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					Alpaca Virus                                               10/28                                                   Janet Morrow |
0. State / County         Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
1. AR, Boone County       10/18   2        16          0        None              Our two horses had severe snotty nose and cough before the alpacas came
                                                                                  down with it. Horses and alpacas are separated, but in close proximity. The
                                                                                  horses had a cough for a month, but a snotty nose only for a few days. During
                                                                                  this time two young female alpacas, a yearling and an 11 month old, started
                                                                                  exhibiting major snots and temperature (up to 104). The seemed to eat, sleep
                                                                                  and chew cud as usual during this time. We treated them with 2 days of
                                                                                  penicillin and the snots went away. A 3rd female gave birth on 10/21, 2
                                                                                  weeks early. The cria was small (12 pounds, but is thriving.)
2. CA, Alameda County     10/1    10       13          0        MIAF              Mild, only a clear discharge with eight alpacas did not treat which was on the
                                                                                  advice from my Vet. Two of them, a two-week-old cria, and a nine-year-old
                                                                                  pregnant female (unrelated) were doing some wheezing, which was treated
                                                                                  with Naxel. Within a couple days the wheezing had stopped. The discharge
                                                                                  took about ten days to disappear. None of the animals went off their feed.
3. CA, El Dorado County   7/13    10       40          0        Pronk             We have had this twice. My animals have been on Dr. Pollard's Immune
                          9/20    20                            Alpacamania       Booster since July. The show string was on it first and they never got sick.
                                                                                  The1st 'snots' that went through the herd had more symptoms than the 2nd
                                                                                  time. My neighbors up the road who went to no shows also got it with about
                                                                                  24 animals infected, no deaths.
4. CA, Fresno County      10/20   11       26          1        Harvest Fest      11 animals had the snots for a few days. The one that died did so very
                                                                                  quickly, before we even know how sick he was.
5. CA, Nevada County      10/6    30       37          2        Pronk             First symptoms appeared 10/6. Runny nose and cough. Started two females
                                                                                  on Excenel. 10/7 the girl that was due, but had shown no symptoms was
                                                                                  heavy breathing, nostrils flaring and lots of mucus in nose. Started on
                                                                                  antibiotics, banamine and bendryl. She died 5 days later. Second female
                                                                                  became sick 10/11 with cough. Antibiotics and cough. Antibiotics and cough
                                                                                  medicine started. She died 5 days later. She was due within two weeks of
                                                                                  symptoms start. The first female was taken to UC Davis for a necropsy.
                                                                                  Initial results showed possible underlying heart issue. Initial results showed
                                                                                  heavy bacteria in the lungs and valves of the heart. If any vet wants to access
                                                                                  these records, we are happy to let them. From 10/1 to 10/23 the infection ran
                                                                                  through entire herd. The crias, two of the ones who went to the show and my
                                                                                  old import showed no symptoms. The rest had varying degrees of cough and
                                                                                  mucus. We had one premature birth, cria doing is doing fine.

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Alpaca Virus                                               10/28                                                    Janet Morrow |
0. State / County         Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
6. CA, Nevada County      10/7    6        120+        0        Pronk             Attended the show. I had animals come from Oregon to show. Took 2 from
                                                                                  the Oregon herd home. All animals went in Quarantine total of 6.The Female
                                                                                  came down with the snots on the Sunday following the show. The others in
                                                                                  Quarantine never came down with it. They remained in quarantine for 3 1/2
                                                                                  weeks. I had a late term pg female deliver a dismature cria. I saved her with
                                                                                  allot of work and a plasma transfer, and Excenel. When the Mom seemed sick
                                                                                  I put her on Excenel for 4 days prior to delivering. She was 349 days when
                                                                                  she delivered. She was a maiden. I had 3 other late term females and so
                                                                                  far they are still maintaining their pregnancy's. I had one yearling; a four-year-
                                                                                  old female a female that had a 3-week cria at side and a early term pregnant
                                                                                  female all get different degrees of the snots. They were treated with Excenel
                                                                                  as well. No Males got it . We have around 70 Males. The Males are a good
                                                                                  distance away on the property. We had no upper repertory infections
7. CA, Placer County      9/25    17       17          4        None              We had 17 alpacas at the time with several LTP females. W did not lose any
                                                                                  of our moms, but lost 3 of our 4 cria. We also had a rescue girl that died. She
                                                                                  was already compromised. The necropsies showed heart and lung congestion.
                                                                                  For the ones that got worse cases we put the on baytril.
                                                                                  We think our exposure was either from a transport of two female that came in
                                                                                  in June or from an alpaca coming back from U.C. Davis at that time for
8. CA, Riverside County   10/3    15       130         2        Pronk             5 alpacas attended Monterey Pronk on 9/28-30. Placed in strict quarantine
                                                                                  upon return (10/1/07). Snotty nose observed 10/3/07 in quarantine. After
                                                                                  consultation with vets, treated with PenG. On 10/6 snotty noses observed in 3
                                                                                  other pens (5 alpacas). Treatment initiated same as quarantine. On 10/8/07 5
                                                                                  more alpacas observed with snotty noses. Re-consult with vet: Treatment for
                                                                                  entire herd initiated with NuFlour. Upon completion of treatment on 10/15/07
                                                                                  - 2 alpacas still symptomatic (both LTP). Consult with vet. Excenel treatment
                                                                                  initiated. Both examined on 10/17/07. 1 alpaca responded very well, one did
                                                                                  not. 1 alpaca not responding, heavy labored breathing, aborted fetus on
                                                                                  10/19/07 (early am). Fetus taken to UC Diagnostic Lab -San Bernardino for
                                                                                  necropsy (results pending). Alpaca examined by vet 10/19/07. Monitored
                                                                                  through day and night. Seemed alert and mostly comfortable @ 5am
                                                                                  10/20/07. At 6am 10/20/07 began convulsing and quickly expired. Carcass
                                                                                  taken to UC Diagnostic Lab - San Bernardino (Results Pending). Entire Herd
                                                                                  appears healthy with 5 active and healthy crias born since 10/21/07.

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Alpaca Virus                                                 10/28                                                   Janet Morrow |
0. State / County           Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
9. CA, Riverside                    20       20          1        Pronk             We took 4 animals to the Monterey Pronk, 3 females and 1 male. On Tuesday
                                                                                    upon our return, one of the showgirls presented with a runny nose, (white
                                                                                    discharge) and sneezing. By Thursday, all the showgirls had similar
                                                                                    symptoms as well as the 4 males in my boy’s pen. (My show male was not
                                                                                    quarantined due to space). The runny noses and sneezing made its way across
                                                                                    my whole herd, with some running temps and others not. It was decided by
                                                                                    my vet that the best course of action would be to start any alpaca who spiked
                                                                                    a temp over 103 on penicillin, which we did. In all cases the temperature was
                                                                                    gone the next day after starting on the antibiotic. After approximately 2
                                                                                    weeks it looked as though everyone was fine.
                                                                                    One dam who had quite a runny nose and temp delivered her full term female
                                                                                    on October 10th. Although only 12 pounds at birth, the cria thrived and
                                                                                    doubled her weight by three weeks of age. At 24 days of age I found her
                                                                                    lying on her side moaning. She was unable to get up and seemed in quite a lot
                                                                                    of abdominal distress. The vet thought she had an intestinal blockage, tubed
                                                                                    her with mineral oil and a laxative, gave her pain meds, and we waited. The
                                                                                    cria seemed to be improving, although no feces were passed. At 24 hours
                                                                                    later, she was starting to show discomfort again, not nursing and lethargic.
                                                                                    We took her to the hospital where it was decided later that day that surgery
                                                                                    was warranted. When the vet opened her up, it shocked the entire team that
                                                                                    this little cria was riddled with infection; her internal organs were beginning
                                                                                    to fuse together with infection, and 2 cups of pus were found around her heart
                                                                                    alone. The cria died on the operating table. This cria never ran a temperature,
                                                                                    and white blood count was nothing that alarmed the vet. Pictures were taken,
                                                                                    and tissue samples sent for testing, results pending. It is thought that the
                                                                                    cria’s body never recognized the virus as foreign, thus the alarming amount of
                                                                                    infection, no temp and near normal white blood count. This was our very first
                                                                                    female after a long line of males; we are heartbroken.
10. CA, Sacramento County   10/2    ?        33          0        Pronk             Showed up after show. One boy (who didn't go to the show) got pretty severe
                                                                                    case, loads of snots, constant sneezing for 48 hours.
11. CA, Shasta County       9/19    20       45          0        None              3 had coughs, 20 females w/runny nose. One affected before Pronk, the
                                                                                    remaining shortly thereafter. Only one show animal was affected. The male
                                                                                    was transported on another trailer though he was penned with my animals.
                                                                                    One additional show male transported on that trailer was not affected. None
                                                                                    of the show females came down with anything. No other males from my herd
                                                                                    were affected. No treatment given for runny noses or cough.

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Alpaca Virus                                                  10/28                                                   Janet Morrow |
0. State / County            Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
12. CA, Shasta County        10/3    65        30         0        Pronk             I noticed runny noses and sneezing, only a few had snot. Of my 65 animals I
                                                                                     would estimate about 1/2 to 3/4 were sneezing, about 8-10 were actually
                                                                                     snotty, 1 had a bad cough. I had the vet out on 10-3-07. She examined the
                                                                                     snotty one and no one had a temperature the discharge was clear and the
                                                                                     recommendation was to watch for discolored discharge and if they went off
                                                                                     their feed. From my observations the incubation period seem to be about 3-5
                                                                                     days with the "snots" lasting about the same length of time. Those with the
                                                                                     worst snots and cough were given Emergen-C. (1000mg of C with various
                                                                                     other vitamins) Cough lasted about 2 days. No problem premature births
                                                                                     although I did have one that may have been 315 days? I could not
                                                                                     conclusively attach that birth to the snots. The cria appeared to be full term
                                                                                     with erupted teeth and not down on it's hocks?
13. CA, San Diego            10/4    10        11         0        Pronk             No Treatment
14. CA, San Diego            10/5    22        19         0        Pronk             Comments: Only 2 of my rather thin girls had severe cases. All were back to
                                                                                     normal within 7 days. None went off feed. Cria coughs sounded like
                                                                                     bronchitis. Only two adults had coughs, one was the thin nursing mom who
                                                                                     also had the worse snotty nose and it lasted the longest in her.
                                                                                     On October 22 we were evacuated from our home due to fire. We took our
                                                                                     girls to a safe location with several other ranches. One of the ranches we
                                                                                     mixed with had not had the "snots". All alpacas were symptom free, yet their
                                                                                     herd got the infection after returning home.
15. CA, San Diego County     11/2    4         10         0        Fire evacuation   Noticed older female coughing 11/2, continuing through 11/3, no snot.
                                                                                     Different LTF had dried snot around her nostrils, and continues this. 11/6
                                                                                     yearling male, not exposed during evacuation, has white snot mustache. Pen
                                                                                     mate, yearling, has dried snot. Gave herd vitamins, using sterile glove for
                                                                                     each one, on 11/3. Older female cleared up bu 11/4. Stopped feeding chews
                                                                                     out of communal bowls. Closely monitoring rest of herd.
16. CA, San Joaquin County   10/14   21 alpacas 21   2    0 yet    Transport         15th of October, a few of our alpacas had runny noses, coughing and
                                     2 llamas                                        sneezing. As of today all of our alpacas and both of our llamas have been
                                                                                     affected. They have all had runny noses, sneezing, coughing and some had
                                                                                     thick white mucous coming from their noses. We have had 4 cria born here
                                                                                     since September 19 and none of them are showing any symptoms. This past
                                                                                     Saturday, we noticed that one of our pregnant females was laboring to breath.
                                                                                     It was obviously not congestion in her head, like some of the others. Her
                                                                                     whole body was involved in trying to breath. Sunday, we noticed our older
                                                                                     gelding also laboring to breathe. We've been treating them aggressively, but
                                                                                     may still lose one or both. Every morning when I wake up, it's a surprise that
                                                                                     they've made it through the night.

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Alpaca Virus                                                  10/28                                                    Janet Morrow |
0. State / County            Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event    Comments
17. CA, San Luis Obispo              2        13          1        1 trans. 2 weeks   1 animal brought home from Oregon, 2 weeks prior to the onset of symptoms
    County                                                                            in my dam. 9-year-old female LTP. Labored breathing x 4 days. Induced
                                                                                      labor on day 4. Healthy male cria. 1 1/2 days later dam found dead.
                                                                                      Necropsy showed metabolism was off, a lot of nasal discharge... This was a
                                                                                      healthy strong alpaca.
18. CA, Santa Barbara        10/4    80       85          0        Pronk              My 8 show animals gave it to most of my herd. Five days after the show we
                                                                                      gave 80 animals TUSSIN - the RiteAid generic Robitussin that my vet had
                                                                                      recommended (Dr. Jana Smith) No alcohol, not a.m. or p.m. or anything - just
                                                                                      the plain stuff. Followed directions for weight on the packet. 24 hours later
                                                                                      only 10 had runny noses - no more white mucus. We treated those again and
                                                                                      three days later it was all gone.
                                                                                      Two weeks later I had a 5-week-old cria wake up coughing, white mucus,
                                                                                      temp of 105.2. Immediately gave her the Tussin, banamine for the fever and
                                                                                      started her on Exenal. The vet came to make sure it wasn't in the lungs - by
                                                                                      noon her temp was down and she was running around, nursing etc. The next
                                                                                      day she was completely normal and hasn't looked back.
19. CA, Santa Clara County   10/3    4        17          2        Pronk              After attending show. Stillborn female fetus. One death due to severe case of
                                                                                      pneumonia, mother of another cria.
20. CA, Santa Clara County   10/15   51       53          0        Pronk /Camelid     Mild, sneezing clear or white snotty nose. I question the incubation period the
                                                                   Seminar            length of time in between the show and onset is about 15 days. BUT.... it
                                                                                      was raining... wore the rubber boots the weekend of Oct 12-13 at a camelid
                                                                                      seminar. Incubation in that would be 3 days. Those boot were disinfected at
                                                                                      the pronk in a footbath and they were outside in the open air from the day we
                                                                                      got home until use. If that is it it is a hardy virus. Today all alpacas are
                                                                                      healthy with no runny noses or sneezing except one 4-week-old cria that did
                                                                                      not get any colostrum and was not nursing for 2 days. We are monitoring her
                                                                                      closely but she seems to be OK except for a snotty nose.

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Alpaca Virus                                                 10/28                                                   Janet Morrow |
0. State / County           Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
21. CA, Santa Cruz County   10/3    21       25          4        Pronk             Two cria exposed at show. Symptoms one week later. Recovered after 4-5
                                                                                    days. Ran through rest of herd. 6 -7 mild, 8 strong symptoms, 6 sever
                                                                                    symptoms. So my losses are: one dead female, one dead female cria (full
                                                                                    term), one female gave birth early. While she was passing the placenta she
                                                                                    had a really strong coughing fit and ended up with a 100% prolapsed uterus,
                                                                                    she has fully recovered and the cria is thriving. I also have 5 females at
                                                                                    another ranch for breeding.
                                                                                    Update 10/27: One of them had to be euthanized due to secondary infection
                                                                                    and complications from Snot. The Pronk was a very expensive show for me.
                                                                                    Update 10/31: 14yr old female nursing a cria and away for breeding at NWA
                                                                                    in Washington County, OR died Saturday of rapid liver failure. She is being
                                                                                    necropsied at OSA. Our guess is she had a low level snots infection that
                                                                                    weakened her and set her up for the liver failure. She left an orphaned 3-
                                                                                    month-old cria. 3 month old is almost weaned.
                                                                                    Update 11/15: I brought a female back from Oregon 2 weeks ago. She ended
                                                                                    up with a severe case of Coccidia, which I successfully treated. She almost
                                                                                    died from the Coccidia – it was a massive infection. Near the end of her
                                                                                    recovery (Paravac was used) she came down with ARS. This was last
                                                                                    Friday. Her symptoms were excessive cushing, cough that seemed to come
                                                                                    from the lungs, and a little labored gurgling breathing. Saturday started the
                                                                                    female on Nuflor and an anti-diuretic to keep her lungs from filling up with
                                                                                    fluid. By yesterday she was noticeably improved and eating again. This is a
                                                                                    18-month-old female who was purchased in Wisconsin last August, sent to
                                                                                    Oregon for breeding and then brought to my place in California.
                                                                                    This was the last alpaca in my herd that has had outward symptoms. I am
                                                                                    assuming the rest of the alpacas who showed no symptoms got it and quickly
                                                                                    overcame it or were immune to start with. I still have on strong male who is
                                                                                    still coughing strongly (for over 2 weeks now) but the frequency diminishes
                                                                                    each day.
22. CA, Stanislaus County   10/2    40       47          2        Pronk             Most had runny noses with white/yellow discharge. A few coughs. The girl
                                                                                    that died did not have the runny nose, but had breathing difficulty. Necropsy
                                                                                    showed her to be full of fluids in her chest cavity. One female died along
                                                                                    with her full-term unborn female cria. Premature births None yet, 7 due
                                                                                    before Thanksgiving
23. CA, Sutter County       10/3    6         13         0        Pronk             Three days after show. Severe, mild…. Boy was mild, 3 girls were moderate,
                                                                                    lots of white snot, nasal rattling (but not from the chest) The boy recovered in
                                                                                    3 days, the girls lasted (or waxed/waned for 13 days...) Didn’t treat anyone
                                                                                    with anything. 2 late term females had moderate thick nasal discharge, but
                                                                                    delivered 2 healthy cria. (Full term.)

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Alpaca Virus                                              10/28                                                   Janet Morrow |
0. State / County        Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
24. CA, Yolo             10/1    1        52                   Pronk             LTF had cria 1 month early. Cria did not survive. First symptoms started
                                                                                 after returning from Pronk. Runny noses were prevalent - no coughing -
                                                                                 maybe a sneeze or two - we had a very light dose. Mostly it was the younger
                                                                                 animals - the juveniles
25. CO, Douglas County   10/3    12       24          2        None              Herd of runny noses in our female pens. On the advice of our vet, we started
                                                                                 with Naxcel and Penicillin as others have mentioned. The next day the first of
                                                                                 two dams began to hic-up or cough about every 15-30 seconds. No runny
                                                                                 noses appeared in the male pens. The first dam, 13 years old was due within 3
                                                                                 days of due date) to the CSU Vet School. She was given oxygen, IV fluids,
                                                                                 and was x-rayed. Diagnosed with triple pneumonia. She delivered a female
                                                                                 cria that night. The second dam, 8 years old with a newborn cria, developed
                                                                                 the same symptoms. She and the cria were taken to CSU that night. There
                                                                                 was not much change in either over the next several days. CSU was trying
                                                                                 medications they believed to be the most effective including Baytril. Both
                                                                                 were holding their own, but showing little signs of improvement. CSU called
                                                                                 to tell us the your dam had died. This was totally unexpected. 3 days later the
                                                                                 older dam died as well. Prior to their deaths both were observed mouth
                                                                                 breathing. Results of one necropsy are back. CSU could not determine if it
                                                                                 was a virus or bacteria. Medications given: 2 Naxcel daily; 1 Penicillin
26. CO, Elbert County    10/3    30       50          0        None              First sign was 3 yearlings with runny noses. Next an adult with a fever, an
                                                                                 cough. Following that many members of the herd got runny noses. 30 were
                                                                                 observed with runny noses, 1 with a cough and no runny nose. (Treated twice
                                                                                 daily with naxcel and penicillin for 5 days, recovered.) 1 with fever and no
                                                                                 runny nose (postpartum breech, may have been uterine infection. Treated
                                                                                 with naxcel and penicillin for a week, recovered. 1 cria limp following
                                                                                 choking and no runny nose. (not sure it was related to the virus, Extensive
                                                                                 care at vet x 2 and recovered in 4 days.
27. CO, Elbert County    11/3    21       82          0        Transport         Noticed first alpaca with ARS signs late on 11-3-07, by next day it had shown
                                                                                 up with a vengeance through out herd in most pastures, 11-4-07, except
                                                                                 quarantine area. Last new alpaca arrival 15 days earlier. Direct transport by
                                                                                 owners, no ARS symptoms in their herd. Cases started in back (remote)
                                                                                 pasture, not quarantine area.
                                                                                 Herd size: alpacas 63 llamas 19. So far, 17 alpacas affected with runny noses,
                                                                                 from just wet to hanging snots, 2 with coughing, 1 with hiccupping, but no
                                                                                 runny noses. 4 llamas with runny noses. So total of 24 animals effect to date.
                                                                                 No crias effected.
                                                                                 Treating with Nuflor and pen G on coughing alpacas and the ones with acute
                                                                                 snotty noses, also using VetRx, in all runny noses. (homeopathic for
                                                                                 respiratory infection for goats and sheep) Many noses have dried up or almost
                                                                                 dried up as of Tuesday morning, even the really snotty ones, 11-6-07, even
                                                                                 those that are not receiving antibiotics. Coughing and hiccupping has become
                                                                                 less. No deaths so far. Fingers crossed.
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Alpaca Virus                                                10/28                                                   Janet Morrow |
0. State / County          Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
28. CO, Elbert County              15       15          1        None              12-year-old female gave birth, and was take to CSU for treatment, died on
29. CO, El Paso County     8/15    23       70          0        None              Mid August noticed on female with greenish/white gunk on her nose. She
                                                                                   was here for breeding, but had been here for 6 weeks. Vet told us to teat with
                                                                                   Pen. (No fever.) We started to see others with nose gunk, and cough. The
                                                                                   vet started them on Pen, Eocene & Banamine for a minimum of 5 days. All
                                                                                   pulled through. We had 4 births at least 2 weeks early and lost on 3-week
                                                                                   preemie born on NAFD. Our 15 year old female got mastitis and was had
                                                                                   heavy Pen, starting 9/10. This may have saved her when she got the virus and
                                                                                   was put on Excenel. A one-month-old cria had a temperature of 106, after
                                                                                   one day of treatment he was back to normal. Several females ran sub-normal
                                                                                   temperatures 97 before the treatment when it rose to 100. About 1/3 of the
                                                                                   herd was affected. We have seen no symptoms since 10/5.
                                                                                   A farm about 10 miles from us is a ‘Closed Farm’. No visitors or animal
                                                                                   traffic in or out. They got the virus. We did have a bad biting fly infestation
                                                                                   in late Aug. early Sep. That may be the vector.
30. CO, Fremont County     10/12   23       31          0        Commercial        Description - mostly clear nasal discharge - one 8-week-old cria has
                                                                 transport 10/9    yellow/white discharge. Some coughing noted in the herd - more than usual.
                                                                                   The only unweaned cria to have symptoms at this point is the one we are
                                                                                   treating. Meds - only given to one so far - 8-week-old male cria given PenG &
                                                                                   Baytril. He seems to have a thicker opaque discharge and more congestion
                                                                                   than the other alpacas. Lung sounds good, good appetite, good activity level -
                                                                                   seems a bit less congested after 1 1/2 days treatment. The effected alpacas are
                                                                                   nearly all-adult females. As of 10-24-07 several adult and weaned males
                                                                                   have it too. Only 2 of 7 unweaned crias have shown signs.
31. CO, Jefferson County   7/29    2        28          0        Transport         ??Snots?? Not discharge from nose. Some breathing issues 'catch in the
                                                                                   breath'. Two moms delivered early, cria were small, but are doing well
32. CO, Larimer County     11/3    1        20          1        None              We just found a 2 month old cria dead in the field, the necropsy shows
                                                                                   pneumonia similar to this virus. She (or anyone in the herd) show no
                                                                                   clinical signs of anything wrong. Further tests are going to be done. We've
                                                                                   not had any animals come onto this farm in 2 months. There is only 1
                                                                                   neighbor that has 2 horses and they are on the other side of a 20' dirt road.
                                                                                   The nearest alpaca farm is miles away so I wasn't worried. Will be watching
                                                                                   alot closer now.

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Alpaca Virus                                                10/28                                                    Janet Morrow |
0. State / County          Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
33. CO, Larimer County     11/12   2        14          0        ABR Fall Fest     We got back from ABR Fall Fest (11-11-07) and the very next day noticed
                                                                                   snotts on one of our show alpacas. By afternoon a second and two days later a
                                                                                   third and fourth. The fifth has not shown any symptoms. We have 13
                                                                                   alpacas and 1 llama in our herd. Today (11-17-07) one of our pregnant
                                                                                   females and a 4-month-old cria show snotts. We have done a strict
                                                                                   quarantine--separate dress area before we go into quarantine, rubber gloves,
                                                                                   over 30 feet away, etc.
                                                                                   We gave all show animals double doses of MSE and all are doing well—no
                                                                                   severe symptoms. Now that it is in the main herd we are doing MSE to all
                                                                                   and watching close. This is all very concerning.
                                                                                   Update 11/18: Two more animals came down with snots today. It's probably
                                                                                   going through the whole herd.
                                                                                   Update 11/19: Another of the main herd came down with snots today. The
                                                                                   boys that showed first sighs 6 days ago are still snotty. I thought it cleared up
                                                                                   in 3 days. Soleil and Aspen got it midweek and look pretty clear. Cuda and
                                                                                   Challenger that started with it last Monday are still really snotty. Still no
                                                                                   coughing. Our two moms that are highest risk are still clear.
34. CO, Weld County        11/13   15       21          0        ABR               I expect that our number of cases will rise to 21 (entire herd) by the end of
                                                                                   the week. The two animals returning from Fall Fest came down with it
                                                                                   exactly five days after arriving at the event. They were quarantined, but
                                                                                   vectors included guard dogs, barn cats, and random birds and squirrels.
                                                                                   Closely watching near term females and new cria (2), but otherwise all
                                                                                   animals are clearing this without much problem. We hope this trend
35. CT, Middlesex County   10/15   8        33          1        Coastal Classic   Moderate infection going through the herd. We did quarantine, but my
                                                                                   quarantine paddock is only 8 feet from one of my paddocks, which borders
                                                                                   another and so on. Our quarantine protocol was not very stringent. We are
                                                                                   still affected by it here. Every paddock has some alpacas with nasal
                                                                                   10/30 Update a 9 year old 4 month pregnant female died today after 5 days at
36. CT, Middlesex County   10/16   16       26          0        Costal Classic    More could have had the virus by just fever, most presented with snotty noses,
                                                                                   only 2 had coughing and sneezing. Most handled it very well. We still have
                                                                                   infected alpacas at this writing. No cria were affected. Strict quarantine
                                                                                   procedures on show string, and it still ‘jumped pastures’.

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Alpaca Virus                                                10/28                                                     Janet Morrow |
0. State / County          Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event     Comments
37. CT, Windham County     10/16   20       43          0        Coastal Classic    I believe we may have had a "snot case" mid September with a cria a month
                                                                                    old.... had white snots in the mornings... for about 4 days or so.... eating,
                                                                                    playing just fine... no temp... thought I heard gurgling on day 3... but vet
                                                                                    checked out and found nothing in lungs and heart ok....       After NECC
                                                                                    show...started showing up... had a 2-day old cria with high respiratory rate...
                                                                                    and slightly high temp. 2 days Nuflor... fine now... Have a non-bred female 3
                                                                                    years old (immunity issues) hi temp... banamine for two days... now Nuflor
                                                                                    5cc two dosages within 48 hours... so far so good... now eating grain..
                                                                                    Most no temps...just keep cleaning noses mornings... some white, some
                                                                                    clear... some sneezing, very little coughing...
38. FL, Charlotte County   9/7??            22          0        Transport          We had to alpaca that had white foamy mouths. (Like cappacheno froth.) No
                                                                                    other symptoms… The foam was for two days, a few days apart. One male
                                                                                    had snotty white mucous. A week prior we had 11 alpacas shipped down
                                                                                    from NJ. The two with the foamy mouths were from there.
39. FL, Collier County                                                              SNOTS have been running through my herd over the last week. Some with
                                                                                    clear runny noses, some with white snots, some with an occasional yellow
                                                                                    discharge. All are eating and drinking fine, just sneeze and/or cough
                                                                                    occasionally. We did bring in a male from Washington state within the last
                                                                                    two weeks who has been quarantined during this entire time.
40. GA, Franklin County    9/10    7        36          0        None               All of these alpacas were coughing and had runny noses (some worse than
                                                                                    others). One was coughing so much that we had our vet (here for another
                                                                                    reason) listen to the lungs of our worst case. He heard nothing that indicated
                                                                                    pneumonia. Within about 7-10 days, all of them had ceased to show these
41. GA, Hall County        10/31   1        55          0        Breeding female Female just returned on 10/27 from Alabama where she had been being bred.
                                                                 returned           Two other females were with her, but show no signs. The rest of the herd is
                                                                                    also not showing signs yet.
42. IA, Emmet County       11/1    23       24          0        ALSA Nationals My llamas have gotten over the runny noses. It went through my entire herd
                                                                                    except for the male I took to Nationals. I can't believe he did not get it. I'm
                                                                                    sure he is the one that brought it home but why doesn't he have symptoms?
                                                                                    Before I realized it was the virus my vet had me give everyone a shot a PenG
                                                                                    for 2 days. I'm sure this is what kept them from getting secondary infections.
43. IL, Henry County       10/5    27       31          0        Transport          The ARS went through very quickly - Our vet monitored them - Our herd was
                                                                                    clear in about 10 days
44. IL, LaSalle County     11/12   14       27          0        Routine visit to U I sent a girl (Carisma)to University of Illinois on Wed. 11/7 with her cria
                                                                 of Illinois        (Josie) at the side, they came home that evening. Carisma went for a tooth
                                                                                    issue / xrays. No one has been in or out of the farm except these two, and on
                                                                                    Monday 11/12 the cria presented with the "snots". By Monday afternoon I
                                                                                    had 2 others that also had symptoms. Josie had Snots- no fever , Serena /
                                                                                    Jessa started coughing - no snots-no fever. I started Josie on Excede and I
                                                                                    have continued with the rest of the herd as they present. It seems I get a least
                                                                                    2 per day, most present with snot some have snot /sneeze.
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Alpaca Virus                                                 10/28                                                      Janet Morrow |
0. State / County           Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event     Comments
45. IN, Morgan County       11/7    5        13          0        NAILE                I'm sure you've been busy, but when I last checked there were no outbreaks
                                                                                       reported in Indiana. I know of at least one other farm that contracted the virus
                                                                                       at the NAILE alpaca show, our farm included.
46. IN, Vigo County         11/7    20       50          0        NAILE                Most symptoms included nasal congestion, and in three, a temperature two
                                                                                       degrees above normal. All are eating and grazing normally. Symptoms of
                                                                                       nasal congestion can clear in 24-48 hours. Only three have persisted longer.
                                                                                       None on antibiotics. Vet checking regularly for lung congestion. So far all
                                                                                       are clear.
                                                                                       Update 11/15: We have two healthy animals down this morning with
                                                                                       coughing and nostrils flaring. One is our main sire. The vet arrived in record
                                                                                       time. He did extensive blood work and gave butorfenal(sp?). He has
                                                                                       antibiotics ready to go if needed. Both responded quickly. Hope was on her
                                                                                       feet within a half hour looking for hay and Rennes, our main sire, moved out
                                                                                       to sit in the sun. The vet will be back this afternoon. He checked everyone
                                                                                       else in our herdsire pasture. Some have had the congested noses, but all
                                                                                       remain up and eating and acting normally. We are watching the two who had
                                                                                       the serious signs this morning very carefully, but as of an hour ago looked
                                                                                       much better.
                                                                                       Update 11/17: Both up and eating--no symptoms, no fever, very little nasal
47. IN, Vigo County         11/8    9        13          0        NAILE                Our vet, Dr. Wm. Somerville did bloodwork on several with the higher fevers.
                                                                                       Only symptom was runny noses. We gave flunixon to three animals and a
                                                                                       antibiotic 2 x daily for 10 days to 2 animals.(One who had a very low white
                                                                                       blood count.) After 9 days all seem better, most are symptom free.
48. KY, Cumberland County   10/11   15       52          1        2 alpacas transport/ Stuffy or runny noses, heavy breathing. Vet consultation with the vet, we
                                                                  no illness           began treatment. We treated virtually the whole herd – Naxcel for adults and
                                                                                       SMZ for new crias. The 2 girls who were sickest got Nuflor to start. We had
                                                                                       to continue with Naxcel with one for more days, but she seems to be doing
                                                                                       OK now.
                                                                                       We had one female deliver prematurely (15 days early) the day before we
                                                                                       actually realized about the snots. We had one die, a cria who was 5 days old.
                                                                                       She didn’t become symptomatic until 12-15 hours before she died. Necropsy
                                                                                       results showed bacterial pneumonia.
49. KY, Oldham County       11/6    9        40          0        NAILE                I took five animals, all five are sick, though the incubation period has varied
                                                                                       from 2-5 days. Four others, who did not attend the show, are also now sick
                                                                                       (despite quarantine). I know of five other farms, all Kentucky based, who
                                                                                       attended NAILE and now have sick animals. So far, no one has reported any
                                                                                       serious cases, though one at a nearby farm has required antibiotics. A couple
                                                                                       of mine had worsened drainage today, but no fevers and they are eating.

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Alpaca Virus                                                  10/28                                                  Janet Morrow |
0. State / County            Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
50. KY, Trigg                7/30    1        23          0                          Our one affected animal is a cria who left the farm at about 2 weeks old with
                                                                                     his dam for breeding. When we picked them up at the end of July, he had
                                                                                     white mucus running from his nose. We immediately took him to the vet who
                                                                                     put him on Naxcel for 5 days. He cleared up & was fine until mid-September
                                                                                     when the snotty nose returned. We took him to the vet again where they did
                                                                                     x-rays & diagnosed him with pneumonia. We put him on a 21 day round of
                                                                                     Naxcel which he finished up about 2 weeks ago. So far, he is doing fine. The
                                                                                     farm he was picked up from was also in Kentucky.....about 2 hours east of us.
                                                                                     None of the other 22 animals in our herd have had any symptoms including
                                                                                     his dam. We have 3 late term females approaching their due dates, but none
                                                                                     have delivered.
51. LA, Madison Parish County 11/3   45       48          0        Topeka            Some showed no signs of infection & some had runny nose, some coughed.
                                                                                     Vet listened to lungs in ones who showed no symptoms & heard lung rattle.
                                                                                     Bacchus died of Hell worm infection, not respiratory virus. We have 3 girls in
                                                                                     another state for breeding.
52. MA, Franklin County      10/21   1        20          0        Misc              One of our older girls seemed lethargic with rapid respiration. No snots were
                                                                                     observed. Called vet and he recommended treating with Nuflo antibiotic,
                                                                                     which we did right away; 3 injections every 3 days with 10 cc (2 injections 5
                                                                                     cc each, SQ). The next day we observed some white snot. She seems to be
                                                                                     doing somewhat better, although there is still some white snot, but it’s only
                                                                                     been 2 days since 1st injection. None of our other animals seem symptomatic.
                                                                                     We haven’t taken animals to any shows, but we added a new animal to the
                                                                                     farm in September and we had one animal taken to another farm for a drive-
                                                                                     by breeding.
53. MA, Hampshire County     10/1    7        21          0        Big E             The first symptoms were thick nasal discharge and sneezing. This was the
                                                                                     day after returning from the show. I took 6 animals. 2 show animals seemed
                                                                                     bothered by the snotty noses. The next day 7 animals exhibited symptoms:
                                                                                     sneezes and snot. Some also had eye ‘boogers’ that were thick white
                                                                                     consistency. The animals are located in three separate areas on my farm. I
                                                                                     immediately called the vet. He came the next day and determined they had
                                                                                     Mycoplesma, walking pneumonia. He treated the entire herd with
                                                                                     Oxytetracycline to prevent them from reinfecting each other. He also said
                                                                                     that this illness can be caught from sheep and goats, as well as alpaca and
                                                                                     llamas. All these animals were at the Big E. He had the Oxytetracycline
                                                                                     repeated four days later. Everyone is fine now.
54. MA, Worcester County     10/5    3        14          0        Big E             We brought 2 animals to the Big E. My youngest male had one episode of
                                                                                     thick glob of snot. 2 females, not brought to the show, were coughing for a
                                                                                     day or so…

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Alpaca Virus                                                 10/28                                                  Janet Morrow |
0. State / County           Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event    Comments
55. MD, Frederick           9/10    15       38          0        SEPA             First observed a show alpaca with fever of 105.5 and some snot. Treated with
                                                                                   Banamine and Naxcel. Fever down in 24 hours, normal in 48 hours. Others
                                                                                   in herd 3-4 days later, despite quarantine separation, therefore airborne or
                                                                                   vector. (Flies, mice…) One other with fever 105 Treated with naxcel and
                                                                                   banamine. Several others with fever 103 – 103.5 that we treated with
                                                                                   banamine. Other wise we just let it run its course. 1/3 of the herd was
                                                                                   infected over a 10 day period. No signs since.
56. MD, Washington County   10/17   32       40          0        Transport        Three oldest females show no symptoms. Suspect this is airborne. We've had
                                                                                   lots of flies here the past four weeks. We also heard Fish and Game in PA
                                                                                   reporting numerous deer deaths from respiratory disease.
57. ME, Androscoggin County 10/14   13       17          0        Coastal Classic  One 4-month pregnant female came down with pneumonia. Treated with
                                                                                   Naxel 10 days, now giving Red-cell due to borderline anemia. (Still holding
                                                                                   pregnancy.) Gave entire herd probiotics, gave 4-6 month olds second dose of
                                                                                   probiotics and gave the newborns 3x/week 2cc probios. Everyone is doing
                                                                                   well for now. We are watching the girl with the pneumonia closely.
58. ME, Cumberland County   10/11   18       21          1        Fryeburg Fair    Crias mild-moderate: fever/coughing/runny nose. Dams mild-moderate:
                                                                                   fever/runny nose/white snotty nose. Males’ mild: runny nose/coughing (only
                                                                                   1 with white snot died). Sneezing occasionally heard. The animals’ w/fever
                                                                                   acted "off" but not sick-sick. Cria born on Oct. 18 so far not showing any
                                                                                   symptoms. Gelding began showing signs of pain 10/18, runny nose, no fever.
                                                                                   On 10/21 had to be euthenized. Developed air pockets under skin that quickly
                                                                                   spread. Vet suspected tracheal leak. Necropsy showed, 3rd stomach lesion
                                                                                   (Not ulcer). Slight amount of fluid in lungs and pulmonary distress. Waiting
                                                                                   on biopsy results. (New Hampshire farm at fair had been exposed via the Big
59. ME, Kennebeck County    9/19    3        4           0        had been boarded 11-day-old cria had no symptoms at 10 PM, and was nearly dead at 2:00 AM
                                                                  at farm with     from respiratory distress (no visible mucus but chortling, labored breathing
                                                                  outbreak         and almost no response to stimulation). He had an emergency transfusion and
                                                                                   excenel at 2:30 am. Two geldings showed symptoms: one had clear discharge
                                                                                   for a day, the other had minor amounts of thick white mucus for nearly a
                                                                                   week. Neither had fevers or went off feed, and neither received any
60. ME, York County         10/19   3        15          0        Coastal Classic  Very mild snotty noses

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Alpaca Virus                                              10/28                                                    Janet Morrow |
0. State / County        Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
61. ME, Waldo County     10/19   5        29          0        Coastal Classic   We isolated the 6 show string animals in our quarantine area, using biosecure
                                                                                 methods of feeding and poop cleanup. One of the show string belongs to
                                                                                 another breeder and came home with us to breed with one of our males. She
                                                                                 had the snots after the Big E in MA. She was fully recovered when she went
                                                                                 to the NECC. She did not get the snots again when the show string was
                                                                                 infected after the NECC. The other 5 alpacas did not attend the Big E. Our
                                                                                 boys are way far away from the quarantine area, separated by 50 feet of dense
                                                                                 trees. The girls' pastures are way up on the hill. We have 60 acres here at
                                                                                 LAF and so far, none of the other animals have been infected. The wind
                                                                                 blows toward the road and not the girls' pastures. If the virus is "airborne"
                                                                                 that may be the reason we don't have infected animals on the other side of the
                                                                                 farm. We only had one day with flies and they were pretty prolific.
62. ME, Waldo County     10/17   4        6           0        Coastal Classic   First sick animal was the one that went to the show. On LTP very snotty,
                                                                                 over regular gestation. Lots of coughing. Gave all Excede on advice of vet.
                                                                                 All doing better except pregnant female. 2 week old cria no symptoms yet.
                                                                                 11/2 Update: We had to rush our LTP to Tufts for emergency C-section. She
                                                                                 was 10 days past her normal gestation. She and the baby lived through the
                                                                                 surgery, but now she has ordinary pneumonia. She and the baby are in
                                                                                 complete quarantine so as not to pass the virus around the hospital. Mom has
                                                                                 been unable to drop down milk, so cria is being bottle fed. The placenta had
                                                                                 unusual cracking that they are attributing to the virus and are having it tested.
                                                                                 The cria has unusual markings in his eyes that they also believe are virus
                                                                                 Update 10/3: Salsa and baby are still at Tufts. Salsa is off oxygen and seems
                                                                                 to be improving each day. She still has the pneumonia, but it is improving.
                                                                                 We plan on bringing them home tomorrow.
63. MI, Calhoun County           31       32          0        MIAF              The ones that had it worst were the LTP females. One gave birth a week
                                                                                 early, and immediately developed pneumonia. She was given antibiotics and
                                                                                 banamine for the fever. Cria was supplemented while mom recovered. Both
                                                                                 are fine now. Another LTP female had a bad cough, but she delivered on
                                                                                 time. Everyone with a symptom was treated with NuFlor injection, and
                                                                                 probiotics. The pneumonia was treated with gentamycin. We scrubbed water
                                                                                 buckets, hay troughs, sprayed everything with novasan. It sure was ugly
                                                                                 while it lasted.
64. MI, Genesee County   9/25    5        9           0        MIAF              Attended MIAF with one boy who began showing signs a couple days after
                                                                                 returning. Thick, white snot only. No temp, no loss of appetite, everything
                                                                                 normal other than the snot. Within a few days, another boy began showing
                                                                                 signs and three of my girls also. Snotty noses (some more so than others) was
                                                                                 the only symptom for everyone involved. One was treated with Polyflex and
                                                                                 two with Nuflor. The others didn't get any treatment. Thankfully, everyone is
                                                                                 doing great now.

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Alpaca Virus                                                10/28                                                    Janet Morrow |
0. State / County          Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event    Comments
65. MI, Genesee County     11/12   2        16          0        OABA              Got home from OABA Sunday night, our 3 year old blue ribbon winning
                                                                                   male got suddenly ill Monday night late with frothing of mouth, snots,
                                                                                   respiratory distress. He made it through the night but... We're very concerned
                                                                                   about him. His stall mate, 13-month-old male, this am has nasal discharge, no
                                                                                   temp. None of the females sick yet.
                                                                                   Update 11/30: our very sick male is on the road to recovery. He lost more
                                                                                   than 15 pounds but is now eating and interested in the girls. During his worst
                                                                                   pulmonary edema, we treated him with Lasix, a diuretic. He also received
                                                                                   antibiotics. His stall mate had only mild case and recovered with no
                                                                                   treatment. None of the girls got sick. Fortunately, we had a deep freeze soon
                                                                                   after the illness started; so this might have helped.
66. MI, Lafayette County           8        40          0        Two males         First 2 females, fever and lethargic. 1X Banimine and probiotic solution.
                                                                 returned from a   Completely fine the next day. Next week two LTP females delivered early
                                                                 show the 3rd week (228 days). Cria were/are normal. Two days after birth both had profuse
                                                                 in Sept.          drooling and colic. One was recumbent and taken to UW Vet Hospital at
                                                                                   2pm. Given CA drench, IV fluids, Banimine. Later that evening cria was up
                                                                                   and nursing. Home two days later and fine. Week four two pasture mates had
                                                                                   snotty noses. One very thick and white the other just wet. Several had small
                                                                                   crusty bumps around their noses. (Happened last fall also.) All cleared up in
                                                                                   7 - 10 days no treatment for males. Several days later 3 females were
                                                                                   symptomatic. 18-year-old female (5 mos. preg.) trouble breathing. (Hick-up
                                                                                   like sound.) Next day same started on Pen B (3x /EOD). Breathing fine after
                                                                                   2 days of treatment. One maiden had thick snotty nose day after CDT
                                                                                   booster, cleared up after 2-3 days. 2-year-old female, colic and lethargic.
                                                                                   Treated with Banimine early evening. Fine the next morning. No further
                                                                                   symptoms since around the first week in Oct.
67. MI, Lapeer County                                            MIAF
68. MI, Oakland County     9/27    11       11          0        MIAF              Symptoms began at show. Most began with a clear nasal discharge that
                                                                                   changed within a couple of days to an opaque white / yellowish / greenish
                                                                                   discharge. Some, but not all, had a severe cough and/or explosive sneezing.
                                                                                   Vet suggested SMZ-TMP for 10 days to take care of any bacterial component.
                                                                                   All but one better by end of the 10 days. One juvenile female needed Naxcel
                                                                                   shots for an additional 5 days. Quarantined observed, but did not help.
69. MI, Oakland County     9/25    19       24          1        MIAF              8 year old female passed away. She never had discharge, or fever, her appetite
                                                                                   was fine till the wheezing started. On the ride down to OSU in the van, the
                                                                                   wheezing stopped she was eating. OSU said she died from Phenomena,
                                                                                   waiting for necropsy. Everything OSU did, had no results, breathing
                                                                                   treatments, antibiotics, iv, steroids, nothing. Medicines: naxcel, nuflor & Pen
                                                                                   G, vitacharge. This is ugly, my vet emailed me and he said the may be
                                                                                   adenovirus, he contacted OSU for them run test. One alpaca seemed to have
                                                                                   an earache from it.

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Alpaca Virus                                                 10/28                                                    Janet Morrow |
0. State / County           Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
70. MI, Sanilac County      9/23    59       59          0        MIAF              Started with 3 show alpacas: runny noses and sneezing. When through entire
                                                                                    herd. A few cria had deep croupy cough, no fevers. Some had white
                                                                                    discharge from nose. Watched LTP females, did not treat until crias were
                                                                                    born. It was a difficult experience, listening and watching the herd. We never
                                                                                    had anything like this before.
71. MI, Shiawassee County   9/27    10       11          0        MIAF              We have one 17 year old girl that may be in trouble.

72. MI, Tuscola County      10/1    6        16          1        MIAF              The female that died presented first with the ghastly cough that was self
                                                                                    limiting then a week later developed watery diarrhea and seemed to have
                                                                                    cramping, was treated with Bactrim and "Bute", and probios, then a second
                                                                                    animal, (one that went to the show) developed the diarrhea and was treated
                                                                                    with the same. I also had one develop a condition labeled as "Flounders"
                                                                                    where she wouldn't walk and when she did it was like walking on "eggshells"
                                                                                    treated with "Bute" an anti inflammatory and taken off all grains and
                                                                                    supplements. She seems to have recovered. After the first had the cough, a
                                                                                    couple days later another had the cough and had a day of the "Snotts" and
                                                                                    seemed to recover.
                                                                                    I would periodically see foam around her lips. Also, another female, again
                                                                                    she was at the show was the first to demonstrate the foam around the mouth
                                                                                    and seemed to be fine otherwise. She seems to have recovered except is
                                                                                    loosing small tufts of fiber.
                                                                                    So, a lot of different symptoms in different animals that threw us off with the
                                                                                    diarrhea, which tested negative for the usual things.
                                                                                    We lost a 13-year-old bred female.
73. MN, Blue Earth County   9/30    4        10          0        Alpaca Jamboree   After hearing non-stop sneezing and coughing and sneezing from one of my
                                                                                    girls, I called my alpaca mentors and asked if alpacas catch colds. It started in
                                                                                    my girls who did not attend the show. A three year old, a two year old, and a
                                                                                    3 month old girl all had symptoms. Fortunately they were not in distress - just
                                                                                    appeared tired, coughed and sneezed repeatedly at times, and had the thick
                                                                                    nasal discharge. Then one of the three boys that went to the show had a mild
                                                                                    case also. Now that I know it wasn't just "a cold" I must say that it appears
                                                                                    the boys brought it home and the girls caught it and gave it back to the one
                                                                                    boy? Strange. I feel extremely fortunate that we seem to be clear now - and I
                                                                                    hope that this thing runs its course quickly.

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0. State / County           Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event    Comments
74. MN, Le Sueur County     9/26    2        37          0        Attended Northern Only had a couple of alpacas showing symptoms. No one who had been at a
                                                                  Iowa Show - not show or off the farm had any symptoms. It developed before our farm open
                                                                  related           house. Only one of the ailing alpacas received any treatment. Temps were
                                                                                    normal in the subject alpacas. A male who is at the direct opposite end of the
                                                                                    barn from the show males developed the snotty nose. He had been receiving
                                                                                    antibiotics prior to our going to the show for a rattle in his lungs. No temp.
                                                                                    When the snotty nose developed we figured it was another symptom of the
                                                                                    previous ailment. After consulting with our vet we gave him a round of Nu-
                                                                                    Flor and nothing more developed with him. The three other males in his pen
                                                                                    never developed any symptoms. An older female in another pen (had no
                                                                                    contact with the male) also had some problem with her nose but not to the
                                                                                    degree the first one did. At about the same time as this was happening there
                                                                                    was sneezing going on in almost every pen. Attributed it to changeable
                                                                                    weather. Cold and damp then warm and sunny and so on...
75. MN, Washington County   9/26    18       29          0        Alpaca            Within a few days we had 6 in main barn with snotty noses and hacking
                                                                  Jamboree          cough. That evening a female was down grunting and not chewing cud.
                                                                                    Gave her probiotics and called vet. Next day vet came out. Not gut sounds
                                                                                    from left side, pain when touched. She was given injection of Banamine and
                                                                                    more probiotics. Later that day she was up eating hay.
                                                                                    Next day there were 4 more ill. We striped the barn to bare floor , and
                                                                                    sprayed floors and walls with sprayed with diluted bleach solution. Once it
                                                                                    was completely dry we put down new hay and clean oat straw. Treated the
                                                                                    herd with antibiotics. Sulfadimethoxine 12.5% It was mixed with water for 7
                                                                                    Update 11/2: We now have 2 cria with rattled breathing. No snotty noses.
                                                                                    They have been on SMZ-TMP since yesterday. The vet took blood and nasal
                                                                                    swabs from the youngest cria. She is 2 ½ months. Her penmate is 4 months
                                                                                    old and has been too quiet. There are 4 cria in the pen. 2 are ill and 2 not.
76. MO, Boone County        11/2    11       45          0        Topeka Show       I have seen snotty noses and coughing. I have had no deaths yet, but a few of
                                                                                    my older girls (17-19) are getting excenel for 5 days. A few of my boys are
                                                                                    now starting to show signs. I’ve been raising alpacas since 1990, and have
                                                                                    never seen something go through my herd like this.
77. MO, Boone County        10/31   16       40          0 yet    Topeka            I've had no deaths yet, but 2 of my old females are not doing so well. It seems
                                                                                    to be done in my herd now. No one new is getting it.
78. MO, Jefferson County    8/25    3        21          2        None              We had one male with a runny nose for a few days. Our 2 girls that were
                                                                                    affected both gave birth 3+ weeks early. We lost both cria. Our first girl
                                                                                    showed some snot, flared nostrils and breathing issues. They was some
                                                                                    coughing… All 3 animals are now better.
79. MO, Washington County   10/19   4        17          0        None              So far only my females have been affected. We have had runny noses and
                                                                                    some coughing. My female llama was showing signs of congestion. This
                                                                                    lasted one day only. Everyone is better, not 100%, but on the way. My male
                                                                                    herd has shown no signs of illness to this point.
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Alpaca Virus                                                   10/28                                                  Janet Morrow |
0. State / County             Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
80. NC, Buncombe County       10/31   4        24          0        None              Only 1 had sneezing, coughing and thick white nasal discharge. Another had
                                                                                      sneezing. a 3rd had "moisture" around nostrils. Consulted vet who consult
                                                                                      UT. Treated all 12 in female group with LA200 on 11/1. All seem to be
                                                                                      breathing well and dry noses on 11/2 morning.
81. NC, Cabarrus              11/2    8        10          0        Alpaca Expo       We just returned from the VAOBA Alpaca Expo last Sunday Oct. 28th.
                                                                                      Yesterday, Nov. 2nd, noticed slight moisture around a few boys' noses.
                                                                                      Today = SNOTS. We have 8 infected boys and by tomorrow I expect to see
                                                                                      symptoms in the girls.
82. NH, Cheshire County       10/1    20       28          0        Big E             Comments we attended The Big E show in Springfield MA. with 4 alpacas.
                                                                                      There were alpacas there that were coughing and sneezing etc... by Sunday
                                                                                      afternoon at the show, our alpacas were sneezing and by Monday 2 of our
                                                                                      alpacas had runny noses. even with quarantine the virus spread through the
                                                                                      herd in varying degrees....
83. NH, Grafton County        10/15   15       15          0        Coastal Classic   1 LTP female at 10 months 3 weeks we are watching closely. One female
                                                                                      with clear runny nose and sneezing before show (Possible allergies). 1 cria
                                                                                      had nasal congestion sounds, but no discharge before show. 1 cria with
                                                                                      temperature 104.8 after show. Both crias were put on Naxcel for 7 days.
                                                                                      Neither has shown nasal discharge yet. Two show animals brought home
                                                                                      from show were quarantined from rest of herd. The rest of the herd started
                                                                                      showing signs 4 days after show.
84. NH, Hillsborough County   10/4    34       100         0        Big E             Only 2 animals had temps over 103. They were treated with long-acting
                                                                                      penicillin. They should improvement quickly. Symptoms include snotty nose
                                                                                      and coughing. (Sounded like whooping cough.) The show-string has not had
                                                                                      any symptoms. It leaped to our breeding barn, which is 100 yards away. I
                                                                                      have one 2-month-old male cria that is quite ill. He has a severe case of
                                                                                      pneumonia with labored breathing. After 5 days of naxcel there has been no
                                                                                      real improvement. He is having trouble walking. We do not know if it is
                                                                                      related or not. 10/27 one of my first animals to show symptoms again had a
                                                                                      snotty now. She had been a symptomatic for nearly two weeks.
85. NH, Hillsborough County   9/1     40       50          0        Auction           My husband brought an alpaca back from an auction a few days before the
                                                                                      first runny nose. We treated one youngster who developed a cough with
                                                                                      antibiotics. He was better in less than 24 hrs.
86. NH, Merrimack County      10/2    8        50          0        Big E             5 cria and 3 adults have been infected. Two of the 5 cria had high temps.
                                                                                      Were treated with LA Penicillin for 5 days. We wiped noses anytime we saw
                                                                                      them dirty. By 10/7 they were all on the upswing.
87. NH, Strafford County      10/3    26       26          0        Big E             Went thru whole herd - not all had runny noses - but of those that didn't some
                                                                                      had low grade fever so I assume they all got it. Last symptoms observed
                                                                                      10/12/07. We had a high fever in one early pregnant female (105.3). Gave
                                                                                      banamine once and that was all she needed to get thru it.

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Alpaca Virus                                                   10/28                                                    Janet Morrow |
0. State / County          Onset      Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
88. NJ, Atlantic County    11/29/07            3           1        Transport         These people just bought 3 alpacas from someone in PA and the animals were
                                                                                      delivered one week ago. This young 3 year old gelding was seen at 6 AM
                                                                                      yesterday and seemed fine to the new (inexperienced) owners. 45 minutes
                                                                                      later they found him dead (still warm). They said he ate his grain the night
                                                                                      before. They took the body to New Bolton Center in PA for necropsy at my
                                                                                      encouragement. They had the vet out today, who I have notified about the
                                                                                      ARS in alpacas going around. The vets have her giving probiotics and taking
                                                                                      temperatures on her two remaining alpacas, one of which is a pregnant female
                                                                                      and one a young female. Neither had any temperature today and seem fine.
                                                                                      This has been an extremely upsetting experience for these people.

                                                                                      I am thinking that the virus (necropsy said they felt the pneumonia was viral
                                                                                      in nature and they are sending a tissue sample to virology) came from the
                                                                                      farm where the animals were bought from. They were not transported by any
                                                                                      outside transporter, but were delivered by the sellers themselves. I told the girl
                                                                                      to check out the AlpacaWatch web site, so you may hear from her. She did
                                                                                      tell me that she had not observed any snotty or wet noses over the week that
                                                                                      she had these animals. Just wanted to let you know that there may still be
                                                                                      some cases of this virus around.

                                                                                       I wrote to the farm in PA to ask if they had experienced any symptoms, but
                                                                                      they have not answered my email. I'm thinking the virus originated at the farm
                                                                                      in PA and because the animals were moved to their new home, the stress of
                                                                                      the transition put this young fellow at risk. He ate well the night before, he
                                                                                      was standing with the other two 45 minutes before they found him dead.
89. NJ, Hunterdon County   9/1        28       4           0        East meets West   We brought 4 girls at East meets West auction. They were put in Quarantine
                                                                    Auction           for 6 weeks. Separate barn and pasture from everyone else. They had the
                                                                                      snots, which we thought were allergies. One cria had a high fever, and was
                                                                                      better the next day. No respiratory issues. A week later we had a 2-year-old
                                                                                      pregnant female with a 104.2 fever. Not other signs.
90. NJ, Hunterdon County   9/11       15       39          0        SEPA show         Showed up 3 days after attending show. Saw a number of alpacas with snots
                                                                                      at the show, and one in the ring. Treated are now better. 5-day infection
                                                                                      period. Serious quarantine enforced.

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Alpaca Virus                                                10/28                                                    Janet Morrow |
0. State / County          Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
91. NJ, Hunterdon County   9/11    23       27          1        SEPA              We returned from SEPA and within 3 days all 5 of the alpacas we brought
                                                                                   were sick. Some had snots, all five had fever. Despite a strict quarantine
                                                                                   (150ft from barn, separate everything as well as use of booties, etc) the
                                                                                   infection spread to the main barn and the rest of the heard. A total of 23 of
                                                                                   our 27 alpacas got sick. Many with snots but all with fevers. The fevers
                                                                                   ranged from 101 to 104.2. It took over 3 weeks for the virus to run through
                                                                                   the herd and clear out.
                                                                                   We thought we were out of the woods when one of older girls started open
                                                                                   mouth breathing. She was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection and
                                                                                   put on Penicillin. Of all the sick alpacas, she was the only one who acted
                                                                                   sick. Her appetite was gone and she was listless. After about 4 days of
                                                                                   treatment she perked up and behavior returned to normal. A couple days after
                                                                                   that (on a really hot day) we noticed heavy breathing with occasional mouth
                                                                                   breathing. We thought she was just heat stressed with some residual head
                                                                                   congestion. The next morning we found her dead. The death occurred on
                                                                                   **We would not have known that almost our whole herd was sick if we hadn't
                                                                                   checked everyone's temp. Only about half of them got the snots.
92. NJ, Salem              9/10    3        7           0        SEPA              Took 10-month-old male to show on Friday night. Noticed several visibly
                                                                                   snotting animals on Saturday evening so we left early the next morning. On
                                                                                   Monday he had a clear nasal discharge, which lasted until Wednesday
                                                                                   evening. His buddy in the isolation pen, his 17 month old full brother, had a
                                                                                   weepy eye on Tuesday night and green snot by evening. On Thursday
                                                                                   morning he sounded congested. That night he was mouth breathing, making
                                                                                   terrible breathing noises, coughing, sneezing and running a 104.2 fever. This
                                                                                   animal had never left the farm! The vet treated him with 5 days of subQ
                                                                                   Naxel. He showed substantial improvement in four hours. The only other
                                                                                   animal to show any symptoms was their mother who was not anywhere near
                                                                                   them. On Friday morning she had a very slight clear nasal discharge. It was
                                                                                   gone by mid-afternoon. The other four animals were totally unaffected. We
                                                                                   always go to the girls pen first, handle the boys next, the isolation pen last.
93. NJ, Sussex County      9/13    21       21          0        SEPA              All became sick quickly, spread faster than anything I've seen. Some required
                                                                                   intervention, antibiotics, etc. We are dealing with a very sick cria right now, a
                                                                                   month later, could possibly be related to outbreak. Boys and girls are still
                                                                                   showing occasional discharge, mostly from their eyes. This makes me think
                                                                                   that the virus may not be "gone."

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Alpaca Virus                                              10/28                                                      Janet Morrow |
0. State / County        Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event     Comments
94. NM, Curry County     11/9    7        32          0        Transport           We brought our new herdsire in on a transport from IN on 11/08/07. He left
                                                                                   his previous farm on 11/07/07 so he was on the transport for about 24 hours.
                                                                                   By 11/09/07 he had a very slight runny nose. We received an email from his
                                                                                   previous farm on Sunday 11/11/07 stating that they had found a pasture mate
                                                                                   of our new herdsire with a runny nose and slight fever on Saturday. While
                                                                                   this pasture mate hadn't actually been to the show, they attributed his and
                                                                                   Doc's infection to his proximity to alpacas they had taken to the NAILE show
                                                                                   the previous weekend. Our new guy was quarantined with two yearling males
                                                                                   for companionship (they weren't sick - just with Doc for company while he
                                                                                   was in quarantine), both of which were sneezing within 24 hours after Doc's
                                                                                   arrival, but only had very mild symptoms, which lasted about 3 days. (Same
                                                                                   as Doc.) We had a group of girls in an nearby quarantine with no common
                                                                                   fence lines, strict biosecurity measures in place (including different caretakers
                                                                                   that never entered the other quarantine area), and these girls came down with
                                                                                   runny noses within a week of Doc's arrival. It has since passed to some of our
                                                                                   other males, and 2 of our yearling girls. All of our animals are exhibiting very
                                                                                   mild virus symptoms, which last about 3 days. I fully expect for the virus to
                                                                                   "make the rounds" in our whole herd. It seems to take 3 to 5 days before a
                                                                                   new case will show up in a different section of our farm. So far, it hasn't hit
                                                                                   every alpaca in a particular pen or pasture area, and the symptoms last about 3
                                                                                   days from their noses being "moist enough to notice" to small amounts of
                                                                                   translucent mucous visible to completely dry. We had one girl with a temp of
                                                                                   102 for one day. If you need any other info, please let me know.
95. NM, Otero County     11/15   3        10          0        None                We noticed two of our males with slight nose discharge plus one with heavy,
                                                                                   thick discharge (he's the one who had the cough and sneezing preceding this).
                                                                                   All others are not affected thus far. We are treating with a daily injection of
                                                                                   Excenel for six days. Today (11/18)was Day #3.
96. NV, Douglas County           24       62          0        Transport           Antibiotics used- none as per vet's recommendation. Lab work identified
                                                                                   nothing. Temperatures were about 104 in each alpaca affected. Took about 5
                                                                                   days to run it's course in each alpaca.
97. NV, Washoe County    10/2    42                   1        Pronk - not related For treatment - any one with fevers only - pen g, B vitamins and banimine for
                                                                                   those with coughing and sneezing with fever used naxel instead of pen g for
                                                                                   those with just the snots - b vitamins only. Temperatures 102-105. Coughs,
                                                                                   sneezing, and snotty noses. Sickest had white granular discharge from nose.
                                                                                   We did have 2 alpacas that coughed so hard their faces swelled like a balloon.
                                                                                   Everyone is fine now. The older alpacas and crias where hit the hardest but
                                                                                   we did not bring it back from the show. It was here when we got home. The
                                                                                   one thing we did notice, animals that got Norm Evans fiber nutrients did not
                                                                                   get sick. Loaded with B vitamins!

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Alpaca Virus                                                 10/28                                                   Janet Morrow |
0. State / County           Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
98. NV, Washoe County       9/28    80       42          1        Pronk             Vitamin b and banamine seem to be the best cure for most although the really
                                                                                    sick ones (we had 3) were on naxel for 10 days. We had 3 preemies and all
                                                                                    made it and all the crias had it but not to severely. Took 2 1/2 weeks for it to
                                                                                    clear up. The sickest female gave birth to still born 1 month early and had a
                                                                                    white granular discharge from her nose
99. NV, Douglas County      10/18   4        11          0        Pronk             Showed up 3 days after attending show. Still spread from one barn to
                                                                                    another, well separated. Serious quarantine enforced. 6 days later everyone
                                                                                    back to normal.
100NY, Broome County        9/12    12       41          0        SEPA show         We had a 3-week premature cria born the 17th; mother had it right before she
                                                                                    was born. The cria seems OK. None that came back from the show had
101NY, Cattaraugus County   10/27   13       13          0        Empire Show       One (1) male animal suffered respiratory distress which was alleviated within
                                                                                    24 hours with the administration of antibiotics. All others are recovering
                                                                                    without incident with the exception of a couple who went off feed for 1-2
                                                                                    feedings but are now acting normal.
102NY, Cattaraugus County   10/24   4        20          0        Empire Show       Only 4 kept together in a separate pasture (weaning + companion and two
                                                                                    show attendees) Treating with Poliflex.
103NY, Cattaraugus          9/11    10       25          1        Eastern Extreme   We had a pregnant female return. It wasn’t 3 days later that we noticed the
                                                                  Auction           snotty nose. She had been in quarantine and remained there, but it made no
                                                                                    difference. The next pasture affected was our maternity. With moms due up
                                                                                    to approximately 2 months out (5) and our show string of 2 yearling females.
                                                                                    The pregnant dams got it the worse. With our oldest dam getting the cough
                                                                                    and hoarseness. Her’s lasted about 5 days. The others, 4 pregnant dams, had
                                                                                    varying degrees of snotty noses. One of them was a pregnant maiden 8 weeks
                                                                                    out, who delivered a stillborn female cria. Fully formed… There was a full
                                                                                    empty pasture between the females and the males. They are in separate barns,
                                                                                    but it was transmitted to the males anyway. They were the last to get it.
104NY, Cattaraugus County   10/23   14       28          1        EE                Only one alpaca that was at the show came down with the snots. I had one
                                                                                    cria, two between 2 and 5 years and two older animals, both over ten that
                                                                                    were treated with antibiotics. The two older alpacas had difficulty breathing.
                                                                                    One responded to antibiotics after three days, the other died from severe
                                                                                    respiratory distress after six days of treatment with two kinds of antibiotics.
                                                                                    Of course, he was a very well known breeding male I had purchased half
                                                                                    ownership of to use for my spring breeding program. It was a great loss.
105NY, Columbia County      10/24   61       72          0        EE                Quarantine was ineffective even though the quarantine field was downwind
                                                                                    and no personnel went between the quarantine and other fields. Most animals
                                                                                    showed nasal discharge for a day or two. No temps. 2 animals have very
                                                                                    labored breathing for about a day; neither treated and were fine the next day
                                                                                    (one was 330 days pregnant at the time).

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Alpaca Virus                                                10/28                                                   Janet Morrow |
0. State / County          Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event    Comments
106NY, Ontario County              5        56          2        Action and Return The two deaths were a stillborn (died in the last week of
                                                                                   pregnancy) and sent to Cornell University for necropsy. Results
                                                                                   indicated no identifiable cause - natural, bacterial or virology. The
                                                                                   other death was a 1 month premature cria who displayed no nursing
                                                                                   reflex and was extremely depressed. THe only animals showing any
                                                                                   signs were females and crias - no studs or fiber animals showed any
107NY, Oswego County       10/23   4        19          0        EE                One of the boys we took was symptomatic, with no fever. This am., a buddy
                                                                                   who didn't go, but shares the quarantine area, showed signs. This evening,
                                                                                   another buddy is showing. The only one in that group not with it yet is the
                                                                                   other one who did go to the show.
108NY, Washington County   10/15   10       19          0        Coastal Classic   Initially started with the show string, and has now spread to the mom's and
                                                                                   babies barn. We have incredible quarantine… still spread. We still have it at
                                                                                   this time. We are giving Naxcel twice a day for 10 days.
109OH, Erie County         10/24   50       50          0        MIAF              We took one boy to the show. Symptoms began right after our return. We
                                                                                   had one that we gave banamine and exceed. Because she developed a
                                                                                   respiratory issue. Several others were given exceed for deep cough. A couple
                                                                                   are still sneezing, but the runny noses have cleared up.
110OH, Franklin            7/10    30       41          0        New Alpaca w/cria The morning after the Preceding Event, we noticed cria had white discharge
                                                                                   from nose. Within 9 days, same symptoms was noted in yearling male
                                                                                   pasture on two males and in one of the dams pasture. Within a month, it had
                                                                                   moved through the entire farm. We did note that crias seemed to also display
                                                                                   weeping eyes. We experienced no early births nor have any of the newly bred
                                                                                   girls absorbed.

111OH, Franklin County     11/13   2        7           0        Alpacafest         We took three animals to Alpacafest - 2 male (12 mos, 18 mos), one female (6
                                                                                    mos). All wer health checked before the show and upon arrival.
                                                                                    The odest and youngest have developed nasal drainage and difficulty
                                                                                    breathing with 2 days of returning from the show.
                                                                                    Although we had no abutting pens to our animals, show visitors went from
                                                                                    pen to pen petting animals and the single tunnel between barns and show area
                                                                                    no doubt could have contributed to exchange of disease by humans or contact
                                                                                    / proximity to other animals.
                                                                                    After about a week of antibiotic they are 'holding their own' with no increase
                                                                                    or decrease in symptoms. 6-mo old Female is probably the most stressed with
                                                                                    fairly constant heavy breathing.
                                                                                    Two males were quarantined together and penned together at the show
                                                                                    but younger male shows no symptoms.

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Alpaca Virus                                              10/28                                                   Janet Morrow |
0. State / County        Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
112OH, Start County      10/24   40       70          0        Empire            Knowing the possibilities.....were very careful. Quarantine was over 200feet
                                                                                 from main herd. Only two of the 6 show animals had any symptoms. Main
                                                                                 herd showed signs on the 11-1. Did have a few outside breedings that could
                                                                                 have infected the main herd, I doubt it was the quarantined show animals..
                                                                                 .based on incubation timeframe.
                                                                                 Used naxcel on some early affected animals, nuflor on some later. Found a
                                                                                 few animals that seemed fine, but had high temp when we took temps on the
                                                                                 whole herd 11-6 or when vet listened to lung sounds on most of herd 11-5.
                                                                                 All signs are now gone.
113OH, Wood County       10/22   4        19          0        None              Lasted about 3 days. No fevers. We did not treat, and it went away.
114OH, Canadian County   11/3    7        11          0        Topeka            13 alpaca and 1 llama. It started with 3 that went to the show, but now the
                                                                                 llama has it, as well as 3 others in the herd. Most are mild symptoms, clear or
                                                                                 white nasal discharge. I start them on Naxcel and it clears up in a few days.
                                                                                 However, I do have one adult female suri alpaca (age 6) that had a cria on
                                                                                 11/4, day 335,dystocia birth (breech). Female cria is doing well, but dam was
                                                                                 in respiratory distress on 11/7, we rushed her to Oklahoma State University
                                                                                 (OSU) and she has been on oxygen and Nuflor since then. She is diagnosed
                                                                                 with pneumonia and she now has subcutaneous emphysema. We thought we
                                                                                 were going to lose her. She has normal respirations as of today, but still on
                                                                                 oxygen. Yesterday's xray didn't looks so good, but she seems better today.
                                                                                 We think we have turned the corner and are cautiously optimistic. Just
                                                                                 thought you would like an update for accurate records.
115OK, Oklahoma County   11/2    1        20          0        Topeka            Vet gave her Injections of Vit B and C Nescel ( antibiotic) and bantamine -
                                                                                 We will continue with the antibiotic injections over the weekend

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Alpaca Virus                                              10/28                                                     Janet Morrow |
0. State / County        Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
116OK, Oklahoma County   11/3    17       19          1        Topeka Show       I have noticed that one of the girls that had a snotty nose on November 6
                                                                                 which went away in a few hours, has a worse looking nose this morning but
                                                                                 she acts like she feels fine. In fact the only one to act sick was the girl that lost
                                                                                 her cria. (See below)
                                                                                 I checked on the herd and one of my adult males has a snotty nose so it looks
                                                                                 like it has made it to the guys side of the farm.
                                                                                 This is one confusing horrible virus! I have asked OSU to get as much
                                                                                 information as they can from the necropsy of the cria and placenta. The
                                                                                 reason I mention the placenta is I had one vet tell me that there are cases of a
                                                                                 pathogen attacking the placenta directly and causing it to harden somewhat,
                                                                                 which reduces or stops the flow of blood. One more possible piece to the
                                                                                 I had one late term dam that seemed to show no symptoms at all until I
                                                                                 noticed her grunting and being reluctant to move. I got her to a vet who found
                                                                                 nothing wrong with her heart or lungs, later that night she was moaning and
                                                                                 flaring her nostrils so I took her to Oklahoma State University, this morning
                                                                                 they called to tell me the cria, which was due in two weeks, was dead and had
                                                                                 probably died in the last 24 hours. So far the dam is doing well, they will
                                                                                 induce the cria tomorrow (Friday) I have asked they do a necropsy on the cria
                                                                                 and do testing and blood work on the dam. Maybe that will help find out what
                                                                                 we are up against. There is at least one other alpaca there with respiratory
                                                                                 This is one confusing horrible virus! I have asked OSU to get as much
                                                                                 information as they can from the necropsy of the cria and placenta. The
                                                                                 reason I mention the placenta is I had one vet tell me that there are cases of a
                                                                                 pathogen attacking the placenta directly and causing it to harden somewhat,
                                                                                 which reduces or stops the flow of blood. One more possible piece to the
117OK, Tulsa County      11/2    2        34          0        Topeka Show       Minor white mucous
118OR, Benton County     10/25   16       18          0        AlpacaMania       Just started 10/25….
119OR, Douglass County   10/24   9        16          ?        AlpacaMania       Symptoms started in the show animals about 3 days after returning home and
                                                                                 since then we have had about 1/3 to 1/2 of the animals in every pasture come
                                                                                 down with runny or snotty noses, even though the show animals are
                                                                                 quarantined. A couple have been sneezing or coughing but so far no one
                                                                                 seems to have the more severe symptoms, thank goodness. We have a total of
                                                                                 16 animals and I'd say 9 of them have shown symptoms. Needless to say, we
                                                                                 are watching them all very closely.
                                                                                 I am also wondering about Penny. She died in June, and we are wondering if
                                                                                 it may have had this virus. Her necropsy indicated she died of aspiration
                                                                                 pneumonia. Anyway, I have attached her necropsy results in case it provides
                                                                                 any clues for folks who know more about this than I do

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Alpaca Virus                                                10/28                                                    Janet Morrow |
0. State / County          Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event    Comments
120OR, Lane County         10/28   12       60          0        AlpacaMania        We took 4 boys to the AlpacaMania show. Today we noticed all of them with
                                                                                    the snots. A few boys that did not attend are also sneezing, coughing, and one
                                                                                    boys is groaning… They still all have good appetites, and seem normal
                                                                                    except for the one that is groaning. We plan on giving them 15-20 drops of
                                                                                    GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract) twice a date starting tomorrow
121OR, Lane County         10/22   3        24          0        AlpacaMania        We have 3 adult males with symptoms (snot and fever). Only 2 of them were
                                                                                    at the show. The 3rd was part of the group that quarantined together due to
                                                                                    space. Not all the males
                                                                                    in the group developed symptoms. Symptoms appeared within 5 days of
                                                                                    My Moms and cria pastures are separated by at least 20 feet from the
                                                                                    quarantine pastures. I have not seen symptoms in the girls.
                                                                                    Update 11/4: 2 females now showing the snotty nose as of yesterday. We'll
                                                                                    see if it makes it through the rest of the girl side of the farm.
122OR, Lane County         10/28   8        58          0        AlpacaMania        I had 2 females who had a clear discharge at least 2 weeks prior to the show
                                                                                    (Oct. 19-21). The clear runny nose was the only symptom at that time. It
                                                                                    resolved by itself.
123OR, Multnomah County    10/25   14       4           0        AlpacaMania        So far the younger one at 6.5 months has the worst symptoms, being a gooey
                                                                                    and then crusty nose. We have had coughing and sneezing here for a week.
                                                                                    First one with symptoms still has slightly runny nose. We are treating sick
                                                                                    and younger ones with MSE
124OR, Washington County   10/1    12       60          0        None               We treated with Excenel for 7 days and all are fine and healthy now. Only 3
                                                                                    had a slight fever 102.5 to 103 degrees and they were older females. 10 plus
                                                                                    years.. fever went down after 1st Excenel shot and stayed down.
125OR, Washington County   11/1    30       1           0        ?                  Humans not alpacas attended AlpacaMania. This is a small but healthy 4-
                                                                                    week-old cria. None of the alpacas in his pasture have been off our property.
                                                                                    Two yearling males went to a fiber festival the fourth week of Sept and were
                                                                                    in his barn for part of Nat'l Farm Day. We had about 30 visitors that weekend.
                                                                                    The 4 wk old seems to have been cured overnight, though we're
                                                                                    still giving him the antibiotic.
                                                                                    Update 11/6: Meanwhile, a 3 yr old started grunting with snotty nose on 11/4;
                                                                                    a 14 yr old got snotty nose on 11/5. Neither of these coughed like the cria did.
                                                                                    Both being treated with antibiotic.

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Alpaca Virus                                                 10/28                                                   Janet Morrow |
0. State / County           Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
126OR, Washington County    10/28   5        13          0        AlpacaMainia      We took two juvenile females to the show in October. We brought them home
                                                                                    on October 21st, and put them in Quarantine. The pasture and Paddock is
                                                                                    segregated from all the other alpacas. We brought home a dam and a 4 month
                                                                                    old Cria from a farm on an Island in Washington. I transported a female us
                                                                                    part way in my trailer from another farm in Oregon who reported they had no
                                                                                    cases of snots. The farm in Washington also had no snots and still does not.
                                                                                    One week later the 4 month old had profuse white snot coming out of both
                                                                                    nostrils. No fever and otherwise seemed to feel pretty good. She had been
                                                                                    the worst and it took 7 days for her to get better.
                                                                                    My two show girls never did get any symptoms. The mother of the 4 month
                                                                                    old did not develop symptoms, but I have 4 others who came up with varying
                                                                                    degrees of runny noses. I treated by cleaning the noses with antibacterial soap
                                                                                    and giving a couple doses of Probiotic. I also gave the ones with the most
                                                                                    symptoms shots of Exonel for 5 days. We all all clear now.
127PA, Bucks County         11/2    8        21          0        Alpaca Expo       3 came back from the show with the snots and 5 more developed it. By no
                                                                                    they are much better, hardly a runny nose.
128PA, Mercer County        10/21   36       42          0        Empire Alpaca     One juvenile female suri showed wet nose Sunday of the show (10/21) - had
                                                                                    been on probiotics at show with rest - we always keep on probiotics when
                                                                                    traveling. Thurs. 10/25 - five add'l w/runny noses; one more show girl, rest
                                                                                    were random. most of herd now infected even though no direct exposure; two
                                                                                    newest cria 9 days and 3 weeks - no symptoms. Per vet - watch carefully, do
                                                                                    nothing at the moment. Look for weight loss, lack of interest in eating,
                                                                                    elevated temps, change in behavior, change in mucous color, etc... So far all
                                                                                    we have been experiencing is the runny noses, few coughs, sneezes.
129PA, Susquehanna County   9/11    9        17          0        SEPA show         Had about 9 alpacas affected at different times through aprox. a 2 week
                                                                                    period. Worse case was in a pregnant female, in which the snots lasted longer
                                                                                    aprox. 3-4 days and was quite severe. No one had fever or off feed. Pregnant
                                                                                    female resolved in about 4 days and delivered a normal gestation cria 3 weeks
                                                                                    later without difficulty.
130PA, York County          9/24    4        17          0        None              Vet came and gave antibiotic to the snotty ones, separated the snotty from the
                                                                                    unsnotty, more antibiotic to snotty folks next day and it was gone.

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Alpaca Virus                                                10/28                                                    Janet Morrow |
0. State / County          Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
131TN, Anderson County     10/20   13       14          1        ALSA              I counted any llama or alpaca with even clear nasal discharge as infected, and
                                                                                   treated all runny noses with LA200 or Nuflor. The first to show symptoms
                                                                                   were a llama gelding (apparent mild choke, continuing serious breathing
                                                                                   difficulties), a female llama (apparent mild choke, labored breathing), and a
                                                                                   cria (snotty nose & fever). All cleared up when treated with Nuflor. Perhaps
                                                                                   the choke was due to sore/swollen throats? Preventative treatments over the
                                                                                   next two weeks were given to other animals, per vet recommendation, as
                                                                                   secondary bacterial infections were thought to be common. On 11/7, an 18-yr
                                                                                   old female (mother to the affected cria), came down with breathing
                                                                                   difficulties for the second time. She didn't respond to Nuflor and was taken to
                                                                                   Univ. of Tenn. Vet School on 11/9, where she died late that night from
                                                                                   pneumonia. The only animal that had a fever was the cria. Attempts to
                                                                                   culture bacteria from the lungs of the dead female didn't show anything. She
                                                                                   apparently had underlying compromised lung function, with X-rays showing
                                                                                   trapped pockets of air and blunted bronchial tubes. I think this came home
                                                                                   from the SE Regional, though none of the llamas I'd been showing all fall had
                                                                                   significant symptoms.
132TN, Grundy County       9/20    5        5           0        Transport         New pregnant female brought in 5 days before outbreak. Was quarantined
                                                                                   30ft away for 2 weeks. Sending farm does not show, no new animals or
                                                                                   transports. Mild/moderate runny noses and eyes. Cleared up in about 5 days.
                                                                                   No treatment.
133TN, Montgomery County   6       1        4           1        None              I was boarding two alpacas for a friend along with my three. While in my
                                                                                   care, one of the Alpacas started coughing frequently, had a running nose, and
                                                                                   was clearly not feeling well. I
                                                                                   had the local Vet come out, he took his temp, examined him, looked down his
                                                                                   throat and said, he probably had some hay caught in his throat, but went ahead
                                                                                   and gave him a shot of pen, told me to keep an eye on him. He did clear up in
                                                                                   a couple days and was acting like
                                                                                   himself again. A month later he went to his owner's property with one other
                                                                                   Alpaca and some goats. Two weeks after being there the same symptoms
                                                                                   came back. It got to the point that he wouldn't eat or get up. A day later, he
                                                                                   died. The Vet told us he might have a feed pellets in his lung and he choked
                                                                                   on it. This didn't seem right to me, but I didn't know what else it could be, all
                                                                                   of the others were healthy with no symptoms. It was July that he died.

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Alpaca Virus                                            10/28                                                   Janet Morrow |
0. State / County      Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
134TX, Wilson County   10/2    16       16          1        Auction           I brought home 2 pregnant llamas on Sept. 29. On Oct. 2nd my alpacas and
                                                                               llamas got runny noses. I had my vet check them (he is more of a cattle vet
                                                                               but does know some about alpacas) and he said to wait and see if they go off
                                                                               of their feed. On Oct. 5 I had a girl alpaca off of her feed and laying down
                                                                               breathing hard, runny eyes and nose. I also had a male llama with the same
                                                                               symptoms. My vet came out and gave me Nuflor 3 cc/100 lbs. I wanted him
                                                                               to do blood work, but he refused saying they had pneumonia and there was no
                                                                               reason to. I asked him if I should dose all of my alpacas and llamas and he
                                                                               said to wait until they go off of their food. My girl alpaca was a little better
                                                                               the next day, my llama not so good. I had to continue dosing them every 48
                                                                               hrs for a total of 4 doses each. On Oct 2nd, one of the pregnant llamas that I
                                                                               had brought home (from an auction, which will never happen again) delivered
                                                                               a 14 lb. stillborn cria. The mom also had a prolapsed uterus, which had to be
                                                                               repaired by the vet. Before I bought these llamas home, I have never had a
                                                                               problem with my animals being sick. I have had them for more than 2 years. I
                                                                               asked my vet this, but he doesn't believe in doing that if they seem to be
                                                                               better, but I would feel better myself knowing. One other thing, I have a horse
                                                                               in a connecting pasture that has gotten sick last week, I picked up medicine
                                                                               from my vet for him. His symptoms were similar. He had a bad runny nose,
                                                                               runny eyes and a slight cough. One of his eyes actually closed up and I had to
                                                                               flush it out and put tetramyacin in it for several days.
135TX, Denton County   9/1     2        65          2                          Male 2 1/2 years old 100% hemi-accoyo found down in the field on the
                                                                               hottest days of the summer. Had a temperature - was sheared on the spot.
                                                                               Treated for respiratory distress and pneumonia, IV fluids & antibiotics.
                                                                               Necropsy showed drug resistant – Enterococcus. Right lung in very bad shape
                                                                               and had pustules. All other organs were fine. White blood count over 40.
                                                                               Female 2-year-old maiden sub-temperature IV fluids & 3 different Antibiotic
                                                                               for 3 days. She had a sub-temperature. Necropsy showed – Pseudomonas
                                                                               pneumonia aeuroas (Spelling). Lungs filled with white foam. All other
                                                                               organs were fine. White blood count over 40. Secondary to viral infection...
                                                                               Also, had on preemie due to illness.
136TX, Hays County     11/5    5        28          0        Deep South LA     Attended LA Deep South Alpaca Show 11/2-4/07. First symptoms runny
                                                                               nose and low-grade fever in two of ten show animals. Three more are
                                                                               showing symptoms as of 11/7/07. Show string is in quarantine and symptoms
                                                                               are only showing up in half of the show animals. Treated with banamine for
                                                                               fever and Naxcel for infection. Responding well to treatment.

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Alpaca Virus                                                10/28                                                   Janet Morrow |
0. State / County          Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
137VA, Appomattox County   11/1    17       22          0        Alpaca Expo       Most of the herd is infected, with 4 new cases and more likely, several days
                                                                                   into this. Sneezing, running nose and low-grade fever (lasting only several
                                                                                   hours) have been the norm. One or two animals has had a cough, but no
                                                                                   trouble breathing or rasping so far. Lets hope this is all we get....
                                                                                   Update 11/16: We seem to be mostly cleared up here - just one girl with a
                                                                                   snotty nose, and a few with some clear discharge. No new cases since last
                                                                                   week, and no serious cases. I will let you know if anyone relapses or if any
                                                                                   other issues crop up with the virus.....

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Alpaca Virus                                                10/28                                                   Janet Morrow |
0. State / County          Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
138VA, Appomattox County   10/9    40       45          3        Transport         The first one we lost came from a different auction a month prior. She had
                                                                                   parasites and emac and was treated. She was nearly out of quarantine when
                                                                                   the 2 came bringing the virus. In less than 2 weeks the first girl began to lose
                                                                                   weight & appetite. I thought it was stress and moved her away from the 2 new
                                                                                   girls (one quarantine pen). I went to the barn around 7:30 am and she was
                                                                                   down. Her temp was over 106 and her breathing was laborious, open mouth,
                                                                                   with a hic or slight pant. Banamine, thiamine and nuflor. She died in under an
                                                                                   hour before the vet could get here. She was 1 & 1/2.
                                                                                   The next was a 7-month-old male bought at the same auction as the first
                                                                                   female. He too had parasites and was treated for emac. He was not housed
                                                                                   with the new girls but near by. The day she died I took his temp, as he seemed
                                                                                   low. It was 102. The next day he was down and over 105. The vet came out
                                                                                   and through the course of the week he had Nuflor, Baytril, Banamine,
                                                                                   probiotics, marquis, plasma and a whole blood transfusion. We could hear his
                                                                                   lungs fill. He died in 5 days.
                                                                                   The third loss was one of the two that came in from the second auction. The
                                                                                   day our male showed a fever, she did too of over 105. (105.7?) She kept a
                                                                                   fever of over 105 for 3 weeks. Keep in mind the vet practically lived here. We
                                                                                   used Nuflor, LA 200, Baytril, Marquis, Banamine (she'd only eat after
                                                                                   banamine) ulcer meds, probiotics, thiamine and whole blood transfusion (still
                                                                                   had blood from earlier). Her fiber was falling out by the hands full. We lost
                                                                                   her too of course. She was a yearling.
                                                                                   I feel as though each of these alpacas were already compromised and
                                                                                   undoubtedly the virus was the kicker. The first two were thriving before the
                                                                                   virus came. The last to die was a bottled cria, which I consider to be a high
                                                                                   candidate for immune issues.
                                                                                   Necropsies were done on the first 2. Emac was still present on the first (they
                                                                                   found 1 emac). Quite obviously her lungs were problematic. The male was
                                                                                   parasite free, showed immune issues, had pneumonia, and hemorrhages
                                                                                   throughout his system (brain, kidney, intestines, etc.) He was very sick before
                                                                                   he quit.
                                                                                   The third we did not have necropsied. At that point we felt like it was
                                                                                   obvious. Hearing how her organs likely failed and she suffered, as her lung
                                                                                   filled with fluid was just not what I needed.
                                                                                   Our preemies came in at 11.2, 11.3 and I'd have to look up the other. The last
                                                                                   at 11.3 was in the worst shape with no teeth, tipped ears, boots that would not
                                                                                   come off etc. She required around the clock care. Their moms were the
                                                                                   hardest hit with the virus. My oldest female (who had the first preemie) was
                                                                                   such a worry as her nose seemed gooped shut. The other 2 moms took a long
                                                                                   time to get over the snotty nose, longer than 95% of the rest. We realize what
                                                                                   a miracle each of the babies truly are.
139VA, Greene County       10/29   12       14          0        Alpaca Expo       None

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Alpaca Virus                                                10/28                                                    Janet Morrow |
0. State / County          Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event    Comments
140VA, Rockingham County   10/29   1        21          0        Alpaca Expo        6 month old male started with sneezing yesterday, fever this morning and
                                                                                    white snotty nasal discharge this evening. We started Nexcel today 1cc BID
                                                                                    A 16 month old has started to sneeze.
141VT, Addison County      10/19   20       20          0        Coastal Classic    Thick snot was seen in two animals for about 3 days and one had a low-grade
                                                                                    fever. Since then it spread through the herd - mostly as a mild runny nose.
142VT, Orange County       10/24   7        45          0        Costal Classic     So far none of the show string has shown any symptoms. They are
                                                                 EE                 quarantined about 150 yards from the female’s barn. The females showed the
                                                                                    first signs. 10/28 a juvenile who lives with the quarantined group, but did not
                                                                                    attend the shows, is looking slightly snotty. We have had numerous mornings
                                                                                    with temperatures below freezing, both before and after the show.
143VT, Orleans County              1        25          1        ?                  2 males exhibited symptoms as early as late August and we had another mild
                                                                                    round with the boys mid September, before the Big E.
                                                                                    October 13th my 12 year old foundation girl, Rosetta gave birth to a slightly
                                                                                    dysmature cria, 19.4 lbs but teeth hadn't erupted and ears were slightly floppy.
                                                                                    This gestation was at 326 days, nine days earlier than her shortest gestation of
                                                                                    the 4 I have recorded (this was her 9th cria). She exhibited symptoms later
                                                                                    that day, a snotty nose opaque mucus lightly tinged green. 4 days later,
                                                                                    Wednesday, she had a slight temp. 102, gave her banamine. Next two days
                                                                                    she was a symptomatic, appeared to be fine. Saturday, midmorning, her
                                                                                    breathing was labored, called the vet. He gave her another shot of banamine
                                                                                    and nuflor. 2 hours later she was dead. Gross necropsy revealed acute
                                                                                    respiratory failure as cause of death. We're still awaiting test results from
                                                                                    24 hours after Rosetta died another girl aborted at 4 months gestation. She is a
                                                                                    problem breeder with cervical issues so we're unable to attribute the abortion
                                                                                    to virus, she was EXTREMELY stressed after Rosetta died, which is more
                                                                                    likely the cause.
                                                                                    We've had no other symptoms among the foundation herd or the show string.
                                                                                    Had 2 normal births 9/10 & 9/20. We're waiting on a girl due 11/22 but all
                                                                                    appears normal, knock on wood.
                                                                                    I had 2 boys at the Big E the week before she became symptomatic (the 2 who
                                                                                    had symptoms in Early/Mid September when they were housed near my
                                                                                    foundation girls) but my show string is quarantined at a farm 20 miles from
                                                                                    mine. I may have carried in the virus on my clothing/shoes etc. Or it may have
                                                                                    stuck around subclinically since early September,
                                                                                    or the early symptoms were actually colds...
144VT, Rutland             10/24   3        28          0        EE                 Just returned from show, and already have 3 out of 4 who attended showing
145VT, Rutland             10/23   5        ?           0        EE                 No fevers, discharge, occasional snort. Good appetites, no coughing or
                                                                                    sneezing. They are in quarantine. No one else has it yet.

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Alpaca Virus                                             10/28                                                   Janet Morrow |
0. State / County       Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
146VT, Windham County   10/2    33       33          0        Big E             Saw one alpaca with a runny nose at the show, and knew of one alpaca
                                                                                coughing continuously. Later heard there were more runny noses at the show.
                                                                                Practiced good sanitation practices at the show including footbaths and hand
                                                                                sanitizer hung at the pen entrances. Quarantined animals upon return to the
                                                                                farm. One show animal presented w/ runny nose in quarantine, which then
                                                                                spread to the animals that hadn't gone to the show. Then spread to another
                                                                                barn on the other side of the property w/ no show animals in it. Took about
                                                                                2.5 weeks to run through the entire herd. Some runny noses, some sneezing,
                                                                                some fevers. A few went off feed for one or two meals. Now wondering if it
                                                                                may have affected in utero crias.
147VT, Windsor          10/18   130      300         0        Coastal Classic   Started going through our show string, and then the quarantine barn. Varied
                                                                                in symptoms from slight clear runny nose to pancake batter. Some were
                                                                                coughing/sneezing. One did not show signs of a runny nose, but is making a
                                                                                rattle sound. (Vet coming to examine him) 10/22 some older crias in
                                                                                breeding bar 1000+ feet from quarantine were coughing and runny noses.
                                                                                Spread to 12 cria and 3 pregnant female. Barn houses 75-cria and 125
                                                                                breeding female. 10/28 Update: It has finished in our quarantine barn. The
                                                                                boy with the rattles is on Naxcel and doing much better. On 10/26 we noticed
                                                                                it for the first time in our boys barn. Every morning in our breeding barn you
                                                                                can see more with symptoms, It looks like it will have to run through… We
                                                                                are watching our old girls closely as we have 25+ who are over 12 years old
                                                                                and with cria and/or prg. A week old cria and a 15-year-old pregnant female
                                                                                are on Naxcel due to harsh lung and excesses coughing in the breeding barn.
                                                                                We’re just monitoring and taking action for those who look like they are
                                                                                having secondary complications…
148WA, Benton County    10/10   14       30          0        None              First signs/symptoms: Oct 10; one girl who had trouble breathing. She
                                                                                "grunted" with every breath, had a snotty nose. I called the vet who suggested
                                                                                I treat with penicillin, which I started immediately. Next day her cria came
                                                                                down with it, and about 12 others followed within that week. I treated each
                                                                                with penicillin (5cc) for 3 days. I treated those with early symptoms before
                                                                                they had breathing problems. Everyone is well - so far no other outbreaks.
                                                                                10/28 Update: It looks like it has finished in our quarantine barn. The boy
                                                                                with the “rattles” is on Naxcel and doing much better (never showed signs of
                                                                                a fever –high of 101.9). On Friday we noticed it for the first time in our boys
                                                                                barn. Every morning in our breeding barn you can see more with symptoms,
                                                                                it looks like it will have to run through like the quarantine barn. We are
                                                                                watching our old girls closely as we have 25+ who are over 12 years old with
                                                                                cria and/or preg. A week old cria and a 15 yr old preg female are on Naxcel
                                                                                due to harsh lungs and excesses coughing in the breeding barn. We’re just
                                                                                monitoring and taking action for those who looking like they are having
                                                                                secondary complications.

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Alpaca Virus                                               10/28                                                     Janet Morrow |
0. State / County         Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event     Comments
149WA, Benton County      10/14   8        60          0        None               Mostly a mild snotty nose that has resolved. One female got very sick with
                                                                                   pneumonia (we believe) and has been treated with stall rest, Penicillin and
                                                                                   Excenel for 5 days. Has recovered and back in the herd.
150WA, Benton County      10/15   2        17          4        1 returning alpaca Lost two cria from this problem that were born on 10/21 and 10/22. The two
                                                                                   females that birthed the cria were very sick before the birth, but are now
                                                                                   recovering. Both cria sent to Washington State University Vet Clinic - no
                                                                                   results yet. 10/28 Update Both mothers have now died.
151WA, Lewis County       10/26   3        34          0        None               I have two males and one female that show signs of snots. All three are in
                                                                                   separate pastures. They started with coughing on 10/26, the next day they had
                                                                                   snotty noses. They are all better now. I will take temps this after noon. We
                                                                                   have been giving no meds.
152WA, Lewis County       10/24   5        34          0        None               The only alpaca into my farm the last two-month was transported from Ohio
                                                                                   the second week of October.
153WA, Pierce County      9/29    10       1           0        None               Alpacas was sneezing, coughing and had snotty nose
154WA, Snohomish County   10/1    5        25          0        None               Supportive therapy for adults, Baytril for cria with chronic diarrhea. One 6-
                                                                                   year-old male is in kushed position. I hand fed him some pellets which he ate
                                                                                   willingly. I asked him go get up, and he didn’t. (Unusual) I squatted near
                                                                                   him, and I noticed he was making a belching sound every several seconds. In
                                                                                   the am 10/28 I offered him hay. He took a bite, but let if fall out of his mouth.
                                                                                   I have not observed ruminating yet. He does not have a temperature.
155WA, Spokane County     9/28    23       30          2                           Very yellow green discharge. The two who died Never got this visually bad.
                                                                                   The virus went right to the lungs. They displayed cough prolonged inhale and
                                                                                   exhalation sounds and one had the 'grunting' sound, the other coughed or
                                                                                   sneezed. One had to be euthanized in the middle of the night to stop his
                                                                                   suffering. We thought the other was ready to rejoin the herd the next
                                                                                   morning, so we gave her, her last Meds and found her in full rigor mortis the
                                                                                   next morning. We are still watching three, an older llama who had extremely
                                                                                   heavy discharge and has never been 'right' since. And 2 alpacas who are also
                                                                                   'not quite right', but none of the 3 have any definable symptoms.
156WA, Thurston County    10/8    6        24          0        1 farm - llama     Llama farm - extremely mild, very slight minor clear nasal discharge.
                                                                show late Sep.     Temperature, attitude and behaviors, upper and lower respiratory sounds all
                                                                                   unremarkable. Duration for all animals of visible symptoms no more than 48
157WA, Thurston County    10/8    ?        ?           0        5 farms - no       Llama farm
                                                                outside contact

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Alpaca Virus                                                 10/28                                                   Janet Morrow |
0. State / County           Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
158WA, Walla Walla County   9/24    15       22          0        None              I think we were one of the first hit in this area. After noting how fast the
                                                                                    sneezing progressed to thick yellow/mucous; I treated at the first sign of
                                                                                    sneezing. In the beginning I treated with Excenel, (2 days on 9 alpaca). Then
                                                                                    the local vet suggested 12.5% sulfadimethoxine solution in drinking water for
                                                                                    whole herd. This drug really did not keep the "snots' under control. I spoke
                                                                                    with vets at WSU and also the Boohers ( camelid owners and vets). Then used
                                                                                    Nuflor for those still ill and any new cases.
159WA, Whatcom County       9/22    18       18          0        Transport         Symptoms began with sneezing, then escalated to thick, cloudy nasal mucous
                                                                                    drainage. By the end of 1 week, one of our intact males had come off feed and
                                                                                    displayed respiratory distress with a rectal temp of 104.4. Our vet treated with
                                                                                    Nuflor, IM for 1 week (injections given every other day x 3) Within 12 hrs of
                                                                                    beginning antibiotic the male was improved. The rest of the herd overcame
                                                                                    uneventfully. The crias (both weaned and still nursing) never had symptoms.
160WI, Dunn County          9/26    12       17          0        Alpaca Jamboree   Started out first with the three boys who attended the show. We initially
                                                                                    thought it had something to do with the horrendous fly population this year at
                                                                                    the show, but looks and sounds like "snots". We have had about 50:50 in
                                                                                    needing treatment, did the NuFlor twice in 48 hours, probiotics and everyone
                                                                                    got their fall injection of Vit. A, D & E.
161WI, Green County                 8        40          0        None              First 2 females, fever and lethargic. 1X Banimine and probiotic solution.
                                                                                    Completely fine the next day. Next week two LTP females delivered early
                                                                                    (228 days). Cria were/are normal. Two days after birth both had profuse
                                                                                    drooling and colic. One was recumbent and taken to UW Vet Hospital at
                                                                                    2pm. Given CA drench, IV fluids, Banimine. Later that evening cria was up
                                                                                    and nursing. Home two days later and fine. Week four two pasture mates had
                                                                                    snotty noses. One very thick and white the other just wet. Several had small
                                                                                    crusty bumps around their noses. (Happened last fall also.) All cleared up in
                                                                                    7 - 10 days no treatment for males. Several days later 3 females were
                                                                                    symptomatic. 18-year-old female (5 mos. preg.) trouble breathing. (Hick-up
                                                                                    like sound.) Next day same started on Pen B (3x /EOD). Breathing fine after
                                                                                    2 days of treatment. One maiden had thick snotty nose day after CDT
                                                                                    booster, cleared up after 2-3 days. 2-year-old female, colic and lethargic.
                                                                                    Treated with Banimine early evening. Fine the next morning. No further
                                                                                    symptoms since around the first week in Oct.

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Alpaca Virus                                               10/28                                                    Janet Morrow |
0. State / County         Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event   Comments
162WV, Hampshire County   9/25    19       19          0                          On 9/22 we brought a male home from an auction. He was in a pen alone but
                                                                                  in the same barn as our herd. On 9/25 a 4-month-old cria wasn't quite herself
                                                                                  when I went in to feed in the morning. No specific symptoms she just didn't
                                                                                  "act right." I took her temp and it was 104.6. I called my vet who said to bring
                                                                                  her in that afternoon. I took her temp again around lunch and it was normal.
                                                                                  We decided to continue monitoring her. Next morning temp was elevated
                                                                                  again, called the vet & she was tied up until after lunch but could see her then.
                                                                                  As I was loading the girl into the car, I heard another cria "croup" & by the
                                                                                  time I was able to get the first one in the car and get in to see who was doing
                                                                                  the crouping, the cria had coughed so forcefully that she had apparently
                                                                                  ruptured a capillary and was bleeding from the mouth. In the car she went too.
                                                                                  At that time no other animals were exhibiting any symptoms. At the vets,
                                                                                  blood was drawn on both girls & the first one (who had the temp) had
                                                                                  elevated WBC's, no other symptoms though, the "crouper" had low WBC's.
                                                                                  My vet felt it was viral and that the elevated WBC's were a response to the
                                                                                  virus while the diminished WBC's were because the virus had just attacked
                                                                                  this animal and the body had not yet launched a defense. We left with Exconel
                                                                                  antibiotic to be given 2 x a day x 5 days. By the next morning 75% of my
                                                                                  animals had clear nasal drainage & 100% had temps ranging from 103-105.
                                                                                  None of them had coughing. I had asked my vet about LA200 as I had had a
                                                                                  "crouping" alpaca last February within 2 days after bringing her home from
                                                                                  CABO. I had done so me research and couldn't find anything out there about a
                                                                                  "croupy" alpaca and almost nothing about any type of respiratory illness in
                                                                                  alpacas. I did locate some info on LA 200 and proceeded to give her an
                                                                                  injection every other day x 3 doses. However, within 12 hours after the initial
                                                                                  dose, she was asymptomatic. My vet said that since I had had success with it
                                                                                  previously, that I could try it if any other animals developed symptoms if I
                                                                                  wanted too however that particular antibiotic is known to cause extreme
                                                                                  soreness at the injection site. When I walked into my barn and heard all the
                                                                                  respiratory symptoms and then discovered all my babies had temps, I gave
                                                                                  everyone of them LA 200 (with the exception of the two who were on the
                                                                                  Excenel) along with banamine injection for the pain from the injection. I
                                                                                  repeated the tx every other day x 2 doses. The temps decreased across the
                                                                                  board within 12 hours of the initial dose. It might have done so without the
                                                                                  antibiotic, but I wasn't taking a chance. I am happy to report that I didn't lose
                                                                                  any animals.

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Alpaca Virus                                             10/28                                                    Janet Morrow |
0. State / County      Onset   Infected Herd size   Deaths   Preceding Event    Comments
163WY, Albany County   10/16   47       55          0        None               We have spent over 12 hours one on one with vets, students, interns,
                                                                                residents, etc. at CSU in the last 3 days. We just picked up a sick cria and dam
                                                                                today. CSU is closing down for 1 week to do some barn cleaning. We are
                                                                                using some experimental antibiotics and are waiting for the out come. Cria
                                                                                wasn't acting normal and acted choked. Dam on high dose antibiotics. Seems
                                                                                better today. We now have 32 animals that showed signs with snot, shortness
                                                                                of breath, or cough. Some have it all, some just clear snot. We do know that
                                                                                they are hyperventilating and dying. Blood gas is low, but chest x-rays are
                                                                                normal, listening to lungs sometimes is normal, and other blood work is
                                                                                normal. Not sure why. We have taken a bunch of swabs and virology was
                                                                                start with an emergency request yesterday. Thoughts are that this is still viral,
                                                                                but may be turning bacterial in the immune challenged ones. We now have 8
                                                                                on antibiotic for upper respiratory cough. 7 would be at CSU if they hadn't
                                                                                closed. Naxcel has help only 1, and at day 5\ 6 of Naxcel are worse today.
                                                                                We have 45 of 55 alpacas with it. 10/27 Update: At day 9 the whole pen of
                                                                                boys came down with it. They were in different parts of the ranch, and we
                                                                                managed to spare then that long. We have 47 out of 55 that have been
                                                                                infected. Only 4 are left on antibiotics, and the others seem to be doing well.
                                                                                One male seems to be in some pain…
164                            2530     4895        54

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Alpaca Virus   10/28                  Janet Morrow |

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  Alpaca Virus                                                  10/28                                          Janet Morrow |
I am not a veterinarian, and providing this information as a concerned alpaca owner. Alpaca owners and veterinarians throughout the United States
have contributed the data compiled here. It is provided to assist the alpaca community better understand the Upper Respiratory Virus that is plaguing
our herds. If you have any concern about your alpacas please contact your veterinarian. Nothing can replace a physical examination and veterinarian

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