Judy Lazarus Transition Centre Brochure - April 2007 by Sarahsinthekinchin


									Involvement of Local Community                       Role of Transition Officers                                      Evaluating the Program
A Community Advisory Group was established in        The Centre is staffed by Transition Officers trained as          The effectiveness of the program is measured
                                                                                                                      through a formal evaluation process and data will be
                                                                                                                                                                                    Judy Lazarus
2005 and has been consulted during the course of     prison officers who are responsible for prisoners’ case
the project. Membership includes interested local
residents and representatives from a range of
                                                     management activities. Their role includes identifying
                                                     each prisoner’s needs and managing a prisoner’s
                                                                                                                      collected on all aspects of the program during its first
                                                                                                                      year of operation.
stakeholders, such as the City of Melbourne, North
West Melbourne Association, Victoria Police and
Crime Victims Support Association Incorporated.
                                                     referral and placement as well as placing prisoners into
                                                     appropriate services and programs in the community to            For Further Information Please Contact:
                                                     meet those needs.
                                                                                                                      Judy Lazarus Transition Centre
                                                     The transition program is based on a intensive case              50 Adderley Street                                            Corrections Victoria
Facility Management                                  management model that includes risk/needs                        West Melbourne Victoria 3003
The Judy Lazarus Transition Centre is managed by     assessment, individual management planning and                   Phone: 03 9320 7888                                           April 2007
the Department of Justice through Corrections        review and exit planning. Case management addresses              Fax: 03 9320 7809
Victoria. Day to day operational management of       offending behaviour and successful reintegration into the        Email: JLTC@justice.vic.gov.au
the Centre is the responsibility of the Transition   community.
Centre Manager who reports to the Correctional
Services Commissioner through the Deputy             The prisoner is expected to assume an appropriate level of
Commissioner, Prisons.                               responsibility for his activities and works with his allocated
                                                     Transition Officer to establish a structured week that best
                                                     meets his needs. Activities will focus on those issues
                                                     which have contributed to him re-offending in the past, or
                                                     which pose a risk of doing so.

                                                     Throughout the prisoner’s time at the Centre the
                                                     Transition Officer is required to monitor each prisoner’s
                                                     successes and difficulties, continue encouraging them
                                                     to successfully participate in the program and its
                                                     activities and counsel the prisoner as issues arise.

                                                     It is also expected that the Transition Officer assists the
                                                     prisoner to establish prosocial contacts and links that
                                                     will extend beyond their stay in the Centre.

                                                     What Happens to Prisoners After They Leave
                                                     the Centre?
                                                     The majority of prisoners participating in the Judy
                                                     Lazarus Transition Centre will progress onto parole at the
                                                     end of their sentence where they will be supported and
                                                     supervised in the community by a Community
                                                     Corrections Officer.                                                                                  Published: April, 2007
                                                 The Transition Centre is part of the Government’s              A Structured Transition Program
                                                 strategy for reducing re-offending by addressing               Each prisoner residing at the Judy Lazarus Transition
                                                 transitional issues critical to a prisoner’s                   Centre must participate in a structured program that
                                                 successful reintegration into the community                    involves active participation in improving employability,
                                                                                                                developing living skills, and re-establishing community
                                                 including employment, accommodation, life-skills
                                                                                                                and family ties and community networks.
                                                 and family reintegration.
                                                                                                                During their time at the Judy Lazarus Transition Centre,
                                                                                                                prisoners learn skills that will assist them to successfully
                                                 The Centre is named after Ms Judy Lazarus,
                                                                                                                reintegrate into the community and stay out of prison.
                                                 the former Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian
                                                 Association for the Care and Resettlement of                   The Judy Lazarus Transition Centre emphasises the
                                                                                                                use of existing community facilities and services by
                                                 Offenders (VACRO). Ms Lazarus has been a
                                                                                                                linking prisoners to suitable programs and services in
                                                 tireless worker and advocate for prisoners and                 the community.
                                                 their families for nearly 20 years. She continues
                                                 to do so in a voluntary capacity.
                                                                                                                Prisoners may only leave the Centre as part of an
                                                                                                                approved program and breaches of permit conditions
                                                                                                                may result in reclassification to another prison.
                                                 The Judy Lazarus Transition Centre accommodates 25
                                                 male, low risk, carefully selected prisoners for a period of   They are subject to stringent security procedures
                                                 three to twelve months.                                        which includes nightly curfews, drug and alcohol
                                                                                                                testing, searches and regular compliance monitoring.
                                                 Prisoners who are deemed to pose an unacceptable risk
                                       n                                                                        There is a zero tolerance of any prisoner engaging in
                              ansitio            to the community or have a history of sex offences, will
                   arus Tr                                                                                      alcohol or drug use, with breathalyser tests occurring
          dy Laz               sidentia
                                         l       not be placed at the Transition Centre.
 The Ju            cure re                                                                                      after each off site activity and a comprehensive
           is a se             up to 2
                                                 To be eligible, prisoners selected for the Transition          program of urinalysis testing.
            that provides             oners      Centre must:
  facility            dm    ale pris
                                                                                                                The Judy Lazarus Transition Centre will be staffed 24
                                      f their    • have identified reintegration needs that can be
ca refully               the end o                  addressed by placement in the Centre;                       hours a day.
              nearing           pervise
 w ho are            ith a su                    • have made a commitment to participate in the
              ce, w                    munity.
    senten              to  the com am              program;
                                                                                                                Location of the Facility
              back in             n progr        • have agreed to abide by the Centre’s rules and
 p athway             transitio                                                                                 The Centre is located near to an existing correctional
              ntre’s                      ing       regulations;
   The Ce                        prepar
                     t better
                                                                                                                facility, the Melbourne Assessment Prison (MAP), in
                                                 • be able to live in a shared environment with other
       is aime
                 da                  release                                                                    West Melbourne and is close to public transport
                           o r their                prisoners.
                 oners f            ity.                                                                        including Southern Cross Station and community
      the pris            ommun
               to the c                          Prisoners must continue to earn the right to stay in the       support services. The local area consists of business
                                                 Centre by abiding by its rules and regulations.                and residential properties.

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