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									                                         Stainless Steel
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                                      Heated Towel Ladders
A perfect combination with NOBO slimline radiant panel heaters are NOBO Stainless Steel Heated Towel Ladders.
A great way to have warm, dry, fluffy, towels. They make you feel so warm after a shower! No more wet towels
especially during winter! They also act as a secondary heater in the bathroom by helping to take the chill off these small
rooms during winter.
A little luxury for an economical price.

Features and Benefits
• Made of polished 304 stainless steel to prevent rusting
• Concealed wiring (available from either left or right hand sides) through supports gives
  a clean, uncluttered look
• Keeps the chill off a bathroom and reduces dampness, mould and mildew
• Fast warm up time (approx 30 minutes)
• Designed for continuous operation or an optional 7 day programmable timer.
• Costs less than a light globe to run. Large size uses 80 watts per hour and small size
  65 watts per hour
• Full 7 year replacement warranty
• Secure wall fixing with eight supplied stainless steel screws and wall plugs
• Two sizes available - one for standard bathrooms and a smaller size for ensuites or
  small bathrooms
• Manufactured in New Zealand
                                                                                                      ‘Comfort you deserve’
                                                              Stainless Steel
  ‘Comfort you deserve’                                    Heated Towel Ladders
Selecting your Nobo heated towel ladder:
           NAME                    MODEL              WATTS               WIDTH              HEIGHT           DEPTH           PLACEMENT
                                                                            (W)               (H)                (D)
         6 Bar Small
                                 NLAD-6A01R              65                 510               775               120               Ensuite
         6 Bar Small
                                 NLAD-6A01L              65                 510               775               120               Ensuite
         6 Bar Large
                                 NLAD-6B01R              80                 655               775               120              Bathroom
         6 Bar Large
                                 NLAD-6B01L              80                 655               775               120              Bathroom
This ladder is constructed of quality 304 grade stainless steel. It has no plastic
components, is designed to be extremely long lasting and will not rust. It has been
designed for heating towels and should not be used for any other purposes eg a grab rail.
It is not intended to be used by young children as a play toy, or infirm persons
without supervision.
Heating is provided via an insulated heating cable that is threaded through each
horizontal rail. Unlike liquid filled heated towel ladders, this ensures a much faster warm
up time (approx 30 minutes) and, of course, there are no problems with leaking fluids.
The heat of the towel ladder will fluctuate according to room temperature and the
thickness or layers of towels. It is recommended to limit the folding or overlapping of
towels to no more than 4-6 thicknesses of towel.
The towel ladder has been designed to operate continuously but may be switched off
during summer if desired. The optional 7 day programmable timer can switch the towel
ladder on and off at various times during the day, thus reducing power costs.
The large heated towel ladder if operated continuously (i.e. 24 hours per day) would cost
around 35 cents per day to run.
Nobo Stainless Steel Heated Towel Ladders MUST be installed by a licensed electrician or registered electrical contractor, with the power cable
fitted to an on/off (isolating) switch (not supplied) or optional timer switch. The towel ladders are double insulated and have been tested to
IPX4 rating. Full installation instructions are included with every Nobo heated towel ladder.
The concealed cable comes through either the left hand side or right hand side bottom support. The towel ladder is symmetrical and may be
turned upside down for cable feeds from the top supports. The right hand bottom cable feed becomes top left hand cable feed and vice versa
for bottom left hand cable feed.
The heated towel ladders are designed to be attached to a wall and, where practical, it is recommended that the mounting brackets be installed
into solid timber such as studs or noggins. The eight supplied stainless steel screws and plastic wall plugs may be used for attachment to
plaster or masonry walls. The eight fixing points ensure a very solid attachment. Minimum distance from sidewalls is 50mm and the lowest bar
must be no lower than 600mm from the floor.
These Nobo heated towel ladders are made of polished stainless steel and, if scratched, use a polish recommended for stainless steel.
Nobo Stainless Steel Heated Towel Ladders are distributed throughout Australia and New Zealand and available from:

                                                  Web site: www.benair.com.au

                                                                                                                       ‘Comfort you deserve’

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