theGreyFox> GreyFox : Mike: Any tip on good C++, and
  Game Programming Books? What's the best book on
[17:16] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Water
[17:16] <@Chieftess> <anarchywrksbest> Aer you bored?
[17:16] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> I'm Boring
[17:17] <@Chieftess> <Praetorian> I'm leaving now I would like
  to thank the Firaxians, and say " keep up the excellent work"
  CIV III cured me of the AoE disease!!
[17:17] *** Guest47060 ( 4[joined]
[17:17] *** Guest89665 (~java@=Ecicf576950nnm.verona01.nj.comcas 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:17] *** stwils has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:17] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Isak: I guess we should get on
[17:17] *** Guest47060 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:17] <@theGreyFox>   <GRAWSS> Will there be any lag in MP?
[17:17] <@theGreyFox> of course sometimes :p    Will the AI use
  armies more often?
[17:17] *** Guest89665 has 4[morphed] into "SaphireHawk"
[17:17] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> bye Praetorian
[17:17] *** Guest32305 ( 4[joined]
[17:17] <@Chieftess> Chieftess: FXS - I want to get into
  programming, but game testing seems a good first start. Any
  openings? ;)
[17:17] *** GRAWSS has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:17] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> GreyFox: I don't have any
  good books specifically written for "game" programming.
  Bjarne Stroustroup's (sp?) C++ book is still the best on the
  language iitself. Books on structured programming and
  software engineering practices are useful though.
[17:18] <@Chieftess> <ThePenguin> are you angry at
  anarchyworksbest for pretending to be one of you and saying
  that PTW was canceled?
[17:18] *** Guest32305 has 4[morphed] into "Octavian"
[17:18] *** Praetorian (
) 4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:18] <@Chieftess> (that question relates to anarchywrksbest
  impostering as Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS)
[17:18] <@Chieftess> :-)
[17:18] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Bah! I've been impersonated!
[17:18] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> GRAWSS: depends on your connection.
[17:18] *** Propaganda has 4[morphed] into "Soren_Johnson_FIRAXIS
[17:18] *** ssmith619 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:18] <@Chieftess> <BlueStrider> My question: Some of the
  Fan Sites (CFC & Poly for example) have Civ3 Democracy Games.
  Have you heard of them and what are your opinions about them?
[17:18] <@theGreyFox>   <VaderFLAG2> Do you find multiplayer
  games to be similar to or drastically different than a game
  vs the AI? What are the biggest changes you find you need to
  make in your gameplay?
[17:18] *** ssmith619 has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[17:19] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> anarchy is no longer on my Christmas
  Card list
[17:19] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Blue: I think they are cool
[17:19] *** Sombrero (~Sombrero@63.140.224.ov62=) 4[joined]
[17:19] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Vader: So far I've only
  played a MP game with 4 humans vs 4 AI on deity. I got owned
  by the Arabs :(
[17:19] *** MSgt_JD has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[17:19] *** Guest37452 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:19] <@Chieftess> <pesoloco> are there any changes to the
  United Nations Wonder? such as forcing other civs to make
  peace with you?
[17:19] *** Guest69402 has 4[morphed] into "ceseu"
[17:19] *** Dc_xy (
om) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:19] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> pesoloco: no
[17:19] *** Guest53004 (~java@=a0qmoq-173-381-018-90.resnet.ohio 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:19] <@theGreyFox>   <Kryten4001> Grawss asked a question
  about whether unit making and adding them to the game would
  be easier. Did I miss the answer?
[17:19] *** ssmith619 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:20] *** Sombrero has 4[morphed] into "FXS_Sombrero"
[17:20] *** FXS_Sombrero has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[17:20] *** gunning1 (~gunning1@66.189.239.JK34=) 4[joined]
[17:20] *** FXS_Speed_Bump has quit IRC (Unknown)
[17:20] <@Chieftess> <MSgt_JD> For my last question, will
  bombardment be changed to lethal by default?
[17:20] *** humanityforever (~humanity@
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:20] *** Dc_xy has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:20] *** Guest53004 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:20] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Kryten4001: You still have
  to have all the art but the folder names are now in
  pediaicons.txt and mod mgmt. helps with finding your art
[17:20] *** ceseu has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:20] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> MSgt_JD: No that's for
  editor-use only
[17:21] <@theGreyFox>   <Hygro> there won't be big loading
  waits between turns on a A.I.less game, right? (only waits
  come from players moving I assume)
[17:21] *** FXS_Sombrero (~Sombrero@63.140.224.CW75=) 4[joined]
[17:21] <@theGreyFox>   <cgannon64> Question: What is your
  favorite fan-made scenerio that made it into PTW?
[17:21] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Special Guest appearance by
  the Sombrero!
[17:21] *** Pggar (pggar@=Y7642-191-75-357-iambt1611.dsl.telebra 4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:21] <@Chieftess> <VaderFLAG2> Can you reveal the ADM on
  the guerilla unit?
[17:21] *** FXS_Speed_Bump (~java@63.140.224.Jc723=) 4[joined]
[17:21] *** Pggar (pggar@=Y7642-191-75-357-iambt1611.dsl.telebra 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:21] *** Guest16651 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:21] *** Chieftess 4[voices] FXS_Speed_Bump
[17:21] *** laisak has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:22] *** theGreyFox 4[voices] FXS_Sombrero
[17:22] <@Chieftess> <VaderFLAG2> Can you reveal the ADM on
  the guerilla unit?
[17:22] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Hygro: If you have AI you
  will still have some waits
[17:22] *** Guest16651 has 4[morphed] into "Penfold"
[17:22] *** Guest17886 (~mrcoolbie@206.128.152.u940=) 4[joined]
[17:22] *** Guest78948 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:22] <+FXS_Sombrero> I have no +v and I must scream.
[17:22] <@theGreyFox> Guerilla: 6-6-1 right?
[17:22] *** Soren_Johnson_FIRAXIS has 4[morphed] into
[17:22] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Hey Sombrero, when are you
  going to update the faq?
[17:23] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> cgannon: that's a tough call...we are
  still finalizing assets. There are some really ambitious
  mods that will probably be included though.
[17:23] <@Chieftess> <Warpstorm> Mike, is it true that you
  like beer?
[17:23] * @Chieftess Slides an Ice Cold Beer down the bar for
[17:23] <@Chieftess> Cheers!
[17:23] <+FXS_Sombrero> There's a home run pitch
[17:23] *** Hey_Mike_How_Are_You has 4[morphed] into
[17:23] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Warpstorm: I can neither
  confirm nor deny that ;)
[17:23] <+FXS_Sombrero> Well Mike, I'm no longer the webmaster,
  so that's not really my responsibility any more.
[17:23] <@Chieftess> <Warpstorm> Is it true that the Berserk is
  6/2/1 amphibious and has no resource requirement?
[17:24] <@theGreyFox>   <lincoln> ARE THERE ANY NEW TYPES OF
[17:24] <@theGreyFox> sorry about the caps
[17:24] <@Chieftess> <Octavian> Will it be possible to load
  regular Civ3 games with PTW?
[17:24] <+FXS_Sombrero> NO PROBLEM
[17:24] <@theGreyFox>   <MatrixCL> I f there aren't that many
  questions anymore, please tell them they did it. I've had
  days and days that I did not sleep till 3AM... ;-)
[17:24] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Warpstorm: you seem to know
  quite a bit about these units :)
[17:24] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> warp: it also costs 70 now
[17:24] *** Mike_WHERE_IS_SOREN has 4[morphed] into
[17:24] *** Penfold has 4[morphed] into "Guest64313"
[17:24] <+FXS_Sombrero> Let me guess, is that Uber?
[17:24] *** Guest13056 (
m) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:24] <@Chieftess> <ThePenguin> are there any new units
  coming out that are NOT UUs?
[17:24] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> propaganda, methinks
[17:24] *** Guest13056 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:24] *** Guest64313 has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[17:25] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Matrix: Me too
[17:25] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Penguin: Medieval Infantry
  and Guerilla
[17:25] *** I_WANT_GVT_MODIFIER_VALUES has 4[morphed] into
[17:25] <+FXS_Sombrero> Guerilla r0x0rs
[17:25] <@Chieftess> <gunning1> who do you want to win the
  World Series
[17:25] *** Guest04872 ( 4[joined]
[17:25] *** Guest82742 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:25] <@theGreyFox> are all old units upgradeable to Guerilla?
[17:25] <+FXS_Sombrero> The Redskins, since they don't have a
  shot at winning anything else.
[17:25] <@Chieftess> The Redskins? They aren't a baseball team.
[17:25] <@Chieftess> <cgannon64> Question: Is there anywhere
  where we poor fans can find a list of the maps/scenerios in
  PTW? At, Gamespot, wherever? Or are you going to
  make it a surprise...
[17:25] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> gunning: the Ravens...Damn, Dan beat
  me to it
[17:25] <+FXS_Sombrero> They aren't much of a football team
  this year either.
[17:26] <@Chieftess> <ssmith619> Will there be modern
[17:26] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> cgannon: surprise
[17:26] <@Chieftess> Neither are the Ravens. :)
[17:26] <@theGreyFox>   <anarchywrksbest> Do the voices in
  your head ever tell you to kill? Mine do :|
[17:26] <@Chieftess> (except for that one quarter)
[17:26] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> cgannon: The final list of
  maps/mods/scenarios has not been decided yet
[17:26] <@Chieftess> <K7-8-1> My Question: Will there be any
  new weapons of mass destruction in PTW?
[17:26] <@theGreyFox>   <anarchywrksbest> What was your FIRST
  ever game?? Mine was KwikSnak for the Amtsrad 464 ;)
[17:26] *** Guest98458 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:26] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> GreyFox: I think they all
  eventually upgrade to guerilla but I'm not sure
[17:27] <+FXS_Sombrero> first ever game...
[17:27] <@Chieftess> <RobOz> What games are you guys playing
  (besides your own)?
[17:27] <@theGreyFox>   <SaphireHawk> what is up with the
  dinosaur stuff?
[17:27] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> anarchy: Parsec on the TI
[17:27] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> anarchy: Pong
[17:27] <@Chieftess>   3Announcement: If you have a question,
  please ask one of the chat ops (Grey Fox, or
  Chieftess) in private chat. We will relay the
  questions to the Firaxians. To chat with one of the
  ops, doubleclick their name in the user window, or
  type 12 /privmsg [chat-op name] [question] 3. Please try
  to refrain from asking questions to the Firaxians
[17:27] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Roboz: NWN
[17:27] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Rob0z: Serious Sam,
  Robotech:Battlecry and Warcraft 3
[17:27] <+FXS_Sombrero> Probably breakout, on one of those old
  Atari things (pre-2600)
[17:27] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> I played Pong in the arcade...;-)
[17:28] <@Chieftess> Anymore questions? I've got none.
[17:28] *** Guest82742 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:28] <@theGreyFox>   <Hygro> yeah, speaking of modern
  barbarians... why aren't they in existence and will the be in
  PTW? (Even in Civ2 upgrading barbarians were not taken for
  granted--i loved them)
[17:28] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> K7: Aren't there enough already?
[17:28] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Hygro: no
[17:29] <@Chieftess> <ThePenguin> Just wanted to let you guys
  know that i went out and bought a winbox for myself because
  of the game, though i still use my mac
[17:29] <@theGreyFox>   <Wise> Is it possible to change a
  Hotseat player to an AI?
[17:29] <@Chieftess> <Hygro> once again whats the info about
  guerrillas? You fraxians won't answer...
[17:29] <+FXS_Sombrero> So you're like a reverse of the Mac
  switch commercials?
[17:29] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Wise: yes
[17:29] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Penguin: That's the ticket
[17:29] *** Eklektikos-Away has 4[morphed] into "Eklektikos"
[17:29] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Hygro: What about guerillas?
[17:29] <@Chieftess> <Guest17886> can you ask about selecting
  units by draging around groups of them? selecting multiple
  types at once?
[17:29] <+FXS_Sombrero> Hygro: they are great units. All you
  need to know
[17:29] *** Guest23943 ( 4[joined]
[17:29] <@theGreyFox>   <m_m_x> u can play pong with civ 3,
  just block the ai from both sides on narrow pass ,and see him
  move from side to side...:)
[17:30] *** defos has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:30] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Hygro: somebody else did...6-6-1
[17:30] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> 6.6.1, Replaceable Parts
  required, cost 90. Most other units upgrade to them
[17:30] *** Guest23943 has 4[morphed] into "AnarchyRulz"
[17:30] <@Chieftess> <RobOz> Will there be anymore game
  enhancements like Accelerated Production or the selecting or
  deslecting or certain victories (cultural, spaceship, etc.)?
[17:30] <@theGreyFox>   <MatrixCL> Will the Firaxians
  participate much in various tournaments of fansites (CFC,
  Apolyton and others)?
[17:30] <+FXS_Sombrero> I made a chess map for Civ III.. but
  never finished it.. :S
[17:30] <@Chieftess> <Eklektikos-Away> care to give us any
  hints as to what you'll be working on next? a sequel to
  colonisation perhaps? (hint) ;-)
[17:30] <@Chieftess> <m_m_x> u can play pong with civ 3, just
  block the ai from both sides on narrow pass ,and see him move
  from side to side...:)
[17:30] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> You can make individual
  units exempt from support costs in the editor
[17:30] *** Yes_Its_ME has 4[morphed] into "Anyone_hear_of-CRISIS
[17:31] *** Anyone_hear_of-CRISIS-IN-THE-K has 4[morphed] into
[17:31] <+FXS_Sombrero> Eklektikos, no can do
[17:31] *** lincoln has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:31] <@Chieftess> <gunning1> do you own any other gaming
  systems, if so, what are your favorite game/games for them
[17:31] *** KREMLIN has 4[morphed] into "I_LOVE_THIS_GAME"
[17:31] <+FXS_Sombrero> strictly tight-lipped
[17:31] <+FXS_Sombrero> Wings and Defender of the Crown on the
[17:31] *** Guest53560 (~java@63.140.224.le910=) 4[joined]
[17:31] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> cgannon: PS2, Dreamcast,
  GameCube. Favorites: Tekken 2, 3, 4, Soul Calibur, Rogue
  Leader, Robotech, Driver...
[17:32] <@Chieftess> Chieftess: DoC was a favorite of mine too
[17:32] <@Chieftess> <Octavian> Will workers be absorbed into
  the consturction of airbases and radars?
[17:32] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> gunning: I just started playing
  Animal Crossing but I LOVE football games likeMadden and NCAA
  Football on the PS2
[17:32] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> I also have a C-64 but it's
  currently sitting in my closet
[17:32] *** Guest98866 (
  4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:32] *** I_LOVE_THIS_GAME has 4[morphed] into "Mike_Wheres_YOU
[17:32] <@Chieftess> <ThePenguin> no, im in an all mac lab
  where win is overpowered 4:1
[17:32] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Octavian: yes
[17:32] <@theGreyFox>   Mike: Virtua Fighter 4 + Dead or Alive
  are much better then Tekken :)
[17:32] *** BlueStrider (~Strider@=21wfxf-28-44-55-867.dsl.ltrka 4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:32] <@Chieftess> <anarchywrksbest> I have owned Civ2 for 6
  years and looked for to Civ3 A LOT. But when i bought I felt
  'slightly dissapointed' It is a great game but not a
  masterpiece. Do you feel that you have done a good job to
  live up to the Civ legacy??
[17:32] <+FXS_Sombrero> For the DC: I'm playing Virtual Tennis
  2K2 right now.
[17:32] *** gunning1 (~gunning1@66.189.239.JK34=) 4[left]
[17:32] *** Guest57412 (
  4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:32] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> On C-64 I played Conan,
  Defender of the Crown , Wizard and Pirates
[17:32] <+FXS_Sombrero> Viva la Dreamcast!
[17:32] <@Chieftess> <BlueStrider> Will you finish your chess
  game and release it for the Civ3 players?
[17:32] <+FXS_Sombrero> C64 --- BRUCE LEE
[17:33] *** Mike_Wheres_YOUR_XBOX has 4[morphed] into
[17:33] *** Some_God (Some_God@=Lsqgrpwy-jgkh-tt-613903-64.dynam 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:33] *** Grey_Update_the_WW2_SCR has 4[morphed] into "PLEASE"
[17:33] <@theGreyFox>   <RandomPasserby> Is individual unit
  support just an on-off thing, or can you actually give them
  some sort of modifier that could either cancel out support
  cost or raise it on a unit-by-unit basis, perhaps even making
  units with negative support that generate money? (I dunno,
  could concievably be useful)
[17:33] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> GreyFox: I don't like VF
  and I didn't like the control DoA -- just the graphics
[17:33] *** Guest99721 (~JAVGUEST@ 4[joined]
[17:33] *** PLEASE has 4[morphed] into "So_you_do_own_an_XBOX"
[17:33] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Random: on/off
[17:33] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> anarchy: I was a tester for
  multplayer gold and Test of Time and I believe Civ III is a
  worthy successor
[17:33] <+FXS_Sombrero> Strider, I'll try, I'm not a fantastic
  scenario maker.. but I am working on other projects in the
  studio and don't have a lot of time to devote to it :(
[17:33] *** Guest99721 has 4[morphed] into "CamDawg"
[17:33] <@Chieftess> <RobOz> Thanks a lot to both the Firaxians
  and the ops here at Civ Fanatics for their time.
  Civilization 3 is truly one of the best entertainment
  experiences of my life.
[17:33] *** ^^atA_Kan^^ (_merkur_@ 4[joined]
[17:33] *** rangers85 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:34] <@theGreyFox>   <SaphireHawk> Which is your favorite of
  the new Civs to play?
[17:34] <@theGreyFox> Any plans to make another version of the
  extended game from Test of time?
[17:34] *** Guest57412 (
  4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:34] *** Guest53560 has 4[morphed] into "Soren"
[17:34] *** Guest09736 (~java@=Lsqgrpwy-jgkh-tt-613903-64.dynami 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:34] *** Guest60114 (~JAVGUEST@68.17.8.kq863=) 4[joined]
[17:34] <+FXS_Sombrero> Personally I like Civ III a lot better
   than Civ II.
[17:34] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Sapphire: Scandinavia or the Ottomans
[17:34] *** So_you_do_own_an_XBOX has 4[morphed] into
[17:34] <@Chieftess> <AnarchyRulz> i heard that they were
   adding little guys next to bombard units like the cannon. is
   this true?
[17:34] *** Guest09736 has 4[morphed] into "SomeGod"
[17:34] <@theGreyFox>    <Kryten4001> One last question: Will
   naval warfare have any improvements in PTW?
[17:34] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Greyfox: not at present
[17:34] *** Guest60114 has 4[morphed] into "dante"
[17:34] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> anarchy: yes
[17:34] *** Soren has 4[morphed] into "help"
[17:34] *** help has 4[morphed] into "Guest29004"
[17:35] *** ssmith619 ( 4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:35] *** Guest29004 has 4[morphed] into "hello"
[17:35] *** hello has 4[morphed] into "Guest48139"
[17:35] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Anarchy: yes
[17:35] *** Guest98866 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:35] *** Some_God has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:35] *** CTP2_Owns_All has 4[morphed] into "Hello_to_you_too"
[17:35] *** Guest48139 has 4[morphed] into "Soren_Johnson_Firaxis
[17:35] *** Guest04872 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:35] <@Chieftess> <anarchywrksbest> Whats your fave 'Point
   and Click' adventure? Mines Monkey Island 1!!
[17:35] <+FXS_Sombrero> Soren is legit
[17:35] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Day of the Tentacle!
[17:35] *** theGreyFox 4[voices] Soren_Johnson_Firaxis
[17:35] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> Maniac Mansion!
[17:35] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Mokey Island 1 and 2 are
   great too (I havent' played 3 yet)
[17:35] *** dante has 4[morphed] into "dante2"
[17:35] *** Hello_to_you_too has 4[morphed] into "SOREN_WOOHOO"
[17:35] <+FXS_Sombrero> I am torn, the original Maniac Mansion
   was prolly my fave
[17:36] *** humanityforever (~humanity@
  4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:36] <@theGreyFox>    Grim Fandango :)
[17:36] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Yeah Maniac Mansion
[17:36] *** pesoloco has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:36] *** Ixplodestuff8 (~stuff@=aCnyea-9ffoz1c.cable.mindspri 4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:36] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Haven't played Grim
   Fandango yet either
[17:36] <@theGreyFox>    <cgannon64> Firaxians: What is your
   favorite current console (XBox, GCN, PS2)?
[17:36] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> I actually like the Monkey Island
   series the best
[17:36] *** Ixplodestuff8 (~stuff@=aCnyea-9ffoz1c.cable.mindspri 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:36] *** Guest98458 (
 4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:36] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> GCN!!
[17:36] *** SOREN_WOOHOO has 4[morphed] into "Full_Throttle_is_GR
[17:36] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Full Throttle was another
  good one
[17:36] <+FXS_Sombrero> cgannon: does the C64 count as a
  current console?
[17:36] <@theGreyFox>   haha, sorry NGC
[17:36] *** dante2 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:36] *** Full_Throttle_is_GREAT has 4[morphed] into
[17:36] <@Chieftess> Full_Throttle_is_GREAT - please send us a
  message instead
[17:37] <+FXS_Sombrero> That's uber for ya.
[17:37] * @theGreyFox 's favourite: GameCube
[17:37] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> <Thinking Sombrero needs to get out
[17:37] *** anarchywrksbest has 4[morphed] into "Broken_Sword_roc
[17:37] *** Psychonauts_should_be_good_too has 4[morphed] into
[17:37] <@Chieftess> <anarchywrksbest> Whats your fave 'Point
  and Click' adventure? Mines Monkey Island 1!!
[17:37] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> GameCube is my fav. but I
  only have 3 games for it (and only played one of them so far)
[17:37] <@Chieftess>   1Moderator Warning: Please do not
  constantly change your name in the chat room!
[17:37] <@Chieftess> <AnarchyRulz> how big r the guys gonna be?
[17:37] *** CamDawg has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[17:37] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> gee, mike, what game would
  that be?
[17:37] <@Chieftess> (ignore the double question) :)
[17:37] *** Broken_Sword_rocks_too has 4[morphed] into
[17:38] <+FXS_Sombrero> If I had to pick one I'd go with the
  Gamecube just because the Xbox and PS2 are bloatware consoles
[17:38] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> :)
[17:38] <@Chieftess> <anarchywrksbest> Day of the Tentacle!!
  Manic Mansion!! Yeah!!
[17:38] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> I just bought a Gamecube, but I
  prefer my PS2
[17:38] <@Chieftess> <Warpstorm> Purple Tentacle Rulez!!!
[17:38] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Hoagy rules
[17:38] <@Chieftess> <ThePenguin> true or false- all the
  coding you guys do is on linux?
[17:38] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Sombrero please
[17:38] * @theGreyFox will get Mario Sunshine soon, it was
  released today in Sweden
[17:38] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> definietly false
[17:38] <+FXS_Sombrero> I already have a cd player and DVD
  player. And tivo. I don't want a "home entertainment device"
[17:38] *** Guest96853 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:38] <@Chieftess> <cgannon64> Now that Soren is here, can
  he answer AI questions? (If games are coming out for
  consoles, they are 'current').
[17:38] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> definitely
[17:38] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> what si lunix?
[17:38] <+FXS_Sombrero> Soren programs entirely in Visual Basic.
[17:39] <@Chieftess> VB!? :)
[17:39] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> sure
[17:39] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Penguin: Commodore Basic
[17:39] *** SomeGod has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:39] *** Guest96853 has 4[morphed] into "ddawg"
[17:39] <+FXS_Sombrero> I'm the resident LOGO expert.
[17:39] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> yeah, Dan is our VB guru...
[17:39] *** Guest49416 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:39] <@Chieftess> <SaphireHawk> any new normal improvements?
[17:39] *** eyrei ( 4[joined]
[17:39] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> what's a "normal improvement"?
[17:39] <@Chieftess> <AnarchyRulz> did Sid do anything on this
[17:39] *** Eklektikos has 4[morphed] into "Eklektikos-Away"
[17:39] <@theGreyFox> <Hygro> VB? No wonder the AI has flaws!
  (j/k--A.I. is too smart for me--I play of Warlord)
[17:39] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Anarchy: he played it and
  offered suggestions
[17:39] <+FXS_Sombrero> There isn't a product that's made here
  that Sid doesn't contribute to.
[17:40] <@Chieftess> <Damnit_this_is_PROPAGANDA> Soren, care
  to answer my previous question of whether those government
  modifiers for attitude will be implemented? Have you thought
  it over?
[17:40] *** FXS_Speed_Bump has quit IRC (Unknown)
[17:40] <@Chieftess> <SaphireHawk> let me clarify: any new
  city improvements that aren't wonders?
[17:40] *** FXS_Speed_Bump (~java@63.140.224.Jc723=) 4[joined]
[17:40] *** Some_God (Some_God@=AVapqbji-fxff-qs-359442-37.dynam 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:40] *** Chieftess 4[voices] FXS_Speed_Bump
[17:40] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Hawk: Stock Exchange, Civil
  Defense, Commercial Dock
[17:40] *** Guest49416 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:40] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> the AI''s attitude towards
  government has not been significantly tweaked...
[17:41] <@Chieftess> <Damnit_this_is_PROPAGANDA> We talked
  about it in the previous Apolyton chat.
[17:41] <@theGreyFox>   What do you guys think of Communism (in
[17:41] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> as to general AI changes...
  hmmm, they are more reluctant to trade away workers... will
  charge more for resources... that type of thing.
[17:41] <@Chieftess> <K7-8-1> Does Civ3/PTW support Dual
  CPU's? (SMP)
[17:41] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> K7: no
[17:41] <@theGreyFox>   <anarchywrksbest> Why aren't you guys
  at work! Move!
[17:41] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> yeah, I remember... it's a
  good idea, but we were just too far in the dev cycle.
[17:41] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Greyfox: It's great when you're in a
  late game war.
[17:41] <@Chieftess> <Warpstorm> Soren, why does the AI
  governor still emphasize food production even when pop growth
  is stalled due to lack of aquaduct/hospital (and will this
  change in PTW)?
[17:42] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> anarchy: we ARE at work.
  The lag between answers is because I'm fixing bugs :)
[17:42] <@theGreyFox> Monarchy is better for me ;)
[17:42] <@Chieftess> <SaphireHawk> do you guys ever play on a
  world map?
[17:42] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> comm is good for late war and
  for a civ with cities all over the map (although not
  necessarily a lot of cities...)
[17:42] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> afk
[17:42] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> a comm with a bunch of cities
  all with courthouses/police stations is actually quite strong.
[17:42] *** Guest22594 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:42] <@theGreyFox> Communism just destroys for me :)
[17:42] <@Chieftess> <Damnit_this_is_PROPAGANDA> A possible
  entry for the wishlist, maybe?
[17:42] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> the challenge is getting it to
  that point.
[17:42] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> SaphireHawk: yes
[17:43] <@theGreyFox>   <ThePenguin> Whats your favortie mods
  to play civ with?
[17:43] *** ^^atA_Kan^^ (_merkur_@ 4[left]
[17:43] *** _1407 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:43] <@Chieftess> <AnarchyRulz> is there gonna be another
[17:43] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> SaphireHawk: But I prefer random maps
[17:43] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> prop: yep
[17:43] <@Chieftess> <anarchywrksbest> I haven't played Civ3
  for......four months! What does PTW offer that will change my
[17:44] <+FXS_Sombrero> Let's finish this one first before we
  think about others Anarchy :)
[17:44] *** cgannon64 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:44] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Penguin: Ilike DYP, the Balancer, and
  TETurkhan's new mod
[17:44] <@Chieftess> <RandomPasserby> As far as the AI goes,
  any changes to the AI's handling of artillery vs. land units
  (it seems to completely ignore the possibility that it can,
  in fact, actually direct bombardment at them at all) and the
  AI's complete refusal to trade cities regardless of how much
  you offer?
[17:44] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> penguin: i like Trip's Civil
  War Scenario, the Warlord (forget who made it), and
  Warpstorm's terrain.
[17:44] *** doenerman (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:44] *** Guest71560 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:44] <@theGreyFox>    < Kryten4001> Will the 'infinite'
  railway movement be changed one day into something a bit
[17:44] <+FXS_Sombrero> I like Trip's civil war mod and
  Snoopy's terrain, looking forward to BeBro's X-Com mod
[17:45] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> trading cities is not changing
  as that was too much of an exploit...
[17:45] <@Chieftess> <RandomPasserby> As far as the AI goes,
  any changes to the AI's handling of artillery vs. land units
  (it seems to completely ignore the possibility that it can,
  in fact, actually direct bombardment at them at all) and the
  AI's complete refusal to trade cities regardless of how much
  you offer?
[17:45] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Kryten: That's a civ staple
[17:45] *** ThePenguin has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:45] <@Chieftess> ignore that one. :)
[17:45] <@Chieftess>   3Announcement: If you have a question,
  please ask one of the chat ops (Grey Fox, or
  Chieftess) in private chat. We will relay the
  questions to the Firaxians. To chat with one of the
  ops, doubleclick their name in the user window, or
  type 12 /privmsg [chat-op name] [question] 3. Please try
  to refrain from asking questions to the Firaxians
[17:45] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> as for artillery... not sure.
  haven't fiddled with that stuff in a while
[17:45] *** Gnid has quit IRC (Unknown)
[17:45] *** Guest57928 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:45] <@theGreyFox>   <Hygro> how come cruise missiles are so
  weak? I mean in terms of cost/usage/range/firepower?
[17:45] <@Chieftess> double question.
[17:45] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> back
[17:45] *** Guest57928 has 4[morphed] into "plexust"
[17:46] *** Guest71560 has 4[morphed] into "cgannon64"
[17:46] *** da_greatest has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:46] <@Chieftess> <Wise> What all is new in the editor?
  Diplomacy? Events?
[17:46] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> I have seen the AI use artillery more
  effectively, but that may be just my impression
[17:46] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> hygro: cruise missiles are the
  only artillery units which can kill other units (well,
  besides nukes), so they are not as weak as normally thought.
[17:46] <@Chieftess> <Damnit_this_is_PROPAGANDA> Communism is
  actually underrated. If you're the builder-type, you can work
  on improvements and once Communism comes, you'll have maybe
  15 uber-productive cities, if you looked after them well
[17:46] *** Chewwie (
 4[left] #civfanatics.
[17:46] <@theGreyFox>   <MatrixCL> Will the Firaxians
  participate much in various tournaments of fansites (CFC,
  Apolyton and others)?
[17:47] *** Guest19912 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:47] <@Chieftess> Nice plug Matrix. ;)
[17:47] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Matrix: If I can use a debug build ;-)
[17:47] <+FXS_Sombrero> Matrix I'm sure we will all try to fit
  those into our schedules if we're given advance notice.
[17:47] *** Guest25160 (~java@63.229.65.GR629=) 4[joined]
[17:47] <@Chieftess> <Warpstorm> Soren, why does the AI
  governor still emphasize food production even when pop growth
  is stalled due to lack of aquaduct/hospital (and will this
  change in PTW)?
[17:47] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Wise there are a lot of new
  things in the editor: time line control, x/y map wrapping,
  operation range increase, debug mode, combining of
  wonder/small wonder abils, impassable terrain, support
  exemption for units, increased map size (but no diplomacy or
[17:48] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> warp: actually, once the food
  box is full the AI govs stop emphasizing food if there is no
[17:48] <@Chieftess> <doenerman> will there be a multiplayer
  demo before the addon is out ?
[17:48] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> doenerman: don't know
[17:48] <@Chieftess> <VaderFLAG2> What is your favorite PTW
  multiplayer mode (each of you) - capture the flag,
  elimination, etc - and why?
[17:48] <@theGreyFox>   <Kryten4001> To FXS_Speed_Bump: just
  because 'infinite' railroad movement has always been in the
  civ series doesn't mean it's right (or desired). ;)
[17:49] *** Guest25160 has 4[morphed] into "RedwoodTree"
[17:49] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Vader: Turnless because
  it's speedy
[17:49] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Kryten: some concessions have to be
  made to the legacy ;-)
[17:49] <@Chieftess> <AnarchyRulz> When can we expect the unit
[17:49] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Anarchy: You can expect the
  unit packs to be on the PTW disk
[17:49] *** Guest19912 has 4[morphed] into "Drynagolt"
[17:49] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Vader: Regicide so I can hunt down
[17:49] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> recently, we've been playing
  simulatneous games against deity AI...
[17:49] *** kovard has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[17:50] <@Chieftess> <Hygro> regarding infinite railways--it
  is realistic--In 1 year, you could get anywhere by rail
[17:50] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> That's fun
[17:50] *** RobOz has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:50] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Yeah, playing against four
  deity players can be tough though.... :(
[17:50] <@Chieftess> <cgannon64> Don't mean to annoy you,
  Firaxians, but why won't diplomacy options be in the editor?
  They are very important to historical scenerios. Was it too
  hard to program, or just overlooked?
[17:50] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> Mike's civ has "issues"
[17:50] <@theGreyFox>   <Kryten4001> To FXS_Speed_Bump: does
  that mean we can have civil wars back?. Ha Ha Ha!
[17:50] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> cgannon: it all comes down
  to time
[17:50] <@Chieftess> <Wise> Theoretically can you play a game
  in hotseat set up the diplomacy turn everyone to AI and have
  a >SAV Scenario?
[17:50] *** Octavian has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:51] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Good idea Wise
[17:51] <@Chieftess> <Damnit_this_is_PROPAGANDA> Soren or Mike,
  what do you think of "Public Works" ala CTP2? DO you think
  it's better in some ways than the current worker-system? If
  so, any possibility of maybe implementing this somehow later
  in production(i.e. 2nd XP)?
[17:51] *** cgannon64 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:51] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Prop: never playerd CTP2
[17:52] *** Guest23376 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:52] <@Chieftess> <Warpstorm> Soren, I can show you many
  saves that would invalidate that hypothesis (AI switches form
  food production) ;)
[17:52] *** rangers85 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:52] *** Guest23376 has 4[morphed] into "cgannon64"
[17:52] <@Chieftess> <VaderFLAG2> re: the games vs diety - Do
  you all team up vs the AI's? How have you guys been faring?
[17:52] <@theGreyFox>   <Isak> To MikeB: How much time (rough
  estimate) would you need to implement your wishlist?
[17:52] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Isak: To give a fair
  estimate, I'd have to stop adding things to it. ;)
[17:52] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> well, it is definitely
  different... i can see the advantages (of PW), but in my
  mind, workers are one of the few core civ concepts, so we
  kept them
[17:53] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Vader: us against's very
  tough but a good challenge
[17:53] *** Guest17554 (
com) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:53] <@theGreyFox>   <Kryten4001> To Hydro: in 1 year you
  get anywhere in the world by sea, let alone by rail. ;)
[17:53] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> vader: we team up... we've
  been winning (it's 4 on 4
[17:53] *** Guest98861 (~java@=FZ221-455-219-9.mdl.frontiernet.n
et) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:53] <@Chieftess> <RandomPasserby> Am I correct in assuming
  that when you say great/small wonder abilities are combined
  that improvements still can't be given any wonder effects?
[17:53] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Vader: The four humans as a
  group are doing pretty well, but I'm getting owned. My
  territory is like a small part of the Arabs' territory :(
[17:54] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Random: that's right
[17:54] <@Chieftess> <cgannon64> Follow-up: When you say it all
  comes down to time, are you hinting at a patch, or another
  expansion with diplo options?
[17:54] *** Guest75624 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:54] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> warp: well, it's a tricky
  issue. If you could show me that the ai would choose a flood
  plain over a square with a shield when it hits its pop limit
  and it's food box is full, i'd take a look at that.
[17:54] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> cgannon: that's a
  possibility but I can't say for sure
[17:54] <@Chieftess> <Wise> I have posted it twice but itr has
  been overlooked ;)
[17:54] <@Chieftess> <AnarchyRulz> what were some other names
  you thought of for the expansion?
[17:55] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Civ III: Barry is the GREATEST!!!
[17:55] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> managing squares is a unique
  challenge, and so we often choose a conservative route (to
  avoid any possibility of the AI starving itself...)
[17:55] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Civ III: Build More Cities!
[17:55] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Civ III:   I R l33t
[17:55] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> ;-)
[17:55] <+FXS_Sombrero> As a general thing, can I just say that
  we really have thought of a LOT of the features that you guys
  are asking for, at one time or another. I've personally
  bugged Mike and added more stuff to his wishlist than I'm
  sure either of us care to admit.
[17:56] *** doenerman has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:56] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> Civ III: Soren's Culture
[17:56] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> I like that one
[17:56] <+FXS_Sombrero> But like Mike said, it always comes
  down to time, and what provides the greatest benefit to the
  most number of customers.
[17:56] *** RedwoodTree has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:56] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Get marketing on the phone
[17:57] <@theGreyFox>   <Some_God> to Anyone, In the
  middle-late part of the game everything becomes so easy. Once
  you start a war A HUGE pack of enemy units comes at you from
  one square. That makes everything boring and takes away
  strategy ( movement of units everywhere ) Thats the main
  reason y I stopped playing Civ3 for a while. Will you have a
  limit on how much units can be in one square (stack) ?
[17:57] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> Civ III: Give Spearmen A
[17:57] <+FXS_Sombrero> I wanted to call the game Civ III:
  m@x1mum 0wn@g3!!11
[17:57] *** Guest17886 (~mrcoolbie@206.128.152.u940=) 4[left]
[17:58] <@Chieftess> <Damnit_this_is_PROPAGANDA> Well, to
  explain it, in CTP2, you set a certain ammount of money into
  Public Works, which is basically like the worker-system,
  except there are no workers on screen. Depending on much you
  spend, it'll take either faster or slower to produce that
  improvement(i.e. farms, roads, mines).
[17:58] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> some_god: i have worked on
  that to encourage the ai to spread out it's attack force...
  sometimes it happens naturally though if there is a terrain
[17:58] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> I can attest to the fact that the AI
  does split it's stacks and attack from different sides now
[17:58] *** Drynagolt has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:59] *** Guest30970 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[17:59] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> So do the barbarians :(
[17:59] *** Guest30970 has 4[morphed] into "Drynagolt"
[17:59] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Yeah
[17:59] <@Chieftess> Chieftess: I've had 2 barb stacks attack
  from both sides of my civ once. :)
[17:59] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> prop: our general design
  philosophy is to try not to abstract too much information to
  not scare away new users. we prefer to have units DO things.
  make the game more concrete
[17:59] *** Guest17554 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[17:59] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> but i do understand the
  management benefits
[17:59] <+FXS_Sombrero> Civ III: the Spreadsheet Edition (now
  with Clippy!)
[18:00] *** ERIKK1 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:00] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> But then there are the
  players who like to micromanage every little aspect of the
[18:00] *** Guest30433 (
  4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:00] *** Guest83654 (
com) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:00] *** Guest21428 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:00] <@Chieftess> <Warpstorm> Is there a joint victory
  condition or is it always every man (woman) for himself
[18:00] <@theGreyFox>   <Some_God> Well last time I checked I
  was playing with version 1.21 or something like that. Is it
  fixed with the newer patch?
[18:00] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> barbs are much more a pain in
  the A@@ in PtW
[18:00] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Maybe we could also have a war
  department and then we wouldn't have to move all those darn
[18:00] *** Guest30178 (~java@=PMdh-yzaytzhbow5-756.mgtnwv.adelp 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:00] *** Guest21428 has 4[morphed] into "arkammler"
[18:00] *** Guest30433 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:00] *** Guest12870 (~java@ 4[joined]
[18:01] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Warp: Multiplayer is whatever you
  want to make it
[18:01] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> Civ III: When Jackals Attack
[18:01] *** Drynagolt has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[18:01] *** Guest12870 has 4[morphed] into "kunz323"
[18:01] <@Chieftess> Chieftess: Yeah, I was wondering what that
  jackal.txt was doing. ;)
[18:01] <@Chieftess> <cgannon64> Answer honestly: When you
  "work" on Civ3, how much of that time are you playing?
  (Meaning, should I envy you a little, or a alot? ;)
[18:01] <+FXS_Sombrero> The win button is always in the back of
  my mind.
[18:01] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Chieftess: don't ask
[18:02] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> I've only played 1 game of
  PTW because I'm always too busy working on it....
[18:02] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> cgannon: I am the QA manager...envy me
[18:02] *** Guest15092 (
  4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:02] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Phe4r his l33t skillZ!
[18:02] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> cgannon: depends on the time
  period... I play a lot near the end of project but not as
  much at the beginning
[18:02] <+FXS_Sombrero> I covet Barry's office
[18:02] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> You mean "office"
[18:02] <+FXS_Sombrero> sorry, that was a cheap shot Barry.
[18:02] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> :)
[18:02] <@Chieftess> Chieftess: I envy the programmers. :)
[18:02] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> I have tape down for walls now
[18:02] <@Chieftess> <anarchywrksbest> Who do you like better -
  Chieftess or Grey Fox? ;)
[18:02] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> hey, he has the biggest office
[18:03] <@Chieftess> anarchywrksbest> Why did you make the
  railways look like flowers? Surely someone was feeling
  particularly mellow that day?
[18:03] <@Chieftess> [18:01] <anarchywrksbest> Civ III: Because
  its Worth it!
[18:03] <@Chieftess> [18:02] <anarchywrksbest> This is like a
  soap opera!
[18:03] *** Lennny53 (Lennny53@202.147.101.yw206=) 4[joined]
[18:03] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Yeah but he has to share it
[18:03] <+FXS_Sombrero> Hmm.. never thought of it like that?
[18:03] *** Guest86921 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:03] *** Guest86921 has 4[morphed] into "Mendax"
[18:03] *** Padma has 4[morphed] into "Padma_Away"
[18:03] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> I couldn't choose between them... ;-)
[18:04] <@Chieftess> <Wise> Whats the phone #
[18:04] <@Chieftess> [18:01] <Wise> Why the cange from CApture
  the Princess to captuer the flag :p
[18:04] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> It's Capture the PRINCESS
[18:04] <@Chieftess> <Damnit_this_is_PROPAGANDA> How about Civ
   III: Infogrames' Goldmine? :)
[18:04] <@Chieftess> [18:01] <Damnit_this_is_PROPAGANDA> You
   still micromanage. In order to get the proper use of out of
   improvements, you need to place them in a beneficial place.
   It's really no different to the worker-system. Just that you
   can set a tax on PW, so that you can get the faster and most
   beneficial output out of it.
[18:04] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> because Morris is a stickler
   for political correctness.
[18:04] *** K7-8-1 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:04] <@Chieftess> <Damnit_this_is_PROPAGANDA> How about Civ
   III: Infogrames' Goldmine? :)
[18:04] <@Chieftess> [18:04] <Damnit_this_is_PROPAGANDA> You
   still micromanage. In order to get the proper use of out of
   improvements, you need to place them in a beneficial place.
   It's really no different to the worker-system. Just that you
   can set a tax on PW, so that you can get the faster and most
   beneficial output out of it.
[18:04] *** Guest85633 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:04] *** Guest73229 (
   4[left] #civfanatics.
[18:04] <@Chieftess> ] <AnarchyRulz> you names a greek city
[18:05] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Prop: You do it your way...I'll do it
   mine I prefer to make my own decisions
[18:05] <+FXS_Sombrero> We don't cope well with demands ;)
[18:05] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Apolyton sounds like a city
   name but CFC doesn't....
[18:05] <@Chieftess> <VaderFLAG2> Soren: What did you change
   (or what changed) to make barbs so much more of a pain?
[18:05] <@Chieftess> They named a Greek city Apolyton!?
[18:05] <@Chieftess> Hey, we're a Great Wonder! :D
[18:06] *** AdamKD has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:06] *** Damnit_this_is_PROPAGANDA has 4[morphed] into
[18:06] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Maybe a city called Thunderfall...
[18:06] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> prop: it is similar and
   probably wrongly maligned... i'm saying that it's a
   difference between being concrete and being abstract for a
   new user. We chose the former
[18:06] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> doh!
[18:06] *** Coracle has 4[morphed] into "Zuaove"
[18:06] <@Chieftess> <Hygro> how are barbarians more painful?
[18:06] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> They are sneakier now
[18:06] *** Chieftess sets 4[channelmode] -m
[18:06] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Hygro: they got smarter
[18:06] * @Chieftess    1,4[ 8,4News Flash 1,4 ]    Ok, everyone is free
   talk! :)
[18:06] <Zuaove> I demand that a CTP-style worker system be
   implemented at once.
[18:07] <VaderFLAG2> Smarter how?
[18:07] <anarchywrksbest> YEAH!
[18:07] <kunz323> PARDON ME, how many civs can play at once in
  the expansion?
[18:07] <cgannon64> Yeah!
[18:07] <m_m_x> bla bla
[18:07] <Some_God> yaya
[18:07] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> vader: to be honest... i don't
  know! it was a combination of strictly unrelated things.
  what ai programmers call emergent behavior
[18:07] <Zuaove> :)
[18:07] <+FXS_Sombrero> Uber, you spelled Zouave wrong.
[18:07] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> They don't blindly attack and they
  will tear up imprvements like nobody's business
[18:07] <anarchywrksbest> Alright!
[18:07] <Some_God> OH BOY TIME to spam ;)
[18:07] *** Guest67123 (~java@=TUb-756k11p9.036-7-6762672.cust.b 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:07] <anarchywrksbest> NO SPAM!
[18:07] *** Zuaove has 4[morphed] into "Coracle"
[18:07] <cgannon64> Yes, who is impersonating Zouave?
[18:07] <Some_God> kidding
[18:07] <Coracle> Well, this I know how to spell.
[18:07] <@Chieftess> Don't even think about it. :)
[18:07] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Default number of civs
  hasn't changed: 4, 6, 8, 12, or 16. However, using the
  editor, up to 31 can play (but we only provide 24)
[18:07] <Hygro> Thebes is a Major Greek Citystate, so why is it
  the Egpytian Capitol?
[18:07] <RexExitium> Well that was certainly the crappiest
  interview ever.
[18:07] <anarchywrksbest> Sorry about impersonating you Mike ;)
[18:07] <VaderFLAG2> Can you give an example of the emergent
  behavior? The causality is interesting, but I'd rather know
  how it manifests itself =p
[18:07] <cgannon64> Eek, barbs attacking improvments?
[18:07] <RexExitium> No offense, of course. But they should be
  allowed to complete their answers.
[18:08] <kunz323> thank you
[18:08] <RexExitium> Next time don't give them 10 questions at
  a time.
[18:08] <anarchywrksbest> BUT IT WAS REALLY FUNNY!
[18:08] <MatrixCL> Is it even fun to play against 30?
[18:08] <RexExitium> Yes, it was funny. I'll give it that. :)
[18:08] *** kunz323 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:08] <Some_God> Mike it is sad you play the game your
  creating once. You dont get that sigh of happienes until when
  the game is finished : (
[18:08] <cgannon64> Now I can barely read what is going
  on...maybe everyone talking was bad...
[18:08] <RexExitium> Somebody's going to have a helluva time
  cleaning up the log.
[18:08] <Coracle> I tried to be Soren, but they wouldn't voice
[18:08] *** Guest83654 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:08] <@Chieftess> I'll give it to Grey Fox. ;-)
[18:09] <m_m_x> lol
[18:09] <@Chieftess> The flood gates are open! :D
[18:09] *** Guest43662 (~java@=C4xto874.pool037.at101.earthlink.
net) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:09] <AnarchyRulz> CORACLE FOR PRESIDENT
[18:09] <evilmonkey> oh that was long
[18:09] <Hygro> Run for the hills!
[18:09] <Coracle>
[18:09] <RexExitium> Seriously though, guys, next time let them
  finish their answers.
[18:09] <cgannon64> Have you guys considered making trade
  routes, ala CTP, so blockading is easier?
[18:09] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> MatrixCL: Is it fun? I
  think that's up to each player to find out for himself/herself
[18:09] <RexExitium> With a "-done"
[18:09] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> vader: for example, in the
  path manager, the ai know prefers to move to empty squares -
  all other things being equal. thus, a stack of barb horseman
  will split themselves up when going for you... attacking
  different squares and different cities. I implemented the
  change because of the SoD problem, but it also helped the
  barb ai.
[18:09] <Coracle> cg, that was pretty good.
[18:09] <Warpstorm> So, no joint victory :( I guess that means
  I'll have to backstab 'em before the end ;)
[18:09] <Wise> Mike had you thought of the Hotseat
  users--->AI----->.Sav scenario with diplomacy?
[18:09] *** plexust has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:10] <Some_God> Mike it is sad you play the game your
  creating once. You dont get that sigh of happienes until when
  the game is finished : (
[18:10] <Hygro> I'm bothoered by Thebes being Egyptian when
  really it was the Greek citystate that beat Sparta!
[18:10] *** Guest22594 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:10] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Wise: no...great idea though
[18:10] <Coracle> Soren, I'm going to destroy you in MP!
[18:10] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Wise: No I hadn't (doh!)
  but that's a good idea and is certainly do-able since games
  saved in different MP modes can be loaded into others
  (including SP, I think).
[18:10] <Hygro> why is thebes egyptian?! tell me tell me tell
[18:10] <ddawg> i think they were refering to another thebes,
  not the greek city
[18:10] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Some_God: I can play it
  more when we're finished
[18:10] <VaderFLAG2> soren: Ah, interesting- so it'll be more
  of a bloom effect on barbarian uprisings, instead of 3 or 4
  squares of 4-8x stacks of horsemen
[18:11] *** Killzig (~Killzig@216.189.176.HI28=) 4[joined]
[18:11] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> not when i culture flip all
  your cities!
[18:11] <ddawg> there was an egyptian city called thebes as well
[18:11] <cgannon64> How many people here are going to use the
  GameSpy partnering program?
[18:11] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Coracle: If you can beat the AI on can beat Soren...He IS the AI ;-)
[18:11] <Wise> lol
[18:11] <Hygro> haha
[18:11] <cgannon64> Meaning gamespy arcade
[18:11] <Some_God> Fairaxis where is your building located in
  NYC? Does it have a showing room (BTW I live in NYC)
[18:11] *** ssmith619 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:11] <Isak> Warpstorm - if you paint a few watercolor tiles
  for my upcoming mod, I'll let you win a few games :) As in
  Joint Victory
[18:11] <VaderFLAG2> But does Soren start with multiple units
  and get a production bonus whenever he plays? ;p
[18:11] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> We are not in NYC....
[18:11] <RexExitium> GSA is a mess.
[18:11] <Some_God> wat\
[18:11] *** Lennny53 (Lennny53@202.147.101.yw206=) 4[left]
[18:11] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> actually, they are including a
  copy of me in each box.
[18:11] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> VaderFlag: Soren has the
[18:11] <Coracle> The AI bows down to me in greatness, and
  Soren will too!
[18:11] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Vader:'s in the code ;-)
[18:11] <RexExitium> The only good implementation I've seen of
  GSA is Kohan: The Awakening.
[18:11] <MatrixCL> Infogrames is in NY, Some_God.
[18:11] <anarchywrksbest> Any chance of a free copy of PTW??
[18:12] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> He gets as many free units
  as he wants >:)
[18:12] <ssmith619> Wow, we all get voice?
[18:12] <ssmith619> Funfun.
[18:12] <Hygro> hey wait.. anarchy IS a good gov't huh?
[18:12] <Some_God> retard is 30 min slow
[18:12] <Some_God> j/k
[18:12] *** Wagh (~jommama@=g0l-41-86-688-74.atl.client2.attbi.c
om) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:12] *** Guest98861 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:12] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Chieftess: Not right now but I know
  where to find you.
[18:12] <VaderFLAG2> When you Firaxians play in tournaments/publ
  ic pick up games/etc do you plan on being incogneto?
[18:12] <arkammler> What is the order of the civ in the new civ
[18:12] <Killzig> argh... so intensely painful
[18:12] *** Killzig has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:13] <cgannon64> Everyone is quitting, now that the chat is
[18:13] <evilmonkey> KILLZIG!;D '
[18:13] <RexExitium> Not much to talk about considering most of
  the "fun chat" went on during the interview.
[18:13] *** Guest43662 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:13] *** Kryten4001 has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[18:13] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> I like being incognito
  because I'm not very good ;)
[18:13] *** ^^-X-^^ ( 4[joined]
[18:13] <Coracle> I wonder if CF-preventive garrison has been
  reduced to minimal. I mean, ITS TOTALLY ILLOGICAL FOR ME TO
[18:13] <Coracle> :))))))))))
[18:13] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> culture flipping rules
[18:13] <cgannon64> i agree mike
[18:13] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> ruleZ
[18:14] <ssmith619> It does. That's true.
[18:14] <Hygro> i ike it also
[18:14] <MatrixCL> CF rules!
[18:14] <eyrei> yes, culture flipping rules
[18:14] <cgannon64> it adds challenge for warmongerers
[18:14] <@Chieftess> I enjoy CF too!
[18:14] <Some_God> Fairaxis I got a 56k... I heard someone say
  that if you have 56k dont buy It...should I or will the game
  online be choppy?!?!
[18:14] <^^-X-^^> ¤ÇÂäÃÇèÐäÍéÊѵÇì
[18:14] <anarchywrksbest> Can i just say it is very good of the
  Firaxian to cone and help answer our questions. We Civ fans
  salute you!
[18:14] <@Chieftess> Great for builders.
[18:14] <ssmith619> Are there going to be any other culture
  monder civilations other than the Babylonians?
[18:14] <VaderFLAG2> Soren: Tell me more about this copy of you
  in each box... will it be like the dress-up magnetic
  michealangelo's david? Dress him up like a musketman today, a
  spearman tomorrow?
[18:14] <@Chieftess> ^^-X-^^ - can you talk in English?
[18:14] <Coracle> Mike, I would have liked Civ-Flipping, of
  course, with warning pop-ups and all the like.
[18:14] <Isak> Pseudo-Coracle: It's illogical for you to keep
  on trying ;)
[18:14] <^^-X-^^> ¤Ø³ÍÐäáѹÇÐäÍéàÎÕéÂ
[18:14] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Some_God: We have tested it on 56K
  and it's slow but playable
[18:14] <cgannon64> 15 WHo's idea was CF?
[18:14] <Some_God> k
[18:14] <Some_God> thnx
[18:15] <+FXS_Sombrero> +++ NO CARRIER
[18:15] <Hygro> egypt and persia are major culture guys too--
  the industrious helps a little (a lot with factores and all)
[18:15] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> I haven't played on a 56k
  but I'm told that only turnless starts to have slowness
  problems. The other modes don't require nearly as much
  bandwidth due to the inherent speed of TBS games...
[18:15] <cgannon64> Did sid come up with CF, or one of you?
[18:15] <Some_God> k
[18:15] *** ^^-X-^^ ( 4[left]
[18:15] <@Chieftess> hehe.. I remember those +++ NO CARRIERs
  from the DOS days. :)
[18:15] <Coracle> Any of you regular forumers remember that
  Gamespy preview that was misquoted as offering Civilization-Fl
[18:15] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Actually, I don't know
  whose idea it was... Jeff Briggs, maybe?
[18:15] <cgannon64> ah yes lol Coracle
[18:15] <Some_God> C:\DOS
[18:15] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> deltree c:\
[18:15] <Some_God> C:\DOS\RUN
[18:16] <Coracle> That option would r0x0rz!
[18:16] <Hygro> C:\dos run
[18:16] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> it came up in discussions Jeff
  B and I had regarding how to give culture more bite.
[18:16] *** Guest30178 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:16] <Hygro> ol
[18:16] <Hygro> lol
[18:16] <cgannon64> I remember playing Colonization in Dos
[18:16] <Some_God> RUN\DOS\RUN
[18:16] <Coracle> c:\con\con
[18:16] <MatrixCL> Hey, Javier played the Game of the Month
  twice. Why not more of you and why doesn't he play it
  anymore? :-(
[18:16] <RexExitium> Colonization owned.
[18:16] <ssmith619> Colonization was an awesome game.
[18:16] <Some_God> =þ
[18:16] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> LOAD"*",8,1
[18:16] <Coracle> Crisis in the Kremlin is an awesome game!
[18:16] <RexExitium> It's up there with Master of Magic and
  Master of Orion.
[18:16] *** Guest15092 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:16] <Coracle> Anyone play it?
[18:16] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> I once wrote a DOS
  uninstall that would potentially wipe out your hard drive!
[18:16] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Javier is way too busy right now
[18:16] <cgannon64> I did't like colonization too muchm b/c it
  had only one victory option
[18:16] *** Guest85633 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:16] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Yeah Soren
[18:16] <Some_God> DAMN U MIKE YOU FRIED MY COMP!!!!!!
[18:16] *** Some_God was 4[kicked] 3 from #civfanatics by
Chieftess (° Dark Style Pro II ° Caps Kicker... )
[18:16] <+FXS_Sombrero> Matrix: some of us are very busy! Some
  of us are even working on The Next Big Thing (tm)
[18:16] <ssmith619> I still play it...but illegally. My old CD
  doesn't work, so I got a hacked one. I hope I'm not taking
  away too many royalties. ;-)
[18:16] <@Chieftess> I made a fake .exe that crashed DOS at
  bootup. ;)
[18:16] <VaderFLAG2> What's Javier's title? Haven't heard his
  name mentioned before
[18:17] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> did we trademark the name
[18:17] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Javier == programmer
[18:17] *** AnarchyRulz has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:17] <Warpstorm> How about immigration (having to deal with
[18:17] <evilmonkey> lololol nice script chieftess :P
[18:17] <+FXS_Sombrero> you bet Soren
[18:17] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> He handled most of the SP
  enhancements for PTW
[18:17] <Hygro> isn't learning to beat diety kinda take the
  majic out of the game? you gotta be a munchkin about
  everything and can't imagine much of anything :-(
[18:17] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> He's a programmer
[18:17] *** Guest45307 (
) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:17] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> Javier==Camelot Addict
[18:17] <cgannon64> I've gotton a virus that got me stuck in
  DOS...had to kill virus f/ DOS!
[18:17] <Coracle> It's a Cold-War management game. You take
  control of the Soviet Union, choosing a side that you prefer
  to side with. You can be reformist, hard-line, or nationalist.
[18:17] <MatrixCL> Ok, well, it was an honour that Javier
  played it in the first place. ;-)
[18:17] <Coracle> It's really fun.
[18:17] <@Chieftess> It was MUCH sipmler than a script..
[18:17] <Wise> I thought the (tm) was a good touch
[18:17] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> He also implemented
  translucent sprite drawing as an intern
[18:17] *** Some_God (Some_God@=rkhfjfsn-btbz-uq-562042-25.dynam 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:17] <Coracle> I was able to keep the USSR and the Warsaw
  Pact alive until 2005
[18:17] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Maybe we can all play in a few
  weeks... ;-)
[18:17] <+FXS_Sombrero> Thanks Uber but I'd rather play Raid
  Over Moscow
[18:17] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> Javier did most of the
  Civilopedia... saved us at the end of the project.
[18:18] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Raid Over Moscow was awesome
[18:18] *** Guest50505 ( 4[joined]
[18:18] <ssmith619> How about immigration? Sounds like a great
  idea. If you're connected to other civilizations the
  citizens can emigrate.
[18:18] *** RexExitium has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:18] <@Chieftess> Translucent sprite drawing is a sinch. :)
[18:18] <VaderFLAG2> FXS_Speed_Bump: I think you'd have a
  truckload of volunteers for that
[18:18] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> ...even though traslucent
  sprite drawing is impossible!
[18:18] <Coracle> Sombrero, have you played Crisis in the
[18:18] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> lol
[18:18] <Hygro> hey, is the gonna be posted on the site? like
  the open floodgate spamming part?
[18:18] <Some_God> Mike you fried My Comp with that program you
  made!!!!!! Ill KIll You!!!!!!
[18:18] <cgannon64> ssmith--see my thread on it here
[18:18] <Some_God> j/k
[18:18] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> gimme BeachHead!
[18:18] <@Chieftess> In theory, adding/subtracting the video
  memory should do it. ;)
[18:18] <+FXS_Sombrero> w00t! Beach Head!
[18:18] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Yeah Beach Head
[18:18] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Sorry but I never released
  that program.... ;)
[18:18] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> (my first computer game,
[18:18] <+FXS_Sombrero> Shoot the score sprite for extra points!
[18:18] *** Pggar has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:19] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> absolutely!
[18:19] <Hygro> release it release it!!!
[18:19] <Some_God> plz
[18:19] *** Guest50505 has 4[morphed] into "durfal"
[18:19] <+FXS_Sombrero> Space Taxi anyone?
[18:19] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> worked for the plane
  explosions too
[18:19] *** ssmith619 ( 4[left] #civfanatics.
[18:19] <Some_God> mike
[18:19] *** spycatcher (~GC@=aMeav-031-30-81-govq.cox-internet.c
om) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:19] <Hygro> (for free on your website :-)
[18:19] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Chieftess: Yes it's quite
  easy to implement unless you have to hack it into existing
  code that has no support for it >:)
[18:19] <Wise> What was each of your first published titles
[18:19] <Coracle> So, does anyone like cheese?
[18:19] *** Guest92143 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:19] <cgannon64> Spammer!
[18:19] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Raveloft: Stone Prophet
[18:19] <+FXS_Sombrero> Only with my spam, Uber.
[18:19] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> I hate cheese
[18:19] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> i knew i had played BH too
  much when I was intentionally losing to increase my score.
[18:19] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Ultima on the Apple IIe
[18:20] <Coracle> mmm, spam..
[18:20] *** Guest92143 has 4[morphed] into "Beammeuppy"
[18:20] <+FXS_Sombrero> I once published a free "door" game for
  a Color 64 BBS back in the early 90's, does that count?
[18:20] * anarchywrksbest wipes his Civ3 disc cup coaster ;)
  And fires it up. (Gonna give it another chance)
[18:20] <Coracle> Spam with a glass of Shut Up juice.
[18:20] <@Chieftess> I made an addon for a BBS door game.
[18:20] <Wise> lol@coracle
[18:20] <cgannon64> Ban spammers!
[18:20] <cgannon64> jk
[18:20] <+FXS_Sombrero> Span bammers!
[18:20] <@Chieftess> Unfortunately, it was in Turbo Pascal, and
  doesn't work anymore
[18:20] <Some_God> Yo will the multiplayer have a scoring
  counter like
[18:21] <anarchywrksbest> Yeah! ban em!
[18:21] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> yeah anarchy, thats the spirit
[18:21] <@Chieftess> I could do a mass-kick. >;-)
[18:21] <anarchywrksbest> GO!
[18:21] <anarchywrksbest> DO IT!
[18:21] <cgannon64> kick everyone besides me!
[18:21] <Some_God> =\
[18:21] <spycatcher> all hell broke loose?
[18:21] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> I'm doe in about 5 minutes anyway
[18:21] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> anarchy: be sure to get the
  1.29 patch...
[18:21] <anarchywrksbest> SPY!
[18:21] <anarchywrksbest> I have it ;)
[18:21] <Wise> I am fragile don't kick me either
[18:21] <Warpstorm> Speedy, what kind of character do you play
  in NWN?
[18:21] <anarchywrksbest> Bur never actually used it!
[18:21] <Beammeuppy> CT, GF, keeping a log on the chat?
[18:21] <@Chieftess> yes. :-)
[18:21] <Some_God> wow this chat was short
[18:21] <Hygro> hey whats the advantage the Korean Cannon has
  Over the Normal Cannon?
[18:21] <MatrixCL> Do all professional programmers program in
[18:21] <Coracle> speaking of spammers, where IS Zouave?
[18:21] *** Exsanguination ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:21] <Some_God> shame on u
[18:21] <+FXS_Sombrero> yeah I'm out, got to head to Lowes and
  pick up some lumber, then home to let the dog out.
[18:22] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Paladin, just like the old days
[18:22] <Coracle> What has CFC done to my Zouave?!!?!
[18:22] <arkammler> Will I get to give a thumbs up to all deals
  in hotseat?
[18:22] <Beammeuppy> :-D
[18:22] <cgannon64> Was Zouave banned?
[18:22] <Some_God> u evil fairaxis
[18:22] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> matrix: the one's with jobs do.
[18:22] <cgannon64> I loved his ;)
[18:22] *** FXS_Sombrero (~Sombrero@63.140.224.CW75=) 4[left]
[18:22] <eyrei> we burned him at the stake
[18:22] <Warpstorm> I program in Python (and C++ when it needs
  to be fast)
[18:22] <Some_God> arggg
[18:22] <@Chieftess> I think permbanned. :)
[18:22] <@Chieftess> Burned at the stake. :)
[18:22] <MatrixCL> Cos it's expensive? ;-)
[18:22] <cgannon64> Zouave had some thoughtful posts...
[18:22] <Some_God> lol
[18:22] <Some_God> hahaha
[18:22] <anarchywrksbest> People who get banned are SO immature
[18:22] <Some_God> cheif
[18:22] <Exsanguination> they banned Zuoave?
[18:22] <Warpstorm> Fighter/Sorc/Theif
[18:22] <Coracle> not to mention loud.
[18:22] <MatrixCL> Yes, Zuoave is banned.
[18:22] <spycatcher> you should know anarchy
[18:22] <spycatcher> ;)
[18:22] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> MatrixCL: I would guess all
  professional game programmers use C++ but I've also
  programmed in Delphi (Object Pascal)...
[18:23] <anarchywrksbest> hehe
[18:23] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Warp: nice
[18:23] <Wise> It's spy ;)
[18:23] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Matrix: or plain old C
[18:23] <Some_God> I make games using visual basic ;)
[18:23] <cgannon64> I feel so out of place, me not being a game
  programmer. C++? Huh?
[18:23] <@Chieftess> I have C++, but Visual C++ doesn't like to
  make programs that won't crash!
[18:23] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> C is soooo 1992...
[18:23] <MatrixCL> I have Delphi too, but really need to learn
  it. I've programmed a lot in Turbo/Borland Pascal!!
[18:23] <MatrixCL> But then Windows came... :-(
[18:23] <Some_God> is got C+++++++++++++++++++++++++-
[18:23] <@Chieftess> I've programmed in Borland C++
[18:23] <Some_God> =þ
[18:23] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Delphi is like OO Pascal...
[18:23] <Warpstorm> Python!
[18:23] <cgannon64> Uh...yeah! (wonders what they are talking
[18:23] <Hygro> Bai!
[18:23] *** Beammeuppy has quit IRC (Unknown)
[18:23] <Hygro> bai bai
[18:24] <spycatcher> ?
[18:24] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> I've taken three programming
  classes...does that count?
[18:24] <anarchywrksbest> bye
[18:24] <arkammler> see you later
[18:24] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> looks like we are scaring away
  the non-programmers
[18:24] <MatrixCL> I know, but object oriented and I haven't
  learned that yet.
[18:24] *** Hygro (~java@=Yljilr-91-103-520-94.dsl.snfc21.pacbel 4[left] #civfanatics.
[18:24] <@Chieftess> But, every program i make in VC++ builds,
  but crashes. :(
[18:24] *** Beammeuppy (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:24] *** arkammler has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:24] <MatrixCL> So? ;-)
[18:24] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> bye anarchy
[18:24] <@Chieftess> I made an RPG file editor in VB.
[18:24] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> We use VC++ exclusively and
  Civ3 has never crashed.... right?
[18:24] <anarchywrksbest> What? I'm not going! I NEVER LEAVE
[18:24] <Exsanguination> sorry if this has been asked - will we
  be able to set what each civ's map in a scenario looks like?
[18:24] <@Chieftess> I'm making one actually
[18:24] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> :)
[18:24] <Some_God> ok STFU about programming this chat is about
  gameing and u ppl r waisting time
[18:24] <Coracle> None of you have the programming experise of
[18:25] <@Chieftess> Do you do training at Firaxis HQ? :)
[18:25] <MatrixCL> No it has never crashed. ;-)
[18:25] <Some_God> ummm *thinking of question*
[18:25] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Mike: at least not on your machine
[18:25] <Coracle> I'm the senior programmer of Microprose. I
  made Civilization what it is today.
[18:25] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: You can do that by
  placing outposts/radar towers.
[18:25] <anarchywrksbest> LOL
[18:25] <Some_God> Yo will the multiplayer have a scoring
  counter like
[18:25] <Exsanguination> Mike: what if it is an ancient
[18:25] <VaderFLAG2> does pillaging radar/outpost work the same
  as fortresses?
[18:25] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Outposts are ancient
[18:25] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Coracle: is this Scott Spanburg? I
  don't think so ;-)
[18:25] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Vader: I think so but I
  don't remember for sure
[18:25] <Coracle> ;)
[18:25] <MatrixCL> What's needed to build an outpost?
[18:26] *** Guest67265 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:26] *** Wahid_Ibn_khalil (~Wahid@212.217.23.om32=) 4[joined]
[18:26] *** Wahid_Ibn_khalil (~Wahid@212.217.23.om32=) 4[left]
[18:26] <Exsanguination> mmm... is there another way though?
  I'd rather just have the portions of the map I want revealed
  without all those darn outposts
[18:26] <cgannon64> Where did Grey Fox go? Haven't seena post
  by him in a while...
[18:26] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Masonry and a worker
[18:26] *** Myartar (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:26] *** Guest42698 (
) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:26] *** Guest67265 has 4[morphed] into "jon"
[18:26] *** jon has 4[morphed] into "Guest20292"
[18:26] <@theGreyFox> I'm talking with some in another chat on
  another server
[18:26] <Some_God> me quesion non respondere?
[18:26] * Guest42698 smiles at everyone in the room :-)
[18:26] <@Chieftess> It better not be.... A-------! ;)
[18:26] *** Wise has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:26] <Some_God> I R baboon
[18:26] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Some_God: we are using
  GameSpy so whatever they have
[18:27] <Some_God> Gamespy?? OMG
[18:27] <cgannon64> so Civ3 is compatible with Gamespy Arcade?
[18:27] <MatrixCL> Why would you build an outpost anyway
  actually? Can't you better build a unit and stand there
[18:27] * Guest20292 slaps everyone in the room.
[18:27] *** Guest42698 has 4[morphed] into "Alpine"
[18:27] <Some_God> no ingame service
[18:27] <cgannon64> I mean PTW
[18:27] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> cgannon: yes
[18:27] <spycatcher> Gamespy... why? :s
[18:27] * Guest20292 smiles at everyone in the room :-)
[18:27] <RandomPasserby> Theoretically you could establish
  starting maps the same way you establish starting diplomacy:
  create a blanket of units to cover all the areas that you
  want to be visible at the start, then disband them the first
  turn and make a .SAV for distribution.
[18:27] <Some_God> I hate Gamespy
[18:27] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Some_God: It's integrated
[18:27] <Eklektikos-Away> you must have inspired them, spy
[18:27] <Coracle> Hey Soren, you know what would be a good
  idea? Implementing attrition ratings for different cities. If
  there is high culture in that city, there would be a high
  attrition rating, so that when an enemy takes the city, he
  could suffer unit losses just by garrisoning there.
[18:27] <Some_God> oh
[18:27] <spycatcher> yeah ek :p
[18:27] *** Eklektikos-Away has 4[morphed] into "Eklektikos"
[18:27] * Eklektikos has Returned ( Been gone 48mins 11secs )
[18:28] <Alpine> Trooper
[18:28] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> that's a good idea...
[18:28] *** Guest20292 has 4[morphed] into "that"
[18:28] <cgannon64> I hate Gamespy bc of the "unclosable" ads.
  So annoying..and I htogh popups were bad!
[18:28] <Alpine> :)
[18:28] <VaderFLAG2> There's direct TCP/IP multi too right,
  don't have to go through gamespy?
[18:28] *** Guest45307 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:28] <Exsanguination> please don't shoot me for asking but i
  HAVE to - will there be any remnents of diplomacy in PTW?
  Anything - can we set RoPs/MPPs/etc, moods, something,
[18:28] <Coracle> it adds on to resistance.
[18:28] <cgannon64> Ex-No
[18:28] <cgannon64> Been asked before
[18:28] *** Beammeuppy has quit IRC (Unknown)
[18:28] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: no. We did many
  things to the editor but that didn't make it
[18:28] *** Beammeuppy (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:28] <Exsanguination> nothing?
[18:28] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> cgannon: if you use it from inside
  the game, there are no pop ups
[18:28] *** Isak (
 4[left] #civfanatics.
[18:28] *** that has 4[morphed] into "here"
[18:28] <cgannon64> True...
[18:29] <Exsanguination> what has been added to the editor? :)
[18:29] <here> -- ---
[18:29] <Some_God> speaking of diplomacy did u fix the part
  where when ur winning against a civ and tell them to give up
  they dont?
[18:29] * here bounces around the channel.
[18:29] *** here was 4[kicked] 3 from #civfanatics by Chieftess
(no foul language! )
[18:29] <VaderFLAG2> Some_God: would YOU give up if they asked
  you to?
[18:29] <anarchywrksbest> Anyway........I've GTG! Bye
[18:29] <Some_God> ya :D
[18:29] <Exsanguination> also, has nything been done about the
  rep system?
[18:29] <MatrixCL> Well, thanks a lot for the chatting, but 4I 1
  am going to finish my Game of the Month. ;-)
[18:29] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Vader: Exactly
[18:29] *** Guest11090 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:29] *** Guest11090 has 4[morphed] into "jongon"
[18:29] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> ok, i've gotta run...
[18:29] <MatrixCL> Thanks, Firaxians!
[18:29] <spycatcher> bye
[18:29] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> Me too
[18:29] <cgannon64> Bye!
[18:29] <jongon> bye
[18:29] <jongon> bye
[18:29] <Some_God> no!!!!!!!!!1
[18:29] *** anarchywrksbest (~trillian@=Ptggqjl-115.banzai.dialu 4[left] #civfanatics.
[18:29] <@Chieftess> bye
[18:29] <Some_God> !!!!!!!!
[18:29] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> til next time!
[18:29] <MatrixCL> You see? I'm going and he's goind. ;-)
[18:29] <Some_God> Ahhhhhh!!!
[18:29] <Eklektikos> bye :)
[18:29] *** Guest76705 (~java@=Zyjxpxel100-607-151-20.buckeye-ex 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:29] <Coracle> Hmm, you know, I've been addicted to
  Battlefield 1942 lately. Anyone care to explain why this game
  is as addicting as it is? Because I can't, damnit.
[18:29] <MatrixCL> Bye!
[18:29] <spycatcher> :)
[18:30] <jongon> i just got here
[18:30] <+Soren_Johnson_Firaxis> ;)
[18:30] <Some_God> I R BABOON!
[18:30] *** Guest76705 has 4[morphed] into "Wise"
[18:30] <Coracle> It's sucking my life away.
[18:30] <Alpine> Are those of us who buy PTW going to receive
  any different special features if we become permanent members
  of GameSpy?
[18:30] <+FXS_Speed_Bump> cya later on
[18:30] <cgannon64> same here coracle
[18:30] *** MatrixCL has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:30] *** Soren_Johnson_Firaxis has quit IRC (QUIT: User
[18:30] <Some_God> --------------------------
[18:30] <cgannon64> kick some god
[18:30] <Coracle> Mike, I'll see you guys tonight, for some
[18:30] *** Chieftess 4[banned] *!*Some_God@*
[18:30] *** FXS_Speed_Bump has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[18:30] <jongon> wat does mike doe
[18:30] <Eklektikos> drinks beer, apparently ;-)
[18:30] <cgannon64> wait, Coracle is legit? I thought you were
[18:30] * jongon Laughs-Out-Loud!!
[18:31] * Alpine slaps nobody in particular around with a large
[18:31] <Coracle> Well, I'm not really legit Coracle, but I am
  a disciple.
[18:31] <Beammeuppy> Sorry I joined late, what where the
  highligts today?
[18:31] <Coracle> I love his work.
[18:31] * Alpine Laughs-Out-Loud!!
[18:31] <Warpstorm> Can I get a programming job at Firaxis?
  (My VC++ works (usually))
[18:31] * jongon slaps nobody in particular around with a large
[18:31] <cgannon64> Beam--wade thru the report later
[18:31] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> there are a lot of new
  things in the editor: time line control, x/y map wrapping,
  operation range increase, debug mode, combining of
  wonder/small wonder abils, impassable terrain, support
  exemption for units, increased map size
[18:31] *** BlueStrider (~Strider@=21wfxf-28-44-55-867.dsl.ltrka 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:31] <cgannon64> there is alot of spam at the end
[18:31] *** Guest94087 (~java@=rkhfjfsn-btbz-uq-562042-25.dynami 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:31] *** Some_God was 4[kicked] 3 from #civfanatics by
Chieftess (don't use explicit language! )
[18:31] *** Guest94087 has 4[morphed] into "SomeGod"
[18:31] <SomeGod> uhhh
[18:31] <cgannon64> some god is back?
[18:31] <jongon> wat kind impassible terrain
[18:31] <SomeGod> y u boot me?
[18:31] <Beammeuppy> Is it?
[18:31] <Exsanguination> x/y wrapping?
[18:32] <BlueStrider> Chat over?
[18:32] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Flat map and toroidal maps
[18:32] <SomeGod> I didnt say anything bad
[18:32] <@Chieftess> It's the same one
[18:32] <Exsanguination> toroidal?
[18:32] <cgannon64> lol
[18:32] *** Chieftess 4[banned] *!*java@*
[18:32] *** SomeGod was 4[kicked] 3 from #civfanatics by Chieftess
(Uhmm.. Bye ;) )
[18:32] <jongon> wat does time line control mean
[18:32] <Coracle> Anyone know where Lt. Killer M is?
[18:32] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Units can go from the top
  of the map to the bottom (like going from right to left in
  current game)
[18:32] <BlueStrider> Hello CT, GF, and any of the other
  regular chat roomers I don't see :)
[18:32] <cgannon64> time line is turns can be weeks, months,
  oor yeears
[18:32] <spycatcher> hi strider
[18:32] <jongon> o thx
[18:32] <Exsanguination> thats what i thought
[18:32] <cgannon64> (helping you Firaxians out ;)
[18:32] <ColdFever> Goodnight from Germany and thanks for all
  the info and taking the time. Hope to meet you in PTW soon,
[18:32] <Myartar> operation range increase?! ohhhhhhhhh! YAY
[18:32] <RandomPasserby> Can you have the map scroll in all
  directions at once?
[18:32] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> thanks :)
[18:32] <Coracle> He seems to be suffering from Coracle-fever
  lately. I've read his posts condemning different parts of Civ
[18:32] *** Mike23 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:33] *** ColdFever (
 4[left] #civfanatics.
[18:33] *** Beammeuppy has quit IRC (Unknown)
[18:33] *** Beammeuppy (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:33] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> yes x and y wrapping can be
  toggled together or independently
[18:33] <Exsanguination> has a concrete PTW release date been
[18:33] <@theGreyFox> Hey CT, you can't kick folks for typing
  --------- wrongly :)
[18:33] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> not yet... as soon as we
[18:33] <BlueStrider> ??
[18:33] <Exsanguination> ok
[18:33] <@Chieftess> I can always make that a bad word kicker.
[18:33] <@theGreyFox> bad word?
[18:33] <Coracle> Cheiftess, **** *** ****** ********* ******
[18:33] <Coracle> !
[18:33] <jongon> what maps did u guys include in the expansion
[18:33] <@theGreyFox> what's bad with that?
[18:33] <Exsanguination> will people wihtout PTW be able to use
  PTW-made scenarios (dumb qeustion but you never know)
[18:33] <@theGreyFox> it's just a body part, like a leg
[18:34] <cgannon64> lol
[18:34] <@Chieftess> well, explicit word
[18:34] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: no but PTW owners
  can use Civ3 scenarios
[18:34] <Coracle> -------------
[18:34] <cgannon64> jongon---they not telling what maps
[18:34] <Alpine> Will PTW require a CD KEY for multiplayer? And
  will only one player require the CD to play? Like the host?
[18:34] <@Chieftess> ok, enough!
[18:34] <Exsanguination> well yea... i just had hopes :)
[18:34] *** DaveMcW (~davemcw@=hjmldl430-06-363-50.nt01-c6.cpe.c 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:34] *** jongon has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:34] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> everyone will need the CD
  but I don't think there will be CD keys
[18:34] *** Coracle was 4[kicked] 3 from #civfanatics by Chieftess
(don't say those things! :) )
[18:34] <cgannon64> alpine---planning to burn and give to
[18:34] <Alpine> woo hoo
[18:34] *** Coracle (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:35] <Coracle> Alpine, it probably will.
[18:35] <Coracle> All MP games do.
[18:35] <Alpine> Perhaps I am, what're you going to do about
  it? Don't act rude son.
[18:35] <Coracle> Bah, I got kicked.
[18:35] <cgannon64> lol
[18:35] <Coracle> Someone's on a power trip!
[18:35] <Myartar> Let's stay away from discussing CD
  protections and stuff... Don't want me on my soapbox
[18:35] <Exsanguination> anything else added to the editor (I
  really wanna know :))
[18:35] <evilmonkey> --------------------- - im out of here
[18:35] *** evilmonkey was 4[kicked] 3 from #civfanatics by
Chieftess (° Dark Style Pro II ° Language Kicker... )
[18:35] <@Chieftess> Only when you post explicit language or
[18:35] <@theGreyFox> HAHAH!
[18:35] <@Chieftess> Like that person
[18:35] *** Guest07836 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:36] <@theGreyFox> Monkey is ok
[18:36] <spycatcher> Ct you're on the rampage :p
[18:36] <cgannon64> yes myartar, I've had too many flam wars
  over that
[18:36] * @Chieftess thinks should should moderate this again :)
[18:36] <Eklektikos> should? I fear the might of should....
[18:36] <BlueStrider> lol
[18:36] <Alpine> Why doesn't Firaxis feel the need to implement
  CD KEYS. You guys are already laying off people, you could
  use the extra cash.
[18:37] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Firaxis isn't laying anyone

[18:37] <Exsanguination> i believe thats infogrames my friends
[18:37] <Alpine> Europe?
[18:37] <cgannon64> euro infrogrames is
[18:37] <Alpine> Sorry :)
[18:37] <Coracle> If you're going to moderate it, you might as
  well change the marquee, to reflect the change. #civfanatics
  - Communist Paradise!
[18:37] *** Beammeuppy has quit IRC (Unknown)
[18:37] *** Beammeuppy (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:37] <Myartar> maybe he knows something you don't Mike
[18:37] <Myartar> ;)
[18:37] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> lol
[18:37] <cgannon64> mike is gone by next week
[18:37] <cgannon64> ;)
[18:37] <Warpstorm> Can I get a programming job at Firaxis?
  (My VC++ works (usually))
[18:37] <RandomPasserby> 2 You have problem with system, comrade
[18:38] <@Chieftess> Me too. :)
[18:38] *** Guest33676 (~java@65.107.86.LI57=) 4[joined]
[18:38] <cgannon64> send him to gulag!
[18:38] *** Guest33676 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:38] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> everyone wants to work here
[18:38] <Coracle> Mike will go into hibernation for 3 days,
  because he'll be a binging spree today.
[18:38] *** durfal has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:38] <@Chieftess> Only if I could SEE if my programs worked
  in VC++ without the MFC apps crashing...
[18:38] <@Chieftess> Even when I go by the book
[18:38] <Alpine> Are we going to be able to password saved
  games again in MP?
[18:39] <Myartar> I'd perfer to work at Microsoft, just so I
  can say I'm part of the Evil Empire
[18:39] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> yes
[18:39] <Coracle> Mike's going to take a Stoli bath.
[18:39] <Coracle> He's a party animal, I bet.
[18:39] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Maybe a Guinness bath
[18:39] * @Chieftess gets her light saber ready ;)
[18:39] <Mendax> what about Fundamentalism? will it be in the
  PTW? if not: WHY? sorry if i repeat...
[18:39] <cgannon64> you know those programmers' wild night
[18:39] <Coracle> Mendax, just put in yourself.
[18:39] <@Chieftess> Actually, not all programmers....
[18:39] <Coracle> It's not too hard.
[18:39] <@Chieftess> :-)
[18:40] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Wild nights of coding in
  assembly! W00t!
[18:40] <cgannon64> yes, mike, why was fundamentalism removed?
[18:40] <Alpine> You can exploit lag in Civ II by moving units
  and other stuff. You guys fixed this in PTW right?
[18:40] * BlueStrider has to wonder if Mike is still sane after
[18:40] *** Silverblade_ (
 4[left] #civfanatics.
[18:40] <cgannon64> "programmers gone wild 4!"
[18:40] <Coracle> hahha!
[18:40] <Warpstorm> My programmer hours are skewed way early,
  it's just the game programmers
[18:40] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Fundamentalism was removed
  because it was deemed "no fun"
[18:40] <@Chieftess> But, late-night coding sessions are common.
[18:40] <Exsanguination> will be able to implement several
  different game victory types as a single victory in a
  scenario: ie regicide and domination, or capture the princess
  and elimination
[18:40] <Myartar> Fundy was taken out b/c it made Civ 2, way
  too easy
[18:40] <Evil_Bomber> Assembly?!?! You are wild :)
[18:40] <cgannon64> I thought so
[18:40] <@Chieftess> I've programmed some Assebly.
[18:40] <@Chieftess> *Assembly
[18:41] <cgannon64> but coudln't you have tweaked
[18:41] <Alpine> Fundamentlaism was very fun.
[18:41] <Alpine> I enjoyed it.
[18:41] <Warpstorm> Fundy was too esay
[18:41] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: You bet. They can
  all be combined. An odd combination is to turn on both Mass
  Regicide and Regicide. You get a bunch of kings but lose if
  any one of them are destroyed.
[18:41] <Alpine> Immensely.
[18:41] <Myartar> I'd actually love to have a nation run by
  Jerry Falwell
[18:41] <Exsanguination> SWEET! One piece of good news so far!
  I love it :)
[18:41] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> afk
[18:41] *** Beammeuppy has quit IRC (Unknown)

[18:41] *** RandomPasserby has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:42] *** Guest67123 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:42] <Exsanguination> lets see if i can rummage up a couple
  more q's
[18:42] <spycatcher> how many ppl were here at the peak?
[18:42] *** Beammeuppy (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:42] <Myartar> whoa, that game type sounds pretty cool
[18:42] <Coracle> Fundamentalism - 1 military police, free
  units, standard tile penalty, requires support
[18:42] <DaveMcW> how would mass regicide be harder than
  regicide? just stack the kings...
[18:42] <Alpine> Why was the best unit ever made, "Alpine
  Trooper" removed? He was the man with a plan.
[18:42] <cgannon64> somethin like 70 spycathcer
[18:42] <VaderFLAG2> I always loved seeing the alpine trooper
  ski over those deserts
[18:42] <spycatcher> wow
[18:42] <Alpine> me too
[18:42] <Coracle> Fundamentalism - 1 military police, all free
  units, standard tile penalty, requires support
[18:42] <cgannon64> then it was a free chat, and everyone left
[18:42] <Myartar> I made the alpine troopers a water unit once
  just to watch him water ski
[18:43] <spycatcher> i could image
[18:43] <spycatcher> er imagine
[18:43] <@theGreyFox> 70 spycatchers? wouldn't we all just pass
[18:43] <spycatcher> :cool:
[18:43] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> back
[18:43] <Alpine> I saw in screenshots espionage missions only
  costing 50gold! Did you guys lower the ungodly rates?
[18:43] <cgannon64> i hope so
[18:44] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> I don't think so but some
  of those missions like Establish Embassy are pretty cheap...
[18:44] <Coracle> Fundamentalism - 1 military police, free
  units, standard tile penalty, requires support, 4%
  assimilation, 8 rate cap
[18:44] *** Wise has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:44] <Alpine> :(
[18:44] <Alpine> >:(
[18:44] <BlueStrider> Mike: What is a normal day at work for
  you? And what do you guys do when your NOT working on a game?
[18:44] <cgannon64> maybe fundy could have very low culture,
  and the 8 rate cap sounds good
[18:45] <Myartar> fundy would have massive culture
[18:45] <Exsanguination> two questions on the beserk UU: what
  does it look like and what are its stats?
[18:45] <spycatcher> Yeah I gotta rant mike, what were you
  think with those spy options?! I hope you've improved on
  them. ;)
[18:45] <cgannon64> should have low culture, war with high
  culture is too strong
[18:45] <Coracle> yep
[18:45] <Myartar> and why fundy can't be put in the game, it's
  makes it unbalanced
[18:45] <Coracle> its high culture within it';s boundaries
[18:45] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> A "normal" day at work
  starts with me turning on my Christmas lights. Then I spend a
  majority of the day fielding bug reports and talking to
  producers and the team. When I get a spare moment, I try to
  do some programming and fix some bugs.
[18:45] <Alpine> I lowered the fascism by those Civfascists to
[18:45] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> When I'm not working on
  games, I'm usually playing them :)
[18:45] <Coracle> other countries wont take on it as much
[18:45] <Alpine> If rate cap on Fund was 8, every civ would
  choose it.
[18:45] <cgannon64> if not fundy, than fascism@
[18:45] <Myartar> horrible trades rates would make up for it
[18:45] <Exsanguination> also, will we be able to adjust the
  victory conditions (ie cultural only requires 10k or
  domination needs 90% lnd)
[18:45] <Myartar> and low rep
[18:46] <Warpstorm> that sounds like my knid of job, MIke!
[18:46] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang.: no those aren't
[18:46] *** eyrei ( 4[left]
[18:46] <cgannon64> i am now offically becoming a game
  programmer! ;-)
[18:46] *** Beammeuppy has quit IRC (Unknown)
[18:46] <Alpine> I tried that with fascism, had to lower the
  rate to 5 before the AI decided to not use it as much
[18:46] *** Mendax has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:46] <Myartar> You'd have to LOVE being in front of a
  computer all day to like that job
[18:46] *** Guest99411 (~JAVGUEST@68.70.88.tY972=) 4[joined]
[18:46] <Exsanguination> will there be a way to keep a civ in a
  govt for the scenario
[18:46] *** CurswineCiv3Java (Chernobel@=tNz132-fi5.cvx2-a.lee.d 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:47] <Coracle> see, that's why I want Soren to implement
  those government attitude modifiers
[18:47] <Exsanguination> and dont forget my beserk UU q's ;)
[18:47] <Coracle> I keep asking for.
[18:47] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: I don't think so
[18:47] <cgannon64> ex--isn't there suppressed govt already?
[18:47] <Exsanguination> is there?
[18:47] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Berserk's rule
[18:47] <Exsanguination> stats?
[18:47] <cgannon64> something thtat makes an AI not go for one
  govt...saw it somwhere
[18:47] <Exsanguination> what does it look like (an
[18:47] <cgannon64> go to the editor, to the index, might be in
[18:47] <Alpine> Mike, what's your nick name at work?
[18:47] *** Eklektikos has 4[morphed] into "Eklektikos-Away"
[18:47] * Eklektikos-Away has left the Chat. Reason:     [ Idle for
  10 mins. (Auto-away Activated) ] Pager: ON
[18:47] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> 6.2.1, cost 70,
  Amphibious--- looks like a big burly guy with an axe
[18:47] <Coracle> cg, you can edit the resistance modifier i
  think, so that the civs go choose it more
[18:47] <cgannon64> is it true that marines don't abide by
  defense bonuses?
[18:47] <Coracle> seems to work for me.
[18:48] <Exsanguination> DAMN!
[18:48] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Alpine: "Beer"
[18:48] *** m_m_x has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[18:48] <Alpine> Beer is good.
[18:48] <Alpine> Im Canadian, I know.
[18:48] <Exsanguination> i was hoping he'd be an archer :(
[18:48] <Coracle> Vodka is better.
[18:48] *** Beammeuppy (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:48] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> He replaces the
[18:48] * @Chieftess Slides an Ice Cold Beer down the bar for
[18:48] <@Chieftess> Cheers!
[18:48] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Ein Prosit!
[18:48] *** Guest99411 has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[18:48] <cgannon64> lol why does the topic always go to beer?
[18:49] <Exsanguination> no, i hoped he'd look like one so I
  could use him as an archer in my scenario :)
[18:49] *** evilmonkey ( 4[joined]
[18:49] <@Chieftess> who knows...
[18:49] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> It's always on my mind :)
[18:49] <evilmonkey> -----
[18:49] <Coracle> I'd like a long, tall, Stoli bottle to go,
[18:49] *** evilmonkey ( 4[left]
[18:49] <cgannon64> is it hard to program while druink?
[18:49] <Alpine> Beer is good. It's what Firaxis programmers
  drink while making Civ III.
[18:49] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Not at all!
[18:49] <@Chieftess> PUI - Programming Under the Influence. :)
[18:49] <DaveMcW> Will armies of marines/berserks get
  amphibious ability in PTW?
[18:49] <spycatcher> great thought drunk programmers. ;)
[18:49] <Coracle> Alpine, that's probably they came up with
[18:49] <Coracle> ITS HORRIBLE!
[18:49] <Coracle> FIX IT!
[18:49] <cgannon64> lol (writing down carrer tips) 1. Get drunk
  whiile programming
[18:49] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> But I can't program if I
  mix Corona with Bacardi Limon... :(
[18:49] <Alpine> And numerous other things... >:)
[18:50] *** curswine has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[18:50] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Dave: Yes if the army
  consists solely of Marines or Berserks.
[18:50] *** Guest83221 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:50] <DaveMcW> sweet
[18:50] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Armies now take on the
  abilities of the units they are made up of but only if it is
  made up of only 1 type of unit
[18:51] <cgannon64> cool
[18:51] <spycatcher> well that nice
[18:51] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> That was a suggestion from
[18:51] <Coracle> !
[18:51] <Exsanguination> so would an modern ARMOR army get a
  nine-turn blitz? ;)
[18:51] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: Hmmm.... I don't
[18:51] <@theGreyFox> I hated to find out that my 4 Marine
  armies were almost useless the way I wanted to use them :(
[18:51] <cgannon64> that would be TOO awesome
[18:51] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Probably not since they
  aren't cumulative
[18:51] <Exsanguination> you don't know? mmm... that means it
  may be possible! :)
[18:51] * Beammeuppy is going to be away from the channel.
[18:51] *** Hammurabi (
r) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:51] <Exsanguination> oh darn
[18:51] <Hammurabi> hey there
[18:51] <Coracle> GOod riddance!
[18:51] <Coracle> :)
[18:51] <@Chieftess> I can test it quickly. :)
[18:52] *** Beammeuppy has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:52] *** cgannon64 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:52] <Hammurabi> did the chat finish?
[18:52] <@Chieftess> yes
[18:52] <Coracle> I demand everyone come back to the chatroom,
  at once! >:(
[18:52] <@Chieftess> ha! Civ3 edit errored out!
[18:52] <Exsanguination> do you guys use the default civ3 gfx
  in testing or Sn00py's?
[18:52] <@Chieftess> (and so does Civ2! :D)
[18:52] <Hammurabi> so any news?
[18:53] <Coracle> yes, I'm now 6'0!
[18:53] <Warpstorm> Mike, how would a programmer (with too much
  experience) get his foot in a door for a chance at game
  programming position?
[18:53] *** Guest51208 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:53] <Coracle> I've grown two inches!
[18:53] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: I generally use the
  defaults but my mod mgmt tests used Sn00py's. I've also used
  Warpstorm's for a bunch of test scenarios.
[18:53] <Hammurabi> will the chat content be shown on
[18:53] <Exsanguination> ah
[18:53] *** Guest51208 has 4[morphed] into "cgannon64"
[18:53] <cgannon64> back
[18:53] *** Silverblade_ (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:53] <Coracle> No, it's too dirty and obscene.
[18:53] <@Chieftess> There will be a full (somewhat edited due
  to content ;)) log, and questions.
[18:53] <spycatcher> yeah they'll get the log soon
[18:53] <Exsanguination> what all exactly does the mod manager
[18:53] <Hammurabi> ok cool :D
[18:53] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Warpstorm: I don't know if
  I can answer that since I basically just got lucky.... I
  answered an ad in the paper for my first job and I happened
  to know someone (an ex-co-worker) at Firaxis...
[18:54] *** Silverblade_ (
 4[left] #civfanatics.
[18:54] <cgannon64> lucky break!
[18:54] <@Chieftess> I never get that lucky. :/
[18:54] *** berdan ( 4[joined]
[18:54] *** LaRo (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:54] *** Ixplodestuff8 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:54] <Hammurabi> i think european civs should start with no
  advances, only egyptians and mesopotamians should start with
  pottery, and some others
[18:55] <cgannon64> too crippling, euro civs would be unpopular
[18:55] <Coracle> I think Russia should start with all modern
[18:55] <@theGreyFox> realism before balance? Fun, won't think
[18:55] <Hammurabi> in 4000 bC they were still in the stone age
  in Europe
[18:55] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: It works similar to
  the way scenarios in Civ3 worked -- it lets you create a
  folder for a scenario and you can put new/modified art,
  sounds, and text in the folder. The game will use stuff in
  that folder first (before game assets). Warpstorm suggested
  the cool idea of a search path so you can combine several art
  mods so I added that too. We also have a new screen for
  loading scenarios that gives you details about the sce
[18:55] <cgannon64> is it true PTW will have culture off switch?
[18:55] *** LaRo has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:55] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> a minimap preview
[18:56] <Coracle> culture-flip OFF switch
[18:56] <Coracle> yes
[18:56] <Hammurabi> i tried it! with the tethurkan map, the
  europeans never seem to catch up, at least in 750 bC
[18:56] *** Guest83221 has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[18:56] <Coracle> Culture is still an entity.
[18:56] *** berdan has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:56] <cgannon64> i prob won't use it that muh
[18:56] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> cgannon: While I was firmly
  against the idea, it is true :( [I wanted to make culture
  flipping more prevalent]
[18:56] <Exsanguination> ooh ooh - will youget a spalsh screen
  WITH a picture?
[18:56] <Coracle> It just doesn't really playthat big of a role.
[18:56] <@theGreyFox> mike: it cuts of after "details about the
[18:56] *** FortyJ (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[18:56] *** FortyJ (
 4[left] #civfanatics.
[18:56] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> It continues a few lines
  down :)
[18:56] *** Carnifex has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:57] <cgannon64> i against the idea too, just wondering (why
  does my grammar get so bad in chats ;)
[18:57] <@theGreyFox> I can't see it... can't you copy-paste it?
[18:57] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: No splash screen,
[18:57] <DaveMcW> Culture Flip is cool... the only "unfair"
  part is losing your garrison forever
[18:57] <Exsanguination> damn!
[18:57] <Exsanguination> oh well
[18:57] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> GreyFox: details about the
  scenario -- and a minimap preview
[18:57] <Coracle> Garrison limit should be lowered.
[18:57] <Hammurabi> was play the world released?
[18:57] <Coracle> Yes
[18:58] <Coracle> In your dreams
[18:58] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> By details I mean: size of
  map, number of civs, which rules and victory conditions are
[18:58] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Hammurabi: not quite yet
[18:58] *** CurswineCiv3Java has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[18:58] <Coracle> :)
[18:58] <cgannon64> mike---can you give some names of scenerios
   in PTW? Forget your marketing crap, tellus!!!
[18:58] <Hammurabi> oh, i thought it was released in the states
[18:58] <spycatcher> lol
[18:58] <spycatcher> nah try next month some time
[18:58] <Coracle> Mike, that Now - Scenario of the Present
  World should be in PTW. Or else!
[18:58] <spycatcher> hopefully ( ;) )
[18:58] <@theGreyFox> what date was it released?
[18:58] <@Chieftess> Ok, I have to go eat dinner - GF, Watch
  the chat. ;)
[18:59] <cgannon64> yes, although turns are WAY too long in
  that one
[18:59] *** Chieftess has 4[morphed] into "Chieftess_dinner"
[18:59] *** Evil_Bomber (~Evil_Bombe@63.167.143.VO48=) 4[left]
[18:59] <Coracle> Hammurabi, you're two months ahead of
[18:59] <Hammurabi> better the long turns, so you don't have to
  wait years to advance one square!
[18:59] *** evilmonkey ( 4[joined]
[18:59] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> cgannon: I have 128 files
  in my scenarios folder... I don't know which ones they'r
  eputting on the disk
[18:59] <cgannon64> hummurabi-???
[18:59] <cgannon64> can you name some?
[18:59] <Hammurabi> name some ?
[18:59] <cgannon64> or at least general time periods of them?
[18:59] <cgannon64> I am dyign here!
[19:00] <Hammurabi> name what cgannon?
[19:00] <cgannon64> some scenerios on PTW
[19:00] *** Guest62957 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[19:00] <Hammurabi> i have no idea!
[19:00] <@theGreyFox> hey Monkey
[19:00] <cgannon64> I"m asking MIKE!
[19:00] *** Guest62957 has 4[morphed] into "arkammler"
[19:00] <Coracle> L...O....L
[19:00] <Hammurabi> <cgannon64> hummurabi-???
[19:00] <Hammurabi> <cgannon64> can you name some?
[19:00] <arkammler> Mike you still here?
[19:00] <cgannon64> lol mixed messages there
[19:00] <evilmonkey> GREEYFOOOOXX!!!!
[19:01] <@theGreyFox> haha
[19:01] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Warpstorm Watercolor
  Terrain, Winter Terrain, Traped, Apshai Ancient, gandagoosta
  harbor, Island Hop are some
[19:01] <Coracle> I don't know you, but hello.
[19:01] <Exsanguination> what are the last 4 you mentioned?
[19:01] <spycatcher> brb
[19:01] *** spycatcher has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[19:01] <cgannon64> ooo...thanks. Now I have to imagine what
  those are like!
[19:01] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> I saw Barry looking at a
  map today and there are Bananas!
[19:01] <cgannon64> a banana resource?
[19:01] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> yes
[19:01] <evilmonkey> so grey want to log before i get banned? :P
[19:01] <Hammurabi> will there be more resources?
[19:01] <Coracle> mmmmmmm, bananas...
[19:02] <cgannon64> for PTW, or just that scenerio?
[19:02] <Hammurabi> like tin and copper?
[19:02] <Hammurabi> to make bronce
[19:02] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> just that scenario
[19:02] <cgannon64> would banana's provide happiness? they
  don't make me happy ;)
[19:02] <DaveMcW> you can build your own banana republic...
[19:02] *** Guest59251 ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[19:03] <cgannon64> is Trip's Civl War scenerio in there?
[19:03] <Coracle> I did that in Tropico once...
[19:03] <Coracle> I put farms all over my island, to harvest
[19:03] <Coracle> Nothing, but BANANAS!
[19:03] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> cgannon: I don' tthink Trip
  submitted it :(
[19:03] <evilmonkey> waitin'
[19:03] <arkammler> Mike, I have some civ3 issues, could you
  e-mail at so that I can tell what they
[19:03] <cgannon64> damn. I want that one, but had trougle
  downloading it
[19:04] <Hammurabi> i think that under despotism there
  shouldn't be money! or at least until u discover currency,
  the slaves were used to build things around
[19:04] <Exsanguination> are any new ways to individualize
[19:04] <cgannon64> ex-what you mean?
[19:04] <@theGreyFox> I always log monkey
[19:04] <DaveMcW> Hammurabi: classic problem with barter
  system... how do you trade half a slave?
[19:04] <arkammler> see you later
[19:04] *** arkammler has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[19:04] <@theGreyFox> but Chieftess isn't present :)
[19:04] <Coracle> Break him in half?
[19:05] <cgannon64> the old BIble story--chop the baby in half
[19:05] <Hammurabi> you trade thing for thing
[19:05] <cgannon64> got to go, been online to long
[19:05] <Hammurabi> eye for eye!
[19:05] <cgannon64> see you later
[19:05] <Hammurabi> :D
[19:05] <Hammurabi> cya cgannon64
[19:05] <@theGreyFox> bah
[19:06] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: You could do that
  by making some techs assigned to no era and giving those as
  free techs to the civs you want to have the govts.
[19:06] <Coracle> good riddance!
[19:06] <cgannon64> (I've been on for 3 hours!)
[19:06] *** Magic_Pig_Detective-Away (~eklektikos@=HZktv-628-97- 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[19:06] <Coracle> :)
[19:06] *** cgannon64 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[19:06] <@theGreyFox> no era? Is that possible in Civ3 at the
[19:06] <Exsanguination> no, I mean a way to make them more
[19:06] <Hammurabi> that could be good
[19:06] *** Coracle has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[19:06] <Exsanguination> adjustable things like rate cap/MP/etc
[19:06] <Hammurabi> the people of the time didn't know they
  were in an era called neolitic, or ancient, etc
[19:06] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> GreyFox: I think that works
  in 1.29 but I can't remember
[19:07] *** Magic_Pig_Detective-Away has 4[morphed] into
[19:07] <Exsanguination> it does
[19:07] *** BlueStrider (~Strider@=21wfxf-28-44-55-867.dsl.ltrka 4[left] #civfanatics.
[19:07] *** SaphireHawk has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[19:07] <Exsanguination> canthe AI trade around ERA_NONE techs?
[19:07] *** Guest61866 (
t) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[19:07] <Exsanguination> also, can you giveonly certain units a
  def bonus on certain terrain?
[19:07] <Hammurabi> the problem with that is how do you fit
  them in the science advisor screen!
[19:07] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: If you add more
  diverse govts, assign them to unique techs, you can get some
  techs that only certain civs can use
[19:07] <Hammurabi> i tried it
[19:08] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: No you can't trade
  ERA_NONE techs (and neither can the AI)
[19:08] <Hammurabi> to link all the advances
[19:08] <Exsanguination> mmm... good idea
[19:08] <Exsanguination> ok good
[19:08] *** Guest18636 (~JAVGUEST@68.70.88.o1911=) 4[joined]
[19:08] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> You can essentially create
  custom tech trees for civs this way too
[19:08] <Exsanguination> do ERA_NONE techs appear on the F6
[19:08] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: I don't think so
[19:08] *** Eklektikos-Away has quit IRC (Unknown)
[19:08] <Exsanguination> even better
[19:08] <evilmonkey> well without joins and parts etc
[19:09] <evilmonkey> but if you say so
[19:09] *** Guest61866 has 4[morphed] into "kring"
[19:09] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: But you can make
  ERA_NONE techs prerequisites for techs in any era, then make
  the ERA_NONE techs available only to certain civs...
[19:09] <Hammurabi> i'll try that f6
[19:10] <Exsanguination> can I just make an 'invisible tech
  tree' for each civ?
[19:10] <Exsanguination> and then have the one major tech tree?
[19:10] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Sure, if they are all
[19:10] <Hammurabi> hmm it doesn't show anything special, just
  the era i'm in, but maybe due to that there aren't any
  none-era techs
[19:10] <Exsanguination> you don't know how much that does for
  my scenario

[19:10]   <evilmonkey>
  <<OMG   its for YOU!
[19:10]   <Exsanguination> :goodjob:
[19:11]   *** Guest18636 has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[19:11] <Hammurabi> what about if the starting civilizations
  when landing on other continents, the new colonies would gain
  independence forming a new country!
[19:12] <Hammurabi> like the Phoenicians of Carthage, etc
[19:12] * @Chieftess_dinner has left the Chat. Reason:    [ Idle
  for 10 mins. (Auto-away Activated) ] Pager: ON
[19:12] *** Chieftess_dinner has 4[morphed] into "Chieftess_dinne
[19:12] <kring> 12
[19:12] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> And for all those
  wondering, Genghis Khan is no longer a Chinese leader.... we
  did remove him from that list ;)
[19:12] *** PlayingField19F ( 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[19:12] <Hammurabi> lol :D
[19:12] <kring> That is good to know
[19:12] *** PlayingField19F has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[19:12] <Exsanguination> oh, phew, I was just starting to mount
  a protest on that :)
[19:13] <Hammurabi> i never got a leader!
[19:13] <Exsanguination> while we are talking about leaders
[19:13] <Exsanguination> how about a new Greek leader?
  Alexander the Great wasn't a Greek!!!!!
[19:13] <kring> 12 I rarely get them myself
[19:13] <Hammurabi> Macedonian
[19:13] <Hammurabi> Helenistic
[19:13] <@theGreyFox> Ex, it's the culture
[19:13] <Exsanguination> hmpf
[19:13] <@theGreyFox> like Genghis wasn't chinese
[19:14] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> I believe the designers
  made the Civs an amalgamation....
[19:14] <Exsanguination> Alexander the Great was a monarch, the
  Greeks viciously resented any such rule
[19:14] <Exsanguination> ACCURACY!!!
[19:14] <Exsanguination> don't worry, once Demosthenes is done
  Greece will have a new leader in my game :)
[19:14] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Why not just change his
  name :)
[19:14] <Hammurabi> Micenic Greece!?
[19:15] <Exsanguination> cause he looks like alexander the great
[19:15] <Hammurabi> Alexander is g@y :D
[19:15] <Exsanguination> might I say it was a damn good job,
  kudos to the creator
[19:15] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> details...
[19:15] *** civkid (~java@68.70.88.J4272=) 4[joined]
[19:15] <@theGreyFox> accuracy versus simplicity....
[19:15] <Exsanguination> "Alexander is g@y :D" -> I resent that
[19:15] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> versus general public
  opinion and knowledge more likley....
[19:15] <evilmonkey> oh he is a reciver without a doubt
[19:15] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> likely, even
[19:15] *** Guest43317 (~java@=O3adsibr2-fa3-5-04-716-517.evrtwa 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[19:16] <Exsanguination> still
[19:16] <Exsanguination> no excuses! :)
[19:16] <Exsanguination> also, can you giveonly certain units a
  def bonus on certain terrain?
[19:16] <Hammurabi> i meant alexanders looks gayish
[19:16] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> I believe it's called
  "artistic license"
[19:16] <Hammurabi> I've always thought he had long hair!
[19:16] <Exsanguination> sorry, that doesn't fly in my scenario
[19:16] <@theGreyFox> ex, it's the Culture. They can't add all
  THOUSANDS of ancient nations
[19:16] *** spycatcher (~GC@=PCbzw-923-82-10-tysc.cox-internet.c
om) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[19:16] *** rangers85 has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[19:17] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> No.... but you can
  customize what terrain is impassable to wheeled units now...
[19:17] <evilmonkey> <<alexander
[19:17] <Exsanguination> well thats good
[19:17] <Hammurabi> evilmonkey that's disgusting
[19:17] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> We also added new ability
  to allow units to ignore movement costs of specific terrain
[19:17] <kring> 12Mike, Is Boudicea still an English Great Leader?
[19:17] <Exsanguination> can you have diff levels of wheeled?
  (ie one version cant traverse jungle, another cant go in
[19:17] <Exsanguination> oh sweet
[19:17] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> The Mongol Keshik ignores
  the movement cost of Mountains
[19:18] <Exsanguination> oh beautiful, that'll really help too
[19:18] *** Guest43317 has 4[morphed] into "Natrunner"
[19:18] <Hammurabi> evilmonkey almost makes me throw up!
[19:18] *** civkid has quit IRC (Ping Timeout)
[19:18] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> But you can customize it
  for any unit and any number of terrain types
[19:18] <evilmonkey> just spreading some love hammurabi :P
[19:18] <Hammurabi> :)
[19:18] <DaveMcW> wow... so modern transports can become
  "railroads of the sea"?
[19:18] <evilmonkey> that you must never forget
[19:18] <Exsanguination> but it has to hold for all wheeled
  units, though?
[19:18] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Dave: Yes that's possible
[19:19] <Exsanguination> how would that work?
[19:19] <kring> 7Mike, Is Boudicea still an English GL?
[19:19] <Natrunner> Hey Mike, did you also work on the
  original Civilization? Just curious....:)
[19:19] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: No that's
  independent of the wheeled unit ability
[19:19] <Hammurabi> i'm afraid i can be devil man, and i'm
  scared to be divine!
[19:19] <Exsanguination> darn
[19:19] <Exsanguination> wait wait
[19:19] <Exsanguination> you can set a terrain's movement cost
  to 0?
[19:19] *** Guest75001 (~java@=dvhre868422mxm.verona01.nj.comcas 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[19:19] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> kring: yes
[19:19] <Exsanguination> meaning RRs everyhwere? I DID NOT know
[19:20] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Natrunner: No, Civ3 is my
  first civ game
[19:20] <Exsanguination> although ti doesn't help :(
[19:20] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: No you misunderstood
[19:20] *** Guest75001 has 4[morphed] into "SaphireHawk"
[19:20] <Exsanguination> mmm
[19:20] <Hammurabi> i think the movement cost should be a bit
  different, like a unit with movement of 1 trying to cross
  terrain with movement cost 4 should need 4 turns to cross the
[19:20] <Exsanguination> make me understand :)
[19:20] <Natrunner> Thx....I've been playing the series since I
  was 18....that was ten years ago....
[19:20] <kring> But, do you also have a Celt Boudicea as well,
[19:21] <SaphireHawk> Exx- you could kinda do this, by x4 all
  the movement costs
[19:21] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> You can set units to ignore
  movement costs of terrain types -- it makes the terrain cost
  1 (like Grassland). By RR of the seas, you could make all
  water terrain cost like 6, but have transports ignore cost on
  all water terrain
[19:21] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> I guess it's not just like
[19:21] <Exsanguination> oh ok
[19:21] <spycatcher> 7Mike I heard you say there wouldnt be an
  alpha centauri 2?
[19:21] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> We have a Boudicca for
  Celts and Boudicea for England
[19:21] <Exsanguination> is that ALL UNITS or is it
  individualized per unit?
[19:22] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> I don't know if they're
  supposed to be the same person -- I'm not a history guy
[19:22] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Exsang: per unit
[19:22] <Hammurabi> what about making bridges over coasts
[19:22] <SaphireHawk> What resources does Medieval Infantry
[19:22] <@theGreyFox> Iron I guess
[19:22] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Iron
[19:22] <Exsanguination> ok good
[19:22] <SaphireHawk> oh
[19:22] <SaphireHawk> thnx
[19:22] <SaphireHawk> 4.2.1, right
[19:22] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> yes
[19:22] <Exsanguination> this is an old-school question: what
  does the "deafult AI INtelligence level" in the editor mean?
[19:22] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> cost 40
[19:23] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> enabled at Feudalism and
  upgrade to guerilla
[19:23] <SaphireHawk> thnx
[19:23] <evilmonkey> [224426] <RexExitium> He asked her, "How
  would you like to be raped?"
[19:23] <evilmonkey> [224436] <RexExitium> She was talking
  about how prostitution is exploitation.
[19:23] <evilmonkey> [224445] <Zed> "Yes, but not by you"
[19:23] <evilmonkey> bye!
[19:23] *** evilmonkey ( 4[left]
[19:23] <Hammurabi> I want to learn and be part of Firaxis! Can
[19:23] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> I'm not the HR.....
[19:24] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> I'm just a programmer...
[19:24] <SaphireHawk> BTW, what does "Default money resource"
  in the editor mean?
[19:24] <Hammurabi> where's the firaxian university!?
[19:24] <Hammurabi> :)
[19:24] <Exsanguination> Chatanooga, TN
[19:24] <Hammurabi> oh, no way, i can't go every day there from
  buenos aires!
[19:25] <spycatcher> 7haha
[19:25] <Exsanguination> what does the "default AI INtelligence
  level" in the editor mean?
[19:25] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Default money resource is
  the resource that is placed on the map when a goody hut
  yields gold. Originally, when you got one of those huts, a
  Gold resource was dropped on the map under the hut but
  someone decided to remove it. If you set that and get a money
  out of a hut, that resource will be placed where teh goody
  hut was...
[19:25] <SaphireHawk> neat
[19:25] <Natrunner> Mike....Will there be an improvement in lag
  time from Civ 2 gold?
[19:25] <kring> 12THank you for the info, Mike
[19:26] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Default AI level is the
  level the AI plays the game on. If you increase it (to Deity,
  for example), the game will be easier because the AI will be
  playing on Deity level. If you decrease it, the game will be
[19:26] <kring> If you set it to gold now, would it do the same
  thing, Mike?
[19:26] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Yes
[19:26] <Exsanguination> what?
[19:26] <Exsanguination> i dont get that
[19:26] *** Guest59251 has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[19:27] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Don't get what?
[19:27] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> AI stuff?
[19:27] <Hammurabi> if you decrease the game will be harder???
[19:27] <Exsanguination> the default AI thing
[19:27] <Exsanguination> if the AI plays at deity as default,
  doesn't that just mean you'd be playing deity or something? I
  never got this...
[19:27] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Imagine playing as the AI.
  When you play on Deity, the game is harder. So if the AI
  plays on Deity, they will have a more difficult time, thus
  making your game easier.
[19:28] <Exsanguination> oh so YOU get the deity benefits?
[19:28] <Hammurabi> ohhhhh i understand now!
[19:28] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> This is not the same as the
  difficulty level you set for yourself...
[19:28] <Exsanguination> ok
[19:28] <kring> What happens if you set it to Diety and then
  play on Diety, Mike?
[19:28] <Exsanguination> then what does it configure?
[19:28] <Hammurabi> the computer explodes!
[19:28] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> I don't know. I assume it
  will be difficult for everyone
[19:28] <SaphireHawk> lol
[19:28] <DaveMcW> yes, would be interesting to see who gets
  what bonus resources to start
[19:28] <spycatcher> 1wouldnt that be like it is now?
[19:28] <SaphireHawk> that would be retarded
[19:28] <SaphireHawk> exactly
[19:29] <SaphireHawk> it would be like regent/regent
[19:29] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Good point
[19:29] <Exsanguination> (still dont quite get it)
[19:29] <Hammurabi> if you set to deity for you, and set to
  deity for ai, then they equilibrate, it's the same as
  chieftain, etc
[19:29] <Hammurabi> i have to go for dinner, cya later
[19:29] <kring> bye
[19:30] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> For example, when you play
  on Deity (with the AI at Regent), you can only build 1
  citizen before they start to become unhappy but the AI can
  build 2.
[19:30] <kring> 0
[19:30] <Exsanguination> so does that mean I get 60%
  everything, an extra settler, 2 extar workers, etc
[19:30] *** Hammurabi has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[19:30] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> No those are still AI
[19:30] <Exsanguination> if i set it to deity
[19:30] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> and are still affected by
  YOUR difficulty level
[19:30] <Exsanguination> so what does it toggle??? (bashes
  ahead gainst wall)
[19:30] <VaderFLAG2> He gave you an example
[19:31] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Look at the Difficulty
  Levels page in the editor. Ignore the "AI bonuses" section.
[19:31] <Exsanguination> but what numbers does it change?
[19:31] <kring> You aren't the only one, Ex
[19:31] <Exsanguination> oh ok
[19:31] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> It affects the rest of them
[19:31] *** Natrunner has quit IRC (Connection Closed)
[19:31] <spycatcher> 1Gah
[19:31] <SaphireHawk> w/e
[19:31] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> (I was confused when Soren
  first explained it to me as well)
[19:31] <@theGreyFox> like on deity you have 1 COntent before
  it turns unhappy, they AI get the same, if turned on Deity
[19:31] <SaphireHawk> that's a relief
[19:31] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Correct
[19:31] <spycatcher> 1you know how deity is really hard to play
[19:32] *** Guest60062 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[19:32] <Exsanguination> you know what, I think I'll just test
  it out myself :)
[19:32] <spycatcher> 1Thats what it would be like for the AI
  whilest you are playing on cheiftain
[19:32] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> lol
[19:32] <kring> Sounds good to me
[19:32] <SaphireHawk> good idea
[19:32] *** Guest60062 has 4[morphed] into "cgannon64"
[19:32] <Exsanguination> it seems to me that if I set it to
  chieftain it should be easier for the AI since it gets 4 ppl
  born content...
[19:32] <cgannon64> I'm back again
[19:32] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> If you play on Deity and
  set the AI to Chietain, you have no bonus against barbarians
  but the AI has +800 against barbarians
[19:32] <spycatcher> 1wb
[19:33] <Exsanguination> so it becomes harder!
[19:33] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> It gets easier for the AI
  but harder for you
[19:33] <Exsanguination> EXACTLY what i was saying!!!
[19:33] <Exsanguination> oh!
[19:33] <spycatcher> 1 :roll:
[19:33] <Exsanguination> hmpf... you should have said that in
  the first place
[19:33] <@theGreyFox> well, that's what Mike said in his
  "First" explanation :p
[19:33] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> sorry :)
[19:33] <cgannon64> er...what is happening? I missed the first
  part of this conversation.
[19:33] <kring> so did I
[19:33] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> explaining Default AI
  Difficulty Level
[19:34] <cgannon64> ah
[19:34] <Exsanguination> "Default AI level is the level the AI
  plays the game on. If you increase it (to Deity, for
  example), the game will be easier because the AI will be
  playing on Deity level. If you decrease it, the game will be
  harder "
[19:34] <Exsanguination> when he says "the game will become
  easier" i thought he meant for the player
[19:34] <@theGreyFox> same thing
[19:34] <cgannon64> ...huh?
[19:34] <@theGreyFox> well, it will as it's harder for the AI
[19:34] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> It could have a profound
  affetc if you start messing with the corruption slider...
[19:34] <Exsanguination> change subjects :) : what tech does
  the Stock MArket come with?
[19:34] <@theGreyFox> if it's harder for the AI, it's easier
  for you
[19:34] <SaphireHawk> really
[19:35] <cgannon64> yes, what tech?
[19:35] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Corporation
[19:35] *** Myartar has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[19:35] <Exsanguination> thought so
[19:35] <SaphireHawk> tah
[19:35] <Exsanguination> damn, so means a major rethinking of
  strategy for many players
[19:35] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Requires Bank as well
[19:35] <SaphireHawk> sry, was tryign to say ah
[19:35] <cgannon64> That will make the game a little harder, no
  more riding the bonuses
[19:35] <@theGreyFox> I was guessing on Radio :p
[19:35] <@theGreyFox> j/k
[19:36] <kring> How will Stock Exchange affect Wall Street, if
  at all, Mike?
[19:36] <@theGreyFox> you need 5 instead of 5 banks
[19:36] <SaphireHawk> tell us about the corruption slider
[19:36] <Exsanguination> you need 5 S.E.'s for Wall Street i
[19:36] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Wall Street now requires 5
  Stock Exchanges
[19:36] <Exsanguination> thats brutal
[19:36] <cgannon64> and SE acts like another bank?
[19:36] <@theGreyFox> I said it first, bah bah bah bah bah!
[19:36] <Alpine> not for a builder.
[19:36] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Yes
[19:36] *** Guest26618 (~java@68.70.88.Si620=) 4[joined]
[19:36] <@theGreyFox> :)
[19:36] <Exsanguination> you guys should add the ability for
  Wall Street to crash, sending your treasury to zero
[19:36] <Exsanguination> i am serious
[19:37] <cgannon64> interesting idea!
[19:37] <kring> Seems logical
[19:37] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> lol, that's an interesting
  idea though
[19:37] <spycatcher> 1yes
[19:37] <Exsanguination> and commerce is 0 for a set # of turns
[19:37] <Alpine> WHat if you're a communism?
[19:37] <cgannon64> shouldn't be random, should be based on an
  outside effect
[19:37] <@theGreyFox> would be cool if you could have a
  negative Money Reserve ;)
[19:37] <Exsanguination> but of course
[19:37] <Alpine> The ability to crash should only be available
  under the worst government in the game
[19:37] <Alpine> Democracy
[19:37] <SaphireHawk> lol
[19:37] <Exsanguination> i agree
[19:37] <Exsanguination> i have another q
[19:37] <cgannon64> maybe unhappiness triggers crash?
[19:38] <kring> Or spending too much of your treasury in one
[19:38] <Exsanguination> whats so good about democracy? the
  only diff between it and republic is the worker rate
[19:38] <Exsanguination> the corruption diffrenceis nonexistent
[19:38] <@theGreyFox> better Corruption
[19:38] <kring> Corruption is
[19:38] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> immunity to propaganda
[19:38] <Exsanguination> ive tested that thoroughly
[19:38] <Exsanguination> nueh
[19:38] <Alpine> Whats with the lack of the ability to gift
  troops Mike?
[19:38] <kring> you beat me to it
[19:38] <Exsanguination> but is it worth the insane war
[19:38] <cgannon64> yes, worker +les corrupiton is goo for me!
[19:38] <cgannon64> yes, will PTW have arms dealing?
[19:38] <Exsanguination> there is no corruption difference
[19:38] <SaphireHawk> i agree
[19:38] <@theGreyFox> there is Ex
[19:38] <Exsanguination> ive never seen adiff
[19:39] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Easier to assimilate
  citizens of other cultures, workers work faster
[19:39] <cgannon64> arms dealing would make 'proxy wars' more
[19:39] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> less war weariness
[19:39] <SaphireHawk> yes
[19:39] <Exsanguination> less?
[19:39] <Alpine> Rewords; Will PTW have arms dealing?
[19:39] <Exsanguination> no, theres a hellof a lot more!
[19:39] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> No arms dealing ptw
[19:39] <cgannon64> why not?
[19:39] <Exsanguination> hence "high" in demo and "low" in rep
[19:39] <@theGreyFox> ex, you shouldn't be in war Ex in demo
[19:39] <Alpine> >:(
[19:39] <Alpine> >:(
[19:39] <Alpine> >:(
[19:39] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> sorry, less in Republic
[19:39] <Exsanguination> yea but that makes demo totally useless
[19:39] <Exsanguination> no war? wheres the fun?
[19:40] <Exsanguination> what if a civ declres war on you?
[19:40] *** Guest20013 (~java@=FZ30.227.229.59.col.mi.chartermi.
net) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[19:40] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> war is hell as they say
[19:40] <Alpine> You're screwed?
[19:40] <@theGreyFox> you crush them with 1 swift blow
[19:40] <Exsanguination> I've had weariness hit 55% in one turn
[19:40] <Alpine> I use communism.
[19:40] <Alpine> Best govt.
[19:40] <cgannon64> ouch
[19:40] <@theGreyFox> you get a happiness boost if they declare
[19:40] <VaderFLAG2> Weariness is very low/slow to take effect
  if someone attacks you
[19:40] <Exsanguination> hard when they as large as you... :)
[19:40] <Alpine> Even though it's totally wrong in Civ.
[19:40] <SaphireHawk> if a civ declares war on you, therdes's
  very little war werriness
[19:40] *** Guest20013 has 4[morphed] into "tolden"
[19:40] <Exsanguination> "Weariness is very low/slow to take
  effect if someone attacks you" <- def not true
[19:40] <VaderFLAG2> the AI is so war-happy, I never have
  problems with weariness in demo
[19:40] <kring> There is supposed to be corruption difference
[19:41] <@theGreyFox> it is EX
[19:41] <Alpine> MIKE !! :( LOL, why no arms dealing?
[19:41] <Exsanguination>
[19:41] <Exsanguination> read it, find out
[19:41] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Too many potential exploits
[19:41] <Exsanguination> there is SUPPOSED to be, but there
[19:41] <cgannon64> I'm going to read that Ex
[19:41] <Alpine> Bah
[19:41] <Exsanguination> you can d/l a better version if you
[19:41] <kring> There has been in my games.
[19:42] <Exsanguination> go to
[19:42] <@theGreyFox> like hell I will read that, it's NOT
  adjusted to Web based reading at ALL
[19:42] <VaderFLAG2> Shrug, I've seen it firsthand. Been at war
  defending myself for many many turns, no weariness
[19:42] <Alpine> What kind of exploits?
[19:42] <Exsanguination> what do you mean GF?
[19:42] <Alpine> I don't understand what kind of exploits could
[19:42] <Alpine> Someone tell me?
[19:42] <cgannon64> yes I'm confused
[19:42] *** cgannon64 has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[19:43] <SaphireHawk> yeah
[19:43] <Exsanguination> oh check that out, you can d/l the
  word version on the text-only page
[19:44] <@theGreyFox> EX: on the web, to catch a reader, and to
  make him read the whole text, should you make the text width
  narrower, and with a Picture here and there, and something to
  catch his attention and interest right away, and you
  shouldn't have to much text on one page, rather divide it
  over several with a link (like next page)
[19:44] *** Guest65643 (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[19:44] <tolden> Hi! I have a question...with the new terrain
  graphics coming with PTW will there be an option for which
  ones you want to use?
[19:44] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> Also the AI would never
  value it so you would most likely never be able to trade with
  the AI
[19:44] *** Guest65643 has 4[morphed] into "cgannon4"
[19:44] <Exsanguination> GF: I only made that b/c I couldn't
  get my FTP working right
[19:44] <cgannon4> cgannon64
[19:44] <cgannon4> erg, I forgo the six!
[19:44] <Exsanguination> a beautiful, 31-page, 60+ pic report
  in Word format is d/l'able at the top of the page
[19:44] <Alpine> Why cant you write in the script to make the
  Ai, when Gracious, to consider gifting units?
[19:44] <Exsanguination> 3.3 MB
[19:45] <cgannon4> Mike, what are the potential exploits of
  arms dealing?
[19:45] <Alpine> Maybe you can make arms dealing a p2p option
[19:45] *** Chieftess_dinner-Away has 4[morphed] into "Chieftess"
[19:45] <SaphireHawk> Have you guys ever played the Apolyton
[19:45] <@theGreyFox> 31 pages about 1 Civ game?!
[19:45] *** BlueStrider (~Strider@=21wfxf-28-44-55-867.dsl.ltrka 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[19:45] <Exsanguination> i reccomend d/l'ing it (ahem shameless
[19:45] <Exsanguination> its word format
[19:45] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> gtg momentarliy. Need food
  with my beer.
[19:45] <@theGreyFox> 12 pt?
[19:45] <Exsanguination> its a quick read, trust me
[19:45] <Exsanguination> lots of pics
[19:45] <BlueStrider> ??
[19:45] <@theGreyFox> ok
[19:45] <cgannon4> Ex, what are the potential exploits of arms
[19:45] <@theGreyFox> thereof the 3.3 mb
[19:45] <Exsanguination> just d/l it! :)
[19:45] <cgannon4> too lazy!
[19:46] <Exsanguination> what GF?
[19:46] <@theGreyFox> the Design document of Civ3+PTW at the
  moment is 5Mb ;)
[19:46] <Alpine> 4 I demand arms dealing. >:|
[19:46] <@theGreyFox> I think that's pure text :)
[19:46] <SaphireHawk> too bad
[19:46] <@theGreyFox> in word format ofcourse
[19:46] <BlueStrider> 12 Is CT here?
[19:46] <cgannon4> why would it could there be exploits?
  (answer me!)
[19:46] *** Babsimov (
 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[19:46] <kring> What design document, GF>?
[19:46] <@theGreyFox> I will download it
[19:46] <Exsanguination> cgannon4 - mmm... maybe if I think
  about it I could thinkof something...but why the ehll should
  I kno w:)
[19:46] <Exsanguination> thank you
[19:46] *** Intangible (Intangible@=QGw5rz731xb50zc.bc.hsia.telu 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[19:46] <@theGreyFox> design documen: it's the Game ON paper :)
[19:47] <Alpine> Cgannon4, hes brb, I cant see any exploits
[19:47] <cgannon4> i thought you said you had info about
  exploits in that report?
[19:47] <SaphireHawk> Have you guys ever played the
[19:47] <@theGreyFox> like a Script for a movie
[19:47] <@Chieftess> I'm here now
[19:47] <@Chieftess> Strider..
[19:47] <Alpine> Non that wouldn't be exactly like real life.
[19:47] <kring> wb Chieftess
[19:47] <BlueStrider> 12CT: I'm losing in the run-off :(
[19:47] <+Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS> ok gtg. Thanks for chatting
[19:47] <SaphireHawk> Bye
[19:47] <kring> Thank you Mike for staying so long
[19:47] <@Chieftess> another one?
[19:47] <Alpine> Answer =p
[19:47] <tolden> Hi! I have a question...with the new terrain
  graphics coming with PTW will there be an option for which
  ones you want to use?
[19:47] <@Chieftess> ok, bye Mike.
[19:47] *** Mike_Breitkreutz_FIRAXIS has quit IRC (QUIT: User
[19:47] <spycatcher> 1Yes thanks mike :)
[19:47] <spycatcher> 1gr
[19:47] <cgannon4> Mike---exploits in arms dealing before you
[19:48] <cgannon4> damn
[19:48] <@Chieftess> just too late... :)
[19:48] *** cgannon4 ( 4[left]
[19:48] <kring> He s gone
[19:48] <Alpine> That fascist left without giving us the
  almighty answer to arms dealing!
[19:48] <Alpine> :(
[19:48] <Alpine> :(
[19:48] <spycatcher> 1hey strider, let me come vote for ya ;)
[19:48] <@Chieftess> I know there will be a mod engine in the
[19:48] <@Chieftess> So, maybe that's part of it.'
[19:48] <@theGreyFox> Tolden: I think that is up to the
  scenario, and is changeable in the Editor I guess
[19:48] <Alpine> Cgannon4, he left to avoid the question LOL
[19:48] <tolden> Ok, thanks
[19:48] <kring> Anyway I could get a complete copy of the chat?
[19:48] <BlueStrider> 12Anyone here in the Civ3 Demogame?
[19:48] *** SaphireHawk has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[19:48] <@Chieftess> Yes, I have a complete copy.
[19:48] <@theGreyFox> Chieftess, wanna edit the Log this time?
[19:48] <@Chieftess> sure. ;-)
[19:48] *** Warpstorm has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[19:48] <spycatcher> 1lol
[19:49] <Alpine> Demogames are bad. Who likes Democracy? Im
  talking Despotism Game.
[19:49] <kring> Thank You, how can I get one from you, please?
[19:49] <@Chieftess> I'll have to cut out some of the explicit
  language up the log. :)
[19:49] <kring> I missed most of it
[19:49] <@Chieftess> *higher up in the log
[19:49] *** Intangible has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[19:49] <BlueStrider> 12Anyyone else in the Civ3 demogame?
[19:49] <kring> I am over 21 :)
[19:49] <spycatcher> 1yes strider
[19:49] <Alpine> C3 Despotgame?
[19:49] <@Chieftess> Strider isn't. ;)
[19:49] <tolden> Bye Thanks for hosting the chat!
[19:50] <@Chieftess> Well, a despot game would be where you
  play by yourself! :D
[19:50] *** tolden has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[19:50] <@Chieftess> Game of Monoarchy would be a Succession
[19:50] <Alpine> Communism game then
[19:50] <@Chieftess> Communism could be you and the advisors.
[19:50] <@Chieftess> And be elected by the advisors
[19:50] <Alpine> Democracy game is boring. Who needs advice on
  which way to move a unit?
[19:50] <Alpine> Its funny =p
[19:50] *** Alpine was 4[kicked] 3 from #civfanatics by Chieftess
(° Dark Style Pro II ° Caps Kicker... )
[19:50] *** ddawg has quit IRC (QUIT: User exited)
[19:50] <BlueStrider> 12lol
[19:51] <kring> I have played in two, both fun
[19:51] <@Chieftess> hehe.. we usually don't go THAT far. :)
[19:51] <BlueStrider> 12Spy: Have you voted for me in hte science
  leader run-off?
[19:51] <kring> Sometimes you have to
[19:51] <spycatcher> 1yes yes I just did you're going to lose :s
[19:51] <@theGreyFox> It's strange why Communism even is a
  government, it isn't :) There are things like Democratic
  Communism... communism is just an economic system
[19:51] *** Hammurabi (
r) 4[joined] #civfanatics.
[19:51] <Hammurabi> Hi!
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