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					               Science Fair Projects
Your child will be participating in the A. L. Williams annual
Science Fair. They will be responsible for picking an interesting
Topic, creating a research Question or Problem, constructing a
Hypothesis, Researching their topic, developing a Procedure,
performing the Experiment (the experiment should be repeated at
least 3 times if not more), evaluating the Results, composing a
Conclusion, Writing the information, and Building their display.
All students Kindergarten through 2rd grade will perform a class
project with their teacher who will guide them through the
scientific method. All 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students will be
performing their own individual science projects. All projects will
need to be displayed on a science display board along with a
logbook complete with detailed information on the trials of the
experiment. Each project board should include the following
things: Title of the project (come up with a clever name),
Question, Hypothesis, Procedure, Problem, Variables,
Graphs/Charts/Pictures, Data Results, Conclusion- stating
whether or not their hypothesis was correct. The attached packet
includes forms that each student must fill out, a research plan to
help students stay on task, a paper that explains what can and can
not be displayed, a rubric on how each project will be graded, ideas
for projects, and help on how to go about setting up your project.
The due date for all projects is the week of January 19, 20, & 21.
All 3rd, 4th and 5th grade projects will be judged by your student’s
homeroom teacher. The top projects from each class will go on to
be judged by members of the community. Tuesday, February 2nd
we will hold the Science Fair during the PTO/SAC meeting. The
final students and their projects will be awarded that night. All
projects K-5th grade will be displayed in the media center and
throughout the school during the week of February 1st -5th. This
project will need the help and guidance of all parents. We want
this to be a fun and exciting adventure for all who participate.
                              Thank You
                              Mr. Ballenger
                              Fifth Grade Science Teacher
                              Science Fair Coordinator
         Science Fair Research Plan
    This is a guide for your project. Signatures are
  required for each section. All information should be
 documented in your logbook. See rubric in the back
         for what will be required and graded.

Students Name____________________________________ Period_____

              (Title of Project)
           What topic interests you?
              Due by: 11/2-11/6
Parent signature_______________________________________________

           (Question or Wonder statement)
 Can any part of the question be measured, if not,
    it is a question science can’t answer, either
       rephrase it or choose another question.
Ex. How will _________________ affect ________________?
                         Variable                       Result
How will the effects of _________________ on ______________
                               Variable                 Result
affect _________________ when __________________?
            Variable                        Result
                        Due by: 11/2-11/6
(In your logbook show evidence that you have researched the problem.)
Parents signature______________________________________________
                            (Your Prediction)
    What do you think may be the answer to your question?
   The hypothesis is the possible answer you will try to
                    prove or disprove.
Ex. (Based on what I have observed and read, I believe that the
    highest amount of fertilizer will achieve the most growth of
      (The variable to be changed)                (What you will be measuring)
      tomato plants because fertilizer has been shown to
      (Test Subject)
      increase the growth of plants.
             (Effects on the test subject)
                Due by: 11/16-11/20
Parents Signature____________________________________________

   What you are doing in numbered step-by-step directions
                          Due by: 11/30-12/4

Materials List:
           Step-By-Step Directions
Parents Signature _______________________________________
   Variables are things that affect the experiment. The
    variable is one factor you wish to change or use in
  different amounts in the experiment. Everything else is
controlled. In a controlled experiment everything is given
         the exact same conditions except for one.
Independent variable- The variable that is purposefully
                         changed. (Color of birdseed)
Dependent variable- The variable that is observed that
                       changes in response to the
                       independent variable. (Number seeds
                             eaten and color)
Controlled variables- The variable that are not
                      changed. (location, time, number of
                                  seeds set out etc.)
      Example: How will the color of birdseed affect the number
                 of seeds eaten?
      The variable is the color of the seeds.
                       Due by: 11/30-12-4

               Independent variable

                Dependent variable

               Controlled Variables
Parents Signature___________________________________________
       (What happened in the experiment?)
In your logbook you need to document at least 3 trials and what
        Do your results agree wit your hypothesis?
                 Tell what you learned.
        Include Application In The Conclusion
    *What can the results be used for?
    *How can I use the knowledge I have gained from the
    *How will I use what I have learned?
    *How can others use the information I have gained from the
                Due by: 1/11-1/15
    Parents Signature__________________________________________

                All Finished Projects Are Due
    A logbook should be kept throughout the project
    documenting your progress. Notes from your first
    thoughts of the project, to the trials of each experiment
    and their results, to the conclusion of the project
    should be kept in a logbook. Make sure to date each
    entry. Once you know the outcome of your
    conclusion and your experiment is complete, the data
    organized and analyzed you can begin writing your
             Parts of the Written Report
     Your report should be neat and it should include
             all written and visual material.
          Title page
          Table of Contents
          Question or problem             State the question or problem
          Hypothesis                      State the hypothesis
          Procedures                      Describe the procedures in
                                           detail, number the steps.
                                           Include diagrams photos,
                                           drawings of equipment
         * Materials                       List all materials used.
         * Variables and Controls          List the variables and
                                           controls. Explain their role in
                                           the experiment.
         *    Results                      Present all the data, Include
                                           charts, graphs, tables, and
         * Conclusion                      Write about what happened
                                           and what was learned.
         *    Acknowledgements             Identify who helped with the
                                           experiment and thank them.
         *    Bibliography                 Include all the references

                    Build Your Display
   The purpose of your display is to summarize your
       project and to advertise your hard work.
                Make it eye catching!!

(The display is a three sectioned, free- standing backboard
made out of foam board, cardboard, pegboard, corkboard or
plywood.) You may purchase a science board through
the school store.
Your display should include:
    * Title                         Make it an attention grabber
    * Problem or Question
Cont. on next page
     * Hypothesis
     * Variables
     * Procedures
     * Results                            With data graphs pictures…
     * Conclusion                         Stating whether your hypothesis was


     Or                                                           Results


  Dependent                   Drawings
  Variables            Place these materials in
                     sequential order. Back your
                     paper with a different color.
                    Make your display neat and eye              Conclusion
 Materials                   catching!!!
Number your

All projects should have a logbook, a written or
typed report, and a display when turned in to your
  The Following Items May Not Be Displayed on
                 Project Boards

Any living organisms- plants or animals
Anything, which was once living, including parts of them
Soil or waste samples
Liquids- in any type of container
Dry ice or anything similar
Sharp items
Flames or anything highly flammable
Empty tanks
Any type of glass item or container
Batteries with open tops
Awards, medals, business cards, etc.

                         You May Display
Pictures of your experiment in progress- you can be in the pictures.
Electrical circuits of 12 volts or less
Models made of paper, cardboard, etc.

                          Web- Resources
   You should be able to google science projects/fair and find
                       many good ideas.

Mad Scientists-

Discovery Education-

Steve Spangler Science-

International Science and Engineering Fairs-

State Science and Engineering Fair-
       Sample Bibliography
Author’s last name, first name. (Copyright date). Title of
book. City of Publication: Publisher.
Flower, John. (1986). How to grow Petunias. Boston:
Webster Printing Company.

Author’s last name, first name. (year published, month).
Title of article. Title of magazine, page numbers.
Plant, Alice. (1986, July). How Fertilizers Help Plants.
Botanical Journal, pp. 12-14.

Name of person (or group) who provides the information.
“The title of the page you are looking at.” Internet
Address. Date page was posted, updated, or read.
Boston Public Library. “Using the Internet for School
Reports.” July, 2001.
                    Judging Rubric
Due Dates
1.   All due dates are met.                           7 pts_____
2.   Log book is present and complete                 6 pts_____
3.   Report is present.                               6 pts_____
4.   Board is present.                                6 pts_____

                                           Total 25 _______pts

Project Board
1. Project board is neat and creative.                 8 pts_____
2. Does the project board have all required
   information: the topic, problem, hypothesis,
   procedure, variables, conclusions and graphs,
  pictures, or charts displayed?                       8 pts_____
3. Is the problem and hypothesis stated clearly?       8 pts_____
4. Is there a procedural plan with numbered steps      8 pts_____
5. Are the independent variables, dependent variables,
   and controls clearly stated on the board?           6 pts_____
6. Are the results clearly stated in graphs, pictures,
   or charts and support the conclusion?               6 pts_____
7. Does the conclusion reflect what the problem
   and hypothesis stated?                              6 pts_____

                                           Total 50 ________pts

1. Is the report neatly typed or written?             7 pts_____
2. Is the report presented in an orderly and
   sequential manner?                                 6 pts_____
3. Correct spelling, capitalization, punctuation      6 pts_____
4. Title page and bibliography is present and
   complete.                                          6 pts_____

                                           Total 25 ________pts

                 Total pts__________       Grade_____________

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